Daphne couldn't remember when she'd felt more frazzled. Sure, working for her future brother-in-law wasn't always a picnic, but even a demanding, full-grown boss was no match for a newborn. She had to deal with the dinner on the stove, fold a load of laundry, and tend to her baby. It all seemed like too much for one person to handle. Niles had gone back to work today; it was his first day since their son's birth. Daphne had tried to call Roz several times for help (even just to hear a familiar voice would've been nice), but apparently, the new manager of KACL was tied up in meetings all day.

Just to add to the new-mom stress, Daphne heard the oven timer go off. But she'd only gotten David to sleep moments ago, after what had seemed an eternity. "Bloody hell," she whispered, as the sound continued. If she tried to put David down, she knew his cries would start again, and he certainly seemed to have the Moon boys' lung power. For a moment, she considered taking him into the kitchen. However, it didn't take long to realize she'd never be able to finish making dinner with a baby in her arms.

As she stood there, wondering how she'd ever explain to Niles that dinner was ruined, she finally had a bit of luck. Niles suddenly arrived. The relief she felt was overwhelming. "Thank God."

"What's wrong?" Niles asked, alarmed by the look on his wife's face. When he walked closer to her, he noticed she was trying very hard not to cry. "I'm here, it's OK," he whispered softly.

"Oh, Niles, you won't believe the day I've had. Between feedings, diaper changes, and screaming fits, I've barely had a moment's peace."

"All right, well, why doesn't David come to Daddy now?" He gently took the baby from her arms. To Daphne's astonishment, David didn't make a sound.

She couldn't help sighing with relief when she saw that David was happy to see his father. "Well, I guess I'd better go check on dinner before it's ruined. If you hadn't come in, I don't know what I'd have done."

"You would have figured something out. You're better at this than you think," Niles replied. He knew from his many patients how stressful new motherhood could be. But he had no doubt Daphne would be perfect at it. Taking care of others was what she'd always done.

Daphne kissed Niles. He was so sweet, in spite of the fact that his work often took him away. "I'll be right back," she said as she got up to go into the kitchen.

Niles turned his attention to their son. His eyes reminded him of Daphne's. He could still vividly recall the first time he'd seen those eyes at Frasier's.

"Hey, while Mom gets dinner ready, how about you and I go upstairs for a minute?" Niles paused, as if waiting for an answer. Of course, one didn't come, but Niles smiled all the same. He quietly got up and carried the infant up the stairs.

He took the baby into the nursery. "So, you two had an eventful day, huh? Poor Mommy looks like she's had about all she can take. But I think I know what'll cheer her up." He placed the baby on the changing table, then looked around. There had to be something he could put on David that would remind her how adorable their son was. He saw something hanging in the small dresser and went over for a better look. It was a tiny suit, almost a miniature of the very one Niles was wearing. Daphne must've seen it and ordered it online. She had apparently forgotten to mention it. But Niles wasn't mad at all; in fact, it seemed perfect for the occasion.

He took the suit off the hanger and brought it over to where David lay. "Now, I know you might think you're overdressing a bit for a normal dinner with Mommy and Daddy. But you'll just have to trust me, OK? She's going to love this." Niles carefully changed David out of the onesie he was currently wearing. He worked as quickly as he could, not knowing how much time he had before his wife would wonder where they were. As soon as David was presentable, he made his way back down the stairs. Again, he tried to balance speed with his concern for the baby's safety. He reached the bottom of the stairs just as Daphne returned from the kitchen.

"Well, where did you two run off to?" Daphne asked, amused. "Oh, Niles, you found the suit! I meant to tell you, it's just that I've been so busy, I forgot."

Niles shrugged dismissively. "Don't worry about it. When I saw it in the closet, David insisted on wearing it. I told him it was too much, but he just wouldn't listen."

"Did he?" Daphne asked, unable to keep the smile from her face. "Well, I guess he just wanted to look like his Daddy. I can't say I blame him. You look awfully handsome."

Hearing a compliment like that from his wife never got old. "I'm sorry you had such a rough day. I promise, first thing tomorrow, I'll speak to my secretary. I'll ask her to reschedule most of my afternoon appointments. That way I can take some of the load off you."

"You'd do that?" Daphne asked in disbelief.

"Of course, my love. He's our son. I'm not going to leave you all alone in this."

Daphne was once again reminded of how lucky she was. Despite all of the challenges that lay ahead of her, she knew one thing for sure: she would never have to face them alone.

The End