Izuku sat on the pier watching Temari training with All-Might-or Toshinori Yagi, as he wanted to be called. six months had passed since the sludge villain incident and the revelation of All-Might's quirk and Nanami had been hard at work ever since. Toshinori had decided that Temari was where she needed to be physically to take on One For All. Izuku shivered at the thought of having to swallow someone else's hair, "Glad he didn't choose me." he muttered. His view had further been reinforced when Temari had used the quirk for the first time and broke the bones in her arm, not beyond repair, but enough that All-Might had to call in recovery girl to fix it; after that it was trial and error on how well she would be able to utilize the quirk. With Bakugo and Izuku's help she was soon able to use up to forty percent of the quirk safely. Fifty if she pushed it.

"Midoriya, hey!"

Izuku jumped with a small scream as he pitched forward and over the rail that he had been crouched atop of, falling face first into the sand.

"Dude, really?" Jirou asked as she looked over the railing, mostly unconcerned with the tumble and fall her friend had just suffered, "Don't you have like...super hearing?"

"It...doesn't help me...when i'm not paying attention…" He groaned, slowly sitting up and shaking his hair of any sand, "I'm surprised you're hear Jirou," he said, louder than needed so Toshinori heard and stayed in his skeletal form, he looked up and his eyes widened, seeing Jirou dressed in a light green sundress, much different from her ratty jeans and band shirts, the headphones she usually wore were likewise missing, and she had the lightest touches of make-up.

"Went by your house looking for you, and your mom pointed me here.' she said, looking towards Temari who was hauling trash with blue arcs of electricity shooting off her body every now and then. "So, this is her quirk?"

"Yeah," Izuku said,shaking himself from staring at her and jumping back up to his spot and crouching again, "Some kind of stockpiling one, all that strength she's been building up for the last six years just kinda...collected."

"And it doesn't just disappear when she uses it, that's good to know."

Izuku nodded, "and the more training she does, the stronger she gets."

"Yeah...i have a question?"

"I may have an answer."

"Why do you always crouch on things that you don't need to crouch on?"

Izuku sweat dropped, "I...don't know." he said, "i...it's comfortable."

"More comfortable then the bench that's right below you?"

"Can we please talk about something else?" Izuku begged.

Jirou shrugged, "sure, there's a movie playing in town, something about heroes, wanna go?"

"Uh...sure…" He said uncomfortably. "Will Bakugo be joining us as well?"

"Nah, just me and you." Jirou said, turning and walking away.

"W-w-w-w-what!?" he spluttered, looking after her, "but-but-but"

"Dude, you'll be fine." Jirou said with an amused smirk, "Just relax."

Izuku took a deep breath and sighed, jumping down and following her, "you know I'm not good in social situations." he mumbled.

"And what better way to get better at that then to see a movie and deal with possible crowds." she said, nudging him. "Come on, it's not like we haven't hung out before."

"True, but usually Bakugo or Temari are there." Izuku shook himself, "um...did you have something going on today? You're dressed...differently."

"Oh! I uh…" she blushed as she looked away, "just...trying something different."

"I like it.' Izuku said softly, making her blush deepen, unbeknownst to the clueless boy at her side, "though I think you look good in anything."

"I...thank you…" she said quietly, "come on, lets go."


A few hours later.

Izuku laughed alongside Jirou as they walked out of the movie, "I can't believe how cheesy that was." she chuckled.

"You're telling me, even I know that movie was full of cliches." he laughed, feeling more relaxed than usual, Jirou was walking close to him, her shoulder brushing his as they walked, eyes shining with mirth as she looked up into his dark tinted goggles.

"This was fun." she said.

'It really was," he agreed, "are you hungry?"

"Hmm? Oh, guess I am."

"Let's find a place to eat then, my treat." he said.

"No way! You paid for the movie!" Jirou objected, "i can get dinner."

"Nope, my treat, and that's final." he said, looking down at her with a challenging smirk, only to remember she couldn't see his expression.

Jirou gave a grunt, "I have us next time then."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." he said, leading her towards a small american fast food joint, they both stepped inside and stood in line, looking over the menu for what they wanted.

During this time Izuku became uncomfortable as the other customers were staring at the two. And it was for the first time that he realized he was out of place standing beside Jirou, while she was dressed nicely, he was dressed in old jeans that had holes in the knee's, an old t-shirt with bleach stains, and a black hoodie with the hood up.

"You okay?" Jirou asked him.

"Y-yeah...just realizing how out of place I am standing next to you." he chuckled nervously. "I look like I'm about to mug someone…"

"Trust me, anyone who knows you will know you'd probably start crying if you tried to mug someone."

Izuku slumped, "you don't have to be so mean!" he whined.

JIrou laughed, nudging him with her shoulder, "just lighten up Midoriya, I promise no one's looking at you funny." she said, fixing a glare on the few people who were watching, making them quickly turn away, "besides, this look works for you." she said.


"Yeah, given your quirk, it'd be weird for you to dress like some kind of sunshine child." Izuku snorted at that.

"Yeah, all those bright colors would give me a headache."

Soon they were at the front.

"Welcome to MgRonalds! How can I help you?"

"I'll take a large MgRonalds meal." Jirou said, "and a diet coke, what do you want Midoriya?"

"hmmm...I'll take a small meal, no drink." he said.

"Of course!" the cashier said as he typed up the order, "fifteen hundred yen please!"

Izuku began to pull his wallet out, only to look at Jirou when she pulled the money out and handed it to the cashier, "I thought I was paying." he said dejectedly.

"Too late." she said with a smug smile as she took the change from the cashier.

"Your order will be out momentarily."

The two moved to a table and sat down, "next time I'll pay." he said.

"Sure thing." she said with a roll of her eyes, then leaned forward, "so, are you ready for UA?"

Izuku nodded, "I requested more blood pods and am confident I can pass without using all of them, how about you?"

"No concerns." she said smugly, "we'll smash the exam."

"Here's your meal!" the cashier said proudly, putting the food in front of them.

"Thanks." izuku said.

"Any time, if you need anything, just let me-HEY! NO ROUGH HOUSING IN HERE!" The cashier snarled as he transformed , growing to over seven feet tall and sprouting horns as he stomped towards two teenagers who were wrestling on the floor.

"That's a neat quirk." Izuku said, already reaching into his pocket to pull out a notebook.

"Don't harass the workers about their quirks." Jirou deadpanned, making Izuku laugh sheepishly. The two continued to talk while they ate their food, walking out after the cashier, who was dragging two unconscious bodies with him.

"Thanks! Come again!" he called, waving after them as another employee came running up.

"Mr. Mau! The deep fryer is broken!"

"I'm on it!"

"He looks like the literal devil, and yet he's working at a MgRonalds." she deadpanned.

'Maybe he's just a part-timer." Izuku mused.

"What, the devil as a part-timer? That's just stupid."

"I'd watch it." Izuku defended, making Jirou laugh as they walked, "I'm glad you got me to go out today." Izuku said, "it's really helped." his attention slowly turning further down the dark alley they were walking past.

"I'm glad too." Jirou agreed, smiling. Her smile fell as Izuku stopped in his tracks, "what's wrong?" she asked.

Izuku turned and began walking down the alley, Jirou following in confusion, her confusion slowly turned to anger as she saw what Izuku obviously had.

A trio of bullies had cornered a younger boy, who was cowering against the wall as the lead bully raised his lizard-like arm.

"Hashirama." Izuku said coldly, making the boy freeze, "Enough."

"Midoriya." the boy said uneasily, turning towards the other two at his back, "this doesn't concern you.'

"You said that to me once already haven't you?" Izuku asked coldly, looking at the boy who was on the ground, "are you okay?" he asked the boy quietly.

The boy nodded and began edging towards him, keeping a cautious eye on Hashirama.

"Stay where you are Yatsuhashi." Hashirama ordered.

"And what will you do huh?" Jirou demanded to know, earphones at the ready, the boy under Izuku's protection flinched at Hashirama's words and quickened his pace.

"This ain't the school yard any more Midoriya, I got my friends, and some dyke bitch isn't going to help you out of this-" Hashirama stopped as suddenly Izuku was in front of him, grabbing him by the throat as he slammed him into the wall.

"Don't insult her.' he growled, not even looking at the two goons who were gaping in shock at the boy. "Apologize."

"Izuku! Stop!" Jirou called as the boy who had been cowering took off running, "he's not worth it Izuku!"

Izuku hesitated, then dropped Hashirama. Walking back to Jirou's side, "Next time," he said, with a red eyed glare back at the boy.

"Come on Hashirama!" one of his friends exclaimed, helping the boy up before they all took off running.

"Jirou…" Izuku started as they neared her, the girl just held up a hand, stopping anything he would say.

"Come on…" She mumbled, 'lets go."


A little while later.

Izuku walked silently beside Jirou as they neared her house, any good humor the two had was gone, with a sigh Izuku stopped walking, "Jirou…" he said, making the girl stop, "i'm sorry you had to see that...and i'm sorry they said that about you-"

"-it doesn't matter." she interrupted him quietly.

"It does, he had no right to say that to you." Izuku said firmly, looking about before pulling his goggles and mask down, making Jirou look back at him.

His eyes were red, and his mouth was set into a frown, "jirou," He said softly, stepping towards her, "he was trying to get a rise out of you, trying to hurt you."

"He succeeded," she muttered, "I get tired of hearing insults like that."

"I know the feeling," Izuku said lightly, making her finally look back at him fully, the boy was smiling sadly, "you don't think I could make as big a spectacle as I did and not get people talking about me."

"What do they say about you?"

'That I'm a villain," he said, looking away from her and up at the wine colored sky, "that i'd drain them the first chance I get...one overly religious person accused me of bewitching Bakugo and Temari and using them for my evil will…" he gave a humorless laugh, "not very creative, but it does get old after awhile…" he trailed off as Jirou took his hand, intertwining her own with it.

"Your hand...it's cold." she whispered.

"M-my quirk makes my body run cold." he stuttered.

"That's why you always wear that hoodie…" she mused, looking up into his eyes, "you're not a monster Izuku."

"I know…" he said softly, hesitantly reaching up and gently cupping the side of her neck, Jirou unconsciously leaned into his touch, her eyes closing slightly, "and you're beautiful Jirou…"

Her eyes opened slightly, "w-w-what?"

"You're beautiful," he said again, "always, and forever."

With no hesitation Jirou leaned forward and kissed him, Izuku returned the kiss. It lasted a few moments, but felt like forever to the two teens, and as the kiss ended, they let their foreheads rest against one another.

"How long have you felt like this?" izuku asked quietly.

"A few months." she whispered, "you?"

"Honestly since I met you." he said with a soft chuckle, "didn't know how to even approach you…"

Jirou laughed at that, making Izuku smile, slowly they pulled away from each other, but kept their hands intertwined; they continued on, saying their goodbyes at her front door, one more kiss before Izuku was walking down the street, a soft smile under his mask.


A few months later.

"It's too loud here." Izuku muttered as he and Jirou walked onto the campus of UA.

"Ears sensitive?" she asked, 'have you had your blood pods?"

"I've had four." he muttered, "I didn't know what to expect for today so binged a bit…"

"Then it's all your fault." she said, nudging him slightly, "grab your headphones."

"Then I wouldn't be able to talk with you."

His response made her blush, "w-well then stop complaining." she mumbled.

Izuku smiled behind his mask, slowly intertwining his hand with hers.

"Sup losers." Bakugo said from behind them, making Izuku jump as Jirou glared at the laughing boy.

"You're an ass."

"His fault for not paying attention." Bakugo said, cringing when Temari punched him in the back of the head.

"Ignore him, he's nervous." Temari sighed in exasperation.

Bakugo grumbled under his breath as he rubbed his bruised head.

"So, are we all ready?" Temari asked, looking over her friends, noting the plain tracksuit that Jirou was wearing and the cotton sweats and muscle shirt Bakugo was wearing; she herself was matching with Bakugo, only Izuku seemed to be out of place. Wearing a sleeveless hoodie with an ACDC shirt on underneath, and baggy jeans that partially covered the combat boots on his feet, "couldn't go with something more sporty Midoriya?"

"I'd rather be warm." he said dryly, "I only got rid of the sleeves because they'd get torn up during the fight."

"But running in jeans-" Temari started.

"Don't start,' Izuku groaned as they began walking again, "Jirou's been arguing with me since we left."

"He's stubborn." Jirou deadpanned as Temari laughed.

"He'll be fine." Bakugo griped, "if not I'll kick his ass!"

"What a ringing endorsement." Izuku sighed, letting out a slight gasp as he tripped on a brick; before anyone could do anything, Izuku was suddenly floating, "this is a weird sensation." he said, as he slowly began to rotate, floating upside down to the amazement of his friends.

"Sorry!" a new voice said, making the other three turn around to stare at a brown haired girl with pink cheeks and a cheerful smile, "I saw you falling and used my quirk! It's bad luck to fall before an important exam you know!"

"It's fine...this is fine…" Izuku mumbled as he continued to rotate, arms crossed.

"Here let me-" she put her fingers together and Izuku began to fall, only to easily right himself back to his feet.

"Thanks." he said, awkwardly holding a hand out, "I'm Izuku Midoriya."

"Ochako Uraraka." she said, shaking his hand, "wow you're cold!"

"Y-y-yeah." he stuttered sheepishly, pulling his hand back as Jirou stepped forward.

"Kyouka Jirou.' she greeted, "that's anger management and Temari Sendo."

"Sup." Temari greeted.


Uraraka laughed, "it's nice to meet all of you." she said cutely, 'but I think we need to get going before we're late."

"Oh shit you're right!" Temari shouted, grabbing Bakugo and running, the boy screaming in indignation the entire time.

Izuku sighed, holding his hand out to Jirou, 'way too tired for this." he mumbled as Uraraka followed them.

"So, you two are a couple?" she questioned.

"Yep." Izuku said, squeezing Jirou's hand and making her blush.

"Awwww, adorable!" she gushed as they walked into the auditorium, "I'll see you guys later! Good luck!"

"So bright.' Izuku muttered, 'how can someone be that cheerful."

"This coming from a guy who's just like that...only more tired."

"I am not." he defended weakly.

"The few times i saw you intimidating you almost immediately broke down into a ball of nerves, or began gushing over a hero, or Yuka or-"

"I get it…' he sighed dejectedly, "Let's just...get to our seats…"

"Don't worry," she said with a fond roll of her eyes as she hugged his arm, "I still think you're intimidating, you tired puppy."

He leaned into her, "glad you believe me." he mumbled as they went up to where Bakugo and Temari were already sitting, Temari absentmindedly drawing in a notebook while Bakugo just sulked with his arms crossed.


No one said anything but Izuku perked up, "it's Present Mic! I listen to his radio show when i'm heading to bed in the morning." he mumbled to Kyoka, who smiles.

"Maybe you can get an autograph from him.'

"You think so?"


"Excuse me!" a boy with short blue hair called, standing with his hand raised, "the hand out specifies that there are four villains! If this is a mistake on UA then it is a disgrace to such a fine institution, and you!"

Izuku jumped as the boy whirled around on him. "You have been muttering this entire time, It is very distracting! If you aren't going to take this seriously then leave!"

Izuku shrank slightly, but Kyoka jumped to her feet, "he wasn't being that loud jackass," she spat, "why don't you worry about your own damn self!"

"Such language is unbecoming of a future UA student-"

"Up yours you pompous ass!"

"It's fine Kyoka," Izuku whispered to her, taking her hand, with a meaningful look at his girlfriend, "I'll be fine."

Kyoka relaxed slightly while Iida sniffed disdainfully.

"Public displays of affection in a place such as this-"

"CAN IT FOUR EYES!" Bakugo snarled, finally reaching his last nerve, "say another word and i'll kill ya!"

"How uncouth!"


"Thank you sir, apologies for the interruption." Iida said with a low bow.

Bakugo scoffed, "asshole." He grumbled, looking at Temari, who was glaring down at four-eyes, "he better hope I don't run into him out there."

"You do anything you're disqualified." Izuku muttered, making the two look down at the boy, "just leave it, our actions will validate us."

"You're way too timid sometimes."Jirou sighed, giving his hand a soft squeeze, "but you're right."

"I usually am." he said dryly as Present Mic dismissed them, "lets get this over with."

A few hours later.

Tenya Iida looked around at the other students, nodding at how most of them were focused solely on the challenge before them. His eyes slowly fell on a familiar looking boy, who was squatted down with his arms resting on his knees, his long hair was sloppily tied back and the mask and goggles were unnerving, appearing to be staring at a girl a few meters ahead of him.

"She looks like she's trying to stay on task." Iida said sternly, walking up to the boy, who didn't flinch at his words, "are you thinking of going over there and disturbing her?"

Iida waited for a response, confused when all he got was a snore, "what the...are...you sleeping!?"

Another snore seemingly answered his question. The boy's body slowly began to tilt until he fell. With a snort the boy suddenly had his feet under him, looking about in confusion before he realized Iida was at his side, "oh, sorry." He reached up and pulled wireless earbuds out of his ears, quiet music playing for a bit before he turned them off, "was just trying to get a nap in before the start."

"Did you not get enough sleep last night? That is very dangerous-" Iida began.

"-i'm more of a night person." he muttered, pulling his mask down, as another hand went into his pocket, pulling a pod filled with red liquid, he popped it into his mouth, sharp teeth biting into it.

"Was that…"

"Blood? Yeah." he sighed, replacing his mask, fixing it in place before holding a clawed hand out, "i'm Izuku Midoriya."

"...Tenya Iida." the boy said hesitantly, shaking his hand, "forgive me if this is out of line, but what is your quirk?"

"Good question," Izuku said, flinching when Present Mic shouted the start, "sadly we have other things to do." quicker than Iida could follow, Izuku disappeared, barely even a blur to the eye. Iida shook the questions he had off and took off.

Meanwhile Izuku had already tore through three two-pointers, eyes scanning the street for more, "Baskerville."

The shadows nearby warped and the irish wolfhound loped out of them, scaring a nearby test taker as it stood in front of Izuku, the dog-named Baskerville after some research on Izuku's part-was what many had called his familiar, one of the easier animals to summon.

"Go down one of the side streets, inform me of any other robots while I continue down this way." he commanded, running a hand over the dogs inky black fur before it took off down the alley; Izuku attacked a one-pointer while he waited, claws easily tearing through the gears and wires in it's neck and sending it's head flying. As it fell, Izuku was suddenly transported into Baskerville's mind, staring through the dogs eyes as it looked at four three-pointers surrounding it, "good boy." he muttered, taking off down the alley and falling into the group, destroying three before the fourth rose into the sky.

"And release!" Uraraka shouted, pressing her fingers together, causing the robot to crash down into the street.

"Good job." Izuku said, walking past her with Baskerville at his side.

"You too!" Uraraka panted as she took off down another side street while Izuku and Baskerville continued on.


"That kids kinda creepy." Snipes noted. Looking at the other test proctors, several nodded alongside him. While others looked curious.

"I knew ingesting blood would give him a boost in strength, but what is with that shadow dog?" Midnight asked.

"It appears that his quirk has many facets within it." Nezu said as he sipped his tea, "he can summon apparitions of anything who's blood he has drained completely. They gain substance and are able to interact with things around it."

"It would make apprehension of multiple villains easier." Cementoss said, nodding his head in understanding.

"And rescue missions would be much easier." Thirteen pointed out.

"Unless he runs out of blood, we may need to devise a way to keep him supplied." Powerloader muttered.

"It looks like he already has that covered.' Vlad mused, watching as Izuku pulled a blood pod out of his pocket and popped it into his mouth.

"Look at this kid over here!" Present Mic shouted, pointing at a screen that was following Temari, her body crackling with yellow energy as she darted between the robots, every hit and kick crumpling them like tin cans, "that's some power!"

"She's not even slowing down...maybe we should introduce the gimmick earlier."

"If she can take down the regular villain bots, I doubt the Gimmick would stop her." Midnight hummed.

"If we were to strike down every kid who was doing good then we wouldn't be a good school." Snipes dismissed, "besides, she's slowing down now."

"Unlike this kid." Present Mic said, gesturing to Bakugo, "he's taking these bots down like a pro!"

"He's not even paying attention to the other test takers." Cementoss noted, "he's almost caught a few others in his blasts."

"But it's not malicious." Toshinori muttered.

"Hmm...we're almost to the time, shall we prepare for the gimmicks?"


Izuku let out a tired sigh as he settled on the edge of a rooftop, looking over the other test takers, "you did good today, Baskerville.' he said, looking to the dog lounging at his right, it opened a single red eye to look at him, before closing it, looking to be trying to sleep. "I wish I could do the same." Izuku grumbled, popping another blood pod. "Still have another three minutes before the assessment is over...then another hour or two before I can actually go home…"

With a tired groane he stood up, looking down at the test takers again, watching as they cleaned up the robots on the street below, noting Uraraka destroying several bots on her own. "Maybe I can go take a nap while they finish up." he wondered out loud, walking along the edge of the roof with his hands in his pockets, Baskerville begrudgingly following behind. "Kyoka would tell me too, and Bakugo can't be mad, I'm pretty sure we racked up about sixty points...I think…counting's hard when you're tired." he groaned, letting his head fall.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake, with lightning reflexes, he and Baskerville jumped away from the building a few seconds before it collapsed, Izuku turned in the air, glaring at the gigantic robot that was looming over everyone, "that's a gimmick?" he asked, landing in a slide on another rooftop, the bot was looming towards the other testers, who were all running in a panic.

"Guess that's the end." Izuku said, looking at Baskerville who was staring at the street, "what is it?" he asked, following the dogs eyes over to Uraraka, who was trapped in rubble, the Zero-pointer was beginning to descend on her, "get her out." Izuku growled, pulling four more blood pods out, "I'll stop the bot."

Baskerville gave a baying howl as he dove off the rooftop, several other dogs materializing around him as Izuku popped the four blood pods into his mouth. His eyes glowing red behind his goggles as power coursed through him, "time to take a page out of All-Mights book."


Uraraka felt panic welling up inside her as she uselessly tried to pull her foot out of the rubble, "come on! Come on!" she whined, "Help!" she called over her shoulder, hoping someone would come back.

With a groan she laid back, staring up at the robot bearing down on her as tears welled up in her eyes. "Please…" she whispered, closing her eyes tight.

A baying howl made her open her eyes once more as a familiar dog came running down the wall of a nearby building. Several other dogs materializing out of the shadows, all of them were inky black, some had an extra set of eyes, others had two tails; all of them came towards her, two began to dig around her while the third was pushing it's back against a large concrete slab keeping her pinned, soon she was able to pull her leg free and scoot away from the debris.

Baskerville stood beside her, looking up at the sky as Izuku suddenly jumped from the building, strength shattering the building behind him as he punched the robot, it's head caving in before it fell back, Izuku began falling, "he's falling too fast!" Uraraka called out to Baskerville, who crouched down ready to jump.

It was only mildly surprised when Uraraka wrapped her arms around them as they jumped.

With a slap Izuku's weight was taken away and Baskerville safely returned him to the ground.

"Is he okay? Does he need-"


'He's...asleep!?" she exclaimed, looking down at the snoozing boy, looking to Baskerville and the other dogs in confusion, only to watch as they all faded into the shadows, Baskerville being the last one to disappear. "I...what just happened?" she asked herself as others came running over.

"You two okay!?"

"That looked like it would've hurt! You need medical assistance?"

"Did you see that dude smash that robot? Talk about excessive!"

"What about those dogs? Were they his?"

"Wait...is he just sleeping?"

Uraraka sighed as she collapsed on the street, looking at Izuku, a mix of concern and confusion warring inside of her.

"Are you alright dearie?" The Recovery Girl asked as she walked up to Uraraka.

"Huh? Oh! Um...i think my ankle is broken." Uraraka said, looking down at said ankle.

"Hmm...well, that's an easy fix!" Recovery girl said, kissing Uraraka's head before the girl could react.

"What the-Oh wow! It feels much better now!" Uraraka said in wonder as her ankle heals.

"That's good. Now, let's check him…" Recovery girl turned to Izuku, who was still snoring, "oh! Well this ones an easy fix as well!" she says, going into his pocket and pulling out one of his blood pods before dropping it into his mouth.

A few seconds later, Izuku was sitting up, blearily looking around, "Huh? Wha...oh...i burned through my blood." he mumbled with a yawn.

"That you did, you're lucky you didn't sustain any injuries!" Recovery girl berated him, "Next time be mindful of your consumption."

"Yes ma'am." he mumbled, standing up as he looked at Uraraka, "baskerville told me about your help, thank you."

"Um...no problem!" Uraraka laughed, "thanks for saving me!"

"Anytime." Izuku said simply, before walking off, "i need a nap." he mumbled as he pushed past everyone else, barely paying attention to Iida, who was staring at him in shock.

"Alright, any other injured personnel step forward!" Recovery girl called, as Izuku seemingly disappeared, 'let's get you all seen so I can continue on!"


Jirou let out a sigh as she stretched her muscles, "that was intense." she mumbled, popping her shoulders as she walked out of the battle zone, her eyebrows raising as Izuku suddenly appeared in front of her, "you're already done?" she questioned.

"Yeah...would've been a longer wait, but that Uraraka girl was in trouble...kinda used all of my blood there…" he looked sheepish as he scratched the back of his head, "recovery girl popped a blood pod in my mouth and i had extra strength left so...Hi…"

Jirou chuckled, "yeah, hi…you have enough strength to make it home?" she asked as they began to walk,

"Maybe…" Izuku mumbled, quick to take up a position beside her, hesitantly taking her free hand, "I'll be fine if you want to wait for Bakugo and Temari."

"Hmmm...I'll be fine." Kyoka said, bashfully twirling a bang as she looked at Izuku, her free hand intertwining with his, "I could do with a nap today."

"Sounds like a plan, i Can carry you-"

"-we can take a train." Kyoka dismissed, leaning into him, "Come on Izu, lets get some rest."

"Okay...Kyoka…" Izuku mumbled, blushing as they moved, "I um...I should have enough time after a nap...do you want to watch a movie? In an actual theater…"

"We can if you're up to it, if not we can just watch something off of Netflix." Kyoka said reassuringly, making Izuku relax.

"Okay...lets see where I am after a nap."

"Wherever it is, i'll be there, okay Izu?"

"Okay...thank you, Kyoka…"