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Chapter L: Leisurely Time.

Never Underestimate Your Opponent, No Matter How Small They May Seem.

Relaxation! Naruto Uzumaki takes time off to spend in his home Konoha. While there he comes across his new girlfriend Anko Mitarashi for a game of tag...


Naruto, wearing a black shirt and jeans, dropped down on a grassy field in front of a large forest that was fenced off. He smiled as he felt something soft hit his back before two hands reached around to rub his chest. He looked over his shoulder and saw a grinning Anko hugging him. "Hey, Anko."

"Hey, hot stuff."

Naruto turned and placed his hands on her hips. "So what are you doing here?"

"I come here to train, you?"

Naruto smiled as he leaned down to peck her on the lips. "I was looking for my sexy girlfriend who I met here a few years ago. You haven't seen her, have you?"

"Maybe…" She smiled before pulling away. "But… There's something you gotta do."

Naruto smiled at that as he leaned down. "Yeah? What's that?"

"Beat me in tag!"

Naruto blinked before she dropped down and ran past him into the forest. He sighed before turning and followed after. Inside, Anko dropped down on a branch before her coat lifted.


She gave a startled moan as Naruto jumped past her grinning. "Oh, you upgraded to rock hard."

"I'm sure there's something you have that's rock hard~" Anko purred before jumping after him.

"When I think of you!"

She smiled as she ran after her boyfriend before tapping him on his shoulder.

Later, Naruto and Anko stood on a large branch with Naruto pinning Anko against the trunk. He pushed her hands above her head and she weakly tried to escape as he leaned to kiss her neck. She moaned while leaning her head to the side allowing him more room. "Wait~" Naruto pulled back and let her go before she put a hand on his shoulder. "Not here." They then disappeared in a puff of smoke, at that.

They then appeared in a hallway full of doors before Anko turned to open the one behind her. "My apartment." She said while walking in and took off her sandals.

Naruto walked in and took off his shoes before walking into the living room. And was hit by Anko's trench coat before quickly taking it off. He was greeted by the sight of his grinning girlfriend who only had her mesh and skirt on with her hair free having it reach her mid-back. "You ready for this step, Anko?"

"Of course!" Anko stated, hands on her hips. She then puffed her chest out, having Naruto glance down to see her nipples poking through the mesh. "Are you saying you are not?"

Naruto smiled as he walked up to her. "Of course I am Anko… But you don't need to rush because of me." He then placed his hands on her hips to pull her in for a kiss. Pulling back, he smiled again. "If you're ready…" He trailed off as she took his right hand, turned, and walked holding his hand over her shoulder.

Naruto stared at her ass before they stopped at a door and Anko opened it revealing a bedroom. Anko then pulled Naruto to the bed and pushed him onto it. "Ready to have your world rocked by the great Anko Mitarashi?"

"I think the question is, are you ready for me?" Naruto asked, taking off his shirt. (1.)


Naruto and Anko laid on the bed panting and covered in sweat. "Holy shit!" Anko cursed as she rested her left arm above her head. "I'm throwing away all my toys now."


"Oh hell yeah, you weren't kidding, I can't feel anything from the waist down… I almost thought I would be bloated with the many times you got off."

Naruto smiled before wrapping his left arm around her and pulled her on his chest, having her bare breasts pressed on his chest. "Anko… Was that the curse mark I saw?"

"Oh, you saw?"

"Yeah, I didn't know what that glow was on your chest… I mean I knew it was a seal of some kind, but thought maybe it was a botched one that was for a mission."

"The bastard did it before deserting. It's a… Prototype one." She replied as she moved a hand to the shoulder.

Naruto kissed the top of her head before speaking. "I kinda have a knack for seals… I'll try to find a way to remove it."

"The best tried."

"No, I haven't," Naruto replied, having her pinch his cheek. "I mean it Anko. I'll see if I can find a way to get rid of it."

"… Well, I got nothing to lose… You have a knack?"

Naruto nodded at that. "Yeah. I always like them. Same for Genjutsu (Illusion Techniqe) . I just had a hard time with those due to my large chakra."


Naruto stretched before putting his pants on and grabbed his shirt before walking out. In the living room, he saw Anko in a robe that barely came past her crotch. "Morning."

"Morning." She replied walking to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast before there was a knock.

"I got it." He spoke before putting his shirt on and opened the door to reveal Kurenai. "Morning Kurenai."


Naruto looked to see not only Yūgao standing with the Jōnin but also another woman.

She has long brown hair in a ponytail with two locks of hair framing her face over her large, black eyes. She's wearing a light shade of lipstick and has fang-like tattoos on both of her cheeks, in addition to a tattoo on her upper right arm that resembles a flower. She has a brace on her left wrist and bracelets on her right hand. She's wearing a form-fitting variation of the Konoha flak jacket which doesn't have any chest pockets and she keeps the front of her jacket unzipped, exposing her cleavage.

She also has on a pair of form-fitting shorts cut just above the knee, bandages just below her tattoo, and wrist warmers.

"Hey, Hana."

"What are you doing here?"

"Rocking my world!" Anko yelled from the kitchen before Naruto let the three in.

Later, Naruto was walking to the gates before putting his hands in his pockets. He blinked as he felt something before pulling it out. And saw Anko's purple panties with black lace clipped to a Polaroid picture of Anko sitting on her bed, leaning on her hands nude and legs spread before seeing what she wrote on the bottom.

When you miss me~❤️!

Naruto smiled as he pocketed the items and got into his gunship.

Later, The Maelstrom.

Naruto in his robes was sitting at a desk looking over reports on what happened while he was gone. First was about the assassination of King Kolina of Mon Cala, the fragile peace between the Mon Cala and the Quarren begins to collapse, centering on the argument that the king's son, Prince Lee-Char is too young and inexperienced to maintain the tenuous co-existence between the two races.

Riff Tamson, the ambassador of the Separatists, heats the argument even further, while Padmé and Anakin, sent by the Republic to mediate between the parties, are helpless to intervene. And that fearing that a civil war between the two races is imminent, the Jedi High Council dispatches a company of clone troopers equipped for underwater combat under the command of Kit Fisto and Ahsoka Tano, while Lee-Char and his military commander Captain Gial Ackbar try to rally their people.

Naruto continues reading that the Quaren attacks with gigantic jellyfish cyborgs with electrified tentacles, which prove resistant to the Mon Cala's hand weapons. Outmatched and their numbers decimated, the Republic forces are forced to retreat to a set of caves near the city. The Jedi and Senator decide to get Prince Lee-Char and Mon Cala senator Meena Tills to their ship and out of the system to safety.

Fisto manages to overpower a Quarren patrol and appropriate a couple of vehicles to get the fugitives to the surface quickly. However, Riff Tamson has anticipated that move and blows the ship up before the Jedi and Mon Cala can even reach the surface. Naruto then reads that the group survived and split up into two groups to hide and escape.

Naruto then read that Obi-Wan had Jar Jar get the Gungans to help out, only for Tamson to rally his forces and use his Trident ships to create artificial whirlpools at the two battle sites, disorienting the Jedi and Gungan forces thus facilitating their capture. Tamson himself goes after the Prince once more, but Kit Fisto manages to engage him in close combat for long enough to allow Lee-Char and Ahsoka to escape.

He finishes the report that Nossor Ri, having doubts about the war, Lee-Char, and the Quarren, Mon Cala, Jedi, Gungans, and clones unite under the prince, engaging the Separatist droid forces in battle. Lee-Char prevents Tamson, who cruelly confesses to being the one who killed his father, from fleeing, engages him, and kills him with one of his explosive knives. After restoring the peace, Lee-Char, now recognized by both Mon Calamari and Quarren, is crowned the new king.

"(Sigh) Things seem to go to shit when I'm not here, huh bud?" Naruto asked BD who jumped on his desk.


"Right." He smiled before looking at another report.

He read that Anakin and Padmé went to Theed, and sought out Jar, Jar, who confirms troubling rumors that Boss Lyonie intends to march on Theed and takes them to Otoh Gunga, where Lyonie is indeed attempting to rally his troop leaders for the impending conflict, accompanied by his new minister Rish Loo. When Anakin and Padmé attempt to talk to Lyonie and he refuses to abandon his plans, the two notice that he appears to be not himself.

The cause is a mind-control necklace which Anakin telekinetically snatches from Lyonie's neck, making him recover, and Lyonie confirms that the necklace was given to him by Rish Loo. Lyonie confronts Loo about his treachery, but Rish Loo uses his mystical powers to try and control him once more; when Anakin and Padmé come to Lyonie's aid, he unleashes a squad of commando droids on them, stabs Lyonie and escapes the underwater city.

With Lyonie lying unconscious, it appears the attack on the Naboo cannot be called off anymore... Not until Jar Jar inadvertently dons Lyonie's crown of office, making Anakin and Padmé note a striking resemblance to the Boss. Anakin therefore hatches a plan to make the Gungan army stand off the attack by having Jar Jar pretend to be Lyonie.

On the surface, Rish Loo tries to salvage his plans by telling the assembled Gungan warriors that Lyonie is dead. The disguised Jar Jar appears just in time, and although nervous, he makes a good impersonation of Lyonie and denounces Loo as a traitor. Loo manages to escape, however, but as Anakin pursues him, a Separatist troop carrier arrives and the battle droid crew addresses Jar, Jar since they believe that everything is still according to Dooku's plan.

And forced to maintain his role, Jar Jar and General Tarpals board the ship to help coordinate the attack, only to find out that the leader of the droid army is none other than General Grievous himself. Jar Jar desperately stalls for time and sends Tarpals out to inform Padmé about this development. Padmé advises him to try and capture Grievous by shutting down his droid escort before Grievous can note this desperate deception.

Naruto continues reading that Grievous eventually becomes highly irritated by the apparent Lyonie's sudden hesitation in conducting the assault and figures out that he is an impostor. Jar Jar escapes to the outside just in time to escape Grievous' rage, and for Grievous to notice that his army has been disabled.

The Gungans surround Grievous, who fights back, fatally stabbing Tarpals in the process. With the last of his strength, however, Tarpals shocks Grievous into submission, enabling his capture, before expiring. Finally, afterward, Dooku contacts Padmé and tortures Anakin in front of her, and gives her one hour to make her decision.

Padmé finally agrees to make the switch. Despite the somberness of the deal, Jar Jar is lauded by Boss Lyonie and Queen Neeyutnee for his successful efforts in re-establishing peace between the Gungans and the Naboo.


Outside in a field, Naruto sat on a blanket with Barriss overlooking waterfalls. "This is nice."

He looked over as she spoke. "Yeah, I spoil you all too much." She deadpanned at him, at that. "Oh, come on, with all the battles, I don't get to take you all out on dates… Us being on the same notwithstanding."

"Have you talked with Tiplee and Tiplar yet?"

"No, as I stated, we have all been busy… I've barely had time to go see Oola." Naruto said as BD ran over from a bush.

"Well… Since we're so busy… I think we should go to our hotel room."

Naruto looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "You sure you're ready for that?" He asked as she nodded.

"Yes. Aayla has been… very descriptive of your time together."

"Alright… If you're ready."

Hotel Room.

BD ran to a table in the living room and started charging as Naruto and Barriss made out while bumping into furniture before taking off his armor and shirt. They bumped into the bedroom door frame before walking in and closing the door. (2.)


Barriss fell on top of Naruto, her headdress gone as her hair clung to her forehead. "(Pant!) T-That was amazing…" She panted as Naruto rubbed her back.

"I get that a lot." He smiled as she pinched his cheek before rolling off.

To Be Continued.

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