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The Great Plan

Count Dooku's POV

I sit in my chair, waiting for the general to arrive. I wasn't sure if this plan would indeed work, but if it went well, we would surely win the war. If it didn't, the Separatists may pay the price for it, possibly losing the war as a whole.

I definitely would not want to tell my master of this plan. He would never agree to it. He would consider it to be… too much of a risk to expose ourselves like this to the Jedi.

I was waiting for the general that I called to my chambers to give our current status on the war. I needed to know if commencing my plan would be a good idea at this time based on his reports.

The chamber was silent. I sat still, thinking over and over if my idea would indeed work. Perhaps I could tell him when he arrived with the news, but for now, all I had to do was wait.

The doors to my chamber opened, both doors slid from the middle outwards. When it finished, the leading general of the Separatist Alliance walked in. The doors closed after him. I stood up as he knelt down.

"Count Dooku my lord," the general said, his head looking down while he knelt, "I bring news about our recent attacks."

"Yes General?" I walked over to him, wanting to know this new information, "were they a success?"

I motioned for him to rise up. The general rose slowly from the ground, ready to report.

"They were… unsuccessful," the general's voice started to get angrier, furious with his loss. He hated failure, especially when it was because of the Jedi.

"The slimy Jedi and their weak clones somehow managed to overpower us. With these continuing rates, we will surely lose the war."

I stroked my beard, long and neat, thinking about how I should react to this news. Should I let him go? Should I simply crush him with the Force for his insubordination? He was my best general, so I didn't think now would be the best time, not yet.

I walked back to my seat, with my magnaguards on each side, ready to attack when necessary.

My guards held their staffs containing deadly purple electricity on each end to only stun my enemy while I dealt with them. They walked forward, weapons poised to attack until I raised my hand.

"No no. He's not a threat."

The general looked at each guard until landing his eyes onto me. He growled,

"My lord, do you really think I am a threat to you?"

I put my hands together at the tips, "No General, but I will be ready to relieve you of duty when you show it."

The general bowed his head, "That will not happen my lord, I will make sure of it."

The general started to walk out until I spoke, "General, before you go, I want to speak to you about an upcoming plan of mine. One that could significantly turn the tide of the war if it is successful."

The general stopped and turned, intrigued. He drifted over to my desk. I noticed a slight limp he had that was never there before. As he walked, it scratched the floor, ruining the priceless metal. I gestured to his leg.

"What happened? Was that from the attacks?"

The general froze, looking slightly embarrassed. "Yes, it was. I was going to replace it after the battle was over until you called me to your chamber."

"I see. Were your arms damaged as well?"

"No sir, they are in good condition. They are well enough to kill the Jedi when possible."

The general coughed loudly in a grotesque manner. He had the condition since the beginning of the war. It was strange that he possessed it since he was not entirely a living being.

"My lord, what did you want to show me?" the general asked.

My eyes lit up with a hint of delight. "Ah yes. I wanted to show you a new plan of mine that I have come up with."

I laid my hands on my desk and tapped some holo-buttons. A holo-screen projected into the air, a few feet above my desk.

"I had an idea that we could kidnap the chancellor from Coruscant itself and force the Republic to surrender in order to have him back."

The general stumbled back, surprised, starting to lose balance. He gripped onto my desk with immense strength to avoid falling, leaving small indents.

"Kidnapping the chancellor? That would be extremely difficult with the Jedi and their many clones roaming around. They would detect you a parsec away!"

I sat back, "I know that, that's why I won't be doing it." I motioned to the holo-screen. "We will use bounty hunters to carry out the heist."

The general was even more surprised, "Bounty hunters? They have no allegiance, how can we be sure to trust them?"

"I have a most handsome reward that I will provide when they have successfully completed the task. One million credits each," I grinned evilly. "They wouldn't dare risk losing the money for their own benefits."

The general slammed his hand on my desk, leaving another indent, "You cannot be serious! One million credits to each one of them? Have you gone mad?" He started coughing a little.

I smiled, "Why of course. However, it won't be any common bounty hunters doing the job."

The general looked confused, "Then who will?"

"I've selected the twenty-four most skilled bounty hunters in the galaxy to see if they are capable enough for the job."

I swiped at the holo-screen and let the general read, "I've organized a little competition to the death to see which few are able to survive the many challenges I will put in their way."

After finishing reading, the general stared at me, "How many will you spare for the mission my lord?"

"Three will do well for the kidnapping."

"I see," said the general.

He looked back at the screen then at me again, "Where would we host this competition? Here in Sorenno?"

I shook my head in disagreement. I swiped at the holo-screen again, this time revealing a planet. It looked much like the planets of Naboo and Alderaan, but it felt crueler. It was like it held a dark presence, hiding something sinister.

"I have found a planet that is suited best for my idea. It goes by the name, Panem. I have found that its residents enjoy these types of contests and seem to host them every year. After this meeting, I will venture to their world to speak with their leader, Coriolanus Snow, about this arrangement." I looked at the general. "I will make sure he accepts my idea whether he likes it or not."

"I am sure you will be able to convince this Snow to agree to your terms my lord." The general coughed again.

"Also," I pressed some more holo-buttons to reveal a list, "this list contains the names of the bounty hunters that I will invite to the tournament, the ones I will test."

The general looked at me, "May I read it?"

"Why of course General, you do not have to ask for my permission."

The general looked over the list, seeing the names along with their achievements.

"They seem extremely skilled. Are you sure you want to go through with this? We do not have anything set up yet."

"Oh I do," I snapped my fingers, "2X-C4, will you come in?"

The doors opened again as a droid shuffled in. Despite being a droid, it resembled a human very well. He was smaller than the general, about five feet, and seemed to act a bit nervous around both of us.

"Y-yes my lord?"

"General, this is 2X-C4, the head 'game-maker' for this tournament. He will be responsible for all of the challenges the hunters will be encountering as well as making the game… entertaining."

"Y-yes my lord. That is what I do," said 2X-C4 hesitantly.

The general looked at 2X-C4. He clearly looked like he despised the droid as if he felt he himself should have been in charge. However, he never said anything out loud.

"He is a fine droid to take care of this event. What are we to do now?"

I sat up, facing the two droids, "You will go back into the field, taking over more Republic outposts while I send out the invitations. I will personally speak with each hunter while I'm in Panem."

The general bowed again, "It will be done my lord." He coughed again for a moment.

I rose out of my chair and tapped some holo-buttons to turn off the holo-screen. The holo-screen flickered and disappeared from the air.

"Now then, let us begin the preparations for the tournament. Come 2X-C4." I snapped my fingers.

"Y-yes my lord," 2X-C4 said, following me timidly. Before the droid and I could leave the room, the general spoke,

"My lord, perhaps we should give this tournament a name in order to make the Republic think that this is only a contest instead of something much more. It may throw them off somehow, allowing us to run it successfully."

I stopped. I turned around slowly and smiled.

"A good idea General Grievous," I thought for a moment, "perhaps it shall be named... The Hunter Games."

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