UA Reform Program

Chapter 6: The Evaluation, act 4- The Many People in one Body

Nezu pressed the button for the last time and a moment later, in walked perhaps the most plain looking and inconspicuous teen the heroes had ever seen. Even more so than Izuku, and that alone was something. He had short black hair and brown eyes with nothing else apart from the orange jumpsuit he wore. He only looked a year younger than any of the first years, if that. He timidly walked up to the mic and once there he rubbed his arm before tapping on it to make sure it worked.

"H-Hello.", he said in a small timid voice.

Aizawa menatlly sighed at seeing he was much more docile. But also seeing his timidness could also spell trouble in different ways if they weren't careful. It reminded him of Izuku, and it took that kid a long time and a lot of significant events for him to get even where he was right now, and he still had a long way to go. But this kid wasn't Izuku, and had his own set of issues. Aizawa put a note down on that for later review.

"Hi sweetheart. How are you?", Midnight asked him kindly.

"I-I've been better.", he replied with a shrug.

"Your John Doe, correct?", Nezu asked him.

"I am.", he answered meekly.

"Boy am I glad you're not like the others! Especially after that dragon! He was something else.", Present Mic exclaimed with a heavy sigh!

"I see you met Bomull.", he said with a dry chuckle.

"We have.", Midnight confirmed while rubbing her forehead.

"What's his deal? In fact, what with all of them? You're properly one of the better one.", Mic exclaimed!

"That depends on which one of me you ask.", the teen said vaguely.

"I'm sorry?", Neuz prompted the teen for further details.

Realizing his vagueness, John blushed in embarrassment, and quickly explained, "Oh, um, it's my quirk."

"Could you tell us about your quirk, give us a demonstration, and tell us why you were imprisoned?", Nezu prompted him further.

"My quirk is called Multiple. I have….multiple personalities.", he told the heroes with a skip of nervousness in his voice.

"Says here that each of them have their own identity and quirks. Is that ture?", Aizawa asked him, and the teen nodded silently.

"Do you have your own unique quirk?", Mic asked him.

John shook his head and explained, "No, Multiple is my quirk. Im Primary, so I'm alway active. I'm the original."

"Do you know why you were sent to Black Ridge?", Aizawa tried to carefully ask him.

"I-we….did a lot of bad things.", John stated while shrinking in on himself. As the heroes were taking notes, John suddenly blathered out, "But it wasn't their fault!", the heroes stopped and stared at the teen for more. John blushed again and gripped at his arm while avoiding eye contact, he explained, "They were….just trying to protect me…..and it always ended bad."

"You refer to your other personalities correctly.", Nezu prompted him.

John nodded and expanded further, "They all have a purpose in my life. They represent different parts of me. And so they try to protect me from any and all danger."

"Could we meet some of your other personalities?", Midnight asked him kindly.

"I guess, most of them are in a relatively good mood.", he said with a shrug. He then unzipped the font part of his jumpsuit and pulled out a brown notebook. He walked up to the table and handed the notebook to the heroes while saying, "But you should properly take this to make sure you don't do anything to set them off."

"Did you have this book with you the whole time?", Aizawa asked him while taking the object, as he nodded silently.

Mic blew an exhausted raspberry and exclaimed with arms thrown up, "Geeze! First that blood guy and now you! Is there anyone else hiding things on them?"

John initially jumped in fright at his reaction, but calmed down quickly and asked back, "So you met Red Lace?"

"Charming kid, really?", Midnight said sarcastically while trying to hold back her stomach at the thought.

"Yeah I know he can be… weird.", John said awkwardly.

"Can be?", Aizawa prompted him.

John sighs and says, "Okay he's really weird."

"Where do you even get those Tonto blades in the first place? And how in the world did he manage to sneak them all the way here.", Mic asked as a vomit burp escaped his lips.

John shrugged and answered, "Not sure myself, Black Ridge always tried to confiscate them from him. But he always managed to get them back and hide them someplace else. Where do you put them this time?"

"His body cavity.", Nezu answered while trying to hide the nauseous sound in his voice.

"Well that's certainly new. Last time you put them in his arms.", John said with such calmness that it freaked the heroes out, and so much for Present Mic that he nearly hurled once again.

Trying to change the subject, Aizawa took a calming breath and asked the teen, "About your quirk and personalities."

John looked confused by this for a moment, then realized what he was saying, and said while pointing to the book, "Oh yeah just read the book and it'll tell you everything you need to know."

"An entire biography on each of your personalities. How incredible and well thought out.", Nezu marveld while looking over Eraser's shoulder to peer at the context.

"How many personalities do you have?", Aizawa asked off handed.

John took a moment to reply, and then answered, "I used to have 20, but now it's only 18."

Present Mic's eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he stated, "Wow!"

Eraser peared in the book and read the first several pages which consisted of a list of over a dozen different names with a brief description of each personality and of their power.

1: Mr Fire

Main power: True Pyrokinesis

Subpowers: flight, super strength, and intangibility via fire

Personality: hotheaded, easy temper, quick to anger, fearless, protective, negotiable

Danger level: High

2: Mr Cold

Main power: True Cryogenesis

Subpowers: object creation, matter freezing, intangibility via ice body, and natural ice armor

Personality: cold, unfeeling, stagnant, cruel, articulate

Danger level: High

3: Mr Zapp

Main power: Electricity manipulation

Subpowers: manipulation of everything with an electrical signal (machines and living objects), persuasion over weather patterns, intangibility via electricity, and electric absorption

Personality: level headed, stoic, calm and collected, constantly in control, always trying to find balance

Danger level: Medium High

4: Mr Gross

Main power: Acid production

Subpowers: inability to feel pain and intangibility via acid

Personality: N/A

Danger level: Medium High

5: Mr Swarm

Main power: Insect control

Subpowers: insect reproduction via the boils on his body, insects can get into tighter spaces, patrol, and steal small objects, telekinetic connection via hive mind of all insects

Personality: N/A

Danger level: Medium High

6: Mr Keepaway

Main power: ability to move twice faster than whatever is chasing him

Subpowers: superhuman reaction time and agility

Personality: easily scared, flighty, fidgety, dislikes conflict

Danger level: Safe

7: Mr Vanish

Main power: Invisibility

Subpowers: intangibility no sound production

Personality: quiet, mysterious, mischievous

Danger level: Medium

8: Mr Snap

Main power: Teleportation

Subpowers: superhuman reaction time and photographic memory

Personality: nervous, fidgeting, flighty, easily startled

Danger level: Safe

9: Mr IQ

Main power: Extreme human intelligence

Subpowers: advanced problem solving and information absorption

Personality: intelligent, well spoken, well-mannered, unexpectedly sassy, firm

Danger level: Safe/Medium

10: Mr Strong

Main power: Superhuman strength

Subpowers: superhuman durability and pain resistance

Personality: unfriendly, aggressive, uncompliant, hostile

Danger level: High

11: Mr Mouth

Main power: Multilingual speaking

Subpowers: able to learn new languages in minutes of studying

Personality: studious, kind, helpful, eager

Danger level: Safe

12: Mr Yell

Main power: Hypersonic scream

Subpowers: none

Personality: quiet, calm, well mannered, well knowledgeable

Danger level: Medium

13: Little Mr Man

Main power: Telekinesis

Subpowers: none

Personality: young, innocent, prone to emotional break

Danger level: Safe/Medium

14: Mr Stitch Up

Main power: Extreme healing ability

Subpowers: regeneration from any injury no matter the severity, able to regenerate brain matter and primary organs, able to use flesh as a weapon

Personality: N/A

Danger level: Safe

15: Miss Morphine

Main power: Cleavage pocket dimension

Subpowers: superhuman flexibility reflexes and stamina, acute hyper aware knowledge of all forms of medical practices including therapy

Personality: intelligent, well put, self assured, well mannered, mad scientist

Danger level: Medium/High

16: Mr Monster

Main power: Blood Lust Berserk

Subpowers: superhuman regeneration speed stamina strength endurance durability reflexes reaction time and senses, hyper sharp claws and teeth, 6 ft retractable abdominal blade

Personality: animalistic, vicious, mindless

Danger level: Extremely High! Don't Engage or approach! Ever! RUN AWAY!

17: Mr Conduit

Main power: Connection

Subpowers: hyper awareness

Personality: self assured, intelligent, cruel, mysterious

Danger level: Extremely High! Don't Engage or approach! Ever! RUN AWAY!

18:Mr Death

Main power: Death Touch

Subpowers: intangibility, invincibility, immortality

Personality: solem, quiet, reserved, severe, mysterious

Danger level: Extremely High! Don't Engage or approach! Ever! RUN AWAY!

"Why does Mr Monster, Mr Conduit, and Mr Death have the most warnings?", Aizawa asked the teen while watching his movements.

John became extremely frightened at the mention and firmly told them in a half panicked yell, "Trust me, you dont wanna meet them!"

Midnight took the panicking teens hand and helped calm him down before they continued.

Once he was calm, Aizawa asked him, "And all the others are fine?"

"For the most part.", John shrugged.

"Why do all of them have such, *ppfff!* Silly names?", Present Mic asked while trying to hold back his laughter.

"I named them all when I was like 5. And they just stuck so I decided to keep them.", John said embarrassed, which earned Mic a punch on the shoulder from Midnight.
"How about we let you choose which personality we should meet first.", Nezu offered him.

John looks surprised by the offer almost in complete disbelief. But the teen silently nodded his head and took a neutral standing position. He closed his eyes while taking a deep breath, and when he exhaled his body suddenly morphed right in front of their eyes! It was like a wave of pure energy washed over him and changed his entire appearance in less than a second.

Instead of a plain looking teenager, now stood in his place, a man completely cloaked and veiled in fire. Almost as if he were made of the fire itself. He had no discerning facial features or anything for that matter. It was just a human silhouette made out of flames.

"Mr Fire?", Midnight asked.

The flame man nodded his head.

"Well Mr Fire, I'm Principle Nezu. And to my sides are Eraserhead, Midnight, Present Mic. We're heroes and teachers, here at UA, and we are having an evaluation on you John. If you would be willing, we'd like to see a demonstration of your abilities.", Nezu prompted the fire man.

Mr Flame said not a word in reply, but instead thrusted into the air like a rocket! He flew around the whole gym performing amazing aerial maneuvers! He then began to shoot streams of fire and fireballs from his hands in a big showy display!

After he was done he landed back at the mic stand and another wave of energy rushed over the flaming man. A moment later and a new person stood in place of Mr Fire. Almost like Mr Fire he too was cloaked in an element, that being ice. His hair was like sharp icicles, his skin was a cold blue, his nose was long and pointed, his body was covered in a pond show of pure ice with only his hands exposed. Like Mr Fire, he too was an adult.

"Mr Cold?", Present Mic asked.

The ice covered man nodded his head.

"Well Mr Cold, I'm Principle Nezu. And to my sides are-.", before Nezu continued with his speech, Mr Cold put up a firm hand for him to stop.

"Do you know who we are?", Nezu asks.

Mr Cold nods.

"Do you know what we want you to do?"

Mr Cold nodes again.

"Then please demonstrate your quirk whenever you're ready.", He offers to the ice covered man.

The ice covered man lifts up one hand and a cold mist emits from it. The coldest grow stronger and stronger until he suddenly shoves his hand to the ground, and almost immediately over several pillars made entirely out of ice sprouted from the ground all the way up to the ceiling! The cold man then raised both of his hands into the air and clapped them together. And that moment all the ice pillars come together and form into one giant ice pillar!

He then fluxes two fingers on each hand and the giant ice pillar shatters into a thousand pieces, but none of them hit the ground! The ice shard fragments remain floating in the air until Mr Cold starts whirling and twirling his hands and fingers around like a conductor.

The ice shards start dancing and spinning around in a dancing torrent of shimmering sparkling wonder! Mr Cold then snaps his fingers and all the ice shards burst into little snowflakes that rain down on everything. The heroes look on at this and wonder and amazement!

Mr Cold stands still and another wave of energy rushes over his body changing him again. This time another adult man appeared in front of them. Clad in a fully black outfit with gray skin and hair that could best be described as 'The bride of Frankenstein'. Blue electricity courses around his face and hands like veins on a person.

"Mr Zapp?", Nezu asks.

"That's me.", The man answered in a distorted electronic voice, shocking all the heroes by his sudden speech.

"Oh… can talk?", Midnight asked confused.

"Most of us can and most of us can't. It's an equal frequency.", Mr Zapp answered simply.

"Do you already know what-?", Nezu began to ask until Mr Zapp cut him.

"Your Principal Nezu and the others are Eraserhead, Midnight, and Present Mic. I know.", He told them fluently, as the heroes started on in shock and confusion. "You all have a very chaotic vibe about yourselves. Though it balances out nicely in an equal wavelength.", Mr Zapp went off topic with a compliment.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh thanks?", Present Mic thanked him awkwardly.

"How do you know already?", Aizawa asked him.

"All information received from the one on top will be transferred to everyone else.", Mr Zapp explained.

"On top?", Aizawa prompted him further.

"Not important. What is important is you want to see what I can do?", Mr Zapp stated firmly.

"Whenever you're ready.", Nezu told him.

Mr Zapp then placed his hands apart and began to swirl them around. All of a sudden electricity began to generate between them. He then struck a pose with one hand stretching out farther than the other, and shot out a bolt of electricity into the air. Electricity generated around his hands and all the lights in the gym again flickered on and off.

Yet again the rush of energy flushed around Mr Zap's body and this time, what looked like a green zombie, was revealed. It's flesh was loose and saggy, it's face looked half melted, it couldn't speak in anything except for painful sounding choking noises. It's body reeked of wet wrought, it's clothing looked decayed and nearly falling off it's body figure, and it's mouth dropped a weird substance.

For the heroes could do or say anything The zombie looking creature, which they quickly found out was Mr Gross, vomited up a huge puddle of acid that burned away at the floor! Another way of energy rushed over Mr Gross and a new person took his place. He also looks like a corpse, but one suffering from disease and parasites.

He had tattered clothes hanging on his body, his skin was gray, his hair was sparse black, his facial features were barely visible, and he had welts expanding all over his body. Ranging from the size of a golf ball to big as a watermelon. Crawling, flying, and coming in and out of those welts was a constant swarm of fly like insects. No doubt this was Mr Swarm.

Mr Swarm took one step forward and accidentally stepped in the puddle of acid. He jumped back crying out in pain, like an animal, and fell to his back! When he fell, an entire swarm of insects poured out from his welts so thickly that his body disappeared in seconds. The heroes were nearly ready to evacuate when another rush of energy ran over Mr Swarm's body, and all the insects disappeared.

What laid on the floor in place of Mr Swarm was a young man in his twenties. He wore a multi colored, full body, form fitting tracksuit with running sneakers. He had extremely long legs, short black hair, and blue eyes. He pulled himself off the floor and immediately noticing the heroes he became extremely frightened! Trying to recede back with one leg up and hugging himself as his body chattered.

The heroes looked at each other strangely for looking back at the man and asking, "Mr Keepaway?"

"Ye-Yes?", Mr Keepaway answered.

Before the heroes could say anything else, Mr Keepaway suddenly sounded off a frightened scream and immediately another wave of energy rushed over his body, changing him into someone else. Another young man, possibly in his early twenties, now stood in place of the previous nervous man. He too looked extremely frightened and nervous, as if his own shadow would scare him to bits. He was dressed and extremely extravagant, large, and colorful '80s style clothing with hair and jewelry to accompany it.

His head whipped around and back and forth, like he had no idea where he was. He only stopped his frantic searching when he saw the heroes staring at him. That's when he receded into himself, and like Mr Keepaway, began to shake anxiously.

"Mr Snap?", Aizawa asked him.

"Ye-Yes? What do you people want with me?", Mr snap answered back with a nervous gulp.

"We just want to see a demonstration of your abilities.", Aizawa told him calmly.

Mr snap rubbed at his arm nervously and answered in a hard stutter, "I-I don't th-think I'm t-to comfortable w-with that."

Nezu sighs understandingly at this, and then says to him, "That's fine you can just go ahead and-."

"BOO!", Present Mic shouts!

"AAAAH!", Mr Snap screams in fright!

Mr Snap then started to teleport around the room, disappearing in a small cloud accompanied by a snapping sound.

"Mic! What the hell!?", Midnight yelled at him!

Mic nearly fell out of his seat from laughing as Aizawa and Nezu were shaking their heads.

After Mic calmed down a bit, he said, "Well I thought it was funny. And besides, at least we got to see his quirk."

No one tried to argue with him since it was so ridiculous and stupid. So instead they opted to just stare at him disapprovingly. A minute later, and the snapping from Mr Snaps teleportation stopped. The heroes looked back to wherever the man was, and saw a new person standing at the microphone.

He was around his 30's, tall, lean, well groomed in a light brown suit and tie, black shoes, short brown hair slicked to the side. He had a very calm, yet very self-assured expression. Like he knew everything better than anyone else.

"Good morning Principal Nezu, Mr Aizawa, Midnight, and Present Mic.", He said in a deep smooth tone.

"Uh, good morning to you as well, Mr-?", Nezu prompted the man for a name.

"Mr IQ.", He introduced himself.

"You're the smart one, right?", Mic asked.

"I am. My IQ is at most 1,000.", Mr IQ explained.

Midnight's eyes nearly rugged out of her head as she exclaimed, "Holy Crap! I think he's smarter than you Nezu!"

"That reminds me to be seen.", Nezu said in a condescending tone while keeping his smile.

Mr IQ smiled back with the same amount of smugness and condescendingness, while saying, "Indeed it does."

"Ahem!", Aizawa cleared his voice as the two of them started a very violent looking stare off. "I'd love to watch you two duke it out in a battle of the brains, but we're in the middle of something right now.", he said firmly.

Realizing this, Mr IQ straightened himself out and said, "Of course. Please, go head and ask you questions."

"We really don't have any. We just want a demonstration of your abilities.", Aizawa told him while looking down at his notepad and reading over some things. Before looking back up and offering jokingly, "Unless you wanna solve a complex problem for us."

"I think I'm fine. But moreover.", Mr IQ said the last part in a tone that peaked all the hero's attention. "I'm ready to answer your questions on all the charges thrown on John, and why we exist."

The heroes looked at each other, before nodding in a silent agreement, and turning back to the man.

"Go ahead. With the fist part.", Nezu told him.

"You see dear heroes. We play an important and integral part in John's life. We are a part of him, pieces of him, we are him. We all represent a different part of him. Important and minor. Without us, there would be no John.", Mr IQ explained in full, and from the sound of his voice he was definitely telling the truth. "In saying that, it is our sworn duty to protect him at all costs.", he said in the last part with malicious intent in his voice.

"Even committing murder?", Aizawa prompted him.

Mr IQ waved off the acuzatiin and said with a smile, "I wouldn't call it murder. More like… permanently getting rid of a problem. All of us are willing to go to any length so long as it means John is safe."

"And yet in doing the things you have done, you have put him into more danger.", Aizawa stated with eyes narrowed.

"What we are going through now is far more tame than what we were going through before.", Mr IQ stated vaguely, raising concern for all the heroes.

"I'm very tempted for you to explain that in more detail.", Aizawa said to him.

Mr Iq waved a finger and his head while saying, "Well unfortunately I won't."

"Why don't we change the subject.", Nezu interjected. Making Aizawa show a displeade face and Mr IQ's pleased expression. "I very well understand most of your charges thus far, but impersonating a doctor?", he asked the man.

"Sometimes Miss Morphine can't help herself.", he replied with a shrug.

"Miss?", Present Mic asked incredulously.

"Yes. She's a woman. The only female personality. Or at least we think she is.", Mr IQ explained.

"Why the doubt?", Midnight asked him.

Mr IQ simply chuckled and told them, "You'll see."

"So what happens if all of you….disappear?", Nezu asked.

"So does John. When we're gone, there's nothing left of him.", Mr Iq told him plainly, before taking a contorted smug expression and adding on with a creepy smile, "So if you were thinking of getting rid of us, then you have another thing coming. So many have tried, and all have died."

The heroes didn't know how to react or reply to this, and instead decided to stay perfectly quiet and stare at one another or at the man.

Seeing this was going nowhere else, Mr IQ fixed his eie and said, "How about I pull up another one of us for you to meet?"

Before the heroes could even reply to that, another wave of energy rushed over the personality. But this time nothing showed up. It was almost like Mr Snap showed up and immediately disappeared. The heroes tried to look around, but could spot anything or anyone besides themselves.

"I don't see anything.", Aizawa stated.

Suddenly there was a loud smacking noise and a cry from Midnight as she exclaimed, "Ow! Mic!"

"What?", Mic looked at the woman in confusion.

"Don't 'what' me! You hit me!", She yelled at him!

"No I didn't!", He shot back insulted!

Just then, Midnight's hair was pulled up and over her face, Present Mic's hair was split apart like a banana, Nezu's chair started to spin so fast he fell out of it, and Aizawa's scarf was pulled over his face!

"What's going on?!", Mic yelled as he tried to fix his hair!

Just then a thought dawned on Aizawa, and after pulling his eyes free from his own scarf he asked, "Wait a minute…..Mr Vanish?"

When he asked this, a piece of paper and pen floated to one of the table ends and drew a smiley face.

"Well that explains that.", Nezu said dizzily while getting back on his seat.

"Man! I can't see this guy at all! Or hear him. I think that's the most terrifying.", Mic exclaimed with slight dredd, while waving his hand in front of where the pen was floating, but felt nothing.

The heroes continued to ask the invisible man more questions, but only got little pictures indicating a response that was usually pretty vague.

"Guessing you're not very chatty?", Aizawa finally asked him.

He then felt the invisible man grab his hand and move it up to his own head. Along the way up, Aizawa's fingers touched what he could only assume to be his body, and took note that he was naked. The invisible man then shook his head no on response.

Aizawa sighs and asks him, "Can you bring another one out?"

The invisible man nods yes, and Aizawa feels his hand let go. After a brief waiting, another wave of energy washed over a spot and another new person appeared before them.

He was an older man, around his early 40s. Completely bald, in fact, no hair whatsoever, not even eyebrows. Wearing a leather motorcycle get up, tattoos all around his arms, neck, and chest, 10 rings on each of his fingers, and a very angry scowl.

"Hello sir. Are you-.", Nezu began until the man cut him off.

"What the fuck do you shit tits want?", He demanded.

"Your Mr Strong, aren't you?", Aizawa asked while looking in the notebook, and glancing at Mr Strong's entry.

"What's it to ya, ass hat?", He asked agitatedly.

"He really is hostile.", Mic whispered to Midnight.

Mr Strong saw this and getting more hostile he yells, "The fuck you say about me you fuckers!"

"We're only reading what John wrote.", Aizawa told him calmly before he got violent.

Hearing this, Mr Strong immediately calmed down to a constant scowl.

"Could you give us a demonstration of your quirk?", Nezu asked him

Mr Strong narrowed his eyes while growling angrily, and barked, "What do I look like to you? A fucking circuse monkey!"

"Don't get so upset. We're only asking if you're willing.", Nezu tried to calm him down.

"Not that it would be anything to see.", Aizawa slid in, much to the shock of the others.

Mr Strong craned his neck towards him and demanded, "The hell you just say you decayed corpse look-alike!?"

Aizawa put on his most unsettling smile and said, "I've seen the others and they impressed me. And I don't get easily impressed. I've seen super strength quirks before, I'm sure yours is no different than any other."

Mr Strong tightens his hand into fists, his nostrils flare up, his shoulders tense, and his veins bulge out.

He got the floor of the gym so hard, it cracks, and he yells at him, "Fuck you! I'll show you I'm better!"

Mr Strong marches up to one of the metal beams supporting the gym on all sides, grabs hold of it so tight that the metal bends! And rips the whole thing off in one clean pull! He then throws the beam up in the air, catches it, and bends it into a knot! After the beam had been knotted several times, he threw it to the other side with one hearty grunt! The hero sat in astonishment of the sight, and looked at Aizawa who was calmly taking down notes of what he saw. It dawned on the heroes that this was a set up to see just how powerful this one personality is…..and it worked!

Mr Strong was breathing heavily after throwing the metal beam, but still turned around with a prideful expression and shouted, "How the fuck is that, shit for brains!"

"Well now I'm impressed.", Aizawa said with a fake quiver. Which made Mr Strong smile even wider. "You can bring out another one.", He quickly told him, making the man frown and letting another wave of energy rush over him.

The next one was another adult male with very tan skin, a handlebar mustache, and an outfit reminiscent of an international traveler.

"Hello there. Which personality are you?", Nezu began.

"C'est donc le célèbre UA dont j'ai beaucoup entendu parler?", The man spoke in a foreign tongue.

Mix slapped his forehead and exclaimed, "Oh geez. This one speaks another language. Anyone here know how to speak foreign?"

"There is no need to fret, I'm perfectly capable of speaking Japanese.", The man suddenly said in perfect Japanese.

"Oh thank goodness!", Mic sighed with relief.

"Your Mr Mouth, right?", Midnight asked the man.

"Right.", Mr Mouth answered simply.

"And your quirk is to speak any language, right.", Nezu asked.

"If I don't know one, I only need a few minutes to study it, and then I'm fully fluent in it.", Mr Mouth explained.

"Is that all?", Aizawa asked.

"I'm a translator and that's it.", He answered simply before offering, "Would you like to meet another?"

"Please.", Nezu asked him, and another wave of energy washed over the man to reveal another.

This time it was another man in his early 40s who looked rather peaceful and content. He had short black hair with red streaks in it, and a red full body suit with red shoes and gloves.

"Which one are you?", Mic asked the man.

The man's lips moved, but no words were heard.

"I'm sorry?", Midnight asked.

Again he spoke, but not above a whisper.

"Could you say that again?", Nezu asked him.

Again he spoke, but very softly.

Aizawa sighed and instructed him, "Could you talk into the mic."

The man looked at the mic, leaned in, cleared his throat and said in a very raspy voice, "Mr Yell."

"You're a lot quieter than I thought.", Mic commented.

Mr Yell gives a small laugh and says, "Well, when you have a quirk like mine. Talking is much harder."

"Not for me it doesn't.", Mic stated proudly.

"Unfortunately.", Aizawa muttered under his breath.

"Would you mind giving us a demonstration of your quirk.", Nezu asked the man.

Mr Yell nods and says to them, "Sure, but you'll wanna cover your ears."

After the heroes covered their ears, Mr Yell turned around and took a deep breath. Once his lungs were filled he let out a super powerful hypersonic scream with visible sound waves! The scream was so powerful that the very floor and building shook violently! The scream was so loud that even with their ears covered the heroes felt the pain from the scream! Very quickly the screams power overwhelmed the renfoced glass in the gym's roof, and it all shattered in an intranet, raining down on all of them!

The heroes tried to duck for cover or shield thor faces from the falling shredmill, but after several seconds of not hearing the glass shard crash against the floor, the heroes peaked out to see what was happening. When they did, they were floored to see every last piece of falling glass floating in mid air! They looked around and saw a new person standing where Mr Yell was.

He was just a child, properly no older than 6 or 8. He was chubby with pink hair messy, pink overalls, a blue shirt, tiny shoes, freckles, and big round golden eyes. His hands were stretched up in the air and his golden eyes were illuminating like two light bulbs. The child then moved the glass shard into a nearby trash bin where it filled the container to the top.

After the glass was gone, the child turned around to face the heroes. His expression could only be described as 'happy la-la land'.

Present Mic wiped sweat from his forehead and said to him, "Phew! Thanks for the save there…"

"I'm Little Mr Man.", the child introduced himself.

"Well aren't you just the cutest thing I've ever seen!", Midnight cooed at the small child.

Little Mr Man smiled with a giggles , while covering his mouth, and said back, "You're pretty too."

"Awwwwwwww! And sweet too!", Midnight gushed even more.

"So that was your quirk?", Nezu asked him.

The child nods and says, "Yep. I can move things with my head. It's called telephone-keys-sis."

"Telekinesis.", Aizawa corrected him.

"Yeah that!", Little Mr Man stated excitedly.

"How old are you?", Midnight asked him while trying to hold back her excitement.

Little Mr Man looks down at his fingers and begins to count on them. After a minute he finally replies, "I'm, um, I'm 6 and a half."

"Oh so you're a big boy now?", Midnights states.

"Uh-huh! I'm a big boy!", he replied back excitedly and proudly.

"I love this one!", Midnight squeals while nearly falling out of her seat!

"I could tell.", Aizawa said with a dry chuckle.

"Thank you Little Mr Man, could you bring out someone else.", Nezu told the child.

"Okay. Bye Bye!", Little Mr Man waves to them.

The heroes also wave goodbye as Midnight tries to hold herself back. Another wave of energy falls over the child and this time something much different pops out. Something that didn't even look human!

It was large, around 6 ft tall, and disproportionate in every part of its body. Its head was far larger than its body and oval shaped, it had no facial features apart from two different sized eyes that were placed crooked on its head and set in different angles. Its body was shaped like a teardrop, its arms were long and thin like noodles, with no fingers or hands. Its legs were short and stumpy with no toes or feet. It had no hair, no clothes, and no skin. Just exposed muscle that made wet slothing sounds, it dripped plasma into a puddle on the floor, and it smelled like fresh meat. Despite not having a mouth, it made painful sound raspy breaths.

"Oh God! What is that thing?!", Mic screamed immediately after the thing took the child's place!

"Either that's Miss Morphine or Mr Stitchup.", Aizawa told him while trying to hold down his stomach.

"Sounds like it's in pain.", Nezu observed while anxiously biting his claws.

"Can we go back to Little Mr Man?", Midnight pleaded while covering her face.

"Do you think that walking pile of meat can even talk?", Mic asked as he averted his eyes from it.

"I can.", the flesh thing suddenly spoke through a mouth it developed.

"WHA! Oh God it can talk!", Mic screams while falling out of his chair.

"So…which one are you?", Nezu tried to ask nicely as he could, without sounding nasuouse.

"Mr Stitchup.", the thing introduced itself in a painful voice.

"Aaaaaaand what can you do?", Midnight also adds in while trying to sound friendly.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeal.", Mr Stitchup said as a strange substance pooled from its mouth.

"Heal others?", Aizawa inquired.

"Myself.", he told him.

"Oh….", Aizawa said neutrally.

"Do you. Wanna-.", Mr Stichup began to ask until mic cut him off.

"No that's okay we don't need a demonstration from you. You can just bring out the next one.", Mic said quickly was shooing the flesh thing away.

Aizawa truend to Present Mic with narrowed eyes and hissed at him in a low tone, "Really? I was hoping to see-."

Before he could continue his rant, Mic cut him off and hissed back in a low tone, "His quirk is regeneration. You really want to see him mutilate himself? They'll probably sound all wet and sloshy."

Aizawa wanted to fight back, but dropped it after seeing the wave of energy rush over Mr Stitchup and change its appearance. This time it wasnt an adult males, but an adult woman around Midnight's age. Her overall appearance could be best described as 'Sexy Nurse'. She was tall and thin with what the kids called 'Thicc in all the right places'. Her hair was blond and tried back in the tightest and neatest bun ever. She wore a long white button up undershirt that came down to the midsection of her thighs, acting like a skirt with a red cross on the left breast. She wore heels with stockings held up by straps coming up her waist and into her shirt. Several of the buttons on top were open and exposed her extremely large breasts that would sway and jiggle with even the slightest movement. Blue examination gloves, an old fashioned nurses hat with red cross printed in the middle, a sick mask, and an eye patch that covers her left eye also printed with a red cross. Her only exposed eye was a vibrant purple.

Everyone blinked when they saw her, almost like they weren't expecting someone like her to show up or even that she was a totally different person or the fact of how drastic the personality change was.

Mic did a double take and said aloud, "Wow, she's easy on the eyes."

"Yeah I get that a lot.", she said back in a very deep, manly, brooklyn accent.

"Oh God!", Mic shouted while jumping to his feet in shock!

"I also get that a lot.", she said while rolling her eye.

Nezu cleared his throat and said to her, "You have quite the…. unusual voice there."

"So I've been told.", she said back with a shrug.

"What's your name again?", Neu asked her.

The woman pulled off her blue examination gloves before saying, "Miss Morphine, Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. So what can-?", Nezu began to ask her until she cut him off.

"Before we go any further.", she stated firmly while reaching in between her cleavage. She pulled out a box of cigarettes and asked, "Ya got a light?"

"I don't….think so.", Nezu said awkwardly.

"And here I was finally hoping to have just one after going cold turkey for weeks.", she moans aggravated while shoving the cigarettes back into her cleavage. "I'll hit up the fox later."

"Miss Morphine?", Neuz calls for the woman's attention.

Miss Morphine shakes her head and says, "Right right. Go ahead with your questions."

"Are you an actual doctor? Like….do you have a degree?", Midnight asked her suspiciously.

"One of many degrees. I know things that most medical practitioners would kill to know.", she told them proudly.

"It also says here that your quirk is, um…..", Mic drawls out awkwardly while tugging at his collar to find the words.

Miss Morphine sighs at her reaction, as if she's seen it before, and explains quickly like it's been rehearsed, "I can pull any kind of medical equipment from in-between my cleavage. So long as it's not too big or wide, like a machine. I know it's strange to think about, but I make good use with it."

"Recovery Girl sure could use someone like you.", Midnight stated.

"Well I don't mind working with others, so long as I have the lead.", she admitted with a twinkle in her eye. She examines her nails and asks, "Anything else?"

"No, you can just bring out another one.", Aizawa told her.

Miss Morphine looks away from her nail, stares at the man , and says firmly, "I am the last one."

"Say's here there's three more.", Aizawa prompted her.

Miss Morphine narrows her eyes dangerously at Aizawa, as they turn red, and she says like a mother disciplining her kid, "Okay now listen here honey. I like you so far, so I'm gonna give you a warning. Never. Ever! Ask John or anyone else about Mr Conduit, Mr Monster, or Mr Death for any reason! And if they do show, pray to God you're not on the receiving end."

The heroes all looked at each other, seeming to have another silent conversation, then went to take down notes.

As the heroes were taking notes down, Miss Morphine was already starting to lose her patients and said, "If that's all, then I'm gone."

A rush of energy fell over Miss Morphine and after it fades away, John is left standing where she was. Still wearing the same orange jumpsuit he came in.

"How'd it go?", He asked the heroes.

Nezu straightened out his tie and replied, "Pretty well, all things considered."

John then looked around the gym and say the….state, it now was in. The shattered windows, the knotted metal beam, the broken and acid melted parts of the floor, and other things

John rubs his arm anxiously and says, "Sheesh! Things sure got lively in here."

"Well your personalities sure had their fun.", Aizawa said in a neutral tone.

John recedes into himself frightfully, and stutters out an apology saying, "S-Sorry about all the trouble."

Nezu waved it off and told him in a chipper tone, "It's quite fine. In fact, it's what we wanted to see."

John sighs and says, "That's a relief."

"You can go back and join the others.", Nezu tells him with a wave of his paw.

John looks at the door, then back to the heroes and nods. Once the nervous teen left, the heroes immediately relaxed into their seats with sighs of relief and exhaustion!

Midnight and Present Mic took off their glasses and rubbed their eyes, while Nezu loosened his tie, and Aizawa just slumped face forward into his pile of papers and only seconds before falling asleep.

"Well that was a morning well spent.", Midnight said sarcastically.

"Boy do we have a whole lot to work through!", Mic exclaimed while picking up a while wad of papers.

"I really wish we didn't have to deal with this.", Aizawa moaned.

Nezu sighed and added in, "I wish the same thing. But we as heroes have a sworn duty, even if we don't want to. We have to help people in their most dire need. And those children are in desperate need."

"But how do we help with that? We save lives, not heal broken minds.", Midnight put forth.

"Like I said before, we just have to do our best until I can find someone more suited for this sort of thing.", Nezu explained to them.

"I just sure hope it's sooner rather than later. I'm willing to do what I can to help these kids, but I don't know if I'm the best thing for them.", Aizawa added in through the paperwork covering his face.

Nezu patted the man's shoulder and reassured him, "Just get them situated in the dorms and you can rest up for the rest of the day. We'll take it from there."

Aizawa sighed and got up from the table, he walked towards the exit doors where the teens were situated in the hallway, for whatever was to happen next. Once he was at the doors, he paused, took a deep breath, and prayed that if god was watching, he would give him enough strength to help these kids….or at least get through till after they were settled into the dorms.