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Chapter II: Lightsabers, Visions, And Mandalorians.

The Simplest Gesture Of Kindness Can Fill A Galaxy With Hope.

Diplomacy failing! Naruto, having met up with Shaak Ti, learns she will be his Jedi Master. Now, they're on their way to Ilum, the Jedi's sacred place for receiving Kyber Crystals. The power source for a lightsaber so he can forge his own as the first step to becoming a full-fledged Jedi...

Ilum 26 BBY.

"Do we really have to go out in that?" A 15-year-old Naruto asked with a coat on. His hair is slightly longer with two bangs framing his face and ending at his cheeks. He's wearing his dark orange pants, a tan tunic, and a pouched belt.

Shaak Ti, also in a coat with a hood up nodded as Naruto zipped his coat. They're both in a spaceship that's landing on an icy planet with a snowstorm.

"Yes, it's time to get your crystal and build your lightsaber. Be careful young Padawan. There's no place more sacred to the Jedi than here."

"OK, I know I never really asked, but lightsabers are powered by a crystal?" Naruto asked as his new Master nodded again before she started to explain.

"Kyber crystals are Force-attuned crystals that grow rarely but throughout the galaxy, with some areas having a greater abundance than others. The crystals uniquely concentrated energy through the Force, resonating with it. The crystals have a 'collective consciousness,' verging on sentience, and could non-verbally communicate with both one another and living beings."

"So, they're alive in a way?"

"Yes." Shaak Ti answered before they landed and walked out. Walking several feet from the ship, they came up to a cliffside before Shaak Ti held her hands out. "Together."

Naruto held both of his hands out as the cliff started opening up by the ice falling into the ground revealing a wall with an opening inside.

Walking in the ice cave, they saw Yoda meditating on a platform as a light shone down on him.

"Master Yoda."

"The Force made physical, a Jedi is," Yoda said, opening his eyes and looking at the two before Shaak Ti walked to stand beside him. "Great responsibility with that, yes? Protect others, how does a Jedi, hmm?" Yoda asked standing up and used the Force to bring his real lightsaber up having it spun as he turned it on.

"Build your lightsaber, you shall. But first, harvest your crystal you must. The heart of the lightsaber, the crystal is." Yoda turned his saber off and touched the handle with his other hand. "Focus the Force from the Jedi, it does."

Putting his saber away, he raised his hands as a window opened on the tall wall having the sun hit a large crystal before a smaller one on a metal pole moved over and directed the light to the back wall having the ice melt revealing a metal wall with a regular door opening at the bottom.

"If a Jedi, you are to become. Enter the crystal cave, you must." Yoda said gesturing to the door.

"Once you have your crystal, do not remain inside." Shaak Ti said as they walked over and Naruto stopped at the door.


"As daylight ends, the door will freeze over and you will be trapped for one rotation." Shaak Ti replied as Naruto sighed and walked in.

"OK." Walking in, Naruto reached in a pouch and pulled out a glow stick before snapping it, having an orange light brighten up the dark tunnel.

And the ice reformed as the sunlight started to lower slowly. After walking for a moment, Naruto came to a round spot that splits into multiple sections before closing his eyes. He felt something pulling him to the right before walking down another tunnel. After walking for several minutes, he suddenly stopped as a mist covered the tunnel before it cleared.

He then saw a robot army with long heads pointing rifle blasters at him in a coliseum. As well as muscular ones with guns on their arms and others who unfolded from a ball and created a shield.

Naruto looked at them before appearing in a gunship with men in white armor. Some have color on their helmets and shoulders. He saw he was in a desert as Jedi led groups of the men against the droids who also had tanks before seeing a large tower get destroyed when the fuel tanks got hit.

"Huh? Guess that was a vision. Don't get those very much, even if I meditate." Naruto said as the mist disappeared before walking down the tunnel.

He then saw another battle with two human Jedi men in front of him on a bridge fighting droids, both Caucasian with brown hair, and one with a beard. The bearded one is wearing tan robes with white armor on him and the other one is wearing red and black robes with black armor as well as a black glove over his right hand before seeing a teen Togruta girl run-in with a green lightsaber held in a reverse grip.

He then saw another battle but with two sides of the men in armor fighting each other in a forest of large plants. "Wonder what that was?"

Naruto then came up to a room before a bat flew in front of him. "AAH!" He screamed before two more sets of wings flapped at him.

Raising his glow stick he saw the bat was black with a grey owl and a greenish-white bird. They flew around him for a moment before they all landed on him. The Bat and Bird land on his shoulders, and the Owl on his head. Naruto could sense the Force in the Bird, and what feels like darkness from the Bat, and a balance of both from the Owl.

After a few moments, they then disappear. "That was weird." Naruto shook his head before continuing as he saw a light sparkle at the end of the tunnel.

Suddenly, mist filled the tunnel before flashes of light came up as lightsabers of various colors dropped and rolled to him before turning off.

Naruto then stopped as he heard raspy breathing before looking to see a man walking in the mist wearing a black armored outfit that reminded him of samurai armor he read in a book back in his homeworld with a black skull-like mask and a small computer device on his chest. The man then turned on a red lightsaber before disappearing.

Naruto narrowed his eyes before going to a room and saw a light on an ice pole before taking a step. "AAH!" And screamed as he was flying above a village with a wall around it in the woods with 4 male stone faces on the mountain behind it.

"Konoha," Naruto said before he was in the room again.

Taking another step, he saw mist on the far wall as a shadowy figure surrounded by 9 large animals with tails raining from 1-9 before being replaced by purple eyes with rings on them.

As he got close to the pillar of ice, Naruto then saw a table appear before seeing a paper on it that had a red swirl on it with two crossed lightsabers at its center and seal markings surrounding the whole picture. Naruto could also see tiny Seal markings in the swirl and lightsabers.

Naruto then got to the pillar before reaching out and seeing a very blurry image of Konoha with what looks like a Jedi Temple behind it on the mountain.

Outside with the Masters, Naruto ran out as the water froze just at the top of the door.

"Find your crystal, did you?" Yoda asked as Naruto held out his hand and showed two crystals, one looking like two entwined on top of each other.

"Two of them." Shaak Ti said before looking down at the long one. "I never saw one like that before."

"Long time as well for me," Yoda said before they walked out to the ship and had it start to fly into the air and then into space.

Shaak Ti then took Naruto to the back of the ship without their coats where Naruto saw a storage room with a counter in front of him. He also saw drawers with hilts hanging up on the walls.

"You've successfully passed the Gathering. And harvested your crystals." She explained as she walked behind the counter. "Place your crystals on the table, your lesson begins now." Naruto did that before she moved out of the way and gestured behind her. "May I introduce you to architect and lightsaber designer, Huyang."

Naruto saw a droid with his hands behind his back and yellow eyes with a loupe on his forehead and a storage port on his chest. Huyang also has a pack on his back with two extra arms and a kilt.

"This is him?" Huyang asked, bringing a hand to his chin. "A little older than the normal." Naruto didn't know if he should take that as an insult or compliment before Huyang spoke again. "He has passed the Gathering?"


"Are you sure?"

"I know I don't look like much due to being older, but I did pass the Gathering," Naruto said, bringing the droid's attention to him.

"OK, in my memory banks are the designs of every lightsaber ever built, and the Jedi who built them," Huyang said as he hit a button behind the counter and had multiple design lightsabers come up in a hologram. "Now, which one will you choose? A simple grip? The curved approach? One inlaid with the bone of the Cartusion whale, pastillion ore, or black onk? Well?"

"From the Battles of Rashfond to the Peacekeeping of Parliock, the lightsaber is a Jedi's only true ally. But how do they work? Hmm?" Huyang asked before picking up Naruto's double crystal and brought his loupe down to view it. "Yes, you have brought me crystals, but they're useless unless you give them life."

"Hold out your hand." Naruto did that as Huyang grabbed it. "Describe what you see your saber to be. Not what you imagine, but what you feel."

Naruto closed his eyes before closing his hand like he was grabbing a hilt. "I see… A solid hilt and an emitter shroud. The hilt is covered with an interwoven fabric wrapping. And another one that's slightly longer than the Shoto size… A shiny black and gold metal with red swirls engraved on it and it's also a double blade. The Emitter's look like a pommel." (1.)

"Good," Huyang said, walking to the drawers and quickly looking around them as his backhands helped by pulling out the drawers he was moving to next. "Here we go." Pulling out a drawer, he carried it over to Naruto and dropped parts onto the counter before bringing a large hologram that showed how a lightsaber was put together.

Putting down the pieces, Shaak Ti then spoke. "Quiet your mind, concentrate, the design will become clear."

Naruto closed his eyes before lifting his hands, having the parts for his regular saber lift in front of him with the crystal. He then slowly put the lightsaber together around the crystal before having wrappings wrap around the hilt with a shroud on the emitter.

"Good. Trust the Force."

Dropping the saber on the counter, Naruto followed with a black and gold smaller handle before putting it together with a flat pommel-looking emitter.

Opening his eyes, Naruto stood up and turned on his regular lightsaber first, having an orange blade come out.

"Orange, that's not a color we see often." Shaak Ti said as Yoda walked in just as Naruto turned on the top blade of his Shoto having a blue blade pop out before the other came out revealing it to be red.

"Red for a Jedi, rare it is," Yoda said as all looked at the red blade.

"Yeah, I thought only the Sith used red," Naruto said, looking at the blades before turning all three off and clipping them to his belt, regular on his right and the Shoto on his left.

"They usually use synthetic crystals. But red isn't solely for them. As evident to your blade." Shaak Ti commented before a small droid rolled in on three-wheeled legs.

The droid's circular in design with a black body, and a clear dome head with gold accents.

This is R4-C5 or RC, Naruto's, and Shaak Ti's astromech droid.

"Hey, RC," Naruto greeted as the droid beeped.

"I guess we should be heading back." Shaak Ti said before they went to the cockpit and sat down. "Getting ready for hyperdrive." She hit a couple of buttons before the ship shot forward having a blue tunnel form around the ship.

Coruscant; A Few Months Later, Jedi Temple Hanger.

Naruto walked with Shaak Ti in the Jedi Temple hanger, now having his Padawan Braid that was near his shoulder. "You're sure about that tip from Dex?" Shaak Ti asked her Padawan.

"Yes, Dex never steered me wrong before when bringing info to you all. Plus Obi-Wan trusts him."

"Obi-Wan can be a little too trusting." Shaak Ti said, coming up to their semi-circular ship supported by a trio of landing gear.

The cockpit is somewhat conical in shape, with the three engines. The craft had one loading ramp, located on the port side of the engine where they saw RC.

"Hey, RC, ready?" Naruto asked as the droid beeps before turning to follow them into the ship.

When sitting in the cockpit Shaak Ti turned to Naruto. "You wanna pilot?"

Naruto gained a slight tick mark at that. "No." He said as being too busy training to be a Jedi, he didn't have the time to learn everything on the tech the new worlds had and still didn't know how to fly.

Shaak Ti smiled slightly at that before turning the ship on. When they started hovering, the cockpit and the engine block rotated ninety degrees, having the wings be vertical. They flew out and over the city before coming to space. "Setting the hyperdrive." Shaak Ti said and once they got far enough away from the planet, sped off.


The ship then landed in a grassy field before they walked out. "Wanna stay here RC? At least until we find the town?"

RC rolled to him and beeped as he turned his head. "OK, we'll come back when finding the farm." RC rolled back into the ship as Shaak Ti and Naruto started to walk out into the fields.

And had a group of men and women pop out from the tall grass pointing rifles and pistols.

They're wearing armor that consists of a helmet with a T-shaped visor, shoulder pauldrons, vambraces, breastplate, knee-pads, thigh, and shin guards clasped over a body stocking.

Naruto looked at one of the women who was wearing the armor but with designs painted on it with speckles of paint on her gloves and boots. Her helmet is purple-pink at the top with black lines on the sides around the visor. She has a checkerboard design on the right pauldron, purple-pink shoulder pauldrons, and an animal on her left pauldron.

Her breastplate is painted purple-pink with two stripes on the top right and with a phoenix design on the left corner.

Her shirt is black with short sleeves showing her tan skin with tight tan pants. She also has a belt with two holsters on each thigh while she's holding two blaster pistols that are flat and colored as well.

"Who are you?" Shaak Ti asked as she and Naruto pulled their sabers up in their hands.

"We are Mandalorians." One of the women said in yellow armor walking up before pulling her helmet off showing she had tan skin, short brown hair, and brown eyes.

The others followed showing similar skin tones with different hair colors.

Naruto saw the woman he looked at a few minutes ago take off her helmet showing she was about his age with brown eyes short blue hair with orange bangs swept to the right.

"I'm Ursa Wren of Clan Wren. This is my sister Sabine." Sabine nodded to them before Ursa spoke again. "We've been hired by the farmers to deal with a pirate problem."

"That's why we're here," Naruto said before Ursa turned to him.

"We are more than enough to handle the pirates."

"Still, we were sent by our Order to check on things." Shaak Ti said having Ursa turn her attention back to her.

"OK, we'll take you to look at the farm."

"Good, we'll take our ship then." Shaak Ti gestured to their ship having the Mandalorians put their helmets back on and walk to the ship revealing they had jet-packs on.


Getting to the farm of humans, the leader of them, Eennik, explained to the Jedi that they paid the Mandalorians for protection against pirates who raid their village, demanding it as a tribute but he also said that with the Jedi now there, the Mandalorians can fight the pirates off.

"We can handle the pirates!" Sabine said as they sat at a table.

"But with the Jedi, we can tip the scales more in our favor," Eennik said as Ursa looked to Shaak Ti.

"What do you want?"

"Nothing. We require nothing." She replied sitting beside Naruto.

Later in the evening, Naruto and Shaak Ti stood outside of one of the metal houses before a kid ran past them. "Pirates! Pirates!"

A group of aliens rode down on speedster bikes and stopped in front of the village as Naruto, Shaak Ti and the Mandalorians stood at the gate with a fire in front of them.

Naruto saw that the pirates were several alien species. Two were reptilian humanoids. They have large pupil-less eyes, slender snouts, pointed ears, twin saucer-like antennae atop their heads, and a ridge of spines cresting their skulls. Both have green scales covered their bodies, and their skin has a rough, pebbly texture, except on the snout and hands. Their hands have five long, dexterous fingers with suction cups at the ends.

Both are wearing cargo pants and vests with rifles over their backs.

Another two are also humanoids with thick, leathery skin. Their faces are lipless, with a frill along each of their jowls. They're both wearing black pants and white sleeveless shirts.

Another two had red-tinted skin and a pair of large horns growing from their head before smiling, showing sharp teeth wearing tan pants and black jackets.

And the final two are also reptilian humanoids with mottled green skin, ridged skulls, and long, black hair pulled in ponytails. They are wearing jeans with black shirts with vambraces and shin guards.

"That's far enough!" Ursa said to them. "I speak for the people of this village. State your name and business!"


"Jaydra," Ursa said to the alien with long hair who stepped forward. (2.)

"You know him?" Shaak Ti asked Ursa who glanced back.

"I've run into him several times. He's part of the newly formed Black Sun, a criminal origination."

"We haven't heard anything about them." Shaak Ti said as Ursa turned back.

"They're just now forming because of the political fighting and planets leaving the Republic are taking attention off of criminal activity."

Shaak Ti brought a hand to her chin before looking at Jaydra. "I can pay you double what you would get from selling these crops, all you have to do is leave them alone."

Jaydra looked at her before speaking. "How do you plan to pay me?"

"A fund's transfer when we go to a nearby town or a different planet if you wish."

Jaydra chuckled before speaking. "Republic credit? Ha! My associates don't accept that kind of currency."

"I'm offering a deal that benefits us all Jaydra." Shaak Ti said, taking a step forward. "Don't let greed blind you."

"I'm starting to like you Jedi," Jaydra said, noticing their lightsabers. "But no one leaves until I get my crops."

"Then you won't leave as you're not getting them," Ursa said, reaching for her pistols as her group followed.

"The crop hasn't been harvested yet… You better hurry old man." Jaydra said to Eennik before smiling and turned to leave. "Or things might start to… Die on you."

The pirates left before the Jedi and Mandalorians went into a room. "The attacks will come from two directions," Naruto said looking at a holo-map of the farm with a mountain ridge surrounding it. "The forest from the South, and this ridge from the North. We should have enough people to keep both at bay if we use the electrified fence to make a smaller opening to funnel them in."

Shaak Ti looked at the map having heard from his other teachers Naruto was great at coming up with plans before Naruto spoke again. "Two sniper teams should be at the ridge and one of the higher buildings facing the South to pick anyone off." Naruto looked up to the Mandalorians before continuing. "You guys have sniper rifles?"

"In the ship that we have in their barn," Sabine spoke up, having Naruto nod.

"Then at the North, hide behind the buildings and take them by surprise, same for the South but using camouflage to hide with the foliage."

A Few Days Later.

Over the next few days, they got the defenses ready as well as harvesting their crops to hide within the barn.

"A scout!" Sabine yelled seeing one of the pirates standing up on a ridge by the farmland.

One of the male Mandalorians quickly took out a sniper rifle and shot the alien having him fall off the ridge as he got to a speedster bike. "They'll know something's up when he doesn't report to them," Naruto said as they ran over. "We should get ready now."

Later, they turned on a yellow electric fence as groups of pirates ran out from the woods just as the Mandalorians started shooting them from the treetops and the buildings. Naruto turned on both his sabers without the red blade as Shaak Ti turned on hers revealing it to be blue as they ran to each side, Naruto going to the South.

Naruto jumped over the fence and sliced one pirate as he was about to shoot Sabine. She looked to see Naruto blocking several blasts and sent them back to the ones who shot at him before smiling under her mask when they started fighting together. "You're pretty good!" She said as he ducked when she pointed over him to shoot another pirate as he blocked a blast with his shoto.

"So are you!" Naruto then threw his shoto having the red blade come out to spin and hit several pirates before calling it back.

He then saw Jaydra on the ridge in a tank before using the Force to run fast through the farm, attacking pirates as he passed them. Naruto then started jumping up the cliff before landing on the tank as Jaydra held a staff with electric ends.

Naruto attacked with his saber only for Jaydra to block with his end showing it was resistant to the blade before Naruto blocked several attacks and parried several more. Naruto noticed the tank start to aim before tossing his shoto through the opening, turning it on mid-throw, and hit the pirate who was driving before the tank started moving forward.

Naruto then called his blade back under Jaydra's feet and cut his right foot off before he used the Force to push Jaydra off. He then jumped off and used the Force to push the tank off the cliff and had it explode before aiming his saber at Jaydra's neck. "It's over."

Later, Naruto stood outside his ship as several more landed to arrest the pirates before seeing Sabine. "Hey."

"Hey, it was nice meeting you." She said as he nodded.

"Same here. Maybe we'll meet again. The universe isn't that big."

"I'd like that," Sabine replied before Shaak Ti walked over to them.

"You did well Padawan."

"Thank you, Master."

"Now if only your diplomacy was that good."

Naruto sighed at the jab at his diplomacy skills due to not always reading the room or saying the wrong thing in meetings.

Coruscant, Jedi Temple.

Naruto and Aayla were in the sparring room before they bowed. Leaning back up, Naruto turned his saber on as Aayla followed before they started practicing. They clashed blades several times before Aayla leaned back and then rolled over Naruto's back before hitting the red blade of his shoto when he turned it on to deflect her attack.

"You've gotten better Naruto."

"Thanks," Naruto replied before they continued striking each other's sabers before Naruto turned around and blocked a hit from behind.

They continued trading blows for several minutes before ending and turned their lightsabers off before bowing to one another. "Aayla, I've been wondering… What're your thoughts on the Jedi having no relations?"

"Why do you want to know?"

Naruto shrugged before answering. "You're my first friend here and you're the only one our age here at the moment."

"Well… I've never given it much thought," Aayla replied as they walked the halls. "As I explained, we're brought here at a young age and we've never had relationships. And of course, we're taught that attachment and possession lead to jealousy and fear of loss, and ultimately the dark side of the Force."

"Never had that problem with that in my world," Naruto said looking out a window they passed. "As I said the people in my village who used Chakra got married all the time and not once did losing a spouse cause them to betray the village. Of course, having a spouse didn't stop any from betraying the village but those people wanted more power for themselves so you could say they were already on the path to the dark side."

They then walked to another hall before Naruto continued. "So do you punish any who might have feelings for someone else?"

"No… At least not that I'm aware." Aayla replied before glancing at him. "Although, I find myself conflicted at times."

"You do?"

"Yes, with my first Master, He was like a father to me. And it did hurt a little to let him go."

"Yeah, I can relate to not seeing my teachers," Naruto replied before looking over. "But I do keep bringing up bonds to make a person stronger."

"And I'll also admit that I've been confused recently." Aayla said having Naruto look at her and raise an eyebrow?

"How so?"

"I've come to care for you a great deal, and as I said earlier… That goes against what we're taught about relationships and attachments."

Naruto stared at her before seeing Shaak Ti walking toward him. "Naruto, the Council would like to see you."

"OK Master."

Jedi Council.

Naruto stood in front of the Jedi Council. "So, what's this about?" He asked, looking at each of the masters.

"Your view on relationships, we want to discuss," Yoda said sitting in his chair.

"Yes, we voted on having a discussion seeing as some of us think that goes against our tradition," Mace said, picking up after Yoda.

"Yes, feelings can lead to jealousy or loss that can send one to the dark side," Oppo said as Naruto looked at him.

"And yet you have people fall to it anyway."

"Look here-!"

"Let's continue with the discussion." Shaak Ti said from her seat. "Padawan, please continue."

"OK outside of that going to the dark side, why do you not allow relationships?" Naruto asked as Ki-Adi leaned forward.

"There are dangers for that as Oppo stated, it can lead to betrayal, anger, jealousy."

"Then what's the difference between you and the droids you fight? You both have no emotions and work for a larger body, the Trade Federation and Senate? Look as I told Master Yoda when we talk about this, I agree with not attacking just out of anger, jealousy, or envy. But we do have those feelings for a reason, just don't let one be your life focus."

"What would you know? You're still young." Oppo stated as Naruto sighed.

"So? Age is not a factor in wisdom as someone younger can bring forth new ideas, points of view, a different way of looking at a situation. I've read plenty of reports on how people came back from the dark side because of a family member or other loved ones. I remember reading about Revan and Bastila Shan and them having a descendant named Satele Shan. She was one of the greatest and strongest Jedi Grandmasters the order has had."

"And as Padawan and later Knight she was able to not only hold her own but overpower Darth Malgus who is among the Top 5 Strongest Sith of that time… A Sith who effortlessly killed her former Master who was the Jedi's Battlemaster. And tradition? Are you forgetting thousands of years ago Jedi did get married and have families?"

"And even to this day that was when you were at your strongest in both numbers and individuals who were strong with the Force!" Naruto said, turning to each member before continuing. "Look, how about a trial run? Have me be in a relationship with another Jedi if one or both of us seem to be stronger than the average Jedi then that proves what I've said about relationships."

After a moment Mace then spoke up. "We'll vote on it. Can you give us a moment?"

Naruto shrugged at that. "Sure."

Going outside, Naruto looked out a window looking at the large city that made the planet before being called in. "So?"

"To a trial run, we voted for," Yoda said as Naruto looked at him. "Anyone in particular you have?"

"Only one close to my age that I've had the most time so it wouldn't be awkward is Aayla Secura," Naruto replied before Mace Windu called for Aayla who walked in after several minutes.


"Aayla, we just voted on doing a trial run with something and you were chosen to be a part of it." Shaak Ti spoke as Aayla blinked.

"Oh, what is it?"

"We're trying what Naruto has been proposing… We're going to allow him to test out being in a relationship." Mace said, getting Aayla's attention. "And he's chosen you to have one with."

Her eyes widened at that. "Really, why?"

"You're the one closest to my age I know really well, so I thought it would make it easier for us," Naruto replied, having Aayla look at him.

"OK… I accept."

Over the next several months, Naruto and Aayla started on the trial run with their relationship causing some confusion to their fellow Padawans and young Knights until the Council went to the Knights Billet to explain to them about Naruto's proposal run. And that, for the moment at least, it will be only Naruto and Aayla who'll be in a relationship in case it doesn't work out.

A Couple Of Months Later, Jedi Council.

Shaak Ti was standing in front of the other Master talking about Naruto. "I believe my Padawan is ready to be promoted. He's a prodigy with a lightsaber and has mastered all seven forms, so he passed the Test of Skill. By saving the farm I think he's passed the Trial of Courage. And I think we all agree he's passed the Test of The Flesh when Master Yoda found him and he had two holes in his chest."

"He beat the darkness inside him for the Test of Spirit. And for the Test of Insight, he decoded the broken text we gave him in record time."

"He is still a little young," Adi said hand on her chin. "But I must admit I've never seen anyone excel in our teaching as fast as he did. As Shaak Ti has stated before, if we found Naruto first I would have thought he was the chosen one."

"We don't know if Anakin is the chosen one. Or if Naruto is either." Mace said as Yoda had his eye closed.

"A just debate this always is. But in the times I have seen. A Knight Naruto needs to become. Trust in the Force I do. A Knight he shall be." Yoda said, opening his eyes.

Naruto And Aayla.

Naruto was walking with Aayla holding her hand as they walked out of Dex's Diner, getting some strange looks from a few people when they recognized their lightsabers.


Bringing his left wrist up, Naruto revealed he had a watch before a small hologram of Shaak Ti came up. "Young One… The Council requires your presence immediately."

"Be right there Master," Naruto said before walking with Aayla to the Temple.

Once getting to the Temple, Naruto was met by Shaak Ti who escorted him to a dark room before blue and green lightsabers lit up revealing the Yoda standing in front of him as the other Council members stood in a circle around him with hoods up.

"Yeah, this isn't ominous at all," Naruto said before Yoda pointed in front of him with his lightsaber.

"Step forward young Padawan."

Walking up, Naruto then knelt as Yoda brought his saber to Naruto's right shoulder as the others brought theirs down as well. "Naruto Uzumaki, by the right of the Council." Yoda then brought his saber to Naruto's left shoulder. "By the will of the Force." Yoda then brought his saber back to Naruto's right shoulder. "Dub thee I do, Jedi." He then sliced Naruto's braid off. "Knight of the Republic."

Outside, Aayla was waiting for Naruto before seeing him walk out, with singed hair where his braid was before jumping in his arms and kissing him.

To Be Continued.

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I forgot another on the harem list, Oola. I also put the chapter title in the middle to integrate SW into the story as they do it like that in the opening scrawl. I fixed Ch 1 as well I didn't think of that at first and for those that beta/have a beta(s), you can send them a ch. here via DocX where it puts everything aligned left/back to original.

Kuronodono12 here: The harem is locked in for now but a couple more may be added depending on where we go later in the story. The Jedi/Yoda and Shaak Ti are aware of Kurama/dark energy in Naruto, there'll be a flashback explaining/regarding it. We have an explanation for Naruto's chakra situation in a later Ch already written out. And for the language issue, people have brought up, that both Star Wars and Elemental Nations are speaking the Basic Language.

Thanks to everyone who sent ideas and suggestions, either I or Kuro will of course reply to any review to talk/explain them.

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