I was a little younger than ten when things really started to heat up. By this point, I kind of had the water thing down. I could breathe underwater, and if something was liquid, I could move it. If something had any bit of liquid in it, I could control it. People came to me when I sang, and they were usually so dazed that if someone came after me, I could escape before anything happened.

By following that pattern, I eventually learned to freeze and boil the liquid.

But, this part isn't about my water-learnin'. This is how I visited my brother at school, and got a view of his roommate I never wanted to see.

My mom separated Percy and me from an early age. We were both powerful, but together, we were a worldwide beacon for monster activity. She sent us to different school as soon as we were old enough. They said it was because I was so smart I was able to go to a private school on a scholarship. I mean, I was, but that wasn't the entire story.

Due to my excellent use of persuasion, I managed to convince the school board to look the other way while I visited my brother.

Ok, I'm lying. I duck -taped the headmaster in her closet and stole her wallet, sneaking out of the school, taking her car for a joyride to my brother. Convertibles are awesome, and that car purred like a kitten. SO FAST.

Luckily, I met no cops. There was also no one on the road. Which was good. It took me an hour to get across New York. Don't try that at home kids.

I parked in the faculty lot and sauntered my way in. That school really needed to get their priorities straight. Tons of flowers and trees, and like, one guard. They spent so much time making sure everything looked pretty, they made it possible for literally anyone to sneak in.

Needless to say, I knew where my brother slept. We e-mailed a lot. No-one noticed me while I snuck through the school. No-one was even there. I later found out that was because everyone was at assembly, to discuss lab safety.

Everyone, minus one.

There were no locks on dorm rooms, FOR SOME CONVOLUTED REASON. So, when I reached my brothers dorm, there were no locks preventing me from entering the room and getting a brand new world view.

I slowly opened the door, avoiding any creaking. I loved leaping out at him and making him scream. There was a lot of light, and lots of talking, but I couldn't hear my brother. I snuck in, staying in the shadows.

The bathroom door was open, and the shower was running on hot, filling the room. There must have been crystals or mirrors in there, because there were a lot of rainbows, all manifesting in the doorway, the light shining out into the room, illuminating my brothers roommate.

My brother hadn't told me much about his roommate. He was small, skinny, walked strange like he was limping, and had a weird laugh. The steam from the bathroom was blurring my vision, and the light wasn't all that great, but his legs looked misshapen, and fuzzy, like he was wearing shag-carpet pants.

The steam was soaking into everything. I already had beads of water running down my face and arms. It smelled like wet animals in the room, but I knew for a fact the building had a strict no-pets policy.

I snuck behind him in the shadows, until I was directly behind the kid, and could see what he was doing.

The bathroom was all lit up, and full of prisms, reflecting the light into a thousand rainbows. There was a pudgy man shimmering in the light, talking to Percy's roommate. He looked like a lot of hungover men I had seen, but still better than my mom's husband.

He scowled at the boy, "Grover, I don't think I need to stress the importance of what will happen should you fail your mission?"

Grover shifted on his legs nervously, "No, no sir. It's quite clear."

"The boy could be the downfall of our entire world. Or not. Make sure he doesn't die so we can at least find out if we need to kill him."

The vision flickered out, and Grover sighed and turned off the shower. In the light, I saw him for what he really was, and any doubts I had about it were squashed when he walked on the tile. He leaned over the bathroom counter and sighed deeply. I cleared my throat and turned on the bedroom light.

Grover yelped and turned around, finding me standing in the doorway with my arms crossed. He shifted on his hooves nervously.

"Can… I help you?

I glared at him, "yeah, I think you can help with some things. I have a few questions."

He relaxed, snapped his fingers, and said "Everything has an explanation."

I nodded, "Good, because for starters, I want to know what the fuck you are."

He started a bit at that, though I'm used to people looking at me and going, 'oh tiny smol bean, so pure, very innocent, MUST PROTECT'. Pardon me but this little bean can protect herself, thank you very much.

He laughed nervously, like bleating, "What do you mean? I'm a human, just like you!"

I clicked my tongue, "Really because I've never heard of a human with goat legs and a furry dick."

He crossed his legs to hide his junk, then stared at me, "You can still see it?"

"Um, yeah. Kind of hard to miss. I'd be able to see that even if I was blind. Dude, when was the last time you showered?"

He blinked, obviously caught off guard, "Who are you?"

I bowed, "Lana Jackson, pleasure to make your acquaintance."

He blanched, "He has a sister?"

"We're twins. And while Percy may have told you nothing about me, I know all about you Grover Underwood." I glanced at his legs and smirked, "Or at least I did."

He cleared his throat, "You and your brother are close?"

"Close enough that I protect him."


I stalked around him, "I've been protecting my brother from the numerous things trying to kill us for at least three years now. I don't know who you are, or who you work for, but if you're planning on killing my brother, then I don't care how good of friends you are. I will wipe you from the face of this planet"

He put his hands up, "No need for that!"

I pointed at a chair, "then sit and start explaining."

He sighed, "It's a long story."

I pushed him down, "then start at the beginning and paraphrase."