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Chapter XXVI: Weapons Factory.

No Gift Is More Precious Than Trust.

The final surge. Having learned of warlord Poggle the Lesser's plot to rebuild a Separatist droid foundry on Geonosis, Jedi Knights Naruto Uzumaki, Anakin Skywalker and their Padawans, Ahsoka Tano, and Zule Xiss prepare to assault this heavily-fortified installation. Their mission: destroy the factory at all costs. Anticipating stiff resistance, Republic commanders send Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, to reinforce the attack.

But time runs short for our intrepid heroes as the dreaded droid mill nears completion.…


Luminara and Barriss are flying in a gunship to meet up with Anakin and Naruto. "Captain, the only safe landing zone is south of Skywalker's and Uzumaki's position," Luminara told the clone pilot who looked back to her.

"Yes, General."

"Barriss, I assume you've made the necessary preparations." The Jedi told her Padawan who nodded

"Precisely as you instructed, Master." She replied with a bow.

"Buckle your belts and check your cells, soldiers. We're going in." Another clone said as the others pulled their weapons and got ready.

The Others.

Naruto stood off to the side with Zule and watched as Ahsoka tried to give the plan to their clones only for Anakin to keep interrupting.

"This bridge is our first waypoint." She said to a hologram of a mountain and a cliff connected via a bridge. "Focus your fire on the gun emplacements, here and here, because it's only-"

"Because it's only after we neutralize the guns that we can push for the factory." Anakin interrupted getting in front of Ahsoka.

"I was… Yes, we can push for the factory. Now, expect stiff resistance from-"

"And don't forget to top off your energy cells and ration packs. Once we leave, there'll be no resupply. Anything else, Ahsoka?" Anakin interrupted again before looking back at Asoka.

"No. I think you've pretty much-covered everything in my briefing." She annoyingly said as he nodded.

"Very well. Squad dismissed. Okay. What's next?" Anakin asked as everyone left before Ahsoka followed her Master.

"You know, Master, my briefings might go better if you didn't interrupt me every time I tried to-!"

"I wasn't interrupting. I was trying to help you."

"Which I would appreciate if you didn't interrupt me to do it. I just think maybe you don't trust me to give the briefing." She said as they walked.

"See and you say I treat you like a kid," Naruto told his Padawan as they followed behind the duo.

"You do most of the time," Zule replied before looking forward.

"It's not about trust. It's about getting the job done right." Anakin said over his shoulder.

"So you don't trust me to get the job done right! I knew it!"

"Snips, I never said-"

"No. No, it's okay. I understand. I'm the Padawan, you're the Master." Ahsoka said, crossing her arms.

Up ahead, Luminara's ship landed with Rex and Alpha walking up to her. "Good day, General's Skywalker and Uzumaki are waiting for you."

Luminara nodded before walking up to see Anakin and Ahsoka arguing. "At it again, are they?"

"Again, Master?" Barriss asked Luminara who glanced at her.

Let's just say that Anakin and Ahsoka have a penchant for playing loose with regulations and rules of command like Naruto and his Padawan do." She replied as they got close to hear the conversation.

"Yeah, but when I say it, they listen to me."

"Well, if you don't trust me, then maybe you should send me back." Ahsoka shot back as she threw her arms down.

"Don't tempt me, Snips."

"If you're both finished with your little discussion," Luminara said, getting the other's attention. "We do have a factory to destroy." She then looked to her Padawan to address her. "Well, Barriss? Aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

Barriss then looked to Anakin and Ahsoka and bowed. "Padawan learner Barriss Offee at your service."

"Glad to meet you. I'm Ahsoka." Ahsoka said, pulling Barriss up with her hand.

Naruto smiled at the two. "It's good to see both of you again."

"I wish it was under more peaceful circumstances," Luminara said before they walked to where R2 was. Naruto noticed Barriss moved in front of him and started swaying her hips having him raise an eyebrow.

'Nah.' He thought not noticing Ahsoka looking confused at how her fellow Padawan's actions.

They stopped at R2 and brought up the map again. "A frontal assault is risky. Our losses will be high.

"But not as high as they'll be if that factory comes online," Anakin said, crossing his arms before Luminara nodded at that.

And missed Barriss standing close to Naruto and brushing her hands on his sides. "Indeed, but there is an alternative." R2 then showed a cluster of catacombs under the base. "Every Geonosian building has a series of catacombs beneath it that run deep underground." She said before Barriss pointed to one that was connected to the ground of the cliff on the factory's side.

"Some of the tunnels are close enough to this cliff wall so that you could cut a hole and make an entry point."

"Once inside, we could find the main reactor, plant the explosives and blow the factory inside out."

"There's too many though," Naruto said, bringing a hand to his chin as BD looked over his shoulder. "You'd get lost pretty quickly."

"For the unprepared, perhaps," Luminara said before motioning to her Padawan. "But I have instructed Barriss to memorize the labyrinth, all 200 junctions."

"You always were thorough," Anakin said to the Master who looked towards him.

"It pays for one to be prepared," Luminara told him before looking at Barriss. "Right, Barriss?"

"Especially when other people's lives depend on your success." She replied as Naruto looked at the map.

"How do we keep the Geonosians occupied while someone else is setting the bombs?" Ahsoka spoke up, getting the group's attention.

"Good point, Snips. If whoever is going in there is going to be successful, we'll need to create a diversion." Anakin spoke before Luminara nodded.

"Precisely. That task will be carried out by us, Skywalker, and Uzumaki."

"You want me to be bait?" Naruto asked as the Master nodded. "Oh come on that's why I got Zule here."

"Love you too Master!"

"While the destruction of the factory falls to the Padawans-" Luminara was then interrupted by Anakin.

"Now, hold on. Who decided that? Walking into that factory could be suicide."

"Not if we're successful holding Poggle's attention at the bridge."

Ahsoka then turned to Anakin to voice her thoughts. "Master, I can do this! I've had riskier assignments."

"But unlike Barriss, you and Zule aren't prepared for this mission."

"While I agree with you that Zule wasn't prepared, she can handle herself," Naruto said to his fellow Knight before Ahsoka spoke.

"See, Whiskers trusts his Padawan."

"That's because she's been with several Masters!"

"Not to worry, my Padawan is reliable. She can lead them both through the maze." Luminara spoke, breaking the fighting duo up.

"We'll be in and out, Master."

"See? Dependable Barriss will get us through." Ahsoka said, hand on her hip. "Don't worry, Master. As you well know, I can follow orders." She finished crossing her arms.

"It's decided, then," Luminara said as Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, be safe Zule."

"You as well Master," Zule said as Ahsoka put on a white backpack full of bombs.

"We'll monitor your progress on these chronometers," Luminara said, handing them the watch devices as BD looked on over Naruto's back. "Synchronize on my mark. Three, two, one, mark." She said as they each pressed a button at the same time.

"Let's get going. After you, Barriss." Ahsoka said as Barriss ran in front before she and Zule followed.

"You feel Ahsoka is not up to the task?" Luminara asked Anakin who sighed.

"I never said that."

"What is it, then?"

"Nothing. Let's prepare the men." Anakin said before the trio turned to look at R2 who still had the map up.

"We'll have to make a bold move if we're to draw them out of the factory and keep their attention on us and not the Padawans."

Naruto then had them with their clones and tanks marching to the factory on the hologram. "The best way to do that is to march our troops straight up the middle, parade-style. They can't resist that."

"With no cover?" Luminara asked before Anakin shrugged.

"Well, we have to make it tempting."


Inside the factory, Poggle was talking to a Tactical Droid. "The factory is operating at 50% production capacity. We have 10 garrisons of new droids ready to deploy." Poggle then spoke in Geonosian before the droid shook his head. "No, the Super Tanks are not ready, but when they are, the Republic forces will be routed. They have no weapon that can penetrate its heavy armor".

On the bridge, the Jedi and their troops started walking to the factory.

"Here come the droids. Everybody steady. Steady. Keep marching." Anakin said as Naruto used the Force to bring both sabers up into his hands.

"I hope the Padawans have made it past the bridge by now," Luminara said as over in the distance on their side, the trio is still climbing down before running to the factory side.

Up on the bridge, Anakin looked to see the B1's and Super droids walking to them. "That looks like a lot of droids."

"Well, it is a droid factory," Luminara commented as both she and Anakin pulled their sabers up.

"As long as we can destroy them faster than they can make them, we'll come out on top."

"I love your simple logic, Skywalker."

Naruto then crossed his arms to have his sabers on either side of his face before dashing forward. "Here we go!" He yelled bringing his sabers down and sliced through several droids as the other two ran and sliced through them as well.

Up in one of the towers, a Geonosian looked through a window before the droid spoke up on a hologram. "Let them fall into the trap."

"Behind us!" Naruto yelled, turning to see Geonosians flying out of the tower they passed.

He blocked several blasts before putting his shoto away and pulled his blaster up to start shooting the Geonosians.

Down below, the Padawans got to the wall before Barriss felt the wall for the catacomb before pulling her saber out and cutting a vertical rectangle hole and used the Force to pull the slab out showing the rock was red hot.

"Nice work. Well, here goes nothing." Ahsoka said walking to step in.

Only to be stopped by Barriss. "I should go in first. I know the way."

Zule shrugged at that. "She did memorize the catacombs."

Ahsoka stood aside and gestured inside. "Be my guest."

They then walked in with Barriss going first and walked down the mostly empty halls with nothing but bones once in a while. They then stopped seeing two guards at the end of one of the halls before they flew away. They continued before stopping as they came to a group sleeping on each side of the walls.

"They're sleeping."

"We have to find another way," Ahsoka said only for Zule to shake her head.

"We don't have time."

"This direction is the fastest," Barriss said as they looked ahead.

"Maybe you're wrong."

"Trust me."

They then walked ahead with Zule going first followed by Ahsoka and Barriss. Barriss had to stop when a hand landed on her head.

"Ahsoka, Zule!"

They looked back before Zule walked over and held the hand in place with the Force before Barriss dropped lower then crawled away before the others followed. And missed the Geonosian opening his eyes.

Outside, the forces continued fighting, finishing off the last of the droids before Naruto looked to the right, then to Alpha and his men. "OK Men I see Droids on our right trying to flank us, half with me and Alpha, the rest stay here with Fordo!"

"Yes Sir!"

They ran to the side of the cliff as the other half started shooting at the last of the droids."They should have entered the catacombs by now." Luminara said as both she and Anakin were dirty from the dust.

"I sure hope they're not lost down there."

The Padawans.

"Left at the next junction," Barriss whispered to the others as they walked down a hall.

"Dead end," Zule said, holding a small flashlight.

"If we make a wrong turn, we may never find our way out," Ahsoka said to Barriss. "You do remember the way, don't you?"

"Of course I do. It's not left. It's up." Barriss said, looking to see a hatch. "It's this way."

They then jumped up to start climbing before the Geonosian from earlier holding a gun walked in, saw the hatch, then flew up.

Outside, Fordo hit behind a boulder before popping out to take a shot at the next wave of droids before Droidekas rolled in.

"Rex! A little help here." Anakin yelled out before Rex looked over his shoulder.

"Get up there, trooper!"

A clone ran up with a rocket launcher before firing it at the Droidekas and blew them off the bridge.

Inside the factory, the droid looked at Poggle.

"My lord, I beg you to let us use the secret weapons. We have 20 units ready now and many more on the way." Poggle thought for a minute before speaking. "Thank you, my lord. Deploy the Super Tanks. Attack formation."

Outside, the doors opened up and large tanks rolled out. They look similar to the MTT but are about half the size and have twin blaster cannons located on the same spot as the MTT. They also have one turret-mounted twin laser cannon located on the outside in the middle of the craft on either side. Concealed under a retractable section of its armor plating is a set of twin warhead launchers. They also have the logo of the CIS painted on both sides.

"Looks like the Separatists have a new toy," Luminara commented, turning her saber off.

"Rex, pick your targets."

"Yes, sir. Elevation 427." Rex said to their tank operators who started to get ready. "Steady. Steady. Fire!"

They then fired on the tanks, only for nothing to happen to them. "Sir, nothing could withstand that.

"They must be ray-shielded," Anakin said, looking at the tanks rolling to them.

They then ran to cover as Naruto slid down with them, covered in dirt before they heard beeping. They looked to see their communicators blinking with a green light. "Greenlight. The bombs are active!" Naruto said as Anakin nodded. "The Padawans did it."

"And just in time!"

"Get down!" Naruto yelled as the tanks fired on them with a volley.

The Padawans A Few Minutes Earlier.

"Whoa! That's a lot of droids." Zule said as they got inside and saw the droids being made.

"Come on. The main control room is this way." Barriss said as they ran.

And missed the Geonosian coming up and saw them. They ran to the reactor room and started to place a bomb around the large reactor. And then had a Super Tank and Geonosians with Poggle come in with the tactical droid. They sliced through several Geonosians that flew to them before Poggle spoke and flew to the door.

"You heard His Highness. Collect their pathetic little bombs, then we will kill them." The droid said having the Geonosians take the bombs and fly off as Poggle closed the door while the tank used the turrets to fire on the Padawans.

And had Ahsoka throw a bomb on the tank by his head. "See if your stupid tank can take this."

"Fool. The Super Tank is impervious to all weapons."


The droid blew up as the tank started rolling toward them. They fought off the Geonosians back into the hatch they ran up in before Zule closed the hatch, and welded it shut with her saber. "Think that tank's impervious to a saber?" She asked Barriss as Ahsoka grabbed one of the Geonosians with the bombs and fell onto the reactor and slid to the floor.

Outside, the Jedi looked to their men before Anakin spoke up as their tanks started to get destroyed. "Rex! Tell the men to fall back!"

"But, sir, you can't be asking us to turn tail and run!"

"Know when to fall back!" Naruto yelled over. "Better to live and fight another day than to be stubborn and die! Besides, we're getting the tanks on the bridge then we'll blow that up!"

"Fall back! Fall back!" Rex yelled, getting the now large group of tanks onto the bridge.

Anakin handed Naruto and Luminara a bomb before they ran over, jumped off the bridge, and threw the bombs under it before using their grapple hooks and swung to the cliff before having the bombs explode and had the tanks fall to the bottom of the cliff.

"Alpha," Naruto said to his comms. "Any sign of Ahsoka, Zule, or Barriss on your side?"

"No, sir. But this place is getting ready to blow. The evacuation ships are arriving. I suggest you get on one."

"Not without the Padawans," Naruto said as Anakin tried to contact his Padawan. "Anakin, they might have the place scrambled."

The Padawans.

The Padawans were now inside the tank after Barriss was able to cut inside when it tried to shoot them. "The bugs took the bombs," Ahsoka said as she got in her seat. "What are we gonna do now?"

"I don't know what to do without the bombs," Barriss said as Zule looked at the controls.

"Well, this tank could destroy the power generator, and probably us along with it."

"I guess that's our only choice."

"Master, can you hear me? Master!" Ahsoka said in her comms.

"Ahsoka set off the bombs! We're trapped!"

"I'm sorry, Master. We can't make it out."

"Can't make it out? Ahsoka, wait!"


The Jedi.

"Get down! Get down!" Naruto yelled as he blocked a blast from another wave as the factory blew up.


"Ahsoka. Ahsoka! Can you hear me? Come in! Master Luminara, don't worry."

"Be at ease, Skywalker," Luminara said to the Knight.

"At ease?" Naruto asked in disbelief. "We need to act now! Zule, Ahsoka, and Barriss may still be alive down there."

"There's not enough time. I sense them drifting away."

"Bullshit," Naruto said before looking to the factory, closed his eyes, lifted his hands, and tapped deeply into the Force, lifting nearly all the debris around them, shocking Anakin and Luminara. "I can still sense them." He opened his eyes before turning to Fordo. "Get anything that can dig and fast!"

"Yes sir!"

He then turned to Luminara before speaking. "I can't believe you would give up on your Padawan that fast."

"You misjudge me. I, too, care for my apprentice. But if their time has come-"

"Until you see a body that's not breathing, there is still a chance. I'll make sure to put this in my report. Disregarding any life let alone your Padawan is not the Jedi way."

The Padawans.

In the now destroyed room, the three Padawans turned their sabers on to see the tank was on its side. "How deep do you think we're buried?" Zule asked, rubbing her head.

"It's probably best not to think about it," Ahsoka said before looking at Barriss. "Hand me that power cell, would you?" Doing that, she handed Zule her saber. "Thanks. Mind holding the light?"

"Whatever you're doing, I hope it works, because I'd sure rather have died fighting up there than starve to death down here," Zule said now holding both sabers.

"Don't worry, we'll run out of air long before we starve," Ahsoka said as she started working on the device.

"That's a comforting thought. Thanks."

"I feel that I need to tell you something in case we don't make it," Barriss said, getting the other's attention. "I'm starting to have feelings for Naruto."

"Oh?" Ahsoka asked as Zule sighed. "But he's with Aayla."

"Yeah, he was told by his leader that he's the last male of his family and would need to marry multiple women to bring it back."

"Oh," Ahsoka said before blushing slightly at the thought of multiple women being around Naruto in that manner. "Ahem! Well, Master Skywalker has taught me a trick or two. I think I can get this communicator working. "Master, I know you're up there, and I know you're looking for me." She continued talking until they heard a noise.

"Someone's digging!"

"Zule! Barriss! Ahsoka!" Naruto yelled as they saw a hole form in the ceiling. "I knew they were still alive. I told you we shouldn't give up on them."

"I knew you'd come looking for me," Ahsoka said as they walked up.

"I never doubted you for a second," Anakin said as Naruto went to his Padawan.

"I did for a bit but knew you were with the others."

"Thanks for the confidence Master." Zule sarcastically said before Naruto smiled and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Padawan, you did well," Luminara said walking up to Barriss.

"Thank you, Master. But if it weren't for Ahsoka, we'd still be down there." Barriss replied looking at her Master.

"Indeed. Your Master's never lost faith in you both." Luminara said to the others who smiled.

To Be Continued.

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