When we get back with the wood, Monty and Jasper start the fire. I sit down and take in the heat. Octavia walks over and sits next to me.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For saying what you said when we first landed. Nobody but Bellamy has stood up for me like that."

Next thing I know she hugs me. Over her shoulder I see Clarke smirk at me and Finn smiling like he had won the lottery. I hug her back. After she let's me go, we go to sleep.

Even though the ground is uncomfortable I fall asleep fairly quickly. When I wake up the next morning, I feel a weight on my stomach. I look down and see that some time during the night Octavia decided to use me as a pillow.

"Octavia, time to get up."

"Five more minutes."

"As nice as that sounds, we need to get going."

She grumbles but gets up. I get up and stretch.

"Sleep well?"

I turn and see Clarke who has the same smirk as she did last night.

"Saw that did you?"

She nods. All I can do is smirk back. Everyone else gets up and we start walking. We come to a river. We all agree that we're not getting back in the water. We walk along side the river until we come across some vines.

"We need to swing across," Finn says.

He walks up to the vines and grabs one. Jasper looks at Octavia and sees her staring at Finn.

"I'll do it," he says.

He takes the vine from Finn. I can see that now he might be regretting his bravado. Finn gives him a pep talk. Jasper swings across and lands with a thud. He gets up and we all start cheering.

"MOUNT WEATHER," he cheers after grabbing a sign.

A big arrow comes out of no where and hits him in the chest and drives him into a tree. We all hide behind some rocks.

"We're not alone," Clarke says.

We decide to try and find another way across. Monty tips on something. He picks it up and it's a deformed skull. Before any of us can comment on that we hear a scream.

"Jasper," Monty says.

We run back and see that he's no longer there.

"We need to go back to camp and get some help," Clarke says.

We all agree and start heading back to camp.


We turn around and see Octavia leaning against a tree. Her hand over where the bite on her leg is at. I walk over to her and turn around.

"Get on."

"I'm not a kid."

"Either get on or I'll put you over my shoulder.

Seeing that I'm serious Octavia sighs and then climbs on. We make great time making it back to the drop ship. Once we're back in the camp Monty and Clarke go into the drop ship. I start to follow when some one grabs my arm. I look and see that it's Bellamy. He gives me a scowl.

"What's this," he asks and points at Octavia.

"Sorry 'Tavia."

I set her down and start to walk away. Bellamy grabs my arm again.

"I asked what that was."

"I know."

I turn and a go into the drop ship.

"Jasper looked up to you."