"Do you think you passed everything?" Draco frowned.

Hadrian groaned, maybe for the millionth time, because it mush have been the millionth time he was asked that. He'd finished his NEWTs a couple of weeks ago, just after his 16th birthday. It was seen as a bit of a rush like he was going to make mistakes and let things slip through the cracks because his focus is on his wedding and his fiance. But that wasn't true. Harry hadn't seen his fiance since his 16th birthday. He wanted to make sure the secretly sexy man wasn't posing any distractions, that way his focus was on his studies. When his thoughts wondered, he reminded himself that all of that had to wait until he passed and it helped him get his focus back.

"Hadrian, your results.! We just got your results," his mother screamed, barrelling in to hug him. "O's in everything. Flying colours, my smart baby boy."

"Let the child breathe, sweetheart," his father smiled from the door. "He needs his lungs for his upcoming wedding."

She squealed, excitement overflowing as she said his results were already sent to their lord. And the Dark Lord had confirmed a wedding date 2 months from then. Bellatrix went into a rant, of all the things that needed organising, the announcements that needed to be made and the dress robes they needed designing.

"I can do it! I demand I do it!"

Draco beamed at the prospect of designing Harry's wedding outfit, from hair to shoes. Design was his passion, despite his father's disapproval, but Hadrian wanted his cousin's input on everything. So he let his cousin talk his ear off about colours and fits, comforted by his father's approving hand on his shoulder. The tender moment between father and son made his mother's tears flow anew. It made them separate instantly.

"I was so worried you wouldn't want any of this, that it would be forced on you and you wouldn't be able to find joy in it" she sobbed. "But I'm so happy you have some passion, that you think you could fall in love with him someday. It makes me so proud of you, Hadrian."

"How public is this wedding? Am I marrying the Dark Lord or Marvolo Slytherin?"

Turns out, Draco had known. Since he was 7 years old, he had known. When he was told, Hadrian had been annoyed, but after making his cousin cry by ignoring him for two weeks, Harry had forgiven him.

"It's going to be big. You're marrying Marvolo Slytherin, our lord said you can call him that if you want to. It's originally his middle name, but he prefers it to his first," his father said.

Harry tried the name on his tongue, not minding the sound at all. It was certainly more personal than 'My Lord' and less of a mouthful than 'Voldemort'. He chose to see it as his future husband's effort to make his life easier, which was sweet. And it made him curious. What was Marvolo's birth name, and why didn't he like it?

The wedding day came, but the nerves didn't. Harry was certain about this, the worried glances from his family only amusing him as they waited for his feet to get cold. But he was ready. He looked his best, Draco had outdone himself with the dress robes. They were a dark purple, just bright enough to see a difference against the black trimming, his house colours. His hair was made as neat as he could get it, and the accessories matched the purple or the black like a dream. He knew he looked so good. He'd left everything else to everyone else, so he could focus on getting to the aisle.

And the sight from the bottom made it all worth it. Marvolo turned to the music, glancing back like the rest of the room, to see Harry walk towards him. The dress robes were a deep green and the sliver trimming was a beautiful fit. They were a match to his own robes, and Harry knew it was Draco's handiwork. It just made everything that little bit sweeter. Not to mention, after not seeing him for over a year, his lord was still just as gorgeous.

The ceremony started without a hitch, his mother's tears silent so as not to disturb the previous Minister of Magic from ordaining them. It was romantic and everything Hadrian knew his mother and aunt had planned. Until the traditional question was answered.

"Does anyone here present have any lawful reason that these men should not be joined in married here today?"

"I do Minister!" An old man called from near the front, standing to the gasps of the crowd. "And I believe it is something young Marvolo and Hadrian would have us discuss privately."

Marvolo smiled, portraying amusement, but Hadrian felt his rage in his magic. He could taste it. He reached for his fiance's hand and smiled like he was in on the little joke as they walked away to the side room. A lady's voice carried in the silence, talking to a floating pen about "stable lovers walking hand in hand to confront whatever Dumbledore wanted to throw at them". Bias reporter, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It made them look good, and they needed all the good publicity they could buy as 20-year-old marrying a 16-year-old.

Hadrian stood beside Marvolo while he faced off with the old man. "Dumbledore, I hope it was something important that made you interrupt my special day."

"We both know it isn't really you that I'm here to talk to, Tom, so let's not be foolish. It is Harry who needs to hear my words, as I'm sure you haven't told him."

Harry was surprised by that, looking between the two men waiting for one of them to give him an explanation. His fiance looked angrier than Harry had ever seen him, even while torturing those who made mistakes. Whatever Dumbledore wanted to say, Marvolo didn't want him to hear.

"Did Tom tell you about the Potters, Harry? The couple he murdered before the war ended, and their child?" He asked and Hadrian nodded. "But I suppose he left out the fact that those people were your parents, and the child was you. Stolen away, raised by killers who would raise you to follow him. Because you are destined to be his end Harry, or he yours. So, I imagine your wedding night won't go as you plan."

Marvolo reached for his wand, but Hadrian took hold of his wrist. "How do you know what my destiny should be?"

"The prophecy was told to me, directly from the source." Dumbledore smiled, eyes twinkling in a grandfather-like way. "It goes, 'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.' Your parents died because he believed this prophecy. And you will die for the same reason."

Hadrian could hold in his chuckled, nor his giggle. He couldn't hold in the hysterical laughter, no matter how hard he tried. He barely let out through short pants that he'd wait for his husband-to-be at the altar and they'd talk before the reception, and was still laughing as he left.

"Perhaps it is time we spoke, husband of mine."

Hadrian turned to the door as Marvolo entered their room. I had been newly decorated for the two of them, the main suit in Slytherin Manor. The Dark Lord showed no emotion as he closed the door, obviously braced for whatever Hadrian had to say.

"Do we need to talk?" Harry asked. "I don't think there's a point. Regardless of what Dumbledore had said, I'd have been marrying you today, I didn't have a choice from the beginning. At least now I know, I can attempt to look past it, or work through it with my family."

"What makes you think what he said was true?"

"Because you didn't even try to deny it."

Both men were quiet, looking at each other in silence. Marvolo made a step towards Harry, but the younger man stepped away. "What upsets me, is I'm sure you never intended for me to know. Everything would have been built on a lie. If I'd grown to love you, it would have been a lie. That's why I'm struggling. Have you kept anything else from me?"

Marvolo looked uncomfortable. Clearly, there was a lot. Hadrian nodded and suggested they wait until after the reception to disclose the rest of his deceit. But as he walked passed, his husband turned him around and held him by the wrists. He unloaded on Hadrian, everything else he'd kept from him. What happened between his parents, the shame he carries over his name and why anyone calling him Tom is looking for pain, how he obtained immortality and the locations of his Horcruxes. Everything.

"Nobody else knows all this, not even Nagini knows everything I have just told you." Marvolo smiled, "but given you still married me and are only upset that I murdered your parents because I didn't tell you myself, I feel I can trust you with all that. Besides, you need to know about Horcruxes if I'm going to keep you pretty and young."

The little joke was enough to make Hadrian return the smile. It helped mend the trust issues he was having over the truth of his parents.

"Will you forgive me, Hadrian Slytherin?"

He chuckled, "I suppose I'm going to have to if I'm hoping to get that claiming you mentioned last year."

"Then how about I claim you now, everyone downstairs can wait. We've certainly waited long enough," his husband smirked.

Hadrian pulled himself free and stepped away. Marvolo looked downcast before he could catch himself, and Harry giggled as he flopped down onto the bed. His husband's frown morphed into a preditors smile as he crawled up Harry's body. Their lips connected again, and it was as intense as the year before. Their magic connected and entwined, and it was almost all too much. But also not enough. Hadrian wanted more, to feel his husband's skin on his own and to feel him inside so intimately. He needed it so badly he begged.

"Oh Hadrian, you don't need to ask. I plan to do that and more. Now and forever. You are my consort after all."

A/N: A bad ending, and really rushed, but it's an ending. Someday I might write an epilogue or maybe a sequel of them falling in love or something. But this is all I can do now because it's hard to write when I don't have a drive for it, and I lost my drive for this.