hello everyone, a quick break from the regular programming.

Thought I'd write a smut-let but here we are 1700 words further of M-rated fic.

This was inspired by one of Cassie's amazing drawings,

so I'm dedicating this to her and to Cece because of her love for darvey wedding bands.

Hope you'll enjoy it and I'd love to know what you think.

x - M

- first night of forever -

"Fuck," he hisses as he feels her hand slide up his half-hard length again, delicate fingers tracing a pulsing vein as her tongue slips out beneath his ear.

"Donna." Her name leaves his lips in a soft moan as she giggles, and the sound that leaves her lips sends another shiver down his spine. She tugs on his ear with her lips then, pulling softly, before she whispers.


There are so many things he'd like to say to her now, but her left hand continues at a torturously slow pace as he grows in her grasp. Sliding up and she presses her thumb to his swollen head, spreading pre-come all over and then down, where she fondles his balls.


It's not as much that he hears, but he feels her smile against his skin, and she picks up on her movement. Kissing his jaw as she pumps his erection, once, twice, each time tightening her grip just the way he likes and it's on the third stroke, tighter and higher that he feels it. The cold metal of her ring pressing against his head and he growls, hips jerking at her ministrations.

He looks at the woman draped half over him through hooded eyes, it's not their first round of the night, but it might as well be because it hits him, in full force, that the hand that's bringing him to such highs, is his wife's. The ring that's bringing in a new sensation into their already perfected game put there only hours ago.

"I love you." It's barely above a whisper, and nothing new, but it's exhilarating all the same and getting to say those three little words while making love to his wife. He's never felt happier, so he repeats it and tilts his head just so to bring his lips to hers.

The kiss is slow at first, drawn-out, nipping here and there and tongues sliding languidly along the other as if they reacquaint themselves with one another all over again, and in a way he does. He's not just kissing Donna, his best friend, his girlfriend, but he's kissing his wife, and he may have only used the word once, out loud that is, but as he pulls back to look at her again it's as if there's a bright neon letter sign hanging above her head. Four letters, blinking and blinding, just like she is and it makes his heart beat even faster.

He whispers a greeting, and she stares back at him with so much love in her eyes, he thinks he may combust. Bringing his right hand to her face, Harvey tugs a strand of her auburn locks behind her ear and draws Donna near again, his lips sliding against hers once again.

This kiss comes with a roll of her hips, her taut nipples pressing against his chest as she does so and her centre grinds against his muscled thigh as she strokes him once more.

"Touch.. me," she whispers in between heavy pants, and he tugs on her lips, once, twice, doing nothing more than watching her as he turns his weight to the right so that his left leg presses harder against her. He can feel her juices slipping over his skin, knowing that by the angling of her hips she's searching for more friction. He doesn't give it to her yet, teasing her just like her hand is still doing on him.

"Say it again."

She circles her thumb over his head, running along his slit as she moves again. Pressing her clit against his muscles, her lips nipping at the corner of his mouth before she whispers.

"I want to be touched by my husband."

My husband.

It is those two words that make him cave, and he doesn't know how she does it, but he loves it when she reads his mind when she pronounces words she didn't even know he wanted to hear, but they have quickly become his favourite, and Harvey knows he'll never forget this. The first time his wife calls him her husband.

He obliges at last, drawing his fingers through her manes and bringing her closer again, kissing her and he draws his left hand around her back, pressing her delicate frame against his. He draws absent patterns between the freckles he's already memorised as he trails his hand down her spine and over the curves, slow and deliberate, like their kisses and her strokes over his now raging erection.

He draws his right hand from her hair and slides it down her frame, her arms first, over her side to her ribs. A soft caress there, yet avoiding where she wants him to be. He does the same with his left, sliding over her ass, kneading, caressing but not venturing any lower. Not yet.

"Har— "

The first half of his name leaves her lips between ragged breaths and quick pecks. The second half follows soon after, is more high pitched and mixed up in a moan as he glides his long fingers between her legs, and over her soaking centre.

He smirks, he knows it's torturous for her, for him too, not to let go yet but he wants to draw out this first night with his wife for as long as possible. He does, however, cup her breast in his palm. Massaging the delicate flesh as he runs his thumb over her nipple in a slow circle and he knows her mouth forms the same shape as she pants against his jaw. He closes his eyes, ignoring the memories of her red painted lips around his cock, but it's to no avail, and he grunts too. His head tilts to the side, and their foreheads press against each other as they moan in unison.

He moves his thumb again, flicking and pressing and he has an idea then, moving his hand just so that his ring finger slides over the pink peak too. He catches himself gazing down at her chest, to watch his movement, only to realise then his wedding ring is on his other hand. A low chuckle escapes him nonetheless.

He feels it then, amid her strokes, the metal of her ring against his rim. And when he feels her hand going round, he knows it's not accidental but that she can genuinely read his mind.

"God," he pants, chest heaving up and down and he shares an open-mouthed kiss with her before she leans back to look at him. Her right hand running over his face, the moles above his eyes and though his hair and when their eyes lock, her smile matches his own.

In fact, it's a little more mischievous as she does it again, and he knows she knows how much this means to him—being here, with her, forever.

She curls her right hand behind his ear, thumb tracing the shell as her left slides down to cup his balls again. It's probably one of the slowest times they've ever made love, painstakingly so as she grinds against his thigh once more.

He gets like this sometimes; so overwhelmed in being with her, just feeling her close to him, revelling in her slow ministrations, that he forgets to touch her too.

She doesn't mind because he's a more than generous lover, and he'll always make it up to her. But tonight, tonight, she wants to reach that finish line with her husband. So she rolls her hips again, pressing her wet centre against his thigh.

"Sorry," he whispers, snapping out of his thoughts and if he ever blushed it would have been now as she whispers that it's okay, but that she needs him.

He kneads her breast again, enough to have her pant, but he wants to hear her moan, so he strokes her bum again, and he adjusts his leg just to spread hers a bit further. His fingers find her centre once more, wet and wanting, and he glides them over her slit a few times before sinking two in.

It has the wanted effect as she moans loudly, and he recaptures her lips with his own. He pumps his fingers in and out of her, curling them just so and he can not only hear she's getting closer but feel it too as she loses the rhythm to the movement around his dick.

He pumps again, pressing his long fingers inside of her as much as her pulsing walls allow him too before pulling out, slowly. The whine and roll of her hips that follow tell him she's close and he only realises how much she needs him when her usual retaliation in the form of a stroke of his erection lacks.

She doesn't beg, but it's the way her nose brushes against his and her hooded, tired, but wanting eyes find his eyes that he gives in again. Moving his hand back between her legs, he remembers his original plan and inserts just one digit this time around. Pumping slowly again, and only when he expects her to look up at him and beg for more, he pushes further letting his ring come in contact with her walls too.

"Oh god," she pants, the new sensation pushes her over the edge. And in any other situation, she'd feel slightly embarrassed by her reaction, but it's the knowledge of her husband bringing her to such highs that makes it more than okay even if it's just her seeing stars.

Harvey draws her closer as he lets her ride out her orgasm, bringing his hand to her face he moves the strands that stick to her skin aside and kisses her temple; a silent I love you she returns a few minutes later with a peck on the corner of his mouth.

The night ends with them slowly making love for the third time; him hovering above her, stealing kisses in between thrusts and repeated vows.

You're my everything.

He eventually drops down right beside her, falling asleep in her arms like the first night of their forever a few months ago.

The only difference this time around —

she is his wife.