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I know, someone updating/loading a Star Wars story on May the 4th? (Still an hour before 12 here.) Weird. I don't know when Ninja in the Web will be up as after posting last Ch a friend of the family passed away so I'm taking time off but I'm ahead on this story... Just have the last arc in the show (The last 4 episodes of S7).


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Chapter LX: A Droid's Job.

When All Seems Hopeless, A True Hero Brings Hope

Secret weapons! The Jedi Council deploys a squad of droids on a desperate mission aboard a Separatist cruiser. Under the guidance of Colonel Meebur Gascon, the droids succeed in stealing a crucial encryption module. Now the Colonel and his droid squad must return the module to the Jedi Temple to crack a Separatist code detailing an impending terror plot against the Republic.…


While the D-Squad is on its way back to Coruscant, a comet storm intercepts their course. WAC manages to get their shuttle out of hyperspace before a collision can yield more catastrophic results, but the ship is caught in the middle of the swarm and hit by several ice comets, which disable the power feed.

The astromechs manage to restore power at the very last instant, but another hit damages the ship critically and QT-KT nearly ends up lost in the void of space, only for her droid comrades to save her. They then crash-land on a nearby wasteland planet named. Gascon insists on waiting near the ship, but R2-D2, who has taken possession of the encryption module, takes matters into his own hands and rolls off into the wasteland to conclude the mission.

He is promptly joined by his droid comrades and, finally, Gascon himself, who does not want to lose his prestige of being the one who made this mission a success. As the group travels across the planet, Gascon once again begins to lose his temper and claims himself better due to his training and supposed mental flexibility while the droids "merely" act on their programming.

WAC, however, manages to point out the flaws in Gascon's reasoning, and a chance encounter with another shipwreck and the dead remnants of its crew tears the last shred of resolve from Gascon. He then starts to go mad from heat as WAC says he'll take charge. And was promptly left by the others.

They were then saved by a hoard of rat-like creatures and Gascon makes himself and WAC hitch a ride on their backs, and the creatures take them to a waterhole and a nearby city sunken into the surface of the planet, where to their surprise they find the rest of the D-Squad already present. With WAC having proven himself so much like him, Gascon field-promotes the delighted droid to Corporal, while the astromechs are left a bit baffled at this new development.

Stranded! On a secret mission for the Republic, Colonel Gascon and his intrepid droid squad successfully steal an encryption module from a Separatist ship. During their escape, our heroes crash on the Outer Rim planet of Abafar and find themselves stranded in the strange wasteland called The Void. Now, after surviving against all odds, our heroes must find a way home and deliver the encryption module to crack the Separatist code and stop an enemy attack...

Later, in the city, Gascon, and WAC enter a diner for some refreshment while the astromechs perform reconnaissance around town to look for hostiles. But upon announcing themselves, they are shooed out by the diner's cook. WAC takes Gascon to the side of the diner where a swarm of bugs is scurrying toward the garbage.

Suddenly, a human dishwasher steps out of the diner to throw out the garbage, accidentally hitting Gascon. Apologizing for his mistake, the dishwasher introduces himself as Gregor and offers to give him some food on the side. However, Gascon stares at him and identifies him as a clone trooper. Gregor has no idea what a clone is and is forced to return to work.

Gascon and WAC then rendezvous with the astromechs, who confirm the presence of Separatists on Abafar. Later, D-Squad finds a heavily guarded landing field with a Rho-class transport shuttle. Though Gascon insists they discreetly make their way to the shuttle, the droids point out that the Separatists may be on the lookout for them after their adventure on the dreadnaught. As a head-on attack would be suicide, Gascon decides to enlist Gregor's help.

D-Squad locates Gregor's apartment and gets his attention by having R2 project a hologram of Captain Rex. They explain to him his true origins as a clone, meant to fight for the Republic. Gregor is hesitant to believe them, saying he's lucky that Borkus is paying off his rent. Gascon corrects that he's Borkus' slave.

And that Gregor has amnesia, Gascon has R2 read the identification code on Gregor's wrist, revealing him to be a commando clone. He had been presumed to miss in action in the Battle of Sarrish. Recalling vague memories of the battle, Gregor agrees to assist D-Squad. They then go searching for his equipment.

Later, they go to Borkus' diner, only for the Sullustan to come to them, revealing he has Gregor's gear. Gregor demands to know why he withheld the truth from him. Borkus explains he didn't care and reminds Gregor owes him a life debt. The clone retorts that he made him a slave and demands his gear.

Borkus gets the drop on Gregor but the droids tie him up as he says Separatists plan to blow up the ship after finishing with the local mine. D-Squad returns to the landing zone, confirming that Borkus was telling the truth and they unanimously agree to save the cruiser. Gregor provides cover fire for Gascon and the droids as they make their way to the shuttle.

However, the battle droids spot D-Squad and open fire on them. A stray shot hits a Rhydonium canister, knocking down BZ and Gascon inside him. The Colonel tells WAC to leave him, an order that the pit droid quickly complies with. However, Gregor comes back for him and stays behind to cover their escape. Though Gascon and R2 insist they can save him, Gregor promises he will return home.

As the Separatists surround him, Gregor shoots nearby canisters, causing massive explosions. As their shuttle departs Abafar, Gascon promises that Gregor's sacrifice will not be forgotten and they will watch for his return.

Mission accomplished! Colonel Gascon and his droid squad steal an encryption module needed to crack a Separatist code and stop an impending attack on the Republic. After surviving The Void and escaping the hostile planet of Abafar, our heroes finally appear to be headed in the right direction..…

D-Squad docks with a Venator-class Star Destroyer in orbit of Abafar. Though the droids are confused as to why the ship's hangar blast doors are closed and at the lack of crew presence, Gascon dismisses their concerns. Upon arriving on the bridge, however, they discover that the clone officers are mere holograms and battle droids start to walk around.

Suddenly, the ship jumps to hyperspace and it comes to light that the ship has been commandeered by Confederacy droids. D-Squad escapes the bridge and evades their pursuers in the hangar control room. WAC uses the body of a fallen droid to send its pursuers in the wrong direction.

D-Squad then takes note of a device in the control room, which R2 identifies as a bomb trigger, as the hangar blast doors open to reveal rows of rhydonium canisters. It becomes clear that the Confederacy intends to use the Star Destroyer as a way to destroy the vessels of the Republic Navy. However, Gascon has no intention of stopping them, wanting to get off the ship as soon as it exits hyperspace.

As D-Squad makes its way back to the hangar, R2 spots a rabbit droid spying on them and captures her. Upon bringing his captive to present to the squad, the rabbit droid identifies herself as BNI-393, nicknamed Bunny. She reveals that she and surviving Republic droids have been hiding on the shuttle in hopes that D-Squad would take them off the ship, as none of them are designed to pilot a shuttle.

D-Squad then asks as to the Confederacy's target. Bunny admits that she only knows that the Star Destroyer is bound for a space station in the Carida system. Gascon panics, identifying it as the location of the Republic Strategy conference, an event he helped arrange before being assigned to D-Squad. Before they can decide on their next course of action, Gascon spots a buzz droid spying on them and they all give chase.

They chase the buzz droid to one of the gun batteries, only to be greeted by a whole swarm of them. Artoo manages to create a ring of fire around his friends to keep the buzz droids from getting at them, but he can not take out all of them because there are too many. M5-BZ then races to the airlock controls.

Everyone quickly magnetizes their feet to the deck to avoid being sucked out, but Beezee is sucked out into hyperspace along with the buzz droids before R2 quickly closes the airlock. Gascon then gives a short speech, promising that they will not let Beezee's sacrifice be in vain by stopping the Separatists. Gascon comes up with a plan for D-Squad to escape on the shuttle while R2 reprograms the trigger mechanism to detonate prematurely. But their plan is hit with complications, as a super tactical droid goes to arm the detonator while battle droids pursue D-Squad.

Gascon and U9-C4 draw their fire while R2 tussles with the super tactical droid. As everyone gets on the shuttle, Gascon refuses to leave R2 behind, but WAC initiates liftoff. Ultimately, R2 gets the upper hand and successfully reprograms the detonator, causing the rhydonium to explode prematurely, destroying the Star Destroyer but saving the majority of the Republic fleet at Carida.

Gascon manages to contact the space station, informing Anakin Skywalker of R2's sacrifice. However, Skywalker refuses to believe that his friend is gone. He sends out salvage teams to scour the wreckage, who retrieve Artoo's remains and repair him.


Anakin said, walking up to the droid who was getting the final touches. Naruto walked up with BD on his back and RC rolling beside him. "You made it, buddy! Hey, you're a big hero." He said as the D-Squad came over. "There's someone here who wants to speak to you."


"R2-D2, are we glad to see you," Gascon said, jumping on the table.

"I am most glad," WAC said before Gascon looked over.

"Quiet, WAC. I'm talking here."

"Yes, sir, Colonel."

"In truth, I might just be a map reader, and I don't have much battle experience, but, R2, you are the bravest droid I have ever met. You all are. I would be proud to serve with you droids anytime, anywhere." Gascon said, looking at the droids before WAC spoke.

"Oh, I am glad to hear you say that, Colonel because I hear we have been assigned to the same platoon! We will be seeing each other every day for the rest of the war!"

"That's great, WAC." Gascon sighed before Naruto looked at them and Bunny.

"Well, let's get you all to the spa. My treat!"

A Week Later, Coruscant. (1.)

Naruto wearing his jacket and pants walked into the underground city on his way to meet Sabine. Going to the alley to meet up, Naruto stood there for over an hour before sighing. "Where is she?"He turned and lost his balance before he looked down to see an airbrush. Crouching, he picked it up before seeing 'SABINE' scratched on it. "This is Sabine's." He then looked up to see a freshly painted orange planet. "BD."

BD jumped off Naruto and scanned the picture before having a hologram come up of the orange planet. "Planet Oon?"


Sabine without her helmet showing her orange highlighted hair in shackles and a collar walked out of a ship to see she was in a slave camp with Falleen guards. She then glanced up to see a young female Zygerrian in red clothing.

Later, she was brought up and was painting a portrait of the Zygerrian Madall who took Sabine as her personal slave. "You appear to be quite the artist. Such talent for one so young." Madall said to the Mandalorian. "And such a fine specimen. I was told you didn't put up much of a fight."

"What can I say? I just wanted to give my captors a chance before I show my true colors." Sabine said before she was shocked. "AAH!"

"Your insolence is not appreciated!" Madal yelled after she hit a button on her throne. "Let me remind you who you are talking to! I am your master and you are my slave and there is no hope of escape for you in this place."

"We'll see about that," Sabine muttered.


"I said I'm sorry… I don't need reminding."

Later that night, Sabine was sneaking out before running into a man in a leather jacket who covered her mouth. She glanced to see BD on his shoulder before she pulled back. "Naruto?"

"Yeah, couldn't leave you here." He said as clones ran past them while Star Destroyers flew above the camp.

They then freed the slaves and arrested Madall and her men before Sabine looked at Naruto. "Thanks."

"No problem… Here." He helps her up and hands her the airbrush before looking forward.

She took it before leaning up just as he turned and had them kiss. Naruto was going to pull back before she deepened it by wrapping her arms around his neck.

To Be Continued.

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