Merlin was pissed, the guards had alerted him to what had happened as soon as they were unfrozen. He found Borne's body in the room, and it had saddened him a great deal.

He was a good man and a great commander. Merlin pressed the bridge of his nose, while he waited from the guards at the docks.

His father had pulled him down and told him firmly to wait even if the only thing he wanted to do was get on Kilgharrah and find Arthur.

When word got back to him, that the ship left just after Arthur was taken, he almost brought the castle down on everyone's head.

The wind was cold in his face but he didn't really notice anything. He should have stayed with Arthur and he didn't. He was mad with himself and with Uther if he didn't just break what he wanted it wouldn't have happened.

Kilgharah flew as low as he could before Merlin jumped off. Uther stood on the deck, his eyes were cold.

"Where is Arthur?" Merlin's voice was harsh, he was in no mood to be playing games with anyone.

"Learning to be a real omega." Uther glowered at the prince, his hand was on the hilt of his sword. Merlin blasted him away, running below deck.

He could hear a man cackling, but for the most part, it was silent. Merlin put a defensive spell around himself.

When he crept up on the door where the cackling was coming from, he felt ever furious. He peeked through the glass, it was difficult to see what was going on, but he could see Arthur shackled to the wall, and blood flowing everywhere.

Merlin opened the door with a bang, he could see tears streaming down Arthur's cheek, and the air was filled with the acrid scent of fear. Arthur pulled at the shackles when he saw Merlin, but the man pushed him back before he turned to Merlin.

"Didn't think you would show up little prince." He was condescending and rude. Merlin glared at him, but he didn't bother to answer. His knuckles turned white around his staff.

"You can thank me, the little omega has learned his place. He would do what he is told." The man just continued, he didn't seem to care that Merlin was stronger than him, for he believed that he had the upper hand.

"You took my omega, you hurt him and you want me to thank you?" Merlin's eyes were deadly. He would rather kill him than do anything else.

The man turned to face Merlin properly. "He is nothing more than a broodmare, he should be quiet and obedient. He should listen to when you talk." The man's voice was fierce.

Merlin couldn't help but be sad for his omega if he had one.

"You will let Arthur go. If you don't you would die." Merlin glared at the man, he wasn't going to even bother taking him back to Mercia for trail. He would die today on this ship, with everyone on it.

The man stepped forward, raising his hand before he could utter a spell, Merlin knocked him back. There was a dull thud when he fell against the back of the room.

Merlin rushed to Arthur, his eyes flashed gold and Arthur almost fell into his arms. The omega cruelled into Merlin's arms, he ignored the fact that his body was a bloody mess, that everything was sore.

He was safe, Merlin was here.

Merlin picked him up, the silence around them wanted to make him scream, but he had seen the rough stitches on Arthur's neck. And he knew that whatever has happened he would never hear Arthur talk again.

Merlin rushed them up to the deck, Kilgharrah was sitting patiently on the deck, his eyes trained on Uther. It took some work to get Arthur up. When Kilgharrah lifts himself into the air he blew fire onto the ship.

Both watched silently as the ship took fire. Arthur sank against Merlin, his eyes closed. With a gentle prompt, Kilgharrah got them back to the castle.

Merlin and the healer worked around the clock to get Arthur better.

The days passed slowly, Merin didn't leave his mate alone for a second. With each day that passed Arthur fell into a deeper depression.

Despret to tell Merlin everything, but he couldn't. The pain in his throat flares up each day.

Scared and feeling alone, Arthur one night sneaked the sleeping draught he needed to drank in Merlin's cup.

After Merlin had drunk it. He couldn't stop crying. He didn't want to leave Merlin, but he couldn't live with the pain anymore.

He pressed his face close to Merlin, closing his eyes for a moment. Their room was high enough up, that he knows if he jumps it would kill him.

When Merlin was fast asleep, holding Arthur close to him. Arthur could imagen that everything was just a horrible nightmare.

But he knew that it wasn't. It was his fault that Borne had died, that everything that had happened, he deserved it.

Arthur gently extracted himself from Merlin's arms, putting a piece of paper there. Explaining everything and why he had decided that suicide is the only way out.

He pushed opened the balcony door. For a moment he just sat on the railing before he pushed away. The rush of wind around his ears, whipping into his face.

His last thought, Merlin deserved a better omega. Someone who wasn't tainted.

Merlin woke up, when guards rushed to his chambers, his parents following them. When they noticed that he was fast asleep they knew Arthur had something to do with it. They could see the paper on the bed.

Hunith gave Balinor a sad look. They had no idea how they would break it to Merlin.

Balinor gently woke up his son, pulling him into a hug and whispered I am sorry the whole time.

Merlin noticed that Arthur wasn't next to him, and the dots connected.

"Where is he?" The panic in his voice broke his parents.

"In the physician's chambers," Hunith answered. Both followed when Merlin ran from the room. The dull thud of his feet echoed around the hall.

When he got there, he pushed the healer out of his way. He sank down next to Arthur, a broken scream left his lips. This wasn't fair or right.

He cradled Arthur's broken body to his chest. The only sound that could be heard were his sobs and every onces in a while screams of grieve.

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