I am a soul. Floating in a vast sea of darkness. I have no name, I have no memories. So, Why do I feel so empty? Why do I feel like I need to be doing something?

Am I just going to float here forever?


The void starts to tremble.


My soul Begins to quake.


What is this wretched feeling?


What even is feeling?


[System Binding complete.]

[- open ]

[Soul damage at 77%]


[WARNING! nascent divinity no longer detected.]

[WARNING! is empty.]

[Flashing BIOS]

[Correcting OS damage]




[I am your Automated Random omnipotent being, Or ROB, for short. Earlier you accepted a jump chain from another ROB but seeing as he is currently deceased, I must be the one to continue your adventure.]

What the actual fuck? I don't remember any of this. I don't even know what's going on!

[loading 3]


[You will be living in a world called RE:Zero-23788X81724-Sub12. Due to this being a popular place for jumping, You will be matched with- detecting soul mate in the selected world. changing to Re:Zero-1837!82`~ERROR 403 FORBIDDEN][Revoking Lock] [ADMIN APPROVED] [You will be born in RE:Zero{WORLD CODE REDACTED} Your goal is to recover your soul mate and survive until the next jump] [Jump will not be completed until the death of [HIDDEN], [], [][][]. There are bonus objectives!

Bonus objective 1234567890-0-0-000 #####! *!( (*

You have 15000 BONUS JP due to the inconvenience of an automated ROB and all damage suffered to your soul.] [JP or jump points are points that can be spent on abilities given between jumps. JP can be saved between jumps]

A long list of abilities and skills are in front of me now, and instinctively I know what to pick. All of them are excessively expensive. But I don't hesitate to pick them.

Evolved Heavenly Demon. (Race able to grow two horns when emotions are at a peak state: causing stats to increase 10 fold for as long as the Berserk state is active. (EVOLVED PERK ADDED CAUSES: Third horn, able to increase 10 fold to 15 fold. clarity when emotionally peaked, therefore, no berserk state will occur.) 5000 JP.

The Gamer:(SHARED WITH SOUL MATE) (You will be able to live life like a game, gain stats and abilities much faster via training. Includes [Gamers mind] and [Gamers body])7500 JP

Soul Mate Location sense (You can sense where your Soul mate is at all times.) 500 JP

Divine Protection of Self-Training (Able to train yourself 5* as fast.) 1000 JP

Divine Protection of Training Mastery (Able to train others 5* as fast) 750 JP

I have about 250 points left. Which means I can skip until the first major event in my life. I don't know what that will be, but it beats waiting around doing nothing.






Name: William, inserting witch-cult invasion of the heavenly demon clan.

knowledge of my life floods my head. Although it's limited. due to the fact, I am only 6 years old at this point.

I am an orphan, my parents thought I was a freak due to my third horn. They subsequently abandoned me to the orphanage. A girl named Rem always visited me, said she always felt comfortable around me and I think That way too. I was happy to be her friend. Her sister, Ram, just ignored me.

I always had the ability to learn anything super fast. But no matter how much I helped around the clan, I was always despised. Ram, on the other hand, despite being a "single horn" was being used just like me. Rem seemed to be less talented. So I taught her how to be stronger. It worked like a charm. I could always Quantify strength and ability of others into numbers. I was never wrong either. My wounds quickly healed all the time and I always kept calm under pressure.


I have crimson Red hair, which is always in my eyes. I recently started putting it into a pony-tail.

I hear an explosion outside and see a bunch of robed people with knives killing everyone. I'm scared at first, and then I feel an unnatural calm. I go downstairs from the attic. Everyone is dead. I find the Head of the Orphanage. She's also dead, clutching a dagger that is lodged in her stomach, one that would look like a short sword if I were holding it.

I grab it, and pull it out, knowing I need a weapon in order to survive outside.

I hold back my revulsion to the guts I have inadvertently pulled out and go outside.

I have to find Rem and Ram.

Walking outside, I notice that there are corpses strewn everywhere. I need to make it to Rem and Ram's house I exit the orphanage just as it begins to collapse. I dive forward, hoping that no debris hits me. I look around, see that the orphanage isn't the only thing that collapsed. I look into the distance at the main hub main hub and marketplace of the Heavenly Demon clan. it's absolutely scorched. I don't think anyone could have survived any of that.

I try to ignore the scent of burnt flesh as I see many of my fellow Heavenly Demons desiccated and burnt corpses strung about like a hurricane of wind and fire has hit everything and they were just unlucky enough to be in the way.

I feel that this isn't true though. We were targeted. Why? I don't know, but I need to get to Rem and Ram before something horrible happens! Why? I don't know, but I need to get to Rem and Ram. I run for about 30 minutes until I see a witch cultist about to hit Ram's horn. I dive forward, shoving the sword I stole from the orphanage into the cloaked man's thigh. He screeches a "How dare you spoil my- "I don't let him finish because as soon as he kneels due to pain, I slit his throat as quickly as my arms can manage.

[You have killed your first enemy. +100exp You have killed Witch Cultist level 11 +700 exp and +1000 exp for level difference.

You have leveled up

You have leveled up

You have leveled up

You have leveled up

You are now level 5. +20 Stat points. +4 skill points Soul mate: Rem Detected in vicinity. Binding The Gamer to Rem. Share slot filled.]

Rem faints, and I vomit all over the witch cultist I just killed. I notice there's blood all over my face and arms. I wretch and vomit until there's nothing left in my stomach and then I wretch and gag more. I just killed someone. I know he was trying to kill me and two people I care for- But I just killed someone.

[Gamers Mind Activated.]

Then I hear a voice.

Ohhhh myyyyyy,~ you reallyyy shouldn't feel bad about killiiing one of those peeeople. they are in fact scuum and deserve no quarterrr~.

Is this guy singing? What the heck?

He looked at a witch cultist, who seemed to go slack, twitch a bit, and then charge at him.

He then blasts the witch cultist who was charging at him with a quick burst of fire. He didn't even need to name the spell.

What is he? He clearly just made that witch cultist attack him. I'm sure of it!

He just smiles at me. Like he isn't the most suspicious thing I've ever seen. He's wearing clown makeup, a dark grey tuxedo. He has Blue hair a shade darker than Rem's sky blue hair. He also wears a flamboyant green vest underneath his tuxedo coat with a yellow ascot hanging above it.

None of this makes sense. Why were we targeted? He seems like someone who can't be trusted at all. What are the chances that this asshat didn't come here to take advantage of us? or maybe he planned this and thinks we're interesting.

I look past him, looking for a chance to escape. I then look back at Rem and Ram, who won't stand a second against this guy if I run.

I can't get away, and even if I could I'd just die. I need to help my only friends survive! I can't just walk away!

"Would you like to cooome with meeee to my manor and be servants? I pay well and I prooomiiise I won't harm you.~

"What do you want from us?" I hiss. not buying his generosity.

"I want to helllpp youuuuu~" He responds with more nonsense.

I decide to go along with it. it's not like I can go against him, with the kind of power he's shown if I run he might incinerate me. If I don't follow along he might do something to Rem and Ram.

[Mental influence negated by Gamers Mind]

A four-hour carriage ride later, and Ram somehow really likes him. No matter what I say, she won't listen. I know for a fact that he's messing with our heads. Rem looks terrified, and reasonably so, I don't think I would be able to stand being near someone who keeps trying to alter our mind.

"Stay heeere~" he commands us.

Ram is taken inside, and there's nothing I can do to stop her from following him.

Rem starts crying and I hold her hand. "We'll get through this," I promise her.

The second that we are out of the vision of the clown dude who still hasn't given us his name despite trying to mess with our minds, the chirping of birds stop, as well as the steps of the strange clown wizard. I notice he isn't moving, ram isn't moving either. I also notice the only ones who can move are me, and Rem. A voice then rings in my head.

[Lack of Game knowledge detected. Please think the word Tutorial to start learning how to manipulate your abilities.]

Rem looks at me, and asks "Did you also hear that monotonous voice?"

I nod at her.

"Let's do as it says, whatever can stop time is something I don't want to mess with."

we both mentally command 'tutorial.' in unison.

[Generating explanation.]

[The gamer, is the ability to control one's emotions, quantify one's abilities and catalogue skills and their mastery, all using numbers. All Chosen Gamers have no limits to their growth, and cannot die unless the energy they have accumulated, noted by the words Health Points runs out through forcibly repairing damage given by enemies. It is impossible to kill a gamer via decapitation unless said decapitation removes all of the Gamer's HP(health points) for example.

please mentally command the word 'Status.'

We do as the voice said. For some reason, I understand everything it says. Rem doesn't look lost either.

A screen pops up, in front of both of us. the following information is given.

Rem & William(Shared stats)

Level 5

Ages 6

HP 320/320 = con*10

MP 620/620 = Int*10\

Regeneration stats are hidden by default.

Stamina 320/320

Str 42: Ability to lift lots of tomatoes.

Dex 48: Ability to dodge any tomato thrown at you.

Con 32: How tough your tomato is.

Int 62: Know what a tomato is.

Wis 44: Know not to put a tomato in a fruit salad

Please note we have merged your abilities to give you a fighting chance in this cruel world. although now, if one of you dies, both of you die.

Due to your predicament, we have also added +20 to STR and DEX and CON stat points and 40 into INT User: William had 30 wisdom and User: Rem had 14, Merged stats above limit will not be boosted. and then immediately merged your stats to inflate your abilities. This is a one time bonus and will not happen again.

Don't die.

[tutorial complete] rewarding Triple escape talisman (Lugunica Capital City)

Skill 1 skill point automatically used on skill Mental Influence Removal spirit flame( level 1) has a 99% chance of removing low tier mental effects. costs 50MP

Time starts moving again. We need to get Ram away from clown dude. long enough to use the mental effects removal and then the talisman. easier said than done.

Rem and I are lead through the halls of a mansion to a cell and then we are pushed inside.

"You will call me lord Roswaal. Ram will come to give you your food in an hour. Behave."

none of his fake cheerful voice is heard. I don't know why he even used his singsong voice in the first place. it's creepy.

I still have 3 skill points. I guess when we're in a private place I can talk to Rem about it, and-

[Telepathy gained -1 PP. You may talk to anyone directly using your mind.] I grin at Rem, who was clearly looking through the menu's to figure a way to get us out of here.

Now, all we have to do is wait for Ram to come here and We can start.

Ram comes and opens the cell. sits next to Rem and says, "Rem, sister, can't we just get along? I'm sure lord Roswaal is a swell person to- before she can finish Rem puts the mental influence removal spirit flame in front of her eyes and she slumps down, unconscious.

I see an infuriated expression on Roswaal as he starts to dive into the cell at a speed I can barely comprehend. but before he can grab my wrist which is holding the talisman, We disappear from his vision, leaving a burnt piece of paper behind where all three of us were a moment before.

All three of us land in front of the gate at the Lugnican Capital Rem and Ram are still wearing their blue and pink dresses that would have matched their respective hair colors had they not been stained in dried blood. I still have my shoddy clothing and dried blood, as well as the Dagger I stole from the dead Owner of the orphanage.

I quickly use telepathy to all of them, as Ram is waking up now. "Tell them everything that happened truthfully, leave out everything to do with that roswaal guy, cus I think he might have Political help. No way is anyone with a mansion that big, not able to destroy us with a single word Ram nods to me, shuddering." It's around midnight and a large magic lighting crystal is immediately shined on us. "WHO GOES THERE! DROP THE DAGGER!" I do as the guard says I even kick it away from myself, not wanting to give them any excuse to beat me like the guards at the compound used to do when I was caught stealing bread.

I don't like guards.

"EXPLAIN!" a guard points to the dagger and the blood all over our clothing. "Our village was attacked, we are the only survivors. I used a talisman Rem's mother gave us to get here quickly." He points to a mage. "Check his hands for Magical Item Residue." The mage nods "He's telling the truth about the Talisman at least." He points to the vomit on my shoes, "Looks like he must have killed one of the attackers, he upchucked due to mental trauma." one of the soldiers say, and I wince, as the memory of the man I killed flashes through my eyes. "His story mostly checks out." He then looks at Rem, "Is everything he said true?" and as soon as she looks at him with dead eyes and says "Yes." He seems to have a gut reaction of sadness and regret. "What did the attackers look like?" I describe their robes in great detail.

"Let's bring them inside, witch cultists are above my paygrade. we'll get a knight to take a look at them and take the rest of their report."

We sit in silence for a long while, and soon, we are in front of a knight, who listens to our story, while we leave out everything about roswaal.

For making a sound decision, and avoiding political trouble +1 INT and +1 WIS

He then says to me us, "We can take you to the slums district if you'd like, but unless you want to live in squalor for the rest of your lives, I suggest you join some kind of apprenticeship. There are plenty of craftsmen who-" I interrupt him by standing up, and Rem and Ram follow me. All three of us, kneel in front of him.

"I want to be a Knight." Rem says, With steel in her eyes.

"If You don't let me learn to become a knight, I will follow you until you let me." I say, Rem nods

Ram starts to tear and continues up. "YOU BETTER LET ME LEARN TO BE A KNIGHT! OR I'LL- I'll! Cry until you let me learn- and then I'll follow you back home, and cry some more. And Then I'll cry in front of your house for hours and hours until you let me be an apprentice!

He responds- "very well, I will train all three of you for One year if you meet my requirements within that time, I will gladly let you join the knight prep school, I will sponsor you if you do well enough."

The man of graying brown hair and bushy mustache smiles down at us and continues "I am not a forgiving teacher. My name is Wilhelm Van Astrea, of house Astrea. You may not call me sensei until I have tested your potential though. Let us be off."

We all smile and shout in unison, "Yes! Thank you! We won't let you down!"

The old man Sighs, walks away, and opens the door, "Well? Aren't you coming?" All three of us cheer and rush after him. We walk down the halls and exit the knight's barracks, moving our way towards the noble district.

Soon, we'll be knight-apprentices, and soon—We'll have our revenge.

This is our tale.

From zero-

to divinity.

Rem & William(Shared stats)

Level 5

HP 320/320 = con*10

MP 620/620 = Int*10

Stamina 320/320 Con*10

Str 42: Ability to lift lots of tomatoes.

Dex 48: Ability to dodge any tomato thrown at you.

Con 32: How tough your tomato is.

Int 63: Know what a tomato is.

Wis 45: Know not to put a tomato in a fruit salad

AP 20

PP 3


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