UA Reform Program

Hi everyone. Now don't get too excited that I posted a new story on my page. This is simply something that I threw together during my break when I was feeling bored and edgy. So don't expect this to be a once a week story type deal, I'll be lucky to get a new chapter out once a month, if that. This'll just be a fun thing I do on the side.

Anyway, real talk for a moment. This story, like I said earlier, is edgy and very mature in nature and context. There will be mentions and depictions of blood, gore, cannibalism, strong sexual themes, dark themes like torcher, mental physical and emotional abuse, heavy cursing, and so forth. So if this stuff upsets you or you're too young to be reading this, then don't read it from here!

If you're still here, then you know the drill. I don't own My Hero Academia or anything related to it, this is a work of fiction, support the original artist and producers, blah blah blah! enjoy.

Chapter 1: The New Arrivals.

Aizawa sat at the meeting office table with all his other coworkers taking every seat around him, each one having idle chatter with the other. It was after school hours and everyone in the school had left either for home or the dorms. Normally he wouldn't protest meetings after school, they have them all the time, almost weekly. But today's meeting was a surprise to say the least, since Nezu threw it on them out of nowhere. Which usually never happened unless it was something important.

And speaking of the principal, a moment later he walked through the doors and hopped up onto his seat where everyone around quieted down.

After adjusting his tie and clearing his throat he said, "Good afternoon everyone. Now I'm sure all of you are wondering why I brought you in today on this surprise meeting?"

"Kind of. Is everything all right Nezu?", All Might asked.

Nezu trapped his chin as he replied, "Well that'll be up for you to decide. Today I have to tell you all something that came up even last minute for me."

Aizawa tilted his head to the side at this. What would possibly be flung onto Nezu at such short notice that even he didn't have time to warm them?

"Only a couple of days ago I had received a call from… Black Ridge.", He explained with a skip in his tone.

"Black Ridge? You mean the juvenile detention center that's run like a prison?", Midnight asked.

"That's the one. They called me out of the blue and told me they were going to be sending several of their more...rowdier inmates for reformation.", Nezu explained further.

"Reformation? But we're a hero school not a therapist office.", Present Mic stated.

"Well yes, that's true and all, but they fear if they don't reform from their current ways before their release, then they might turn to a life of villainy. Also it's been mandated by the government. So we don't have much of a choice.", Nezu told them.

"Get roped into more trouble, even right before the Sports Festival. And we still haven't gotten the whole thing with the USJ sorted out completely.", Aizawa said aloud in a tired and irritated voice.

Nezu sighs understandingly and says, "I know this is much, but is it not our duty to help those who have strayed off the path of good intent?"

No one could doubt his philosophy, as much as they didn't want to get wrapped up in all this whole mess. They knew it was their duty to do so.

"So Nezu, what's the outlook for these new arrivals gonna look like, if you have a plan now?", Cementos asked.

Nezu nodded and explained, "I actually have a plan in the works, which is why I didn't tell you all this sooner. I still have to iron out a few more bugs, but in essence the new students will reside in one of the spare dorms not currently being used. I don't think they should be in close living quarters with any of the other students until we can assess them more properly. As of right now they'll join class 1-A until such time exceeds that someone else can be put in place as their homeroom teacher."

"Oh joy.", Aizawa said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry Shota, but I'll only use you as a temporary stand in until I can hire someone else more suited for the role.", Nezu will apologize to him.

"I'll do my best.", He promised the principal with a sigh.

Getting back on topic, Nezu held up a manila envelope in front of him and said to the others, "In front of you should be an envelope like this one. Inside you'll find all the information on the students joining us. But be warned, they have very bad criminal histories. If they weren't minors then they might as well be charged as regular criminals."

"Anything else?", Vlad King asked.

Nezu shook his head and replied, "All you need are in the envelopes. For anything else not regarding it please come to me. They'll be coming first thing in the a.m so be prepared. You're all dismissed."

With that, all the heroes rose from their seats, grabbed the envelopes, and walked out to the rest of their day ahead. Aizawa was the only one not to leave the school and instead took a detour to the teachers lounge. Once there in the calm and quiet, he sat at one of the couches and opened the envelope.

Inside were several different papers that looked like police files on wanted or apprehend criminals, along with a mugshot of each student. Aizawa didn't want to bother himself to read everything on everyone, since he knew they never came close to the real deal, and instead read only the most important bits on each one of them.

Aizawa looked at the first paper and saw a teen, no older than the rest of his class, in an orange jumpsuit and holding a mugshot sign with a very angry expression. He sorta looked like a fox due to his green eyes, scruffy red orange hair, and large dog ears poking out of his head.

Name: Húlí

Age: N/A

Sex: male

Quirk: Kitsune

Description: allows him to morph his body into any humanoid to near perfection or a large 9-tailed fox.

Charges: use of quirk in public, battery and assault, manslaughter, resisting arrest and assault of officers, arson, theft and robbery, identity theft, and impersonation.

Danger Level: High

The next paper he looked at was of another teen that looked no older than the rest of his class, and had the same angry expression as the last. His skin was nearly pure white and seemed to reflect light like scales would. He had icey blue eyes that were slit with no visablel nose, clawed fingers, and spiky pure black hair. Going on more about his eyes, they were cold and focused, like a predator ready to strike.

Name: Fumetsu Hebi

Age: N/A

Sex: male

Quirk: Immortal White Serpent

Description: Has appearance and power related to several species of snakes. Can regenerate or heal any wound, no matter the severity, even decapitation.

Charges: use of quirk in public, cannibalism, battery and assault of both civilians and police, resisting arrest, property damage, theft.

Danger Level: Extremely High

The next one was hard to pin down in age, but he did look about as old as a third year and look nearly identical to a demon. He was the first one without an angry expression, and instead had one that was flirty or seductive. Winking one eye, mouth open with tongue out. He was red with black markings, had two large bull horns, yellow eyes and short black hair, no shirt in the pic, several piercings, black claws, and what looked like a tail holding up the prison sign.

Name: Hellion

Age: N/A

Sex: Male

Quirk: Satyriasis

Description: can produce a natural aphrodisiac from skin that's boosts natural sexual excitement in any creature regardless of sex or species.

Charges: use of quirk in public, indecent exposure, prostution, sexual misconduct, attempted assault and sexual assault, atempted murder.

Danger Level: Medium

Next one was hard to pin down the gender, since they looked so androgynous. But for his own simplicity, Aizawa mentally refers to it as a male. Like the others he looked around 16, wore an angry expression, held a prison sign, and had no shirt. Another thing he noticed was that the pic was taken under water. The teen himself had very long pale colored hair that looked like the tentacle of a jellyfish, large dark eyes, distinct lack of a nose, earfins, gills, and scales.

Name: Hydros

Age: 16

Sex: N/A

Quirk: Siren

Description: can breath and swim under water, and uses vocals to hypnotize anything with operating ears.

Charges: use of quirk in public, cannibalism, assault, murder, aiding in a mass homicide.

Danger Level: Extremely High

The next one was a literal dragon! Large magenta eyes, sharp teeth being shown through snarling lips, pink horns, and pink claws. Instead of scales it had white fur with pink tips on the sides of his face, ear tips, and featherings. Though its face was shaped slightly different from what a normal dragon looks like, almost like a dog without the nose. Like the others, he had an extremely agitated look on his face.

Name: Bomull

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Quirk: Dragon

Description: Appearance and abilities of a dragon including; flight, near invulnerability, sharp claws teeth and horns, fire breath.

Charges: use of quirk in public, destruction of private public and government property, arson, assault, resisting arrest, assault on officers, manslaughter, cannibalism, murder.

Danger Level: High

The next one was very hunched over, wore the same orange jumpsuit, angry expression in his eyes, and had a face mask over his mouth that had a skull design on it. His hair was medium length and scruffy, colored cyan blue, and his eyes were purple. Sitting over his shoulder was a huge mouth, far larger than his whole body, with smiling sharp teeth and covered in hair the same color as his head.

Name: Oguchi

Age: 16

Quirk: Tail Mouth

Description: has a large tail with a large secondary mouth at the end.

Charges: use of quirk in public, murder, manslaughter, assult, cannibalism, resisting arrest.

Danger Level: High

The next one didn't have the same violent expression as the others, but instead was sticking his tongue out with his mouth open, like when tenagers try to look cool and indtmiateing. He had silver colored lips and tongue, one silver streak running through his short black hair and silver eyes.

Name: Silver Tongue (Real name unknown)

Age: 17

Quirk: Comic Sans

Description: Can produce words into physical objects.

Charges: use of quirk in public, battery and assault, attempted murder, assult of officers and restisting arrest, carrying of illegal bladed weaponry.

Danger Level: Medium

The next one Aizawa had to do a double take since he almost looked like a girl. Like the others he had the same angry expression, prison sign, but no shirt. He had red eyes and red hair so long it made him look female. He wore a red mask that covered the lower half of his face down past his neck.

Name: Red Lace (Real name unknown)

Age: 17

Quirk: Hemomancer

Description: Can manipulate blood from his or other organisms bodies. Can use said blood to heal or add extra stamina or strength.

Charges: use of quirk in public, manslaughter, murder, assult, illegal fight ring particapation, indecent exposure.

Danger Level: Extremely High

The next one was another teen with a very smug and self assured expression. Kinda reminds him of Bakugou when he brags. He had green eyes and long orange hair that was slicked upwards with a yellow lightning bolt in the very front, which reminds him of Kaminari.

Name: The Blur (Real name unknown)

Age: 17

Quirk: Extreme Speed

Description: Can run at speeds so fast he appears as a 'blur' to the naked eye.

Charges: use of quirk in public, assault, damage of private public and government property, resisting arrest, assault of officers, theft and robbery, breaking and entering.

Danger Level: Extremely High

The next one was not like the others. Sure he looked young and wore an orange jumpsuit, but his expression held no hostility. He actually looked sad, or self-disappointed, or even relavaluative. He even looked away from the camera in the photo. He had short black hair and brown eyes. All in all, he looked completely average or plain. Behind his picture were several other different looking individuals that held prison signs the same as his. They all seemed to be posted together under the same person. Aizawa decided to look into this later.

Name: John Doe

Age: 15

Quirk: Multiple

Description: Houses multiple personalities within his body. Each one has its own individuality and quirk.

Charges: use of quirk in public, murder, manslaughter, assult and batery, arson, impersonation of a doctor.

Danger Level: Low/High

The next one was another teen in orange wear with a very neutral expression as opposed to an angry one. It almost reminds Aizawa of how others described him. He had short hair that had a mix or yellow, brown, and orange. He had two different eyes, one blue and one green, and stitching scars all over his face and arms. In addition, patches of his skin looked out of place, like they came from different sources. He almost looked like a patchwork teddy bear, minus the cuteness. Lastly he wore a sick mask over his mouth.

Name: Patch Work (Real name unknown)

Age: 14

Quirk: Puppeteer

Description: Produces sewing needles attached to string from finger tips, that when injected into an organism, allow him to manipulate them in any degree he wants.

Charges: use of quirk in public, assault, premeditated assault, resisting arrest, mutilation.

Danger Level: Medium

The last one was another older teen who looked like a third year, with another neutral expression that held no emotion, almost like looking at a corpse. His hair was long, wild, messy, and tangled up. Like he lived in the backwoods and never heard of a shower. His magenta colored hair covered parts of his face, but his pink eyes easily bleed through. Making him look sinister.

Name: Psyche (Real name unknown)

Age: 18

Quirk: Psyche

Description: Unknown extent of psychic and psionic powers. Most prominent are mind reading, and psyche breaking.

Charges: use of quirk in public, attempted murder, murder, manslaughter.

Danger Level: Extremely High

Aizawa put down the sheets and rubbed his tired dry eyes. He let out a loud exhausted sigh and leaned his head back into the couch. He took a calming breath and knew this was going to be another problem on the ever growing plate, and Aizawa had no idea what to do.