(William Age 12)

"I just invented something awesome again!" I shout, as Rem and Ram walk over, "Get a load of my Dust synthesizer! It make synthetic dust! Screw the SDC we're gonna be rich!"

The very next day we get it patented, display it to the vale Council, and are literally given a Scientific Honor Medal for Humanity and Faunus, The highest scientific Honor in all of remnant. We are then given a bodyguard detail until we are able to join a huntsmen academy, like beacon which is what our default choice is anyway.

(Ram POV Age 13)

There were plenty of assassination attempts these days, until Jacques Schnee fucked up, and got arrested, that is. He was then killed in the penal colony by an angry Faunus who he screwed over. Talk about poetic justice, but hey! We're mostly safe now now all we have to worry about is Grimm, Crazy people, Titan Grimm, and even more Grimm!


(Rem POV Age 15.)

All three of us are accepted into beacon 2 years early! Even our friend, Ruby Rose, got accepted! I can't wait to tell Mo—

Memories flood my mind before I can finish that Thought…

I use[Gacha token (Common)(William)]

-1 to tier due to luck(Trash).

-1 to tier due to luck(Scary Effects).

-1 to tier due to luck(Eldritch and Memetic Abominations).

I am terrified. When I opened my inventory after the Obligatory Rolling… message, this is what I Recieved.

[The Book Of Many Solutions To Your Mystical Conundrums] – [Paramount...Unfathomable Depths.. (Eldritch Abomination.)?!] There lived a man once, a physician who wished to cure every disease. In his research, he plunged himself into secrets of the cosmos and lived through horrors alien to the minds of mortal men. There is a reason some secrets need to remain incomprehensible - lostinthewhispersofadeadgodoncerevered - he was cursed and blessed and gifted with eternal madness, burning himself alive to escape the wicked whispers of the deep. His mind broke from the unholy pain he had inflicted upon himself, the infernal eldritch horrors from foreign realms scraping and grating in his broken mind, his shattered soul, his unhinged morphology. He was slain by a Templar of Holy Knights, a hero among heroes, a paladin of man, but by the time the mad amalgamation of sword logic and warped flesh was severed and cleaved into oblivion by the warrior's ethereal greatsword, it was already too late. Copies of this book, full of the madman's ravings, still survive. One of the copies of this tome was later found by a sickly girl who wished to breathe again without being wracked and wreathed by searing pain. The cost, however, was her entire world as her sanity imploded from the sheer godly pressure emanating from the moon in which the gods of the drowned stared as the embodiment of whatislifetoamortalhumanofallthingsyoucannotunderstandandfathomourmajesty swallowed her entire world. Warning: Do Not Open Open the tome, sweet child of mine, and creation is soon to be within your grasp. After all, wouldn't you wish for an end to your pain?

That's incredibly disturbing, I am burning it immediately. What the hell!

I take a look at my status page and see.

-Area of Entropic Luck debuff. Passive. -500 luck in a fluctuating 10-20 meter radius, centering upon Crow branwen.

I scroll down and see my luck is at -460, and I guess I now know why this shit happened.

The book reappears, and opens on its own.

And then everything ends in $%$#%$## $# %^&*()(&%$# !




I hate it when people create novels just to not end it.

I know this is a bad ending but I really don't know if i can continue.

Thanks for trying it guys.

But it's over.

Ending in eldritch fire due to fucking crow.

and ozzy by association.