Arthur glared at Uther, he wanted to scream and rage and run but there is nothing to be done now. Ever since he presented as an omega was his life going downhill fast. He cast a glance to Morgana, but she only looked bored on.

He knew since he was little that omegas do not matter. The laws that are in place kept them as nothing more than brood mares and slaves. He knows if he even as much as tries and go against the agreement that he would be punished. His hand clutches were his mark sat. He could only hope that at one point he would meet his true mate and that they would help him.

His attention was dragged back to the meeting when the Alpha he would be married to give a victory laugh. A shiver ran down his back, he could feel the dread slowly building up. He does not want to be married to the man.

His thoughts run silent when Uther muttered the words: "In two days the married will take place. The horror that runs through him is almost enough to make him vomit. His eyes roamed around the courtroom wishing someone will stop this madness. This is not something he wants.

A whine almost escaped his throat when there was suddenly a hand against his nap. Arthur tried to take controlled breaths, but he was sure that the only thing in the air around him was his fear. The man leaned down, his nose trailing down to his scent gland. Arthur's hands went to his knees clutching them as if his life depends on it.

"He would make an amazing omega; his smell is potent. I am sure we will have a litter soon." His voice was dangerous. Uther gave a delighted smile. Arthur watches half detaches as they greeted each other and then the people slowly started to leave the room. His legs felt like jelly. He did not jerk away when Uther pulled him up. He realised he must have spaced out.

Arthur quickly got his feet back under him, he knows better than to let anyone see him weak. The corridors passed in a haze. He forced himself to listen as his father talked to Gaius. He cast his eyes down when he saw the pity in Gaius' eyes. He would just have to find a way to make sure he would not take in his heats. He could only hope that Gaius would be able to help him.

When Uther left the room he almost crumbled down to the floor. He bit down hard on his lip to keep himself from crying out in frustration. "Sire." Gaius's voice was comforting to him. The beta gently pulled him over to a chair. "I can't do this Gaius." His voice was soft. His hand kept on straying to his mark.

A true mate, and now he would not even be able to be with them one day. "Arthur, you need to listen to me." Gaius had a sense of urgency around him. Arthur took a deep breath; he knows he needs to get his mind onto the situation if he wants to get out of this. "You have a true mate; this means the bond will not take." Gaius watches in horror as Arthur jumped up almost hitting his head.

Arthur looks at Gaius in horror. "He will try to form the bond every time." Arthur's voice was a mere whisper. "Gaius there has to be a way to get out of this?" The look he gave the physician almost broke Gaius' heart.

The silence made Arthur start pacing, the only way he could think of to get out of this is to run away and he knows that it is dangerous, there is only one kingdom that is good to the omegas in their society and they are a boat ride away. There would be no way that he would be able to make it there.

"I am sorry Arthur. I can give you something to dull the sensations and stop you from getting pregnant." The sorrow in his voice almost made Arthur broke down. This is not fair. They know that Uther knows about the mark on his wrist. It is rare for soul pairings to be born but it does happen every decade or so.

"Alright." Gaius could only watch as Arthur left his room. Gaius knows that Uther would have already readied extra guards to make sure he would not get out of the castle.

Arthur throws himself onto his bed. This is not what he had expected of the problem. How could he have? The war was rising but they had ever changed to beat those people back without any problems, but no. Uther had decided that it would be better to ally with them.

He could still remember the horror he had felt when he turned eighteen and presented as an omega. Suddenly begin strip from training with the knights and his duties as a knight. He worked hard to made it to be the first knight by the time he was fifteen. His father sudden change of attitude towards him. There were never close, but these days where he is barely allowed out of his chambers.

The fear that had grabbed him when he woke up delirious with fever. Scared out of his mind. His body agitated and needing something and not knowing what. The screaming when his father found out. The trashing he took when he got out of his first heat ever.

His breathing started to exulcerate when he thought of the Alpha's eyes. They were dead inside. The alpha was just like Uther.

Arthur jumped slightly when the door opened up suddenly. Two young beta women walked in, they were part of the royal tailors. At least they tried to cheer him up and give him a choice in the clothing material. Arthur knows that traditionally the omega would wear something almost see-through but he refuses to be treated as just another piece of meat.

His hand went to the white and silver silk, the colour reminded him of the chainmail he used to wear. He could feel that it is a sturdy material, would more than likely not rip easily. White, silver and black. That is the colour he would wear on his wedding day. The thought alone made him feel nauseous. The girls were chatting around him, they have noticed his distress but there is nothing they could do about it.

The hours went by slowly as they work on his clothing. He stood silently the whole time. Before he realised what time it was, was there a knock on his door. A glance outside showed that it was almost dinner time. Uther walked into the room without waiting for anyone to say he could enter.

"You look beautiful Arthur." The words were said with a grim as if he truly did not believe it. But Uther still had a headache from where he got a tongue lashing from Gaius. Arthur did not bother to answer his father. He felt hollow inside.

"When you are finished get dressed into something formal. We are having dinner with Prince Robert. I expect of you to treat him with almost respect." Uther voice was hard. Arthur took a deep breath as he remembered the eyes.

"Father, why are you doing this?" The king glanced up when he realised that Arthur sounded almost broken. "I will do what is best for the kingdom, we need their help and this was the only way." Arthur wanted to believe that there was some care in Uther's voice. "You know the bond will not take? What then father?" Arthur realised he was sounding desperate but at the moment he did not care anymore.

"Then you would just need to keep trying until it does, he knows about your mark and said it does not bother him. He is sure the bond will take at a point, no matter how long it takes." Uther said the last words with a hint of amusement. Arthur only stood there for a second before turning away from his father.

He should have realised sooner that his father would not give a damn about this. He froze slightly when he heard his father coming to him. "You will make me proud Arthur, you will do what is needed for the best of Camelot." With those parting words, Uther turned around and left the room.
The two girls stood patiently while they wait for Arthur to come back down. They did not say anything on the tears in his blue eyes.

They would be the only ones outside of the castle that would see the true disappear that the Prince has over this. The feast and celebrations of this union would be blank for them. They know nothing they say or do would or could make this better. So they silently helped him to get the clothing off. Arthur dressed in a dark blue tunic and black pants. The jacket over his tunic complemented his eyes.

When he heard the last toll of the bell signally that dinner is going to start soon he slowly made his way down to the dining hall. The urge to turn around and run away was strong. But there is nowhere that he could go to.

Robert and Uther were in a deep conversation when Arthur finally made his way inside. His gut was doing summersaults and he felt anxious. Maybe this would not be so bad. But then again he is begin forced into a marriage he does not want.

Robert stood up when he noticed Arthur. The look in his eyes made Arthur paused. It looked like he was trying to undress him with his eyes. The sharp fangs in his mouth were seen. Arthur was sure that he could smell the fear and distress on him. His father is going to marry him off to a wolve shifter. They were notorious for begin territorial and roughness.

Arthur did not react fully when Rober was suddenly in front of him. He was close enough that he could smell the musky scent of Alpha, with the underlying spiced smell of shredder wood. Arthur knows that he should find comfort in the smell but it only triggers a higher dosed of panic. Robert was slightly taller than Arthur, but a lot more muscular dwarfing him.

Arthur cast a scared look to his father, wishing with everything that he would call this off. Robert had started to increase his pheromones in response to Arthur's distress.

When he suddenly took Arthur's face into his hands pulling him into a deep kiss. Arthur struggled to get away from it. When Robert finally realised him was Arthur a deep red. His lips were slightly swollen. "I can't wait to break you in properly. You should just stop fighting this." Robert's voice was soft dangerous. Arthur did not respond to the words but to what his instinct told his body to do and that was turn around and run.

Not really noticing where he was going he crazed into the physicians' chambers. Gaius turned around when he heard the crash. "Arthur?" His voice was filled with shock. Arthur pulled back slightly when Gaius was in front of him. The panic swept through him. "Can't do it. I can't do it, Gaius." Gaius gently pulled Arthur to sat down.

"What had happened?" He made sure to keep his words soft and calm. "He forced me to kiss him, even when I tried to pull away." Arthur was slowly losing the last bit of colour from his face. Gaius had to force the prince to take a calming draught to get him not losing his last piece of sanity.

The next two days were spent in a daze for Arthur as everything began preparation for the feast. Arthur had tried to talk to Morgana the last time but she just told him she was busy and could not spare the time to talk to him. It made her feel like cow dung when she saw the look of despair in his eyes, but she knows the only way to get him out of this is if she involves Mercia kingdom. It was the only kingdom open about how they treat their omegas and also their views of magic.

Morgana knows that they will help, purely for the fact that Arthur has a soul bond. The current king is known to be a strict but fair King. The fact that she would need to travel there at see for three weeks made her sign but it would be for the best. She wanted to take Arthur and hide them both there but someone would need to be here to clean up the mess Uther would make eventually. The kingdom is going rapidly on a run to disaster.

With the last few arrangements in place, she would leave for the Isaels just after Arthur's wedding. They had talked about it before in brief passing about how his true mate could be like, and they both went to Gaius together to learn more.

Morgana knew from a young age that Arthur would have a desire for someone to treat him as an equal, he always tried to fit in with the other nobles. But that had already started to fall apart when he started to get into knight training seriously. For so many years he had tried to be the perfect son for Uther. And no matter how hard he works or followed orders to the letter, it was never enough. The days when fights would break out between father and son because something had happened and the people of Camelot were suffering.

How Arthur would always try and help them. He spends at one point more time in the lower towns than he did in the castle, and the town folks loved him for it. He had treated everyone with respect and he had tried to help the people that were begin mistreated. An injustice in the end that he would suffer the same fate as a lot of the omegas in the kingdoms.

At one point were they cherished and loved. It was seen as an honour if an omega had chosen you as a mate, but these days they are nothing more than brood mares and slaves. How the times had changed.

Morgana pulled herself from her thoughts, she needs to check on Arthur properly before the wedding.

The quiet knock on the door pulled Arthur out of his thoughts as the two tailors finished the last of the work. The white tunic had a piece of silver in the middle of his chest, going with the black pants and boots and he was about as ready as he ever would be. The only thing he still needed to put on was his crown. The silver crown would finish off the look.

Arthur watched quietly as Morgana entered the room.

There was nothing left to feel, the panic had died out, the fear as well. The only thing he felt at the moment was numb. "I am sorry brother." Morgana's voice was soft. Her usually coldness were nowhere to find.

"It is best for the kingdom. I will carry out my duty to my kingdom as asked." Morgana could feel a slight recoil. Arthur's voice sounded almost dead. As if he is not here. "Arthur…" She tried to catch her brothers eyes, but he kept them averted. Morgana cleared her throat slightly before saying: "I am going to the Mercia Kingdom. Arthur, you need to stay strong. I will get the help to get you out of here. You deserve to be with your true mate. To have a chance at living life in peace." Arthur for the first time in his life, felt like he could trust Morgana with everything he has.

"I will." His words were quiet but he knows it is true. Whatever would come, he would be able to deal with it.

Morgana gave him a tight smile before turning to leave again. She knows deep in her heart that things would work out, but she has this awful feeling that it is going to get worse before it gets better.

She slowly made her way down to the citadel where the wedding would take place. The servants went out of there way to make the place beautiful, there was an air of excitement and she wished that she could dampen it. But at the same time, she could understand why everyone was in such a happy mood. The war is going to tip in there favour more than likely. Fewer lives are going to be lost in an endless battle. All for the price of there prince. She is sure they all think he is doing this willingly.

A part of her could not help but wonder what would happen if she just whispers the words into one of the town gossipers ears, what would the townspeople do for the prince they all claimed to love.

An hour still to go. Arthur turned around in his room. Even with Morgana's encouragement is he preparing himself to a life he never wanted or dreamed off. The only thought that runs through his head the whole time is that he is doing this for his kingdom. He promised to protect Camelot to the best of his abilities and if it meant giving himself up to an arranged marriage then so be it.

A sad look crossed his eyes when he lifted his wrist slightly. The mark of a dragon was clear to see. The bright purple colour made his eyes sometimes hurt, but at the same time, he could not help but wonder how the other person would be like.

Would they have gotten along, or would the bond have forced them close? Would they have loved each other? Arthur pushed the thoughts out of his head. This is not helping him. He straitens his shoulders and back. A little bit of confidence shot through him.

When the knock came and a guard escorting his father pushed the door open, Arthur wished that the moment of pride he saw in Uther's eyes would have made the hollow ache fade for a moment. Uther strode over to Arthur.

"Remember now, do us part. Give him exactly what he wants. Be the good omega I know you can be." Arthur bristled slightly at the words. He pulled himself away in horror. "Before I was born, the times were not like this, what had changed?" Uther froze at the words. He had loved his wife so much, but the death of her had killed something inside him.

"It was for the better Arthur. We needed more alphas and omegas to form bonds with. And the fact that magic was used to attack the nation, we just lost too many people." Uther's words were quiet.

Arthur just gave his father a stare, they both know that it is not the truth, the people got hurt, because they forced these laws onto them. From the static from the kingdoms that have different laws, it is well known that they have more born alphas and omegas.

"I don't want this." Was whispered so soft that it almost tugged at Uther's heartstrings. "I am sorry Arthur, but this is for the best." Arthur turned around with blinding speed. "It is for the best that I get raped for the rest of my life. Forced into mating, when we both know that it will not take! Is that truly what you believe is best for me?" He was panting with anger. Uther looked at his son. "You will do as you are told to do." The pheromones Uther was realising made Arthur back down.

"I will be back in a few minutes to take you down," Uther said the words with barely a hint of emotion. Arthur just stared at his father in frustration and sadness.

Arthur could admit to himself that the citadel looked beautiful. And any other day this would have been a wonderful feast for two people who are truly in love. The flowers looked like they were glittering in the sun. It almost looked like a little bit of magic was used. But Arthur knows that no one in Camelot would be stupid enough to do it.

Arthur looked at the groom. Robert was dressed in the colours of his house. Arthur did not react when his hand was taken into Robert's. The only thing he truly noticed was the fact that his hands felt cold and clammy.

The wedding rituals passed but Arthur noticed he did not notice what they were supposed to do. The first thing he noticed again was when he was lead to Robert's room. He could feel his heart rate spiking and his breath started to get faster. When an old man entered and handed a vial to Robert he wanted to run.

"Let's get a few things straight." Robert's voice was cold. His hands were like clamps on Arthur's wrists. "You will do exactly what I tell you to do. When we get home you are going to make sure my life is as comfortable as possible. If you do something wrong, well then you would be punished. You are mine now." The last words were said possessively. As if he got a rare price. "You will not talk back to me. If I tell you to do something you just ask how high." Arthur looks at the man in fear. His hand was rubbing at his mark.

Robert picked up the vial. "Drink." The order was clear. Arthur slowly took the vial. "What is it going to do?" He knows he should not be asking questions but he does not want to drink just about anything.

The backhand against his face making his cheek pulse with pain. "You do not get to ask questions. Drink." Arthur gave the vial an unsure look. "No." He made sure to keep his voice firm. He does not need to put anything into his body he does not want to.

Robert just rolled his eyes, before grabbing the vial and forced it into Arthur's mouth. He made sure to pinch his nose shut so that he would be forced to shallow to breath. He ignored Arthur even though he was scratching his arms trying to get him away from his face.

Arthur watched wearily as Robert went to a bag, and pulled out a gag and rope. "Strip." The order was short, but Arthur refused to just bent over for anyone. "No!" The panic was fluttering around his chest and he was eyeing the door even though he knows it would not help to run. There would be guards outside and he would be just forced back into the room.

"I will not tell you this again strip." Robert made sure to keep his voice soft as he let out pheromones to get the omega to submit. "I do not want this. Please don't" Arthur's instinct was telling him he needs to back down but another part of his brain told him he needs to fight back.

Robert's grey eyes were like steel when he walked up to the omega he could smell the fear on him. It was clouding his natural honey-like scent, all that was there at the moment was the sour smell of pungent overripe fruit. He could not help but savour it. The wild look in his royal blue eyes. He can feel a thrill run down his spine. He knows he is going to enjoy breaking this one.

Without waiting for a second future he ripped off Arthur's tunic. The smile on his face showed how pleased he was. Arthur still had some muscle on him, from training in private. "Don't do this." The soft note of begging that was starting to come through. His one hand went to Arthur's neck, squeezing slightly. Arthur's hands came up as he tried to pry them away.

His other hand trailed down to Arthur's rosy nipple, before giving it a hard tug. The pained whimper made him smile even more prominent. He laughed softly as Arthur tried harder to break free from the grip around his neck. "Stop it!" The panic in Arthur's voice aroused him even more. His hips snapped forward rubbing his hard cock against Arthur. Robert barley felt the sting of his skin breaking under the pressure of Arthur's nails as he scratches at his arm and hand around his neck.

His hand stroke over Arthur's soft skin. "You are going to look so beautiful on my knot. I can't wait to pump you full of my seed. You are going to swell." His voice was full of arousal. Arthur could see his pupils dilating. The words were barley said when he started to struggle harder. This is not something that he wants.

The hand around his throat tighten, cutting off his air. A pained whimper rose from his throat. Robert just kept on tightening his hand around the omegas throat. When a full minute passed he finally eased off. Watching as Arthur coughed trying to get air into his lungs.

He did not wait until Arthur started to breathe properly again before he stripped Arthur out of his shoes and pants. "Please don't do this." The breathy pleading just made this situation more arousing for him. He easily forced Arthur down onto the bed. The potion should start to take properly in a few more minutes.

His fingers danced across Arthur's hole, he almost laughed when he realised that the slick had not even started to form. Without caring that he would hurt Arthur, he pushed his finger dry into him. The tight heat around him and the soft begging for him to stop made for a dizzying feeling in his head. Suddenly this was not enough. He wanted the omega full, to show him he belonged now to him and there is nothing he would be able to do about it.

Arthur's eyes were wide when he felt the finger around his hole. The pure fear that he was feeling made him almost bring up his breakfast. The next moment everything in his mind went fussy as the finger was forced into him. It burned and he already wished this would just stop. The need to get away from this was the only thing on his mind.

Arthur did not think about the fact that this would hurt even more when he started to struggle again. Arthur forced his legs between them before kicking as hard as he could. With a little bit of a struggle, he managed to get Robert off of him. A mad dash to the door but before he could reach it was there a hand clamped around his upper arm. He pulled with all of his might trying to get loos.

Robert growled when Arthur managed to kick him off, this is not going to do. He easily reached Arthur, pulling him back against him. Before Arthur could kick him again, he gave a hard slap to Arthur's bottom. He forced Arthur around, pinning his arm in a lock, making sure the omega can't do anything.

He forced Arthur backwards toward the bed where the rope was laying. Forced to lay on his stomach, his legs pinned under Robert Arthur tried to plead to be let go. The rope was coarse on his skin, and he could feel if he struggles it would only make his arms bleed. Next came the rope.

Robert looks at his price. The omega's hair already had a sheen of sweat on them from the struggle. Robbert forced Arthur's legs open, where he could settle between them. His eyes tracked back to the small pink pucker where he is going to shove his member in soon. But for now, he needs to wait for the potion to settle in properly.

Arthur finally stilled. He could feel the tears gather at the corners of his eyes. He blinks rapidly. He is not going to give him the satisfaction to see him cry. He tried to cling to Morgana's promise to get help, but he could not help but wonder if by that time it would be too late.

Robert licked and bite across Arthur's back. He loved the way the skin bloomed a beautiful red and at some places, it is clear that the bite marks would turn blue. Arthur tried to stop himself from making any noise. When Robert suddenly bite hard his neck a pained whine broke trough. His skin felt like it was on fire, and he was sure some places were bleeding. When Robert's nose was suddenly against his scent gland he tried to pull his shoulder closer to his neck, making it more difficult to get there.

The only response he got for it was a hard bite on his shoulder. The hands against his waist tightened. The lick over his scent glad made him whimper, there shot a bolt of pleasure up his spine. Arthur could not help but feel disgusted with himself.

"You smell so rip, I can't wait to breed you. Will make sure you are kept full the whole time." The scent in the air was slowly changing. It still had the smell of pungent sour overripe fruit but the potion was starting to kick in. Arthur's natural scent started to poor form his pheromones. Robert felt like he could get drunk off the honey and wood smell.

His finger started to trace over Arthur's cunt again. He could feel Arthur freezing under him, his body taut as a bowstring. There was the slightest hint of slick against his finger. He made a circle motion with his finger. "You know how you asked what the potion did. Well, it starts heats before there times, they are a lot more intense and help encourage my seed to take. In a few moments, you are going to fall into your heat. Is that not nice?" Robert laughed at the sounds Arthur made. He felt the slight rush of power.

His finger moved slowly in Arthur, the boy would be one of the tightest omegas he would have taken in his life and he could not wait much longer.

Before Arthur had a chance to be fully prepared he gave a muffled screamed as he felt like he was begin split in half. The tears he tried to held back, started to stream down his cheeks. Every movement felt like his insides were tearing. He could hear Robert grunt above him and the sound of flesh hitting flesh.

The rest of him could only feel the cold shivers running down his spine. The black dots dancing across his eyes. This is not fair. Robert was still busy to touch him. He wished this was over. He tensed up suddenly when a hand connected with his bottom hard. A groan was heard and suddenly the knot was forced into him. His hands clenched around nothing behind his back as his neck was forced to the side. He could feel the skin breaking around his scent gland, to indicated that he was marked.

Robert collapses onto him. Forcing his face even more into the bedding. The only sounds in the room were of deep breathing and sobs. Arthur felt uncomfortably stuffed so full. When he was suddenly forced to lay on his side, Robert holding him tightly with one arm, while his other hand running over the swelling of his stomach. It was simply too much, Arthur broke down into tears. The pain in his anus was not getting better and he felt uncomfortable.

The fact that he had an orgasm as well, made him feel dirty. How could he have enjoyed this when he did not want this. The only little bit of compassion he felt he had was the fact that Robert had fallen asleep behind him. He could only hope that the knot would go down soon.

The minutes passed slowly into hours, Arthur heard the toll of the first bell showing that dawn would break soon. He could feel Robert starting to shift behind him. Some time through the night, he had softened enough to slip out.

Arthur was stiff and sore when he felt a finger against his hole again. The only thought going through his head was not again. He wished he could scream and struggle but he still tided up. When the finger moved away he thought that he could sigh relieving instead a hard cock pushed inside him.

His body was tense and dry. Nothing that he was able to do would have kept the pained whimpers inside him. The pacing was quick. Arthur whimpered in fear when Robert started to pull his knot out, he was sure he would be ripped if he does it. When he pushed forward again there was a slight sigh of relief.

Robert's hips movement slowed down when the last bit of cum was inside Arthur. He wanted to laugh at the swell of Arthur's stomach. Arthur squeezed his eyes shut when he felt Robert's hand tracing the swelling of his stomach. His cheeks were red with embarrassment.

"Told you, you would look pretty on my knot." His voice was mocking. Arthur felt the last bit of fight left him completely. This would be his life forward. The only thing he can try and do is make it not as painful as possible.

When Robert pulled out when his knot finally went down, Arthur almost drowned into the relieve he was feeling. Everything ache and he is sure that he is black and blue over most of his back, but at least it was done for now.

Arthur did not track what Robert did, but when he felt something large and cold against his hole he started to squirm. The fact that he was begging behind a gag did not help. A large hand pressed him down as the object was forced into his body.

"You are not allowed to take it off without my permission." Robert cast a look at the miserable omega. There was nothing he enjoyed more than having all of the control he can have. The fact that the potion did not force Arthur into a heat had pissed him off, but he could still take his pleasures from him.

He skilfully loosened the ropes and then pulled the gag out of his mouth. "Get dressed, we are leaving just after breakfast." Arthur tried to get the worst of the kinks out of his arms. He had no idea how he would be able to ride a horse like this and he knows that he would not be able to get a pain potion from Gaius.

When he pushed himself up from the bed he fell. It took him a few tries to get his body to work with him. A pained groan made it out when he finally managed to pull himself up. He looked around the room, he was unsure of what he should wear, since he was told he is not allowed to take any of his clothing.

Arthur looked at the floor. The feeling of humiliation was high. "What should I wear Alpha?" his voice was a mere whisper. Arthur did not see the pleased smile Robert send him. "This." Arthur silently took the tunic and pants.

Arthur did not dare to turn away from Robert while he was getting dressed. The last thing he needed was beginning suddenly filled again. He dressed as fast as he possibly could, but it was a little bit difficult with how tense his muscles were.

When they were finished they silently walked towards the dining hall. Arthur sighed of relieve when a servant handed him a goblet filled with water. When he bought it up to his nose he could smell the potion inside it was a pain and muscle relaxation potion. The smell he knew dearly. He sent a silent thanks for Gaius.

He drained the goblet before anyone could take it away from him. He knows he would need it to get through the day. Arthur ate his breakfast in silence, he wished he had something to cover up his throat but he knows his father would not care. He did not bother to listen to the conversation between Uther and Robert. His only focus was on eating enough since he was sure he would not be getting food regularly.

When they finally left to go to Robert's place, Arthur's heart ached for a moment. His eyes strayed to his wrist. His mark was still visible even trough the rope burn and just for a moment, there was such an intense longing for something he was sure he would now never be able to experience.

It took Arthur three tries before he managed to get himself up on the hoarse. Two days of this was not something he wanted. The plug shifted inside him as he sat down on the hoarse. He could feel the smug smile on his back.