After briefly watching some bewildering news on the display window of a multimedia store (Nat claims it was a musical ad disguised as a new broadcast), Zaira and Nat continued their search. At one-point Nat had been about to set foot into a section that appeared to be stuck in the 1910s.

Fortunately, Zaira stops briefly as her eyes glowed a bright purple for a few seconds. This meant she'd just had a premonition. Quickly she grabbed Nat's arm and pulled her back.

"Nat!" she snapped, "You blind?" And she points to vertical sign to the left that read: Cannibal Colony.

"Oh give me a break!" Nat rolled her eyes. "It's just a gimmick!"

But wet something dripped into the back of her shirt, she reached and saw it was blood. Then to her and Zaira's shock, a severed limb fell down just inches from their feet. Nervous, the two girls exchanged looks, spun around and power walked away.

Ten minutes later…

"Someone's following us!"

To say Pentagram city was not a nice place to be with someone following was a massive understatement. Being down there instead of hearing all the stories and theories was whole different harrowing experience entirely.

"Don't say that!" Zaira hissed. "What, like if I don't mention it, it's not happening?"

"Right." Nat shrugged. "There is nobody about fifty yards behind us skulking just out of sight. And that nobody hasn't been staying fifty yards behind us for the last five minutes. Any chance they could photographers?"

Zaira elbowed her. "Nat, get serious."

"I am. Seriously scared."

"So what do we do then?"

"Like run?"

"Except we need to keep calling for Yui and Sara. They could be anywhere nearby."

Nat sighed. "I've been ready to run for the last twenty minutes. Which is as long as we've been followed. But he's been keeping his distance, so I didn't mention it."

"Twenty minutes? So you knew we were being followed!"

"It was just that feeling of being watched."

Zaira kept a sharp eye on a figure far behind us that vanished out of view. "Here is as good as anywhere until the street mission opens. The girls could be anywhere, and we won't find him by running away."

Then, scared or not scared, the thought of some rando trying to scare them ticked her off. Being stuck with a haughty preppy girl was bad enough.

Zaira spun around and yelled. "Alright! Whoever it is following us, show yourself, you big chicken! Or we're going to come over and get you!"

"Oh right, like if you yap at the stalker he's gonna walk right up and ask you to beat him up!" Nat rolled her eyes.

There was a flapping and movement near the trashcans then a poof. To the two girls' bewilderment it turned out to be three underworld imps (considerably smaller than those that lived in Hell) Zaira recognized them as Grim's small associates from the underworld.

"Who me?"

"Were you talking to us?"

Both Zaira and Nat took a hesitant step closer only to stop abruptly. The imps turn to see a long shadow with glowing red eyes and smile emerge from a wall.

Immediately the Underworld imps yelped and scattered. A better look at the 'shadow' revealed that it was taking shape into a tall man – or rather a male humanoid demon.

He had a short red angled bob cut with black cowlicks extending from the top of his head, resembling deer ears, and two small black antlers. He wore a dark red pinstriped coat which is slightly ragged along the bottom, a bright red dress shirt with a black cross on the chest underneath and long burgundy dress pants with matching bright red cuffs. His eyes, had red scleras, bright red irises, black pupils, and had a black oval-shaped monocle over his right eye. And he sported a jagged yellow toothed smile.

Fear coursed right through the two, recognizing the demon from the message sent to them via text. This was a demonic Overlord, Alastor, the infamous Radio demon.

"Aaaaagh! Run for it!" Zaira had ended up screaming.

Nat didn't need telling twice.

The two frightened fairies had run down the street, through alleyways, jumping fences, practically anything they could think of to put distance between themselves and the terrifying figure.

"I think we lost him." Nat panted.

They'd found themselves in front of one of the nightclubs with quite a crowd of sinners. Must be either a flash mob or a crowd waiting for an outdoor event.

"Hopefully," Zaira said. "Is he following us?"

"No, I don't think so." Nat responded.

"The answer is NO!" Sara G's voice yelled.

Both Zaira and Nat straightened up. That was Sara! Where was it coming from?

Following their voices, Zaira and Nat saw several unpleasant looking spooks getting closer, and closing in around their missing friends. A closer look reveals this intentionally meant to herd the two girls towards… oh no. Those were two of Hell's most dangerous overlords stepping right out towards them!

As expected, the two other fairies panicked.

Courage or recklessness or stupidity - the reason doesn't matter. Their violence doesn't feel disrespectful. Right now they were just toying with the cornered fairies.

"Get your hands off me!"

"Let go!"

"No, please no!" Yui's voice wailed.

Now, they were dragging the two girls towards a sinister looking red limo. That was all Zaira and Nat needed to shove their way through before they'd lose sight of their friends.

"Hey, back off!" Zaira yelled.

"Zaira! Nat!" Yui and Sara cried.

Fortunately their intended captors had stopped long enough for the two girls to slip out and rush to their friends.

"Step off, we got advanced convergence learning and we're not afraid to use them!" Nat said with false bravado.

Vox said with a dark chuckle, "Well, you're not in the world of the living now, and the rest of your little friends aren't here to protect you."

"You're two of Hell's overlords, we were warned about you!" Zaira declared.

"Warned, you say? By whom?" The one with a TV head inquired in amusement.

"The Dark Spectre Queen." Zaira responded.

Adorable attempts, had to grant them that. The glares and fighting stance expressed defiance - impressive for those of their mortality, but nothing when compared to the raging volcano of Val's wrath. Humans. Many sinners have forgotten what it was like to be one of them. Had to be careful with these four, and not out of politeness. Eve if the four girls were young fairies.

"Alright, we'll bite. I can do games, you know."

"Yeah, well, come on, get going. You gotta keep on your toes in this one."

But the girls having just about enough bad run ins down there, Nat and Zaira just about lashed out. Albeit each in a different manner.

Nat actually hit the one with a TV head – Vox- with her knee a lot harder than she intended.

That hurts. The shock on his face mixes with his anger as he brings a hand to the aching solar-plexus. "What the fuck was that about?" The audacity!

While Zaira – against her better judgement- raised both of her palms unleashing a strong influx of purple lightning right through the taller one in a red coat and white furry collar. Enough to electrocute a giant.

The reactions had the entire crowd gasp in shock. Those four were in deep trouble now.

Caught completely off-guard, Valentino looks like he's about to lose balance, but manages to stop his body before it gives up on him and lands on the floor. An impressive result for someone wearing heels that high.

The angry, stern expressions on both Zaira and Nat faltered when they see that their opponent didn't go down.

Even with his mouth full of blood, Val laughed maniacally. Crimson drops fell from his sharp teeth and ran down his chin, giving the impression of a dangerous carnivore that had just been feasting. He didn't bother to clean his face. Behind the heart shaped sunglasses, his eyes were wide open, a layer of adrenaline and hunger coating them. Electricity and static clung to his coat and body for a little longer before dying and vanishing slowly.

"Stupid little… You gotta do more than that to knock me the fuck out!" He wasn't afraid of a little challenge. One of his hands wiped blood off his mouth, red stains barely standing out against the black glove. "C'mon babe, give me your best shot! Zap me like you need something to jerk off real good!"

"Now what should I do to these punk pixies to teach them to show some respect?"

"Yeah, yeah, you're good a trash talking. Why don't you show me what you got?"

"Well wish granted: Half our entourage is here and we aim to drag you back to our domicile."

One of the goons yelled. "Hey! Wanna have some fun? There's four breathers down here, both Val and Vox are paying big bucks to bring 'em in!"

Horrified, the four girls exchanged looks.

"Demon Overlords." Nat said flatly.

"Red light area." Yui acknowledged.

"Increased Danger." Sara G added.

"Options?" Zaira questions.

"Sprout our wings and bolt?" Yui guessed.

"Bingo." Zaira nods once. "Ready… GO!"

Blinding flashes of yellow, blue, chartreuse and purple hid the girls from view briefly as the goons jumped. The fairies made good use of their wings and flew away in the opposite direction.

Their knees ached and they're panting with the amount of adrenaline coursing through them that had their wings on overdrive. What if they're coming after them? What will they do to them now if they catch them?

Zaira didn't look back, nor did she slow down. Her heart pounding, she and the girls sped through the streets. In her blind dash from the falcon, she didn't see the white limousine until… CRASH!

One wrong turn caused Zaira to slam right into the side with a startled shriek.

"Zaira!" The other three girls flew to her side just as the limo came to stop and the window rolled down.

Two women, a deathly pale blonde and one with white hair peered out with different expressions. The first one looked inquisitive while the second one looked irritated, possibly due to the brief jolt.

"Hey, what's the big….?!" She began then became surprised the moment she got a good look at the four younger girls.

"No. Nothing's broken we'll ponder that." Zaira grumbled as she stood up.

Only to notice the two women, their other passenger in the limo and the other three girls were all staring at her.

Sara G grimaced sympathetically. "Your arm!"

The tall passenger had winced. "Ho yeah, that's gonna leave a mark."

Zaira looked down at her right arm, and almost wished she hadn't. "Aaaahh!"

Nat then pointed to the blonde woman, "Wait you're that musician!"

The lady smiled brightly. "I prefer the term visionary."

To be continued…