Chapter 2 : Hope is a dangerous thing

Big decisions are scary. The thought of change is scary. We tend to think that we are probably taking the right decision if we gave ourselves enough time to think about it. Enough time to consider the positive and the negative. Abby had spent so much time debating. So much, she actually got lost in it. In her thoughts and in the possibilities. What was she supposed to do ? Nothing was changing for her. She needed to create the change. But she had nothing. Nothing left to hold on to. No one to put in the positive column.

The end of her shift could not come quick enough. She finally had taken a decision and it was about time that she did something about it.

She stepped outside the hospital, taking a last look at it. She had a faint smile. She had spent so much time in there. Met so many people. It felt like she was a different person back then.

She slowly walked away, protecting her hair from the snow.

Wait !

Carter was running to her.

Hey !

He walked towards her with a smile that Abby deeply loved.


Are you going home ?


Carter looked at her in the eyes. She looked sad. She had for a while now.

Could I walk you back home ?

I'm okay Carter. Thank you though. Goodnight.

Abby turned away and started walking to the street.

Abby ! What's wrong ?


Then why are you avoiding me ? Did I do or say something ?

No Carter, you didn't.

Then what ? I thought… I thought we were fine.

We are.

It doesn't feel like it.

Carter looked away.

It's not that easy.

It is.

It really is not. It's not you Carter.

Abby's voice was getting lower.

What is going on Abby ? You know I am here for you. Just let me help you.

I don't need help. I need space. I need to be alone. Please Carter understand me.

I'm trying. I really am. But all of this ? It does not make sense. Everything was alright. If I haven't done anything wrong then.. what is it ?

Abby took a few seconds to think.

Maybe you need to let me go.

What ?

Maybe we are not right for each other.

Carter did not know what to say. What the hell was she talking about ? She hailed a taxi.


There's nothing you can do or say Carter. Just let go.

Please… Don't do that. Don't go.

Goodbye Carter.

She got into the taxi, without giving him a final look. He was standing there, unable to move or talk. The snow was falling on him, the cold was the only thing he could feel. His soul felt empty, like a piece was missing and the rest of it was destroyed. The taxi left before any of them changed their minds. How could this be the end ? How could it be it ?