Nurturing the Forest Tamer

8/16/2020: I decided to just change Naruto's chakra level to high Johnin Levels instead. Idk what I was thinking.

8/8/2020: Wow a lot of people so far have really liked the beginning. Let me tell you, this story has only just started. It is going to be interesting and a very funny road for Naruto. As I said to a certain reviewer, there is an ability that we all forgot. That Naruto could have possibly inherited and it's not the Mokuton. It's a different ability, I'm sure in time this will surprise everyone. Also… Kushina is dead so people keep that in mind. That's if that category is picked. Anyways I hope you all enjoy it and again, I am trying to keep each chapter about 10k words.

Last Chapter

Shizune realized it took the two a while and began to worry. Naruto already fell asleep in the highchair after Shizune gave him some baby food, mashed up bananas to be precise. Shizune watched as Tsunade walked over towards the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles of Sake, "Tsunade-Sensei what's going on?"

"Let me explain." Jiraiya proceeded to explain everything he told Tsunade to Shizune.

"I-I'm going to need one too." Shizune got up to join the two while she rolled up her sleeve. She swiped some blood over some seals and out came four more Sake bottles and put them in the refrigerator, "I think we're going to need more than one bottle though."

"I'll say," Jiraiya added.

"This is going to be a long night." Tsunade poured their saucers and one herself and the three began their long discussion.

With Hiruzen

Hiruzen just put the scroll down he read from Jiraiya. He rubbed the bridge between his nose and sighed, "Dammit." Hiruzen lit the scroll of fire getting rid of the evidence.

"Everything alright Hokage-sama?" Weasel asked from his usual hiding spot.

"I'm getting too old for this crap… Jiraiya causes an uproar in a hot spring not too far from Konoha. Goddammit, I need some weed." Hiruzen pulled out his pipe and sighed, he stopped and said, "Any you guys want a blunt?" Hiruzen pulled out some paper and a baggie with the weed in it.

"Bitchin I'm down." Boar jumped down along with a few other Anbu with an exception of Inu, Weasel, and Neko.

This Chapter (Time Skip Month and Two Years (Naruto's age: 3 Years))

"Mou! Kaa-chan when can I start real training!" A three-year-old Naruto came walking into the family room as Tsunade let a sigh out.

Tsunade placed her book down as she smirked, "Can you do the transformation?" Naruto smirked as he did the transformation jutsu without any seals. He transformed into a perfect copy of Shizune, "Substitution?" Naruto giggled as he disappeared from his spot and appear on the couch seat next to Tsunade. Tsunade looked where he was before where Shizune was standing there.

"Huh?... Naruto! What do I keep telling you! Don't do that to me when I'm cooking!" Shizune scolded Naruto as she waved her wooden spoon at him.

"Hehehe sorry Nee-chan." Naruto scratched the back of his head. Naruto chuckled as Tonton hopped on the couch and sat on his lap.

"Clone?" Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

Naruto tried it while using the hand seal. A puff a smoke appeared next to him as his clone was half dead and fell to the ground. Naruto huffed out angrily as he always had a hard time making a clone. When Naruto did the other jutsus he could do easily with his chakra. Naruto always had great control, but making a stupid clone was always hard and he never knew why. Naruto looked at Tonton and sighed, "I wonder Tonton how making clone could be so hard! Kaa-chan does it have to do with chakra c-c-con."

"Control," Tsunade said helping Naruto.

"Yeah! So… how could I make my control better?" Naruto asked.

"Well with the clone jutsu you're simply using a portion of your chakra. Though I wonder if you'd be able to do shadow clone. Your reserves are high, but I wonder if your control is bad." Tsunade put her finger on her lip tapping it thinking about if it was a good idea to teach it to him.

"Oh! Shadow Clone! Ero-Sennin showed it to me once!" Naruto made the cross seal as Tsunade went to stop him.

"Wait! Naru-chan no!" Tsunade was worried that he could seriously harm himself.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Naruto shouted as twenty shadow clones appeared in the room. The sudden appearances of Narutos in the room shocked Tsunade and Shizune, "W-Woah… Ero-Sennin told me not to do that… I can see why."

"W-Wow!" Shizune looked at the twenty Shadow Clones, just making two would wind any normal Johnin. Here is a three-year-old making them like hotcakes!

"N-Naru-chan Jiraiya taught you the shadow clone?" Tsunade looked at Naruto shocked.

Naruto released them as he scratched his head worried that be in trouble, "W-Well he did show me some pretty cool jutsu last time he came. I mean… he showed me that, but he didn't teach me how to do it. I-I just remembered the hand seals… that's all."

Tsunade was curious, "Naru-chan your not in trouble, but I want you to watch my hands." Tsunade did the hand seals for the Mystic Palm Jutsu quickly. It was quick and fast, but not too quick where it would be blinding speeds. Tsunade's hand began to glow green to show that she did the jutsu.

Naruto did as his mother asked him to and he copied the hand seals. Granted he had no idea how to mold the chakra, he just copied his mother's hand seals. Naruto's hands actually began to glow steadily with green chakra. Representing, he cast the mystic palm jutsu correctly, "I-Is this how you do it?" Naruto began to struggle a bit keeping it going because the control was hard.

"Wow even being the Kyuubi Jinchuriki his chakra control should be atrocious… making a clone is understandable. However, being able to perform medical ninjutsu this easily. His control must be great." Tsunade smiled, "Naru-chan that's great! A regular clone is hard for anyone with large reserves! However, you performed the mystic palm jutsu! It requires precise chakra control! I don't get why you can do the mystic palm but not the clone jutsu." Tsunade was still confused by it.

"I-I think I figured it out Kaa-chan… when using the green light thingy." Naruto was then corrected by Tsunade.

"Mystic Palm Jutsu." Tsunade patted his head.

"Mystic Palm Jutsu, the clone jutsu needs me to use less chakra than usual. The Mystic Palm Jutsu requires not only a steady flow but constant focus. I think I get it now!" Naruto snapped his fingers figuring it out, "It's like the thin noodles in ramen!" Naruto used a weird analogy, which is still a wonder why Naruto loves ramen. Tsunade didn't crave it during pregnancy, "I wonder if it's an Uzumaki thing… Mito-Obaa-chan loved it. Maybe Naruto inherited that from her." Naruto did the clone jutsu as a perfect clone appeared next to him, "Alright! I got it now!" Naruto fist pumps the air with both hands.

"Wow… how did you come up with that analogy?" Tsunade chuckled as Shizune looked at Naruto amazing by his skill with Chakra.

"Well, I don't know… guess Ramen is kinda like chakra in a sense." Naruto chuckled as his mouth began to water, "Hehehe can we get some ramen too!" Naruto wanted some really bad now.

"Maybe some other time, how do you feel? Are you tired at all?" Tsunade wanted to make sure Naruto didn't have chakra exhaustion.

Naruto stomach growled, "Nah not really I'm just hungry Kaa-chan." Naruto giggled, "Oh! Does that mean I can start real training now!?"

Tsunade smiled as she walked over and ruffled his hair, "Well why not, though I don't want any complaining no matter what the training is."

"ALRIGHT! NOW I CAN BECOME REAL NINJA! JUST LIKE YOU KAA-CHAN! Then I'll be Hokage one day! Just like Jiji-san and the Yodaime!" Naruto smirked happily and proudly as he felt pumped up more than ever to start training, "Come on Tonton! Let's prepare the table for dinner… wait… Nee-chan is dinner almost ready?"

"Yes, it is Naru-chan." Shizune couldn't help but giggle at Naruto's antics.

Tsunade watched as he went into the kitchen to help, "Man it only feels like yesterday he unlocked his chakra… well, actually it was about a month ago."

Month Ago

Its been a month since Naruto's birthday and Tsunade and Shizune have slowly begun Naruto's training. Today was their fourth day in training, they haven't taught him to unlock his chakra yet. They have been having him run for conditioning and strength training by doing pushups, sit-ups, and using gravity seals Jiraiya placed on Naruto. Tsunade could add or subtract weight just by adding chakra to the seals on Naruto's clothing.

Naruto has just finished up doing some studying on chakra with Shizune, "Naruto let me know if you're not getting this. Chakra is created when two other forms of energy, known collectively as one's "stamina", are molded together. Physical energy (身体エネルギー, shintai enerugī) is collected from each and every one of the body's cells and can be increased through training, stimulants, and exercise. Spiritual energy (精神エネルギー, Seishin enerugī) is derived from the mind's consciousness and can be increased through studying, meditation, and experience. Any questions Naruto?" Shizune lifted her head from the book to find Naruto with his eyes closed and his arms crossed.

"Hmmm I think I get it Nee-chan, so how do I unlock it?" Naruto asked unfolding his arm ready to unlock his chakra.

Shizune shook her head chuckling, "To unlock your chakra simply make a ram seal and search within yourself. Sit in a meditative position and try it out."

Naruto sat down excitedly and made the ram seal. He closed his eyes and began to feel around, after some time he felt it. He felt a bubble of chakra began to tug at it. Before Naruto realized it, he found himself in the real world. Naruto opened his eyes to find his mother and Shizune looking at him shocked. Naruto had a two-inch layer of chakra around him. Naruto smiled, "Woah I feel so warm! I feel like I have a lot more energy than I usually do!" Naruto began to laugh as he felt his chakra running into his coils and his coil flooding with energy.

Tsunade was impressed, "Wow Naru-chan it seems you're going to be really powerful one day huh!"

"Heck yeah, I am! I'm going to be a better Hokage than Jiji-san and Yodaime! Ero-Sennin says that they were awesome, so I'm going to be better than them!" Naruto cheered as Tonton ran up oinking proudly for the young Senju Heir. Now the four didn't notice it, but if one to look around. You could ever so slightly see the trees, grass, and other plants glow when Naruto's chakra was glowing around like a blanket.

End of the Flashback

Tsunade could only sigh she hated the fact that Jiraiya tells tales of Hiruzen and Minato. Jiraiya would tell Naruto some of Hiruzen's adventures and different missions he went on. The same went for Minato if anyone Naruto idolizes, its Minato the most. Jiraiya told Naruto stories about him almost non-stop. Tsunade even now still hates Minato for what he did to Naruto. Making him the Jinchuriki was the worst idea ever! "Tomorrow Naruto we're going to begin working on your chakra control."

"That means I'll be able to start tree walking and water walking!?" Naruto said excitedly as Jiraiya briefed Naruto about this.

"Well, not exactly but how did you hear of this?" Tsunade was shocked.

"Oh, Ero-Sennin told me about it." Naruto smirked, "He told me about how you had flawless chakra control. He said you could even balance a kunai on the tip of your finger." Naruto took his chopstick he had and tried to balance it on his finger, but it fell.

Tsunade smirked, "Well yeah you got that right! I'm one of the best medics so having perfect chakra control helps out." Tsunade took her chopstick and began to send chakra to her fingertip. The chopstick stuck to her finger. Even when she dangled the chopstick on her finger it stayed.

"Woah! I'm going to be able to do that one day too Kaa-chan! Heck, maybe I'll be a butt-kicking combat medic! I can heal and fight!" Naruto began to send his chakra to his finger. Then it shocked him, regulating his chakra flow seemed even easier than it was before. Naruto was able to dangle the chopstick on his finger, "Kaa-chan! Nee-chan! Look! I can do it too!" Naruto began to dangle the chopstick like Tsunade just did a bit ago.

"Wow, it seems your chakra control is pretty good to begin with!" Shizune was shocked to see how well Naruto could control his chakra.

"Naruto do what I do." Tsunade placed her chopstick in her cup of water. She took her water and placed it on the palm of her left hand, "Send chakra from the bottom of the glass to the chopstick and make it stand straight up in the water."

Naruto followed his mother's instructions, he made sure to focus on the chopstick. Naruto was struggling, the chopstick was only bobbing in the water. Naruto stopped and thought about it, "Maybe I should picture it instead of focusing it so much." Naruto began to feel around the glass and began to push more chakra into the glass. While also making it where the water pushing the chopstick up. Then Naruto sent chakra from the water to the tip of chopstick making the chopstick stand on water, "HA! I GOT IT!" Naruto chirped happily as Tsunade and Shizune looked at him in shock.

"Wow! That's amazing Naruto!" Shizune was so happy, "Tsunade-Sensei this means Naruto has your." Shizune was cut off.

"You inherited my chakra control!" Tsunade ran over and placed Naruto's glass on the table smothering him into a hug.

"K-Kaa-chan! I-I c-can't breathe!" Naruto squealed in his mother's massive bust as Shizune could only chuckle.

"Ahhh lucky brat gets the good treatment." Jiraiya came in vaulting over the open window.

Tsunade turned her head glaring at Jiraiya, "What was that!?"
"Ahhh it was nothing, hey how ya doing brat! How is training!?" Jiraiya walked over with a big grin on his face.

"Heya Ero-Sennin!" Naruto chuckled as he waved to Jiraiya.

Jiraiya snorted, "Hey! What did I tell you about calling me that!"
"Kaa-chan says you're a pervert so it works!" Naruto smirked back as Jiraiya swears he is picking up on his name-calling. Not only that the smarts he gets from Tsunade and Minato help him come up with these names.

"Jeez, what are you here now for Jiraiya?" Tsunade crossed her arms wondering if he was going to do something perverted again.

"Well, I thought I'd stop by and see how the brat's training been going." Jiraiya was wondering where he was so he could start helping Naruto get stronger.

"Well, we just found out that he inherited my flawless chakra control. It took him little to no time to learn to balance a chopstick in a glass full of water. He got it to stand on the surface of the water." Tsunade cheekily added with a smile on her face. Of course, her son could do that, Naruto IS her son after all.

Then Jiraiya took a good look at Naruto and paid attention when Naruto performed the same thing Tsunade just explained, "Wow that makes teaching him to tree climb and water walk with ease. Soon we can start helping him work on his elements." Jiraiya smirked, "He really is a chip off the old block eh Minato?"

"Well let's do that tomorrow it's late, I'm assuming you'll spend the night here?" Tsunade asked curiously.

"Well yeah if it isn't an issue." Jiraiya chuckled as Tsunade shook her head.

"Come on let's get ready for bed, Naru-chan you'll be with me this time," Tsunade said as he went to go change into his room.

Jiraiya sighed, "Lucky brat." Just then Jiraiya heard a gliding knife and a scalpel from Shizune as she glared at him. He quickly ran into, technically Naruto's room, and went to bed without a perverted thought in mind. His mind was worried about keeping what makes him a man.

Next Day

After the group ate breakfast, they headed outside to begin Naruto's ninjutsu training. Naruto was currently working on his stamina by running a few laps. Jiraiya also increased the weight a little bit on Naruto's pants and sleeves. Once Naruto came around her smirked, "Man I swear my chakra reserves keep increasing!" Naruto felt like he could keep going he felt he could do anything.

"Ahahah that's the way kid! Well, let's just take it easy here! Now! What's the first thing you know about chakra natures?" Jiraiya asked curiously to see what Naruto knew.

"Ummm from Nee-chan's lessons I know that some people can be born with a couple of nature affinities. Sometimes, you can train to gain an affinity, though it requires more chakra to do so right?" Naruto asked wondering if Shizune's lessons were working.

"Correct! Good job, so yeah, the nature affinities I have fire, wind, earth, and water. So, I can basically help you with any jutsu but lighting. I don't know many water jutsus, but I'm sure they can come in handy." Jiraiya pulled out a slip of paper.

Naruto looked at it confused, "What's this paper for? Writing on?" Naruto had an almost moan behind his voice.

"Ahahaha not this time kid, this is special paper. It's what is known as chakra paper, it will determine your elemental affinity." Jiraiya smirked as he handed it do Naruto, "Do you know the reactions for the elements when you put chakra into the paper?"

Naruto remembers Shizune teaching him this, "Ummm Nee-chan told me that fire it burns… water it gets damp, dirt for earth, the paper is cut for wind… is it wrinkling for lighting?" Naruto asked wondering if he was right. Naruto even looked at Shizune as she just smiled nodding her head that he was right.

"Wow, that's impressive for a three-year-old to remember. Hime have you begun teaching him to start using medical ninjutsu yet? The kid is only three and can already remember this much." Jiraiya was very impressed with how well Naruto's memory was, Naruto could possibly be even smarter than Minato by the time he hits the academy age.

"Of course, I can! My Kaa-chan and Nee-chan are the two of the three smartest people I know!" Naruto stood there putting both hands on his hips proudly.
"Ne, ne Naruto who is the third?" Jiraiya asked confused about why his name wasn't mentioned.

"Well I actually haven't met Jiji-san but Kaa-chan tells me how really smart he is too!" Naruto chirped proudly, "Once I met him then I can say I've met the smartest people in the world!"

"What!? Don't you think I'm smart too?" Jiraiya asked offended.

"Nah, you might be a good ninja but Kaa-chan says you're a pervert and that you're dumb." Naruto chuckled as he looked at Tsunade.

"Well, it seems I'm raising him right." Tsunade laughed as she rubbed her pointer finger below her nose.

Jiraiya hurt said, "Wow that really hurts me here!" He pointed to his heart, "Hime could you see if I'm going to have a heart attack?" Jiraiya wobbled over to Tsunade as he went to fall into her chest.

"Hands off pervert!" Tsunade launched her fist into Jiraiya's fist sending him to the next village over.

"Woah! Kaa-chan can you teach me that!?" Naruto wanted to learn how his mother punched so hard! That was soooo cool!

"Well, my strength is pretty neat isn't it Naru-chan! Though until I feel safe about you learning to control that level of chakra. First, you need to get your strength, stamina, and your chakra control up higher. Then and only then will I teach you! Since you have perfect chakra control, I think we're going to start your medical studies with me and Shizune. You got the perfect kit to learn medical ninjutsu! When the pervert gets back you can also work on Ninjutsu and learn what your chakra natures are." Tsunade smirks proudly as she knelt down and ruffled his hair, "Well come on! Work your legs mister! Get running!"

"You got it Kaa-chan! Just you watch I'm going to be the best Combat Medic Nin Hokage one day!" Naruto ran off at full speed, he ran as fast as his little legs could take him.

"Wow Naru-chan is sure is fast even for a three-year-old," Shizune said shocked.

"Well when I analyzed him last night, I found that his chakra reserves right now are at least high Jonin levels. It's insane." Tsunade scratched her head as Shizune's eyes widen in shock.

"High Johnin? That should be near impossible!? How could he have so much?" Shizune asked shocked beyond belief.

Tsunade said, "I'm going to ask Jiraiya when he gets back. I don't know if you realized it, but ever since he unlocked his chakra. Three whisker marks have begun to appear on his cheeks. You can't seem them just by looking at him. You have to lean in close and touch them… I'm worried that the seal might be weakening. I called for Jiraiya to get here."

"O-Oh! I-I see… well, I'm sure once he gets back, he can take a look at it tonight." Shizune tried her best to comfort her master knowing that Tsunade worried a lot for Naruto. What mother wouldn't worry about their child.

"Sometimes the host of a Jinchuriki can develop features that represent the Bijuu." Tsunade looked nervously in the air as Jiraiya came walking back with a large bump on his head.

"So Hime what did you call me here for?" Jiraiya asked while nursing the lump on his head.

"It's Naru-chan… there are whisker marks appearing on his cheeks. I'm worried that the Kyuubi might be trying to break out." Tsunade looked at Jiraiya with worry as he shook his head with a chuckle.

"I'll check the seal once he is asleep. I'm sure the kid is fine, it's not uncommon for the Jinchurikis to developed characteristics like the Bijuu they hold." Jiraiya shrugged his shoulders, "It's alright Hime, your big, awesome, charming, and handsome teammate will take care of your kid." Jiraiya tried to smooth talk Tsunade as he put his arm around her neck.

"Damn pervert!" Tsunade grabbed his arm and threw Jiraiya over her shoulder as she slammed him into the ground. Tsunade clapped her hands as if she was done taking out the trash, "Once Naru-chan comes back we'll see what his elemental affinities are." Tsunade went inside to get some water for Naruto.

Soon Naruto came running around as he saw Jiraiya and Shizune chatting, "Hey! Nee-chan! Hey! Ero-Sennin!" Naruto ran up giving Jiraiya a hug.

"Darn it brat I told you to stop calling me that! I deserve respect for my status kid!" Jiraiya shot back as Naruto and Shizune shook his head.

"Once a pervert, always a pervert." Tsunade came walking out mocking Jiraiya.

"I'm not a pervert! … I'm a super pervert!" Jiraiya said proudly putting both of his hands on his hips.

"Yeah, yeah Ero-Sennin so what are we doing now!?" Naruto said excitedly as she bounced up and down a bit.

"Well, here you go kid! Let's see what nature affinities you got!" Jiraiya gave Naruto a thumbs up as Naruto took the paper.

Naruto made sure to focus and add his chakra to the paper. He watched as the paper began to react to the chakra paper. What happened first was the paper was cut into thirds. The first third turned completely into water. The second turned into soil, not just dirt, but solid grains of dirt. The final part of the paper had lighting discharge off as it starts shooting at Jiraiya. Jiraiya was hit dead-on, Jiraiya was lit up with lighting coursing throughout his body. Jiraiya's hair began to stand up as we could comically see his skeleton.

Once Naruto was done Jiraiya fell to the ground like a brick being dropped from two stories up. No one paid any mind to Jiraiya as Naruto said, "This is SOOO COOL! I got affinities for FOUR ELEMENTS SO BADASS!"

"NARUTO, language!" Tsunade said sternly as Naruto froze and chuckled, "Anyways, yes Naruto that is very cool!" Tsunade picked up smothering him once again.
"A-AAGH! Kaa-C-Chan! I-I can't breathe!" Naruto began to cry out in his dismay. Though Jiraiya was cursing Naruto's luck being in between two mounds of heaven.

"Wow, it seems four chakra natures are rare. Congrats Naru-chan now you really can be strong!" Shizune shouted happily for Naruto.

Soon Tsunade let Naruto go as Naruto felt great, "Come on! LET'S START LEARNING SOME BUTT KICKING JUTSUS!"

Later at Night

After a long day of teaching Naruto some basic low-level ninjutsu. He seemed to learn the gist of them while also learning to tree walk. Naruto was able to get tree walking and water walking done in a day. Naruto learned Water Release: Wild Water Wave, Water Release: Gunshot, Lightning Strike, and Earth Release: Rock Trail. Naruto was unable to learn any wind moves since Tsunade didn't have it. Neither did Shizune, Jiraiya had the affinity for wind but he did not know any techniques to teach Naruto.

Tsunade placed a small little jutsu on Naruto to make sure he didn't wake up. Jiraiya took a look at Naruto's seal making sure it wasn't weakening or anything. Jiraiya nodded his head, "Don't worry Tsunade-Hime there is nothing wrong with the seal. If anything this is typical so don't worry unless you really feel the Kyuubi's chakra is leaking out."

Tsunade felt a weight leave her shoulders as she let a sigh out, "That's good, thank goodness."

"Don't worry Hime, I won't let anything bad happen to Naruto. If anything, we need to start increasing Naruto's training. We have a new development about the Akatsuki." Jiraiya looked at Tsunade worriedly.

"Is it concerning the Akatsuki?" Tsunade asked nervously.

"Yeah, I heard rumors that the Jinchuriki for the four tails has disappeared. Last I heard that a couple of Ninja's fitting the Akatsuki's description is missing. Has been for a while now." Jiraiya said with a look of worry, "It'll only be time when they come for Naruto… when the world learns who he is." Jiraiya wanted to really get Naruto's training underway.

Tsunade tightened her grip on her arms, "Hell if I'll let them lay a single hair on his head! Tch! Don't worry before he learns to fight, he'll begin to learn to dodge." Shizune and Jiraiya couldn't help but worry a bit for Naruto. Tsunade's means for dodge training can be, how do I say… a bit excessive.

Few Days Later

*CRASH* *SMASH* *BOOM* The multiple sounds of the explosion were courtesy of the one and only Tsunade Senju. Naruto finished up his chakra control exercises by mastering tree walking and water walking. The past two days Naruto was worked into the ground by Tsunade who trained him with chakra control. The kunai on your finger, the leaf to the forehead, all the way to balancing more kunai on your fingers while water walking.

Well, right now Naruto was dodging bone-crushing, soul removing, out of body viewing, seeing your flash life before your eyes, punches from the female legendary Sannin. "Wow, I can't believe Naru-chan got Tsunade to start trying more. It only took a few hours for Naruto to adjust to her punches."

"Y-Yeah… I wonder how the brat keeps up with his mother." Jiraiya felt a shiver run down his spine every time he watched Tsunade destroy the ground with her fist.

For the next few more minutes they watched as Tsunade's fist came just mere inches from hitting Naruto in the face. Naruto finally grew exhausted as he tripped on the ground and fell. Tsunade smiled, "Good job Naru-chan we can go ahead and call it here. We've been at this for a little more than three hours. Let's break for lunch, Ramen?" Tsunade smiled sweetly towards her son.

Naruto stood up and let a few huffs and puffs out, "Y-Yeah! I-I'm starving!" Naruto rubbed his stomach as it let out a large grumble.

"Come on let's go into the village; I heard this one has some good ramen." Jiraiya wanted to be the awesome godfather and show the way.

"Are you sure about that Ero-Sennin or is it just another grownup place pervs go to?" Naruto said with a mocking tone that Tsunade uses.

"Why you little brat! Maybe you don't need to know where ramen is!" Jiraiya turned around crossing his arms letting a huff out.

Naruto turned to his mother, "K-Kaa-chan Ero-Sennin is being mean. He won't show me where the ramen place is, he lied." Naruto put his hands together in a pleading position, his eyes became wide and watery. Tsunade saw the on the verge of crying Naruto as Tsunade immediately fell for it. Shizune was also on Naruto's side, Naruto had them both wrapped around his finger.

"DAMMIT YOU PERVERT! YOU DARE UPSET NARU-CHAN! BEING A PERVERT IS ONE THING BUT MAKING MY BABY CRY IS UNFORGIVABLE!" Tsunade screamed as she began cracking her knuckles and the earth underneath her began to crack under pressure.

Jiraiya began to sweat as he saw Shizune holding up a chakra scalpel with the tip glowing, "No one makes Naru-chan cry." Shizune held the chakra scalpel in one hand and a rusty scalpel in the other. She evilly scraped the rusty scalpel across her chakra scalpel as Jiraiya covered his gonads.

A Little Later

After the little bump in the road, you can find a small family of four at a ramen stand. You can see a boy of three years old eating through his fourth bowl of ramen happily. You can see the boy's mother and big sister sitting next to him. You can also find a man with long white spiky hair with a few extra heads coming out of his original head. He was painfully eating his bowl of ramen with his empty wallet and with tears running down his face. This was going to be a long adventure if Jiraiya will be sticking around more with the small Senju family.

Time Skip Two Years Later July 27th (Naruto's Age: 5 Years Old)

Naruto was making his way in a small town that was just outside of Konoha. Naruto has learned a great deal over the years. From the first and second Hokage to the many different ways the human body can be hurt and healed. The different methods used to treat illness, ailments, and more. Naruto did a lot of research on the many clans in Konoha. He was told that once he was twelve, he would join Konoha and become a Ninja joining the graduating academy year. Naruto as excited and pumped to become a ninja, much to Tsunade's dismay.

Naruto was currently looking around the town trying to find something for his mother. A couple of years ago he got her a bouquet of flowers. The year before that he and Shizune took Tsunade to a bath to relax, though it was weird for Naruto to be there with them. This time Naruto wanted to look for something on his own. Actually, Naruto wanted to make something for Tsunade, but he didn't know what.

Naruto made his way towards the forest and looked around until he found a six by four piece of wood. Naruto smirked as he thought, "I wonder if I could carve this into something." Naruto picked the piece of wood up and took it back to the little house set just outside of the village. Naruto sat down off on the side on the ground. He took out a kunai he as given for training purposes from Shizune.

Naruto continued to carve into the wood until he came to an issue. It was going to take a while, but he knew he could do it. After a few hours, Naruto was able to carve out four wooden beads. Then a small one by one piece of wood, Naruto went ahead and carved into the piece of wood. Naruto carved out the Senju Clan crest in it and smirked. Soon Shizune came walking over, "Watch are you doing Naruto?"

"Oh! Nee-chan look! I'm making a bracelet for Kaa-chan for her birthday! All I need now is some string! Do we have any?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Hmmm I know we have some sewing string in the cabinet. Give me one moment." Shizune went inside and soon came back out, "What color should the string be?" Shizune held out multiple colors of red, blue, purple, pink, yellow, and green.

"Hmmm, I think Kaa-chan will like blue!" Naruto picked it up and said, "Mou I forgot to make the holes in the wood… darn it." Naruto scratched his head, "Oh! Wait! Nee-chan can I borrow a Senbon needle!"

Shizune smiled, "Yes, just be careful."

Naruto took the senbon needle and sent chakra into it. Then Naruto used his chakra to enhance the sharpness in the senbon. Naruto carved a hole straight through each bead and the block where the Senju crest was. Naruto soon went and pulled the string through tying all the beads together. Naruto held the bracelet up, "What do you think Nee-chan!"

Shizune nodded her head happily, "That's so beautiful Naru-chan! I know Kaa-chan will love it!" Shizune hugged Naruto proudly, "That's very thoughtful, but why don't you hide it. You remember when Kaa-chan's birthday is right?"

"Yeah! August 2nd! Yours is November 18th!" Naruto smirked; he would never forget the most important people's birthday he cares about.

"Yeah, come on is there anything else you want to get her?" Shizune asked.

"Well I think there is something else, but I'll get it myself!" Naruto spoke proudly, he enjoyed getting things for his family.

Time Skip July 29th

Naruto finished paying the woman at the plant shop and waved to her. Naruto ran back home with a pot in hand. Naruto planted the seed into the pot and smiled, "Alright! Now I just need to make sure to water it and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight!" Naruto was hoping the plant would grow in time for his mother's birthday.

Naruto hid the pot on the side and went to go find his mom, "Hey Kaa-chan what are you doing?" Naruto asked curiously as he saw Tsunade leaving the house.

"Oh, I'm going into town for a bit. I was just going to come to get you, Shizune is taking care of the locals today. It'll be just you and me today!" Tsunade smiled as she extended her hand out to hold his hand.

"Oh! Okay, Kaa-chan let's go!" Naruto ran up as he held his mother's hand as the two went off towards the town.

Once they arrived the two began to look through stores, one being a clothes store. Naruto doesn't like shopping for clothes, but he needed new ones. His old clothes were getting small, once inside he came across a black T-shirt with Uzumaki swirl on it, "Hey Kaa-chan isn't this an Uzumaki clan symbol? Aren't you part Uzumaki too?" Naruto wanted to make sure, if he remembered right Great Hashirama-Jiji married an Uzumaki.

"Hai, that is true, but let's not talk about that too much remember?" Tsunade was in her special henge so Naruto recognized her, while others didn't. Tsunade was currently henged into a woman with long black hair and violet eyes. Tsunade also went by Miya and Shizune went by Uzume.

"Awesome can we get it!?" Naruto smiled looking at the shirt, he wondered what some of his relatives would be like.

"Sure come on, I got some outfits I might look into as well. Shizune might even want to come back here and pick some out." Tsunade's next thing was shopping for clothes, even though she never really bought any. She just liked going through different clothes. Naruto and Tsunade hit many different stores including Shinobi shop, toys, not that Naruto played with many anymore, and also looked alcohol store. Which Tsunade and Naruto weren't allowed in because well of Naruto's age.

Soon lunch came and the two went to get something to eat. With their tummies full of ramen Tsunade and Naruto began making their way back home, "Did you have fun today Naru-chan?" Tsunade asked with a smile on her face.

"Of course Kaa-chan! I love spending time with you!" Naruto grinned as he smiles at his mother and looked forward. He smiled as he let go of Tsunade's hand and found a shiny object on the ground, "Hey Kaa-chan look I found a Ryo on the ground!" Naruto smirked.

Tsunade smiled, "Seems like it's your lucky day." Tsunade grumbled at Naruto's luck, but then she looked to the right to find a casino just ripe for the taking, "Hey uhhh, Naru-chan how about you come with me. Let's play a round of adult games." Tsunade smiled as she couldn't rid of her bad habit of gambling.

Once they went inside Naruto sat down on a turning chair as he giggled and twirled around. Tsunade sat next to him as she put a couple of Ryo into a slot machine. Once she put it, she pulled the handle and waited. After a few seconds, she got a chest, a Ryo, and a spade, "Tch! Stupid machine!"

Naruto thought the machines were cool, "Hey Kaa-chan can I try!?" Naruto extended his hand out towards his mother.

"Sure, why not." Tsunade handed him a couple of Ryo, "Might as well learn while you're young. Hopefully, then you'll learn why the Senju have such horrible luck. Including my luck to be specific."

Naruto put the coins in a smile, "I'm curious Kaa-chan why did we come here? Nee-chan told me that this was a bad habit?" Naruto put the two coins in but he didn't pull the level just yet.

"Mah, it's okay when Shizune isn't here it's our little secret! Besides, you'll learn why it's bad to gamble why you shouldn't pick it up like I did." Tsunade smirked, if anything she wants Naruto to be a better person than she is.

"Okay." Naruto turned towards the level and pulled the lever. After a few seconds, the slot machine began to slow down. The first slot was a chest, that was followed by a second chest. The third was just slowing down on the chest, but it seemed like it was going to go to the next one.

"It's okay Naru-chan it seems bad." Tsunade was stopped midsentence as she heard blaring as tokens began spewing out of the slot machine covering Naruto from the bottom of the seat to his head in tokens.

Naruto climbed his head out and chuckled, "Ahahah! It seems I won this time Kaa-chan!" Naruto sent him a foxy grin as Tsunade was in shock.

Then it struck her, "I-If Naruto won! I-I wonder what ELSE HE COULD WIN!" Tsunade smiled happily as her eyes turned into Ryo, her Ryo eyes turned into dollar signs, "Hey Naru-chan! A couple more games won't hurt right!?"

After a little bit, you could find Naruto and Tsunade by the roulette table. Tsunade tried to play but lost a couple of tokens. However, Naruto said he'd play once he began guessing the numbers. Naruto tripled the number of tokens they originally had, "Woah! Kaa-chan! Winning is fun! Let's play some more!"

"YES LET'S!" Tsunade ran over and exchanged all the tokens for poker chips. Tsunade scanned the room to find a poker table. She saw a poker table that had seven wealthy men playing with their chips ready to go. They seemed they haven't started but were ready to begin. Tsunade quickly ran over with Naruto and the poker chips and smiled, "Hello gentlemen would it be alright if I and my son joined?"

The men stared at Tsunade and Naruto they agreed to let them join. Not only did they have a lot of chips but saw that the boy's mom had a nice pair on her. When Tsunade and Naruto sit down, she placed Naruto on her lap. Tsunade was too focused on winning to realize that Naruto had both of Tsunade's breasts on either side of his face. Which made him a little uncomfortable, until he realized the men were staring at him jealous of his good luck. Naruto knew the old men were pervs, "Stop ogling my Kaa-chan you Ero-Jiji's!"

Tsunade came to after thinking too hard to realize the men were glaring at Naruto. Tsunade also heard Naruto call them 'Ero-Jiji's' Tsunade giggled, "Well are we playing or not boys? I say one hand only all in!" Tsunade pushed all the chips in, the men at the table all agreed and pushed their chips in. Right now, in total in Ryo, there was over a ten million Ryo in chips.

The dealer began to deal out the cards and Tsunade went to look at the cards. However, Naruto stopped her and grabbed the cards instead, "Wait Kaa-chan let me have a look at them."

Before anything could happen Tsunade had to use the restroom, "Naru-chan I'll be right back, do not do anything to the cards. YOU IF YOU BOYS TRY ANYTHING ON MY BOY I'LL END YOU ALL!" Tsunade screamed at the men at the table causing them all to sweat.

Naruto sat there with the cards in his hands patiently, he scratched his head, "None of this makes any sense how can we win then? Adult games can be hard." Naruto let a sigh out as one of the men with balls spoke up.

"Hey kid, what is your hand like?" One of them asked chuckling.

"I don't know… is this a clown or something? These cards make no sense." Naruto scratched his head.

"How many clowns?" Another asked.

"I don't know there are two guy clowns that look the same. A 10, a one, and then another clown." Naruto didn't know what the name of the suits in the deck of cards. Mainly because Shizune forbid Tsunade from at all teaching him any gambling games.

"Hey, kid you wanna go? Who knows you might be able to surprise your Kaa-chan if you won the game for her!" The one guy tried to hold his laughter in while the others began to chuckle.

"Yeah! Kaa-chan would be super happy if I won! Yeah, let's do this!" Naruto slammed his hand on the table triumphantly ready to win.

"Alright? All players flip!" The dealer called out, Tsunade just made her way back as she heard that.

Tsunade came running over, but then a massive crowd formed around her boy and the table, "HEY OUT OF MY WAY HE IS MY SON!" Tsunade pushed her way through to see Naruto holding all the chips in a bucket next to him.

"Hey, Kaa-chan look! I won! I got what did you guys call it again? A toilet flush?" Naruto asked confused.

"A-A Royal… Flush." The dealer said with his bottom jaw hitting the ground with all the other players.

Tsunade was in shock, "H-he has the luck… way better luck than I do!?" "NARU-CHAN YOU DID IT! MY BABY BOY, YOU DID IT!" Tsunade scooped Naruto up into a hug rubbing her cheek against his. She kept pushing his face into her chest, much to the male that were jealousy.

After a few more minutes of smothering from his mother. Tsunade immediately took the chips and cashed them all out. After the exchange person cashed out the chips, the total in the pile was over 15 million Ryo. Soon the two left leaving a very poor and broke casino owner. Tsunade walked out cheerfully with Naruto on her shoulders. Tsunade had the scroll, which she sealed the money into, that held over a little more than 15 million Ryo. Just then Tsunade and Naruto heard a voice behind them, "So? It seems you two have been having A LOT OF FUN! Naru-chan!? M-I-Y-A-S-E-N-S-E-I!?"

The two turned around to find a very upset and angry Shizune tapping her foot on the ground, "O-Oh hey Uzume…" Tsunade chuckled.

"Don't hey me MIYA-SENSEI! Naru-chan can you please explain what you were doing in there?" Shizune glared at Tsunade as she didn't avert her gaze to look at Naruto.

Naruto not able to read the situation began to explain everything, "Well first Kaa-chan and I went shopping for clothes, we looked at toys, Shinobi weapons, and then we got lunch! Then I found a lucky Ryo on the ground. Then we went into the casino for a little bit to play adult games! Adult games are actually kinda fun! I won a lot of games! Then we played roulette, then I got to player pocker or whatever it's called! Then I won by getting a toilet flush!" Naruto cheered as he jumped in the air, "Since I won Kaa-chan said I can get all the ramen I want!" Naruto began to jump around in the air happily.

"TONTON! TAKE NARU-CHAN HOME! NOW!" Shizune growled louder as Naruto then got the message that Shizune was actually really mad. Shizune took the money scroll from Tsunade and gave it to Naruto to take back.

"Eheheheh how about I join you Naru-chan!" Tsunade began to sweat a little bit.

Then Shizune placed her hand on Tsunade's shoulder, "Naru-chan we'll bring you home some ramen. Come on Miya-Sensei… let's get some."

Tsunade swallowed, "I thought I was the scary one, my Kami have mercy on my gambling soul." Tsunade followed Shizune to the ramen stand as Shizune began to chew her out for taking a five-year-old to a casino.

Later On in Konoha

Hiruzen was sitting at his desk after he just finished up with the day's paperwork. He had a book in his hand a pipe in his mouth with some weed. That was until he saw Katsuyu, "Oh Katsuyu-chan it's so good to see you? Do you have a message from Tsunade-chan?"

"Yes I do, I have this scroll that had money in it," Katsuyu replied nonchalantly.

"Ummm how did they get so much, surely doing healing here and there couldn't have made that much?" Hiruzen asked confused.

"No, actually Young Naruto won the money at a casino after Tsunade took him gambling." Katsuyu again replied with a monotone voice.

Hiruzen facepalmed as he let a sigh out, "Tsunade-chan just what in the hell are you teaching that boy?" Hiruzen took a puff as he asked, "Do I even want to know how much is in there?"
"A little over 15 million, Shizune took a little bit to have for their travels." Katsuyu again said with a monotone voice.

"OVER 15 MILLION!? Hiruzen's popped out of his skull as he took the scroll and Katsuyu disappeared, Hiruzen thought to himself, "The hell are you raising that boy to be? A genius gambler or a Powerful Shinobi?"

Time Skip August 2nd

Today was the day of Tsunade's birthday where Jiraiya arrived the night before to help celebrate. Since the even to of a boy of 5 years of age winning over 15 million Ryo brought too much attention. Tsunade, Shizune, Tonton, and Naruto all left that night and went a town two towns over. Right now Naruto and Shizune were making breakfast for Tsunade who was still in bed. Naruto wanted to learn to cook so he could make meals for his family. Naruto learned to pick it up quickly thanks to Shizune and practicing every day since he was four. Naruto finished the eggs and hash browns as Shizune got plates and placed sausages on the plate. Once breakfast was ready, they called her to the table.

Jiraiya was there setting up the table where they all gathered around and talked. Tsunade praised Naruto a lot for his cooking skills which Jiraiya also praised, "Man! Naruto you keep this up, any girl would be lucky to get you! You can cook, your strong, handsome, top it all of the Senju heir!" Jiraiya chuckled, "Yeah you're a total babe magnet."

"Yeah! As if!? I won't let those little harlots even try to lay a finger on his head!" Tsunade growled at Jiraiya as she continued to eat her son's cooking.

After some time, some gifts were handed out. Some clothes for Tsunade from Shizune, and a book by Tsunade. The book was 'The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi' by Jiraiya. Tsunade glared at him, but let a sigh out, "Well I needed something new to read."

"Kaa-chan I got you something too!" Naruto ran into his room excitedly as Tsunade smiled watching him fetch his gift for her.

Naruto came running back showing the bracelet he hands carved, "I carved this with some wood I found in the forest! Nee-chan helped me get the string and everything! I hope you like it!"

"Oh, Naru-chan I love it! It's so pretty!" Tsunade thought the gift was very thoughtful, "I'll never take it off!" The crest of the Senju clan was also on it which she thought was neat too. Naruto's hand skills were really good.

"Wait! I got something else too! I grew it myself!" Naruto went running outside as Tsunade looked at Shizune along with Jiraiya.

"I don't know what he is talking about. This is the first I've heard about it." Shizune said scratching the back of her head.

Naruto came running back with a pot of purple flowers, "The lady said that these were considered Princess Flowers. Even though they are called Lasiandra Urvilleana, I thought it fit since your known as the Slug Princess!"

"Oh, these are so beautiful Naru-chan! I bet it took you a while to grow this!" Tsunade took the flowers and sniffed them a smiled.

Naruto giggled, "No silly Kaa-chan I grew it last night! Since that was already amazing, I wanted to show you this neat trick I learned." Naruto also had another pot in his hand with soil in it. Naruto opened up the package of Bonsai tree seed. He placed the seed inside and began to channel his chakra into the seed. Tsunade, Shizune, and Jiraiya's eyes widen in shock as they watch Naruto. The Bonsai tree began to grow until Naruto stopped channeling his chakra into the seed, "See Like I said I grew it last night!"

After a few seconds of being bamboozled Tsunade was first able to speak, "Uhhh Naruto why don't you and Tonton go play outside for a little bit."

"Come on Tonton! Let's go, you're it!" Naruto said as Tonton knew they were playing tag, 'Oink!' Tonton replied.

After Naruto left Jiraiya said, "D-Did he just."

"YES, I KNOW JIRAIYA!" Tsunade slammed her fist on the counter, "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! NO!"

"Wait why are you so upset? That means he will be able to protect himself! He is going to be strong!" Jiraiya added quickly as he saw this as a good thing.

"T-This also a curse Jiraiya! Don't you get it! People will be after him! Other villages! Minato's enemies! Hell, even our own fricken counsel will try to win him on their side. Try to use him!" Tsunade gripped her fists ready to level the entire village.

Shizune was worried, "Does this mean we have to speed up his training even more so he can control it?"

Jiraiya closed his eyes and let a sigh out, "We still have seven years to get him where we want him to be. Yes, we can't help him develop his Mokuton skills. Let's just train him as we were just a little harder. We got a while before he joins the academy and everything." Jiraiya knew that the Akatsuki would want Naruto for his Mokuton abilities. Yes, Naruto is far from suppressing Bijuus he still could be a valuable asset to them. Right now that is the last bit of information Tsunade needs to know right now.

"Wait, you think if his Mokuton awakened in him. That it would help suppress the nine tails chakra?" Tsunade asked to hope that some good comes from this.

"That's a definite a yes, what we can also do is start teaching him some Fuinjutsu. I'm sure that will help in the future and maybe some genjtusu too." Jiraiya thought to himself, "He will continue learning your monstrous strength, along with different Nature jutsus, and medical ninjutsu. I'm sure if we continue Naruto will become very powerful and hard to take down." Jiraiya walked over to his teammate, "Don't worry Tsunade, I'm looking out for Naruto as if he was my own. I'd never let anything bad happen to him."

"I-I know, but I worry about him. I-I'm just scared that someone is going to take him away, I know they're going to try. It's when they." Tsunade was about to lose it until Shizune slapped her.

"No! Don't say that Tsunade-Sensei! I love Naruto as my little brother! I'd rather die ten times over than let them take him away! Don't worry! We've been training him; we keep his training up. There is no one in hell who is going to take him from us!"

Tsunade smiled as she wiped her tears, "Y-Yeah you're right I was just losing it a bit there. Thanks, Shizune." Tsunade bit her lip and let a sigh out, "To think that Naru-chan would inherit Hashirama-Jiji's Mokuton… though I want to know why him? Why didn't it appear in Nawaki or me?" Tsunade wondered confused.

"Well, Hashirama's Mokuton might have been able to be passed down. However, that doesn't mean it would appear in you or Nawaki. I think it didn't appear maybe because the Kekkai Genkai wasn't stable." Jiraiya put his finger on his lip, "Which also begs the question did you see how powerful Naruto's other nature affinities were?"

"Yeah, he literally turned the paper into dirt, the other part turned completely into water, his wind sliced through it cleanly, and his lighting sparked off the paper." Shizune said with great interest, "Naru-chan is going to become very powerful isn't he?"

"Yeah, he might have also inherited Nidaime's powerful water affinity. Not only that because he has such a strong Water affinity. He might overall just be strong in earth, wind, and lightning jutsus. To the level where he won't even need hand seals for certain jutsus. Somehow pull lighting from the air or cause storm clouds to appear to create lighting. Just like how the Nidaime could pull water from the air." Jiraiya added with a smirk on his face, "This kid is just full of surprises."

"Well he is my son; he is going to be powerful." Tsunade smiled as she watched Tonton chasing after Naruto, "That just means we need to get him ready for anything."

"Well since the kid is already this smart, maybe starting him on Fuinjutsu wouldn't be bad either." Jiraiya fixed his headband on his head, "He is gonna be one hell of a Shinobi one day."

Time Skip 3 Years (Naruto's Age: 8 Height: 5 ft)

"Mou I'm so tired!" Naruto fell on his butt after a long day of Ninjutsu and physical training with Jiraiya and his mother.

"You did a great job kid, your ninjutsu is really improving!" Jiraiya ruffled Naruto's hair as he giggled.

"Thanks, Ero-Sennin, so when can I learn to control my Mokuton? Learn some of those cool Ninjutsus Great Hashirama-Jiji could do!" Naruto flicked his wrist as a white lily grew up to his height. Naruto picked it so he could give it to his mother.

"I swear, just practicing your elemental ninjutsu helps your Mokuton anyways. I'm shocked at how easily you can manipulate plants." Jiraiya was impressed with Naruto's skill.

"You're also getting the hang of my superhuman strength Naruto! You were able to smash that rock I threw at you!" Tsunade tapped her right arm on her left bicep happily.

"Kaa-chan that wasn't a rock, that was a boulder the size of me! I broke my hand like ten times before I got the hang of it!" Naruto cringed at the pain when he broke his hand.

"Ahhh you're fine Naru-chan I'm always here to heal you up! Besides no pain, no gain am I right?" Tsunade pulled Naruto into a hug. Since Naruto has gotten taller was now up to Tsunade's shoulder.

"Yeah, I guess, so what now?" Naruto asked.

"Well, were going to be heading back to Shizune. We're preparing to leave again; I got a notice from the Samurai in the land of Iron." Tsunade scratched the back of her head, "I was going to tell you, but we got caught up in training."

"What is it for Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Well, the leader of the Samurai Mifune-dono had asked me to come to heal his son. His son Tsukune who was hurt in battle and badly poisoned." Tsunade added, "I agreed to do so since one of his men found us earlier today."

"Really?" Naruto was shocked, "I was here though this morning."

"You were still asleep dear, though I'm sure you'll be fine. We'll continue your studies and training when we get there." Tsunade smiled as they arrived back at their house.

Jiraiya smirked, "I got a contact to meet later today, so I'll meet up with you guys later. I'll stop by the Land of Iron to see how your Fuinjutsu is doing. See ya ja ne!" Jiraiya disappeared via Shushin.

"Woah! Can I learn that! Kaa-chan!" Naruto wanted to be able to move that fast.

Shizune giggled, "Maybe later Naru-chan we need to catch up on the final volume for medical Ninjutsu. You've blown through all nine volumes with one more to go. This one is finally on learning to disable an enemy's ligaments or tendons. So, I think you'll finish this book quickly, but we need to go over more of the body parts as a review." Shizune held up the previous volume of medical ninjutsu as Naruto began to groan.

"Dang it Nee-chan all that stuff about the organs are boring! I already know how to use poisons and stuff like that. Not to mention pressure points and other things like that. Also, how much pressure to apply to cause internal bleeding damage with your chakra." Naruto began to list off everything he has learned over the course of three years.

"Wow… I thought my memory was good, it seems yours is a lot better." Shizune smiled proudly, "Well it doesn't hurt Naru-chan besides I heard that Mifune-dono has a granddaughter daughter too." Shizune began to giggle as Tsunade shot her a glare. Naruto stood there confused not understanding what Shizune meant by that.

"Now Naru-chan when we get there. Do you remember what I told you?" Tsunade wanted to make sure Naruto knew what he was doing.

"Yeah, you said not to show off my Mokuton skills or anything." Naruto sent a salute to Tsunade as she nodded her head happy with Naruto's response.

"Alright let's go!" Naruto cheered ready to go and continue his training along the way. Tsunade, Shizune, and Tonton followed suit ready to head to the Land of Iron.

A/N: I would continue and do a bit more, but more of Naruto's will be revealed. This wouldn't be a Naruto Senju story if he didn't have the Mokuton. However, this time Naruto has the ability to quickly assimilate water, lighting, wind, and earth jutsus just like the Nidaime was with water. As for Naruto being part Uzumaki in a sense, I felt like it was really overshadowed in other Naruto Senju fics. I won't reveal what it is yet so, I hope everyone enjoyed it! Again that's IF I decide to go harem, that depends on the review in the story. I'm also putting this in the end summary as well. TitanFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!