Beginning of The End Pt. 1

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Hello back with another chapter! I'm glad to see everyone is so far enjoying this! Yes, I did have Naruto react like that on purpose. Remember, the way he acted was a mix of Tsunade's personality and Minato's. Minato holds his family in high regard because he was an orphan. Naruto would care deeply for his mother, Shizune, and his adopted little sister Yui and Eri. Naruto's quick to anger temper is like Tsunade so of course, he would have overreacted. I also went back and corrected the way Naruto acted during the preliminary rounds of the Chunin exams. Also, the reason his heart stopped was the hit he directly took from Neji. The gentle fist strike struck his heart, I didn't specify it because I thought you guys could catch on. Well, I hope your ready for this chapter because a lot is about to go down! Now, everything to me hasn't been finalized with pairings. Yes, I've stated that we have an idea of the harem. It was Grayfia, Ino, and Chisato, Chisato so far hasn't been getting a lot of action either. Now tell me, everyone? Have you guys finalized your pairings yet or want things changed around?

Right now, the guaranteed pairing is Naruto and Grayfia. Now, do you guys still want Chisato and Ino? Do we want to mix it up? Now we got Satsuki who is really a girl and not a guy. Then we have Asia, then Kuroka, and the other females in Konoha. Like I said before, I'm not doing Hinata because it goes along with the anime. Idk I don't always like going with the anime when it comes to pairings. Let me know what you guys want, as to say I'm willing to go to four but I would like to keep it at three. I just need to know what everyone thinks, in the end of the day I'll make the final decision. I think having five is stretching it, but three or four is a number I think is something I can work with. I know, I know I do this all the time and end up doing the harem or whatever. However, I have a couple or so stories I have that are single pairings.

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Last Chapter

"Grayfia… you've hurt me… you were going to hurt my Imoutos. We're still allies, but I don't think I could ever feel that way to you again." Naruto said this as he walked forward grabbed onto those tendrils, "You still admitted it was wrong… I'll give you that much… we're just comrades. I won't let you die, but don't expect me to be your friend." Naruto yanked hard on those tendrils and began to channel the Kyuubi's chakra, "Thanks fuzzy butt." "Shut up… it's not fuzzy butt." Like that the tendrils were melted away as Naruto was cast out of Grayfia's mindscape.

Real World

Chisato and Asia watched as Naruto placed his hands on Grayfia's head stopping those black tendrils. Naruto opened his eyes and backed up from the spot he was in. Naruto looked down at the ground with resentment and anger, "I don't get it… why… why did you work for him. To do that to my family… my possibly future family." Chisato and Asia saw Naruto have tears run down his face, "I liked her… she… she wanted to use me. For him…" Naruto didn't know what to think as he turned around and left, "Asia, Chisato, watch over her for me. I-I need some time to think."

This Chapter

Naruto jumped through the roofs of the building with tears in his eyes. He felt hurt, betrayed, used, even alone. Yes, he has his mother, Shizune, and his two Imoutos. This felt different, this really hurt. He truly saw Grayfia as a friend and she stabbed him in the back. Naruto eventually found himself on the top of the Hokage Monument, ironically sitting on top of his father's head. Naruto looked off in the distance and let a sigh out, "Tou-san… what would you say." Naruto added as he looked down at Minato's head.

Just then Naruto felt someone land behind him, "Figured you be here." The voice spoke up as he walked up and sat next to Naruto.

"Hey, Jiraiya." Naruto said with a depressed tone, he didn't know anymore. Should he be mad? Should he be this upset? Naruto thought about what really happened, she did come out and tell him and almost died doing so. Naruto knew she even admitted that she was developing these feelings she has never felt before. Naruto just didn't know anymore.

Jiraiya noted that Naruto didn't call him Ero-Sennin this time, "I heard what happened about Grayfia. Sounds like it put a wall in your relationship with her."

"I-I just don't know anymore Ero-Sennin I don't get it. Why would she lie to me? Try to use me and my Imoutos to get to me." Naruto said with a frown, "I don't want to start a family or anything like that. Her mission was to seduce me for Danzo's twisted ideas… you guys told me how deceiving the guy can be." Naruto turned his head to Jiraiya as he sat down next to Naruto.

"It's okay Naruto, what Grayfia did. She knew it was wrong, I've dug into her past a bit and I can see why she used Danzo." Jiraiya added as Naruto cut in.

"I know what happened, she froze a lot of people after they killed her father. She did it because she couldn't control her powers, the death of her father awakened her bloodline." Naruto added as he curled his legs up to his chest and rested his chin on his folded arms on his knees.

"I see, so you got her to at least trust you for her to tell you." Jiraiya nodded his head as he smiled, "You know I had one hell of a hard time even earning your mother's trust. I've peeped and perved on her so many times. That I've been beaten to a pulp by her, but… at the end of the day we still are friends. We're teammates… friends will fight… get angry… or have other issues with one another. However, try not to overthink this Naruto, you're a smart kid. I know you can think about what you need to do."

Naruto's eyes twitched which Jiraiya caught onto, "Crap probably shouldn't have said that to him!" Naruto let a sigh out deciding to let it go, "So, even after knowing what she was going to do. Your saying I should forgive her because she came to me and told me what Danzo really wanted."
"It's better than finding out before she could even tell you, or her not telling you at all." Jiraiya placed a hand on Naruto's head ruffling his hair, "You're a good kid Naruto, you're looking out for your family I know your father would too. I'll let you think about this on your own, I'm sure you'll find the right answer."

Back in the Hospital

Grayfia slowly woke up as she sat and looked around. Her vision was blurry, but soon focused on two girls in her room, "Ugh… w-what happened?" Grayfia asked.

"Well I'm not too sure but all we know is Naruto was in here. Then he left, he seemed quite upset. He said something about liking you." Chisato said with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

Grayfia then recalled everything and had a small smile appear on her face, "Right… I remember he was quite upset with me. Well, let's just say there is something that happened that might have made him hate me." Grayfia closed her eyes and nodded her head. After she told Naruto, she feels as if an invisible weight was lifted off her shoulders.

Asia smiled, "I won't bother you anymore, but whatever Naruto did. He also healed all of your wounds." Asia walked over and ran a medical scan, "Yeah everything in you is healed."

Grayfia swung her legs off the side of the bed and smiled, "Thanks for watching over me… I think I'm going to go home."

Just then Kurenai came walking through the door, "GRAYFIA!" Kurenai ran towards her and enveloped her into a hug, "Thank kami you're alright!"

"Kurenai-nee." Grayfia added as Kurenai gently pulled away, "There is and has been something I've should have told you for a while now."

"Girls, could you leave us for a moment?" Kurenai asked with a smile as Chisato and Asia nodded their heads and left.

With Naruto

Naruto looked towards the village and stood up, "Grayfia…" Naruto thought about it quietly and thought to himself, "She at least told me herself, it is better than hearing it, or even seeing it from someone else. She says she knew it wasn't right… dang it, it's really hard to be mad at her. Wait… maybe we can stay friends, but she has to earn that trust from me again." Naruto smiled at that idea, he is going to have to keep his mind in the right place. He can't let himself forget that Grayfia needs to earn that trust back. That's before he can even start liking her like that.

"Hey Senju, you good?" A male voice behind Naruto spoke up.

"Yeah, I'm fine… "Sasuke"." Naruto said with a snarky tone.

Satsuki dropped her transformation and skipped over and sat down, "What's bothering you?" Satsuki asked as she pushed some of her hair behind her back.

"Well I can't say too much but I was betrayed somewhat. Just like how you were with your brother." Naruto said with a small smirk on his face, "It hurt, but I'm sure everything will be fine."

Satsuki raised an eyebrow, "How were you able to forgive so quickly?" Satsuki was a little surprised by this.

"Oh? Forgiving no, that's something that will take time." Naruto said with a smirk, "Grayfia may have hurt me and more, but that's fine. She outright came and told me what really happened. She'll have to earn my trust back." Naruto's eyes wandered to Satsuki as the sun was beginning to set. He saw the way the light hit her skin and the way her hair dance in the wind and the way it framed her face.

"Well I'm not even too sure anymore with Itachi… why would he kill our clan but yet have a daughter." Satsuki let a raspberry out and looked at Naruto, "Maybe I can even look into what Itachi did or whatever his reason was."

"You still hate him? Maybe even want him dead?" Naruto asked curiously as Satsuki shook her head.

"I don't know… finding out he had a kid… makes no sense to me." Satsuki shook her head not know what to think of her elder brother.
"Do you plan on to ever forgive him?" Naruto asked curiously as Satsuki frowned.

"I-I don't know if I can… my Okaa-san was the world to me. When my Tou-san found out I was a girl, he didn't really pay much attention to me. As I couldn't take up the mantle as heiress a so he turned all his attention to Itachi. I don't mind, but he never really was happy with any of my skills or anything. However, my Okaa-san was always there, she understood everything because she was the heiress of the clan originally." Satsuki smiled as she placed her hand over her heart.

"Well, it seems you really loved her… I don't know how I'd feel if my Kaa-chan died." Naruto looked at his hand and let a sigh out, "Wait… how would you feel if your Nii-san passed?"

Satsuki looked at the setting sun, "I-I don't know… he is still my Nii-san. If he were to die, I don't know how I'd feel. I-I… I think I'd cry."

Naruto let a chuckle out as Satsuki puffed her cheeks out in annoyance, "I-I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that. The things that are funny."

"Is to think that an Uchiha would cry?" Satsuki began to chuckle as well.

"Indeed… well I'm glad we had this chat Satsuki. We should definitely talk more often. Oh and good luck on your training with Kakashi-sensei Ja ne!" Naruto stood up and jumped off heading towards back home.

Satsuki smiled and stood up as she watched Naruto leave. She looked down at her hands and closed her hand to make a fist, "I remember Okaa-san always telling me to find someone I love. Sure, we've had plenty of girl to girl moments. However, that's the one memory that sticks out to me. "Look for someone whom I'd love, not love for my name."" Satsuki put her Sasuke transformation back on and began to head back towards home. Satsuki placed her hand over where her curse mark was, "I hope this curse mark seal stays… don't want to go down that path."

Back With Grayfia and Kurenai

"I'm just glad you're safe and alright." Kurenai placed a hand on Grayfia's cheek, "But you're an idiot! I told you not to go to him! You still did it!" Kurenai scolded Grayfia as Grayfia sat there with an almost depressed look on her face. Kurenai let a sigh out, "You've hurt Naruto… the only way to gain his friendship back is to regain his trust. It won't be easy Grayfia, you messed up and had the wrong idea about everything."

"I-I know… Naruto helped me feel emotions I've long since lost. I was supposed to die as well… yet he still saved me." Grayfia looked into Kurenai's eyes as she nodded her head.

"Of course, he will, I have no doubt Jiraiya-sama and Tsunade-sama taught him that. You do what you can to earn his forgiveness." Kurenai placed a kiss on Grayfia's forehead, "Come on let's go home."

With Hiruzen, Tsunade, and Jiraiya

"THAT LITTLE HARLOT! I WON'T LET HER NEAR NARUTO! SHE USED MY BOY!" Tsunade roared in anger slamming her fist onto the Hokage table.

Hiruzen sighed into his hand, "This is indeed what I've learned however she came clean and told us. There is no need for me to punish her, though she will be monitored to see where her loyalties are."

"Tch! Well whatever, I'm never allowing Naruto near her again! If they have to go on team missions fine!" Tsunade crossed her arms angrily. Hell was she going to let Naruto keep seeing her, she was going to use him, Eri, and Yui!"

"Well, Tsunade-Hime I think the kid likes her… like, like her. I saw how distraught, confused, and hurt he was. Though I think he is the smart kid, I'm sure he will end up giving her a second chance. Though I'm sure he'll do within a smart way." Jiraiya nodded his head with a smile, "After all, he inherited yours and Minato's personality." Jiraiya chuckled letting a laugh out.

*SLAP* Hiruzen slapped himself in the face with Tsunade letting a really low growl out, "What I'd say… they're behind me aren't they." Jiraiya said with a sigh as he turned his head.

"NARUTO'S FATHER IS MINATO!?" Koharu shouted with Homura looking just as dumbfounded.

"Dammit, Jiraiya! I swear to the sage of six paths I'm going to STRANGLE YOU!" Tsunade chased after Jiraiya ready to strangle him to death.

"TSUNADE PLEASE! NOOOOO!" Jiraiya let a cry out as he was being chased around the Hokage Office.

Hiruzen let a sigh out, "Dammit I need some more weed." "Koharu, Homura could you two please keep this quiet I'm sure you can understand why we must do so. We can't risk letting this get out. "

Koharu and Homura both let a sigh out and nodded both of their heads, "Minato Namikaze was a formidable Shinobi and quite frankly one of our strongest. I can see why we would need to keep Naruto's father a secret." Homura added as Koharu closed her eyes and let a sigh out.

"Yes, I see why too… when will we be announcing his heritage." Koharu asked as Hiruzen smiled towards his old teammates. Tsunade even stopped strangling Jiraiya and dropped him to the ground. Thankfully the two said it quick enough, otherwise, Eri be wondering what happened to her father. (A/N: Lmao!)

Senju Compound

Naruto walked back home and let a long sigh out, "I'm home Kaa-chan." Naruto felt exhausted from everything, this has been a long day for him.

Tsunade poked her head out, "Oh hey Naru-chan I heard what happened. Is everything alright?"

"Can we talk Kaa-chan, I'm sure you know what's going on." Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

Yui and Eri poked their heads out too, but Shizune ushered them into their rooms, "Come on girls how about we go ahead play a game in your room." Shizune smiled as the girls ran into their rooms.

Naruto sat down in the family room with Tsunade sitting next to him. So, Naruto began to explain what happened. What Grayfia told him and what happened between the two since Naruto came to Konoha.

A Few Minutes Later

"Then she told me about Danzo… how she worked for him willingly and what she was going to do. In the end, I'm mad at her… I felt betrayed by her. Yet… I still feel something for her and it's confusing as hell. I know she went out of her way to betray him and came to me telling me everything straight forward." Naruto looked at the floor in their living room.

Tsunade was mad… no livid. That little harlot was going to take advantage of her boy. No way was going to get away with that! Tsunade didn't know what it was, but something stopped her. Something stopped her from telling Naruto how she felt about Grayfia. How he then should only see her as a friend. Keep it like that, yeah, besides she doesn't want her boy leaving her so soon. Yet… there was something else telling her to say something else, "Naruto I need to ask you really have feelings for this girl?"

Naruto thought about it and close his eyes. It didn't take very long, "I-I still do, everything we've been through I feel as if our interactions were real. It was really Grayfia I was talking to the entire time."

Tsunade nodded her head, "Jiraiya checked Grayfia after you left her, and we have a meeting with Sensei. She doesn't possess a curse mark at all that Danzo places on his men to keep quiet about him."

"Well there was that memory wipe and kill seal he placed on her." Naruto frowned at that, but he was glad he saved her at least.

"I'm going to regret this so later. " Tsunade knew what she was going to say was going to backfire, "Naruto if you like her, give her some time. Have you already forgiven her or anything like that?"

"No, I haven't forgiven her because she was going to hurt Eri and Yui, possibly even you." Naruto leaned on his mother where she pulled him into her chest.

"Well when you forgive her it's up to you, but what's really important. Is the time when she can forgive herself for what she did to you. Possibly us, I love you sweetie, and if she is a girl you can end up falling in love with one day. I'm okay with it, it's your life you live it the way you want." Tsunade placed a kiss on his forehead like she has done for Dan and Nawaki, "Should I even mention the CRA the stupid council will try to force him into."

"Well I guess we will see how things go, I'm going to head to bed. Oh, that reminds me is it okay if Yui went with Kakashi and Satsuki tomorrow for training? It would allow Yui to start working on." Naruto was cut off when Yui shouted.

"SO, I CAN WORK ON MY SHURIGAN!" Yui called out excitedly.

"The Sharingan Yui, Sharingan." Shizune deadpanned as Yui just giggled.

"Wait I want to train with Kaa-chan so I can learn Meddie ninjutsu!" Eri whined.

"Medical Ninjutsu Eri… medical ninjutsu." Shizune let a sigh out.

Naruto and Tsunade chuckled, "I don't see why not, you need to prepare for the Chunin Finals show them the strength of my son!" Tsunade smirked placing her hand over her bicep.

Time Skip Week Before the Chunin Finals

The training month was uneventful, more or less pertaining to Kuroka's endless search for her husband. Naruto had an intense training session with Tsunade in the beginning. Tsunade took him out of the village along with Eri and Shizune. Jiraiya would be with them quite often but would go to check on Yui with Kakashi and Sasuke. Naruto did various training exercises which included working on his chakra to even higher levels. That included balancing multiple senbons on the tips of his fingers. Standing on water, standing still, while Tsunade or Shizune moved the water.

He did a lot of taijutsu practice with Jiraiya and even more studying with Shizune. Much to his chagrin, but he helped him get stronger than he was before. Yamato would stop by as well helping Naruto learn new moves in his Mokuton. Yugao would also stop by progressing his kenjutsu, not by much but enough to allow Naruto to get some good sparring in with his sword.

7 Days Before the Chunin Exams

"Alright within a week, I can make it where you've mastered Conqueror's Haki. Conqueror's Chakra is the standard version where you can intimidate people or even cause them to pass out. However, Conqueror's Haki is something only a few can achieve. I like to call it Haoshoku Haki, this is a rare form of Haki that allows the user to exert their own willpower over others. This type of Haki cannot be attained through training; it is a power that one must be born with. Only one in several million people are born with this ability." Rayleigh smirked as a giant boar came running out of the bush, "Then there is also Armament Haki which I call it Busoshoku Haki is a form of Haki that allows the user to use their own spiritual energy to create, in essence, an invisible armor around themself, providing incredible offensive and defensive capabilities." Rayleigh's hand turned into a black armor-like appearance.

The boar smashed into his hand. The boar was the size of a small building! How they never came across it in the forest of death? Who knows!? The boar stopped dead in it's tracks, "Haki can also strengthen your body without using the actual form. Haoshoku Haki is like this." Rayleigh entered more of his will on the boar. Caused it to freeze and pass out on the spot, Rayleigh turned his head to see Naruto in shock.

Rayleigh exerted a bit of that force on Naruto as he was on one knee panting heavily, "*Huff* *huff* I-I feel as if I'm going to *huff* pass out!" Naruto slowly stood back up as Rayleigh smirked.

"You standing this proves my theory you definitely have the Haoshoku Haki." Rayleigh smirked as he walked over to Naruto, "Now it's time to begin your training, lets just see how much you can grow. I'll teach you everything I know. I hope you're ready. Otherwise, you might not even survive this training exercise."

"I'm ready! I can do this; I'll show everyone just how strong I am!" Naruto smirked ready to take on his sensei's training.

"Good because this is hell week." Rayleigh slammed his scabbard on the ground as giant silhouettes behind him appeared.

Naruto's eyes widen along with the Kyuubi inside of him, "Oh crap." "Fuck this kit screwed." They both said at the same time.

"Training begins now!" Rayleigh slammed his scabbard on the ground again as the giant animals came running out at him, "Oh and you're not allowed to use chakra, only allowed to summon Haki." Rayleigh knew he was going to have to teach him how to use it and give him more pointers. However, Naruto is smart and could figure these things out.

Time Skip Day of the Chunin Final Exams

Kuroka met up finally with her team with her cheeks puffed out and annoyed, "Yo Kuroka did you find the little Senju mind that I know he is fine!" B rapped as Kuroka shook her head.

"Mou, I wasn't able to find him at all! I'm just going to have to watch him at the Chunin Finals hopefully see how powerful he has become. I still want him to become my husband though Nya!" Kuroka still added with hope.

"My big brother A asked if you wanted to join Konoha so Senju can get to know ya!" Killer B held out a document stating that Kuroka could join Konoha if she wanted to.

Kuroka smirked, "I wonder if Shirone would like to come here." Kuroka smiled putting her finger on her lip. Kuroka's ears twitched in curiosity as she wondered what Naruto was up to, "Well might as well make my way towards the Stadium."

Today was the day that the continuing Genin would get to show off their skills. Represent their Shinobi village they belonged to. Many came far to see the new so-called Senju Heir which was very well known. Many came to see if it was even true that there was a new heir to the Senju Clan. Kuroka went up and sat in the stands with Killer B, Karui, Yugito, Omoi, and Samui. Their Raikage wa sup in the stands with the Tsuchikage, Kazekage, Hokage, and even the Mizukage was there.

In the Stands

"I'm glad we could all come together, it's been who knows how long since we all came to a gathering like this." Hiruzen stated proudly.

"I think this is quite nice in fact Hokage-dono, I think if this continued, we could change the world the way we see it." A nodded his head approvingly of the idea.

"Well, I don't see why not, but I am here to just see the Senju kid anyway. Not like I had any Shinobi that even passe the Chunin preliminaries." Onoki let a long sigh out.

"Oh, I'm sure there will be next year, I'm sure of it." Mei stated with a light chuckle, "Besides Sona and Serafall so happened to be against one another. I've also found out about their little crush on the Senju Heir." Mei giggled along with Hiruzen but Tsunade was not happy to hear that. "Great more annoying harlots trying to dig their claws into my Naruto."

"That reminds me Hokage-dono have you enacted the CRA onto the boy yet?" A asked curiously as Hiruzen flinched with Tsunade letting out a low growl causing everyone else to flinch.

"Uhhh no I haven't Raikage-dono, as it is a law I wish not to place upon the boy. It's a law which I cannot change unless the Civilian Council has some power in that say. However, the boy has until he is 18 to decide on partners." Hiruzen said with a lump in his throat, he wished not to be pummeled by Tsunade.

"I must say it should be interesting on how the boy is. I would very much like to see just how powerful he has become." The Kazekage added with everyone nodding affirmatively.

"Well, I know my little boy is quite ready! I'm sure he'll be here soon, as to know how strong her has gotten over just this week. I have no clue; he went to train with his Sensei after the three weeks of training Jiraiya and I put him through." Tsunade added wanting to change the topic of her son.

"Well I shall signal the proctor to begin, hopefully, Naruto will be here." Hiruzen stood up and nodded his head to Genma.

Genma nodded his head, "Will the first two participants please come down! Hyuga Neji and Senju Naruto."

Like that Neji walked over to the arena and stood there. Just then there were popping sounds that filled the stadium. Genma looked closed his eyes and sighed as Naruto and someone else came dropping down. Naruto was somehow kicking the sky walking on it along with Rayleigh, maybe not walking more like sky hopping. Naruto jumped down directly across from Neji with everyone looking at him in shock. "Woah when did Onii-chan learn that!" Eri added with shock.

"I want to learn that!" Yui shouted as she was sitting on Shizune's lap in the stands near Konoha's team of Genin. Which also included Grayfia who curiously looked at Naruto. He has certainly changed; he seemed a bit taller and his hair seemed to frame his face. Very similar to Fourth Hokage. Naruto was wearing a new outfit, his pants were blue, with an orange long sleeve shirt. With a black sleeveless kimono-like outfit. He had a red wrap around his waist and a black forearm wrap on his wrists with red line wraps. (A/N: Check the cover page for Naruto's Outfit).

"Wait is that!? Silvers Rayleigh?" A stood up in shock.

"The Dark King… to think he would be teaching the brat." Onoki stated with respect towards the old man.

"I've heard how powerful he was, easily able to knock out Johnin or even Anbu level Shinobi with ease. Not even needing to lift a single finger to beat him." Mei added to the rumors she heard about him.

Then they all turned their eyes to get a good look at Naruto. A's, Mei's, Onoki's, Kazekage's, Jiraiya's, and even Tsunade's eyes widen in shock. Naruto still had the shade of blonde hair like his mother. However, his uncanny hairstyle has become a full replica of Minato, "HE LOOKS JUST LIKE MINATO! /FOURTH HOKAGE!" "Tsunade-sama might I be so bold as to ask why the boy looks like the Fourth?"

Tsunade flinched not knowing what to say, this caused a giant uproar in the crowd. Many people were saying, "Woah!? He really does look like Lord fourth!"

"You think that's true!? The means Lord Fourth and Tsunade-sama!"

"Holy shit!"

"DAMN LUCKY BASTARD!" Another man moaned jealously.

"Lucky brat." Jiraiya mumbled which caused Tsunade to glare at him angrily which made him shut up.

Naruto heard the uproar and let a sigh out as he looked up at his mother in the Kage booth. Genma just stared at Naruto along with his classmates, "Wow and I thought I was the smart one… troublesome blondes." Shikamaru was quite shocked by this, he couldn't believe that Naruto's father was Minato Namikaze, "I hate to say it but the looks are uncanny… especially with that hairstyle."
"Naruto-kun is related to… Lord Fourth." Ino looked at Naruto in shock.

Sasuke looked at Naruto in shock as even he didn't tell him. Yet again it's understandable they would probably want to force him into the CRA even father than he could eat ramen. Grayfia didn't really care where his origin came from. She was just glad to see him again, she looked at Naruto and felt her heart hurt. She felt a stinging pain in her heart when she looked at him. Her head filled with guilt and disappointment. She turned her head to the side not even able to look at him, "Yeah… that's right… he had a thing for me. Of course, I did something that was stupid."

Naruto saw Grayfia in the stands turning her head to the side not able to look at him. Naruto knew she would have to earn his trust again. He has already forgiven her, but that doesn't mean he wants to be all buddy, buddy with her. The first step towards their friendship to be fixed is for her to forgive herself. Then they can continue on from there with her earning his trust again, "Alright… well should I restate your name then perhaps?" Genma asked as Naruto looked up at Tsunade. She nodded her head and Naruto gave Genma a nod as well, "Excuse my mistake, but let's continue to the fight. The first match of the Chunin Finals will now begin! Hyuga Neji vs. Namikaze Senju Naruto! Are both combatants ready!?" Genma asked.

"Yes, I am." Naruto stated affirmatively.

Neji nodded his head as he fell into his gentle fist stance. He also had his Byakugan on as well. Naruto was ready, he held his left hand up with his thumb, ring, and pinky finger curved; then his pointer and middle finger up. His right hand in a fist, "Alright! Let the first match of the Chunin Exams BEGIN! HAJIME!"

In the Kage Box

"Wow the two most powerful Shinobi came together and had a child… let's see what type of child you created." A sat on the edge of his seat wanting to see just how powerful Naruto was.

"To think HE had a child… of all people with Tsunade Senju." Onoki added.

Tsunade had a tick mark appear on her forehead with her eyes going angry white, "HUH YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME HAVING A CHILD!" Hiruzen sweatdropped as Jiraiya tried to calm her down.

"Calm down I didn't mean anything offensive… I'm just surprised you of all people wanted to have a child." Onoki added again with Hiruzen narrowing his eyes.

"I hope your old grudges against him still don't leave a bad taste in your village's mouth." Hiruzen added as Onoki looked up at him.

"I know what you mean… don't worry as I have told my men that if we ever found out that he had a child. To not let our want for revenge to be brought forth on the child." Onoki added with a mature tone which made Tsunade calm down, "Better otherwise I'll turn Iwa into a glass floor under my fist!"

"HAJIME!" Genma shouted turning the Kage level shinobi's eyes to the arena.

With Naruto and Neji

"I see two heirs to a clan. Especially one the son of Kage, this must be fate, but let's see who fate decides to win!" Neji charged forward with Naruto quickly dodging a gentle fist strike.

"Fate doesn't decide anything, you take control of your own fate!" Naruto went to punch Neji, but he quickly rolled backward and fell back into his gentle fist stance, "There is a current weakness to your fighting style. If I stay away, you can't get close!" Naruto did a backflip and went through some hand seals, Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet! Naruto collected the water from the air and made a giant dragon.

Neji quickly tried to dodge but was hit with the attack as she was sent rolling, "Can you keep up!" Naruto appeared above Neji throwing his fist towards the ground, Earth Impact! Naruto shouted as Neji narrowly dodged his punch which caused a loud explosion.

Everyone's eyes widen in shock, not everyone's, but mostly everyone, "Tch that was close, but your wide open!" Neji quickly shot forward after he rolled onto his feet. He slammed his fingers into Naruto's chest, Eight Trigrams Two Palms! Neji struck Naruto two times. Four Palms! Four more strikes, Eight Palms! Eight more strikes. Sixteen Palms! Neji rapidly hit more of Naruto's Tenketsu points, Thirty-Two Palms! More palms were thrown his way, but Naruto stopped him mid-combo and grabbed his fist, "Too slow." Naruto narrowed his eyes at him as everyone looked at Naruto in shock.

In the Stands

"What!? He withstood the attack along with stopping him?" Tenten said in shock.

"How is that possible?" Haishi looked in shock, how was Naruto able to power through their clan's signature attack?

In the Kage Booth

"That's impressive to withstand that?" A said with shock.

"That boy is impressive just what type of training did he go through?" Onoki asked.

"Ara, he is quite tough, isn't he? Seems he has a lot of stamina." Mei giggled as Tsunade shot her a dirty look.

"I'm not too sure either… we trained the brat for a while. Well, that was until Silvers Rayleigh took over. He told me he taught Naruto a few things." Jiraiya added as everyone wondered what the Dark King taught Naruto.

Back with Naruto

Neji's attacks were spread out, the only downside it Neji's attacks with chakra tore away at Naruto's shirt. It revealed his skin was black… which is something he has never seen before. Naruto smirked, "This isn't fate Neji." Naruto ripped his shirt off which caused the girls in the stands to blush, "This is pure hard work! Rayleigh taught me everything!" Naruto's fist was covered in a black armor-like appearance. When he turned it on it look like his fist was being heated up and he had a flame pattern that went up his arm. Naruto dashed forward and slammed his fist into his stomach sending him flying into the arena wall. Knocking Neji out instantly, "Proctor this match is over." Naruto turned around as he unsealed a new shirt and kimono jacket putting it back on.

Genma walked over to Neji and found him unconscious, "Hyuga Neji is unable to battle, winner, is Senju Namikaze Naruto."

"Oh, Genma it can just be Senju Naruto." Naruto turned his head saluting him as he air walked back into the stands.

Once he sat next to Shizune along with the rest of the Konoha Genin, Eri and Yui shot from their seat on jumped on him, "Onii-chan that was amazing! You were so cool!"

"What was that black thingy you used!" Eri asked excitedly.

"Well I can't say too much buts it's called Armament Haki Rayleigh-Sensei taught me." Naruto let a small laugh out placing both of his hands on their heads.

"You think I can learn that!?" Yui asked wanting to learn everything.

"It depends you need to have a very powerful spirit to do so. Maybe one day, but Rayleigh-Sensei taught me. I can't just teach it to anyone." Naruto added which earn a pout from Yui as her cheeks puffed out.

"Naruto that was amazing! What did you call that ability again?" Kiba asked with shock while the rest of the Konoha rookies wanted to hear it again.

"It's called Armament Haki, it's like wearing armor but its super light and really durable." Naruto explained as he put his hand up and it turned to a black metallic like color. The very ends of his Haki where it went up his arm had a flame-like pattern on it.

"Yes, Naruto has still yet to show all of his skills too." Rayleigh spoke up with no one noticing him standing with their Jonin-senseis.

"THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM!" Kiba shouted as Akamaru didn't even smell him.

"Haki can be used for a lot of things, I was able to deceive you and your senseis too." Rayleigh chuckled as Kurenai and Asuma just realized the old man was there.

"Seems we still have much to learn." Kakashi let a small chuckle out as he shook his head.

"Hey, it's great to see you weren't later Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto laughed as Sasuke smirked, Irina giggled, and Grayfia let a small smile out.

"How mean, but Yui-chan here didn't want to miss her Onii-chan's match." Kakashi added with a teasing tone as Yui blushed.

"Baka Kakashi-sensei!" Yui stuck her tongue out at the two-eyed Shinobi.

Up in the Kage Booth

"Senju-san fought very well and showed off his overwhelming strength." A nodded his head approvingly, "I can see why Kuroka has taken such an interest in the boy."

"Tch, well of course my Naruto would be this awesome. The pervert and I trained him; besides, I don't even want her near him!"

"Ahahahah! I know Kuroka can be very blunt and straightforward, she is very stubborn though." A nodded his head.

"She is quite lively; she reminds me of Naruto a little bit. He be just as hyper sometimes too." Hiruzen added with a chuckle.

"Well, girls know when she has met a strong man." Mei continued watching Naruto as he went back to his seat. Tsunade did not like the way the Mizukage was eyeing her boy.

Back to the Arena

"Will the next to contenders please come down!" Genma called out, "The next to fighters will be Irina vs. Temari." Genma called out which one of the two contestants dropped down.

"Proctor I forfeit." Temari called out which caused a tick mark to appear on Irina's forehead.

"WHAT THAT'S WHAT MY LAST OPPONENT DID!" Irina was so annoyed; she wants to show off her power.

"Well, Ms. Shidou please go back up to the stands you are continuing to the next battle." Genma spoke as Irina angrily walked back to her seat.

"It's okay Irina, we can have a spar once this is over." Naruto sent her a small smile as Irina pepped up after that.

"Thanks! I've really been training hard with Yugao-san!" Irina said as her bubbly personality surfaced.

"Alright, will Sasuke Uchiha and Yugito Nii please come down to the arena." Genma called out as Sasuke stood up from his seat.

"Hey good luck Uchiha, I know you can do this." Naruto added as he nodded his head at Sasuke as he nodded his head as well.

"I'm sure Jiraiya-sama's seal will hold up allowing Sasuke to mold chakra." Kakashi nodded his head affirmatively, "He also got plenty of time to get to know his niece." Naruto smiled knowing that Sasuke got to spend time with Yui.

"You got this Sasuke-Nii-chan!" Yui called out as she knew not to called Satsuki, Satsuki in public.

"Yeah, I'll win for sure." Sasuke nodded his head as he went down to the arena.

"You got this little Nii, I'm sure you gonna get the winnnieee!" B rapped with the people around be sweat dropping.

"Shut up B-Sensei." Yugito deadpanned while Omoi and Karui did the same. However, a certain Toujou was still too entranced with Naruto's new abilities.

"Nya, I've never seen anything like that before! I don't know what it is." Kuroka rubbed her legs together earning a blush on her face, "Something about Naruto screams something about him being a king."

At the Arena

"Hey Genma, I think it's time. I've already talked this over with Hokage-sama." Sasuke spoke out as he was covered in a cloud of smoke.

"You do it Satsuki-chan, I'm sure you'll be safe with the Senju Heir supporting you. Naruto-kun has turned into a fine young man." Hiruzen began to chuckle inside, "This is too much like Jiraiya's Icha-Icha Hidden Paradise book." Hiruzen was referencing one of Jiraiya's book where the main character meets a girl who is pretending to be a guy. Not only that the main character has a harem as well. Which is similar to what is happening to his surrogated grandson.

A girl about 5'2 stood there with long black and blue colored hair. Her hair was up in a ponytail which her hair sprawled upwards like Sasuke's hair did. Then the hair came to a ponytail down to her shoulders. She had uneven bangs and two parts of her hair that went down the side of her face. Framing her gentle yet powerful look on her face, "The name is Satsuki Uchiha, last Heiress of the Uchiha Clan." Satsuki stated proudly which earned many gasps in the stands.

In the Stands




"NO WAY!?"

"I can't believe Sasuke is… a girl." Sakura's eyes were wide along with Ino's and the rest of their classmates.

"Trouble." Shikamaru closed his eyes annoyed.

"Well, this certainly isn't new." Jiraiya didn't even know about this until he realized something. This was too much like his Icha-Icha Hidden Paradise book. "DOES THE GAKI HAVE HER? I WONDER DOES SHE HAVE A THING FOR NARUTO?" Jiraiya began to perv out with a line of blood running down his nose, "ALL WE NEED NOW IS FOR NARUTO TO HAVE A HAREM! That Grayfia girl… that Yamanaka I heard she was a fangirl… well hopefully she gets out of that. The female Uchiha! That Shidou girl!" Jiraiya continued to giggle perversely.

Kage Box

"Hokage-dono how many more secrets are you going to surprise us with?" A asked Hiruzen as he shrugged his shoulders.

"My shinobi are great at deception, I'm proud of how far she has come. Satsuki is a girl that resembles her mother a lot, not just in looks." Hiruzen laughed happily for the girl.

"What… Sasuke-kun is a Satsuki-chan? Well, this doesn't matter this doesn't change anything." Orochimaru as the Kazekage chuckled internally.

"Orochimaru you sick student, … I can tell that's you. I'm not the only Kage that has noticed." Hiruzen's eyes looked at Jiraiya and Tsunade as they both slightly nodded their heads. They noted that the Kazekage was actually Orochimaru.

Back in the Arena

"Well it's great to hear that you're a girl, but girl or not. I will win." Yugito fell into her fighting stance.

"Well, I can't wait to see how strong you are!" Satsuki fell into her interceptor fist ready to fight. Her eyes began to shift into the three tomoe Sharingan.

"Alright, the third round of the Chunin Exams Begin! Hajime!" Genma called out as the two both threw kunai.

The barrage of kunai they threw, hit one another causing them to fall to the ground. Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu! Yugito went through the same hand signs, Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu! Satsuki's fireball was large and red, but Yugito's was blue.

Once the attack exploded the two ran towards one another and began to exchange blows. Yugito using chakra to extend her claws like a cat. Satsuki did her best to counter and dodge her attacks. Thanks to the Sharingan Satsuki was able to dodge Yugito's strikes. At this point, the two evenly matched throwing ninjutsu around. Trying to land a blow on one another. Thanks' to Yugito's cat-like reflexes she was able to dodge Satsuki's counters, this caused a stalemate for the two fighters.

With Naruto

"Wow the two are evenly matched… however I don't know if Satsuki can win. Yugito… she is a Jinchuriki just like me." Naruto added which everyone else looked at Naruto in shock.

"Wait you're a what!?" Kiba looked at Naruto.

"Wait a Jinchuriki?" Shino then realized why his bugs were so restless when near Naruto.

"A Jinchuriki?" Yui and Eri both look at Naruto confused.

"Well plain and simple a Jinchuriki is a person who has a tailed beast sealed inside of them. The power of a human sacrifice. The Kyuubi couldn't be killed since it's a mass of charka, in a sense is a mass of energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, so he was sealed. The Yodaime Hokage… my Tou-san sealed the Nine-Tails into me." Naruto smiled as Yui and Eri were shocked by this.

"Troublesome blondes." Shikamaru shook his head, no wonder hearing the Nine-Tails was actually killed didn't make any sense, "Make senses… the Yodaime wouldn't ask a random family to sacrifice their child."

"Leave it to a Nara to figure it out." Shizune chuckled as Asuma nodded his head with Shikamaru's statement.

Irina more or less looked at Naruto, he hasn't ever said anything like that to them. None of them knew he was a Jinchuriki. (A/N: I could be wrong… idk if I stated this before or had Naruto tell his team. I think I did, but I am going to go back and read this again).

Fifteen Minutes Later

The two continued to trade blows eventually landing punches on one another. Both of them were exhausted and breathing heavily. Satsuki then saw something strange some blue chakra began to go through Yugito's chakra system, "Damn you're good Uchiha, but I'm going to win!" Yugito's wounds she received began to steam and heal, "You're running low on chakra while I almost have a large chakra pool than you do."

"D-Dammit I'm running low on chakra; I'll have to try to finish this quickly." Satsuki mumbled as her chakra was pretty low. Satsuki began to go through three hand signs, Chidori! Satsuki roared out as the gathering of lighting chakra chirped to life. Yugito saw that and recognize that from Naruto's Raikiri Rasengan.

Yugito readied herself as Satsuki came running at her. Yugito narrowed her eyes as Satsuki closed the distance. Then Satsuki was just a couple of feet from her. Yugito dodged her attack last second, "Her attack gives her tunnel vision, there's no way she could." Just then Satsuki appeared in front of her, "GENJUTSU!?" Yugito screamed mentally. "I didn't even sense it!?" Matatabi shouted not even sensing the Genjutsu she was placed under. Satsuki closed the gap with her Chidori in her hand, Chidori Strike! The attack was infused into a blade to a blunt object taking the appearance of Satsuki's fist.

A non-lethal but powerful punch.


Satsuki followed through with her punch sending Yugito into the wall of the arena. She was flung with a trail of lighting trailing from her face. There was a loud 'Smash!' as Yugito hit her head in the wall. Satsuki stood there with some of her hair hanging in front of her face. She was panting heavily as that was the last bit of her chakra remaining. Genma looked over where Yugito was and was about to call it, but then the body of Yugito stood up. She was also panting, "I-I'll admit… *huff* I didn't sense there being a genjutsu. The low-level genjutsu you placed wasn't even strong enough for Matatabi to sense it. Impressive, but I still got more fight let in me!" Yugito's body was covered in a blue chakra cloak as her appearance seemed more feal.

Satsuki's Sharingan saw the blue chakra, "W-What is that?" Satsuki's Sharingan then fades back to their black orbs, "Tch dammit I-I've lost."

Yugito tried to focus her eyes on Satsuki, "D-Dammit that punch messed with my nerves! My vision is blurry!" "I'm trying here kitten, but your body has taken more damage than I thought. That punch not only stalled your healing factor but also messed with your nerves." "My movements are inverse, dammit." Yugito tried to summon more of Matatabi's chakra around her. However, she was cut from her focus as she narrowly dodged a shuriken that cut her cheek.

"I-I'm not done!" Satsuki roared running forward with her fists ready to fight. She wasn't going down until she passed out.

Yugito saw the determination in Satsuki's eyes, "Matatabi… stop sending chakra to my system… I'm going fight with the remaining strength I have left." "As you wish kitten." Matatabi took back her charka as Yugito ran forward to fight Satsuki hand to hand. Granted her reserves were still about half, it should give her more than enough power to take Satsuki down.

The two collied with their fists. Yugito dodged one of Satsuki's punches and she punched Satsuki in the face. Satsuki was pushed back a bit, but she charged forward, "I won't give up! I've been hiding too long because I was a girl!" Satsuki returned the punch by slamming her foot into Yugito's chin. Yugito fought back by slamming a fist into Satsuki's gut. Satsuki coughed up spit, but pushed through and brought her hands up. Grabbed Yugito by the side of her face and brought her face to her knee. *CRACK!* Yugito's nose was broken, but she didn't give up either, She brought her fist around and landed a solid punch on Satsuki's chest. *CRACK!* One of Satsuki's ribs were fractured.

The two both fell on their knees and Yugito couldn't believe how hard this fight was. Without Matatabi's chakra, she seriously needed to train even more. This Uchiha who wasn't even a Jinchuriki was giving her a run for her money. Satsuki stood back up, "I'll keep fighting… for him… for Naruto. He was the first to accept for who I was, he didn't care if I was an Uchiha or not. If I was a girl or not… he pushed me just like her pushed everyone else. Even if he is down and lost because of Grayfia. Maybe… just maybe Naruto is the person she is looking for. Her mother told her that life isn't always about being powerful and strong. Gaining the power to satisfy her father's desire for strength." "I'm fighting for me… maybe even someone else I've begun to care about. Him… he is the one who helped me… even if it was an exchange of only a few words. I know he'll have my back no matter what!" Satsuki imagined Naruto waving to him or him calling her Uchiha. Even him insulting her almost her giving into Orochimaru's temptation of power to help her kill Itachi. The memory of Naruto saying that there was possibly another reason why Itachi did what he did, "I chose to believe there is always another way when I'm by his side!" "Even if I don't end up with him in the end!" Satsuki mentally blushed at the idea not know what came over her.

"Then I'll show my resolve! I will win! For my village!" Yugito ran forward as she slammed her fist into Satsuki's face.

Satsuki's face was punched to the side; however, she turned her face with Yugito's fist still in her cheek, "I won't give up!" Satsuki headbutts Yugito in the forehead stunning her. Satsuki quickly went down low to the ground. She kicked her foot up, this sent Yugito backward, Satsuki ran forward and jumped into the air. Satsuki appeared above Yugito using the remaining chakra she had left. She elbowed the two tail jinchuriki into the ground causing a loud *CRASH*

Dust was kicked up, Genma saw Satsuki still standing breathing heavily. Satsuki stood there panting heavily, Yugito slowly and weakly stood up. "Are you sure kitten, I can heal you now." "Buzz off pervert… I'm going to end this myself. If she can beat me this far without having a tailed beast. So, can I!" "I-It's not over." Yugito began to grin, she was having fun.

"Y-Yea." Satsuki began to laugh, soon Yugito began to join her, "This is fun… isn't; it."

Yugito smirked, "Finally someone gets it!" Yugito clenched her fist and brought her hand up, "The thrill of the fight! Testing your limits! Going beyond them! To the point where we're both drained of charka." Yugito felt her body aching as she took a step forward.

Satsuki felt her body stinging with every word she spoke, "Let's finish this shall we?"

"I thought you'd never ask." Yugito began to jog forward and began to run at Satsuki in a full-on sprint.

Satsuki did the same running forward with her fist pulled back ready to punch Yugito. Just then the two ran near one another, however, they completely missed one another. The fighter's pupils seemed to disappear as they both fell to the ground unconscious.

Everyone was quiet, no one spoke, no one clapped. Everyone was quiet, Hiruzen looked at Genma as he shook his head and quickly checked on the both of them. He walked over and checked their pulses, "Good they aren't dead, but they're both unconscious. Seems they both passed out at the same time. These are some interesting Kunoichis." Genma threw his hand into the air, "It's a tie! Both combatants have fallen unconscious! No one continues!"

Naruto smirked as he began to clap for the way the two fought. Naruto stood up and landed in the arena along with Yugito's team. Genma nodded his head allowing Naruto to begin healing them or do what he can. He has a feeling they'd receive better treatment from the son of Tsunade Senju than their own Konoha doctors. Naruto knelt down and rolled Satsuki onto her back, "Hey how are ya doing?" Naruto chuckled as he placed his hand on her stomach with medical ninjutsu running through her body.

Satsuki winched in pain as she opened her eyes, "H-hey what's up." Satsuki smirked, "Well it seems we both passed out."

Naruto shook his head, "That was pretty insane, you fought a Jinchuriki to a stalemate. It seems she decided not to use her tailed beasts' charka." Naruto added with pride in his voice.

"W-What? Why?" Satsuki began to speak better as Naruto's healing ability healed her broken rib and bruising on her body.

"As a sign of respect on how hard you fought. Deciding to beat you with her own strength than the tailed beast's power." Naruto healed Satsuki enough to stand up, he placed a painkiller and soldier pill in her hand, "Take this it should help you heal."

Satsuki blushed as she accepted them, "T-Thank you." Satsuki took both and began to heal a bit quicker.

Naruto looked up at Yugito and her team as Kuroka was actually healing her, "Huh so Kuroka knows some medical ninjutsu too." Naruto looked down and extended his hand out to Satsuki, "Come on I'll help you back to your seat. Oh, yeah you both also lost in a sense. Since no one won you both aren't continuing."

"Ahaha I don't think I can continue; I was in rough shape, but thanks to you I'm already healing." Satsuki stood up with her legs shaking a bit.

"I got you." Naruto scooped her off her feet like a princess in his arms, "I'll carry you to the stands."

Kage Booth

"Wow both of them fought hard and well. Yugito-chan is quite impressive." Hiruzen nodded his head.

"Yes, indeed it seems that they both fought well. I understand why Yugito-chan didn't use the tailed beast's chakra too." A nodded proudly of his surrogate granddaughter for fighting so hard with honor as well.

"Yes indeed, I'd say they both got Chunin eh Raikage-dono?" Hiruzen asked.

"I agree as well." A answered back.

"Both are powerful kunoichi." Mei added happily.

"Yes, they both fought admirably." Onoki added.

"Impressive indeed." The Kazekage stated with Orochimaru licking his lips.

Back in the Arena

Naruto was walking Satsuki back to the stand, but before he could Geppo into the stands. Satsuki said, "Wait Naruto." Naruto stopped himself from going as he looked down at Satsuki.

"Yeah what's up?" He looked at her confused, Naruto wasn't that far away from the Konoha rookies either.

"Since people already know of my gender, stating what I want. Could keep people off of me about the CRA. I'm sure Naruto will do his best to support me as I will do for him too." Satsuki smiled as he looked at her confused, "Thank you for everything, it's thanks to you I fought that hard. The amount of thinking I've been doing is thanks to you. Even if you don't end up with me, it's okay." Satsuki said with a smile on her face which Naruto looked at her confused.

"What are you-!" Naruto was cut off as Satsuki leaned forward and placed her lips on Naruto's surprising him. Naruto stood there in shock as Satsuki enjoyed the taste of his lips, "Tastes like ramen." Satsuki said to herself, the two-kissing felt as if lasted forever.

With Tsunade

"That little HARPY! I'LL MAKE HER WISH HER BROTHER OFFED HER WITH HER CLAN!" Tsunade said in anger making the Kage's shake in fear with Mei only giggling.

With Shizune

"Ahahah Naru-chan getting more and more girlfriends." Shizune knew of Grayfia's position but still found it cute, nonetheless. Something she could tease Naruto about.

"Look at that! Onii-chan and Nee-chan love one another!" Yui clapped happily.

Eri blushed, "Woah… grown-up stuff." Eri said looking at Satsuki and Naruto kissing.

Kakashi could only shake his head, "Well this is certainly new."

With Naruto and Satsuki

"Wow… amazing." Satsuki and Naruto pulled apart as she blushed, "I bet my ancestors and family are rolling over in their graves right now."

Naruto opened his eyes as he looked at Satsuki, "W-woah…" Naruto looked at the Uchiha girl, "Woah is right! Ahahahaha seems you're making yourself a harem brat!" The nine tails chuckled in the seal watching this all play out.

With Kuroka

"THAT LITTLE SLUT GET AWAY FROM MY MAN! I CALLED HIM FIRST!" Kuroka tried to walk over to beat the Uchiha to an inch of her life. Karui, Omoi, Yugito, and B did all they can to stop her.

Kage Booth

"Oh, jeez at this rate he is going to have himself a harem." Hiruzen sighed.


"YOU PERVERT!" Tsunade growled as Jiraiya shrunk in fear as he turned around.

"M-Mercy?" He said with his voice cracking.

A/N: That's it! So, I did something thinking about making this complicated. So, Grayfia is still Numero Uno, I know crazy right? Now there is Satsuki… Kuroka… Ino… Irina... Chisato... and even possibly Asia? Where is Koneko? Well, Koneko has yet to be introduced! which some people wanted. Hmmm and I handling this right so far? The interaction between the characters specifically Naruto and the girls? I'm willing to try it… but I need to know how many of you guys are against it. I'll make the decision in the end, if you want to know what happens join my discord! FbQHG7xbFP that is the code. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed! TitanFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!