Rescuing a Fellow Friend

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Last Chapter

Itachi and Kisame

Itachi and Kisame were camping a few miles outside of Konoha. Itachi opened his eyes as they spun into the Mangekyou Sharingan, "Kisame time is up, what's your decision?" Itachi appeared behind Kisame with a kunai to his throat.

"Ohhh Itachi, I'm hurt. After all this time spent together, I thought we worked pretty well. I knew you would betray us. I know it was only a matter of time, so let's see here." Kisame rubbed his chin and smirked, "Continue being a rouge to pursue this quest of this Infinite Tsukuyomi, and for what? A shebang with a new start in a genjutsu world? No thanks, I think this side is far more interesting. Though, I am going to ask for safe passage."

Itachi relaxed and smiled putting his kunai away, "I see good, let's begin moving." Itachi changed into his Anbu gear and tossed another set down to Kisame. Itachi also handed Kisame a leaf headband, "If you're going to join us, you might as well wear our attire."

"This is gonna be fun!" Kisame has always wanted to switch sides before. Besides Itachi has been very entertaining to be around, so where he goes Kisame goes.

This Chapter

Once Naruto teleported to his room, he quickly grabbed a handful of Hiraishin kunai and sealed them away. He was battle-ready with the Hiraishin but just wasn't that great with long distance. Naruto grabbed his travel scroll and sealed it away. Naruto then turned and jumped out the window heading towards the front gates.

Naruto thought back a day or so after the invasion from the Sound and Sand.


"Wait Ero-Sennin you saying that Gaara's seal is imperfect? Why?!" Naruto raised his eyebrow confused.

Jiraiya shook his head, "I'm not even too sure why they did that to him. However, you know how Jinchurikis are treated. He's the definition of a Jinchuriki, we will be returning the Suna siblings back to Suna in a few days. Why?"

Naruto looked down at the ground. He tightened his fists and said, "Is there anything we can do for him? I know they were the enemy… but like you've told me before. You hope to try to end the endless cycle of hate. We have to start somewhere… so maybe we can start with Gaara?"

Jiraiya stood there stunned by Naruto's words, he was beaming inside happily. Jiraiya placed a hand on Naruto's head and ruffled his hair, "Smart thinking kid… I'm really glad you turned out amazing. Tsunade-Hime and Shizune raised you well."

Naruto smiled as Jiraiya left to go talk to Tsunade and Hiruzen about this. Naruto on the other hand decided to pay his fellow a Jinchuriki a visit. Naruto walked up to the prison as two Anbu jumped down, "Senju-sama what is the reason you come here?" Neko asked curiously.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and chuckled, "I want to talk to Gaara, it's plain and simple as that."

Neko and Boar looked at one another and both nodded, "Alright, but we will both accompany you."

They opened the doors and followed Naruto in. Naruto walked past various other cells seeing many other criminals. Either people who tried to go rouge, bandits, crazed murderers, or worse. However, Naruto came to a specific holding cell that wasn't as harsh conditions as the others. Naruto walked up to the cell and found Gaara chained. His hands, feet, and neck chained to the wall. The chains were slack so he could move, but his movement was heavily restricted. Along with chakra seals on his back.

The Anbu opened the door and Naruto walked in. Gaara opened an eye as he began to back up and hit the wall, "No! STAY AWAY! I won't let you extinguish my existence!" Gaara didn't want to die if he were to die. He would die alone, by himself. Naruto saw the redhead shake in fear as he shook, Naruto could tell that he was scared. He was scared to die, with no one knowing who he was. Even worse, with no one caring.

Naruto walked in and knelt by Gaara's side, "Senju-sama we advise you not to get so." Boar was interrupted by Naruto.

"Quiet, I want some food. Neko, please go get me two bowls of Miso Pork Ramen from Ichiraku." Naruto asked with a stern tone in his voice which reminded them of Tsunade. Neko silently nodded and Shushined away. In her place, Crow landed to watch over Gaara and Naruto. Naruto placed his hand over Gaara just above him. Naruto saw the cuts, wounds, and definitely the infection spreading on his arm. Naruto unsealed some medical supplies he always carried on him, "Hey take it easy, I'm not going to hurt you."

Naruto took out rubbing alcohol pads, "This is going to hurt, but this will help keep you from getting any more infections. Since you don't have the Bijuu's chakra to help fight it off. I bet your immune system isn't at it's strongest. I bet you're hungry too." Naruto dapped pads on Gaara.

Gaara screamed in pain opened his eyes and punched Naruto in the face. Gaara continued to punch and hit Naruto, Naruto continued to ignore his punches. Yea they hurt, but it didn't compare to the emotional pain he was feeling. Naruto continued to dab his wounds and cuts with alcohol pads to help keep them from getting infected. Naruto then took out some band-aids and placed them all over Gaara. Gaara opened his eyes to find Naruto not fighting back or trying to hit him back. He wasn't scolding him or yelling at him, "W-What…. What are you doing?" Gaara asked with a dry and shaky voice.

"Helping you… because by kami you need it." Naruto finished wrapping up his leg where an infection was spreading. Naruto took some pills out of a bottle, "These are antibiotics, my Kaa-chan along with Shizune-nee and I helped create these. Us Shinobi don't typically need them since we don't get infections all that easily. However, I guess you're in a special condition." Naruto took some out, "You need to take two of these a day. One in the morning and one at night, with about 8 the 9 hours in between. This will help stop the infection from spreading and get rid of it. Make sure you eat something because I was told you're being let go tomorrow."

"W-Why… why are you being so nice to me… I tried to kill you." Gaara was confused by Naruto's actions. Just then naruto placed the pills near his mouth but Gaara, like a child, refused to take them. Naruto sighed as he placed his finger on his skull. Naruto shot a bit of chakra into his head to cause his mouth to go slack. Naruto placed a pill into his mouth. Closed the mouth with his hand. Then moved his hand underneath his jaw and pushed it down using his chakra to make his muscles move. Gaara regained motor control and stuck his tongue out in disgust.

Once Naruto was done, he began to put his medical supplies away, "The reason I am helping you, is because I'm a Jinchuriki too… though we both grew up differently."

"Y-You're a monster… like me?" Gaara was surprised to find this out from Naruto.

Naruto shook his head, "No, I'm not a monster. I'm human." Naruto placed a hand on his heart and then placed it on Gaara's, "Just like you."

"I-I don't understand… how did you not turn out like me?" Gaara was confused why Naruto was being nice. While also wondering why Naruto wasn't like him.

"I have family that loved me, granted I don't know what your life was like. I bet it yours wasn't easy." Naruto wanted to know who he is, "I don't want to be afraid of you Gaara, I want to get to know you."

Gaara was a little hesitant, just then Neko came walking in and placed the two bowls of ramen in front of them, "Thank you Neko-san, here this is ramen. It's amazing!" Naruto moved the hot steaming bowl of ramen towards Gaara.

Gaara took it and broke the chopsticks, "Ummm is there a specific way to eat this?"

"No, just have at it. Get something in your stomach." Naruto began to chow down on the ramen wanting to get something in his stomach. Gaara did the same as he began to eat the ramen with a smile on his face.

Once the ramen was finished Naruto said, "Alright Gaara, I want to get to know you. So I can be your friend, so I need to understand you."

Gaara nodded his head as he began to tell his tale of Sabaku no Gaara.

Little Later

"I see… definitely that easy but tell you what." Naruto smiled as he scooted a bit closer to Gaara showing him that he wasn't afraid of him, "You're Kaa-san, I can guarantee you that she loved you. I know your siblings do too, they are scared yes. Because you act like a murder-happy monster Gaara, and I know you're not that. You're lonely and you want friends and family, and especially love." Naruto made a couple of clones and they transformed into Yui and Eri, "These two girls, are my Imoutos… but guess what. We aren't related."

"Aren't related… I don't' follow?" Gaara tilted his head confused.

"I adopted them… well my Kaa-chan did, but I found them. Alone… in the Land of Waves. They didn't have any brothers or sisters of their own. No parents and lived every day in poverty with little food and water." Naruto had them disperse, "I found them, took them in, and loved them like they were my actual blood Imouto."

"Love… love I don't know what this love it." Gaara clenched his hand over his chest. He remembered how much his heart hurt.

"My Kaa-chan told me something once… this was passed down by the Shodai Hokage's wife." Naruto looked up towards the window in the cell, "We came here to be the vessels of the Bijuus… But before that, we must find love and fill the vessel with it."

Gaara wanted that, he wanted to fill his heart with love, but he didn't know how to, "H-How do I find someone to love… how do I love?"

Naruto smiled as he said, "Family, you can hate or disown your ass of a Tou-san if you want. However, don't throw away Temari and Kankuro, I know they still care about you." Naruto placed a hand on the back of Gaara's head. Naruto pressed his forehead to his and stared into his eyes, "People are afraid of the things they don't understand. I have no doubt that's how Temari and Kankuro feel. However, if you were to let them understand you and love you. You'd be knocking two birds out with one stone. They get to know you, and won't be scared, and you would get love in return."

"W-What do I do to get them to understand me?" Gaara asked quietly as he listened to Naruto, everything he's done. The people he has killed, the countless lives he took without so much of a second thought.

"Simple, be you… well minus the killing and want to give your so-called, 'Mother', blood. No offense but being a nice person can help you go a long way." Naruto sat back as he took a seed out. He punched through the concrete of the cell. Naruto placed the seed into the ground and fed it his chakra. Naruto caused a bonsai tree to grow and used earth chakra to make a pot base for the tree, "Take this, this is a gift. A symbol of our friendship." This made Neko, Boar, and Crow do a double-take. Seeing Naruto use Mokuton is still amazing even if they have seen it before.

Gaara had a smile adorn his face as Naruto then handed him a book, 'The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi', "This is one of the only books that Ero-Sennin ever wrote that I enjoyed. Take this, maybe this can help you get a better gist of who you can become. Also, with that, my time is up here. I'll have Ero-Sennin come by and help fix your seal so you can sleep at night. You'll know it's him when you see him. It was great talking to you Gaara, I'll try to get you out of here sooner. Maybe get a hotel room for the time being, instead of this dump. I can see it in your eyes Gaara, you're like any child. They just want to be loved, and I'll love you Gaara. As a brother of course." Naruto gave him a big foxy grin that went across his face.

Gaara smiled, "I would like that… before you go I have another question." Gaara stood up as he gently placed the bonsai tree on the side. Along with the book, Naruto gave to him on the back with it's cover facing the front, "What drive you to become so strong."

Naruto smiled remembering Haku's words, "When you find the people or person you consider previous then and only then. Can you become truly strong; you'll find the reason why you train as hard as I did. I protect the people I consider precious to me."

End of Flashback

Naruto soon arrived at the front gates and landed. At the same time Kakashi, Satsuki, Grayfia, and Irina landed. Tsunade and Hiruzen were already waiting for them, "Alright the mission will begin." Just then Chisato landed, "Naruto, girls, you know who Chisato is. No introductions needed." Naruto couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Chisato. Chisato grew up to be a stunningly attractive woman with sexy hip-length black hair that has bangs hanging on the right side with two ahoges, green eyes, a mole under her left eye, red round glasses, one earring on her left ear, and a voluptuous figure. Her chest seemed to rival Tsunade's, and her butt was even more toned and bigger than Grayfia's and Satsuki's rear end.

"Hello everyone, I'll be in your care. I may not be battle-ready, but I am ready to help medically." Chisato bowed with a smile on her face, "Thank you for taking care of me!"

"Chisato might even be a better medic than you Naruto or she is rivaling you. I hope you didn't slack on your healing over the three years." Tsunade smirked, taking Chisato on as another apprentice was a great idea. Sakura herself was working her way up becoming a very good Genjutsu user like Kurenai.

"More of the mission details are in the mission scroll, Kakashi is taking charge of this mission. Now off you go!" Tsuande shouted as everyone nodded and took off. Tsunade mentally said, "You better come back to me Naruto, so help me, Kami. No one will save you from my wrath."

Team 7

The team taking to the trees jumped with Chisato resting on Naruto's back. Naruto didn't pay too much attention to Chisato's well-developed chest pressing against his back. Naruto was too focused on double-timing it to Suna. The group soon arrived as they were quickly ushered in by guards. They didn't check their identities or the reason they were there. They were immediately escorted to where Kankuro was thanks to Temari, "Give us a status report on the poison." Naruto asked.

"Well, so far we're not even too sure what it is. He has a high temp, his muscles are cramping, we have never seen anything like this before." Temari had a worried look on her face, she was scared to lose Kankuro, and was a wreck with Gaara captured, "Then… they took Gaara and, and they tried to blow up the village."

"Woah, Woah, Woah, easy Temari just tell us what's Kankuro's condition." Naruto calmed her down, Naruto and Chisato were going to try to work together to help cure him, "Kakashi-sensei, why don't you take everyone else and begin to pursue them. Chisato and I will try to create an antidote to Kankuro and produce more. Take this." Naruto tossed Kakashi a Hiraishin kunai. Along tossing one to Satsuki, Irina, and Grayfia, "I'll teleport as soon as I can."

"You got it; we know you can do it." Kakashi gave his student an eye smile with both of his eyes.

Everyone turned to leave, and Naruto did so too. However, Naruto was turned around which everyone caught in their peripheral vision. They all turned completely to find Naruto and Satsuki's lips touching. Satsuki gently pulled away and smiled, "For good luck on the antidote." Satsuki blushed turning around and walked out the door.

Naruto scratched his cheek letting a chuckle out, "Well it seems." Before Naruto could finish Grayfia walked up and did the same as she grabbed the collar of his shirt. She pulled him in for a kiss. Grayfia separated and walked out leaving Naruto standing there bewildered. Chisato only giggled as she walked off to begin the procedure on Kankuro.

Before Grayfia completely left she said out loud, "I still expect that date when we return."

Kakashi and Irina let a chuckle out. Irina walked up and gave Naruto a hug, "Do what you need here and get to us." Irina didn't have the same feelings towards Naruto as the other girls did. However, she did care about him enough to call him family in her book.

"Oh, Naruto." Kakashi laughed a bit thinking about what Jiraiya's new book would be on.

"I swear if you try to kiss me, I'm going to deck you." Naruto held a kunai up ready to slam Kakashi into the ground.

Kakashi felt the truth behind Naruto's words, he shook his head and left, "I can't wait to see what Jiraiya-sama's next book will be on."

Naruto shook his head walking towards the same room where Kankuro was. The two began to work on Kankuro to figure out the antidote.

Team Kakashi

The four jumped through the trees, and before they left Baku did stop them. He handed team Kakashi a piece of garbs from the Akatsuki robes that were found near Kankuro's battle. So, Kakashi used Pakkun to track the sent to find where they went. Lady Chiyo also joined them letting the group know that Sasori was actually her grandson. She was willing to help take him down and make him pay for his transgression against the Elemental Nations.

Soon the group arrived at a large cave entrance which was blocked off by four seals maintaining a barrier. The group went to all different seals thanks to Satsuki using her Sharingan to find them all. Everyone had their own comms ready to pull at the same time. They called out to pull off at the same time. However, once that was done, they found themselves looking at doppelgangers in front of them. Even Chiyo had one in front of her, the seals must have been altered to make doppelgangers of whoever was within a certain radius.

"Well, it sounds like we all have one of our own. Let's take them down quickly." Satsuki readied a tanto sword that Itachi used when he was in the Anbu.

With Grayfia

Grayfia summoned an ice blade to her hand along with ice blades floating around her. Her imposter did the same thing, Grayfia knew this was going to be hard.

With Irina

Irina found herself against herself with a katana in hand, "Great how annoying…."

"Didn't you just call yourself annoying?" Satsuki chided making Irina frown in annoyance.

"Shut up." Irina readied her sword sending wind chakra into the blade. Her imposter did the same making her grit her teeth.

Back to Naruto

"Look at this Naruto… I found some traces of magnesium in the poison." Chisato took what blood she took from Kankuro and saw it under the microscope.

"A way to treat that is with an injection of calcium gluconate or calcium chloride." Naruto smirked, "Hey we need some salt!" Temari nodded her head yelling at the other nurses to get some salt asap.

"Look at this… some plants were used as poisons too. However, there's also traces of mercury as well. That means we need to administer chelation therapy. We can use an exit cut and use medical ninjutsu to safely extract the mercury once it's solidified in places." Naruto smirked, "I think we figured it out. We make a pretty damn good team Chisato."

"That we do. Come one let's begin making the antidote." Chisato walked over to a petri dish and began to mix the antidote together.

With Team Kakashi

"Damn… how long have we all been at this?" Satsuki said annoyed as she blocked a strike from her imposter, her other self also had the Sharingan as well.

"Has to be an hour soon, but we need to finish this quickly" Kakashi added, but before anything more could happen their clones fell flat on the ground in a puddle of ink, "That's not good, double-time it back to the entrance."

Team Kakashi quickly regrouped at the entrance staring at the large rock before them. Before they could do anything, the door was blown open. Everyone saw Sasori and Deidara, Gaara was slung over Deidara's shoulder, "Ahhh Team Kakashi, we could use them." Sasori mentioned, "Let's try to hurry this up. I don't like to keep others waiting."

Before anything more, Satsuki spoke up, "What the hell was that giant statue in there?"

"Don't worry about it girl, since we're here. We might as well lure the Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki here. Try not to kill anyone… yet." Sasori spoke up as Deidara smiled.

"I'll show them what true art really is!" Deidara smirked making a single tiger hand sign with his left hand.

Everyone prepared themselves for a fight however, there was a swirl that appeared next to them. A man wearing a white mask with a single eye appeared, "Five on two is hardly a fair fight. The Last Uchiha, Last Akuma, and Kakashi the Copycat Ninja. This is the perfect chance to also draw out the Kyuubi Jinchuriki."

Everyone stared at the man not knowing who he was, even Deidara and Sasori didn't recognize him. Everyone else was on guard and they knew they had a long fight ahead of them. Team Kakashi all grew nervous, "We need to back out now, we can't win this one. Their skills are too unknown."

Everyone nodded their heads ready to fall back, even Chiyo knew when it was time to turn tail. However, before they cold move the masked man appeared beside them and grabbed Grayfia and Satsuki. He sucked them into his space-time ninjutsu. Kakashi went to swing at him, but his kunai simply phased right through him. The masked man jumped back next to Sasori and Grayfia.

In the Kamui

When the two landed and found themselves in the Kamui the two saw just a vast space of emptiness, "W-What happened." Grayfia looked in shock around her.

"I-I'm not too sure, but that man that had to be a Sharingan. I've read about a Mangekyou Sharingan having an ability like this." Satsuki frowned; she didn't have hers. However, that didn't mean she would have these abilities.

Back with Kakashi

Kakashi grit his teeth, "What now then, it's clear we're at a stalemate." Kakashi didn't know what to do, he didn't want to leave Grayfia or Satsuki behind.

"It seems to be, but I am inclined you get the Kyuubi Jinchuriki here. Otherwise, I'll become impatient." The masked man spoke in a deep cruel tone making Irina even flinch.

With Naruto

"I think we have everything settled here Naruto, go help the others. I'll watch over Kankuro." Chisato smiled as Naruto nodded his head. Naruto walked over to the sink and washed his hands. He dried them and placed his equipment back on. Before Naruto left Chisato walked up to him pressing her chest up to his. Naruto backed up nervously onto the counter as Chisato got up into his face, "You better come back, I look forward to you taking me out on a date as well." Chisato leaned in and kissed Naruto the lips. She held it for a few seconds longer than Satsuki and Grayfia kissed him for. Once they parted, she smiled as she returned back to her work swaying her hips as Naruto stared.

Naruto quickly shook his head and smiled as he readied to Hiraishin to where the others were. However, he didn't sense four Hiraishin kunai, only two. Naruto's face hardened as threw a kunai into the wall. This surprised Chisato as she saw a concerned look on her face, "Something is wrong, I only sense two of the four kunais I gave to them. I'll be back quickly." Naruto disappeared in a flash of yellow.

With Kakashi

Kakashi stood there with Irina not knowing what to do. Even Kakashi didn't even know himself what to do. However, his hopes and worries only grew when he saw a flash of yellow. Naruto landed next to Irina, "Kakashi-sensei… Gaara." Naruto saw Gaara's lifeless body being slung over by a man with a ponytail. Naruto looked around for Grayfia and Satsuki, "Where are Grayfia and Satsuki." Naruto asked worriedly for their safety.

"Oh… they're safe for now… unless our demands aren't met." The masked man walked forward, "I have them trapped in my space-time ninjutsu. Until you come with us quietly, I'll release them." The masked man tried to wager this scenario without anyone getting killed. When without a non-jinchuriki getting killed.

Naruto growled as his facial features became feral. His whiskers thickened, his teeth sharpened, and his sky-blue eyes turned crimson red with a black slit in the middle.

"Hoho? It seems I poked the beast, so what will it be? Kyuubi Jinchuriki, your capture for the safety of your friends?" The masked man simply held his hand up ready for Naruto to give up willingly.

Naruto grit his teeth, he tried to think about what he could do. However, he couldn't see a way out of this. Naruto tightened his fist, "Promise me… you'll let them go."

"Naruto NO!" Kakashi went to step forward, but Kakashi saw Naruto disappear and appear behind him. Naruto hit Kakashi's pressure point in his neck. He cause Kakashi to fall unconscious, right now Naruto had no choice. There was no other way around, there was no way for him to get out. Unless he wanted the two to get killed, and he couldn't risk that.

Naruto walked forward, "Fine, but I want them to be released." Naruto waited for the man to do something. Irina and Chiyo felt helpless, they couldn't do anything in this situation.

The masked man walked up and held his hand up. He held a chakra sealing seal and placed it on Naruto. Naruto fell to the ground feeling chakra being cut from his system. he was just a sitting duck. He couldn't do anything until he releases Grayfia and Satsuki. Naruto felt Sasori stab him with a poison that sent extraordinary pain throughout Naruto's body. As well as paralyzing Naruto so he couldn't get away. Naruto didn't pass out, he had to make sure Grayfia and Satsuki were released, "Hoh? Still conscious, I'll applaud you for that. He walked up and grabbed Naruto and held a kunai to his throat stopping Irina or Chiyo from doing anything, "Now as we agreed. Oh… and why not, I'll throw you all a bone." The masked man released Grayfia and Satsuki who appeared in front of the masked man. The masked man turned to Deidara, "Drop him, he isn't needed." Deidara dropped Gaara's body onto the ground.

Their eyes widen seeing Naruto held in a headlock with a kunai to his throat, "NARUTO!" Satsuki's Sharingan flared to life wanting to help Naruto.

"Girls don't…. tell Chisato I'm sorry along with Kaa-chan, Eri, and Yui too. Tell everyone I'm sorry that I let them down." Naruto smiled and before they could move the masked man sucked Naruto, Sasori, and Deidara into the Kamui disappearing from sight.

In Konoha

Tsunade was sitting at the desk hoping to Kami Naruto was alright. She was drinking some Sake while signing forms. Though for whatever reason it was, she saw the tip of her Sake bottle crack. Tsunade had a deep gut feeling that something was wrong. Something was horribly wrong.

Back with Team Kakashi

Grayfia fell on her knees, "W-What now…"

Satsuki stood there as she slammed her fist into the ground with tears running down her face. Chiyo frowned, the stories of what Gaara talked about Naruto was true. Even if Chiyo hardly talked to the boy, she knew how much Naruto meant to Gaara. She could see how many of the hearts were capture by Naruto. Chiyo walked over to Gaara and placed her hands on his chest, "You're still young, you have so much to live for Gaara. So please… let me do this much for you." Chiyo began to pour all her chakra into Gaara to give him life again.

The girls watched as the elderly woman poured her chakra into Gaara. Soon, she slumped over and Gaara opened his eyes. He turned his head, and said, "I-I'm alive."

The girls smiled softly, "Yes you are… it's thanks to Lady Chiyo who gave her life up for you. Also, Naruto saved you, he gave himself up to save us." Satsuki looked down at the ground and frowned.

Gaara's eyes widen, "They have Naruto… my brother…" Gaara's eyes became saddened, but he quickly shook his head, "We need to move, quickly. We need to report this and save Naruto fast as possible." Everyone nodded their heads, Gaara used sand to pick up Chiyo's lifeless body and the unconscious Kakashi.

Satsuki and Grayfia walked over and picked up Naruto's gear. They held it close to their chests and followed the others.


Once they made it back to Suna, Gaara had a messenger bird immediately sent out to Konoha. The group then made their way towards the hospital now with an awake and conscious Kakashi. The group walked in so Gaara could check up on Kankuro and see how his sister was doing, "Gaara! You're okay!" Temari hugged her brother.

"I'm fine, I was saved by Lady Chiyo, she will be buried properly with proper respect given to her. She traded her life for mine, so I'm in debt to her." Gaara gave his sister a small smile.

Temari went to thank everyone, but she said, "Where's Naruto?"

Chisato popped her head out as she ran out, she stopped as she saw the downcast look on Satsuki's and Grayfia's faces, "W-What happened to Naruto." Chisato had tears beginning to form at the corner of her eyes.

Konoha an Hour later

Tsunade was sitting at the desk in the Kage tower. She was currently worrying her head off as she called Jiraiya back to the village. She asked for Hiruzen and Shizune to come in, "Tsunade-chan what's wrong that you had to call us here so quickly?" Hiruzen raised an eyebrow.

Just then a Chunin arrived at the room and handed Tsunade a scroll, "Thank you."

"You're welcome Hokage-sama." He left to go back to his post.

Tsunade opened the scroll to see it was from Suna. Tsunade let a small sigh out, "Well it seems the mission was successful. Gaara was rescued and revived by Lady Chiyo." Tsuande kept reading but then her heart fell into her stomach.

Shizune and Hiruzen saw Tsunade stop talking as her body began to shake, "Tsunade-sama what's… oh no… don't tell me."

It took a second for Hiruzen to figure out it, "Wait what's… no Tsunade-chan tell me it isn't."

"M-My baby boy! MY NARUTO!" Tsunade dropped the scroll as she fell on her knees. Shizune quickly ran to her side as Tsunade's side. Tsunade began to cry worriedly over Shizune who helped keep her up.

Hiruzen could only walk over and place a hand on Tsunade's shoulder, "I see, I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am Tsunade-chan…" Hiruzen picked up the letter, "It seems this mysterious person took Grayfia and Satsuki hostage. Then Naruto bribed himself to save the two… that sounds like him."

Just then the window opened with Jiraiya walking through. He saw Tsunade on the ground crying her eyes out and knew something was wrong, "Tell me what's going on." Hiruzen nodded his head.

Hiruzen gave Jiraiya a short summary of the mission. Jiraiya was heavily worried and upset. He looked at Naruto like a son, just like he did for Minato. Before more could be done, Tsunade ceased her crying and gathered herself. Tsunade's and Jiraiya's hair covered their eyes. Tsunade grit her teeth angrily, "They're going to pay… they're going to pay thinking they can take my boy from me! I'LL BE DAMNED IF I SIT IDLY BY!"

Jiraiya's own eyes became cold as ice, "I'm right here with you, maybe it's time I cache a favor in. It's time t bring the Legendary Three Sannin back." Jiraiya summoned a toad and wrote a letter to Orochimaru simply saying, 'It's Time to Pay Up.'

"Sensei you're in charge while we're gone, I'm taking all available Jonin and Chunin to fight. I'm getting my baby boy back, even if it costs my life. Ask Biwako to please look over Yui-chan and Eri-chan for me." Hiruzen nodded his head as Tsunade turned to her Anbu.

"Anbu! YOU KNOW MY ORDERS GET EVERYONE HERE WITHIN 5 MINUTES! OR THERE IS GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY!" Tsunade turned back to her window with a look of anger and worry on her face. The Anbu left quickly not wanting to anger then already pissed off Sannin.

With Naruto

"Sorry about this Kurama… I didn't mean to throw you under the bus. Hell, I'm having a hard time right now just trying to talk to you." Naruto found himself in a dark jail room by himself, "So, please forgive me. Somehow, if I make it through this. We'll get you back together with your other half. Also, try to get everyone to understand Bijuu better so you guys aren't treated horribly anymore.

Just then the doors opened, Naruto saw a man with orange spiky hair, he had purple ripple pattern eyes, he bore six piercings, a metal bar through each ear, three studs through the side of its upper nose, and one spike stud on each end of the bottom lip. It also had three piercings on each wrist, at least one on its upper wrist and some just under his neck, "Hello Kyuubi Jinchuriki, this will take a while. Though your life will not be in vain, it will help create a better world. A world where there will be peace, but before peace can be obtained. Everyone shall know pain, through the pain we can all come to understand one another."

Naruto frowned, "What by gathering all the Bijuus to use them as a weapon? That's oppression, that's not peace, having the people live in fear. We should be living in peace and harmony, nor worrying who or when we'll be stabbed in the back." Naruto spat out more of Jiraiya's ideals, "My Sensei told me that we need to end the endless cycle of hatred. Fear will lead to hatred; we need to learn to understand one another first. We need to end the cycle of hatred."

"Foolish, it seems I'm in the midst of Jiraiya-sensei's other pupil." Pein spoke monotone which made Naruto's eyes widen, "Well it doesn't matter, regardless, we'll begin extraction. This could take a while." Pein used All Might pull and forced Naruto to him. He grabbed Naruto by the throat and carried him to the extraction chamber. Once they arrived her said, "Let's begin."

With Tsunade

Tsunade just finished a meeting of gathering some of Konoha's soldiers. Once done and everyone left Tsuande called for Itachi. Tsunade had Itachi tell the fellow Anbu what he did, so many of them agreed and understood his reasoning, "Itachi tell me, how long will I take for them to extract the Kyuubi from Naruto." Tsunade bit her lip at Itachi's answer.

"It can take anywhere between twenty-four hours to four or five days. Since Kisame and I abandon them, I'd say six days but seven days tops." Itachi replied with Tsunade nodding her head satisfied with his answer.

"The more tails a Bijuu have the longer it takes." Kisame added in which Tsunade sat back into her seat closing her eyes, "We could head out in four hours. By then we can begin trying to save Naruto as quickly as possible. Itachi, you know where their bases are at right?"

"I do, but which one they go to is random." Itachi added which Tsunade grit her teeth.

"Okay, first we need to stop by Suna and pick up the others. We'll need all the manpower we can get." Tsunade finished as she took out some Sake and drank from the jug of it.

Some of the Anbu shivered, an angry, pissed off, drunk Tsuande was something and someone they WOULD NOT want to fight. Pray to whoever meets the end of her fist.

Time Skip One Hour

Tsunade brought Jiraiya, Asuma, Kurenai, Anko, Guy, Yamato, and Shikamaru on their trip. Tsunade also brought Shizune and ordered Hiruzen to watch over Konoha in her absence. Tsunade and their rag-tag team of Johnin booked it to Suna. Tsunade did not give anyone rest, or a moment to catch their breath.

Not that anyone needed to… okay maybe certain lazy Nara did. Tsunade though didn't give two shits.

Troublesome blonds.

They arrived in Suna with a sandstorm trailing behind an angry, worried poised-off, and half somewhat drunk Sannin; who is also the current mother of three. Tsunade immediately booked it to the Kazekage office where Gaara and the others were waiting. Soon two Anbu landed in the room belonging to Konoha. Tsunade ordered Itachi and Kisame to remove their masks, and Tsunade gave everyone a quick rundown and asked Gaara to keep this new intel a secret.

Many internally praised Itachi Uchiha for doing what he did. Not many would have had the guts to slay their own clansmen, "Now Itachi, Kisame, tell us where some of their bases are. We'll be hitting them high, low, hard, fast, and loud as possible. I'm getting my baby back even if it means I need to break the Elemental Nation's tectonic plates into two!"

Itachi nodded his head as he began to point at a map, "They have many bases, one definitely in Amekagure, here in between Ame and Kawa (River), Kusa and Iwa, Hi and Kiri, and finally two in Suna, both on the borders of Ishi and Kawa."

"Ahaha, this is going to be fun; I've always wanted to try tearing Hidan to pieces." Kisame let a disturbing chuckle out in the room making everyone feel on edge. Many couldn't believe that Kisame turned on the Akatsuki just like that for Itachi.

"I don't care what you do to the Akatsuki! I want my Naruto back! NO matter what it takes! Kill everyone damn last one of the stupid Gothic Cape Crusaders. No offense Itachi, Kisame." Tsunade quickly added which they simply replied with, 'None Taken.'

"Well, this is going to be one hell of an attacking, taking it to them directly. We should seriously come up with a strategy." Jiraiya tried to think on what they could do, definitely having Itachi and Kisame was a boon for them.

"Itachi-Nii don't you know the layout of the bases?" Satsuki asked curiously which Itachi nodded his head and smiled down at his little sister.

"Yes, I do, however, can narrow down our search. Though, I do require some assistance. I think it would be wise if I, Satsuki, and Hatake-san were to form a covert operation group. Leading the other group would be Kisame, Guy, Asuma, and Kurenai." Itachi took out some seal tags he placed on the table, "These will help keep our presence from being detected while also avoiding possible traps. As two separate teams, we'll go into each base. Find Naruto and escape, we aren't here to cause a fight. Not yet, this is a rescue mission. Once we've searched each base, I'll have Kisame, and I use these." Itachi then took out a storage sealing scroll. On it had bombs C3 written on it, "From time to time, I use Deidara in a Genjutsu to produce C3 explosive bombs for me. I sealed them away before anyone was able to notice. I always supplied Deidara with my own clay, so he didn't notice his was going missing. We'll plant summoning scrolls that will activate when I have the clay bombs summon in each base. We'll blow all bases sky-high hoping to take out everyone else within it."

"This is pretty damn well thought out, how the hell did you pull it off?" Anko was impressed with Itachi's thinking and intuition.

"Fools, the lot of them. They may be S-Rank, but their own quirks cause them to be defects of their own. All I had to do was get Deidara to talk to me about art. Then Sasori, then I rearranged their memories getting into fights about what true art is." Itachi added making everyone deadpan, but Tsunade just shook her head.

"I don't care what method you use, or even if Kisame shredded them all to death. I WANT MY BABY BACK!" Tsunade walked up to the map and slammed her fist into it, "You heard Itachi's orders. Asuma, Guy, Kurenai, you are to listen to Kisame. Am I clear?" Tsunade looked at them.

"Hai Hokage-sama." They all bowed understanding their orders.

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