Helen was going out with Bob on a dinner date leaving Violet in charge for the night. They already had dinner so they just had to sleep. Violet was with Helen in her room as she got ready for her date.

"Wow Mom you look really beautiful ." Violet said with a smile.

"Thanks, honey."

"I remember this dress. You remember what I said to you when I was little?"

"Yep. Every little bit."

Flashback Transition

Helen was getting ready for a date with Bob as she left Lucius to take care of Violet.

"You look really, pretty Mommy." Little Violet said.

"Thank you, baby."

"I wish I like you, Mom."

"Why's that Violet?"

"So I can be pretty just like you."

Helen picked up Violet and said "Aww Violet. Listen to me. You're beautiful the way you are. No matter what people say you will always be beautiful. To me and to your father. And I will always love you."

"I won't Mom. Thank you." Little Violet said as she gave Helen a hug.

"You are very welcome baby."

Flashback Transition

"And you will always be beautiful Violet."

"Thanks but personally I don't know who would call me beautiful. I mean sure I look pretty but am I beautiful? I don't know for sure." Violet said as she looked down. Helen could tell she needs cheering up.

Helen put both her hands on Violet's face as she said "Violet Zoey Parr. Listen to me on this. From the moment you were born, I told myself that I had a perfect beautiful baby girl. No matter what will happen I will never tell you you're ugly or disgusting. I always tell you you're beautiful. And don't you ever let anyone else tell you otherwise. You're special to me just the way you are, and you will always be, my sweet beautiful little girl."

Violet started crying as Helen hugged her.

"Shh...shh. You're beautiful the way you are. Don't ever forget that."

Violet looked at Helen and said "I won't Mom. Thank you."

"You're welcome. I love you so much Violet."

"I love you too Mom," Violet said she and hugged again.