Hi everyone, I know this isn't a new chapter, I just wanted to publish the form in case you're interested in submitting a tribute for this story! You can submit up to three tributes and the rules my SYOT is posted on my bio. I hope this is more convenient for those who want to enter! Also, only submit your forms through PM please, if you can't, you can do it through the reviews :)

The SYOT (Submit Your Own Tribute) Submission Form!

Name (It would be best if you were creative)

Age (17-50 as I think it would be realistic)


Sexual Orientation

Species (Has to be humanoid type but a human works well too)

Appearance (About 3 sentences)

Personality (About 3 sentences)

Backstory (About 4 sentences)

Any relations (Friends/Family/Associates) Must be detailed, not just names

Likes/Dislikes (2-4 each)

Strengths (Equal with Weaknesses or less, 4 max)

Weaknesses (Equal with Strengths or more, 4 max)

What are they best known for (Any accomplishments, 1-3, sort of why they were picked by Dooku)

Estimated training score (Please be realistic)

What were they doing the day of the invite

What would their games strategy be?

What would their bloodbath strategy be?

What would they focus on in training?

Open to allies? (Yes or No)

Reaction to invitation

Planet of Origin (What planet were they born in? If you want to put Earth, that's okay)

Possible romance in the games? (Yes or No)

Any people they dislike? (Also detail, duh, not just names)


Why were they in the bounty hunting business?

What might they do with the credits?

Fun facts!

How would they die? (If they do die)

Possible placement? (If bloodbath tribute, just put bloodbath)

What jobs do they usually take?

Possible arc? (Yes or No)

If yes, what arc do you want your character to go through?

What's your tribute's weapon of choice?

Please submit tributes through PM (Private Messaging) as that would be best for me! If you have any questions, let me know through PM!

RULES For Submitting A Tribute And Also The SYOT (Submit Your Own Tribute) In General (Very Important To Know!)

This is first come first serve so whoever gets a spot, gets it!

You can submit up to three tributes

I have the right to refuse your tribute if they lack quality

No Mary Sues/Gary Stus

DO NOT copy from pre-existing bounty hunters from Star Wars lore

You can reserve a spot for three days

After three days, you can reserve another spot, however, after that you cannot reserve again

If you do decide to make three tributes, the third HAS to die in the bloodbath

If there are not enough bloodbath tributes, other tributes will die (Sorry!)

While writing, I will do 2-3 POV's per chapter whoever is available

REMEMBER: Quality over Quantity

There will only be twelve male and twelve female bounty hunters, no more no less

Be detailed but don't write unnecessary information

Good Luck! If you have any questions, let me know through PM (Private Messaging)!

Available Spots for my SYOT! When the spots fill up, I'll delete this chapter afterwards.

1. Tith Espero (Submitted by Guest)