(2 teenagers named Opal and Finn were exhausted from running away from their town, They collapse in front of the BurtonBurgers house)

(Burt went outside to see the two teenagers)

Burt: Oh no!

(Burt drag them inside to the couch)

Burt: Well. I better get some sleep.

(Burt went back to his room and slept)

The Next Day

(Opal and Finn woke up to see 3 kids and 1 adult)

Opal: Where are we?

Burt: You're in my house.

Finn: Okay. Um... Who are you people?

Coop: I'm Coop.

Dennis: I'm Dennis.

Millie: I'm Millie.

Burt: And I'm Burt, but you can call me Mr. BurtonBurger.

Opal: Okay. I'm Opal.

Finn: I'm Finn, Opal's boyfriend.

Burt: Nice to meet you, anyways, how did you two get here.

Opal: Well...

(Flashback opened)

(Opal parents and her sister, Serena yelling at Her)

Opal: My parents yelled at me for not letting my sister get a chance of being in a movie.

(Showed Opal being bullied at school by Serena's friends)

Opal: I was bullied at school and being called a ugly roach.

(One of Serena's friends, Melody yelled out)

Melody: You ugly roach!

(Showed Serena and her friends talking to each other while Opal was behind them, like 7 feet away)

Opal: No one liked me, Everyone liked her and I though it was going to be for the rest of my life.

(Opal and her ex boyfriend, Dawson talking in the bench)

Opal: I used to have a boyfriend named Dawson.

(Showed Dawson kissing Serena)

Opal: I caught him kissing my sister.

(Showed Dawson talking to Opal while being beside Serena)

Opal: And he called me a frog.

Dawson: Do you think I ever liked you. You look like a frog. No one will never love you.

(Showed Opal's Mom talking to Opal, telling her that she's not good enough)

Opal's Mom: Your not good enough.

(Showed Opal being kicked out by her parents)

Opal: Soon enough, I was kicked out of my parents house.

(Showed Opal and Finn running away from town)

Opal: And we ran away from town.

(Flashback ended)

(Coop,Dennis,Millie and Burt were shocked)

Opal: So yeah, that's what happened. No one likes me. Everyone hates me because of my sister.

Millie: Don't worry. We will love you. No matter what.

Burt: Agreed. Besides I did hear about a movie called Paris and Rome.

Opal: Me and Finn were in the movie.

Dennis: Cool. So. Why does everyone hates you. Because of your sister.

Opal: Because of my sister.

Coop: Okay. I feel sorry for you. You do deserve a lot of love.

Opal: Okay. Question? Do you hate my sister?

Burt: We did heard about her. So yeah. We do hate Her a lot.

(They heard a knock on the doors, Burt opened it to see 4 teenagers)

Serena: Have you seen my sister, Opal?

Burt: No. Serena.

Serena: How do you know my name?

Burt: I heard about you.

Serena: Am I pretty to you.

Burt: No. Because your such a spoiled brat like your friends.

Melody: Hey, Don't make fun of my friend that way.

Heather: You should like her instead of Opal.

Andrew: Yeah.

Burt: go away.

(Burt slammed the door and never looked back)

Burt: I saw your sister.

Opal: Okay.

Finn: Serena not my type.

Burt: I have to agreed.

Millie: Yeah. No one will ever be friends with Serena.

Burt: Who wants ice cream?

Everyone: I do.

Burt: Okay.

The Next Day

(Opal and Finn were taking a walk until Serena and her friends came)


Opal: Oh, it's you again, What do you want?

Serena: Where do you live in this town?

Opal: None of your business.

(Melody was about to beat up Opal until they heard a voice)


(They looked behind to see Coop BurtonBurger and his friends)

Heather: Who are you kids.

(They interview their names)

Serena: You must be a fan of me, right?

Fiona: Ew. No! Besides, you look like a frog like your boyfriend.

(Serena was shocked)

Melody: Don't make fun of her. Opal looks like a frog.

Dennis: Hey! Opal is not a frog! You guys look like spoiled brat like Serena's Parents!

Andrew: Not cool!

(Serena, Melody, Heather, Andrew, Coop, Dennis, Millie, Fiona, Lorne, Harley and Phoebe began to battle each other, Coop and his friends won)

Serena: You stupid idiots!

(Miss Branngian came over)

Miss Branngian: Hello, Serena.

(Serena looked to see Miss Branngian)

Serena: Who are you?

Miss Branngian: I'm miss Branngian! You better not mess with Coop and his friends or beat you up until your injured!


(They looked to see Opal and Serena Parents)

Opal's Mom: Leave her alone!

Serena: Mom.

(Burt came over with Old Lady Munson)


(Opal and Serena mom looked at Old Lady Munsonl

Opal's Mom: Shut. Up. Old Lady Munson.

Miss Branngian: Hey no one say that to her. Besides your stupid daughter looks like a frog.

Opal's mom: Be quiet.

Burt: You better be quiet as well.

Opal's Mom: Have you seen how gorgeous my daughter is! Everyone wants her!

Lorne: That type of attitude is going you anywhere in life.

Harley: Yeah. Besides, Serena is only using everyone for money.

Serena: I'm not!

Phoebe: Yes! You're using your friends for money! You stole Opal's dream of being a actress. Bullied Opal everyday with your stupid friends and your no popular girl in this town!

Serena: But...

(Opal slapped Serena's face)

Opal: You're just like that perfect woman named Kiara.

Opal's dad: Don't slap your sister that way!

Opal: I don't care!

(The police came and arrest the Parents including Serena and her friends)

Finn: You guys okay?

Coop: Yep.

Opal: Okay. Me and Finn gotta go now.


(Opal and Finn won the lottery and bough them self a nice house)

Burt: That's one nice looking house you bought.

Opal: Thanks.

(Dawson came to apologized to Opal, Opal forgave him, While Serena and her friends including her parents are in jail for a long time)

(Opal, Finn and Dawson visit the police station to see Opal's parents including Serena and her friends)

Opal's Mom: Let us out.

Opal: No way. Besides, you used Dawson for money.

Serena: I'm not using him.

Dawson: Yes, you are. And do you ever liked you Serena, you look like a frog like your mother. No one will never love you Serena.

Serena: I hate you.

Finn: Watch your mouth.

Opal: Yeah.

Opal, Finn and Dawson left)

Opal: Bye now.

The End