Catching Up

Hello, and back with another chapter! Sorry, for the long wait. I was just so caught up in my other stories that I neglected this one! I gotta show this story some LOVE! Speaking of love, it's finally time for Naruto to start taking his own initiative! Well more or less begin finding a girlfriend of some sorts. I've decided that if Naruto will begin getting together with Grayfia first. Since it was first decided, but as for starting a family, I know who it will be. Mainly because it makes the most sense for me to do this! Anyways onto the story!

Last Chapter

"Hai, hai I hear you." Naruto put his hands up defensively.

The scene began to zoom out from the door as the Senju family began to catch up. As for my viewers, we see that Eri, Yui, and Shizune blocked the back of Naruto's shirt while Tsunade hugged him. Once she let go Tsunade continued to talk as she went to go sit back down in her seat. Eri and Yui stood on both sides of Naruto holding onto him. Shizune stood on the side with a smile as Sumo and Tonton came running with a lunchbox for Tsunade. Once they recognized Naruto they ran over. Which the viewers lost sight of Naruto's back as he turned around and knelt down petting Sumo's head and picking up Tonton. However, Sumo barked upset which Naruto picked them both up. Sumo is not a little puppy anymore, she was a full-grown Ninja hound. Which once Naruto picked her up and Tonton. Sumo began to lick his face as everyone began to laugh.

Once everyone began to calm down, Naruto placed them both down, much to Sumo's chagrin. We were finally able to see the wording on Naruto's Haori, Konoha's Second Flash, 木ノ葉のセカンド閃光.

This Chapter (Senju Compound)

Naruto sat on the couch as Yui and Eri both sat next to him cuddling into his arm, "Man you two have grown up so much! Yui! You seem so much stronger the last time we met!" Naruto could see the toned muscles that Satsuki she had.

Yui nodded her head excitedly, "Yeah I did! I did lots of training with Kaa-chan, Satsuki-Nee, and Kakashi sensei! I've had some sparring here and there with Tou-san too! I even got a fully matured Sharingan!" Yui stated with her Sharingan spinning into the three tomoes.

"Wow, Yui! I'm so proud of you! Keep up the hard work!" Naruto patted her head earning a happy giggle from her, "Now how about you Eri? What have you been up to?"

Eri smiled as she looked at her hands, "I've been training with Kaa-chan and Nee-chan a lot! They've been teaching me how to use medical ninjutsu, I'm more of a combat medic like Kaa-chan. Sakura-Nee has even helped me out a lot too! Tou-san has even said that I'll even surpass Kaa-chan and Sakura-Nee one day!" Eri said with a big grin appearing on her face.

Yui and Eri both loved it when Naruto praised them, "That's great! I know my two Imoutos will be amazing one day!"

"No way! Onii-chan is best! So, what was your training like!" Yui knew that Naruto was would always be the best!

"Yeah! Onii-chan the strongest!" Eri argued back.

"Now, now you two there are always someone stronger out there. However, that doesn't mean I can't get stronger. Onii-chan has a lot of enemies so I need to keep getting stronger, otherwise, they might after you." Naruto poked their noses earning a worried look on their faces, "You're still kids, but I know they'll use you two to get to me, "I should probably go see everyone, you guys want to come with?" Naruto stood up with Eri and Yui jumping to their feet.

"Yeah, let's go see Satsuki-Nee! You know they never stopped missing you! Satsuki-Nee and Grayfia-Nee have been training really hard!" Yui added with a skip in her step as she walked towards the door.

"I bet they have, a spar with them definitely wouldn't be a bad thing." Naruto then turned his head to call out to Shizune, "Hey Shizune-Nee! I'm heading out with the girls!"

"Alright have fun you three!" Shizune called back out as she went to continue cleaning up the house. She was on her way to deliver some more paperwork to Tsunade. Which off in the distance you could already hear the echoes of Tsunade's rage towards paperwork.

Naruto couldn't help but grin at the two, "I still can't believe how much you two grew up! You guys will have to spar with me. I'll get to see how much stronger you guys have gotten too!" Naruto patted their heads.

"Yeah! Kaa-chan even taught me how to infuse chakra into my punches." Eri said with a happy smile missing Naruto's own worried look on his face. He wondered how strong Eri could possibly become, her chakra control, at least when he last saw her, was really good for her age.

Naruto and the girls made their way towards Grayfia's apartment. Naruto let a quick breath out, Naruto walked up and knocked on the door, "Coming." A voice spoke out, and the Senju family heard footsteps walk up to the door.

Once the door opened Naruto put his hand up, "Hey Grayfia it's been a while! It's great to see ya, you look great! You've changed so much!" Naruto couldn't believe how much Grayfia has changed. Grayfia is now a beautiful young woman standing at a height of 5'8 with back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids and red eyes. Her outfit is a black shirt with golden caramel accents at the edges of the shirt and spread horizontally near the bottom, with two light golden trims going down the shirt; and the shirt splits slightly above her stomach, exposing her midriff. Around her neck and shoulders is a long, cyan scarf made from light material that reaches her hips. Her jeans are blue, with a white outline at the top. (A/N: In case you guys might have forgotten but I like the Manga version of Grayfia when she has red eyes).

Grayfia couldn't help but notice how much Naruto has changed. Grayfia slowly walked out and placed a Naruto on his cheek, "Naruto… is that really you?" Grayfia had a tint of pink appear on her cheeks.

"Yeah, it is, it's really great to see ya. I was wondering if you want to get the others and catch up?" Naruto suggests, but then Grayfia shook her head no which earned a confused look on Naruto's face.

Grayfia walked up and wrapped both arms around Naruto's arm, "Tomorrow you and I, date, in front of the Kage mansion. 10:00 am don't be late." Grayfia said with a smile appearing on her face which Naruto went to say something. However, Grayfia didn't let him and placed a quick kiss on his lips. She turned to walk into her apartment and waved by to Naruto, "Have a good day Yui! Eri!" Grayfia then said hi to the two young Senju sisters after her quick discussion with Naruto.

Naruto stood there in surprise after she didn't let him answer and shut the door on him. Naruto turned to Eri and Yui not knowing what happened, "Did I just get forced into a date…"

"Yeah, you did Onii-chan, man you've gotten soft over the three years." Yui didn't realize as Naruto felt the word hit home. Naruto comically hung his head as the word 'soft' shot through his heart.

"Wow, Onii-chan I knew Grayfia liked you. What are you going to say to Satsuki-Nee then? I know she likes you too." Eri asked curiously which Naruto had no idea what to say.

"Well… uhhh I guess we can go see Satsuki then. I'm not even to sure how she will react." Naruto shuddered a bit, he knew that Satsuki wouldn't be too happy either. Naruto's mind then wandered over towards Chisato and wondered how much she has grown, "Well let's get going, hopefully, she takes the news… as good as I hope she will." The three quickly made their way towards the Uchiha compound and found Satsuki's house. Naruto knocked on the door, but Yui opened it and walked right in.

"Satsuki-Nee! Hello!" Yui called out which made Naruto sigh, apparently Yui and Eri and barge in whenever they wanted.

"Hm? Yui? Eri? What the heck are you two doing all the way over here?" Satsuki came walking down the stairs in just panties, a lose white T-shirt, with her hair still wet. Satsuki looked down at Eri and Yui who were at the foot of the stairs. Satsuki kept going down until she saw Satsuki and Eri began pointing at the door, "What are you two… pointing at." Satsuki finished coming to the bottom of the steps to see Naruto standing there.

Naruto stared for a moment seeing how much Satsuki changed over three years. Satsuki was now 5'8, about the same height as Grayfia. Her hair in the back seemed a bit longer with it coming down to her waist. Her chest wasn't as big as Grayfia's, but Satsuki has grown nicely in the bust department. Naruto could definitely see how toned her legs were along with her flat and toned stomach. Naruto could even see her tone gluteals, "H-Hey Satsuki… it's great to see you… you look… stunning." Naruto blushed as he let a low chuckle out.

Satsuki forgot what she was wearing as she ran up to Naruto and gave him a hug, "Naruto!" Satsuki said with a cheerful look on her face. Satsuki pushed her face into Naruto's chest, "Man, I've missed you so much!" Satsuki pulled away for a moment while keeping her hands on Naruto's shoulders, "Wow look at you! You've changed so much! You've… grown so much… your taller and… handsome now." Satsuki couldn't help but blush, "Wow." Satsuki had a hard time taking her eyes off of Naruto's face.

Yui giggled walking up next to them, "Hehehe! Onii-chan Satsuki-Nee has been really looking forward to seeing you! Once Tou-chan came back. Satsuki didn't stop bothering Tou-chan until he told her about your training!"

"Ack! Yui! STOP!" Satsuki placed a hand over Yui's mouth.

"Satsuki-Nee… what's this?" Eri tilted her head confused picking up an orange book.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Satsuki screamed launching herself off of Naruto grabbing the book out of Eri's hand, "T-T-This is something I do in my free time! I like creating book covers!" Satsuki's eyes began to spin with a giant blush appearing across her face.

Naruto facepalmed sighing, "Besides that, how have you been Satsuki? Training hard? I can see how well-toned you are. You've been working out really hard, I even saw how much Grayfia has changed. She seems really strong now too." Naruto walked over helping Satsuki up after he got a good look at her ass.

"I… you looked at me didn't you." Satsuki sent Naruto a small glare which he chuckled a bit nodding his head. Satsuki sighed, "Well… I don't really mind anyway, I'm glad you're here. I actually want to talk to you about something. Eri, Yui why don't you two go outside and play with Sumo."

"Wait Sumo is here?" Naruto said surprised which a bark came from the back.

"She comes here when she wants someone to train with her. Hana Inuzuka taught me how to fight with a Ninja hound. Sumo and I would go on missions often with Kakashi, so it's a good combo." Satsuki said with a smirk making a peace sign with her fingers.

"That's cool, now run along you two." Naruto patted Eri's and Yui's heads as they ran outside with Sumo barking ready to play with the girls. Naruto and Satsuki went into the family room and before Naruto knew it he was pushed onto the couch. Satsuki straddled him making Naruto's eyes widen, "W-Wait what's going on?! Hold up I'm not mentally ready for something like this!"

Satsuki raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms underneath her C-cup breasts, "First of all, not what I was planning, two that's my line, and three shut up." Satsuki laid on top of Naruto as if she was snuggling with him. Satsuki rested her head on Naruto's chest which slowly rose and fell. Satsuki just let the silence hover in the air until she lifted her head up. Naruto was looking at her confused the entire time, "First things first." Satsuki leaned forward placing her lips over Naruto's. Satsuki held it as she began to make out with Naruto. Naruto got lost in his own bliss as he put his hands on Satsuki's waist. The two continued to kiss which Satsuki opened her mouth a bit allowing Naruto to explore with his tongue. Naruto did the same for Satsuki giving her the chance to try it as well.

The two continued for another few seconds until they broke for air, "Uhh *huff* that was a little *huff* unexpected." Naruto smiled as Satsuki tried to get her gears in her head moving.

"Y-Yeah… *huff* Itachi-Nii… the other day he stopped by. He didn't talk to me directly, but he sent a crow towards me. I got pulled into a Genjutsu. He told me everything, along with you finding a way to heal his disease as well." Satsuki looked down as she closed her eyes, "Naruto don't do anything… the reason I ask of this is that we're on the council's good graces. However, there is something you should know."

"What did they do." Naruto sat up with Satsuki still sitting in his lap.

"I was able to worm my way out of being put in the CRA. For a while, since you left, I've been constantly pressured to be put into the CRA." Satsuki began to tell the story a few days after Naruto left the village to go train.

Flashback Three Years Ago, Five Days After Naruto Left

Council Meeting

"Ugh so explain to me why you guys wanted an emergency meeting?" Tsunade asked confused as she crossed her arms under her bust. Everyone was there, each and every one clan were there and being represented.

"We called the meeting to discuss an important meeting, first things first. Hokage-sama if you would, we received an alliance negotiation from the Raikage of Kumo and the Mizukage from the Kiri." Danzo placed out some files on the table giving them to Tsunade.

"Wait why wasn't this given to me? Something like this should have been given to me directly." Tsunade said raising her eyebrow.

"The messenger birds carrying the scroll were killed, so one of my men scouting the area found the birds dead." Danzo snapped his finger as an Anbu dropped down held up the two dead bodies of the hawks with an arrow pierced through them.

Tsunade signaled her own Anbu to drop down. The Neko masked Anbu inspected the bird, "It's as stated correctly, the birds were shot down about five days ago. They're dead."

"I see, then continue." Tsunade gestured to him.

"Yes, we just found them today, so here they are." Danzo rolled the two scrolls towards Tsunade. Tsunade saw that there was an alliance seal on the scrolls. So, Danzo knew what the seal was, and didn't look into the scroll, "Before we start, I would like to ask a question regarding Satsuki Uchiha."

Satsuki, who was representing the Uchiha Clan, flinched a bit hearing her name coming out of Danzo, "Y-Yes." Satsuki said nervously as a hand was placed on her shoulder. Satsuki looked to her right to see a smiling Kakashi next to her representing the Hatake Clan.

"Regarding your relationship to Naruto, ask what's your status is with him? Are you dating? Lovers?" Homura interjected asking curiously.

"We." Satsuki cleared her throat, "We're friends, right now we're just friends. You already know about the proposition for him. Why is something wrong?"

"Nothing wrong, it's more he won't be back for three years. Within a couple of years you would be of age to start bearing children would you not?" Koharu asked earing a nod from Satsuki.

"Tsunade-sama, don't you think you should bring it up now?" Danzo looked at her which made Tsunade sigh, she really wanted to get out of this stupid meeting.

"That's Hokage-sama to you, and yes I was going to tell her about this later. When the time was ready. Sorry Satsuki, but the cat is out of the bag." Tsunade pulled a scroll out and rolled it towards Satsuki.

Satsuki was a little nervous and opened the scroll. Satsuki's eyes scanned the scroll; with each line, she read Satsuki's eyes widen more and more. Satsuki looked at Tsunade in shock and confusion, "Wait?! Since when this come along?! Why was this agreed upon?!"

"Sorry Satsuki, but we have our hands tied here." Tsunade scratched the back of her neck ashamed, she knew that Naruto would be absolutely furious.

"You mean to tell me… that I was put into a marriage agreement to two guys who I don't who they are who are the sons of a Daimyo? To be specific the Kumo and Kiri?!" Satsuki shouted in anger which Tsunade hung her head.

"I'm sorry, granted we aren't in an alliance with one another. We are, however, in a trading alliance with them. They're offering to bolster their supplies of goods, jobs, and much more that Konoha needs to keep running. For this, it involves the civilian council because it affects them. I may be in charge of my Shinobi and they can't push you to do missions or anything. However, when it comes to the social-economic benefits of the village. I must take the look and put both into account, I said my peace, I said no. It's because the sons of the Daimyos are promising Shinobi themselves. So, in turn, their genes would go along great with yours. That's what the council liked." Tsunade sighed as she looked at the council, "The ones who have a say in here are me, Koharu, Homura, and Danzo. They make up the rest of the civilian council members who have a say in this matter."

"Don't worry Satsuki, we all went against it." Tsume said growling at the council for putting a girl through this. The other clans in there agreed, but the clan heads were outnumbered compared to the civilian council. Hiruzen even hung his head, it was a difficult position for anyone to be put in.

"Wait a second! What about the idea of being with Naruto!" Satsuki tried to argue but Danzo shook his head.

"Just because you have his child, you may have one or two. We need to bring the Uchiha clan back from its near extinction. You know what your brother did." Danzo said cruelly earning a glare from Satsuki with her three tomoe spinning at him.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HIM!" Satsuki shouted, she wanted to cave the old mummies' face in. However, Kakashi kept a firm grip on her shoulder keeping her in the seat.

With Yui and Eri

"Eri! Yui! Come on now! I need to get back to work! I know you guys want to see Kaa-chan and Satsuki-Nee! However, they're in a meeting!" Shizune called out in the Hokage's office trying to find the two troublemakers.

Eri and Yui giggled with one another as they were able to sneak past Shizune and made their way down the halls. The two came up to a double-door room that seemed to be closed at the moment, "Hey! Satsuki-Nee and Kaa-chan are in here!" Eri said happily.

The two opened the door but they saw Satsuki with her head hung down with tears running down her cheeks. Satsuki DID NOT want to be given off to two random people she doesn't know. She doesn't want to be used as some damn breeding machine for others! Especially not for the economic help of the village! Yui and Eri both saw Satsuki in tears, but before anything could happen Yui marched up angrily, "HEY! WHO MADE SATSUKI-NEE CRY!" Yui accidentally caused her eyes to shift in the Sharingan making everyone's eyes widen.
Tsuande shot from her seat and held Yui defensively, Yui looked at Tsunade, "Kaa-chan! Who made Satsuki-Nee cry! Who did it! I won't let anyone make the people I care about cry!" Eri walked up nodding her head ready to support Satsuki all the way.

"How is there another Uchiha? There should only be Itachi and Satsuki!" Danzo's eyes widen in shock, and he wondered what Itachi must have done.

"How Naruto found her, in the Land of Waves as an orphan. It's simple so we don't know. How would have Itachi have known an Uchiha left while pregnant to the land of waves? Yui, you need to leave with Eri okay? Go find Shizune okay?" Tsunade gently pushed them out of the room and closed it. Yui and Eri were hesitant and worried for Satsuki but nodded their heads and left.

"How could this possibly be? All Uchiha always stayed in Konoha… unless Itachi… you didn't!" Danzo could only think of one thing, "That makes no sense… why would Itachi have a child, abandon it? It would have to be Itachi… is that girl Itachi's child?"

Tsunade grit her teeth along with Hiruzen beginning to look worried, "Yes… Yui is Itachi's daughter, but we don't know who the mother was. All we know is we found her at the Land of Waves."

"Should we worry about there being another massacre? Or even her possibly wanting to take her revenge for her Itachi by annihilating the village?" A civilian council member asked, but they were immediately shut up when Tsunade lost it her shit.

"YOU DARE SAY MY CHILD WILL TURN OUT LIKE HIM! NO WAY IN HELL!" Tsunade roared angrily as she walked over to the council member. She grabbed him by his collar and shook him violently, "YUI IS AN INNOCENT CHILD! SHE IS MY CHILD! BLOOD OR NOT! YOU WILL DO NOTHING AGAINST HER! IF I FIND SOMEONE SO MUCH AS ANYONE OF YOU TRY TO GLARE AT HER! I'LL BEAT YOU TO AN INCH OF YOUR LIFE MYSELF!" The voice of Tsunade Senju roared throughout the room causing everyone to tense up. Tsunade then proceeds to completely body slam the civilian into the ground. While also giving him a swift kick in the ribs for his comment.

Satsuki didn't know what to say or think, she had no idea how to go against their word. Then also thought worriedly for Yui too, she didn't want the villagers to think ill towards her.

End of Flashback

Naruto tightened his fist, "Seems things just didn't go your way." Naruto hugged Satsuki closely not wanting to let go. Satsuki didn't mind it, but it did still scare her, "You weren't… forced to go were you?" Naruto asked since he was gone for three years. They said within two years she would be of proper age to bear children.

"No… but I have been asked to go see them… Tsunade has done what she can to keep me away. I've been going on constant missions to get away from the issue." Satsuki let a small smile out, "I'm sorry."

"Hey! There is nothing to be sorry about! You're doing what you can, I'll see what I can do. I'll use every leverage idea I can use. I don't care if I abuse it or make myself seem spoiled with the name of Senju. I'll do it to get you out of this." Naruto leaned in and kissed Satsuki, once they separated Naruto sent her a smile, "We got a long road ahead of us, but I'm here now. I'll help you out with this."

Satsuki smiled and bowed her head a bit, "Thank you, thank you so much. This is why I fell in love with you! You're never giving up attitude, if something doesn't work you try something else. Even if the means of doing it isn't always the best view of you." Satsuki kissed Naruto again enjoying the feel of his lips. Having the intimacy made Satsuki feel at ease, for whatever reason it was as if she and Naruto have always done it.

Naruto and Satsuki pulled away for a moment, "I thought about you, Chisato and Grayfia while I was away. For a while I thought about you guys, so… I was hoping that you would be okay with me. Me being selfish, I can't just choose one of you." Naruto bowed his head, "I do feel ashamed about it, but between you, Grayfia, and Chisato… I had a hard time."

Before Naruto could continue Satsuki placed a finger on Naruto's lip and giggled, "That's okay, we knew you couldn't choose one of us. Chisato, Grayfia, and I have been hanging out when we can during our free time." Satsuki got off of Naruto's lap, "I know why you have a hard time choosing between the three of us. That goes to show how much you care about us and our feelings. You'd rather let yourself stay single and alone for the rest of your life. So, that's why we agreed to share you if you're that amazing to have caught the hearts of three of us. It must mean that you're a really genuine person."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked confused.

"It's who you are Naruto, your will to never give up. You continue to get stronger to protect the ones you consider important. You train hard and push yourself during training. You're genuine too, you don't treat us like we're trophies to show off. You have never forced us to do anything that we weren't comfortable with. You made us love you, not the person who saved us or changed who we are for the better. We loved you because we loved you, Naruto… Naruto Senju." Satsuki smiled as she put her forehead on Naruto's and smiled, "That's why we agreed to share you, and if anyone so happens to join later."

"Wait… so you know about Grayfia and how she." Naruto was interrupted by Satsuki.

"How she asked you on a date tomorrow at 10:00 am?" Satsuki giggled which Naruto nodded his head, "She said little to nothing because she wants to find out what you did over the three years. Along with her wanting to tell you what she has done over the three years too."

"Oh… I see then." Naruto chuckled a bit, "So that's why she didn't let me say much of anything. I guess Grayfia still hasn't changed has she." Naruto joked making Satsuki giggle, "Well, honestly I have to count myself lucky. It was hard for me to choose between you three anyways."

Satsuki nodded her head, "I see, but… I don't like to put you out in the spotlight Naruto. I want an honest opinion. I won't think of you any less or any different regardless of how you answer. If you were to only marry one of us. Who would have it been?"

Naruto smiled as he put his finger on his lip, "Honestly, right now I don't know. I feel like now that we've matured and grown-up. This would be the time for me to really get to know you girls." Naruto closed his eye for a moment and really picture himself far into the future, "If I were to answer you now… I won't lie. It would honestly be you Satsuki." Naruto gave her a big grin on her face.

Satsuki blushed, "I-I see… that really does make me feel happy." Satsuki leaned into Naruto's shoulder. Naruto wrapped an arm around her, "Also… sorry for the sudden kissing, I've been wanting to do that for such a long time now. I couldn't really hold it back anymore."

Naruto felt his heart flutter from that, "I can see why you girls like me, but sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Anyways, I'll see what I can do about those Daimyo's son. You're mine Satsuki, I know we've just started a relationship. I don't care though, you, Grayfia, and Chisato mean a lot. Grayfia and you were my first friends and teammates. Then Chisato was there to help me through the rough times along with you." Naruto found a lock of Satsuki's hair that seemed to be singled out from the other parts of her hair. Naruto gently touched it and began to stroke Satsuki's hair, "You've also got really soft hair."

Satsuki leaned in as she placed a hand touching the back of Naruto's head, "You got a mini ponytail here!" Satsuki giggled at the small ponytail, "Which makes me wonder, while out traveling how did you keep your hair so clean?"

"Oh, that's easy, while sparring I would continuously work on chakra control. I learned to send chakra to the hairs on my head. That kept the dirt and grime out of it, while also pushing the sweat off my hair quickly." Naruto smiled proudly at the idea making Satsuki find that interesting, "I also learned to do this." Naruto made a few hand seals, Needle Jizō! Naruto called out as his hair grew out which began to wrap around his entire body along with Satsuki.

"Woah this is cool! You think I can learn this?" Satsuki asked curiously which Naruto nodded his head.

"I learned to take it a bit farther than what Ero-Sennin could do." Naruto made a tiger sign which the ends of his hair split creating two whips that Naruto could control, "Along with these." Four Uzumaki sealing chains formed behind Naruto's back, "This gives me great maneuverability, defense, and attack. However, it requires a lot of concentration to attack. It's not battle-ready, so I only use it as an absolute defense." Naruto praised his work as he held out a kunai making Satsuki recognize it.

"Wait a second… that's the same kunai design the Yodaime used." Satsuki looked into Naruto's eyes as she began to look at him in shock, "No way… don't tell me you've learned to use it?!" Satsuki's shocked expression turned into an excited expression.

"Yeah, I can use it in battle, but long-distance takes me a few moments to think on." Naruto held up his hand showing her a Kanji on his hand, "If I send chakra into my palm and directly decide to place a seal down. It can never be removed just like Tou-san's couldn't be removed." Naruto stopped chakra going to the seal on his hand, which the seal then disappeared from his hand.

"That's amazing! You know later on; we're actually having a spar with someone later." Satsuki smirked, "I can't wait! Team 7 is back!"

"Oh! I wonder if we're fighting against Kakashi-sensei! That means Grayfia would be there too!" Naruto smirked thinking about fighting Kakashi, he wondered how much he has grown.

"Yeah! But don't think I got weaker either! One of these day's we'll have to spar and see who is stronger." Satsuki balled her fist thinking about their fight, "Oh yeah, I heard that Irina is going to be back within a few days. I know she's been waiting for a spar; I wonder how much stronger her Kenjutsu has gotten."

"I know my game has gotten much better! Itachi taught me everything, even helped me find a weakness in the Sharingan." Naruto smirked making Satsuki's eyes widen which made her begin to think about the weakness, "It is like the flaw in the Hyuga's 306 degrees of vision… I don't know how it's possible… but him just saying that. Makes me feel on edge." Naruto chuckled realizing that he got Satsuki, hopefully, he can use it to his advantage, "Though overall how do you take the whole thing Itachi went through."

Satsuki growled lowly, "More than anything, I want Danzo dead. Wiped off the face of the Elemental Nations! However, I don't have any real valid reason to do so." Satsuki looked at her lap angrily, "I hope we can dig up dirt on him one day."

Naruto nodded his head, "I know how you feel, I'm glad Danzo slipped up because Itachi said that if Danzo tried to lay a hand on you. He would start leaking information about the Leaf to other villagers. However, he merely told me, Jiraiya, Kaa-san, and a few trusted Johnin he knows about the real reason behind the Uchiha Massacre." Naruto placed a arm around Satsuki pulling her into an embrace with his right arm.

Satsuki just leaned into the hold, "Yeah, Itachi-Nii did what he thought was right. One day, I hope he is seen as a hero. Deep down I knew he wasn't a bad person, he's the most selfless and honorable person to ever walk the Elemental Nations. Just like you." Satsuki placed a kiss on Naruto's cheek continuing to enjoy the embrace. Satsuki then rested her head on his shoulder.

The two grew quiet, but it was a good quiet. They didn't need to talk or really interact to know how they felt with one another. Naruto even began to think to himself, if this was really what he was hoping for in life. Even if he has multiple partners, he would be happy nonetheless in the end, "Do the others know about your predicament?"
"Yes, they do, but alas they don't have much influence to really help out. I don't want to use you as a way out." Satsuki closed her eyes; she really did want to try to tackle this on her own, "Naruto do you think I rely on you too much?"

Naruto thought about it thoroughly and shook his head, "No, I don't think so, not once do I remember you really needing my help in anything. Maybe, to help keep you focus on our goal before. That was to bring Itachi in, but that was really it. You've pathed your own path, so I don't think it's a bad thing for me to help out."

Satsuki nodded her head, "I just want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing here. I don't even know what to do on how to get out of this. The only way is through you or some other means. Even then I'm limited, not a lot can influence a Daimyo." Satsuki began to nervously fiddle with her fingers, which Naruto placed a hand on her hands.

"One step at a time, for now, let's get ready. I'm sure Kakashi doesn't want us… correction I'm sure he will be late. So, why don't we drop the girls off at the compound and make way towards which training ground?" Naruto asked not knowing which one to go to.

"Our usual training grounds or did you forget?" Satsuki smirked smugly which Naruto brushed her tone off.

"Hey, it's been three years! Our grounds could have easily been switched around and I wouldn't have known!" Naruto argued back making Satsuki giggle at Naruto's slight childish tendencies.

"I missed you Naruto, three years, maybe you changed in looks. However, I wonder how much you've changed mentally." Satsuki got up and went upstairs to grab her gear. While making sure to sway her hips hypnotizing Naruto as he watched her go upstairs.

Naruto quickly shook his head and stood up. He made his way towards the back and found Eri and Yui riding on Sumo's back, "Hey girls! Come one let's go. I need to take you back to the house!" Naruto called as the girls came running over. Naruto then turned around to find Satsuki wearing a high-collared, short-sleeved shirt and blue wrist warmers. Along with dark blue pants, over which hangs a blue cloth that covers her from his stomach to her knees, which she secures with a dark purple rope.

"Alright let's go." Satsuki headed towards the door with Naruto deciding to put his Haori away. He wanted to surprise Kakashi, Irina, and Grayfia when they sparred. The group made their way to the Senju compound and dropped Sumo, Yui, and Eri off as Shizune took them in.

The two waved the others goodbye through the front door. Just then Neko landed in front of them, "Senju-sama, Uchiha-san, Hokage-sama, and Sandaime-sama have requested you to go to training ground 7."

"Yeah, be right there, it's good to see you Yugao-sensei." Naruto waved to her which Yugao smiled, but quickly shook her head.

"Senju-sama please refrain from being a Kakashi-Kaichou. It's Neko-san also, I'm sure you're far above me anyways. No need to call me Sensei anymore." Neko went to leave but Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Regardless Yugao-sensei will always be Yugao-sensei to me." Naruto smiled giving her a foxy grin making Yugao blush behind her mask. Naruto and Satsuki took to the roofs making their way towards training ground 7. It didn't take long and landed in the clearing to find Tsuande, Hiruzen, Kakashi, Grayfia, and even Irina, "Yo! Irina! I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow!" Naruto walked up giving the brunette a hug.
"Naruto it's so good to see you! Wow! Look how much you've grown! You're so handsome now!" Irina said with a chirpy smile on her face.

"Yeah, you've grown up to be so beautiful too! Thank you! Now let's see why were we all summoned here?" Irina turned to Tsunade.

"Simple, I want to see where everyone's strength is." Tsunade snapped her finger as Kakashi jumped down next to her as he held up two bells.

"Here you go Naruto." Kakashi gave Naruto an eye smile tossing him the bells, "Let's see how much you guys have progressed. I think it's the best for you all to go up against Naruto!"

Naruto began to sweat a little bit, "W-Wait a second! Against all of them! I might be good! But I don't know if I'm THAT good!"

Just then weasel dropped down, "I'd say otherwise, I'm positive you can handle them on your own Naruto."

Hiruzen turned to weasel, "Ahhh Weasel! Glad to see you here, you here to see how much your student has progressed?"

"Yes, I am, I'm looking forward to it." Weasel nodded his head following Hiruzen, Tsunade, and Kakashi off to the side.

Naruto stared at the bells in his hands and sighed. He closed his eyes and gripped them tightly, he then tied them to his hip. Naruto fell into a stance and jumped back a bit from Grayfia, Satsuki, and Irina. Naruto summoned Fushigiri from his seal on his wrist, "Well it seems I have to do this, well I've been wanting to fight you guys anyways."

"Hey what you girls say? We bomb rush him or we get our individual turns?" Satsuki looked at them which Irina smirked.

"You know my answer." Irina held her sword up, "I want to fight him one v one. I'm sure he'd be in a troubling spot if it was all of us. I know for a fact that Mimic has been wanting to clash swords with Naruto."

"Alright, I'm fine with that, Grayfia?" Satsuki turned to her as Grayfia didn't say anything, but gave Satsuki a look, "Alright then, I'm assuming it's decided then, Irina you can go first."

Irina walked forward as she fell into a stance placing Mimic into it's sheathe stance. Naruto twirled his sword in his wrist as he took a beginner's swordsman stance, "Beginner's sword stance, that's something I don't expect. Then again, it's you Naruto! Show me a great fight!" Irina charged forward and brought her sword up and slammed it down. Naruto easily dodged her attack, but Irina stopped it halfway since she didn't put all of her strength into it. This allowed her to bring it back to hit Naruto.

Naruto easily read her attack and brought his sword up to block. However, Irina threw a feint and quickly changed the direction of the blades aiming for the bells, "Not bad." Naruto chuckled as he dropped his arm and loosened his grip on the handle. It allowed the sword to drop a bit where his right hand hit the guard. While he brought up his left hand grabbed the bottom of his handle. Irina's blade directly hit the handle.

Irina's eyes widen along with her mouth making an O, "Interesting! I can see why the beginner class stance works for you!" Irina quickly brought her sword back and backed up a bit.

"Yea it does I've just adjusted it that allows me quicker reaction time." Naruto made a few wrist movements making his sword seem to spin in his hand. Naruto then rushed forward appearing in front of Irina which he quickly swung his sword down. Irina brought her sword up to block. However, just before Naruto's blade made contact with hers. Naruto shifted his body ever so slightly missing Irina's block. Naruto then swung his legs and kicked Irina's feet from under her. Naruto then pointed his sword at Irina's nose.

Irina couldn't even blink and react in time to stop Naruto. Before she knew it, she was on her ass with Naruto pointing his sword at her. Irina could see that Naruto was still leagues ahead of her, "I give, but next time won't be so different. I feel like this wasn't even your true strength."

"No, I won't lie. It wasn't but what do you have to say for yourself. You were holding back just as much." Naruto chided making Irina blush in embarrassment.

"Yeah, I guess you got me there, girls? You want a crack at him?" Irina gestured for one of them.

Just then Tsunade shouted, "WAIT STOP!" Tsunade ran out with a scroll in her hand, "Kakashi I want you four to depart immediately. Naruto, Suna was just attacked what appears to be by the Akatsuki. Kankuro was poisoned by Sasori of the Red Sand, while the Mad Bomber Deidara was seen riding a giant clay bird. They defeated Gaara and are taking him somewhere."

Naruto and the other's eyes widen, but Naruto's face grew serious, "Okay when do we leave?"

"Immediately all of you! Gather what you need and meet a the front gates in thirty minutes! GO NOW!" Tsunade roared out her order as everyone disappeared from sight using the body flicker.

Hiruzen took a drag from his pipe, "Tsunade, there becoming bolder… the three tails is still somewhere, four, five, six, and seven tails have been captured. What do they want with all of them." Hiruzen put his finger on his chin.

"Infinite Tsukuyomi." Weasel stated as he stood up ready to tell them everything.

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes, "Itachi, if they're beginning to move. It's time to fall back, there is no reason to stay. I want as much intel on every single member and their weaknesses."

Tsunade smiled, "I'm glad you were always with us Itachi, I reinstate you as a personal Anbu for me and Hiruzen. Please be ready at moments' notice, and until further notice, you are to remain as Weasel. I'll let my other Anbu know not to question your appearance amongst their ranks. If any try to figure you out, you bring the matter to me, and only me. Am I clear?"

"As you wish Hokage-sama… Sandaime-sama." Weasel then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Itachi and Kisame

Itachi and Kisame were camping a few miles outside of Konoha. Itachi opened his eyes as they spun into the Mangekyou Sharingan, "Kisame time is up, what's your decision?" Itachi appeared behind Kisame with a kunai to his throat.

"Ohhh Itachi, I'm hurt. After all, this time spent together, I thought we worked pretty well. I knew you would betray us. I know it was only a matter of time, so let's see here." Kisame rubbed his chin and smirked, "Continue being a rouge to pursue this quest of this Infinite Tsukuyomi and for what? A shebang with a new start in a genjutsu world? No thanks, I think this side is far more interesting. Though, I am going to ask for safe passage."

Itachi relaxed and smiled putting his kunai away, "I see good, let's begin moving." Itachi changed into his Anbu gear and tossed another set down to Kisame. Itachi also handed Kisame a leaf headband, "If you're going to join us, you might as well wear our attire."

"This is gonna be fun!" Kisame has always wanted to switch sides before. Besides Itachi has been very entertaining to be around, so where he goes Kisame goes.

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