Random Waige plot bunny hit me, and I had some serious Walter as a Daddy vibes. He's always been such a great dad to Ralph, even when they met. He's done nothing but love that boy with all his heart, so I couldn't help myself here.

Established Waige as married couple, and Ralph is obviously all theirs now.

It felt like any other morning at the garage, at least that's what Cabe thought as he walked in. Sly was hiding behind his screens at the unholy ruckus the Quinn-Curtis kids were kicking up. All 3 were penned together in the middle of the garage floor, awaiting their sitter.
The children were all biologically related, but had been in separate foster homes until Toby and Happy had been able to reunite them. They were expecting final adoption papers to come through any day now.
If Cabe and Ralph had been doing a little extra to nudge the process along, neither of them were going to say a word.

The 3 were all between the ages of 2 and 7, and could create enough chaos between them to cause the apocalypse. Strangely the only one they listened to, or heeded in any way was Paige's now 15 year old. The Quintus kids, as Toby referred to them, had seemed to imprint on Ralph at the very first meeting, and there was no getting them to pay any attention to anyone else when the teenager was around. To the behaviourist's great chagrin, they'd willingly abandon a game with their parents when Ralph walked in. All they seemed to want was his attention.

Cabe smiled into his coffee. Thankfully the boy was more influenced by his mother than the rest of them, and he not only tolerated the attention from the little ones, but indulged them as much as possible, which went a long way in helping their parents stay sane.

Happy was at her workstation as usual, gesticulating at Toby with a lit welding torch. From the smug expression on his face, Cabe was willing to bet he had said something inflammatory to the mechanic, and she was being her usual threatening self.
"Hey sweetheart, how's it going?" He questioned, as he leaned against Paige's desk. She had barely opened her mouth to reply, when Walter rushed down the stairs in a tizzy.

"I need another board. SLY? Do we have any others in the garage? Oh hey Cabe, didn't see you there. SLY, do we have any more… oh wait.. you wouldn't know."

He hurriedly placed a kiss on Paige's forehead, before rushing off to rummage through the airstream, apparently still searching for another whiteboard.

Paige smiled in amusement, as he exclaimed in victory as he seemed to have found what he was looking for, and then rushed back through the garage, absently pecking her on the forehead again, before hurrying up the stairs.

Cabe just looked at the liaison questioningly before raising an eyebrow. He hadn't missed the way Walter's hands had grazed against her swelling mid-section both times he'd kissed her on the head.

"Something you want to share with the class here?"

Paige laughed before shaking her head as Walter ran down the stairs again, almost tripping in his haste. Darting to his desk, he grabbed seemingly random files, before also collecting some different coloured markers, washi tape, and post its. He immediately put the files back exactly where they'd been before returning to the loft. Half-way up the stairs, he stopped abruptly, about-faced, returned to Paige's desk, pressing another kiss to her forehead, and then immediately heading back upstairs.

She stifled a giggle at his incredibly odd behaviour while Cabe watched incredulously.

Ralph walked through the room from the kitchen, munching on an apple as he collected his backpack and went over to say his goodbyes to the 3 little people whose heads had all swivelled to watch him walk across the room.

Coming up to his mother's desk to say bye before Owen's mom arrived for his carpool, he rolled his eyes at Cabe's curious expression and then addressed his mother.
"Mom, you're going to have to reverse whatever you did to break Walter, because I'm telling you now, he hasn't slept, in close to 24 hours. He's been in the baby's room all night, measuring stuff and muttering to himself. Seriously, I don't even know what he's calculating anymore."

"I will honey, you have a good day." She replied as they heard the honking of his ride arriving.

"Bye Dad!" He yelled at the loft as he left, waving at the others.
A muffled shout that vaguely sounded like "Bye son, love you," came in reply.

Cabe spoke as the door shut behind him, "Why is Walt panicking now? He's known about the baby for months, its not like its new. Did everything go ok at the ultrasound yesterday?"

Paige simply grinned smugly as she replied. "Oh everything was fine. It all showed up as normal. Both babies are perfectly healthy."

There was a beat of silence as even the children in attendance went quiet.
"Both? Did you just say BOTH?" Sylvester shouted from his corner.

Toby laughed as Happy shook her head, and Cabe just smiled. "Ralph was thrilled when we told him it was twins, and so was Walter, up until halfway through dinner, he just suddenly looked at me and went. Twins. We're going to be outnumbered. Paige. Outnumbered."

"And that's when this set in?" Cabe asked, laughing.

"Oh absolutely. He's been calculating every single factor leading into the birth, including different traffic routes for different times of day, depending on if we're at the garage or the condo. Now he's moved on to cribs and co-sleeping, at least, that's what I think… "

There was a bellow from upstairs and Walter emerged once more, quickly grabbing a charger from his desk before disappearing again. But he still hadn't stopped randomly kissing Paige on the forehead before heading back upstairs.

"You're an evil woman to laugh at your poor husband Mrs. O'Brien," teased Cabe.
Paige grinned positively wickedly as she whispered in response. "Oh this is nothing, I'm waiting for him to calm down a bit to tell him what the nurse let slip."

Cabe raised an eyebrow, intrigued by her mischievous expression.

"We're having twins, yes, but they're what she called a matching set. 1 girl, 1 boy."

Cabe laughed out loud.
Even when it came to finally having children with the love of his life, his boy couldn't help being as efficient as possible.

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