Izuku was crouched on top of the lockers, looking down at his class as they all mentally prepared themselves for the sports festival, honestly Izuku wasn't really concerned, either he got far or he didn't; simple as that.


Izuku's ears perked up as he turned to look at Todoroki, who was standing in the middle of the room having a stare off with a less than amused Temari.

"Icy-hot." Temari returned, eyes narrowed.

"Strictly speaking, I believe I'm stronger than you-"

"-strictly speaking, you're not.' Midoriya said bluntly, making the half and half boy turn towards him as he jumped off of the lockers, hands in his pockets and facing away from the boy, "at least not with only half your quirk."

Todoroki narrowed his eyes, "even without my fire I will defeat you."

"You couldn't even handle me in a fifteen minute battle trial and you think you can handle Temari?" Midoriya said, acutely aware of Kyoka and Tokoyami walking up behind him, "all you did was make me cold and piss me off; like the month of december that's all you can do, make me cold, piss me off, and blow cold air in an attempt to make someone take you seriously."

"Enough you two!" Kyoka said, giving both a pointed glare, "there's enough Testosterone with Kirishima in here, no need to add to it."


"I'm only speaking the truth, strictly speaking." Izuku said, turning away from Todoroki, "he's the one who came over here trying to start a fight."

"I don't care who tried to start what, I'm ending it.' she said firmly as Temari stepped forward once more, grinning.

"Yeah, and if you think you can beat us Todoroki, then you better be ready to use those little embers of yours, really make Endeavor proud."

Instantly Todoroki's gaze turned murderous, "I am not doing this for THAT man.' he snapped, stalking away and leaving everyone in confusion.

"What was that about." Temari muttered.

"Troubles at home apparently.' Izuku muttered, putting his hands in his pockets as Iida came speed walking in.

"It's time for the festival to begin!"

Izuku waited until most of the class was out of the room before heading out, walking beside Kyoka as the other classes lined up behind them, "I feel like I'm forgetting something, something important…"

"If you can't remember it, then it's probably not important.' Kyoka said, giving him a friendly nudge.

"You're probably right." Izuku sighed as they walked out into the bright stadium, doing his best not to flinch at the difference in light, looking around in feigned interest as the rest of the classes walked out.


Izuku stiffened at that, doing his best to not look around as all the first years-save for his own class- stared at him, whispering amongst themselves as he walked towards the stage.

"The Count is our representative?"

"I knew he was strong, but is he really that strong?"

"I don't believe it, it's gotta be a joke."

Izuku stepped onto the stage, giving a small nod to Midnight as she handed him the Mic, "i'll keep this brief," he droned, "most of us don't want to be here, and are only here because it's required for the school; however, we go into this festival with a small glimmer of hope that even if we don't want to be here, this festival will be a catalyst for our future, and should be treated as more than just a day to be beaten by class 1A and 1B; but a day to challenge ourselves to go beyond, and prove that we have a right to be here, to stand proudly as UA students." he looked at all the students gathered in front of him, most shaking slightly in their spots, "let's hope at least a few of you are up to the challenge." he said as he met the gaze of Shinsou, the boy looked determined, and didn't flinch away from his gaze. "That is all." Izuku muttered, returning the Mic to Midnight and returning to his spot.

"Let's give a round of applause for those amazing words!" Midnight shouted, eliciting hesitant claps and cheers from the crowd, and more enthusiastic cheers from Class 1A

"Now it's time for our first event! The obstacle course!"

Izuku gave a snort of amusement, "this will be easy." Izuku muttered to Kyoka, who rolled her eyes with a small smile as Midnight explained the rules, "the event starts when the timer hits zero!"

"Hey Bakugo," Izuku started, making the explosion boy look at him, "No hard feelings when I win."

"Like hell you idiot!" Bakugo snarled, crackling off a few explosions.

"He can shadow travel Bakugo," Temari chuckled, "you have no chance."


"Hey Kirishima, bet I beat you in placement!" Sero chuckled.

"Oh you are so on dude!"

"I'm leaving you both in my acid trails!"

"You won't even see me take the lead!"


As one, the students surged forward, running as fast as they can towards the huge exit gates, only to get stuck as a single mass trying to push past each other.

'And here we are at the first unexpected obstacle! The gates!"

"This really does look interesting,' Izuku mumbled, still standing in his spot, watching everyone struggle to push their way through.

"Why aren't you running?" Midnight asked, looking at Izuku from the platform, the dark teen just shrugged.

"Head start." he muttered, watching as Todoroki froze most of the first year's feet, several of his classmates were able to dodge the ice and continue on to the next obstacle course.

"Those robots weren't exactly difficult to begin with." Izuku sighed, carefully pulling a blood pod out and popping it into his mouth, "they were kinda easy to destroy." he mumbled around a mouthful of blood. "The hardest part was finding them really."

"They're not meant to be difficult here," Midnight said, looking a little queasy at the blood rolling down the sides of Izuku's mouth, "just something to slow people down.

"Hmmph, Todoroki didn't get the memo." Izuku noted as Todoroki froze the Zero-Pointers, causing them to fall.

"Can't do anything about powerhouses." Midnight said with a shrug, "shouldn't you get going?"

Izuku checked his watch, "ten minutes is as good a headstart as any." with that, the boy simply sank into his own shadow, joining with other shadows faster than most could track.


"It seems Midoriya is finally making a move," Aizawa muttered into his microphone.

"What's that?" Present Mic exclaimed, "The resident Count of UA is finally joining the race!? Wonder how that will shake things up!"

Izuku hated shadow travel.

It was cold, dark and reminded him of his old cell back when he was held captive by Mistress, the only plus sides was the speed at which he could travel, and that he was aware what was happening in his immediate area; he was able to see his classmates steadily rise in the standings as he easily passed the bots and the bottomless pit.

He let out a startled grunt as a bright flash of light forced him out of the shadows, depositing him right beside the minefield, "should've known," he growled as he spun around and caught Bakugo's arm, forcing his hand up and letting the explosion set off in the sky. "Didn't think light would force me out of the shadows." with another growl he kicked Bakugo back, slowly walking into the minefield as Bakugo slowly sat up.

"No shadows, nowhere for you to travel!" He snarled, charging again, only to get blindsided by Temari.

"Thought you could forget about me!?" she snapped as the two began trading blows.

"Bit anticlimactic,' Izuku said, looking across the minefield with a raised eyebrow when he saw Todoroki slowly walking through the mines.

Placing his hands in his pockets once more, he began strolling across the field, his dogs materializing out of his shadow and moving the mines out of his way before he stepped on them; soon he was right beside Todoroki, who began raising his right arm in a threatening manner.

"We both know how this will end." Izuku said, turning his head slowly towards him, eyes glowing underneath the shaded lenses, "Stand down."

Todoroki glared at him for a bit, then slowly lowered his arm, "I'll still defeat you and Sendo.' Todoroki muttered.

"Keep telling yourself that." Izuku drawled, continuing his leisurely stroll as Todoroki was sucked into Temari and Bakugo's fight.


Once again the crowd was unenthusiastic in their cheering, with many starting to whisper to each other.

"Isn't that the kid who demolished a gang hideout?"

"Yeah I saw the video, he almost killed them."

"Seriously creepy, doesn't he drink blood?"

"Blood quirks are the worst, they should've locked him up and thrown away the key."

Izuku felt his lip twitch, burning anger filled his chest for a few moments before it slowly dissipated, "I'm too tired for this." he muttered, pulling his sleeping bag out of his back pocket and climbing into it.


"What can I say, kids got good tastes."

"Mhmm, you keep telling yourself that Erasure, oh! And it looks like second place is Todoroki! Followed by Bakugo and Sendo!"

Todoroki took a gasping breath, allowing his left side to warm him up; melting the ice on his body as he glared at the sleeping form of Izuku. He was already walking towards the boy when Temari and Bakugo stepped in his way.

"I didn't think Midoriya needed Bodyguards." Todoroki sneered, his usual aloofness gone in the face of his anger.

"We're not protecting him." Temari said pointedly.

"Dracula over there doesn't like getting woken up unless it's for something important.' Bakugo said gruffly, "You go over there and try starting shit, he'll take a bite out of your neck."

"Definitely wouldn't risk it Todoroki." Kyoka huffed out as she passed the line after Uraraka.

Todoroki narrowed his eyes at all of them, before walking away with a huff.

"He's really got it bad for Midoriya huh?" Temari asked with a sigh before turning a saucy wink to Kyoka, "maybe he has a secret crush on him and wants to join his harem."

"HE DOESN'T HAVE A HAREM!" Jirou exclaimed hotly, blushing in embarrassment when several other students looked over at them in confusion, "I hate you so much right now." Kyoka growled as Temari began to laugh, holding her sides as she fell over.

After another twenty minutes, and after carefully waking up Izuku, the forty finalists were ready for the next event."

"I hope you're all ready! Because now it's-" she pointed her whip to the jumbotron as the randomizer chose the next event, "Capture the flag! In this event you can either work on your own or with a team, the aim of the game is to keep your flag in your possession until the end of the thirty minute round! Quirk usage is allowed, but you're not allowed to cause serious injury to another student! If you do it's an automatic disqualification! And remember! Just because someone takes your flag, doesn't mean you're out! Each flag is assigned a numerical value, with five points going to fortieth place, and each spot gaining another five all the way up to second place." she gave an impish smile as she proclaimed, "First place is worth one million points!"

Izuku sweatdropped as everyone-even his friends- turned to him with a look of pure greed, "I hate today, todays not a good day." he muttered.

"The flag must be visible at all times, but can be placed anywhere on your person! You have ten minutes to prepare!"

Izuku looked around as he watched everyone begin to pair up, some discussing the perfect defensive plan, while others stood off on their own, evidently going solo.

"Brother of the Dark."

"Brother of the Dark," Izuku returned as he looked over to his birdheaded friend, "Let me guess, you want to team up?"

"I'm actually going to be working on my own," Tokoyami said, crossing his arms as he stood beside Izuku, "but I propose a ceasefire between us."

"Hmm, tempting," Izuku mused, "but why? Don't you want to know who's the strongest between us?"

"I believe we already know the answer to that question," Tokoyami said, dipping his head, "I may be able to hold my own, but you are certainly on a different level then us all. I believe it's in my best interest to forge this ceasefire, so that we may both peacefully advance."

"I agree, I won't target you during this event, so long as you watch out for any blindspots I may have."

"It would be my honor to serve the No-Life King." Tokoyami said solemnly.

A thrill of power went through Izuku, taking deep satisfaction in someone finally recognizing his true position in the school, but he quickly squashed that feeling down, "thank you my friend." he said sincerely, "Happy hunting."

"Indeed...what of your countess? Will you be joining her and her team?" he asked, looking over to where Jirou was talking with Hagakure, Sato and Koda.

"No,' Izuku said simply, "we spoke about it before the festival, and we agreed that we would seek glory on our own."

"And if you meet each other in battle?"

"Then we go all out, no holding back for either of us." Izuku turned his gaze from Kyoka to a different team, the one that had the blond haired boy who was staring at him with an unnerving look in his eye, "but I don't think it's Kyoka who I should be worried about."

"So you're first place."

Both Izuku and Tokoyami flinched away from the loud voice that appeared behind them, it belonged to a girl with pink hair and covered in support tech, "who the hell are you?" Izuku demanded to know.

"I'm Mei Hatsume! Future CEO of Hatsume Industries!" she chirped, "and I want you to team up with me One Million!"

"...what?" Izuu asked in confusion.

A few minutes later had Midnight back on the platform, staring over the clusters of students and the ones standing on their own, "NOW IT'S TIME FOR THIS BATTLE ROYALE TO BEGIN! Hope everyones ready!"

"Remember the plan." Izuku whispered to Mei as the timer began to countdown, pinning his triangular flag on the front of his chest, the golden Ten Million shown proudly.

"Gotcha One Million."

"Please don't call me that." Izuku muttered.

"Whatever you say Count!"


Instantly Izuku exploded away from his spot as Ice tried to trap him in place, "right off the bat eh, Todoroki?" he asked as he cut through vines that were attempting to wrap around him from behind, barely dodging Aoyama's laser as he kicked Kirishima into the ground.

"I GOT YOU NOW MIDORIYA!" Mineta shouted as he came falling out of the sky, balls in each hand.

"Do you?" Izuku asked as Mei came flying through the sky on her jetpack, plucking him out of the sky and sending him rocketing towards Tsuyu and Shoji, who had launched Mineta into the sky in the first place.

"What do ya know, Alliances do work." Izuku said, not even flinching when Tokoyami intercepted Tetsutetsu's surprise attack.

"DEKU!" Bakugo roared as he came rocketing towards the boy, hand cocked back and ready. Only for Hatsume to fire off several wads of what looked to be gum onto Bakugo's hands.

"Can't use that little flash bang of ours without your hand." Izuku taunted as he slowly melted into the shadows, barely escaping Sendo's surprise Smash that left the ground shattered.

"DAMN IT DEKU! COME FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!" Bakugo snarled, fighting the gum and trying to get it off of his hands.

"Good luck with that!" Hatsume cackled, "it's industrial grade!"

"FUCK YOU!" Bakugo snapped, setting off a powerful explosion that sent the wads of glue into the sky, "NOW WHERE IS THAT BASTARD!?"

Izuku slowly re-materialized from the ground, watching around as chaos consumed the stadium, "still have about twenty minutes," he mused, squatting down for a moment, his ears pricking at the sound of several people charging towards him.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the 'Count of UA'."

"Great, the yapping, blond haired Chihuahua is back." Izuku drawled as he dodged the boys attempt to grab him, "I don't like being touched without consent."

"You think you're so much better than all of us, don't you?" the boy sneered as his friends surrounded Izuku, one of them creating some kind of barrier around them as Dark Shadow tried to dart in, the shadowy quirk slamming it's fist on the barrier in anguish, "MIDORIYA!"

"Uh oh! Looks like Midoriya's in trouble!"

"I don't think i'm better than anyone, except for you maybe," Izuku muttered, glancing at the people around him, one with a known quirk, the rest are unknowns, but with how blondie tried to touch me, i'm assuming his is based on touch-

"Typical 1A powerhouse! Talking down on the lot of us! Well I'll show you!" Once again the boy charged, hand outstretched, and once again Izuku easily dodged, then jumped over another boy who tried to punch him with a spinning fist, "you can't keep me captive fools." Izuku sneered as he once again began melding with the shadows, only to be quickly expelled by the dark skinned boy, "so that's your quirk." Izuku muttered, attempting to jump away from Monoma once more as the boy's fingers grazed his arm.

"Now we'll see just how strong you are!" the boy laughed as Izuku tensed, ready for anything; his eyes widened as he watched the boys eyes turn blood red, "all this power, it's almost intoxicating."

"Your quirk copies other quirks." Izuku said, horror seeping into his voice.

"Yes! And now I'll defeat you with your own power!it'll be so easy, and I'll-I'll-what's...this...feeling…" the boy trailed off as he staggered back.

"You little fool," Izuku growled, watching as the boy fell to his knees, letting out a scream of pain as claws ripped through his finger tips, and fangs began to grow from his canines.

"Monoma, hey are you alright?" one of his friends began to walk towards him.

"Stay away from him!" Izuku ordered, making the boy freeze, watching in horror as Monoma slowly stood back up, breathing heavily as he stared at him.

"I can...I can sense...I can sense your blood." Monoma whispered shakily, taking uncertain steps towards him, "the pounding of your pulse in my ears...it's intoxicating Tsuburaba."

"S-s-stay back man." Tsuburaba said warily, taking a step back.

Several things happened at once.

Monoma lunged towards Tsuburaba, fangs out and aimed for his neck.

Tsuburaba slipped into the shadows, coming back out where Izuku had stood, completely disoriented.

Izuku caught Monoma by the throat and lifted him up.

"Little Fledglings don't get their blood until they eat all their vegetables." Izuku growled, holding Monoma high as the boy thrashed.

"Let me go! LET ME GO! I NEED IT! I NEED BLOOD!" Monoma cried out, trying in vain to break Midoriya's hold on him, Midnight was already running towards them, having seen everything from the stage; reached the air barrier and began slamming her fist into it, shaking Tsubaraba from his terror to cancel his quirk.

Izuku didn't flinch one bit, "you thought my quirk simply made me strong, you're a fool.' he said as he suddenly slammed monoma into the ground, knocking the wind from the boy as he pinned him, "my thirst for blood is constant, even when I have a regular supply, for over seven years I worked to be able to live with that torture, a torture you've never had to worry about."

Monoma's eyes slowly slid shut as Midnight's quirk washed over him, Izuku slowly let the boy go, on guard until he was sure he wouldn't get back up, "guess I'm disqualified now." Izuku said, aware of the lack of fighting around him, everyone had seen what had happened, everyone had watched Monoma succumb to the hunger and Izuku's actions as a direct result.

Midnight sighed, "technically what you did was against the set rules." she began, loud enough for everyone to hear, "but you also did it to save another student from Injury, so we'll let you off with a warning, but anymore roughhousing will result in disqualification! Now, back to the event!"

Izuku watched as Midnight carried Monoma off the field towards two men in white uniforms who quickly wrapped him up in a straight jacket before carrying him off. "Don't expect to find me again." he muttered to those around him as he once again melded with the shadows.

"That guys a monster.' someone in the stands whispered.

"Did he really infect someone during an event? He should've been expelled!"

"But it was that other kids quirk, not his-"

"-he still roughed him up! Just like a villain."

"Maybe we should keep an eye out for him"

But no one would see Izuku until the end of the round, when he re-emerged from the shadows, tearing his flag off and dropping it on the ground as he was once again declared the winner, he didn't stick around for Midnight's explanation of the tournament, and instead disappeared into the stadium, going to the infirmary where they had Monoma isolated in what amounted to a plastic cell, the boy was still passed out, lying on a hospital bed still clad in a straight jacket, "how is he?" he asked Recovery Girl.

"Still under, though the claws and fangs disappeared after about five minutes, no telling what the psychological effect will be."

"This is all my fault…" he said softly.

"Don't start that, Monoma knew his quirks limitations, and he still chose to copy your quirk without knowing the drawbacks, if anything your actions helped keep him from doing something he regrets, though I don't know how to explain all of that to him."

"If he has questions, send him to me." Izuku muttered, turning and walking away, stopping slightly in the hall when he found Jirou waiting for him, wordlessly she stepped forward and wrapped him in a hug; which he gratefully returned, resting his head atop of hers.

"Are you okay?" she asked quietly.

"No…" he mumbled.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"...I'm tired…"

Kyoka sighed and started leading him away from the infirmary and into one of the waiting rooms, guiding him to a nearby bench where he practically collapsed, "have you had enough blood?" she asked worriedly.

"I'm fed." he said bitterly, making Kyoka blink in surprise, "I don't need as much blood as I used too, so I'll be fine until the tournament starts."

"Then what's wrong?" she asked worriedly, kneeling down in front of him, slowly she reached up and pulled his mask down gently, then reached up and pulled his goggles off, surprised to find his eyes blood red and bloodshot, pure fury radiating out of his gaze, "talk to me, please."

"I...I'm angry…" he muttered, keeping his eyes averted, "I hear what they say, in the stands, the way they talk about me...describe me…"

"I thought that kind of talk didn't get to you anymore?" she asked gently.

"It was always only one or two people, not an entire stadium," he muttered, his fists clenching as his eyes narrowed, his eyes darkening, "they think me a villain, a monster because of what happened to Monoma, and my interaction with Todoroki; I unnerve and scare them with my mere presence…"

"People are ignorant Izuku," she said, cupping his face in her hands, the vampire closed his eyes and let out a soft sigh, leaning into her touch, his hands unclenching as he wrapped them around her, "they hate anything that's different than them; anything that isn't 'heroic', but I know the truth, I know you're a hero, and so does everyone in our class; and I"m sure even those in 1B are learning that you're not the monster everyone thinks you are."

"I am a monster…" he murmured quietly, a single bloody tear rolling down his cheek, "I could lose myself and tear all of them apart with my bare hands-" he stopped talking as Jirou slowly pulled him into a hug, his head resting against her chest.

"You won't," She whispered quietly, "I know you won't."

"How do you know?" he asked quietly.

"Because I know you, my Count.' she said, kissing his forehead as he finally relaxed completely against her, all the anger draining away.

"My Kyoka...my Countess...I don't deserve you." he mumbled.

"Then It's a good thing you're not the one to decide that." Kyoka said, settling against the bench with Izuku still resting on her chest, "get some sleep, I'll wake you up when it's time for the tournament."

"Thank you...Kyoka…"


"Hey! Where have you two been?" Kaminari asked as Kyoka and Izuku walked into Class 1A's seating area, snacks cradled in their arms,"you missed Sendo's match against that Shinsou kid!"

"Napping." Izuku said simply as he settled into his seat beside Tokoyami, "then we got snacks."

"Well, at least you're here for Todoroki's fight against Sero!"

"Wonder who's gonna win.' Mina pondered.

"Todoroki," Izuku deadpanned alongside Bakugo and the newly arrived Temari, "Sero's skillful, but Todoroki's OP." Temari sighed, settling down beside Bakugo. "It'll be over in a few seconds."

"Come on guys! At least give him the benefit of the doubt!" Kirishima objected, "seriously not manly."

"Manly or not, it's the truth.' Izuku droned, yawning as he watched their classmates walk onto the field.


"Go Sero!" Mina cheered alongside Kaminari as the tape user sent a strand flying, wrapping it around Todoroki before trying to swing him out of bounds.

Then Todoroki got his feet under him, and a giant iceberg appeared suddenly, completely covering 1A

"Holy-" Kyoka started.

"Shit." Hagakure finished.

"Overkill much?" Temari shivered, scooting closer to Bakugo, who stiffened in panic.

"You're facing him next aren't you Sendo?" Tokoyami asked, making the girl sweat drop, "I hope you have a good plan."

"Punching until he stops is probably plan A." Izuku drawled, grunting when Temari punched him in the back of the head, "ow.'


"Nice try!" someone in the crowd shouted, it was soon picked up like a chant by the others.

"Nice try! Nice try! Nice try!"

"I wonder why Todoroki went so far." Tsuyu wondered, "he's usually so calm and collected."

"Emotions are running rampant today." Izuku sighed, leaning into Kyoka's side, "I'm sure it'll all blow over eventually...who's next?"

"Uh...you." Sato said, looking at Izuku in confusion, "did you not know the line up?"

Izuku looked up and found himself the subject of many curious gazes from both Class 1A and 1B, "how long until the next-"


"-nevermind." Izuku sighed as Midnight introduced his opponent, Ibara Shiozaki, he slowly stood and walked to the edge of their box, "one way to make an entrance." he muttered, taking a huge leap as he was introduced, landing across from Shiozaki, groaning as he shook his legs out, "Sorry, no one told me." he said to Midnight, "landing's killer on the knees."

"Well, as long as you're here, lets begin!"

Izuku turned his gaze to Shiozaki, slightly taken back at the pure hatred in her eyes, "I hope we can have an honorable fight, and come out as allies." he said to her.


"Monsters like you have no honor." she hissed.


Izuku was barely able to dodge the dozen vines that came rocketing towards him, quick on his feet as he jumped from spot to spot avoiding the follow up attack.

"You don't even know me.' Izuku growled as he charged at her, having to veer to the side as all of her vines whipped towards him.

"You're an abomination of the night!" she snarled, "an affront to God! You will be cleansed as all monsters are by the hand of god!"

"Are you so arrogant as to call yourself such?" Izuku snapped, flipping back from her latest attack and landing in a kneeling position, "Havok!"

Instantly his hounds were materializing, charging straight for Shiozaki as Izuku faded into the shadows,

"I am guided by his light!" she spat as her vines easily sliced through the dogs, making them fade away into the shadows until all she was faced with was Baskerville, "You and your demonic abominations will be cleansed from this earth!" with a grunt of exertion she impaled Baskerville on several vines as the dog lunged for her throat, it's multiple eyes glaring hatefully right back into Shiozaki's own as it faded away, "you can only go so many places using the shadows." Shiozaki growled, her vines suddenly diving for her own shadow as Izuku re-materialized.

A scream tore through the crowd as they watched Izuku be impaled by hundreds of vines, Shiozaki herself paled in horror as she witnessed her handy work, his arms outstretched by the vines, his feet impaled upon each other, and several vines stabbed through his chest, 'oh no, I took it too far…" She whispered, staring directly into Izuku's dead eyes.

"Is this how the world sees me?" Izuku whispered, his mask and goggles destroyed by a vine that had stabbed down through his neck, "a monster in need of being put down?"

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry…" Shiozaki sobbed, falling to her knees as Midnight began to call an end to the match, several executives motioning for the cameras to cut off.


"You will be…"

Everyone froze in horror as they watched Izuku tear himself from his impalement, his wounds healing as his eyes turned red and black, "If a monster is all the world will see, then a monster I will become." he snarled as the very air around them began to warp.

"Ą̸̡̡̹̻̻̮̝͖̻͎̮̼̪̞̑͂̑ņ̵̧̻̟̺̞̠̤̯̹͕̩̪̣̅̾̍̂̌̚͜į̴̛͚͓̘̲̀̃̍͒́̌̈́̉̀̚͝m̶͓͋̂͋̑̽̽̕͝à̷̤̅͂͂̏̊͐̾̔͒̕͘̕͜͠͝ļ̵̦̏͌̈͑̄́̒͗̊̍͌͌̈́͆ ̵̢̨̟̤͈͇̲̼͚̪̌͆̀̏̚ͅK̷͔̫̦͇̔̽̃̊͊i̸̹̝̲̫̝̿̂͠͝ń̴͉̘̻̮̼̻̠̳̟̲̥̤͓͘g̶̛̫͂̏͝d̷̞̮̖̔̎̀̒͂̌͘o̶̢̧̞̬̣̠̰̣̙͖͍͇̦̐̏̄͊̆̊̍́̈́̈́͜͝m̶̛͓͎͚̗̺̥͎̗̤͕̈̽̃̀͘͝!"

Shiozaki watched in horror as the shadows in the stands suddenly exploded, animals of all kinds tearing into the public as they tried to run in terror, she saw heroes get torn in half by lumbering bears, husbands and wives vainly trying to protect each other as Dogs and Wolves tore them apart. Children screaming for help as birds of prey gouged their eyes out with talons and beaks, her classmates vainly trying to fight back as they were slowly overwhelmed alongside 1A.

"No...NO! I WILL STOP YOU!" Shiozaki cried, tears streaming down her cheeks as she sent her vines straight for him, only for them to be cut away by a sweep of his arm.

"You caused this," He sneered as Baskerville materialized at his side, growling lowly as other animals joined them, "all of this death and destruction is your fault."

"I DIDN'T'T MEAN FOR THIS!" She shrieked, her vines going out once more, only for two eagles to dive down and slice her hair off at the roots, making her cry out in pain as the claws tore a gash into her scalp.

"Your attack was meant to kill, your words painted you a Disciple of the Church! And me a monster!" he laughed cruelly as he walked towards her, "tell me, Disciple."

Shiozaki looked up, terror rooting her in place as she watched Izuku stride towards her, claws elongated, shark like teeth bared in a crimson smile as darkness swirled about him. He raised a single claw that had Baskerville perking his ears, "where's your God now?"

Baskerville and the other animals charged, all of them converging on Shiozaki who could do nothing but scream, eyes closed tightly.


Shiozaki opened her eyes, surprised to find all the carnage she had witnessed undone. No one was dead, her hair was intact, her scalp unharmed and she was kneeling out of bounds; tears trailing down her cheeks as she watched Izuku turn away from her, a large brown bear at her side disappearing with the breeze as Baskerville settled at Izuku's side, eyes still watching Shiozaki with thinly veiled contempt, "W-w-what...what did you…" before she could finish her question she leaned over and threw up, gasping for breath as Tetsutetsu and Kendo came running towards her from the tunnel.

"When you impaled me in your impromptu crucifixion," Izuku began, "you looked into my eyes, and that gave me the chance to work an Illusion before them; everything you saw, was fabricated, created by my imagination to immobilize you, when you were Immobilized I had one of my bears drag you to the edge and place you out of bounds.

"How...you...I…" she tried to speak but was still shaking, a broken sob tearing out of her throat, "everyone was dead." she cried, "you slaughtered them all, I watched you-"

"-you watched an Illusion." Izuku said gruffly, turning to cast an anger filled glare at her, "what would have come of your actions had I been anyone other than me." his eyes softened a bit, "I am sorry I did that to you, you caught me on a bad day, but that's no excuse." he began walking away as Kendo and Tetsutetsu helped her up, Baskerville following at his side, "just because I am a monster, doesn't mean I like subjecting people to that kind of terror."

"I'm sorry…" Shiozaki struggled out, tears still falling freely as Kendo hugged her, "I'm so sorry…"

"...I am too." Izuku said simply as he stepped off of the stage and entered the tunnel, the entire arena was quiet, even the naysayers who had jeered at Izuku during the beginning of the festival had nothing to say, no one knew what had happened when Izuku had torn himself from the vines and healed, Shiozaki was staring ahead in a trance like state, nothing indicated what she had seen until her scream at the end.

Izuku didn't return to the stands, instead he walked into the locker room, falling back against the far wall as he took two blood pods, which settled like ash in his mouth as Baskerville curled up in his lap, licking his hand in a comforting sort of way as Izuku hugged the large dog.


Seras sighed as she turned away from the TV, she was currently sitting in Midoriya's apartment, watching the Sports Festival with his mother.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" Inko asked her softly, Yuka was sitting on the couch with a couple of her friends, gushing about how cool her brother was, neither her or her friends understanding the traumatic circumstances the two competitors had just gone through.

"He'll come out fine.' Seras said quietly, "he's not going to use his illusions for the rest of the festival though, if he showed that girl what I think he did, and that girl's gonna need serious counseling after impaling someone and then seeing what she saw."

"I'm surprised they didn't stop the fight." Inko muttered, "I mean honestly-"

"-Izuku showed them he wasn't injured pretty quickly," Seras explained, "and for a minute and a half there wasn't any fighting, what else could they do?"

"They could've not shown my son getting impaled by vines!" she whispered fiercely.

"You're right," Seras said quickly, putting a calming hand on the woman, "I don't know why they showed that, but he's okay, he's pretty tough."

Inko sighed, "I just wish they didn't force him into this."

Seras smiled sadly, "he's just like Alucard," she mumbled, "no one forced him to do anything, he always does everything with a purpose." she looked back to the TV where they were playing a clip of Izuku striding out of the arena with Baskerville at his side, not looking back at the sobbing girl he had just won against, "and I think this was a message."

Inko slowly nodded her head, "and with how quiet that crowd is now," she began, her voice quivering slightly, "I think that message was received."

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