Hey guys and Fox King jm-fans, Johnny here with another new story. This story will be like 'Naruto's Daily Life', you know showing Naruto's point of view, it will be in Italic word style when Naruto and other female characters talk to the readers and I will add some other things as well. Also, the story will have Male on Futa, if you don't like this kind of thing, I suggest you turn back now, future Crossovers, Pegging, Smut, fan-service and large sizes, just so you know. I don' have much too say, so let's get started. I do not own Naruto or anything else I use in the story, so please enjoy: Naruto: Futa Paradise.



"Hello, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I'm here to tell you guys a secret about me. You see, I'm young and stuff, and I also have a thing for certain kinds of women. My Kaa-chan is one of them. And I know what you must be thinking, "do you have that kind of relationship with your mother", and "what kind of women?" Well, let me start from the beginning…" Naruto said.

XxxxX Story XxxxX

In a home in Japan, live a teen and his mother. His name is Naruto Uzumaki. He is 15 years old, blue eyes, and blonde hair, and had whisker marks on each side of his cheeks. Naruto lives with his mother, Kushina Uzumaki.

"It was a normal weekend morning, and I was going to go out to the mall or something. When I got downstairs, seeing Kaa-chan making breakfast." Naruto said.

"Good morning, honey." Kushina said.

Kushina Uzumaki is a very pretty and lovely woman in her early 40's. She was a single mother, and always took care of his son since he was born. Kushina had long glossy red hair, her breasts are K-cupped, thick thunder thighs, and had a massive bubble butt that would jiggle each time she with move or take a step. She also a bit cubby around her belly area. Kushina is a one of a kind of woman who socials with many female friends. Since she and many of her female friends have something in common, which you will all know later.

"Good morning, Kaa-chan." Naruto replied, kissing his mother cheek.

"Are you hungry?" Kushina asked.

"Yeah, I can't get enough of your cooking." Naruto said.

"I ate breakfast. After that, I put my dishes away, before kissing Kaa-chan one more time. I did not notice it, but Kaa-chan would sometimes blush when I kiss her cheek. I've always kiss my sweet Kaa-chan when I was little, and I still do know. Anyway, I went to the mall, seeing what's new." Naruto said.

Naruto looked around the mall. He saw many things. Naruto saw a new store with manga, videos games, and more things that nerds like. Though, Naruto like those things, he wasn't close to being a nerd. He was quite a handsome boy even though he was only a teenager. He enters the new store.

"Man, you should have seen this store. It had a lot of cool stuff. I also noticed they had some Hentai stuff as well. But the kind of Hentai I love was… Girls who are Futanaris… Or dick-girls. And I but you're wondering, how are you into that? Well, believe or not, it was because of Kaa-chan…" Naruto said.

XxxxX Flashback XxxxX

Naruto was 5 years old and was taking a bath with his mother.

"I remember it like it was yesterday. Remember what I said about dick-girls, well, Kaa-chan is a Futanari. I remember her large cock and heavy-set balls. I was only a kid, but I thought it was normal. Of course, Kaa-chan is Kaa-chan. And I will always love, Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto saw his mother, naked. Kushina Uzumaki is a Futanari: for those who do not know what a Futanari is, Futanaris are women with both male and female sex genitals. Kushina had a 15-inch cock, with a full bush, and large heavy-set balls.

"Are you ready to take a bath, Naru-chan?" Kushina asked with a smile, holding her arms open, wanting to hold her son.

"When I was a kid, I really think much of Kaa-chan like that. But when I got older, I was getting more and more into Futanari stuff. I would look at videos or magazines about dick girls banging other dick girls or guys as well. It really turned me on. Maybe I can have a girlfriend who's a dick girl, or maybe have my first time with an older woman who also has a dick girl. I can only dream." Naruto said.

XxxxX Flashback End XxxxX

A few hours later, back at Naruto's home, Kushina was doing chores. She was putting clothes away, seeing Naruto's shirts. She smelled her son's clothes.

"Oh, Naru-chan…" Kushina thought.

"My name is Kushina. When I was young, I got pregnant at a party. The next day my ex broke up with me and it was grossed out because of my cock. To be honest, I think he was jealous of my size. Oh, well… It shows he was not man enough for me. 9 months later, my blessing, Naru-chan was born. Years passed, and I made some new friends. It was nice. There were times when me and a few friends had some time alone, and we would also have some 'benefits.' Since Futas are as horny as wild beasts. When it comes to my beloved Naruto… Well…" Kushina said.

"Oh, dear..." Kushina said, looking down.

Kushina's cock was getting hard, thinking about her son.

"Oh, Kushina, you're all hard again..." Kushina said to herself with a dark blush.

The MILF went into her son's room. Kushina was in Naruto's room. The redhead mother smelled her son's scent. Yes, Kushina would always hug her son, tight, and when they did, Kushina could not help but smell Naruto's hair. She had to hold herself back so not to get a hard on against her son.

"Naru-chan..." Kushina moaned.

Kushina hugged the clothes, feeling her leg quivering. Then Kushina's urges got the best of her. The Uzumaki felt her K-cup breasts, slightly aching and nipples getting hard, even slightly leaking milk. Kushina lifted her dress, seeing her 15-inch fat thick cock with her heavy scrotums. The tip slightly leaks her pre-cum.

"Ooh... I need to take care of this before Naru-chan comes home." Kushina said, still looking at her cock.

And well... Kushina strip off her clothes and taking off her special underwear that Futa women wear. Kushina's large breasts, belly, and massive bubble butt jiggled freely, along with her balls and cock. She laid in her son's bed, smelling his scent.

"Oh, Naru-chan~..." Kushina moaned, getting harder.

Kushina imagined Naruto right beside her. She wanted Naruto next to her, wanting to kiss, wanting to cuddle, and even... She even wanted to fuck her own son.

"I love you, Naru-chan~..." Kushina moaned.

She made herself conformable in the bed. She grabbed one of Naruto's boxers, and used it to wrap it around her cock. She let out a moan, then she begins to stroke her rod.

"Ah..." Kushina moaned.

Kushina uses her left hand, feeling her breasts, pinching her nipples, and strokes her cock.

"Oh, Naruto~..." Kushina moaned.

"I know I'm a bad mother, but I deeply love my Naru-chan. I wanted him." Kushina said.

Kushina was masturbating to her own son. In fact, she would always jerk off when on her son's bed. She managed to grab one of her breasts, sucking on her nipple.

"Mmm, Naruto!" Kushina moaned with her mouth fill.

She strokes her cock more, feeling the large member, twitching in her hands. Her balls tighten up, while her pussy was slightly dripping her female juices. Kushina pictured Naruto, sucking her cock. She pictured Naruto covered in her sticky white-ropes. She pictured having Naruto, pinned down, with all her cock up his ass, fucking him senseless, with her balls slap against his and her ass jiggles like crazy.

"Yes, baby! I love you! I love you, Naruto! Kaa-chan's going to fuck your tight little ass! She's going to do many dirty things to you! Then you can fuck your Kaa-chan with your cock!" Kushina moaned, stroking harder.

Kushina bit her lower lip. She then grabbed her cock with both of her hands, jerking herself off harder. She smiled, drooling, and blushing.

During this time when Kushina was jerking off, Naruto was home with a few new video games.

"I got home. I noticed it was quiet. But that is when I heard something upstairs. I went upstairs, wondering what the noise was. I heard it was coming from my room. And it sounded like, my Kaa-chan and it sounded like she was in pain. To be honest, I was not thinking and open the door." Naruto said.

"Kaa-chan! Are you o-o… Okay…?" Naruto said, as his eyes widen.

"N-Naru-chan?!" Kushina said.

Both mother and son stare at each other.

"Oh, man… I can't believe this… I see Kaa-chan naked… Seeing her amazing body… I saw everything that Kaa-chan has, her massive tits, cubby tummy, her bush, thighs, bubble butt, and her cock straight as a sword and her massive balls. Man… Kaa-chan looks… So… So hot… I also felt myself getting hard…" Naruto said.

"I looked down, seeing, Naru-chan's legs. He was getting hard from looking at me…" Kushina said.

"Kaa-chan…" Naruto said.

Naruto blushed, getting even harder.

"God, I could not stop myself from looking at my hot Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

"I saw it… I saw my beloved Naru-chan wanting me." Kushina said.

"Naru-chan... I-I... I love you!" Kushina said.


Naruto looked down, seeing his mother's hard cock and big balls.

"Kaa-chan… I love you too!" Naruto said.

"Deep down, I was the happiest woman alive at that moment. I jumped out of bed, my body jiggle freely, running up to my son." Kushina said.

"I did not let wait! I went up to Kaa-chan. She kissed me." Naruto said.

Naruto and Kushina kissed each other more and more.

"Wait, Kaa-chan…" Naruto said.

"I'm sorry, am I going to fast?" Kushina asked.

"No, no, let's get more comfortable in my bed." Naruto said.

Kushina smiled. She and Naruto went his bed. The Futa mother took off her son's clothes.

"I didn't wait any longer. I over my sweet Naru-chan with my body. He really seems to enjoy it, so was I. Then slowly strip off his clothes. As I did, I noticed how much my Naru-chan had change. I saw his muscular body. My Naru-chan had nice abs. Then I took off my Naru-chan's boxers. Ara, Ara, he had quite a cock and big balls like his Kaa-chan." Kushina said.

Naruto's cock was 12 inches long, like Kushina's, his cock was fat and thick, and his balls were the same size as his mother's.

"Kaa-chan strip me naked. I got up, and I kissed my sweet Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

He kissed his mother, feeling his mother's body. They cuddled in bed, and they felt their cock rubbed against each other. Kushina blushed a deep red, feeling her cock getting harder.

"Wow, Kaa-chan…" Naruto said.

"Heheh… I'm sorry…" Kushina said.

"No need… Umm… W-What do we do?" Naruto asked, burring himself between his mother big tits.

"Don't you worry, Kaa-chan is going to show you everything…" Kushina stated, kissing her son.

"She did. While, Kaa-chan and I held each other, then we jerk each other off. As we stroke our cocks, we also share deep kisses. Then I use my free hand, touching my Kaa-chan's belly and to feel her massive tits. I went down to her breasts, sucking on them. And they had milk in them! Man, Kaa-chan's tits and milk was tasty. Kaa-chan held me, like a baby, while she strokes my cock and I continued to suck on both of her nipples." Naruto said.

"Oh, Naru-chan…" Kushina said.

"You have such big milky tits, Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

"Heheh…" Kushina said, kissing Naruto.

"It was like old times when I breast feed my Naru-chan. Then, I did something daring with my son. I told him to lay on his back. He did. He's such a good boy. I 69 my Naru-chan, sitting on his face. Naru-chan muffled with my ass and balls in his face. His cock shot up. He seemed to enjoy it. So did I." Kushina said.

"Man, Kaa-chan body was really amazing. It was my first time, but I sucked on Kaa-chan's balls, pussy, and even licked and tongue her butthole. Kaa-chan moaned, loudly. She wasn't going to let me off. Kaa-chan soon sucked my cock. She took every inch. Of course, Kaa-chan's cock also got hard against me. But I continued to eat, lick, and suck Kaa-chan's personally parts. Minutes of this, my balls tighten, so did Kaa-chan's. I knew I was going to climax with Kaa-chan. We could not old it anymore. We both cum together. I shot my loads inside of Kaa-chan's mouth, while her cock shot her load on my face and chest. It was my first time, tasting Futa semen. It was thick, warm, stick, and surprisingly Kaa-chan cum tasted sweet. Kaa-chan rolled off, with both our cocks still hard." Naruto said.

"Oh, my…" Kushina said.

"Kaa-chan, your cum tastes really sweet…" Naruto stated.

"Yes, baby, when it comes to Futanaris, our cum always have a sweet like flavor. Oops, I cum a lot, didn't I, honey?" Kushina asked.

"You sure did." Naruto said.

Kushina came close, licking Naruto's face. He smiled, kissing his mother.

"Mmm…" Naruto and Kushina moaned, locking lips.

"Man, Kaa-chan was really good. After making out and cleaning off Kaa-chan's sweet seed off me. Kaa-chan placed me on my back again. I'm not so sure was going to happen, but I was ready." Naruto said.

"Okay, honey, I'm going to make you a man." Kushina said, stroking his cock.

"Okay, Kaa-chan…" Naruto replied.

"I'm going to make my Naru-chan a man. I got on top of Naru-chan. Oh, he really got everything from me, including my girth, size, and fatness. I took every inch inside me. It's been awhile is I was fill with a large cock. Oh, my, I hope I wasn't too heavy for my Naru-chan. I am cubby. But that's not the only big thing about me, my breasts, thighs, and massive bubble butt. When I look at Naru-chan, he really enjoyed me smothered him. Such a naughty boy." Kushina said.

"Oh, Kaa-chan…" Naruto said.

"Naru-chan…" Kushina said.

"God, I never knew sex would feel this good. My Kaa-chan's pussy was tight. Kaa-chan got hard. Kaa-chan moved her hips, slowly. I was moaning loudly. I never thought my first time would be with Kaa-chan. But I was happy. Kaa-chan buried me between her large tits. I then held Kaa-chan, grabbing her hips and big ass. While Kaa-chan rode me, I felt her cock grinding against my abs and chest." Naruto said.

"Oh, my… N-Naru-chan, you're so deep…" Kushina moaned.

"Y-Yeah, Kaa-chan… This feels amazing…" Naruto moaned.

"It does feel amazing, honey…" Kushina moaned.

"Oh, Naru-chan really know how to please a girl. He kissed me, sucked my tits, grabbed and squeeze my butt. I didn't think Naru-chan would be so touchy. I didn't mind though. Some time of us getting used to each other. Naru-chan increased his speed. It was clear to me that I had to increase my own speed as well. I picked myself up, slamming my hips on my Naru-chan. He moaned, holding my hips. My cock got rock hard, my fat ass and tits jiggle freely. It was amazing. I loved my Naru-chan very much." Kushina said.

"Ah! Naru-chan! I love you! I love you!" Kushina moaned.

"I love you too, Kaa-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Right there! Oh, fuck, you're so good, honey!" Kushina moaned.

"Kaa-chan was good at this! I increased my speed more. Minutes of this passed by. Then I did something that caught me and Kaa-chan off guard. I used all my strength picking up my Kaa-chan. In surprise, she screamed, holding me tight." Naruto said.

"I was shocked. I knew Naru-chan had a nice body, always working out, but I never thought he would pick me up and fuck me like this. But fuck… I felt like I was in heaven. I screamed, feeling my Naru-chan giving me dick and his loving. One thing is for sure, I wanted more!" Kushina said.

"I know people and even Kaa-chan sees herself as a heavy-set woman. But fuck, she felt light as a feather. I stand fuck Kaa-chan like this. She screamed, holding her head back. Kaa-chan really love me fucking me like this. Man, Kaa-chan's pussy is to tighten and getting wetter. I also felt her fat cock getting harder against both of us. Speaking of cock, I felt my cock twitching inside her tight pussy. I fucked Kaa-chan harder and harder. She begged me too fuck her more. We we're close of cumming." Naruto said.

Naruto slides his mother up and down his cock, both they were about to climax.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Kushina moaned, reaching their orgasms.

"Oh, my… Naru-chan is just like me. I felt his cock shooting those fat loads inside me. It was amazing. My Naru-chan is the best. He continued to hold me, so I pulled him into a deep kiss still taking my son's seed, while shooting my seed on our bodies." Kushina said.

"I held Kaa-chan, cumming inside her and her spraying her white-seed on our bodies. It was hot. After a long minute, our orgasms ended. Kaa-chan told me to put me down on the bed, so I did. Then I pull out my cock. I looked down, seeing my Kaa-chan covered in her own seed. Man, she's so fucking hot. She blushed, seeing me looking at her. Kaa-chan was like a goddess. I crawled in bed with Kaa-chan, and we kissed and cleaned each other. I even sucked Kaa-chan's cock. She was pretty big inside my mouth. And to be honest, it was I did love sucking off Kaa-chan. She loved it too. I sucked Kaa-chan's cock clean while I played with her big balls." Naruto said.

"Oh, Naru-chan… You're sucking my cock…" Kushina moaned.

Naruto nodded, still preforming oral sex on his mother.

"Back with some girlfriends of mine, we did these kinds of things as well. When my Naru-chan does it, it feels like I am on air. Naru-chan was treating me like a queen or even a goddess. It just shows how much Naru-chan loves me. He's the best!" Kushina said.

"Minutes later, I was finished sucking off Kaa-chan. I kissed her lips, tasting her honey flavor cum. Then Kaa-chan sucked me off, returning the pleasure. Kaa-chan is the best. Later, now clean, I held Kaa-chan tight, while she smothered me with her body. Kaa-chan's and my cock and balls were all up against each other. We share a kiss, resting for a bit till we can fuck again." Naruto said.

Mother and son cuddled after their time of having sex. Sure, it was Naruto's first time, but he really was good. Kushina knew it as well.

"Naru-chan…" Kushina said.

"Yeah, Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I love you." Kushina said with a blush and genuine smile.

"I love you too, Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

Mother and son kissed more. As they did, their cocks were starting to get excited again. Naruto saw his mother's cock hard wanting more.

"I wanted to make my Kaa-chan feel good again. You guys can call me weird or even crazy, but I'm into dick-girls… and well, I'm going to take things on the next level." Naruto said.

"Hey, Kaa-chan…" Naruto said.

"Yes, honey?" Kushina asked.

"Want to keep going?" Naruto said.

"Of course, Naru-chan." Kushina said.

"Do you want to fuck me, Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked.

Kushina blushed, hearing her son's suggestion. She nodded.

"I can't believe it! I'm going to screw my Naru-chan!" Kushina said.

"Lay right here, Naru-chan." Kushina said.

"Okay, Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto laid on his chest, resting his head on his pillows. Kushina went behind her son, spreading Naruto's ass cheeks apart. The mother Uzumaki saw Naruto's tight anus. He really was something, always keeping himself clean. Kushina also saw how tight looking her son's asshole is. It really turned Kushina on.

"I really am a bad mother, staring at my Naru-chan's tight ass. I just wanted to fuck him right then and there. But I knew I had to take things slow. I don't want to hurt my Naru-chan. I leaned close to Naru-chan's ass, soon licking it. He was so cute when he moaned, while I lick his ass. That's not the only thing I did. I also suck my Naru-chan's balls. I lubed up my Naru-chan, making sure he can handle my size." Kushina said.

"I seen and read about a rem-job, to be honest, I didn't think I would get one. Kaa-chan was good at it. I felt Kaa-chan's tongue inside my ass and massaging my balls. It was hot. Minutes later, Kaa-chan was done lubing me up. She soon got on top of me. We both moaned, feeling my Kaa-chan's cock against my asshole. I was about to lost my anal virginity to Kaa-chan. I was nervous, but I was ready. And to be honest, I haven't seen Kaa-chan this happy for a long time." Naruto said.

Kushina was on top of Naruto, rubbing her cock between Naruto's ass, balls, and cock. Naruto moans again.

"Oh, Kaa-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, honey… Are you ready…?" Kushina moaned.

"Hai…" Naruto replied.

"This is it… I rubbed my tip against my Naru-chan's tight hole. He moaned softly. Then I pushed it inside my Naru-chan's ass. He moaned louder. I fucked my Futa-friends many times but fucking my Naru-chan's virgin asshole was beyond blissful. I fit a few inches inside my Naru-chan ass. He moaned, loudly. It was amazing. I loved it. It took time then I finally fit all my fat cock inside my Naru-chan's asshole. Oh, God, Naru-chan is so tight. There was a moment when I thought I was already going to cum. I overwhelmed my Naru-chan, not moving yet." Kushina said.

Both Uzumakis moaned.

"Oh, Kaa-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"You're so tight, honey… I thought I was going to cum." Kushina said.

"You're so big, Kaa-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"I know, Naru-chan…" Kushina replied, pulling his son into a kiss.

"Mmm…" Naruto and Kushina moaned, locking lips.

Kushina held Naruto tight, holding her son's hands.

"I begin to move slowly, so not to hurt, Naru-chan." Kushina said.

"Guh…" Naruto groaned.

"Oh, fuck…" Kushina moaned.

"It felt like someone shoved a wine bottle up my ass. Kaa-chan was enormously big. She leaned closed to me, while her cock moved inside me. Kaa-chan pressed her tits against me, fucking me. It slightly hurts, but it does feel good. Kaa-chan was not to rough. She kept a nice slow pace with her balls slapping against mine. I even got a hard on. It took some time; it was starting to feel extremely good. Now I wanted Kaa-chan to fuck me, senseless. Kaa-chan was happy, then she did not hold back, fucking me hard." Naruto said.

"Oh, Kaa-chan! Fuck me!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Naru-chan, your asshole has gotten tighter!" Kushina moaned.

"Hai! I love this! I love you fucking me!" Naruto moaned.

"I fucked Naru-chan harder. I loved every moment of it! I continued to fuck Naru-chan with all my might." Kushina said.

"I took Kaa-chan's hard pounding, and I got harder as well. I took Kaa-chan's cock for another hour. Man, Futa girls are extremely horny. Kaa-chan told me that Futa girls can go on for hours. I felt my ass tighten around Kaa-chan's junk. I also felt it twitched deep inside my ass. I knew it was only a matter of time before Kaa-chan climaxes. Moments later, it twitched violently inside my ass. Kaa-chan was going to climax inside me." Naruto said.

"I'm cumming, Naru-chan!" Kushina screamed, reaching her climax.

"Ahh!" Naruto moaned, feeling his mother's orgasm.

"I climaxed deep inside of my Naru-chan's ass. It was good. I do have to admit, I went a bit overboard. My orgasm from my pussy last for seconds while my cock blasted its seed for a long blissful minute. My Naru-chan took it and took it all he did. After the long minute, my orgasm had ended. I pulled out my cock. I look down, seeing my Naru-chan's belly was a bit bulge and saw my cum leaking out of his butt. He rolled over, breathing heavily. I saw the look of pleasure on my son's face. I crawled on top of Naru-chan, resting a bit of that hard climax." Kushina said.

Mother and son rested after their love making.

"That was beyond amazing, Kaa-chan…" Naruto said.

"Yes, honey… It sure was… I never felt anything so tight." Kushina said.

"Yeah… Man, you were really big, Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

"Heheh… I was, wasn't I? I'm sorry if I over did it, Naru-chan…" Kushina said.

"Don't worry about it, Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

Kushina kissed Naruto.

"Kaa-chan had such wonderful lips. She kissed me again, and again… Well, then she went down to my legs, sucking my cock. I got hard again. Man, Kaa-chan truly is the best. After some more oral, Kaa-chan stopped her actions. I got harder. Then, Kaa-chan positioned herself on her hands and knees, showing that big ass of hers. She spreads her ass cheeks apart, showing her tight pink anus, wet pussy, and let's now forget those big balls and cock of hers." Naruto said.

Kushina showed her ass to her son.

"Here, baby… Come here and fuck my ass…" Kushina moaned.

"Kaa-chan wants me to fuck her big ass. Man, I knew Kaa-chan had a big ass but seeing it up close I saw how big it really was. It got me really hard." Naruto said.

"Don't hold back, Naru-chan… Shove at that cock inside me…" Kushina said.

"H-Hai…" Naruto said.

"I went behind Kaa-chan. And like she told me; I shove all my cock inside her ass." Naruto said.

"Ahh!" Kushina moaned.

"Oh, fuck…" Naruto moaned.

"Oh… Oh, Naru-chan…" Kushina moaned.

"I did shove my cock all the way up my Kaa-chan fat ass. She was rooting like a pig. She pressed her butt up against me. One again, I felt her balls against mine. She then turned to me, pulling me into a kiss. I leaned close, while I mounted her like a mare in heat. I placed my hands on Kaa-chan's hands. I then begin my movements. Kaa-chan moaned with a dark blushed, feeling my cock moving around in her butt while my balls smacked against her balls. Kaa-chan moaned, loving my movements." Naruto said.

"Oh, Naru-chan…" Kushina moaned.

"You're so tight, Kaa-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"I had a lot of fun with my girlfriends, but Naru-chan really knows how to please me. I am also happy that I'm the woman who took everything and be my Naru-chan's first. Oh, my, he was so deep inside my ass. Minutes later, I started to feel more pleasure. And then my cock got hard again, thanks to Naru-chan fucking my ass. I even dip some of my pre-cum. I begged Naru-chan to fuck me harder." Kushina said.

"Oh, Naru-chan! Fuck me! Fuck my fat ass!" Kushina moaned.

"Yes, Kaa-chan! Ah, this ass doesn't quit!" Naruto moaned.

"That's what it's made for, Naru-chan! Fuck me more!" Kushina moaned.

"Oh, man, Kaa-chan's ass is the best! I did not hold back; I used all my strength and might to fuck Kaa-chan's fat ass. I watched it bounced and jiggle against me! I also felt Kaa-chan's balls slapping against mine more. I pinned Kaa-chan down, going fucking her more. I fucked Kaa-chan like this for an hour. Kaa-chan enjoyed it, grabbing the edges of my bed. I felt my balls and cock swell up and tighten. I knew Kaa-chan's cock and balls were swelling up too. It was only a matter of time before we reached our climax. I fucked Kaa-chan's ass, wildly. Me and Kaa-chan are about to cum." Naruto said.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Kushina screamed, reaching their climax.

"As Naru-chan release his seed inside my ass, I shot my loads on Naruto's bed, while my pussy juices squirted on my and Naru-chan's balls." Kushina said.

"I climaxed deep inside my Kaa-chan's fat ass! I felt Kaa-chan's small hole, squeezing me for my semen. I held Kaa-chan's hips, still climaxing. Like always, my loads lasted a long minute and then ended. I pulled out my cock out of Kaa-chan's tight asshole. I saw her asshole, leaking my seed. Thanks to my loads, Kaa-chan also had a bulge belly. Kaa-chan rolled on her back. I crawled next to Kaa-chan, holding her. I kissed Kaa-chan, and we both rested." Naruto said.

Both mother and son were resting, while Kushina rested her head on top of her son's chest. They hold each other's hands. Both Naruto and Kushina had bulge stomachs due to their large orgasms. Naruto brought his mother closer, kissing her, once more.

"Oh, Naru-chan." Kushina said.

"I love you so much, Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

"I love you too, Naru-chan." Kushina replied.

Naruto and Kushina kissed, again, and again. Naruto and Kushina got hard. The redhead Uzumaki smiled, as did Naruto.

XxxxX Story End XxxxX

"Without saying a word, me and Kaa-chan fucked each other more. Me and Kaa-chan went at it for hours. I wanted a dick girl, and well Kaa-chan was that kind of girl. Man, all the sex we had was beyond amazing. Me and Kaa-chan became closer than ever. Of course, Kaa-chan is not the only girl in my life, or rather our lives. I'll tell you guys what happens next." Naruto said, waving to the readers.


Well that's the end of the first chapter of 'Naruto: Futa Paradise' I hope it's was to Futa-fans liking. As for the second chapter, I have something already planned and I'll be sure to add a list of girls' you guys would like to see. Also, the chapters of this story will have at least 5000 words or more depending on the chapter. If there's a girl you want to see, let me know and tell me the size too. And yes, crossovers as well.

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