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In a small, out of the way hotel, in a small one bedroom, a man sat in front of the tv, dutifully polishing a bayonet, watching the UA sports festival as he worked, he hummed in interest as they showed the highlights of Izuku's fights, slowly he raised the blade up, grinning as the blades surfaced Mirrored his red hair and beard, "interesting."


Temari sighed as she walked out of Recovery girls office, looking at her now scarred right hand.

"Looks like you got banged up."

Temari jumped and looked over to Izuku, who was leaning against the wall, his hands in his pockets and his hair hiding his face, "Todoroki was tougher than I thought he'd be." she scoffed, heading off down the hall, Izuku following, "But I can claim one victory," she said with a triumphant smirk, "I made the asshole use his fire."

"Truly you are the greatest of us all." Izuku deadpanned.

"Was worried about you," Temari continued, hands behind her head as she walked, "when you got impaled...Jirou took it badly."

"I know," He sighed, "she found me afterwards and had a good cry, she's in the waiting room with Baskerville right now."

"hmm..Shouldn't you be getting back to the waiting room?" Temari asked him, "the next fight can't be too far off."

"The stage is still being reconstructed after your...explosive match." he said, making Temari chuckle, "I'll start heading that way in a few moments…"

Temari stopped as Izuku trailed off, looking back and instantly tensing when she sees Shiozaki standing in the hall, her head hanging low and with Kendo behind her, "You got a lot of nerve showing up here." she sneered, moving to stand at Izuku's side, "after what you did to Izuku-"

"-enough.' Izuku said, making Temari bite her tongue to stop from continuing her tirade, slowly the vampire stepped forward, his eyes flashing, "have you come to finish the job, disciple?" he asked, making Shiozaki flinch.

"N-no…" She mumbled, keeping her head bowed and her hands clasped in front of her, "I...I came to apologize."

Temari scoffed, making Kendo glare at her.

"Hey, she's telling the truth." Kendo objected.

"Forgive me if I don't believe that," she drawled, "she did just crucify my friend not that long ago."

"Enough both of you." Izuku growled, making Temari cross her arms and look away while Kendo took a calming breath and stepped back, "Continue," Izuku told Shiozaki, his voice losing it's edge and instead sounded tired.

"I...I was worried about facing you." she said, her voice barely above a whisper, "I had seen how strong you were, and thought I wouldn't be able to do anything against you...but...but…"

"-but me and Tetsutetsu gave her some advice," Kendo said grimly, putting a comforting hand on Shiozaki's shoulder, "we told her to use her faith to keep strong, and to picture you as a demon in need of smiting."

"So you and metal head are the ones I should've given that nightmare too." Izuku mused,his eyes turning red for a moment, "It can definitely be arranged."

"It wasn't their fault!" Shiozaki cried out, making the other three teens look towards her, "It was me, I took it too far! I never wanted to do that to you but I...I lost control…' she sobbed out the last part, staying on her feet only because Kendo put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

Izuku sighed, "I know a thing or two about losing control," he muttered, turning away, "I can't accept your apology, but I do understand where you're coming from."

"Please, tell me what I must do!" she begged, "let me redeem myself in your eyes and in the eyes of the lord!"

Izuku looked back at the girl, "gain control," he said simply, then walked away. Temari following quietly.

"Some heavy shit back there," she said, "you good?"

"No," he said, "I've been crucified both literally and figuratively today, my goggles and mask are destroyed, and I'm getting a migraine from the sun." he looked at her, "why did you make Todoroki use his fire? Had you not, you would've won."

She shrugged, "wouldn't have been a real win if he held back, you know?" she asked, averting her eyes, "it was pissing me off."

"I'm sure," Izuku chuckled, stopping at his designated waiting room, "I guess I'll see you when all of this is over." he said.

"Take care count, looking forward to seeing you crush Icy-hot and Katsuki." she said with a grin as he walked into the room, his shoulders untensing as the door closed, with a sigh he sat down in a nearby chair, looking over to the corner of the room where Kyoka was sleeping.

She had burst into his waiting room a few moments after he had entered, tears streaming down her eyes as she crushed his ribs with a bone breaking hug; it wasn't surprising that his impromptu crucifixion had affected her so badly, and he had simply held her as she cried herself out. Both had fallen asleep for a bit until Izuku had woken up during Temari's fight.

Slowly, Izuku walked over and knelt down beside his girlfriend, gently pushing a stray strand of hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear, "my countess…" he mumbled softly.

"Will Izuku Midoriya please report to the stage."

Izuku sighed and gave her temple a kiss before leaving the room, walking the short distance to the field in relative silence.

When he stepped out into the sun, the stadium went silent, many watching the young Vampire with distrusting eyes, it was soon interrupted by Temari's boisterous voice.

"GIVE'EM HELL MIDORIYA! KICK HIS ASS!" she called out, several other students in their class likewise cheering him on as he stepped onto the platform, looking across to Iida. "Iida," he greeted respectfully, keeping his hands in his pockets.

"Midoriya," Iida said, bowing to him, "let us both do our best today! And may the best man win."

"I agree," Izuku said, dipping his head respectfully to Iida, "I also think it's high time we see who's faster between us two"

Iida looked up, giving Izuku a challenging smirk, "I think it's fairly obvious don't you?"

Izuku simply grinned as Midnight started the match, Izuku seemed to blur to the side as Iida Mirrored his movements,forcing his engines to go faster than he ever had them go to keep up with Midoriya, the two slammed into each other in the middle of the platform, wind buffeting the stands as they jumped back and charged again, clashing over and over along the platform as they ran.


Izuku jumped over Iida and quickly spun around, claws glinting in the sunlight as they clanged against Iidas mufflers,"you've gotten stronger," he noted as he disengaged, the two staring each other down.

"After seeing your impressive displays of speed, I began pushing myself to get faster." Iida said, getting into a starting position, "and I've upped my stamina,"

Izuku tensed as he saw Iida's mufflers glow bright as blue flames began to shoot out of them, "get ready Midoriya!" Iida called, "no one's seen this as of yet!"


Izuku had no time to move as Iida slammed into him, powerful kicks sending Izuku tumbling across the platform as Iida gave chase and continually slamming his shins and heels into Izuku to make him continue.

"THIS IS THE END!" Iida proclaimed as he gave one more powerful kick, power rippling away from the hit as Izuku skidded across the ground, only to get his feet back under him, cracking the ground as he shot back towards Iida.

Iida's eyes widened as his engines stalled, fifteen seconds, five seconds longer than originally. He thought as Izuku punched him, sending him flying out of bounds.


Izuku limped over to Iida, feeling his broken bones mend themselves as he reached his friend, "you alright?" he questioned as Iida forced himself up.

"Fine," he wheezed, "though I think my ribs are creaking."

"Hate when they do that," Izuku drawled, "You almost had me, one kick away from a ring out."

Iida smiled ruefully, "my Recipro burst timed out at fifteen seconds," he said, "had I but two seconds extra...but you won, fair and square."

"Thank you for the honorable fight, Iida," Izuku said with another dip of his head.

"Of course Midoriya, now let us get off the field so our classmates can continue on!"


Izuku stepped back into the waiting room, popping a blood pod into his mouth and savoring the flavor.

"You won?"

Izuku looked over to Kyoka, who was now awake and absentmindedly petting a still snoozing Baskerville.

"Yes," Izuku said, moving to her side and sitting down against the wall, smiling when Kyoka leans into him, her head resting against his shoulder, "Iida's strong, a lot stronger then I would've given him credit for."

"I noticed," Kyoka mused, watching the fight between Tokoyami and Mina, "how are you going to fight Todoroki?"

"He's the easy one." Izuku said dismissively, "I doubt he'll use his fire again today, and he's terrified of me."

"That doesn't mean he won't try babe," Kyoka sighed, "please...please be careful."

Izuku smiled, "well, if my countess commands it, then I will make it so."

Kyoka gave a soft laugh, kissing his jaw, "I know you will, my Count."


One hour later.

"FUCKIN' DIE ALREADY SHITTY HAIR!" Bakugo roared as he unleashed another powerful explosion against Kirishima's hardened skin, growling in frustration when the red-haired boy simply landed a haymaker and sent Bakugo flying back, "son of a-" he bit out as he shot back towards Kirishima, another five explosions finally had Kirishima laying on the ground defeated.

With another growl Bakugo stalked off the platform, hands twitching in pain.

"You couldn't hold back?" Temari asked him as he stalked into the tunnel, the brown haired girl was leaning against the wall, staring down at the floor as Bakugo stopped walking.

"No, I couldn't," he said, turning to look at Temari, "you got knocked out of the running, so now all I have left to look forward to is fucking Deku!"

"So sorry I was inconsiderate." she deadpanned, kicking off the wall and nudging him with her shoulder, "what I'm saying is, Kirishima may be durable, but even he has a limit, what would you have done if you blew off his arm or something?"

"You doubting my skills?" He asked gruffly, "I know when to back off."

"Riiiiiight," Temari sighed, looking to the platform once more, "you think he's gonna make it past Todoroki?"

"Tch, Deku's already stomped Icy-hot once, it's only a matter of how long he takes playing with his food."


Todoroki slowly walked onto the platform, looking about suspiciously as Midnight finished their introductions, he felt the hairs raise on the back of his neck as Izuku slowly materialized out of the ground.

"Todoroki," he greeted, rubbing his eyes sleepily as he stretched, "any way I can convince you to just give up now so I can go take a nap before the finals?"

Todoroki narrowed his eyes, "you're pretty confident you'll win this fight."

"Haven't I before?" Izuku questioned, smirking when Todoroki physically bristled.

"This time is different." he growled.

"I'm sure it isn't," Izuku drawled, but why, pray tell, would it be different this time?"

"Because this time I'm not holding back."


Izuku barely had time to dart to the side, narrowly avoiding several spikes of ice from the ground, "baring your fangs eh, Todoroki!?" he laughed, his eyes flashing red as took off towards the half and half boy, easily dodging his ice and slamming a fist into the boys stomach, sending him sprawling; saved only by a last second Ice wall. more spikes shooting for Izuku, who fluidly slid between each attack, their deadly points missing him by millimeters.

"Finally giving into your desire to kill me Todoroki!?" Izuku called, a sweep of his arm shattering his next attack as he gave an extravagantly mocking bow to the boy, "i'm elated that I pushed you to this point!"

"ENOUGH!" Todoroki snarled, turning his foot and creating an iceberg that rivaled the one he used on Sero, cold vapor escaping his mouth as he cautiously approached the iceberg.

"Compensating for something Todoroki?" Izuku whispered into his ear, making the boy turn quickly, an ice spear shooting from his hand and into Izuku's chest, Izuku broke it with his elbow and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to the side of his head, sending him through the glacier and shattering it.

"At least Shiozaki had the decency to crucify me." Izuku sneered, easily pulling the shaft of ice out of his chest and tossing it carelessly behind him, "you honestly thought a single ice spear would stop me?" Izuku began stalking through the ice, not even looking about for Todoroki, "I feel cheated, where's that fire you used so liberally with Temari!" he threw his head back and laughed, "you say you're no longer holding back but only come at me with only half of your power!? WHERE'S YOUR FIRE TODOROKI!"

Todoroki suddenly jumped out from behind a larger piece of ice rubble, getting Izuku in a headlock as he grabbed his left arm, coating it in Ice, "I don't need it to beat you." He shouted defiantly.

"Are you sure about that?" Izuku hissed, Todoroki could do nothing but stare in horror as Izuku pried himself away from his opponent, his frozen arm shattering as he did.

"You're playing the game wrong again Todoroki," Izuku taunted him, stumbling forward a bit as his sharklike teeth seemed to elongate, his right hand coming up to show two blood pods held between his fingers, "you're fighting me like I'm a man."

Todoroki took a step back as Izuku popped the blood pods in his mouth, blood trailing down his chin as he drank greedily.

"You should be fighting me like I'm a ṁ̵̛͖͖̳̲̻̅͐̏̈́̄̌͐͒̔̿͛̚͝ơ̷̰̮̤͉̭̻̭̯̭͍̌̽͋̈́̔͊̊̊̊̉́̊͝͝n̷̨̲̲͗̔́͑͂́͠͝͝s̵̛͚̺̪̣̄̏͋͒̓̐̕t̴͕̥̠̗͈̠̖̠͈͈̣́̾͛̏̀̍̂̀͒͊̍͑̑̚ë̴̮̞̙̼̜̰́̄̾̇r̵̨̦̣̭̼̳̠̟̮̉̏̍͐́̇̏͂̅̍͗͆̚͘͝ͅ"

Todoroki slammed the palm of his hand into the ground, creating an icy dome around him in a vain attempt to protect him from Izuku's attack.

It shattered from a single swipe of Izuku's claws, the vampire teen laughed as inky black shadows seemed to spill out of his left shoulder in place of blood, coalescing into an arm, as good as the one he had shattered only moments before, "w̷̡̧̥̹̉̒̄͒á̵̹̼̠̰t̵̟͔̘̤̀͐͐c̸̖̓h̵̢̯̀ ̴̺̋ĉ̸̫a̶̮͇͛r̴̞͗̈́̃̚ẽ̶̢̤͓̗͊f̴͇̼̠̦͒ǔ̸̠̰̪̇͠l̸̪̈̅̚͠ĺ̴̠͒̆y̷̺͓̽ ̵̠́̓͠T̷̮̣̠͑̏͐o̸͛̾͜͝d̶̫̼̻́̍o̵̗̤̍̍͠r̸͉͛o̸̗̫͋ķ̷̟̘̎̋͠i̷̲̞̘͖̒̾̆,̸͕̒" Izuku sneered, " ̴̱̪̦́͋͛y̸̺̫̔̈́͆́o̵̬̭͈͑͌̔ú̷͍̗̳͒̈́ ̵̗̗͔̮̈́m̵̘͚̰̫̽̀̆̀ĩ̶̡̩̕̚͠g̷̪̭͔̮̋ḧ̷̼̗́̇̏̅t̸̨̛̗̃ ̴̗̭̜̯͊̈͑͝m̴̧̋i̴̺̹̿͂s̶̳̄s̶͚̱̿͗ ̷̝̙̻̎̇̄̊š̵̥̗̭́ọ̷̀̍́́͜m̷̦̅̄̐̕e̴͚̪͐̿̽ṱ̴̛̳̤̒h̸͔͑̕i̴̢̗̬͈̇̍͝ň̸͇̫̺̆̌̏g̸̦͔̝̦̍̽!"

Todoroki's eyes widened as Izuku seemed to blur, after images showing his route around the platform before suddenly Izuku was crouched in front of Todoroki, his fist driving up and slamming into the boys jaw, sending him flying into the sky, Izuku blurred again and re-appeared above Todoroki, right leg coming down in an axle-kick that sent him rocketing back to the ground where Izuku was waiting to catch him, holding him up by the nape of his neck, like a conquered foe at the end of a long battle, "d̵̝͊́̒ọ̷̩̈͊͑ ̶̗͎̦̌̈́y̸̹͈͕̬̅ơ̷̞̹̠͇̓ù̵̹̺̥ ̸̛̰͇̲̆͛s̶̟̙̭̑ě̷̺͍͋̏e̴̡͈̥̩̿̀̕̕ ̴̥͙͘n̶̙̬͕̓͗ȍ̷͙̮̦̈́̈́͜ẁ̵̛̝̪̺͔̓͘,̵̡͛ ̶͕͠T̵̛̲̻͑̒͌ͅö̶̡͂̉́ḏ̸̛́ǫ̵̻̔̽r̵̗͊̀̃o̶̠̘̘̰͐̌̌͆k̵͋̀̀̆͜ͅí̵͎͆̃͛!̶̡̼̭̇́̉̒͜" Izuku roared, his voice echoing through the horrified stadium, "ÿ̷͎̹́̚o̵͈͋̊ȗ̶̥̈́'̷̯͚̬̈́̔̎l̸̛̜̐̿̏͜l̴̡̰̈́ ̸̗̈́͋̾n̵͎̜͗̕e̶̯̜͝e̶̲̙̎͝d̶̺̘̠̹̿ ̶̘̪̏̃̃̀h̵̻͕̻͉̊ể̷̲̍l̷̡͔͕̲̅͐̉̇l̶̜͎̼̍̑̉͘f̴̨͈̲͑̚ͅḯ̴̠r̸͇̖̞̿ḙ̵̤́ ̴͉͒t̸̮͔͒̏̋̈́o̷̢͎̘͊̈́͘ ̸̰̟̩̈́ͅĝ̸̖̫̐̕e̴͖̘͛̚t̴̮̳̞̭̔̿͆͝ ̸̫̾̇́̉r̶̹̫͔̗̿i̷͉͛͊̈́͠d̸̹͖̮̾̃͜ ̶̢̹̀̓͌̃ȯ̸͇͕̮͘f̵̛̳ ̵̨͚̞̣͆̈́̈t̸̥͍̦̊h̸̞̿̍͌i̸̮̖͌̄͂͜s̸̘̳̩̀ ̷̧̥͗̀̐m̷̡̥̱̐̐̿͛ǫ̵͎̅̋͝n̵̮͋̒͘ͅs̸̰̘̙̒͊̓ţ̵̘̖̍̒͘ẻ̷̛͚r̵͔̜̗̳̍̃!̷̬̰̳̊́́͝"

"Y-you're right...Midoriya…" Todoroki mumbled, coughing up a bit of blood.

"To defeat a monster…"

" must become a monster."

Izuku let out a strangled gasp as fire erupted from Todoroki's right side, forcing him to drop the boy as he jumped back, looking at his slowly healing hand before his eyes snapped up to where Todoroki was standing, the ice around him melting quickly in the face of the raging inferno coming from the boy, "yes," Izuku whispered, a feral grin spreading across his face as he threw his hands wide, as if embracing the scene before him, "Y̶̱̺͔̻̔̾E̸͖̿S̵̺̝̬̘͐͠ ̴͎̬͓͍̈́́̀T̴̡̮̤̈́͑̒̅O̶̢̰̱͑̔D̸̯͈̕͠O̵̙̙̔̽͘͠Ŗ̵͙͌͠Ŏ̶̧͖̟̠̈͝Ḳ̴̢̠̓̓̋̓I̸̧̫̥̖̓̒!̸͕̬̒͒̽̽ ̴̢̃̀̀̇S̶̞͚̠̊̀Ĥ̸͎͉̻̯̓̿̿O̵͕̚W̷͈̍̂͝͝ ̸̼̉̓̾͜M̵͙̋̕Ę̷̱͉͇̇̾̅̅ ̴̖́̾͝͠W̴̖͔̲͔̊H̸͙̖̎̄͌́A̷̳̯̺͊̀̆͜Ṯ̴̨̯̍̊̎͒ ̶̤͚͂̀͗͑Y̸̖̥̓ͅͅÓ̷̮̙̆U̴̦̮̹͗'̸̟̠͛̅̌̽Ṟ̷̡̓E̸̮̭̓̂̿ ̵̩̜̘̈̑Ṃ̵͔́̊̀̚A̸͕̱̅̀͛̍D̴̩̔̋̊E̷̪̘̭̅ ̸̨͑O̸̼̭̼̾͐F̸̠̜͈̆̿͑ͅ!̵͔͂͒̇̚"

"Midnight! We have to stop this!" Cementoss shouted, hands touching the platform and erecting several concrete walls between the two combatants.

Todoroki whirled around, eyes alight with fury as he used his flames to propel him forward, throwing his left hand forward to send icy spikes at Izuku, destroying the concrete walls and forcing Izuku to jump high into the sky, hovering for a second in mid-air before he came rushing from the sky to meet the flaming teen, who used his ice and fire in tandem to send him rocketing up towards Izuku, "B̵̘̤̜̤̿͐̈̄Ụ̶̆̿T̵̲͇͉̭̋ ̶͚͋̀̓Î̵̻͍T̷̪̟̿̇͠ ̶͍̺́̈́̒͠Ḑ̸̓͛͊̎Ö̵̰̗͉́Ë̶͖̼̰́̅Ș̵͍̠́N̶̯̎̕͠'̸͈͔̻̾̓̆T̸̤̅̊͂͠ ̶̣̈́͠T̷̻̤̥̋A̶̧̭̒K̶̦͍̋̽Ẻ̴̢̒ ̴̛̱̺͌̇Ã̸̩͍̩͎̐͝͝ ̸̫͓͈̺̋Ḿ̴̮̬̭̦̈́͋͒Ò̶̖̀N̴̯̫̹̓͜Ṣ̵̣̘̟̍Ṱ̷͔͉̘͊Ę̴̦̄̀̌͘R̶̡̳̟̈́ ̴̹̻̠͛̉̇͘T̴̥̳̼̹͑O̵̰̻͑ ̴̛͕̰̺̩̐̍̏K̷̨̫̄͋̈̕I̷̻͑̉͗L̸̙͖̘̣̅̈́̏L̷̢̽̐̈ ̵̨̞͈̝́̋͗Õ̸͍̋͋͝N̸̡̯̘̔̐̒È̷͉̗̏!̸̦̥̱͗̓"

The teens met in a miraculous explosion of steam as the ice Todoroki had created instantly turned to steam, covering the arena in a shroud, spurts of flame could be seen inside the cloud and the unholy screams from Izuku echoed far past the fairgrounds of the Sports festival.

And then suddenly there was silence.

"Midnight! What's going on down there!" Aizawa demanded to know, the pro was on his feet alongside Present Mic, both scanning the steam in the vain hope of seeing something, anything.

"It's clearing up!" Midnight called, wafting the air in front of her as the steam slowly dissipated, revealing Izuku standing over an unconscious Todoroki, Midnight felt a thrill of terror shoot through her; the boy seemed to be wreathed in shadows, a thousands eyes peering at everything and nothing as the boy slowly brought his head up to stare at her with glowing red eyes.

And suddenly he was back to being regular Izuku, sans jacket and shirt, the shadows retreating back into him as he looked back down at Todoroki, it happened so fast she wasn't even sure if she had imagined the whole thing.

"T-T-TODOROKI IS UNCONSCIOUS!" Midnight exclaimed, doing her best to keep the stutter out of her voice, "MIDORIYA MOVES TO THE NEXT ROUND!"

Class 1A erupted into cheers as Izuku was proclaimed winner, they were the only section to cheer.

Izuku slowly exhaled, letting his tortured muscles relax as he knelt down beside Todoroki, who sluggishly opened a single eye.

"You don't become a monster to defeat one," Izuku whispered softly, carefully placing a fist against Todoroki's chest, "and your power doesn't make you a monster, it's what you do with that power that defines who you are." Izuku slowly stood back up, his hand falling back into place beside him as he turned around and began walking away.

"What defeats a monster?" Todoroki whispered hoarsely, making Izuku stop, "What can any of us do against you? What can defeat a monster?"

Izuku glanced back and let out an amused huff, "the answers pretty obvious when you think about it, Todoroki." he murmured, so soft that Todoroki almost didn't catch it.

"Only a man can defeat a monster."


Izuku let out a grunt as Jirou slapped him, "I deserved that." he muttered, sitting cross-legged on the table as his girlfriend paced angrily in front of him, wearing a spare shirt that he had found waiting for him in the room.

"I tell you to be careful and what's the first two things you do!?" She seethed, You get impaled and then you SHATTER YOUR OWN ARM!"

"Technically that's not the first thing I did-" Izuku began, shrinking back when Jirou fixes him with a withering glare and a threatening earphone jack.

"I will not hesitate to stab you." she growled.

"You and everyone else in this tournament." Izuku sighed, popping another blood pod into his mouth, the fight with Todoroki had burned through all of his excess blood, leaving him exhausted and hungry; he had already eaten twelve of the twenty four blood pods he had left and was not opposed to having the other twelve before his next match.

Jirou huffed and hugged the vampire, "I hate when you injure yourself like that." she muttered as he slowly looped his right arm around her waist.

"I can heal you know," he mumbled, "very fast actually."

"That doesn't mean I like seeing you impaled and dismembered.' she whispered.

Izuku let his head come down, kissing her forehead, "I'm sorry,' he said softly as his other arm came up to wrap around her, "I know you hate it...but I had no choice, Todoroki wasn't holding back...had I done any less and I'd of lost and I'd of been critically injured."

"I know…" She sighed, resting her head against his chest, "I'll just be happy when this is all over.'

"Same," he mumbled, "I'm going to sleep for four days straight."

She snorted at that," I'm sure you will." she said in amusement, looking up as they called Izuku to return to the arena, "already?" she asked softly.

"Tokoyami was never going to win against Bakugo," Izuku muttered, slowly standing, "incompatible match and all."

"Please be careful," she practically begged, "I know I've said it a lot today, and I know Bakugo is your friend but-" she stopped as Izuku laughed.

"I"m sorry," he sighed as he gave her one last squeeze before pulling away from her, "but the thought of Bakugo holding back because it's me is funny, don't worry, I know how to dodge his explosions, I promise I'll do everything in my power to stay injury free."

"You better." She huffed, making him laugh harder.


"I think it's safe to say that this has been the bloodiest sports festival we've ever had.' Present Mic said into the mic as they waited for Bakugo and Izuku to take the field, "we have had two impalements, a shattered arm, and full bodied injuries!"

"Not to mention the psychological injuries inflicted throughout." Aizawa agreed, "all of it originating from our residential Vampire."

"You know there's people wanting him to be disqualified and thrown out of the hero course?" Mic asked him, "what do you think about that Erasurehead?"

"I think whoever thinks that needs to think again." Aizawa muttered, "Izuku Midoriya may be unorthodox in his willingness to be injured or incapacitated, but because of his quirk he can risk it."

"Willingness you say? Are you trying to tell me that Midoriya purposefully got jacked up to gain an edge in the fights?" Mic asked incredulously.

"You've seen how fast he moves," Aizawa said, "I think the only time he was truly caught off guard was Shiozaki's surprise attack, and even that he was able to formulate a strategy to beat her without any further bloodshed."


There was a veritable roar of cheers for Bakugo, who simply sneered at the praise he received before looking at Izuku, "Hope you're all juiced up Deku." he called, "when I'm done they won't be able to recognize your smug face!"

"Threats Kacchan?" Izuku questioned, "how unheroic of you."

Bakugo growled, "you better not even dream of holding back in this fight so you're tired ass can go to sleep." he ordered, "I want your all!"

"I know,' Izuku sighed, pushing his hair back as his eyes flashed red, "to be honest, I've been looking forward to this fight, now…"


"HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!" Izuku roared as the shadows around him surged towards Bakugo, transforming into his familiars as they charged at the explosion user.


And were summarily wiped out with a single blast, but Izuku didn't give Bakugo a chance to breathe as he fell from the sky, his heel slamming into Bakugo's guard before he backflipped away from the retaliatory explosion, his eyes flashed once more as he met Bakugo's gaze, making the boy freeze.


Izuku narrowed his eyes as Bakugo raged against his manipulations, stubbornly refusing to fall for any of the Illusions Izuku tried to weave in front of his eyes; sweat trickled down Bakugo's brow as he fought to keep his wits under the mental onslaught, finally with a roar of defiance Bakugo's hand ignited, causing an explosion and forcing Izuku to look away, breaking his contact.

"SHIT LIKE THAT AIN'T GONNA WORK DEKU!" Bakugo snapped as he flew at Izuku, hands slamming into his chest and unleashing twin explosions that buffeted the crowd with it's shockwave, he let out a scream of pain as he jumped away from Izuku, four long gashes on his chest from the boys steel-like claws.

"Guess I'll have to get my hands dirty for this one too." Izuku growled as he and Bakugo charged at each other.

"Jesus fuck, these two are gonna kill each other." Kaminari whispered as he watched the battle, "Shouldn't they stop the fight?"

"They didn't stop it when Midoriya was crucified," Yaoyorozu said, worrying her bottom lip as she watched, "but they'll stop it if one is injured too much...I hope."

"We can only hope." Temari muttered, unable to look away from the carnage.

Izuku dodged several heated swipes from Bakugo, the blonde teen was practically frothing at the mouth as he tried to get a clean hit on the vampire.

"STOP DODGING AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!" Bakugo snapped, finally landing an uppercut and sending Izuku to the sky, Bakugo rocketing after him.

"Haven't you heard Kacchan!?" Izuku sneered as his sclera disappeared into an inky blackness, the shadows at his back warped and sent him flying down to meet bakugo, grabbing his face as they streaked towards the ground, "I'm not a man!"

The impact of Bakugo's head being driven into the ground shattered the platform they were fighting on, kicking up dirt and debris as Izuku let go of his face, "I'm a monster."

"Shitty ass monster if you ask me!" Bakugo growled as his whole body seemed to glow.


"WHAT IN THE WORLD!?" Present Mic screamed as an explosion shattered the glass in the press box and knocked anyone who wasn't standing firm on their ass. A mushroom cloud forming over the stadium as Midnight and Cementoss were thrown off of their feet, "what in the world was that!?"

"I think that was Bakugo." Aizawa said, having not fallen from the explosion and was instead watching the arena in front of him with narrowed eyes.

Bakugo slowly forced himself to his feet, his entire body felt like it was on fire, his shirt was gone, disintegrated to dust, "shit." He growled, glad I only did the upper body, had I done anymore… "you still alive!?" Bakugo snapped, hands at the ready for Izuku's retaliatory strike.

But it never came, for Izuku was up against the wall of the stands, breathing heavily as his arm and part of his face slowly regenerated, "you're fucking mad." Izuku gasped out, groaning at the unpleasant sensation of skin and nerves regrouping over his skull as he fell to his smoke clearing just as he finished healing.



In a mansion just outside of Tokyo, a teenage girl lounged on her bed watching the UA Sports Festival, her purple eyes narrowing as she watched Izuku's performance, "what do we have here," She purred, pausing the tv elegantly sliding to her feet and walking towards the tv, pushing her straight white hair out of her face as she trailed her finger across the frozen visage of Izuku, "so interesting."

"Lady Tachi." a deep voice called as the nearby door opened, a large man with a shaved head and trimmed goatee walked in, his red eyes scanning the room, "you wished to speak with me?" he asked.

"Yes Matsumoto," she said, not taking her eyes off the screen, "Have an envoy sent to Izuku Midoriya, and send him post haste."

Matsumoto raised an eyebrow, "in war, or in peace?"

"Peace of course,' she snapped, her eyes flashing red as she glared at him, "I want him here within the hour."

"I do not think that wise my lady." he said stoically, "Young Midoriya just went through a Sports Festival, I think it prudent to allow him to rest, I also think it wise to allow him to bring his paramour."

"Fine," she sighed dramatically, "send the envoy tomorrow at noon, and inform him that he can bring his blood-whore, now you're dismissed."

Matsumoto dipped his head and left the room as Lady Tachi turned around, once again fixating on the TV, "Soon," she cooed, "you'll be mine."


Izuku yawned as he lazily wrapped his arms around Kyoka, kissing her temple as she slept.

He had spent the evening with his friends after the sports festival, enjoying a celebratory dinner at Yakiniku grill, laughing and enjoying each other's company as they celebrated Bakugo's first place win and Izuku's runner up. They had stayed out well past their curfews and had rushed to get onto the last train of the night and back to the Midoriya house hold before any irate parents could call; Temari and Bakugo were asleep on the pullout couch in the living room, the two having tired themselves out when Temari had stolen Bakugo's gold medal.

Izuku and Kyoka had retreated to his room shortly after that, both readily settling down to sleep, even Izuku-night owl that he was-could barely fight off sleep as his eyes slowly began to close.

It felt like barely any time had passed before he opened his eyes, looking about in suspicion at the stone hall he found himself in, his eyes trailing down to himself in confusion when he realized he was in his hero costume.

"You performed wonderfully, dear boy."

Izuku's ears perked up at the voice, his gaze slowly sliding over to a silver throne in the middle of the hall, a man boredly lounging back in it as he swished a glass of blood red wine in his hand.

"Alucard, I presume?" Izuku asked.

"The one and only," he said with a grin, slowly standing up, "we have much to discuss, my successor."