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I Believe in Second Chances: Chapter 2

Exploring new things has been something Murphy has always enjoyed doing. Back on the Ark when he was 13 he managed to make his way to the Government and Science station on the Ark and peruse around it until he got caught. Little did he know this would be the ring that he would live on for six years after Earth's second end. Speaking of Earth, he also enjoyed exploring as much as he could of that planet when he first landed on it with the delinquents. Although it seems that every time he has explored he ends up getting captured or locked up.. Sometimes both. So he can't really blame himself that he's feeling a little anxious about walking into the dark, castle-like structure that he and Clarke managed to get open. His mind now switched to her and that hug they shared moments ago. Even though it was just a simple hug he couldn't help but feel warm since the embrace. He needed it. He barely got any forms of affection from anyone, except maybe from Emori but he knows none of that might not have meant anything now that he knows how she really feels.

Once through the front door they were greeted with a circular room that consisted of 3 doors with a symmetric curved staircase splayed out on either side of the middle door. The doors had stained glass with all different colors; a yellow door to their left, a green door to their right and a purple door straight ahead. All made out of the same material as the front door.

"I wonder what prizes await us behind these doors." Murphy thought out loud.

"Knowing our luck? Nothing good." Clarke said, trying to peer through the green door. Murphy wiggled the handle to the yellow door and it popped open after a few tries.

"I guess we're seeing what's behind door number one." He said as he got his weapon ready and walked in. He took in the room once he entered; some kind of dining room with an excessively long table. Chandeliers as well as circular windows decorated the roof above and interestingly shaped columns acted as supports for the roof. "Huh. Fancy." Murphy stated as he slid his hand along the soft wooden table. "I feel like we have to be dressed up all foofy just to be in here." He looked at Clarke who scoffed at that.

"You couldn't pay me to dress up fancy."

"Me neither. I'd rather starve." Clarke gave him a disbelieving look. "Okay.. maybe not. Speaking of which, I'm fucking hungry." He started walking around the walls of the room. "If there's a dining room there's gotta be a kitchen right?" Right after he said that he found a metal door at the far end of the room.

"Murphy.. I don't think whoever lives here would appreciate us eating their food. If you don't recall, this isn't our planet. I think we should probably make a good impression." Murphy just shook his head with a smile.

"Oh Clarke. You'd think after more than a hundred years you'd know me by now." After watching her eyes roll he opened the metal door to find none other than a professional kitchen with metal tables and fancy gas stoves. Murphy clapped his hands together and rubbed them. "Let's get cookin, Princess."

After 15 minutes of going through all his options in the massive walk-in fridge and huge closet full of dry foods Murphy decided to settle on making bolognese and chicken pasta for him and Clarke. He filled a pot with water and set it on the stove as well as threw some ground beef into another pot. He lit the burner and waited for it to heat up. Once he turned his attention from his cooking he noticed Clarke wasn't in the kitchen with him anymore. He turned the heat down a little on the stove and walked out to go find her, grabbing his rifle as he passed it.

"Clarke?" He asked once he was back in the entrance room. He noticed the front door was still closed so she must not have left. He turned his attention to the green door that was now cracked open a little. He creaked it open using the barrel of his weapon. The door led to a long hallway with an equally long window on the right wall and a good amount of doors on the left. He slowly walked down the hallway, one foot in front of the other as he looked through the iron sights on his weapon. "Claaarke." He tried again.

"I'm in here." He heard her call from a door further up. He let out a sigh of relief and safetied his weapon. Once Murphy made it to the room Clarke was in he entered to find her sitting on a bed looking through a book. The room looked like some sort of small barracks, complete with a bed, closet, drawers, a bathroom and a single small window. All the doors down the hallway must lead to identical rooms, Murphy thought. He turned his attention to Clarke sitting on the bed with her legs together at her side. She used one hand to support her while the other flipped through the book she was looking at.

"What'd ya got there?" He walked closer. She finally looked up at him.

"Oh. Uh just a picture book. There's no doubt the people who used to populate this place were from Eligius 3." She pointed at a particular picture and his eyes took it in. It must have been a picture of their first camp because there were tents, trucks and dirt bikes spread around. He noticed a flag poll in the middle of the camp and sure enough there was the Eligius logo splayed across the flag.

"So I guess this place really is abandoned. I mean all those people have to be long gone by now right?"

"Yeah.. I guess. Still wouldn't feel right to just move all of their belongings out and help ourselves to their homes." She looked down at the blanket she was sitting on.

"Clarke. These people have been gone for years, Kay? It would be stupid for us not to take this opportunity."

"I know. We will. I just.. It still won't feel right." Murphy could tell this was really bothering her and he understood why. The same thing happened with Mount Weather after they killed all the occupants. Raven told him that it would have been a great place to move all their people but no one felt right about it. So they settled with just taking useful supplies from there and staying in Arkadia. He put his rifle strap around his shoulder and placed a hand on Clarke's shoulder. She looked at him with a small smile.

"Maybe we can bury their belongings if we find graves. Or even make a museum?" She let out a chuckle and placed her hand on top of his.

"A museum?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey. I'm not good at condolences okay?" She laughed and laid her cheek on top of their hands.

"Thanks, Murphy." He gave a half smile and a nod and realized touching and comforting Clarke might just be one of his new favourite things.

If someone told Clarke back in the dropship days that she was going to be on a new planet.. in the kitchen of a castle.. waiting for the sun to rise so her friends would stop trying to kill each other.. She might have just believed them. But if they told her she would be on a new planet, in the kitchen of a castle, waiting for the sun to rise so her friends would stop trying to kill each other while John Murphy made her dinner.. Well then, she might have just laughed in their face. But here she is. Sitting on the counter while watching Murphy cut chicken and break up ground beef while spicing said ground beef with seasoning. And on top of that, she actually loves Murphy's company. What is going on? She was sitting on a counter behind him while he stirred something in a pot. She took her jacket off and placed it next to her, leaving her in a simple black t-shirt, before Murphy scared the soul out of her.

"Alright!" Murphy said as he turned off the burners and started the one his pot of water was on top of. "Now we just wait for the water to boil for the noodles."

"It smells.. Incredible." Clarke stated as she took in the amazing aroma of cooked beef, chicken and spices.

"Just wait until it's all together. You might just fall in love with me." He stated with a smirk.

"The only way that would happen is if you put a potion in with those spices." She returned with her own smirk. He let out a small chuckle and reached into his pocket.

"It's too quiet in this kitchen." He pulled out the MP3 player he found when they first started exploring the area before Emori got affected by the toxins.

He was standing in front of her knees as he scrolled through the song list. He tapped on a song titled "The Remedy (I Won't Worry) By Jason Mraz" and the strum of a guitar began the song. Murphy placed the MP3 player on the counter and held his hand out to her and simply asked "Dance?". She grinned at him and took his hand hopping off the counter. She wasn't sure how to feel since she didn't know where Murphy's feelings with Emori stood but it's just harmless dancing.. Right? She didn't worry about it because the two of them deserved some fun. Once the artist started singing the beat picked up and so did their movements. She turned her back to Murphy who wrapped his arms around her waist as he sang some of the lyrics in her ear that went "If you've gots the poison, I gots the remedy." And it gave her a chill up her spine. They danced almost the whole song. Sometimes together other times separately while Murphy stirred the food and poured the noodles in the boiling water. They talked every now and then, making jokes about each other and laughing. She felt so free. Once the song was over the food was ready. "Perfect timing." Murphy stated as he placed a, very nicely plated, plate of pasta on the counter she was leaning on.

"Thanks." She said with a smile. She picked up the fork that was placed next to her plate and started to twirl some noodles around it but Murphy stopped her.

"Wait!" He ran over and pinched some parmesan cheese on top of her food. He gave a chef's kiss towards her plate. "Perfect." She raised an eyebrow at him but picked up her fork, finishing twirling her noodles, and then ate her first bite. Murphy watched her as the flavours of the spices and chicken manifested in her mouth. Her eyes went wide. It was the best food she had ever had in her life and that says something because her and her family were treated pretty well, food wise, back on the Ark.

"Murphy. This is the most amazing thing I've ever tasted. The second most amazing thing I've ever tasted is the other food you made me at the Mansion. Where did you learn to cook like this?" She asked, taking another fork-full. His face fell a little before he turned around and began dishing up his own plate of food.

"After my dad died my mom wasn't the best nurturer. So I had to learn real quick how to take care of myself. Cooking was a good start." Clarke stared at his back after he said that. This further explained his selfishness that they talked about when they were locked up. All he's known how to do since he was a boy is take care of himself by any means necessary. Who knew this man that she used to dislike abundantly would end up having a good excuse for his lawlessness? She wonders what Murphy would have been like if he was loved and taken care of. She couldn't explain why but she felt like it was her duty to give him those things. Before she knew it she was walking over to him and hugging him from behind, resting her head on his back. Murphy froze but soon after put his plate down and turned around for a proper hug. "I didn't know my food was that good." He joked, his chin moving up and down on top of her head as he spoke.

"I get it now." Was all she said. He didn't reply. He just tightened his grip around her to let her know he understood.


Yup, Murphy thinks he might just be falling for the Princess and it's scaring the absolute shit out of him. Something about her tender touch and knowing look keeps making his heart cry for more. Not to mention she seems to know the right thing to say every time he needs it. Now, obviously, he loves Emori and would never EVER be unfaithful to her. He's still holding on to the thought that all that Emori has said and done really is just the toxins corrupting her mind rather than bringing out her true feelings towards him. But it's hard for him not to think that the only person he's really opened up to, other than Clarke now, will abandon him like he's always been waiting for her to do, because that's just what people do to him. For right now, however, he's just glad he has a new friend.. Or more accurately, he's glad he has an old acquaintance that he's known for years that he's finally let in and became friends with.

Once they finally got some food in their stomachs they decided to finish their surveying of the area. All that was left to explore of the castle, or palace or whatever they were going to call it, was the purple glass stained door and the upstairs area. They decided on seeing what's behind the door first. Murphy opened the door slowly with one hand while the other held his rifle. Clarke had her own weapon ready behind him. They were greeted with a staircase going down with everything, stairs and walls, made of medieval esque bricks. They gave each other a wary look before slowly walking down the stairs. All they could hear was their boots thumping down each step. Murphy couldn't see much as he walked down the steps but once he made it down the last step there were small lights in the wall that gave enough light to see the very open room in front of them. It was a big room with the same brick floors and walls as the stairs they just came from. As his eyes took in the room he could see this was a storage room of sorts. A storage room that consisted of an abundance of building materials. Wood and metal slabs stacked on one side. Glass and supports on the other. And then there were the tools.. So many tools for them to build their new home on this planet.

"Oh my God." Was all Clarke said as she leaned into him and he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"I don't know about you.. But I don't think we can extend this place and build an entire civilization with just the seven of us."

"Yeah.. You're right. I'll call Raven right now." She stated as she unclipped her radio off her pants and went to walk back up the stairs to get a signal.

"Hey.." She turned around at his voice, one foot on the first step. "Does she know about Shaw yet?" Clarke closed her eyes, looking like she was feeling the pain of the pilots death all over again. Also probably feeling horrible that Raven lost yet another person she was trying to love. First it was Spacewalker at Clarkes hand.. Then it was Wick who didn't make the cut to stay in the bunker during Praimfaya. Now Shaw.

"I haven't had a chance to tell her." She swallowed hard after saying that.

"Maybe it's for the best. I think when we tell her we should all be here to comfort her." She gave him a small smile after he said that before he added. "Besides she needs to focus right now."

"As horrible as it is to keep her expecting him to be here.. You're right."

"C'mon. Let's go get them off their asses and over here." Murphy said as he put a hand on her back and ushered her up the stairs.

"Raven, come in." Clarke said into the radio once they made it up the stairs. No answer. Murphy peered at the small LCD screen on her radio and noticed, instead of 1-3 bars to show a signal, there was an X.

"There isn't a signal." He pointed at the X.

"It must be the eclipse." She figured and Murphy walked over to the front door and opened it to peek out. It was now completely dark out. The sound of crickets and what almost sounded like Katydids.

"Yeah.. I don't think so." He said and Clarke walked up behind him to see out the door.

"Oh thank God." She practically whispered. "Now we just wait a couple more hours for the others to get over the tranquilizers."

"Yeah. What about Raven and the others?"

"Well I'm guessing the dome of radiation that's around this place is probably what's interfering with the radio signal. We'll go back tomorrow to call them." Murphy nodded to her plan and closed the door.

"A couple hours huh?" He asked with a smirk.

"Yep. What's the look for?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well that just means a couple more hours without Bellamy ordering us around or Miller feeling sorry for himself or Echo giving everyone glares. I say we enjoy it."

"Enjoy being on a deadly planet without any-"

"I'm gonna stop you right there, Clarke. Because like I said before.. If I needed someone to tell me how obviously wack this all is I'd go hangout with Bellamy." She crossed her arms with a huff. A look Murphy has never seen her do but a look that drove him crazy, her arms pushing her breasts up and some strands of hair falling in front of her face. He had to look away and shake the thoughts out of his head. He looked back at her and continued. "When's the last time you had a break? I'm just curious.. And no, the 125 years of cryosleep doesn't count. " Her arms fell from her chest and her eyes looked somewhere up on the roof while she thought. "Exactly. We're about to build a civilization. I say we take it easy until we have to get working again."

"Fine. And just where, Oh King of being lazy, should we take it easy?" He was glad she didn't fight him on this because, no matter how much he wasn't a fan of her before, he always had to admit she needed a break.

"Well.. we still have one more place to explore in this castle." He nodded behind her at the staircases protruding on either side of the purple door they came from before. She turned around to see the staircase and then turned back to him with a smile and a nod.

As they walked up the stairs, Clarke couldn't help but keep trying to think about when the last time she took a break actually was. There was the time after Praimfaya while she was in the bunker. She still had to ration food and keep up with the temperature monitors so she didn't burn to death. Then there was her time with Madi, probably her most laid back years. But even then they sometimes had to walk miles to find food and build up their little home. Murphy was right. They needed a break. Once everyone else gets down to this planet all hopes of resting will be gone. Even though the place had buildings already they still had a lot of work to do in order to make it comfortable for everyone still asleep on the ship.

They made it to the top of the stairs and saw another door which was already open to show yet another hallway, this one with a rounded roof. Murphy had his rifle hanging on his back, probably figuring it was safe by now. Clarke, however, never wanted to let her guard down. Especially when she was with one of her friends. Therefore she held her weapon down in her hands in case any hostile beings decided to say hello. On either side of the hallway were doors to nicer looking rooms than that of the ones they saw before. At the very end of the hallway was a big double door, almost identical to the front door. Clarke and Murphy shared a look before they each opened one of the doors. They were greeted with a huge bedroom with the most comfortable looking bed Clarke has ever seen in her life. There was an equally large bathroom as well as a walk in closet. The two of them were drawn to the glass doors next to the bed. Murphy slid the door open and they walked out to a balcony that overlooked the massive field behind all the buildings. The same lights that lit up the area outside the castle lit up the field below and it looked absolutely beautiful.

"This place is so pretty." Clarke stated in awe.

"Not bad Eligius.. Not bad." Murphy took his hands off the railing they stood behind and glanced around the balcony while Clarke stayed, taking in the scenery so she could draw it later. "Hey check it out." She heard him say behind her. She turned around to see Murphy plop down on a round patio love seat that was placed behind a fire pit. "I think I found where we're gonna take a load off." He smirked as she walked over with a small smile and sat down next to him. It was, without a doubt, a very comfortable chair. She let out a content sigh as she let her back fall into the pillows behind her. She closed her eyes but opened them when she felt Murphy sit up and fiddle with something.

"What are you doing?" She asked sitting up with him.

"Starting a fire for us. It's not exactly warm up here." He shuffled around the wood that was already in the pit before grabbing a lighter that was placed on the table next to him. "I need paper.." She looked around before spotting a book inside the room on the nightstand next to the bed. She stood up and walked across the wooden floor and back into the room to snatch the book. She walked back over to Murphy and sat down opening the book. It was a scrapbook of sorts but there were only about a dozen pages that contained anything out of about 500. She flipped back to the first few pages and her eyes were attracted to one photo in particular. It was of a taller man and a very attractive girl with blonde hair who looked about their age, maybe a bit younger. They were standing in front of a garden of sorts holding a flag with the Eligius logo across it. Written in black pen under the photo it said: Josephine and dad first month after landing. She smiled wondering what it must have been like for that girl to start her life on an entirely new planet. Then she remembered she was literally doing the same thing. She didn't notice Murphy peering at all the pictures on the page she was turned to.

"At least we have some form of memory of all these people." She said. Murphy just nodded with a sad half smile. Clarke turned to the first blank page, of hundreds, and tore it out handing it to Murphy who scrunched it up and placed it in the middle of the mini wood teepee structure he made for the fire. He lit the paper and blew a bit on it to get it going before sitting back and looking down at the book on Clarkes lap.

"There you go." He said motioning to the open book.


"That looks like it would make a good sketchbook for you." She frowned and then looked back down at the book, flipping through all the blank pages with her fingers.

"I don't know, Murphy. This book was supposed to be filled with their memories."

"This place they made is ours now, Clarke. They gave us a great gift and we won't let them be forgotten. Besides. Now you can draw all of our memories in their book. I mean without them we might not have gotten the chance to have anymore anyway." She smiled at him for that before nodding and closing the book and placing it on the arm rest of the chair they were sitting on. She kicked her boots off and brought her feet up next to her before laying sideways so her knees were pointed at Murphy, who was scrolling through all the songs on the MP3 player.

She just watched the side of his face as he focused on the screen. She took in his features for the first time in a while. His ridged jaw and light facial hair as well as his blue eyes that shined with the light of the screen. She's always known he was an attractive man but looks mean nothing when you make yourself an asshole. However now that she understands where all that dickheadedness came from Murphy almost looks even more attractive than ever. She shook the thoughts out of her head before Murphy's voice filled the quiet night.

"You listen to much music on the Ark, Princess?" He asked, taking his eyes off the MP3 player and looking at her.

"Sometimes. My dad would play music in our room while he made breakfast on the weekends." She smiled at the memory.

"Anything good?" He asked.

"Oh yeah. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Queen.. Sometimes a bit of country."

"Ooo your pops had good taste." She smiled at him for that and nodded. He returned the smile before quickly looking back down at the screen. He must have found what he was looking for because his eyebrows shot up and he smirked. "What about Coldplay? The only band that would get me in my feels."

"I don't think I've heard of them." He scoffed at that and scooted closer to her.

"You gotta hear this."

He tapped on one of the listed songs titled "The Scientist By Coldplay" and the sound of a piano filled the air through the speakers on the device. Murphy quietly sang along with his eyes closed but then looked her in the eyes when the lyrics said "You don't know how lovely you are." Then again when the words said "I need you". Her heart did a hiccup and she's pretty sure she gasped a little. She moved her head down to rest on his chest but paused before she made contact in case Murphy was against it. Once she felt his arm wrap around her, his hand placed on her stomach, she let out a sigh as she felt the weight of everything that's happened today lift off. Tomorrow was going to start one hell of long, tiring months so she was going to take every minute she could to rest right now. She wrapped an arm around his waist and finally let her eyes close. She didn't know if it was all the events of the day that did it, the song or the thumb gently moving up and down on her stomach but she finally dozed off. In the arms of John Murphy.


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