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Chapter XXV: Landing At Point Rain.

Believe In Yourself, Or No One Else Will.

Counterattack! With the clone army stretched in a desperate attempt to engage General Grievous' Star fleet, Separatists' planets that were once thought secure are now rising against the Republic. On Geonosis, Separatist leader Poggle the Lesser, safe in his newly ray-shielded factories, creates thousands of terrible new weapons that march off the assembly line against the outnumbered clone army.

The Jedi, resolute in the effort to restore order to the Republic, mount a massive invasion to retake Geonosis and shut down Poggle's factories once and for all.…

Atmosphere Above Geonosis, Star Destroyer.

Obi-Wan and Ki-Adi-Mundi were both looking at the planet from the main room.

"I cannot believe we're back here again," Obi-Wan said as Naruto, BD, and Zule walked in with BD jumping off Naruto and onto a console.

"It is unfortunate," Mundi said, looking to Obi-Wan. The resistance from the native Geonosians was stronger than we anticipated." Naruto sighed as he crossed his arms.

"The same can be said for their loyalty to Count Dooku," he said as Anakin and Ahsoka walked in.

"A fact that is often overlooked," Mundi said, bringing his arms behind his back as Anakin stopped by them.

"You're late."

"Sorry, Master, Ahsoka and I were busy routing the Seppies near Dorin," Anakin replied as Ahsoka stood just in front of the group.

"My squadron alone had 55 kills."

"Yeah, but mine had 76," Anakin replied as Naruto raised an eyebrow while Ahsoka scoffed.


"Well, I'm glad you two are enjoying yourselves," Obi-Wan said to the two getting Anakin's attention.

"Hey, it's just a little friendly competition, Master, nothing to worry about."

"What I worry about is the way this war seems to be drawing out with no end in sight," Obi-Wan said hand on his chin.

"Which is why our invasion of Geonosis must meet with success," Ki-Adi-Mundi said to the three having Anakin nod.

"Agreed. Ahsoka, contact the Outer Rim Command. We're ready for our briefing."

"I called them already, they're already waiting for us."

They then went to the briefing room where Yoda, Palpatine, and Mace were above the table in small holograms with the planet by them and a full-sized Luminara beside Ki-Adi-Mundi.

"Our ships are in position and we are ready to begin our campaign against the Geonosians," Obi-Wan said to them before Mace spoke.

"And what about Poggle? Any report on his location?"

Obi-wan nodded before bringing up a base to talk. "It seems he's holed up at the primary droid foundry here. The factory is protected by a shield generator. Anakin, Naruto, Ki-Adi, and I shall attempt a four-pronged attack through their defense lines to a staging area just short of the shield. Once we've landed, we shall knock out the shield generator. That is our primary target."

Palpatine looked worried at that. "Isn't it risky committing three generals to one area of the attack? If something went wrong, we could be dealt a serious blow."

Yoda turned to look at him to speak up. "To ensure that rise again Geonosis does not, capture Poggle we must."

"Of course. As always, I shall leave the strategy to you, Master Jedi."

"Our thanks, Chancellor," Obi-Wan said before Mace spoke up.

"May the Force be with you." The holograms turned off leaving only Luminara's before Obi-Wan continued as Cody, Rex, Alpha, Fordo, and a clone with an orange-colored set walked in.

"Good. Cody, these are the coordinates for the rendezvous."

"Yes, sir, when we hit the ground, we'll create a perimeter there."

"Alpha, Fordo we'll come up on the long way," Naruto explained, getting the two to nod.

"Yes, sir!/Yes, sir!"

"Getting past their defenses here will be the trick. General Mundi will come across the defensive lines from the north. We will make our assault through the middle. General Uzumaki will come up the west. General Skywalker will make his attack on the defensive lines from the south, and we'll meet at the rendezvous point at 0700 exactly." Cody explained to the group.

"If we meet with strong resistance and are forced down away from the landing zone, hold out until we join our forces before attacking the shield generator," Ki-Adi-Mundi explained as Ahsoka looked at the map that came up when Cody spoke.

"Their front lines are heavily fortified. Look at that giant wall with all the gun emplacements. That won't be easy to get past."

"Don't worry. We're not going anywhere near that." Anakin told his Padawan before Obi-Wan glanced at him.

"Come, now. What happened to all the enthusiasm I saw earlier?" "

Don't worry about us. You just make sure you get yourself to that landing zone in one piece."

"Yes, I shall be waiting for you, when you finally arrive."

"Gentlemen, if you are quite finished, we have a battle to begin," Luminara spoke, crossing her arms.

"Quite right. Cody, prep the gunships. I'll meet you in the hangar."

"Yes, sir."

Naruto walked up to Alpha and Fordo before speaking. "Since we're going the long way, send the bombers out first."

They nodded at that before leaving as BD jumped back on Naruto's back. They all then walked to the hanger and got to their gunships as Naruto looked to see Obi-Wan talk to Cody as he waited for his troops to get in. Naruto also notices most clones were in camouflaged armor to match the ground of the planet.

"No, sir, I wasn't involved in the first assault on Geonosis."

"Well, you didn't miss much. Last time, I was chained to a pole and attacked by several humongous monsters."

"That sounds entertaining."

"It was, for the Geonosians," Obi-Wan spoke just as the doors closed and he flew off.

"Are we all ready, Rex?"

"Yes, sir. General Kenobi is already underway." Rex said to Anakin.

"Well, he's got a head start. We'll have to catch up."

Wullf then walked up to Ki-Adi Mundi. "Good luck, General."

"There is no such thing as luck." He said before flying off.

Naruto looked to see his troops before speaking. "Be ready for a large army this time."

"Yes, sir!" They all replied as they started flying out of the hanger.

They then started shaking as they were hit with pulse cannons.

"Good thing those bugs can't aim." One clone said before the gunship was immediately hit, bursts into flames, and the clone was thrown out but managed to survive by holding on to the side of the gunship for a moment before losing his grip and plummeting to his death.

"The flak is too heavy."

"We're down! Repeat, down! Location five-!"

"Bones, send as many backups as you can as well as send a medical team to location five and others you hear that need help," Naruto said over his comms.

"Got it!"

"I just lost contact with Skywalker's team."

"The others will be fine, just focus on us," Naruto said before they landed and got out to see dead Geonosians and destroyed droids before seeing ships fly back over them. "Good job guys!" Naruto said to his bombers before they started walking to the rendezvous before Naruto looked to his pilot. "Crash go help the medical team."


"Why did he pick Crash as his name?" Zule asked her Master who shrugged.

"Sometimes they give each other names. I guess he crashed at a test sim."

Anakin's Team.

Anakin and Ahsoka were blocking shots with their sabers as their troopers got in cover by wreckage.

"Come on! Get up, we have to keep moving!" Anakin said to them before blocking another blast and sliced several Geonosians.

"Here they come!"

"Watch it! Watch it!"

Ahsoka jumped up from the wreckage to look at her group. "They're falling back! Come on!"

Ki-Adi Mundi's Team.

"Get the tanks on the ground! Now!" Mundi yelled in the gunship as they were hit by a blast.

His commander brought his comms up to speak. "Cody, get the tanks down. Come in, Cody! Cody, come in! Get the tanks down!"

"Copy that. Pilot, begin landing sequence." Cody said as they continued before getting shot down and crashed.

Medic clones ran to them from another ship as Mundi held his side. "What are our losses, Captain?"

"We got hit pretty hard. I think only Kenobi's forces made it through the flock to the landing zone. General Uzumaki landed and was heading towards it on foot."

"And what about Skywalker?" Mundi asked as a clone helped him out of the ship.

"Captain Rex reported they're still in the middle of a firefight. Skywalker's tanks are gone and they're trying to contact General Kenobi's forces for support. In the meantime, they'll press on to the rendezvous point." The clone replied as Mundi nodded.

"Very well. Load the injured onto the tanks. We'll make for that ridge. With any luck, we can meet up with Skywalker or Uzumaki on their way to Kenobi's position." He said pointing to a ridge in the distance.

Cody's Team.

"Copy that, Commander. Have fun down there."

Cody then opened the door. "Move it! Move it!"

"Here they come!" One clone yelled out seeing Geonosians as the clone tanks fell.

"Bugs incoming!"

"Man down! Man down!" One clone yelled as another was hit.

Cody then brought his comms up. "General Kenobi, don't land! The zone is hot!"

"But there's nowhere else to go!" Obi-Wan yelled out. "We're hit! We're going down! Brace yourselves!"

Anakin's Team.

Rex ran behind Anakin on a hill shooting his pistols as he talked to Cody. "Okay, Cody, I'll speak with General Skywalker." He then slid to cover the hill as Anakin blocked a blast and looked at him.

"Rex, what's the word? Can Obi-Wan send support or not?"

"I don't think so, sir. Cody says General Kenobi never reached the landing site. They think his gunship got shot down."

Anakin sighed at that. "Great. The one time I ask Obi-Wan for help, he's nowhere to be found!"

Ahsoka dropped down beside them as more blats started shooting at them. "Well, what if something happened to General Kenobi? He could be injured or-"

"No time for that kind of talk." Anakin interrupted his Padawan before looking to Rex. "Rex, we need to mobilize, now! Get the men together. We're going to rush the guns."

"Yes, sir." Rex nodded before running off.

"Ahsoka, you're with me. We need to give Rex cover when we attack." Anakin ordered as she nodded."

"Got it, just give the word."

"Hey, I'm worried about him, too, but you have to keep your mind in the here and now, otherwise we'll never be able to help Obi-Wan."

"All here, sir," Rex yelled running up with clones.

"Ready? Now!"

Rex turned to his men before yelling. "Go, go, go, go! Take them out! Take them all out!"

Naruto's Team.

Naruto spun his shoto in front of him as he walked, blocking blasts by a very large group of droids and Geonosians as he turned to his Men. "Alpha, Ford flank them over there, there's an opening in their defense!"

"Got it!/On it!"

"Zule with me to draw the blasts to us!"

"Got it, Master!"

They then continued blocking blasts as Naruto swung his saber at any Geonosian or droid that got near him with Zule mirroring the action on his left. The clones all ran to dunes and wreckage to get into cover to shoot any droid and Geonosians they saw.


"Not good. The bugs are splitting up." a clone said to Cody who then looked to his left and saw two clones running to him in red camo armor.

"Boil, reporting as ordered sir."

"Waxer, reporting as ordered sir."

Cody nodded before giving them their orders. "We've got a downed gunship five clicks east. We believe it's General Kenobi's. I need you to get out there and check for survivors.

"Sir, yes, sir!/Sir, yes, sir!"

The two then ran to the gunship dodging blasts before Waxer looked to Boil. "Why do we always get the fun missions?"

"Oh, this isn't the fun part. Getting back to the square is the fun part."

They then got to the ship and saw an injured Obi-Wan and one clone moving. "Waxer, Boil, am I glad to see you! Trapper and I are the only ones still alive." He said as Boil nodded.

"Good to see you, sir! Commander Cody has established the square just beyond this position. The bugs are on the move and trying to surround us as we speak, sir." Boil replied, picking him up as Waxer helped Trapper.

Up with Cody, a clone reported on what he saw through his binoculars. "They've got the General."

Cody then brought up his comms. "AT-TE 636, lay down cover fire at point three five."

"Take it down! Take it down!"

The group then made it back as Cody walked to Obi-Wan. "Are you injured, General?"

"No, no, nothing too serious. What's the situation here?" Obi-Wan asked as he was put behind cover.

"(Sighs) We've got no air cover. Three generals on the ground beyond our position. And a mess of bugs surrounding us. Although General Uzumaki's last report said he was on his way. The enemy was more than prepared for our attack, sir. They knew our every move." Cody reported as a clone stuck Obi-Wan with a stim.

"Well, I'm sure General Skywalker, General Uzumaki, and General Mundi Will make it to our position. We just have to make sure we're still here when they arrive."

Ki-Adi Mundi's Team.

The group got to the top of the ravine towards a cave as Jet was talking to Wullf about getting back up. "Negative, Captain. We will be unable to provide any air support at this time."

"I understand that, sir, but we have four attack forces on the ground and only one at the landing zone."

"This is a planetary-wide invasion, Captain. If I divert resources to your position, it will mean sacrificing other areas of the campaign. All we can do at this time is to help you find General Skywalker."

Jet sighed at that. "All right, sir. I'll report to the General. Commander Jet, out." He then jogged up to Mundi to give a report. "General, I left a squad to protect the tanks. Are you sure this is the shortest way to the landing zone?"

"No, I'm not sure, Commander. All I can do is trust my instincts." Mundi said as they started walking insider the cave

"Wait a minute, wait a minute." One clone said, bringing a hand to his helmet. "I have a wing vibration up ahead."

Geonosians attacked by flying down and grabbing several clones as the rest fended them off.

"Don't stop! We must push on! Forward!" Mundi yelled as they fought their way to the other side.

Anakin's Team.

Anakin and Ahsoka ran in front as they came to a ravine then to a large wall blocking them with droids at the top that started shooting at them.

"Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into," Ahsoka said, turning her saber off after getting behind cover.

"What? Hey, it's not my fault! You were supposed to study the holo-maps!" Anakin yelled at his Padawan.

"I did! Remember when I reminded you about the giant wall, and you said, 'Don't worry, Snips, we won't be anywhere near that.'?"

"Just get ready to climb!"

They then put on backpacks as Rex shot several times before looking to Anakin. "So, what's the plan, General?"

"Just keep us covered, Rex. There's too much laser fire for all of us to make the climb. Ahsoka and I will handle this. Just be ready when that wall comes down." Anakin ordered before he and Ahsoka ran to the ravine and shot their grapple hooks up before they started to jump up.

As they got to the top, they blocked blasts before Anakin turned to Ahsoka. "How many droids have you shut down so far?"


"Ah, you're falling behind. Let's go!" Anakin yelled before dashing to the wall.

Down below, Rex shot one of the guns off the wall that was shooting at them before seeing the two Jedi at the top. "Focus on the droids on top of the wall!"

"Man down!"

On the wall, the Jedi took care of most of the droids before Anakin spoke to Ahsoka who was looking on the floor of the wall. Look for a hatch. We need to put the explosives inside the wall."

"Found one!" Ahsoka said, opening a hatch.

And had a Droideka jump out as well as one behind Anakin when he turned to help. As they blocked blasts, Ahsoka noticed Rex was on the top and walking behind the one that's focused on her before slowly put his hand through the shield and shot the droid's head destroying it. It then started shooting, having the Jedi drop to dodge, hit the other droid and Anakin slid under it and sliced it.

"Hey, did you get them?" A B-1 droid asked coming up through the hatch before Anakin and Ahsoka dropped their bags on him, having the droid fall back down into the hatch.


"Huh? No!"

"Come on, Rex."

"Up and away!" Ahsoka yelled as she and Anakin used the Force to throw Rex off the wall as they jumped.


The wall blew up as the Jedi used the Force to land safely before catching Rex. They then used the Force to stop rocks from falling on them before getting up. "Next time, just tell me to jump."

"Now, where's the fun in that?" Anakin asked dusting himself off. "Come on, we can't keep Obi-Wan waiting."

"You heard him, lads. Let's go!"

Ki-Adi Mundi's Team.

"We're almost through. Bring in the flamethrowers!" One clone yelled as they got to the other opening as the fire came out from flamethrowers. They then came to the cliff and looked to see Anakin's team.

"Master Mundi, do you read me?"

"We're here, Skywalker. We took a slight detour that put us out of communications for a bit."

"This has been a day for detours, Master."

Mundi nodded before seeing black smoke to his right. "Indeed, but now the road is clear. I can see the landing zone. It does not look good."

Down below, Anakin looked to a clone. "Can you get me Admiral Yularen?"

The clone nodded before bringing a holo disk up and had Wullf come up via hologram. "Admiral, we're at the breaking point. You've got to get some fighters down here."

"You are in luck, General Skywalker. I have one squadron available."

Landing Zone.

Naruto's team made it to the landing zone just as other ships flew overhead shooting the droids and Geonosians. "Reinforcements! The reinforcements have arrived!"

"Master Kenobi!"

Naruto turned to see Anakin's and Mundi's team running up to Obi-Wan before gunships started landing as Anakin looked to Obi-Wan. "Well, what happened to you?"

"I might ask you the same question," Obi-Wan said as he sat behind boxes.

Each Jedi and clone Captain then gathered around him as BD brought the map up for Obi-Wan. "Our combined forces should be enough to destroy the shield generator. Anakin, you'll need to take a small squad through the shield, as close as you can get to their gun emplacements. From there, you'll be able to temporarily jam their scanners so they are unable to target the incoming tanks. Once the tanks knock out the shield, Master Mundi can bring the rest of the troops in with the gunships.

"I'll help as well," Naruto said as BD turned the map of and climbed back on him.

"Consider it done, Master."

They then went to the shield and waited for the orders before getting it and ran in. "Let's jam their scanners. Droid poppers, ready."

They threw E.M.P. grenades powering the droids down before they ran ahead. Naruto saw one Geonosian about to shoot Ahsoka before pulling her to him then pulled his blaster and shot the Geonosian. Ahsoka looked up to Naruto and smiled in thanks as he nodded before they attacked the others.

"Bring up the tanks!"

The tanks came in and shot the generator destroying it, having the shield go down as the others ran in and had the Geonosians surrender.

Later, Anakin helped Obi-Wan to a gunship as Ahsoka looked at him. "So, Master, what was your total?"

"Not now, Ahsoka."

"Come on! Are you afraid you lost this time?" She asked, getting him to sigh.

"Fine. Fifty-five, that's my count. And you?"

"Sixty. Looks like I won."

"Yeah, but I called in the airstrike. Tie!" Anakin said as they got to the ship.

"You're impossible!"

"I'll never understand how you can simplify these battles into some kind of game," Obi-Wan said as he was punted onboard with Mundi.

Well, take care of yourself. I expect to see both of you back here by the time we've destroyed the main factory." Anakin said to the Masters.

"We shall do our best," Obi-Wan said before Mundi looked to Anakin.

"Sixty-five, Skywalker."

"I'm sorry?"

"My total. Sixty-five. So what do I win?" Mundi asked as Anakin looked at him.

"My everlasting respect, Master Mundi."


"That is a gift Anakin rarely bestows, I assure you," Obi-Wan replied as the ship started flying off as Naruto looked at it from his seat on a log.

To Be Continued.

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