Chapter 1

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(Kuoh Academy)

Up until a few years ago Kuoh Academy was an all-girls school and one of the top girl's schools in the region. That changed when the school finally allowed men three years ago. The young men that flocked to Kuoh were typically one of two types. The first type was the regular guys who just wanted to go to a CO-ED school and enjoy their youth and maybe find a girlfriend during what should be their most glorious years. The second and not nearly as common type, or at least publicly common type, was the perverted young men who realized that a place that was all girls up until recently would have plenty of girls to choose from and to help enact their perverted fantasies since the number of guys were limited. Of this second type, one stood out among the group and his name was Issei Hyoudou. "Issei keep going! You feel so good!" Issei's conquest of the day cried as he pounded her from behind. Issei had average height with spiky brown hair and a surprisingly fit body considering he was a pervert. The conquest in question was the current vice-captain of the kendo club Murayama Kirishima. She was a second year who just so happened to be in the same class as Issei for the second year in a row. Murayama had fair skin, brown hair that she kept in bangs along with a few small strands that framed her face, green eyes and an athletic body. Her B-cup breasts were currently swaying as Issei's 10-inch cock hammered her from behind as they stood in the middle of the kendo hall in a doggystyle position.

"Luckily for you Murayama I'm far from done. I'm sure our guests want a show also wouldn't you say" Issei smiled viciously as he pulled out and slammed her with a particularly vicious stroke that caused her to scream in delight. Those guests were Matsuda and Motohama, two young men who were also part of that second group and they considered themselves Issei's protégés. The truth was they followed Issei around like lost puppies, but he allowed it because he wouldn't be where he was today.


Walking into his homeroom on his first day at Kuoh Academy, Issei Hyoudou was ready for some fun. From what he overheard amongst the people in the school most of the girls were naïve fools and with his devil's tongue he would have most of the school wrapped around his thumb within a few months if he played it right. He just needed to be patient and. "Master please take us under your wing." Two young men interrupted causing him to frown.

"And who are you" Issei said with annoyance as the focus on the class turned towards him and the two who called him out. The first guy man had a shaved head slightly dark skin and beady black eyes. The second one had black hair with a slight widow's peak and glasses.

"My name is Matsuda" the guy with the shaved hair said.

"And I'm Motohama" the second one smiled.

"I see and why in the world did you call Me master." Issei wondered almost afraid of the answer.

"Because you're Hottie Magnet Hyoudou one of the most infamous ladies' men in all of Kuoh." Matsuda said causing the class to stir.

'How the hell do these two morons know about that name.' Issei cursed. During middle school his nickname was Hottie Magnet Hyoudou because he wasn't just a good playboy, he was a legendary one. Thanks to his charm and charisma, he managed to seduce and sleep with a large portion of his graduating class and a few girls from the previous year. If he remembered correctly a few of his conquests were at Kuoh, but he made sure to warn them not to speak about him or lose their time with him once he established himself. Oh well, he'd deal with that later. Right now, he had to convince the two idiots they were wrong.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Issei replied smoothly hoping to change the conversation.

"But" Matsuda started to say but he was interrupted by the teacher walking in to start class. It was a break for Issei, but one that he knew wouldn't last long. One of his talents was reading people and knowing what they wanted and these two wouldn't give up so easily.

(Scene Skip)

Sadly for Issei, his initial assessment of the two idiots was spot on. The two followed Issei around like puppies to the point that they became known as the perverted trio since they talked to him about various matters of porn as they did so. It irritated Issei but he had to stay calm since there was always a chance that he could turn this around if he got the break and a month into class, he got it.

"There you guys go again. Acting like perverts without any care in the world." A female voice chuckled. That voice belonged to Aika Kiryuu a young woman with brunette hair that she kept in pig tails and large glasses that hid a pair of golden eyes.

"Shut up Aika" Motohama said angrily. Aika took great delight in making Matsuda and Motohama's lives miserable and Issei didn't mind at all since it helped him get some relief from them also.

"How about I shut you idiots up once and for all." Aika smiled viciously.

"And how are you going to do that?" Matsuda said boldly.

'He's going to regret that.' Issei thought to himself. Issei was actually very familiar with Aika considering that she went to his middle school and her sister was one of his conquests. Matsuda and Motohama were about to learn about a nasty little secret of Aika's and Issei was all for it.

"Motohama isn't the only one with a scouter. I happen to have a scouter of my own and take a guess at what it measures." Kiryuu snickered as she looked down at Matsuda and Motohama. Motohama somehow gained the ability to figure out a girl's three sizes and it was terrifyingly accurate.

"No way!" Motohama gasped. After all, if her taunts were true, and Issei knew they were Aika could see how large or small a guy dick was. The two perverts would be screwed if that got out and Issei knew it.

"Yeah and unless you want to know the answer. I suggest you be quiet." Kiryuu said happily.

"Master save us!" Matsuda begged grabbing onto Issei who should've seen this coming.

"Oh please. I bet he's all bark too. Just use it on their master and watch them all shut up" another female voice taunted. That voice in question was Murayama who was as tired of the antics of the two boys as anybody in the class due to the fact Matsuda and Motohama targeted them the most. Ironically her anger towards Issei was due to him not stopping it when everyone knew he could.

"Umm… well… you see." Kiryuu blushed unsure of what to do. If she used her glasses on Issei, they would break just like when she tried it on him a few days after he made her sister one of the notches on his belt. A smiling Issei simply got up and walked over to Murayama with a smile on his face.

"What do you want pervert." Murayama said nervously a reaction which Issei didn't expect.

"If you want to know how big I am. Ask your captain." Issei whispered causing Murayama to blush heavily. The captain of the kendo club was one of the older women Issei added to his collection back in middle school and since Issei was interested in the two girls it would make conquering them a simple task.

"What did he say" Katase wondered aware of the fact her friend was blushing heavily.

"I'll tell you later" Murayama replied quickly.

Seeing Aika get put in her place caused even more students to start talking and Issei's old conquests began spreading word of his true nature. His first conquest came a week later when he enjoyed a foursome with Murayama Katase and the kendo club captain. His second was Aika who he rewarded for her role in everything.

(Flashback end)

The nostalgia of how their relationship began was enough to keep Issei going but there was a second far more interesting reason that he was so eager to pound Murayama in this spot, "Hey Issei… are those two… watching again." Murayama moaned as Issei pounded her from behind.

"Probably. This is one of the few things those idiots can do ever since I put my foot down" Issei smirked as he looked towards the peephole that was currently being used by Issei's two protégé to watch him work. The peephole was something the two boys brought to his attention a week ago and it certainly caught him by surprise. When he confronted the girls about it, he learned that quite a few members of the club had an exhibition fetish and when Issei wasn't there to rock their world they changed in front of the hole instead of in the lockers figuring some poor boys were watching. Issei decided to take that to a new level and he began fucking them in front of the hole and most of the girls were perfectly okay with that. As were the main users of the hole, his protégé Matsuda and Motohama

"We're here master!" Matsuda said happily. Confirming their presence at the peephole.

"Yeah this is awesome. We get to watch the master at work" Motohama continued.

Issei chuckled since the two fools loved announcing their presence when Issei was doing what he did best, "Since my boys are here? How about we give them a real show Mury?" Issei smiled lifting Murayama into the air and spinning her body so her exposed pussy was right in front of the peephole.

"Issei wait!" Murayama protested but considering the way her pussy tightened around him he knew she loved it. He was also pretty sure that the two boys watching were also stupidly hard and masturbating to the sight of him enjoying the brunette.

"Why wait Murayama, I can tell you're getting tighter with each thrust. You want them to see you like this. You want them to know that you're mine and mine alone and that nothing they can do will change it." Issei said with a dark grin increasing his speed to further give her the release she desired.

"It's true! I want them to know that this pussy is yours. I want everyone to know that nobody can satisfy me like you Issei! I want everyone to know that I'm yours." Murayama cried out happily.

Issei smiled at the response before putting her down so his two foolish protégé could see her ahegao face and reached forward and grabbed her breasts. "This is as close as you're ever going to get to these beauties guys. Enjoy the view" Issei smiled as he railed Murayama from behind while groping her perky breasts. He couldn't see their faces, but he was sure that Matsuda and motohama were drooling and no doubt masturbating as they watched the scene in front of him.

"Yes Master. We consider it a privilege that you let us watch you work" the two boys replied from behind the peephole. It was a reminder of just what was going on behind the scenes for Issei and he loved it that way. The fact he could dominate Murayama and control the two perverts made him smile like a loon and this was just the beginning since they weren't alone. Murayama's friend Katase was off to the side completely naked and pleasuring herself with the knowledge that she was next on the Issei express.

"Now keep watching as I make Murayama scream" Issei smiled picking up speed again to Murayama's delight.

"Oh god! Keep going Issei!" Murayama cried out. She should've been humiliated being used as a live porno but for Murayama it was incredible. The feeling of Issei's cock inside her as it pounded her silly. He had long since shaped her pussy in his image and she was pretty sure no other guy could even get her to react. That alongside the knowledge that the boys watching were no doubt pleasuring themselves to the crazy scene and would do so later was enough to drive her up the wall.

"Okay Murayama here we go. I'm about to cum inside you." Issei smiled. He knew Murayama loved the creampies he gave her, and he made sure to alert her when they were coming.

"Cum inside me Issei. Mark me as yours and yours alone." Murayama cried out with joy. The pleasure she felt from Issei's member was unrivaled and she knew that no other man could ever do to her what he did.

"Here we GO!" Issei roared spraying his seed inside Murayama's warm entrance.

"So good" Murayama muttered the look of pleasure clear on her face at being filled up by Issei yet again. Issei assured them long ago that she didn't have to worry about getting pregnant and that made the sinful experience even better.

"My turn" Katase smiled as she walked over to Issei with a sway in her hips. Considering the juices flowing down her legs it looked like Katase had enjoyed watching Issei and Murayama as much as their guests outside.

"Of course" Issei smiled pulling out of the brunette and presenting his cock covered in the combined juices of him and her best friend for her to enjoy.

"Let me clean this up for you." Katase smiled before hunching down in front of Issei and quickly surrounding his prick with her lips. As she bobbed up and down his shaft Issei caressed her pink locks not wanting to push her further since he loved how submissive she was.

"You've gotten better" Issei mused as Katase bobbed up and down her shaft with a look of pure pleasure on her face.

"I've had tons of practice thanks to you. I wonder if the pervs are still watching." Katase smirked.

"Pretty sure they're done at this point." Issei smiled.

"Oh well their loss." Katase smirked as she got up from her blowjob and spun around for Issei presenting her ass to him before spreading her cheeks so he could enjoy her second hole.

"Are you sure about anal Katase." Issei said curiously. He reshaped her pussy long ago but anal was a different beast entirely.

"Mury was telling me about it the other day and I got curious. Now fuck my ass before I reconsider." Katase smirked.

"Alright but first let's get you lubed up." Issei smiled before taking his member and rubbing it against her pussy in order to make it a little easier.

"Nghh stop teasing me Issei" Katase moaned.

"Alright but you asked for it." Issei smiled lining himself up with the pinkette's rear before sliding in with a brutal thrust.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Katase screamed in pain as Issei pushed in.

"I warned you, but you wanted to go for it." Issei chuckled.

"Damn it! I forgot how fucking big you are!" Katase roared as his member finally sheathed itself in Katase's rear. The fact she got all ten inches was impressive and it was horrifyingly tight.

"Well you asked for it and now I'm going to give it to you." Issei smiled before he began moving inside her.

"Oh! My! God!" Katase screamed in pain something noticed by her recovering friend.

"Hey Issei mind if I help. I don't think she'll last very long at this rate." Murayama smiled.

"Hey Mury, you had your time and I didn't interfere with you. I've got this" Katase pouted trying to keep herself in control despite the pain she was in.

"In that case why don't you give her a real show Issei?" Murayama smiled deviously

A smiling Issei stopped moving and decided to grant the request in an unusual way, "Alright but I'll need you to grab my necklace." Issei replied causing Katase to pale.

"Wait Issei. You're not going to fuck me with the necklace on are you." Katase said nervously.

"That's right" Issei confirmed causing Murayama's eyes to light up.

"This should be good." Murayama smiled before walking over to his uniform and reaching into his pants pocket before pulling out a small necklace. It was a simple red string with a green jewel in the middle. Boring by most standards, but those who knew it were aware of its significance.

"Wait Issei. Let's talk about this." Katase said nervously. She was in trouble already but if Issei used his necklace, she was screwed and not in a good way. Rumor had it he could turn even the most frigid girl into a pile of goo after 5 minutes of fucking her pussy with the necklace. For a Katase that was barely holding on as is, the necklace would be her doom.

"Here you are Issei. By the way I get the next round with the necklace… in my pussy not my ass." Murayama smirked as she put Issei's necklace around him before kissing him on the cheek and moving away to watch the show.

"Fine by me" Issei smiled before focusing on a shivering Katase.

"Mury you'll pay for THIS!" Katase screamed as Issei began moving inside her once again. The good news for her was that the pain from earlier was gone, the bad news is that the amount of pleasure she was feeling skyrocketed to an almost horrifying level

"It's always a rush when Issei does this." Murayama smiled as she sat down in front of her friend teasing her breasts as she watched Issei saw in and out of her ass.

"Speak for yourSELFFFFFFFFF" Katase cried the first orgasm coming after only a minute.

"We're just getting started Katase." Issei smirked as he began moving. As he continued his demolition of the pinkette, anybody who watched them would've seen his necklace glow every ten seconds. Coincidentally Katase's screams of pleasure seemed to grow after each glow but that was something that nobody ever thought about.

"Keep fucking me Issei! My ass is on fire!" Katase roared clearly lost in the pleasure.

"Be careful Katase or the whole school is going to hear you." Murayama smiled.

'SHUT UP!" Katase cried out.

"That's what five in 3 minutes. I think it's a new record Issei. She might not be able to walk tomorrow."

"You're right so let's wrap this up." Issei smirked before closing his eyes briefly.

"FUCK!" Katase roared as a rush of pleasure flew through her body leading to another orgasm.

"I'm almost done Katase so get ready for the big one." Issei smiled increasing his speed for one last burst.

"GIVE IT TO ME!" Katase cried out knowing that she was done after this. It was only a few minutes but Katase was broken and she knew there was no coming back after this one. Her face had long since twisted into an ahegao and the only thing keeping her conscious was the fact she wanted to at least feel Issei come inside her.

"Alright Katase" Issei smiled before grabbing her hips and pushing in deeper for the finale.

"I'm CUMMING" Katase roared as Issei's seed filled her bowels to the brim. As he pulled out Katase collapsed like a puppet with the strings pulled out.

"You know I think I'll call it a day actually." Murayama mused when she saw just how dazed her partner was. Admittedly she only heard rumors of the necklace but experiencing it was sort of terrifying.

"Fine but you'll have to clean me up." Issei chuckled.

"That I can do" Murayama replied, and she cleaned him up. It was just another successful afternoon for Issei Hyoudou.

(Scene Skip)

"Another successful conquest. I'm glad my gear went to a young man as fun as you." a deep voice said from his necklace.

"Yes, well you wanted domination and there aren't exactly many people to fight without exposing us Ddraig." Issei mused as he put his clothes back on inside the kendo club locker room.

Issei's boring necklace, wasn't boring at all. It was a special item known as a Sacred gear more specifically the Boosted Gear. This gear was a critical aspect of Issei's ability with woman and he would never forget when he first discovered its power during a sleepover when he was 11.

Because Issei was a young man and Irina was a rather impressionable girl her parents insisted they sleep in different rooms so Issei slept on the couch. He watched Irina's father come into the house very late at night holding a decorative sword that Irina's family owned, and he was wearing priest clothes. He confronted him about why he was so late since he hadn't seen the man all night and he agreed. Irina's father explained the supernatural to Issei and Irina the next morning and told him about his sacred gear and how to awaken it. Irina asked if she and Issei could train, Issei so he could learn about his new power and Irina because she always wanted to be a hero. The rest was history but none of them realized what a monster they had just unleashed on the world.

"Agreed but this suits me almost as well as battling." Ddraig said happily. Turns out that Ddraig was the dragon of domination and sexual domination was a favorite of his outside of battle. Issei was a growing pervert himself so the dragon decided to take him under his wing. He taught Issei tons of seduction techniques in addition to battle strategies. One of the techniques he loved the most was what he did with Katase earlier. The Boosted Gear was able to double your power every 10 seconds, but it had a power that was just as useful known as transfer which did what its name suggested and allowed Issei to transfer the power to others. Issei decide to combine the two powers and transferred the boosts that would've gone to his power to the arousal of the girl he was inside. That power was his secret weapon and rumors of it both intrigued and terrified his lovers as was the case just now. Ironically enough, the one person he never actually used his various techniques on was his childhood friend Irina since she moved to England just before they started middle school.

"I agree but we should probably get going." Issei said bashfully aware of a major mistake that he made during his romp with the kendo club.

(Scene Skip)

After the fun he had, you would've thought that nothing could bring down Issei's mood, but you'd be very wrong, "So they're both at it again huh Ddraig." Issei groaned. For the last week Issei was spied on by two people as he walked home from class.

The first spy was a fallen angel who had been watching him for the last week. He knew nothing about them and in truth he didn't care since they lacked the strength to do anything. In other words, they were more annoyance then danger.

The second person was the one who was more interesting. The second person was a devil and one that attended his school. He already knew that the student council were devils having sensed the aura coming from the former Vice President and current President of the council Sona Shitori during the opening speech last year. He also knew that the Old school building had the aura of devils which lent itself to the idea that the Occult Research Club, one of his school's most legendary groups was also managed by devils.

"Well there's nothing you can do for now."

"Yep" Issei replied with a bittersweet smile before he was surprised to see his phone ring. When he saw the number, he smiled since the person calling was just who he needed right now. "Hello Momo" Issei smiled. The person on the other line was Momo Hanakai, secretary of the student council and one of Issei's lovers from before his time at Kuoh.

"Don't you hello Momo me. A bunch of clubs complained about loud moaning noises coming from the kendo club. The student council allows you to have your fun with the girls if you keep the noise to a minimum. You're lucky we didn't have any events going on or it would've been a disaster to control"

"Blame Katase. She's the one who was screaming like her life depending on it" Issei retorted. He wasn't going to tell her that he used his necklace which was no doubt why Katase's screams were so loud.

"Whatever. Just don't make a habit of it because it's really annoying." Momo replied.

Issei chuckled since he knew Momo was no doubt blushing heavily on the other side. "I won't but I do need to talk to you. For the last week I've had a very interesting stalker problem." Issei replied.

"What kind of stalker problem." Momo replied nervously.

Issei noticed her nerves and realize she had some vague idea of why and that meant he was free to mess with herm "My stalker isn't the creepy stalker isn't the creepy wants my babies type if that's what you mean. Those girls are my favorite and usually quite kin-"

"So, it's the type that actually worries you. Do you want to talk about it?" Momo interrupted knowing very well where this was going.

"Sure. Come on over after dinner. My parents like you so I doubt they'll complain too much." Issei smirked knowing that Momo was blushing up a storm at Issei's invitation.

"Alright. Just remember we're going to talk about your stalker problem and nothing else." Momo insisted.

"Right" Issei smirked before hanging up.

"Do you think you two are honestly going to just talk." Ddraig chuckled.

"We'll talk since I have a feeling, she's aware of what's going on. What happens after that is up to her" Issei smirked deviously.

"So no" Ddraig chuckled.

(Scene Skip)

Issei could only smile as the door to his room opened and Momo walked in wearing a light blue spaghetti strap top that showed off her breasts marvelously and a blue pair of shorts that barely went beyond her shapely rear. "Hello Momo." Issei replied with a smile wearing a white t-shirt with tan jean shorts.

"I'm only here to discuss your stalker problem so I'm going to stay right over here." Momo insisted keeping her distance from Issei.

"Sure" Issei replied with an eyeroll. Her outfit alone suggested she wasn't opposed to getting down and dirty, but he would allow her to keep this illusion of professionalism for now.

"So why do you think you have a stalker problem." Momo questioned.

"Well for the last week, I've had the feeling somebody's been watching me from afar as I walk home from school. I don't know who they are or what they're after by somebody clearly is paying attention to me. The fact that I've left school at different times and they're still there is proof." Issei replied.

Momo looked on calmly before replying, "Hmph it's probably the boyfriend of some girl you slept with."

"Maybe so but recently I've noticed a second stalker. This one is a bit more interesting since I think they go to Kuoh."

"What! How could that be possible" Momo gasped not expecting him to know about the second stalker.

Issei smiled since he knew he had Momo right where he wanted her, "Because of how popular I am, I've developed a sixth sense for when people are watching me. Stalker number one usually waits until I'm about a quarter of the way out of school. The new stalker whoever they may be starts watching right after I leave campus. It's strange because if they go to Kuoh and are interested in me they should just approach me. It's like they're hiding something." Issei said with a knowing smile.

Momo couldn't help but curse since Issei was still as clever as always. She knew about Issei's pair of stalkers, but she couldn't say anything about the actual reasons for them. If she told him about his second stalker, he might consider it an innocent crush but knowing him he'd use his influence to find out why she was doing it and that would lead to trouble. Since she couldn't do that, she went with option number 2. "I've got a better idea Issei. If it's a stalker from Kuoh it means she's probably just shy and wants to watch you from afar. You remember how shy I used to be before we started having fun together." Momo smiled as she walked up to Issei. Before Issei sunk his claws into her back in their middle school, Momo was extraordinarily shy but Issei smashed that shell wide open.

Issei noticed the change in attitude and realized it was a distraction. A welcome one but a distraction nonetheless especially considering she said earlier she wasn't planning on doing what she was about to do, "Yes I do. The old Momo would never wear something like this." Issei replied as he moved to the edge of the bed putting his legs on the floor so Momo had access to him.

"Yes, but thanks to you the old Momo is long gone." Momo replied before crawling on top of Issei sitting on his lap with her legs to the sides. Despite her original intentions she and Issei were going to have sex. Then again, she could use the distraction herself.

"Yes I know, and I love it" Issei replied before he pressed his lips against Momo's. As the two swapped spit Issei's tongue probed the edges of Momo's mouth looking for permission and Momo's lips quickly parted allowing Issei to access her mouth a task he did with glee. As he and Momo clashed tongues it quickly became clear that Momo was putty in Issei's hands. Only after a minute did Issei pull away and leave an impressive trail of saliva behind.

"That was incredible" Momo moaned happily and she knew this was just the beginning.

"Yes but I believe you're a bit underdressed." Issei smiled as he reached for her shirt and pulled it over her head revealing her orbs to the world along with a pair of pink nipples that were already hardened in anticipation.

"Your turn" Momo smiled before reaching for her shirt but tearing it apart instead of simply doing it slowly.

"Hey, I liked that shirt"

"And I liked that uniform you ripped apart a week ago. You're lucky we had gym that day or I'd have been in trouble." Momo pouted.

Issei smiled before grabbing Momo by her shapely rear and lifting her up before spinning in order to put her softly on her bed, "So tell me Momo. Should I do to this skirt what I did to that shirt or are we done playing games."

"Just take it off you ass." Momo retorted as Issei pulled it off to reveal a pair of silver panties.

"That better" Issei smiled but instead of giving Momo a chance to respond he sprang into action jumping on top of Momo and using his left hand to tease her breasts while his right hand went for her panties.

"Ahh" Momo moaned as Issei's teasing began. He slowly kneaded her left breast with his hand while rubbing above her slit. It was teasing in the worst way.

"You got wet pretty quickly. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you wanted me to do this to you." Issei chuckled as he continued to tease her.

"Shut…up" Momo protested but her body showed her desire squirming at Issei's touch.

"Just enjoy the moment Momo. I mean look at these tasty breasts that are just begging to be sucked." Issei smiled before leaning down and putting his mouth around her right nipple.

"AHHH" Momo cried out as issei's tongue teased her right nipple while his hand played with her left one. She was helpless against Issei and she knew it, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Of course, I can't forget your delicious body." Issei smiled as he stopped his teasing of her breast to kiss her on the lips and start planting kisses all down Momo's body.

"Issei… stop teasing me." Momo moaned as Issei all over her body starting with her collarbone returning to her breasts before moving down to her stomach. Luckily for her, she was used to this or she'd be goo by now.

"This body is so fantastic Momo and it's a shame that you hide it from everybody" Issei smiled finally arriving at her panties. She was so soaked that Issei was sure he could put it in her right now and she'd feel nothing, but he wasn't satisfied.

"Issei… just fuck me already." Momo insisted.

"Not quite yet." Issei smiled as he reached for her panties and slid them down exposing her soaked pussy and without missing a beat slid his tongue into her snatch and enjoyed the ambrosia that was her love juices.

"Issei… so good." Momo moaned as his tongue continued the work his hands did earlier teasing Momo's body into a painful situation. She wanted him to fuck her badly and she was pretty sure he knew it. As his tongue teased her entrance Momo realized very quickly that Issei wasn't letting up and that meant beautiful things were on the way.

"Momo you taste delicious.

"Issei… let me taste you too" Momo pleaded hoping to gather herself under Issei's assault.

"Maybe later Momo. We have all night remember." Issei smiled before resuming his work but Momo was too far gone.

"CUMMING!" Momo cried out as her juices flew into his mouth and the few that he missed surrounded her body.

"Now it's time for the main event Momo." Issei smiled moving away before pulling down his boxers to reveal his monstrous cock.

"Issei can you give me a little break." Momo begged knowing she was in trouble.

A smiling Issei got onto the bed and stood in front of the dazed bishop with his cock right above her pussy, "Sure but I want you to tell me something first."

"What" Momo wondered.

"Do you know who my little stalkers are." Issei teased sliding his cock right above her entrance.

Momo was caught between a rock and a hard place. Does she tell Issei knowing it wouldn't take much for him to figure out the rest or does she lie and hope he buys it, "I do" Momo ultimately decided since it was better for her to do this. Issei was particularly sadistic when he wanted to be, and she knew better than to hide things from him.

"Good girl" Issei smiled before sliding into her at last.

"YES!" Momo cried out with pleasure.

"You feel so good inside Momo." Issei smiled as he began pistoning inside her knowing she could take it.

"It's because… you molded me. No other… guy can ever make me feel a thing thanks to you" Momo moaned happily. Like his many conquests, Momo couldn't feel pleasure from anybody else and it was beautiful and horrifying how skilled he was.

"Yes, and I'll continue to do so for as long as you'd like." Issei smiled his pace settled.

"Yes! I'm yours for as long as you want me! Lady Sona be damned." Momo moaned losing herself in Issei's thrusts.

Issei put the notion about Sona to the side choosing to focus on the task at hand namely turning Momo into goo once again. "That's right Momo. This pussy is mine… these soft lips are mine… these delicious breasts are mine" Issei smiled kissing at each spot as he pounded her entrance.

"Yes… they're all yours. They'll always be yours" Momo cried almost in reverence.

"Yes they are" Issei smiled before pulling out briefly to Momo's annoyance before flipping her onto her knees and siding back in causing Momo to scream with pleasure.

"Issei please… keep going" Momo said weakly. Issei was just that good and her body had no choice but to give into his thrusts even if she was used to them.

"Naturally" Issei smiled viciously knowing that he had her right where he wanted her. Picking up speed again Issei continued to move inside her.

"Issei! Issei! Issei!" Momo cried out yet again as she forced her body to endure Issei's assault. The fact he was so virile was terrifying considering his earlier exertions and Momo's stamina was always her weakness.

"Momo I'm going to cum" Issei smiled happily.

"Fill me up Issei. Mark me with your seed yet again" Momo cried out.

A smiling Issei did just that picking up speed for another burst, "Here we go Momo" Issei smiled viciously his release arriving at last

"Yes!" Momo screamed as Issei's release flooded her insides leading to yet another orgasm.

"That was amazing Momo, but I have an idea that'll make the next round even better."

"Even better" Momo said in a haze turning her body towards Issei.

"Yes. Even better." Issei confirmed before focusing his magic.

"Impossible!" Momo gasped recognizing what he was doing, and her eyes widened even more when she saw what appeared on Issei's left hand.

"It seems you know what this is don't you." Issei said with a wide grin showing off his boosted gear's true form. A red spiked gauntlet with a green circular jewel in the middle.

"That's the boosted gear. So… you're the" Momo gasped.

"That's right, I'm the Red Dragon Emperor and I'm sure you've heard of my next trick." Issei smiled before his gauntlet changed to become a red necklace that was infamous in the circles of Issei's lovers.

"No way. The… necklace" Momo gasped.

"Yep and now I'm going to use the necklace on you my little devil Momo." Issei smiled before returning to the bed and lining himself up with her entrance for another round.

"You… knew all along… didn't you." Momo muttered trying to focus on what was going on. This changed everything and not in a good way but right now she was in trouble.

"That's a pretty layered question. Issei smirked before sliding inside of Momo once again.

"You knew… ahh. That I was a… devil. You knew… about the student council." Momo gasped.

"Yes… and yes. Now how about I give you the ride of your life and then you tell me about our little spies." Issei smiled.

"Alright" Momo replied.

"That's my girl" Issei smiled before sliding into her again

(Scene Skip)

As the sun shone into the room, Momo Hanakai opened her eyes in a daze. "Wake up sleepy head. You fainted before we could talk" Issei smiled causing her to turn towards him but slowly since her body was throbbing after what they did the night before.

"How long have you known about the devils." Momo said with a frown.

Issei smiled before putting his hand on Momo's cheek and caressed it lovingly, "I knew Sona was a devil from the first moment I saw her and I sensed the devil power in you when we reunited a few weeks after I conquered Murayama and Katase. When the two idiots took me to the tree by the old school building, I sensed the aura over there, and I realized the ORC was also devils since they're the only ones who use that building"

"So that means you also know."

"That one of the spies is a Devil and the other is a Fallen Angel, yes. The question I have is why are they watching me?" Issei smiled.

"The fallen angel that's after you has only bad intentions in mind. The devil that's following you is doing so for your protection" Momo lied.

"I know you're lying, but I'll forgive you since you endured 30 minutes of my necklace when you were exhausted." Issei smirked.

"You used your necklace on one of the kendo girls to arrange this little conversation didn't you" Momo frowned.

"Actually no. Murayama suggested it and I wasn't about to say no. Now why don't you get over to your master and heal up before class starts. I imagine you can barely walk" Issei smirked before kissing her on the head.

"You suck" Momo frowned before slowly getting up to grab her clothes taking her time as her body recovered. Since he knew she was a devil she could teleport away via a magic circle which was a beautiful thing since she was so sore. The fact they had class in a few hours meant that she was in for a long day.

Once Momo was gone, Issei smiled viciously at the way the night had played out, "I'm amazed Momo managed to keep everything a secret" Issei chuckled.

"She did but it doesn't matter since you figured it out what was going on the moment you sensed the second spy." Ddraig smiled.

"Oh yeah" Issei replied. There would be absolutely zero reason for anybody from the council to spy on him since he had multiple lovers already in their ranks. That left the ORC. The question was, why was the ORC spying on him and more importantly why had none of them done a thing about the fallen. Since he had to get ready for class, he would worry about those questions later. Sadly, he knew it was only a matter of time until the stalemate came to an end.

That's for Chapter 1 everybody and I hope you liked it. This will be an Issei x harem story with no lead girl at least for now. I hope you enjoy this one.