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Chapter XXXI: Lethal Trackdown.

Who My Father Was Matters Less Than My Memory Of Him.

Calm before the storm! Naruto Uzumaki has called a meeting with the Jedi Council about progress in changing the Code again. Meanwhile, A rare and welcome respite from endless battle awaits Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu as they travel through deep space aboard the Jedi cruiser Endurance. Preparing to rendezvous with a Republic frigate, the Jedi remain unaware of a deadly peril lying hidden in their midst...

Coruscant, Jedi Council.

"Why did you need to see us, Naruto?" Mace asked the Knight who was standing before them.

"About allowing non-Jedi and Jedi relationships."

"And why should we do that?" Oppo asked Naruto who sighed. "We've already allowed relationships and yes, we have seen stronger Jedi, why should we jeopardize that by allowing non-Jedi/Non-Force users in?"

"It's mainly for ones who might fall in love with someone they meet on their travels, or for any races that's rare to have a Force user and they want to go with someone from their homeworld. Like I've noticed Wookies are rare in the Jed. What if one wants to be with another but can't?" Naruto asked, turning to each Master.

"I mean they'll see their fellow Jedi who'll be with each other but they won't because they've chosen or fallen in love with someone who isn't. That'll be more dangerous than having no emotions like before."

"My former Padawan does make a point." Shaak Ti said from her spot. "If we have one who'll fall for someone out of the order that'll cause anger to build up when they see others in a relationship."

"And we still have rather high casualties for those not taking relationships because those they would want to be in a relatinship with aren't in the Order." Naruto finished as the others looked at each other.

"Talk about it we will," Yoda said before looking at Naruto. "Call on you when ready, we will."

Naruto nodded before looking at Obi-Wan and nodded with a smile.

The Endurance.

A squad of chronologically six-year-old clones is being briefed by a more experienced trooper en route on their journey to the Star Destroyer Endurance. Afterward, several of the kid clones tease their newest member, a young recruit with hair parted in the middle who calls himself Lucky, before being reprimanded by another kid clone.

Once they arrive, the young soldiers are greeted by Jedi Generals Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker. Subsequently, the clones are given opportunities to demonstrate their training through target practice using explosive skeet; the first two cadets miss their target. When admiral Kilian notices the look in Lucky's eyes, he orders him onto the turret. The clone gunner deploys one explosive skeet, which Lucky destroys with precise accuracy.

The clone gunner believes that he got lucky, and sends out three skeets in Separatist attack formation; the kid destroys all three, surprising the gunner. As the cadets leave for the observation deck, Kilian expresses his admiration for Lucky's talents to the gunner.

As they resume their tour of the ship, Lucky quickly strays away from his group and manages to bluff his way into Mace Windu's quarters where he stealthily installs a bomb triggered by stepping through a laser in the doorway. As Mace enters his quarters, he is soon called off for another meeting and instead orders a clone to go inside to drop something off for him. The clone sets off the trap, killing him.

The entire ship is placed under alert and as a result, Lucky is instructed via comlink to sabotage the reactor core and thus kill everyone, although he exhibits some hesitation due to only wanting to kill the Jedi who killed his father Jango Fett.

The now identified Boba then once again sneaks away from his group but ends up being caught by an unsuspecting trooper who decides to call for security. After a brief scuffle, Boba stuns the clone with his own blaster and shoots the core command console. Much of the hull is immediately destroyed in an explosion and the Jedi are almost sucked into space before the gaping holes are sealed off.

Realizing that Endurance is critically damaged beyond repair, the Jedi and most of the surviving crew then choose to abandon the ship. However, Kilian stubbornly refuses and stays on board along with Ponds. The young clones, including Boba, are then jettisoned in an escape pod. Boba sabotages the pod he is in, causing it to drift off away from the others.

Later, a ship came up to Boba's escape pod flying vertically before rotating 90 degrees to be flat on its bottom.

Suddenly, it attacked the pod before the door opened up revealing a humanoid alien woman and a male reptilian alien in a yellow pilot suit.

She is tall and lanky with chalk-white skin and long bony fingers. She's bald except for the back of her head with fiery brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and dark sunken eyes with black makeup across them. She also has an antenna on the top right of her head. She's wearing a red bodysuit with a long sniper rifle on her back and two pistols on her hip with a vest.

These are Aurra Sing and Bossk, bounty hunters.

"Well, what do we have here?" Aurra said walking in. "You boys look lost. Congratulations, Boba. Job well done."

"His name's not Boba. He's Lucky." One clone said having Aurra chuckle.

"'Lucky'? That's a good one."

"You're with her?"

"I wasn't expecting you to bring friends along," Aurra stated looking down at Boba.

"I couldn't help it, Aurra. What are you going to do with them?" Boba asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"What do you think?"

"Let them go?" He asked, looking up, making her sigh.

"They're living witnesses, honey."

"That was never part of the plan!" Boba yelled at the bounty hunter. "I just wanted to kill the Jedi that murdered my father."

Aurra then turned around before speaking over her shoulder. "Well, that will have to wait. Grow up! You'll get your revenge in time. Now get on board. We have to get out of here. Or, you can go with your friends, who I'm going to jettison into the unknown." She finished before smirking and looked over her shoulder. "That would be poetic."

Boba then followed after her before glancing over his shoulder. "I'm sorry."

"Traitor." One of the clones said before Boba stopped at the controls for a moment before Aurra leaned down to him.

"Do it!"

Boba then hit a button having the doors close. "You'll regret this!" The one in front aid before another looked to him as they floated away from the ship.

"I can't believe it. A traitor? He was a traitor?"

"Yes, well, we can't worry about that right now. We have to find a way to contact somebody." The first one said before the third walked over to the controls.

"We already tried! This pod is dead! We only have minimal life support."

"Yeah? Well, whose fault is that? None of us! That guy you defended left us for dead!"

"Stow it, Whiplash We need to work together."

"You're not in charge here!" Whiplash yelled back before they heard engines roaring and a light shined in the windshield.

"They have come back to finish us off!"

"No, wait! It's the Jedi!" The first one said seeing Anakin and Mace in their Delta-7's

"I found your missing cadets, Crasher," Anakin said over the comms as he looked at the kids.

"Nice work, General. How are they?"

"I can't raise them on the comm channel. Their pod must have been damaged in the evacuation. Head to point 038 and you can pick them up."

"Right away, sir," Crasher said before the two Jedi started to leave before Mace spoke to Anakin.

"Skywalker, have you heard from Admiral Kilian?"

"No, I lost contact when they entered the atmosphere.

Back in the pod, Whiplash looked to the first clone. "Jax, I'm sorry. I lost my head. I didn't…"

"It's okay, I understand."

"I can't believe it was one of us, someone just like us." The other clone said before Whiplash turned."

"He's nothing like us!"

"Let's hope he is. If he is like us, he'll realize he's wrong." Jax said to the others before looking out the windshield.

Revenge! Boba Fett, son of the notorious bounty hunter Jango Fett, infiltrated a Jedi cruiser in an attempt to assassinate General Mace Windu, the man who killed his father. After a near-miss at Windu's quarters, Boba was forced to destroy the cruiser and escape with the help of notorious bounty hunter Aurra Sing. Now, having lost contact with Admiral Kilian when his doomed starship crashed, the Jedi search for survivors with the aid of a Republic rescue ship.…


Mace and Anakin land by the wreck of the Endurance before getting out with their droids. As they look, Anakin points out upon coming across the ship that, while it is in a terrible shape, the bridge appears to be in one piece. The two Jedi set down behind the ship, at which point R2-D2 beeps that he has a 'bad feeling about this place'. Windu turns to chastise Anakin for encouraging individuality in his droid. Windu, Skywalker, R2, and R8-B7 proceed to the ship, unaware of gundarks following them.

Once they get inside, the Jedi come across clone troopers killed not by the crash but by execution; Windu theorizes that those who tried to assassinate him may have come down looking for his body and killed the survivors. The droids are sent to search for survivors while the Jedi head to the bridge. In the process of their search, R2 and R8 are attacked by a pair of gundarks ripping R8 apart while R2 is knocked across the floor.

On the bridge, Windu and Skywalker come across several dead clones, but note there is no sign of the Admiral or Ponds. Windu reports this to the medical ship in orbit, which proceeds to leave for the nearest Republic medical station. Noticing a Mandalorian helmet sitting on a piece of rubble, Skywalker advances. Windu, spotting the helmet, is reminded of Jango Fett, the template for the Clone army, whom Windu killed on Geonosis, and then remembers his son, Boba, who watched his father die at Windu's hands. Too late, Windu uses the Force to pull Skywalker away from the helmet, which explodes.


The bridge is destroyed causing debris to rain down on the gundarks that were advancing on R2; one is killed while the other flees.

In the distance Aurra Sing, Bossk, Boba, and Castas, a male Klatooinian, watch the explosion with satisfaction. Boba insists on finding Windu's body, but his companions initially refuse, stating they have enough to sell Count Dooku with their three hostages; Admiral Kilian, Commander Ponds, and a navigation officer. In the end, Aurra and Boba win out, leaving Bossk to guard the hostages as they head to the downed ship.

In the ship, R2, now realizing the Jedi may be in danger, heads to the bridge and finds Windu unconscious and Anakin wounded, both trapped under rubble. As the droid tries to move the debris, he causes the bridge to shudder, and Anakin warns him against it. Instead, he instructs his droid to head back to the Jedi starfighters and send a message to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for help.

R2 proceeds to leave the bridge but spots the bounty hunters approaching and instead decides to try and halt their advance. He first pushes debris down a tunnel the bounty hunters are coming through, then closes the doors on them. When they come up another tunnel, he pushes yet more debris and boxes at them, before detaching a grenade from a dead clone and dropping that down the tunnel.


Deterred, Aurra declares that they will instead use Slave I to destroy the remains of the ship, thereby ensuring the Jedi's death. R2 then proceeds to the Jedi starfighters but is accosted on the way by the remaining gundark.

Using quick thinking, the droid attaches the gundark, via a cable, to one of the starfighters and activates the fighter's engines, crashing it some miles away and killing the gundark. Having witnessed the explosion, and realizing that it came from near the Jedi starfighters, the bounty hunters believe Windu has survived and jam all communications before heading to the location of the starfighters in Slave I.

R2 activates the remaining starfighter and pilots it away from Slave I, now shooting at it, and into the atmosphere. Seeing this, Windu, who woke up, states that his astromech was meant to get help, not abandon them, but Anakin returns his faith in R2. Avoiding the blaster fire from Slave I, the astromech droid gets into space, but its communication device is destroyed: the only solution now is to use the hyperdrive rings and get to Coruscant.

Realizing the droid's plan, Boba fires at the hyperdrive rings but succeeds only in destroying one, allowing R2 to use the other to escape. Aurra states not to worry, as she can draw Windu to her using the hostages, before Slave I makes the jump to hyperspace.


On Coruscant, R2 interrupts a meeting with Plo Koon's droid and replays Anakin's message to several other Jedi. Plo Koon, Ahsoka, and Corporal Comet, along with Commander Wolffe, make their way to Vanqor with rescue ships. They help the injured Jedi just as the bridge of the Endurance collapses. Mace, in the end, compliments R2 on his bravery.

Lethal trackdown! The young Boba Fett has taken the law into his own hands and made two attempts on the life of Mace Windu, the Jedi Master who killed his father. Boba's mentor, bounty hunter Aurra Sing, has taken three Republic officers hostage in an effort to force Windu to face Boba on their terms, a tactic that does not sit well with the young vigilante.…

Slave I.

Boba walked to the back where the clones are and gave Kilian a drink. "This isn't what I wanted."

"You don't have to do this. You're not like them. I can tell." Kilian told the clone

"What do you know, old man?"

"I know a good soldier when I see one," Kilian said as Boba stood.

"I'm no soldier! I'm no clone, not like those two!" He yelled looking at the others. "What? What are you looking at?

"Boba! What's going on?" Aurra asked, walking in.

"Nothing!" He replied gaffing Kilian again. "What are we going to do with them?" Boba asked before looking up at the bounty hunter.

"Oh, I think our friends here are about to finally prove useful." She said before hitting Kilian.


While Anakin and Windu recover in the Jedi Temple, they suddenly receive a transmission from Aurra Sing and Boba in which they reveal the bounty hunters are holding Admiral Kilian, Clone Commander Ponds, and another clone officer hostage before ruthlessly executing Ponds after Boba wouldn't and taunting the Jedi to track her down.

Although, with no leads as to Sing's location, Plo Koon takes Ahsoka with him to venture into Coruscant's underworld in hopes of obtaining information from various members of the underworld. Unfortunately, they experience little luck, due in part to Ahsoka's impatience and lack of subtlety during the investigation.

Slave I.

After sending the dead body out, Aurra pushed Boba into the wall. "Next time I tell you to pull the trigger, you do it!" She then lets him go, having Boba rub his shoulder. It should only be a matter of time until they track us down." She said walking to the pilot seat where Bossk is flying. Something on your mind, Castas?" She asked the other bounty hunter.

"Yeah, I got something to say. We're in over our heads."

"You signed on to kill Jedi. Well, this is how it's done." She said turning to face him.

"You said the Separatists would pay well if we killed Windu. That kid destroyed an entire cruiser, and now we're taking hostages. That was not part of the plan." Castas explained from his seat.

"I never took you for a coward, Castas," Aurra said before looking at Bossk. "And what about you, Bossk? You feel the same?"

"I'm still in. I got a lot riding on this kill, and I need the cash." He replied as Castas crossed his arms.

"Not me. I'm out."

"Well then, you're in luck. I was planning on making a stop. You can drag your worthless carcass off of this ship when we land." Aurra said to him before looking back out the windshield.

"Where are we headed?" Boba asked as he sat down.

"We're going to visit an old friend. Maybe he can replace Castas. Set course for Florrum." Aurra explained before they went into hyperspace.


The bounty hunters landed on Florrum before walking out to see Weequays and Hondo walking to them.

"Oh, my dear, you never were good at asking for permission to land," Hondo said as he stopped.

"I never ask for permission to do anything, my darling," Aurra said before pulling Hondo into a kiss.

After a moment, they broke apart. "Yes! (Snort!) Hondo said before chuckling. "Yes, I remember." He then noticed Boba before looking back to Aurra. "Not mine, I take it?"

"No, part of my crew. He's Jango's son." Aurra explained having Hondo nod before kneeling.

"Oh. Yes, yes. Sorry about your father. He was a friend and an honorable man." He said before animals that were used for fighting started growling.

"And that's Castas. But he's getting off here." Aurra said, motioning to Castas as Hondo stood and smiled.

"Couldn't handle her, could you? Well, don't be ashamed, you're not the first man to bail out from under her command."

"He's speaking from experience," Aurra said as they started walking to the bar and had Hondo chuckle.

"Oh! Oh, you're a dangerous woman. "Ha-Ha!" He said before turning back to walk to the bar. "Yes, very dangerous. Come, come, come! Let us go inside, where we can discuss business over a drink like civilized people." Getting into the bar, Hondo, Aurra and Boba went to the bar as Castas went to a holo phone and called up a male Nautolan.

"I'm stuck out here on Florrum."

"I warned you. Working with Aurra Sing is bad business."

"Yeah. This job's gone south, like every job I do with that hag."

"No, Boba," Aurra said as Boba tried to reach for an alcoholic drink.

"I hear there's a downed Republic cruiser on Vanqor," Hondo said as he took a drink. "Your handiwork?"

"I wouldn't take credit for that, no," Aurra replied downing her drink. "We saw it, though. Crawling with Republic troops. I wouldn't try and salvage it for a while if I were you."

"I appreciate the advice," Hondo said before looking at Boba. "So, Boba, what is it like working with Aurra?"

"It's all right."

"It must be…" Hondo said as Aurra put a device in her ear to listen in on Castas.

"I have some information. Information that's worth something to the right people." Castas to his friend who crossed his arms.

"Really? What kind of people?"

"That's where you come in."

Hondo then turned to Aurra, not noticing she was listening to Castas. "Remember, Aurra? That job we pulled?"

"Hmm? Oh, yes. Excuse me." She said pocketing the device before pulling her pistol and revealed it has two triggers. "Castas!"

"He then turned to her. "Huh?"

And was shot into the holodeck and turned it off. "Hey! Hey! Someone scrape that guy off the floor. He sprung a leak." Hondo said before turning back to the bar.

Coruscant Underworld.

Meanwhile, the two Jedi make their way into another Coruscant cantina. Plo Koon advises Ahsoka to be more subtle and attentive to small details. Coincidentally, Ahsoka manages to eavesdrop on a conversation in which Castas' "friend" mentions the bounty hunter's activities on Florrum before being confronted by a large group of thugs.

Plo Koon and Ahsoka are forced to draw their lightsabers and manage to leave after a tense standoff where Ahsoka throws credits into the bar.


The trio is now in Hondo's office where sat at a desk. "Well, my dear, you are in an interesting predicament once again. Getting involved with the Jedi is never a good idea."

"Aurra, we've got an incoming ship." Aurra put a hand to her ear as her antenna became longer when hearing Bossk. "Jedi, by the look of it."


"Finally. Took them long enough. Move Slave I to the outskirts and get the hostages ready." Aurra Ordered Bossk.


"So, are you in or not?" She asked Hondo who took a drink from a cup.

"I will not help you. But I will not hinder you, either. This is your fight, not mine."

Hondo walked outside where a T-6 shuttle landed and Plo Koon and Ahsoka walked out. "Hello, hello, and welcome to Florrum."

"I should assume you are walking us into a trap." Plo Koon asked the pirate

Yes, you should. They're waiting inside the bar. I have no idea what she has planned for you." Hondo explained as they walked.

"And the reason you're telling us is?"

"So you know that I am not involved in this," Hondo said before Plo Koon looked at Ahsoka.

"Remember, patience."

Plo Koon then walked into the bar as Ahsoka went to the side in the shadows. Plo Koon then went to a table in the back where Aurra sat.

"Bad move, Jedi. This will cost you."

Plo Koon sat down before Boba put a pistol to his head. "I wanted Windu. What are you doing here?" He asked the Jedi.

"We can do this the difficult way, or the simple way. The choice is yours." Koon said before Aurra brought a hand to her ear.

"Bossk, can you hear me?"


"Execute the hostages if I give the word."

"Unwise. You have already lost, and you don't even know it." Plo Koon said to the bounty hunter who turned her attention to him.

"I am prepared to kill you, the hostages, whatever it takes to get what Boba wants."

"Sounds more like what you want," Plo said just as Ahsoka ran up and cut Aurra's antenna off before holding her lightsaber at the bounty hunter's neck as Boba pushed the gun at Plo Koon.


"Let her go!"

"No chance," Ahsoka said holding Aurra.

"She won't do it, Boba. She's not like you." Aurra said as Ahsoka looked forward.

"She's right. I'm not a murderer."

"I'm not a murderer! But I want justice." Boba said to the Padawan.

"We are justice." Plo Koon told Boba before Aurra spoke.

"Don't listen to them."

"No one will be harmed if you come quietly," Plo said calmly as Boba looked at Aurra.

"I can't let you die."

"You won't have to." She said before moving her foot up and had prongs come out of her shoe.

"Aurra!" Boba yelled before shooting at Ahsoka who deflected the blast before Aurra elbowed her away.

Aurra then tapped her foot, having it shoot the prongs before Plo Koon moved the table up and used the Force to push Boba back out. Looking back, the Jedi saw Aurra quickly shooting at Ahsoka with both her pistols before tossing the table over to block the blasts. He then jumps over and cuts the guns before putting the blade at Aurra's neck.

"It's over. Surrender!"

"Aurra! Now!" Boba yelled, throwing a disk under their feet.



The four got out of the way before Aurra ran. "Boba, hurry!"

Plo Koon then pulled Boba to him and grabbed him. "Aurra, help! Help me!" She looked back before running out. "Don't leave me! No!"

"The hostages, where are they?" Plo Koon asked, turning Boba around. "Boba, if you do not tell us where those men are, they are going to die! Innocent men!"

"She left me."

Outside, Aurra ran to a speeder bike and left as Ahsoka followed. One of Hondo's men tried to aim for the Padawan with their rifle only for Hondo to push it down and shake his head. Plo Koon then walked out with Boba and up to the pirates.

"He will not reveal the location of the hostages. I thought you might talk some sense into him."

Hondo then looked at Boba before speaking. "Tell the Jedi what he wants to know, Boba."

"Why should I help anybody? I've got no one!" Boba yelled as Hondo knelt.

"It is an honorable thing to do. It's what your father would have wanted."

Out in the desert, Ahsoka flew to Slave I before shooting at Bossk forcing him to dive before she jumped to the clones crashing her speeder.

She cuts their binding before Kilian grabs the rifle and aims at Bossk. Aurra then flew over a ridge and crashed into Ahsoka's speeder and blew them up before getting in and started to hover. Ahsoka jumped on a wing and cut through it, having it smoke before jumping on the windshield stabbed it and then deflected blasts from Aurra before jumping off as the ship crashed over the ridge.


Mace and Anakin stood on a hanger as Plo Koon brought Boba up with clones before Mace knelt to the boy. "I see now I've done terrible things. But you started when you murdered my father. I'll never forgive you."

Mace sighed before looking up. "Well, you're going to have to. Take him away."

To Be Continued.

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