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Chapter I: A New Beginning.

The Truest Wisdom Is A Resolute Determination.

Tension Rising! While meditating, Jedi Master Yoda receives a vision of a young hero who will turn the tide for many battles in the future. Now, he's on his way to find the hero from his vision before it's too late...

The Galaxy, 28 BBY.

A small humanoid alien walked through the forest. He has long pointed ears, balding grey hair, large green eyes, and has three fingers with claw-like fingernails wearing brown tunic light tan robes and holding a wooden cane.

He eventually came to a clearing where he saw a teen boy about 13 years of age. He has spiky blonde hair, fair skin, and has three whisker marks on each cheek. He's wearing only a mesh shirt with two holes in his chest, a necklace with a green gem, and orange pants with tears in them. As well as a forehead protector was beside him and open-toed sandals.

"Still alive he is." The alien spoke seeing ragged breaths before lifting his left hand.

The boy suddenly lifted off the ground before the alien walked back to a ship, the teen following after in the air.

Coruscant, Temple Council Room.

On the top of a temple was a large room with open walls where the alien that found the teen along with a group of other aliens and two men sat in a circle on circular cushioned chairs.

"Found him near death, I did." The alien said as a hologram of the teen being treated was in the middle of the room.

"And he's healing at a rapid pace." One alien said, noticing steam coming off the stitches as the cuts were healing.

He's an alien wearing an antiox breath mask and protective goggles. He has thick orange-brown skin. He's wearing a simple brown cloak with a light tan tunic.

This is Plo Koon.

"Any ID on him? Or anyone else there, Yoda?" A male asked leaning forward.

He's a human with dark skin and is bald wearing a light tan tunic and a brown cloak.

This is Mace Windu.

"No, alone he was. A big part of the future he has. Told me, the Force did." Yoda spoke holding his cane as another alien stroked his beard.

He's a humanoid alien with pale skin and a large head with white hair pulled in a ponytail and a goatee wearing the same tunic.

This is Ki-Adi Mundi.

"And what's that?" He asked, looking to the small alien.

"A Jedi, he will be."

"Isn't he too old to be started in training?" A woman asked.

She looks like a human with bluish skin pigmentation, scaled cranium, and white tendrils coming out of her skull cap and is wearing a tan tunic, and brown robes.

This is Adi Gallia.

"So was young Skywalker." Another alien said from his seat.

He's a humanoid alien with two large, curved horns protruding downwards from his head. He has an orange skin-tone, a battering-ram forehead with hardened, dense skin, and big, fleshy hands. He's wearing a light brown tunic and brown robes.

This is Saesee Tiin.

"But he's the chosen one, isn't he?" Another male alien asked

He's a humanoid alien with light skin color and brown hair with small horns on his forehead and two slightly larger ones on the top of his head. He's wearing a light tan tunic with forearm protectors.

This is Eeth Koth.

"That is still up for debate." A female alien spoke from her seat.

She's a humanoid alien with rusty red skin tone, white pigmentation on her face, and grayish lips. She has montrals on top of her head with two horns protruding down to her waist as well as one on her back, all being blue and white striped. She also has a headpiece with a jeweled chain between her eyes.

This is Shaak Ti.

"And he's rebellious! Always disobeying Obi-Wan! This one could be the same way! Should we really start training another who's already too old to start in the Jedi way?" Another male alien spoke up.

He's a snake-like alien with a thick white beard and hair wearing brown robes.

This is Oppo Rancisis.

"That's because young Skywalker didn't start out training at a young age to not think with his emotions." The last male alien spoke.

He's a reptilian alien with green, skin and a bony crest sitting atop his head.

This is Coleman Trebor.

"Troubling times ahead, I saw. Turn the tide for many battles, this one will." Yoda spoke up. "Train him, we will."

Yoda then got up and walked to the elevator. A few minutes went by before he reached the bottom having it open revealing a female alien.

She's a humanoid alien with blue skin, and two tails on her head going down her lower back with white speckles on them, hazel eyes, and dark blue fingernails. She's standing at 5'6" and wearing wraps around her lekku, and forehead. She's also wearing a red top with a small brick pattern, a long sleeve on her left arm, and sleeveless on her right, revealing her cleavage and midriff.

She's also wearing tight dark red pants with flaps on the front and back, and knee-high boots and a circular metal sword hilt clipped to a belt on her left waist via D-ring.

This is Aayla Secura.

"Master Yoda!"

"Hello, Young Padawan." Yoda greeted walking out and turned to the left.

"Where are you going?" Aayla asked Yoda to stop and turn to her.

"Halls of Healing. A youngling in bad shape, I found. See if he's awake, I am. Welcome to come, you are."

Hall Of Healing.

In a small room, the boy was laying on a bed. Several flying robots flew by as a female doctor looked at a screen beside the bed.

She's a humanoid alien with yellow skin, gold eyes with green eye shadow. She's wearing a headdress and a purple dress outfit.

This is Rig Nema.

"How is he?"

Turning, Rig saw Yoda and Aayla walking in.

"He's healing at a rapid pace, and, the holes in his chest when you brought him in are almost non-existent, and are just small scars that are also healing."

"Did you find out anything about him?" Aayla asked, crossing her arms.

"No, nothing is in our database, nor is his D.N.A., so I don't know where his homeworld is or what race he belongs to." Rig spoke as Yoda looked down in thought.

"Rare, that is. Remember last time medical records were not in the database, I cannot."

"I've done all I can do for him." Rig said, looking at a tablet and typing on it. "The rest is up to him."

A few minutes went by before the boy stirred and opened his eyes. "Oh, what the hell?" He asked, seeing a high ceiling. "Where am I?"

"Safe, you are, Hall of Healing I have brought you."

Blinking, the boy turned to see the two aliens before screaming and fell out of his bed. "AAH! Son of a bitch!" Getting back up, the boy looked at the two. "Who are you? What are you?!"

"Yoda I am. Aayla the Padawan beside me is," Yoda said before looking to the boy. "And you?"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. Am I anywhere near Konoha?"

"Konoha?" Aayla asked Naruto to turn to her.

"Yeah, my home village. In the Land of Fire, am I far away from it?" Naruto asked as Yoda looked up at him.

"Not heard of Konoha or the Land of Fire I have. In an unmapped part of the galaxy, it must be."


Aayla nodded before speaking. "Yes, you are on Coruscant."

"Never heard of it. How'd I get here?" Naruto asked, sitting up on the bed. "The last thing I remember was trying to bring the bastard back, there was a flash of light when our attacks collided and the next thing I knew, I woke up here."

"While meditating, go to you, the Force told me," Yoda explained as Naruto blinked at that.

"The Force?"


"Never heard of anything called the Force," Naruto said as he rubbed the back of his head before Aayla raised her hand.

"I'll explain Master Yoda." Getting a nod from the tiny alien, she continued. "Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi their power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together."

"Still not getting it? And what's a Jedi?" Naruto asked as Aayla blinked at that.

"How have you never heard of the Jedi?"

"From a world not mapped, he's from," Yoda explained. "Sense makes if no Jedi went there," Yoda said before turning to Naruto. "Inside yourself, the Force is," Yoda explained pointing the last bit at Naruto.

"Oh, you mean Chakra?"

"Chakra?" Aayla asked as Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, if you're talking about an energy inside of me, it must be Chakra!"

"Chakra they must call the Force where he's from… Not uncommon. For unmapped places to call it something different." Yoda said as Naruto held his hand out.

"Yeah see," Naruto said, closing his eyes, and after a moment Aayla spoke up.

"What are we supposed to be seeing?"

Opening his eyes, Naruto looked to see nothing happened. "Whoa, wait. There's supposed to be a blue ball there."

"Blue ball?" Yoda asked as Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, you were talking about Chakra, right? So you can make attacks, stick to a wall, create illusions." He explained as the two looked a little confused.

"No… The Force doesn't do that. With the Force, you can move things, jump higher, move faster, slow stuff down." Aayla explained as Naruto looked at her confused.


Aayla lifted her hand and had a table beside the bed lift up in the air. "How are you doing that?"

"With the Force," Aayla replied as Naruto looked at his hand.

"I'm… Starting to think I'm not home anymore."

"Possibly another planet, you are from," Yoda said before seeing that his wounds were healed. "Take him to get new clothes will you Padawan? Maybe something to eat?"

"Sure Master Yoda."

After getting checked out, the two then walked out and into the large hallway of the temple. As they walked, Naruto noticed various aliens and humans wearing robes of different shades of tan or brown. "Why is everyone wearing the same outfit?"

"That's the popular outfit for a Jedi," Aayla replied as they came to a room.

"What is a Jedi exactly?"

"I'll explain later, right now, pick out some clothes to wear."

A few minutes went by before Naruto walked out with black pants, brown boots, a jacket with a red stripe, and his forehead protector on a black strap.

"OK, another question. Why did you call Yoda, Master?"

"That's the term you give to the Jedi who teach you and are of a higher rank," Aayla replied as they came to a door leading outside.

Naruto stretched as they walked outside of the temple. "So where to-!" He stopped as a blue hoverbike almost hit him. "What the hell is that?!"

"A speeder bike," Aayla replied as Naruto looked around the very large city at various aliens and humans walking or flying around on bikes or hover cars.

"Yeah, I'm definitely not home." He said before walking down the street.

They walked down the street and came up to a diner before walking inside. "So, what did you say you all were?" Naruto asked as they got into a booth.

"A Jedi," Aayla replied.

"OK, what are the Jedi, really?"

"The Jedi is an ancient order of protectors united by their ability to harness the power of the Force. And adhering to the light side of the Force, the Jedi aspired to attain a state of inner tranquility through calmness and meditation while avoiding emotions affiliated with the dark side of the Force, such as anger and hatred." She started explaining.

"But, the Jedi philosophy does not forbid a Jedi from acting in self-defense or in the defense of others. The Jedi are guardians of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic. Our commitment to peace and democracy brings us into conflict with an order of dark side wielders known as the Sith, who want power and dominion over the galaxy."

"Yeah, those Sith sound like nice people," Naruto said before glancing out. "So you're a Jedi?"

"No, I'm a Padawan," Aayla replied, gesturing to a beaded chain on the right side of her head. "This symbolizes that I'm a Padawan. Tough if you have hair you just grow that part out and braid it. I believe I've heard someone call it a rat's tail."


"Yes, for the Order, we have ranks, a Jedi youngling, those who begin their learning to be a Jedi. Then you become a Padawan. Where you begin your training with a teacher. The teacher is usually a Jedi Knight, those that completed their training and passed the Jedi Trials to become a full member of the Order. Then there are the Jedi Masters, the strongest of the Jedi. And it's the Master's who make up the Council."

"Council?" Naruto asked a robot female with one wheel rolled over and dropped the menu's down for them.

"Yes. The Jedi High Council. They are the ruling body of the Jedi Order. Situated in one of the four towers in the temple where we came from, the Council consisted of twelve Jedi Masters who oversee and govern the Order as a whole with one being the leader of them called the Grand Master. Some choose a different path such as guarding the temple, focus on teaching or research, helping police, or finding those who are Force-sensitive."

"And one who guards our archives and Holocron." She finished as Naruto picked up the menu.

And sweatdropped as he couldn't make anything out. "(Sigh) It sounds similar to my planet for ninjas. We have an academy student, those who start their lessons before graduating to Genin. But then we have Chūnin who while not Jōnin, is our equivalent to a Knight. Do take leadership roles with other Chūnin, or go to teach the Academy students. Then we have a Tokubetsu Jōnin, or a Chūnin who are a master level in one area, like in interrogation, or healing. While not full Jōnin, they can get a team to teach."

"And there's the mentioned Jōnin who are the Knights and can take a team of three Genin at first and only keep them until all three become Chūnin and even then would still team up for missions from time to time. Our Masters were the Anbu who took the most important and/or dangerous missions. And then our leader, the Hokage (Fire Shadow.) who would be your Grand Master."

"It sounds like an interesting world," Aayla said as the robot waitress rolled over as Naruto saw a male alien in the kitchen.

He's a humanoid alien with four arms and green skin. He has large hands and feet both ended in four digits and large brown nails. He's overweight and has a bony, three-pronged head crest, and a wide mouth.

"Yours is as well. Well, with all that happened, I could use some ramen."

"Ramen?" Aayla asked as he nodded.

"Yeah, I could use a large bowl."

"I've never heard of it."

Naruto blinked at that. "W-What?"

"Yeah, no planet I've been on has had anything called ramen… I guess if your planet is unmapped it may be the only place that has it."

"No. No. That's not true! That's impossible!" Naruto yelled out as his companion just raised an eyebrow.

"No, no place I've traveled to has ever had ramen."


In the temple, Yoda was walking the halls before stopping as a faint scream was heard. "Such great sorrow. Sorry for them I feel."

Back at the diner, Naruto had his head on the table, a cloud of depression hanging over him. "It's not that bad Naruto."

"You're only saying that because you don't know the awesomeness of ramen!"

Aayla sighed as she ordered food and a drink for them. "OK."

"So… Can anyone join the Jedi?" Naruto asked her to shake her head.

"No, you must be Force-sensitive and come in around 2-5 years of age. Isn't it the same for your planet?"

"Kinda, you need to start training when you're young to learn how to use Chakra but we also had ninjas, that's what we called our 'Order' with females being called Kunoichis. Anyway, we had members who couldn't use it or preferred not to use it. But anyone who wants to be a ninja can be one if they want to." Naruto explained before looking out at the window.

"Were you a police force?"

"No, not really, each village on my home had its own Ninja force and police force for any crime that didn't have a ninja involved."

"So what did you do?"

Naruto sighed at that before speaking. "We perform missions for a fee. These missions can include: doing manual labor especially if you were a Genin or on a team with any. Acting as escorts, gathering secret information, retrieving stolen items, carrying out assassinations, etc. And in times of war, ninjas will come together to defend their villages and land against other villages or another army."

"Shinobi are expected to be loyal to their villages for life, and any defectors are considered to be missing-nin, and will be marked for death or capture if they're from a clan or hold any important information about their village." Naruto finished before seeing Aayla's confusion at the word clan.

"Clans are families who have extra power only unique to them. Like one clan could see 360 degrees around them with just one very small blind spot. Another clan who could copy any style by viewing them once and could see slightly into the future. A clan that can attack the mind. One who could communicate and fight with dogs, another who did the same to insects."

"Another clan could control their shadows to attack or capture people and one who could grow to giant size." Naruto finished as a bowl of food and a glass of green liquid dropped in front of him. "Well, this is the weirdest thing I've seen yet."

After eating, and having Aayla pay with small, narrow, golden rectangles chips, the duo left to go back to the temple. "I've wanted to ask, what's that pipe on your waist?" Naruto asked as Aayla used the Force to bring it up to her hand.

"A lightsaber, the weapon of the Jedi."

"Doesn't look like much-!" Naruto stopped as she hit a button and a blue blade of energy came out taking the circular shape of the hilt.

"This is a lightsaber. It can cut through virtually anything, from flesh to blast doors. The only way to block it is with a weapon that uses energy or another lightsaber." Aayla explained before shutting it off and clipped it to her belt. "There are other variations like a staff version. And some use two blades or a smaller one called a Shoto."

"OK, and you use that to fight?"

"Well, we're more guardians of peace." The alien explained as they walked down the street. "We only use them if there's no choice or if we're fighting a Sith or a person who stole it or bought it on the black market." She finished as they came to the temple.

Once getting inside, they saw two females walking in the halls, one who looked to be around Aayla's age.

The older woman has green-yellow skin and large blue eyes. Black diamonds are tattooed on her chin and hands. She's wearing dark grey robes with a patterned sash and a headdress similar to a hijab.

This is Luminara Unduli.

Beside her, the younger woman also has green-yellow skin and large blue eyes. She has black diamonds tattooed on her cheeks. She's wearing dark brown robes with a heart-shaped belt buckle and a headdress similar to a hijab.

This is Barriss Offee.

"Hello, Master Luminara." Aayla greeted as the two got near them. "Hello, Barriss."

"Hello, Aayla." Luminara greeted her before looking at Naruto. "Who's your friend."

"This is Naruto, he was found by Master Yoda and is from off-world. I was taking him to get something to eat and show him around." Aayla explained as Naruto waved.

"Hello, how are you?"

"I'm doing good," Luminara said as Barriss nodded.

"As am I, thanks. How are you? Enjoying Coruscant?"

"I am, thank you."

"Padawan, Naruto."

Looking past the two women, they saw Yoda by the wall. "Need to talk. Join me, will you?"

"Sure/Sure Master." Naruto and Aayla spoke up as they followed the diminutive alien to a room.

Inside, Naruto saw the room was circular with three circular cushioned seats with blinds on the large window on the other side of the room. "What did you want to talk to us about Master Yoda?"

"In training young Uzumaki to be a Jedi."

"What?" Naruto asked as he sat on one of the chairs. "But I'm already a ninja… My planet's version of the Jedi." He said to Yoda who nodded.

"But not in the real ways of The Force were you trained in. Saw you turning tides of many battles I did. Need to train you, we do."

"We?" Aayla asked, crossing her arms having Yoda nod his head.

"Since too old he is to start training, multiple Jedi will help him. Needed in those battles he soon will be."

"(Sigh) I don't know," Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Many lives, you will save, Naruto Uzumaki," Yoda said as Naruto clasped his hands together for a moment before looking up.

"OK, since I have no idea how to get back home and even ask for permission, I'll help. Besides I'm not one to turn down any training."

"Good, take him to the dormitories, will you Young Secura?" Yoda asked Aayla who nodded.

"Of course Master Yoda." They then stood up and left as Yoda sighed and closed his eyes to meditate.

On the other side of the temple, Aayla took Naruto to another building connected to it. "This is the Knights' Billet, where Jedi and younglings live and train," Aayla said as Naruto looked at the place.

The Billet was made up of several floors for private sleeping chambers. She took him to the tenth floor for the tour to a conversation salon, a snack galley, and an exercise pen. The salon contained several tables and chairs. The exercise pen is located at the end of the main hallway and has a transparisteel window giving those in the hall a view of those training inside.

"This will be your room." Aayla finished opening one of the doors, having Naruto see a small room with a bed and another door that was open revealing a bathroom with a stand-up shower.

"At least the restrooms are the same," Naruto said as Aayla looked at him.

"This one is modeled for humans and those who share the same biology." She explained before pointing to a device. "If you want to listen to music just press the button."

"Thanks for showing me around Aayla."

"No problem. I'll see you later."

"Bye," Naruto said as the door closed leaving him with his thoughts before laying down to rest.

A Few Months Later; Knights' Billet, Training Room.

Naruto, shirtless with tan pants and boots, was in a large room with sections of the floor and wall popped out for obstacle training.

"Good, you are doing."

Looking over his shoulder, he saw Yoda in a backpack on his back. "You gonna be OK?"

"Of course! Worried you are?"

"Worried that you'll throw up on me."


"Ow!" Naruto yelled as Yoda's cane hit him in the back of the head.

"Sharp tongue, you have. If only that goes to your training." Naruto then started running around the room, flipping over the popped up floors and wall-running across the wall sections.

Up in the viewing area, Aayla watched the new trainee run around the room.

"Watching our newest Jedi in training?"

Turning to the side, Aayla saw Shaak Ti walking in. "I'm… Curious, I'll admit, I thought that Anakin was some sort of special case. Now we've got another one who's older than Anakin was when he started his training."

Shaak watched Naruto jump over a pillar before speaking. "Yoda says the Force has a plan for Naruto, that he'll be a driving force with the Trade Federation's attack and there are star systems who are removing themselves from the Senate. So he could help with all of that"

Down below after going a lap on the obstacles, Yoda spoke up. "Good, good, strong, the Force is with you."

"The Force… I've been wondering. Is the dark side stronger?"

"No, no, no! Quicker, easier, more seductive."

"How do you tell the good from the bad?" Naruto asked before looking up to see his audience.

"You will know. When you are calm... At peace… Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense. Never attack."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that. "The laser swords say different."



"Hurt you that smart mouth will start," Yoda said before looking down. "Take a break, we shall. Clear your mind Naruto." Naruto knelt down and took off the backpack, having Yoda step out and used the Force to lift a pillar to sit down on.

"Has anyone ever fallen to the dark side?" Naruto asked, sitting on the floor.

"Fell to it, too many have," Yoda said looking down.

"It's that code."

"Not with that, you start again."

"Hey, look. I agree not murdering out of anger, or just to attack for the love of attack. But the whole no emotions nor no bonds. What makes a Jedi different than those droids you're facing all the time? Bonds can make you stronger, having a loved one to fight for can make you stronger." Naruto said as Yoda looked down before looking up.

"Over, the break is. Start Force training, we will."

Naruto sighed at Yoda dodging the discussion before standing. "OK, what's next?"

"Concentration, multiple tasks you will do," Yoda said before having Naruto get into a handstand and jumped on his feet. "Try using the Force. Now, the ball."

Focusing as Yoda told him on how to use the Force, Naruto lifted his hand as several small metal balls with cuts in them came up by them before one was lifted on top of another. "Feel. Feel it." Naruto then did the same to another metal ball as Yoda moved to sit on one foot. "Concentrate."

Up above the two aliens watched Naruto train. "Going a little advanced, isn't he?" Aayla asked as Shaak Ti brought a hand to her chin.

"Again, Yoda says he'll be important. I think Yoda's going a little faster to get him ready in time for what the Force told him. But he's been a prodigy in learning. If we met him first, I think he would have been…" She trailed off as Aayla glanced at her.

"Been what?"

"Would have been Qui-Gon's or Obi-Wan's Padawan instead of Anakin." Shaak Ti lied knowing she almost slipped up.

Down below, Yoda flipped off of Naruto who dropped to his feet. "Next, move that, you will." Yoda pointed behind Naruto with his cane.

Naruto turned and his eyes widened. "You want me to move that?!" Naruto asked, looking at the large metal ball in front of him. "Is that even possible for me at this time? That thing must weigh like a couple of hundred pounds at least!"

"So certain, are you? Hear you nothing that I say?"

"(Sigh) Master, moving small stuff and small balls around is one thing, but this is a little different, a little harder!" Naruto said to call Yoda by what teachers are called.

"No! No different! Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned."

Naruto leaned his head back before looking at his trainer. "I've only been in this place for a short while, I don't have any learning to unlearn… But, all right, I'll give it a try."

Yoda then slams his cane on the ground. "No! Try not. Do... Or do not. There is no try."

"A real fortune cookie, you are," Naruto said in the way Yoda talks before turning.

And had Yoda's cane hit the back of his head. Naruto sighed before raising both hands. "Do I lift with my legs?" He asked using the Fire on the large ball. Naruto planted his feet and sweat started building upon his forehead as the ball lifted several inches off the ground. "How long, or how far up! It's too big for me to hold any longer!"

Yoda then leaned forward at that as Naruto was able to move the ball six inches up. "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."

Yoda explained as Naruto moved the ball up to his waist. "You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the people, the trees, the ground, everywhere, yes. Even between the floor and the ball."

Naruto moved the ball several feet away before it dropped. "Best I can do here, asking me to do any more is a little impossible until I get more training," Naruto said before the ball lifted to the ceiling.

Looking back, he saw Yoda effortlessly lift the ball before dropping it. "I kinda don't believe that," Naruto said as Yoda stood up and looked up at him.

"That is why you fail."

Naruto rolled his eyes at that. "And you call me a smart ass," He said, picking up a matching shirt as they walked out. "If being a Jedi doesn't work out for you, you can always try being a comedian."

Putting the shirt on, Naruto saw Aayla at the end of the hall. "Hey, Aayla."

"Hey, Naruto. I was just heading to the saloon. Care to join me?"


They walked down the hall before coming up to the saloon where a few of the older Padawans and Knights were eating, drinking, and talking to each other.

They ordered a drink before sitting at one of the tables before engaging in small talk.

"So, why don't you tell me about yourself Aayla, or your people."

"I'm a Twi'lek, and my first Master was Quinlan Vos."


"Yes, sadly, something happened to both of us on a mission that caused him to retrain in the Jedi so another Jedi took over for him. My people are from the planet Ryloth. We also have various clans that serve as the basic family unit of Twi'lek society. Each clan is in charge of its own city, and each clan was in turn ruled by a council of five leaders."

"Each five-member council was led by a single male, should this leader die. Twi'lek tradition demanded that the other four walked into the desert to the certain death that awaited those who were banished to the Bright Lands, an intense desert region on Ryloth."

"That's… Rather extreme. Are those tails on your head important?" Naruto said as she nodded before continuing.

"Mine is called lekku due to having two of them. Usually, the men have one called Lek. They contain a part of our brain at the base of the skull. They can store fat and other qualities. Our native language uses a combination of words and subtle movements of the lekku. They are highly sensitive, and grabbing them forcefully was so painful that it can easily incapacitate almost any Twi'lek."

She explained as a waitress brought them their drinks before Naruto took a sip of his. "But with a light touch and massage, the Lekku can also induce pleasure and is seen as the ultimate expression of trust and by extension love between a Twi'lek and their lover." Naruto blinked at that before she continued. "And some Twi'leks have been known to cover their lekku with elaborate tattoos; alternatively, they would be glitter-painted."

"Since the top portion of the lekku near the head housed parts of our brain and can house repressed subconscious memories. They can also be bent around the neck or shoulders in varying combinations for aesthetic purposes, more or less compared to other species that cultivate and arrange the shape of their hair."

Aayla then took a drink before continuing. "Long or multiple lekku are considered to be great status symbols, and often go hand in hand with respect, influence, and wealth. Most male Twi'leks have longer lekku than the average females. Males also featured large bumps on their brows above each eye. The brow deposits on some truly corpulent males developed into a second pair of anterior lekku. both the increased weight and the extra lekku are also signs of wealth and status."

Naruto took another sip as he leaned on the table. "They're a source of great pride to us, especially when confronted by other species. We also call them 'tchun-tchin' tchun being left lek while tchin is the right. In casual conversation, we'll refer to them as 'tchun' or 'tchin'. Even though Twi'leks are not native to the Republic space, they're a common fixture across the galaxy, with many Twi'leks joining the Jedi order. Twi'lek females were commonly used as slaves or dancers by bars and… Adult places."

"Why don't the authorities or the Jedi do anything about it?" Naruto asked as she looked down.

"The police try, but it's hard to stop. As for the Jedi, it's just really widespread that they can't stop it… But some do help if they can if they come across a ring of slavers." She finished before Barriss sat down at the table.

"Mind if I sat here?"

"No, go right ahead."

"I don't mind."

"What are you two talking about?" Barriss asked as Aayla looked at her.

"Since Naruto's from an unmapped world and doesn't know anything outside of it. I've been teaching him when he's not being taught by Yoda or another Master who's more knowledgeable on a subject. I was just finishing up on me and my planet."

"Yeah, how about you, Barriss? Why don't you tell me about yourself?" Naruto asked as Barriss picked up her utensil.

"Well, I'm a Mirialan, We're known for our spirituality and strong connection with the world around us. We have a natural belief in and practiced in for lack of a better word, a primitive understanding of the Force. Our homeworld is a cold and dry planet called Mirial. It's a tradition among my people that if any were to join the Jedi Order, they are compelled to take fellow Mirialans as their own Padawans. Although, a Mirialan by the name of Cyslin Myr chose Master Windu as her Padawan."

"So that's unusual?"

"Yes," Barriss said, taking a bite of her meal.

"And the facial tattoos?" Naruto asked having Barriss look at him.

"They're to commemorate a Mirialan completing a special task or achievement and express the achievements or expertise unique to each Mirialan. Some appreciative of their species' culture considered the tattoos as merely status symbols. And usually, the Mirialan who are more traditional do them. Some opt not to."

"Naruto, I hear you're starting your lightsaber training," Aayla spoke up as Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, any tips?"

"No, the training sabers don't do anything outside of a bad sunburn if they're turned on all the way. You really just use them to practice the Forms."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that. "Forms?" He asked as Barriss nodded.

"There are several schools of martial arts specialized in, though not limited to, fighting with a lightsaber. Such fighting forms were required to compensate for or take advantage of the unique attributes of lightsabers, notably the odd balance of the weapon, all of the weight being in the hilt." She explained before continuing.

"Form I, also known as Shii-Cho, The Way of the Sarlacc, or The Determination Form, is the oldest and most rudimentary form of lightsaber combat developed by the Jedi Order and is taught to all members of the Jedi Order. Form II, also known as Makashi, is the second form. It's a graceful combat style, and relies on careful and controlled strikes instead of power and strength."

"Form III, also known as Soresu, or The Resilience Form is the third form focusing more on defense than attack. Form IV, also known as Ataru, or The Aggression Form is the fourth form of lightsaber combat. It's an acrobatic combat style." Barriss continued before taking a drink from her glass.

"Form V, also known by its two primary disciplines of Shien and Djem So, is the fifth form of lightsaber combat. You start by defending with solid blocks and parries, then immediately countering with strong counterattacks and ripostes, it's geared toward and created for lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat. Form VI, also known as Niman, is the sixth form of lightsaber combat used by members of the Jedi Order."

"It's used to combine double-bladed lightsaber combat with other Force abilities, like pushes and lifts. Form VII, known by its two primary disciplines of Juyo and Vaapad; and also known as The Ferocity Form, is the seventh form of lightsaber combat. It's considered the most aggressive and unpredictable form."

"Why is that?" Naruto asked as Barriss and Aayla looked down before Aayla picked up.

"Because of the emotional state, it fosters and even requires. Form VII is known as the Ferocity Form with good reason; not only did Juyo utilize a highly aggressive offense, but it required the practitioner to actively draw upon their anger and negative emotions to fuel the relentless assault. But Vaapad is the sole Form VII variant to have gained recognition by the Jedi Council."

"The only master of it is Master Windu, who developed the form to address his own weakness by controlling his inner darkness and channeling into worthy ends. For this purpose, he refined advances from the preceding centuries and in the minds of some, finally perfected Form VII as a true lightsaber form in line with the tenets of the Jedi Code." Aayla finished as Naruto took a drink from his glass.

"Does anyone else know it?"

"Only a handful of Jedi have trained in Vaapad. Even Windu himself is wary of allowing others to study the form, outside of his own Padawan pupil, Depa Billaba."

Three Months Later, Training Chamber.

Naruto in his robes held a lightsaber hilt before looking to see Yoda standing in front of him in a room that has a Japanese ascetic.

"You… Sure about going to this so soon." Naruto asked as Yoda nodded.

"Yes, training lightsabers these are. No serious wounds from them, they will leave. Only bruises and first degree burns no worse they will leave."

"… Right…" Naruto said before Yoda bowed, having him follow suit.

Leaning back up Naruto turned his on, having a blue blade come on as Yoda brought his smaller Shoto lightsaber out and had a green blade come out. Naruto finally noticed the humming coming from his blade before Yoda suddenly leaped at him, quickly spinning.

"Holy shit!" Naruto cursed quickly blocking a strike before Yoda jumped over him and hit him in the back. "Ow!" Yoda jumped off the wall and Naruto quickly blocked several strikes before being hit in the knee. "Ow! Why do you even need that damn cane? That's deceiving!"

"Slow, you are young Padawan."

"I didn't expect you to be so fast!" Naruto yelled out as he dodged a swipe at his head.

"Judge me, I told you not to," Yoda said as he landed before jumping at Naruto again.

Naruto continued to block the strikes as Yoda quickly attacked before flipping away. Yoda turned his lightsaber off before bowing as Naruto followed suit before they straightened up.

"Good, you did Naruto. Teaching you about the Forms will fall to Cin Drallig." Yoda said as a door slid open revealing a human man with long dark blonde hair and blue eyes wearing dark brown robes.

"Hello Naruto, I'll be handling the rest of your training for today while Master Yoda talks to the Council."

"Talk to you later, I will," Yoda said before pulling his cane to him and walked out.

"I still say that's deceiving!" Naruto yelled, turning around and swore he heard an amused chuckle.

26 BBY, Jedi High Council.

"How is his training going?" Mace asked Yoda who walked in as several of the Jedi who made up the Council were blue-tinted holograms sitting at their assigned seats.

"Good, good. Fast learner he is. Cannot remember the last person to learn as well Naruto, I cannot." Yoda said walking to his chair. "An experienced Padawan, he could be if know better I did not."

"And the other Padawans really like him." Shaak Ti spoke up. "Anakin likes that there was another person his age starting to train."

Yoda nodded at that. "Talks about the Code, he still does."

"Again?!" Oppo yelled out clasping his hands together. "I knew he would be trouble!"

"Now, let's not go that far." Shaak Ti said, raising her hand. "Remember, he didn't know about Jedi until Yoda brought him here, he's just acting like most who talk to one of us to learn more as they knew little. Plus as he's said, he always fought stronger when he was fighting to protect someone. So our way of no attachments seems alien to him since he's joining us."

Saesee leaned forward in his seat before speaking. "I know we've talked about it because of Naruto but I'll just say that I'll be against changing it as I don't think it'll work out."

"Yes, a debate we've had," Yoda said as he sat in his chair. "Talked about it many times before during the discussions we have. A good point Naruto makes, on those falling to the dark side."

"What's that?" Eeth asked as Yoda looked at him.

"When Training, brought up those who fell to the dark side he did. Says no bonds forced them down that path."

Adi then spoke up after that. "Yes, I talked to him when checking up on the Younglings training. Another good point he brought up is when Younglings and Padawans feel any emotions, good and negative. We tell them to get rid of them. And that could cause them to repress and bottle those emotions until they explode. Attacking or lashing out at anyone nearby."

"And from reading on old records, any Sith around those times tempted younglings and Padawans when that did happen," Coleman spoke up as Mace looked to the others.

"We'll talk about it later with Naruto since he brought up good points and he should be here if we're to discuss this."

"Shaak Ti, Naruto's next Master, I want you to be," Yoda said as Shaak Ti looked to him.


Yoda nodded at that. "Yes. Refining on diplomacy, he still needs. Needs a Master to be a Padawan, he does. Believe you to be the best for him, I do."

"OK, I'll accept him as my Padawan." Shaak Ti replied as Yoda nodded.

To Be Continued.

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