She hadn't felt that kind of power for over a year now.

The strength of her Master and Mentor, the man who had swept crime from London streets and stopped villains simply by showing up.

He was gone now, dead almost a decade, and she hadn't wanted to believe it, how could one so powerful die?

If it wasn't for that spike of familiar energy, she may have given up hope; a spike of power so immense that it made her pause in her early morning routine, looking off to the east with eyes full of hope.

"He's still alive."

She hadn't worked as a pro hero in years, only stepping in when Walter gave her a call. But he hadn't called in five years now; so there was no one to stop her from heading east, looking for that familiar rush of power that her master always had, it wasn't until a year later that she felt it again, this time it felt pressed, panicked, like whatever he was fighting was far stronger then he thought.a bird like man if her premonitions were to be trusted, and they usually were.

That night she had a dream, she dreamed she was standing in his old chambers, facing his silver throne as he lounged in his seat, swirling a wine glass full of blood as he looked at her with that mocking smirk.

"The King is Dead, Long live the king."

She didn't know what he meant by those words, but she did know where she could find answers.

And as she stepped off the plane and into the International Airport in Tokyo, all she could think of was that one way or another, she would find all the answers to her questions."


Class 1-A was uncharacteristically quiet as they entered the classroom for the first time since the USJ. no one felt up to talking about the events they had been in, and no one was willing to bring up their missing friend.

Bakugo was silently steaming in his seat, glaring at the blackboard as Temari stared down at her desk, silent and morose, even Tokoyami was subdued, ignoring Dark Shadow's attempt to cheer him up.

The door slid open and everyone looked up, giving quiet 'hello's to Jirou.

The usually put together rocker looked tired, her eyes were red with heavy bags under them, she looked pale and drawn; her hair messy and uncombed.

"Has anyone heard anything on the Count?" Kirishima asked carefully, looking at Bakugo and Temari as Jirou sat down.

"Nothing," Bakugo growled, "damn suits won't tell us anything, Auntie's terrified they may have locked him up."

"But he saved us!" Mineta cried, "sure he was kinda scary while doing it but he didn't kill anyone!"

"If it weren't for him, Aizawa would be dead," Ojiro agreed, "and we would've been in a bad spot with that Nomu thing."

"He took out all of the villains in the forest area." Aoyama said with a sigh, "I do hope he survives."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SURVIVE!?" Bakugo roared, slamming his fists in Aoyama's desk, "THAT BASTARD ISN'T ALLOWED TO DIE! HE'LL BE BACK JUST YOU WAIT!"


The class looked over to the door, where Aizawa was standing covered in gauze.

"I'm happy to see you alive and well Mr. Aizawa!" Iida called respectfully.

"Shouldn't you be in the infirmary?" Tsu asked curiously.

"We don't have time for that, now sit down, let's get class started.'

"W-wait!" Jirou suddenly stood up, making everyone freeze, the girl was slightly unsteady as she looked at Aizawa, " you know...anything?" she whispered out.

Aizawa sighed, "midoriya is okay, he should be released from the hospital this afternoon, now, let's get to class."

Jirou sat back down, her entire frame shaking, behind her, Tokoyami put a hand on her shoulder, giving her what small comfort he could.

"The No-LIfe King survives." Tokoyami said, making several look at him in confusion before returning attention back to the front.


Jirou slowly shouldered her backpack, ready for the day to be over.

"Hey Kyoka." Momo began, walking up to her friend, "how are you holding up?"

"Better now that I know Izuku's okay…" she mumbled, giving her friend a tired smile, "we hadn't heard anything all weekend."

"Well, I'm glad he'll be making a speedy recovery." she said as Iida opened the door to walk out, only to find the hallway packed.

"Wha-excuse me! Why are you all here?" Iida asked.

"Did something else happen?" Sero asked worriedly.

"They're here to scope out the competition." Bakugo growled, stepping forward, "they wanted to see the students who fought real villains." he stepped forward, "Move it, Extra's."

"BAKUGO! YOU CAN'T CALL PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW EXTRAS!" Iida proclaimed, hand moving robotically.

"So this is Class 1A huh? The ones who fought real villains; figured you'd be heroic or something, but really, you're all just spoiled brats aren't you?"

Instantly the entire class was on the defensive, all glaring at the purple haired boy who looked like he needed a nap, "he may be a bit of an ass," Temari began, stepping forward, "but he's worked his ass off to be here, all of us have. Who do you think you are kid?"

"Me? I'm one of the students who came by to issue a declaration of war.' he smirked, "after all, the sports festival is your time to show off, but it's also our chance to steal your spots from under you."

"SO THIS IS CLASS 1A?" another student roared towards the back of the crowd, "I'M TETSUTETSU FROM CLASS 1B! SO YOU GUYS THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN US!? WELL I'LL SHOW YOU-"

"No one said that," Kirishima snapped, "and the way you guys are throwing accusations around it's seriously not manly!"

"Oh listen to the 1A elite," a blond student sneered, his blue eyes glaring at the class as he stepped forward, "they fight a couple of B-rate villains and they think they're better than us, even when they let their hobo teacher get hurt-'

"-you're all too loud,"

The tired, rasping voice had the entire hallway quiet, everyone in the hall feeling a chill go down their spines as the lights flickered and died; their shadows elongating and collecting against one of the walls, where a dark clad individual stepped out of the shadows, dressed in casual clothes.

"Children should know when to stop talking about things they have no knowledge of." Izuku drawled as he walked towards his class, red eyes glowing in the now dim-light; everyone moving out of his way quickly as he walked, "after all, none of you were in the USJ."

"Looking down on us I see," The blond exclaimed, stepping in Izuku's way, "How about you-" he gasped as Izuku simply walked through him,the deepest cold he could ever experience coursing through him as Izuku continued his leisurely stroll.

"Monoma!" Tetsutetsu shouted, running over to his classmate, "are you alright.'

"What...did you do…" Monoma shivered, looking to Izuku as frost seemed to build on his hair and melt as the warmth began to slowly return to the boy.

"I shadow-travelled through you." Izuku said simply, coming to a stop beside Bakugo, "it's cold in there, only someone like me, Tokoyami, and maybe Todoroki can go through with no real harm, you, however, aren't used to cold like that." he turned his head, eyes shifting fully for a moment and making Monoma shrink away alongside everyone else, "next time you insult my friends, I'll drag you in with me."

"Using fear to try and intimidate us?" the purple haired boy muttered, "what kind of hero are you?"

"The kind that almost died to those 'B-rate villains' you all were going on about." Izuku growled, turning around fully, "you can sneer and chatter away about things you don't know about all you want, but the students in this classroom? They know, they know what we had to go through just to survive, some fought on their own against roving squads of villains who's only mission was to kill them; my bones were shattered over a dozen times stalling for time until our teachers got there, and yet you say we're spoiled? For what? For surviving that which was designed to kill us?" Izuku let his eyes return to normal, "how pathetic of you."

"I've heard of this guy," one of the Gen Ed students whispered, "my dads a cop, he responded to the USJ, the villains they captured were terrified of him!"

"No way I heard about him too! He took down a monster that was stronger than All-Might!"

"Stronger than All-Might? And he was still injured that badly?"

"He drinks blood-"

"-he can summon what he kills-"

"-He's a Vampire-"

"-the Count of UA-"

"-The No-Life King." Tokoyami said, stepping forward.

"I take it you're the reason they know of that title." Izuku whispered to his friend.

"A bit, those who understand the darkness know of you, but these students? They heard the stories from their parents, the teachers, and maybe even All-Might himself."

Izuku chuckled, "notoriety, never thought i'd see the day that i'd have it." he let his eyes flash again, making everyone take a step back, save for the purple haired boy,"I hope you can back up your words, friend," Izuku said, stepping forward, "I love a good challenge." he held his hand out, "what's your name? You can't issue a challenge without giving a name."

The boy regarded his hand, then clasped it, "Shinsou Hitoshi." he said.

"I look forward to facing you." he said, letting his hand go, "now fuck off, before I sick the dogs on the lot of you."

Faster than even Iida, the hallways cleared out, leaving Izuku standing alone as he sighed.

"I'm too tired for all of this melodrama." Izuku muttered, giving a cry of pain when Bakugo punched him.

"DEKU! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN PLAY DEAD WHILE WE ALL WAIT! I'LL KILL YOU!" Bakugo roared, stomping on his prone friend while Temari sighs and steps forward, "Bakugo stop." she ordered, making him pause for a moment.

"LEAVE SOME OF HIM FOR ME!" Temari snarled, slamming her heel into Izuku while Bakugo resumed his stomping.


"Let me know when you two have had your fill." Izuku drawled, making everyone look up in shock; for now Izuku was squatting on the windowsill, watching as Bakugo and Temari continually hit his construct, which slowly transformed from Izuku, to a sleeping two headed black bear.

"How the-" Bakugo started in confusion, looking at his friend as Jirou pushed them out of the way, wrapping her arms around Izuku.

"Kyoka…' he mumbled, slowly returning her hug, his head dipping low, "I'm sorry I took so long."

"You jerk." she mumbled into his chest.


"You...complete jerk!" she shouted as she suddenly performed a perfect suplex and slammed him into the ground.

'SHE'S ON OUR SIDE!" Bakugo roared as he and Temari pounced, stomping on the truly down Izuku while Jirou closed her eyes, tic mark pulsating on her forehead as she suddenly stabbed her two friends with her earphone jacks.

"I'm not on your side idiots!" she snapped as the two twitched on the ground.

Izuku slowly moved to a kneeling position, keeping his head bowed as he turned to Kyoka.

"My countess." he whispered reverently, "My love."

Jirou's glare lasted a total of one minute, disappearing alongside the tenseness in her muscles, "do you have any idea how much we worried?"

"They wouldn't let me or Nezu contact anyone." he mumbled, slowly reaching up and pulling his glasses off, looking at Kyoka with an unobstructed view, "I thought of you, of all of you, every moment, it's the only thing to keep me sane."

Kyoka felt her cheeks flush, "you cheesy mutt." she mumbled as Izuku stood, putting his arms around her as she pulled his mask down, kissing him as the rest of the class watched on.

"This is better than daytime television," Mina whispered excitedly to Uraraka and Toru.

"This class is intense." Tsuyu said to Tokoyami, who nodded in agreement.

"The No-Life King claims his Queen." he stated with a sagely nod.

"Think we'll just stick with calling him the count." Kirishima chuckled as they all walked forward, "but seriously, Good to have you back Midoriya, you really showed those villains what-for! It was super manly!"

"Thanks Kirishima." izuku said softly as he turned around, bringing his mask back up. Looking at all of his classmates, "I'm sorry if my attacks were somewhat scary, I can't control myself sometimes when I binge on blood, I hope I didn't traumatize everyone."

"Only one you traumatized are the villains!" Sero said with a thumbs up, "those guys ran with their tail between their legs when you came out!"

"And the way you went toe to toe with that Nomu!" Sato gushed, "wish I was half as powerful as you."

Izuku began to splutter, unable to form real sentences as he wasn't used to receiving praise from so many people.

"You shorted him out," Bakugo grumbled as he stood up, "what took you so long Deku?"

"L-Like i said, they had me on triple lock down, couldn't even eat without an armed guard watching me." Izuku muttered as they all began walking towards the exit of the school, "Principal Nezu had to fight just to get me released."

"What happened?" Temari asked, shoving Bakugo out of the way, "I know you drank a lot of blood but…"

"Nomu's blood had an additive that was supposed to be lethal." Izuku said, one arm still around Kyoka as they stepped out into the light, forcing him to put his goggles back on, "my quirk reacted to it and, instead of letting it kill me, adapted to it and neutralized it, that blood helped unlock previously unknown aspects of my quirk, and let me use it to my advantage."

"Leave it to you to take something that was supposed to kill you and turn it into something helpful." Bakugo grumbled, "don't think this means you're stronger than me now! I'll still kill ya!"

"No-Life King remember?" Izuku asked in amusement, "you can't kill me."


"Sports festival?" Izuku asked in confusion.

"I'll fill you in," Jirou sighed, smiling up at her boyfriend, "but first, let's go take a nap, I wasn't able to sleep at all this weekend, too worried about you, my Count."

"Well, allow me rectify that, my Countess."

"You better, my Count.'


There's something to be said about the comfort brought from sleeping alongside one you love.

It's a warmth that can thaw the coldest heart, a comfort that is unparalleled that brings the most restful sleep you could ever hope for.

Which is why it took a moment for Izuku to wake up fully as someone knocked on his door, "It's too early," he mumbled as he cracked an eye open and glared at the door.

"Tell them to go away," Jirou mumbled into his chest, burrowing further into it as Izuku smiled down at her as another rapid knock filled the air.

"I get the feeling they don't want us to sleep." Izuku mumbled as he kissed her forehead, carefully disentangling himself from his cuddly girlfriend, missing her warmth as he walked over to the door; he wasn't worried about his mother throwing a fit about the two in bed together, she trusted them enough to simply sleep together after all.

"Izuku, there's someone here to see you," Inko said, looking slightly worried as her son groaned.

"If it's the Hero Association, tell them to come back after eight." he grumbled, rubbing his eyes, "i need to catch up on sleep."

"I know sweetie...but this woman...she's different…"

Izuku sniffed the air and immediately bristled, stalking past his mother towards the door, where a blonde woman stood looking around in feigned interest.

She was stunning, with a waist line and bust size that was enviable, and a fit physique. She was dressed in a turtleneck sweater and blue jeans.

"I smell a blood drinker," Izuku growled as he reached the door, eyes burning red, "there's only two kinds of blood drinker who would look for me, a disciple, or a challenger; the question remains, which are you?"

The woman looked at him in surprise, before her eyes began to water, "m-Master!" she cried as she suddenly surged forward and wrapped her arms around him.

"That's...not what I expected." Izuku mumbled as he pushed the woman off of him, jumping back, "who are you?" he demanded to know, "answer truthfully, I can tell when you're lying."

"I-I know you can…" the woman stuttered, slowly standing back up, "I...My name is Seras Victoria, or the Pro-Hero Police Girl as they know me back in England."

Izuku's eyes narrowed, "and what is the number three hero of England doing in Japan." he asked.

"I'm here looking for someone...and I found them…" she said quietly, looking decidedly dejected.

Izuku relaxed his combat stance, "who were you looking for?" he asked cautiously, feeling gratitude well up in him as his mother activated her own quirk, raising a pen on the doorside table, ready to shoot it through the woman's head should she become hostile.

"I...I was looking for my master, his name was Alucard." she mumbled, slowly standing up, hands clenched at her chest, "he was the number one hero in England."

"I heard of him," he said, making Inko look at him in surprise, "he was pronounced dead almost ten years ago alongside Pro-Hero Sir Integra." he stepped forward, "why would you be looking for him in Japan?"

"Because...because almost a year ago, I felt his presence!" she said, looking up with intense eyes, "and then i felt it again almost four days ago, located at UA, I...I think...I think you're Alucards successor!"


Izuku stared at Seras from his spot squatted on the kitchen counter, Inko and Jirou were quietly drinking tea while Seras took a sip of some of Izuku's reserve blood.

"Is this type A?" she asked, doing her best to dispel the awkward tension, "it always tends to have a bit of a sour kick-"

"-you think I'm Alucard.' Izuku muttered, cutting her off, "a hero that died ten years ago."

Seras slowly lowered her drink, "I...your power seems to resonate the same as his, and I can detect his presence in you even now."

"How would Izuku even come close to a hero like Alucard?" Kyoka asked, "no offence to Izuku, but he could shapeshift his form, turn into a flight of birds, control people's minds, telepathy, weather control. Izuku has some powers that match with Alucards, but he's nowhere near his level."

"I think Alucard was too weak to give Izuku all of his powerset," Seras began, "if what I think is true, then he wouldn't have been able to contribute anything until very recently."

Izuku stiffened at that, remembering that carnal, wild presence he felt within his own mindscape when he was struggling to take control of his body after binging on blood, "that doesn't tell us anything, for all we know you're just unconsciously assuming I'm him because of our minute similarities." Izuku muttered.

Seras shook her head, "the last time I felt his presence, it felt like he was fighting something powerful, bird beaked, almost killed him, that night I had a dream, I saw him lounging on his favorite chair, grinning like he always did when faced with a challenge, he told me; the King is dead, Long live the King."

At this, a cold shiver ran down both Kyoka's and Izuku's spines, for it was only recently that Tokoyami had begun referring to Izuku as 'the No-Life King."

"How…" Izuku whispered, "how would he be able to"

"I don't think he has," Seras sighed, standing up, "Alucard was considered a hero, but really, he was older than anyone could comprehend, he was once Vlad Tepes, a Transylvanian King who had answered the churches call for a crusade, he impaled his enemies upon stakes as a symbol of his power...when the church betrayed him, he willingly turned his back upon them and became a demon, the first vampire...he was under the radar for years until quirks emerged."

"He pretends to be a simple quirked hero." Izuku muttered, "until his death."

Seras nodded, "I'm not sure how they killed him, I arrived after the battle, but there was nothing left of his body, not even a skeleton; we believed he was dead, but I never could shake the feeling he was still alive-you see, I'm like him, a true vampire, while I'm a full fledged one, I can still sense my sire so…"

Izuku held his head and groaned, "why can't things just be simple...look, I can't tell you if i'm him or not, the truth is I don't know."

"Well I do," Seras said, slamming her hands on the table, "you're the reincarnation of my master, and I'll do whatever I can to help you."

Izuku sighed, shaking his head, "I'm going for a walk." he mumbled, jumping off the cabinet and heading towards the door, "Alone." he added when Kyoka started standing up, "I need to think.'

Kyoka hesitated, then nodded, "meet me later?" she asked softly.

"Of course, my countess." he said, leaving the apartment.

"'re his countess?" Seras asked a few moments after Izuku left, looking at Kyoka with a friendly smile.

The young girl blushed, "he hung around Tokoyami for too long and started calling me that, I rolled with it." she mumbled, feeling decidedly cornered when Inko began gushing about how cute the nicknames were while Seras agreed.


Izuku sat on the rail of the dock of Takoba Municipal beach. Staring at the dark waves as they splashed against the surf.

Alucard...I remember that hero, he was one of the few I was allowed to deeply research because of how similar our quirks this woman right? Am I his, it's ridiculous...but what if... Izuku shook his head with a groan, "I'm just trying to be a hero damn it." he grumbled, standing up and walking along the rail, hands in his pockets, "I don't need all of this extra bullshit." he jumped to the grass, looking up at the sky, "but what if I am his successor? Does that mean I have some...destiny to live up to? Damn it, can't I just have a simple life!?"


The vampire jumped in surprise as he whirled around, surprised to find Toga running towards him, tears in her eyes, "T-Toga? What are you-" he stopped as the girl wrapped her arms around him, crying into his chest,

"I-I'm sorry! I'm s-so s-s-sorry!" she sobbed, "I-I d-d-didn't m-m-mean anything! I don't hate you! I'm sorry!"

"Himiko…' Izuku mumbled, slowly reaching up and returning her hug, "it's okay, it's alright-"

"No I-it's not!" she cried, pulling away from him slightly, tears trailing down her cheeks, "I...I said I h-hated you! T-that I wished y-you were d-d-d-dead! And...and then...and then…"

"Shush…" Izuku sighed, bringing her back in for a hug, "you were hurt, and angry about the situation-"

"B-b-b-but you were o-o-only t-trying to h-help me." she hiccuped, "a-and I said such m-m-mean things! A-and you a-a-a-almost d-d-d-died!"

Izuku felt his heart swell,"Himiko, listen to me." he ordered, holding her at arms length, "I never held any of your words against you," he said strongly, "I understood how much pain you were in after your mother was hurt, I couldn't blame you for the anger, hate and blame you placed upon me; had I been in your position I would have done the same."


"No buts," he said softly, "are you a Draculina or not?"

His question froze Toga in place, surprised at the tenderness of his tone, usually so blunt and straightforward when dealing with anything other than Kyoka, "my feelings were hurt, when I first heard your words." he began, "but I've had time to reflect upon them, and I find myself unable to blame you for what was said." he reached up and pulled his goggles and mask off, "I chose to help you, not just because I recognized a fellow vampire, but because I know your true potential, the potential to change the world, so don't apologize, Himiko Toga, show me that I wasn't wrong in my decision."

Toga felt more tears fall as she nodded furiously, 'of course! Of course I'll show you! I'm a true Draculina! I'll show you!"

Izuku smiled, as he pulled away from her fully."I expect nothing less, Himiko Toga." Izuku said softly, ruffling her hair, "my Draculina, I know you will do me proud." with that he withdrew his hand and began walking away, "I will be watching, Don't forget."

Izuku didn't know it, but at that moment he created a bond between himself and Toga, a bond that was similar to Alucards and seras, but different altogether.

For there was no blood exchanged, but a promise, words forged into a pact that neither could truly abandon.

For better or for worse, Izuku had chosen his first disciple, and he couldn't have chosen a better one.


Seras watched Izuku as he climbed the stairs to his apartment, bowing in reverence as he approached. He stopped beside her, not looking at her as he began to speak.

"I don't know if I'm the reincarnation of your master...but I can't say for sure that I'm with that what you will. I have more pressing concerns currently."

"Like seeing your countess?" Seras teased, laughing when Izuku turned red and began to stutter, "I understand, and if you do good in the sports festival, I'll be sure to send an invitation to you. Good luck, Izuku Midoriya."

Izuku opened the door, his voice deepening as he spoke.

"Witness the strength of my successor, Seras Victoria."

A/N: sorry for the long upload, but I figured using Hellsing as a backdrop for the next arc would be better than trying to forge an OC into the right Hero Agency for Izuku to go to. Shout out to Megatronis Uchiha for making me re-evaluate the direction this story was going: they're right, Izuku is coming off as more of an Alucard vibe than a Morbius vibe. Thanks for the inspiration bud.