Chapter 2

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(Kuoh Academy)

With another day coming to an end, a smiling Issei stood at the edge of the gates of Kuoh Academy swapping spit with a young woman with medium height dark brown skin long black hair that she kept in a ponytail and large brown eyes. Her name was Ryo and she was the captain of the cheer squad and she was just another of Issei's lovers. As he pulled away, he couldn't help but smile at the trail of saliva that followed, "I promise I'll stop by soon." Issei smiled happily

"You'd better. Me and the girls miss you" Ryo pouted as Issei made his way off campus and home for the day.

A few minutes into his walk, it was clear that today's walk would be different from the last few, 'I don't sense our newest stalker nearby. Do you think Momo alerted the ORC about it.' Issei questioned mentally.

"I don't know but your other stalker seems to be moving closer. It's time to see what your new stalker is like" Ddraig chuckled.

"Yep" Issei smiled as he arrived at the bridge that led to his home. Since he didn't feel like playing cat and mouse, he waited for his stalker to arrive and after a few minutes that's exactly what they did.

"Excuse me. You're Issei Hyoudou right?" a distinctly female voice said.

'You've gotta be kidding me.' Issei thought to himself as he looked towards the voice in question. His first stalker turned out to be an attractive girl with fair skin long black hair with split bangs and violet eyes. Her outfit consisted of what looked like a school uniform of a dark-red jacket with P embroidered in gold, a white undershirt with a red bow and a green skirt with a white line on the bottom. Completing the outfit was a pair of knee socks and brown shoes.

"Maybe she's the kinky stalker type after all" Ddraig chuckled.

Issei didn't dignify the joke with a response and focused on the girl, "Yes I am and who are you?" Issei replied calmly.

"My name is Yuuma Amano."

"That name is about as real as that uniform." Ddraig replied with a groan.

'I know' Issei replied mentally. There were six high schools in the town of Kuoh including his school and the equally famous Nochizuri Prepatory Academy. Issei knew the uniforms for all the schools because he attended events at the schools to support various his old lovers. Because of that, he knew there was no way this girl was from Kuoh at the very least. That and her scent which was that of a fallen angel. "So Yuuma what did you want from me?" Issei wondered trying to hide his boredom at the clear game the girl was playing.

Yuuma looked at him in the best impression of a nervous high school girl before saying, "Well… I was wondering… would you be my boyfriend."

"Huh?" Issei said in almost disbelief. Whoever this girl was, she REALLY didn't do her homework. If he included only girls from Kuoh, he could sleep with a different girl every day for two months without repeating anybody. The idea that being in a committed relationship was laughable.

"Umm is that okay" Yuuma said bashfully. Clearly, she didn't expect him to be this confused which made the situation even funnier.

His first instinct was to reject Yuuma since she clearly had bad intentions for him. However, it might be more interesting if he accepted because he had a feeling that she wasn't alone in Kuoh and investigating that would be worth his time. "Alright Yuuma. I'll be your boyfriend." Issei smiled as he walked over to the disguised girl.

"Really" Yuuma said in shock.

"Yes" Issei replied before surprising Yuuma by wrapping his arms around her and pulling him into her frame.

"What are you doing?" Yuuma said nervously.

"Well I wanted to kiss my new girlfriend goodbye." Issei smiled.

Yuuma blushed rather heavily before saying, "Okay" and Issei leaned in to kiss her. Considering how sinful fallen were, Issei was a little disappointed by the lack of aggressiveness and simply dominated the kiss before pulling away after a minute as the dazed girl looked on.

"See you later Yuuma." Issei smiled as the stunned girl wondered just what she got herself into.

(Scene Skip)

"So… let me get this straight. You knew she was lying to you and you suspected it was a trap, but you still agreed to be her boyfriend." Tsubaki Shinra moaned as she bounced along his shaft. Tsubaki was the vice president of the council and like Momo and a third member of the council named Reya Kusaka one of Issei's lovers. Tsubaki had light brown eyes along with incredible long black hair that went down to her rear. She normally wore semi rimmed blue glasses with square lenses, but they were placed to the side as she bounced on his shaft. Issei's favorite feature of Tsubaki's was her massive breasts which were a low D cup making her one of the bustiest girls in the school.

"Yep. I figured that whatever she was planning, it would be much easier if she thought I went along with it. I may have gone a bit overboard by kissing her." Issei smirked as he thrusted up.

"Well… whatever you do. Just be careful. That fallen girl likely has plans for you and that sacred gear of yours." Tsubaki frowned.

"So Momo told you huh" Issei smiled.

"Nope. I've known all along just as Sona has." Tsubaki smiled.

Issei chuckled as he leaned up "Momo must've been pissed when she found out you knew about my sacred gear and the fact that the Fallen were targeting me." Issei chuckled pushing deeper inside her as they continued to fuck

"She was, nghh, but Momo understand that we must keep secrets from her for her own good." Tsubaki replied calmly.

"So, what else do you know about my little stalker. You can tell me can't you Tsubaki." Issei smiled.

"Your spy, ahh, and a few other fallen have taken residence inside Kuoh's old church. We don't know what they're doing, but we believe they're after sacred gear users."

"So there are others besides me." Issei wondered moving faster in order to persuade Tsubaki to reveal more secrets.

"The primary target is you but we're not sure about any others."

"Is that why Rias is spying." Issei said with a vicious smile as he grabbed Tsubaki and flipped her onto the bed in doggystyle position so he could pound her deeper than before. The way her hair splayed over her body was incredible since it practically covered her body

"I… I don't know" Tsubaki moaned.

"Don't know… or won't tell me." Issei smirked aware it was probably the latter.

"Please Issei, Sona will be mad enough that I'm telling you this." Tsubaki protested as Issei hammered her snatch from behind.

"Fine" Issei smiled. Tsubaki's loyalty to Sona was impressive and considering how much fun he had he didn't want to ruin anything.

"Thank you" Tsubaki moaned in approval.

"Don't thank me yet Tsubaki we're just getting started" Issei smiled as he pulled out of the vice presidents velvet grasp and aimed his member at her rosebud using the juices from her pussy as lube.

"Be gentle Issei" Tsubaki mumbled knowing that he was aiming for her ass. Issei's response was to piston in and out of her ass with great speed.

"Damn this ass is tight." Issei smiled.

"Issei! This is so good! My ass is on fire!" Tsubaki cried out happily. Tsubaki had a slight anal fetish which Issei took advantage of.

"This ass is mine Tsubaki as is this wonderful body of yours." Issei smiled reaching down and groping her mammoth breasts.

"Yes! Make me feel more!" Tsubaki moaned as Issei's assault continued. Like many of the girls on the council the daily grind was exhausting and made moreso because of what was being planned around Issei. She would've told her lover but in truth she was asked to keep it a secret by her master and she had no choice. It was a bittersweet feeling but one she got over when Momo reminded her that if Rias's plan worked Issei would be a better lover.

"Tsubaki I'm going to cum" Issei announced breaking her from her musing. Issei pounded Tsubaki's ass for close to ten minutes and she was at her limit as was Issei.

"Then cum inside me Issei. Fill my ass with your seed." Tsubaki said in a lustful voice that would have looked odd to those who knew her. Ever since Issei sunk his claws into her she had changed, and she loved being this way when she could.

Issei smile revving himself up to do just that, "CUMMING!" Issei roared as he blasted his seed inside the vice president of the council causing her to collapse onto the bed.

"That was amazing as always." Tsubaki said happily.

"Yeah and I hope we can do it again soon." Issei smiled as he pulled out.

"I hope so too" Tsubaki replied before moving to clean his member up.

'You know now that the girls know I'm aware of the supernatural it makes these late-night booty calls a lot easier to pull off.' Issei smirked mentally as Tsubaki cleaned his dick off

"Yes, but now the question is how far can you push the fallen."

"Agreed" Issei smiled. Whatever the fallen had planned would fail and when it did, Issei would get his revenge in a most erotic way.

(Scene Skip)

'This guy is driving me nuts' the fallen angel posing as Yuuma Amano thought to herself as she and Issei Hyoudou arrived at Kuoh Academy. When she began observing her, she figured he was a normal teenager and like many teenagers would fall easily to the whims of an attractive girl. She couldn't have been more wrong if she tried. Just like the afternoon before, they met at the bridge and they walked towards Issei's school but from the moment they started walking, Issei took advantage of having her close by. While they were alone his hand was practically glued to her ass as he fondled it above her skirt. It took practically all her effort not to moan and it was harder than she thought. Thankfully it was almost over for her, "Issei… we're almost at your school" she announced aware that soon people would be able to see them.

"So we are" Issei smiled before taking his hand from her rear at last. He was a bit disappointed that the fun was coming to an end but considering how much fun he had with her before, he could live with stopping now.

"Come to think of it I've got to go Issei. I'm glad I got to walk with you, but I don't want to be late myself." 'Yuuma' said in a bashful voice. The truth was that she wanted to leave and make sure nobody else saw her. The fewer people that saw her the better.

"Sure. We can't have you late for class." Issei smiled before pulling her into a heated kiss which the fallen accepted. As Issei pulled away, the fallen girl once again cursed Issei for being as good as he was.

"Bye" the fallen said bashfully as she moved to leave. It was a good thing for her that this charade was coming to an end soon because she doubted, she could endure his teasing for too much longer. If she had stayed around, she'd notice two boys come up to him.

"Hey Master, who is that girl you were just with." A black-haired boy with glasses said as he walked over to Issei causing her to curse.

"I'll tell you guys later." Issei smiled as he walked into campus.

"Damn him" the fallen cursed since she'd have to deal with the two boys later. For now, she just needed to get back to her base and get some proper relief.

(Scene Skip)

Normally, Issei loved Saturday's because it was orgy day. All he had to do was call his favorite love hotel and arrange a room and he'd be met by some of his non Kuoh lovers for some fun. Today was an exception due to his 'girlfriend' deciding that if he was going to feel her up as much as he did, and he did quite a bit of that during the week even if it was only her ass, they would need to go on a proper date soon. Issei agreed and he promised to meet her at 2 o clock in the afternoon. "This better be good, I was gonna call Momiji and have her bring some Nochizuri girls. She's so good at picking ones I like." Issei smiled. He was dressed in a blue suit jacket with black polo shirt with red and white on the collar, grey pants and dress shoes. His sacred gear was in a necklace underneath his shirt on standby in case he needed it for a fight.

"Partner you know this is a trap so why are we triggering it." Ddraig wondered.

"Well because I want to know what Rias is planning and sadly that means triggering the trap." Issei smiled wondering what was going to happen next. Out of nowhere, he felt a faint magic approach him and it caught him off guard.

"Here, take a flyer." A female voice said calmly before handing him a brown piece of paper. Looking towards the source of the voice, Issei saw an odd girl even by his standards. She had brown hair that framed her face almost like a curved fang with what he could only describe as a cosplay outfit. A red shirt that showed off a healthy cleavage with black on the side that reminded him of shortened wings a white skirt and a red bag.

'Well this isn't suspicious at all.' Issei replied before taking the flyer. When he saw the flyer, he noticed the symbols along with the phrase 'Your wish will be granted' and his eyes lit up in amusement.

"So that's the plan." Ddraig growled.

'Yep and somebody is going to pay for this later and I'm not talking about Yuuma.' Issei smiled aware of the significance of the circle. Placing it in his pocket he waited for Yuuma to arrive.

Yuuma arrived a few minutes after the odd girl left and she had a tired look on her face. Her outfit consisted of a short light purple top with a black dress underneath and a pink bag. "Sorry I'm late"

"It's okay Yuuma let's go" Issei smiled.

"…Okay" Yuuma replied hesitantly and the date began.

(Scene Skip)

'What the hell is going on.' The fallen angel that was disguised as Yuuma Amano said in disbelief. The whole week Issei couldn't keep his hands off her teasing her ass like it was his toy. They had a nice lunch and they even went shopping and to the arcade, but instead of acting like a total perv, Issei was acting like a gentleman. On one hand it meant that she didn't have to deal with his hands all over her for once, but she was planning to use his groping as further motivation for when she killed him. As they approached the fountain where she intended to end Issei's life she couldn't help but wonder. "Issei are you okay" Yuuma said nervously.

"I'm fine Yuuma. I just realized that I was being a creep and as your boyfriend you didn't deserve me treating you like that." Issei smiled.

"I see" Yuuma replied even more confused.

"Well I guess this is goodnight" Issei smiled as he walked away.

"Wait!" Yuuma shouted realizing that this was her moment and it was slipping her way.

"What's up" Issei said with a smile. He was certain she was going to make her move soon. It wasn't lost on him that Yuuma meant sunset and the sun was slowly setting behind him.

"it wouldn't feel right if we didn't end our first date with a kiss." Yuuma smiled. Something felt wrong but she had to lure him in or risk the whole plan going up in flames.

"Okay" Issei smiled as he walked over and pulled Yuuma in as usual. Just as he leaned into kiss her, he felt something stab him in the stomach.

"Goodbye Issei." Yuuma said with a darker smile as she slowly backed away. Before Issei's eyes cute Yuuma Amano transformed into a girl with more mature features including her breasts which went from a solid B- cup to a high C-Cup while her new outfit consisted of black, strap-like leather objects around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that ran right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots.

"Well this is a twist" Issei chuckled. He of course knew that she was really a fallen but seeing her outfit was another matter entirely.

"If you're going to blame somebody for what happened Issei. Blame God for giving you that sacred gear of yours." Yuuma replied

"Hey Yuuma." Issei said as he staggered to the ground a smile still on his face.

"What!" Yuuma replied with a scowl. The fact he was still alive was a bit disturbing, but she knew it wouldn't be much longer.

"You lose" Issei smiled. Before Yuuma could ask what he meant. Issei turned into a puff of smoke vanishing with the only thing remaining being a brown square.

Yuuma was furious but the brown square bothered her. When she realized what the circle was, her nerves became rage. "Damn you Issei Hyoudou." The fallen cursed flying away and trying to prepare for the next step. The fact her 'boyfriend' had a devil's summoning circle couldn't be good and that meant she had to be very careful.

(Hyoudou Household)

A smiling Issei felt his clone dispel and knew that things had gone as he expected. "Looks like Yuuma tried to kill me after all. Shame she failed for both her and Rias" Issei smiled as he sat in his room in a more relaxed outfit of a red jacket with black shirt underneath and matching black pants along with a pair of black shoes. While they were at the arcade, Issei managed to sneak away and make a clone of himself to continue the date while the real Issei teleported home. The 'flyer' that the odd girl gave him was a summoning circle and no doubt Rias figured he would summon her with his dying thoughts. It was a nasty little plan and one he'd make her regret having later.

"Yes, and it's time we return the favor. At least to your ex" Ddraig smiled.

"That's the plan" Issei chuckled as he opened his door to leave.

"Mom dad, I'm headed for a walk. If anybody comes to see me, tell them I'll be back soon" Issei smiled viciously. It wouldn't be long before Rias realized her plan failed and she would act.

"Got it" Issei's father replied calmly as Issei opened the door to the house and left.

Issei took a quick look around to make sure he was alone before activating his magic circle and in moments he was in front of the church. "Poor Irina, if only she could see this church now." Issei smiled before walking through the main gate.

"It looks like there are only a few presences inside. One of them is your girlfriend and 3 other Fallen. I figured they'd have more than this"

"Less enemies means less people to deal with before I have my chat with Yuuma." Issei smiled as he walked through the door of the church. His focus quickly turned to the alter and the single person waiting for him.

"Hmm. Aren't you that human that Raynare failed to kill?" The man replied. He was a tall middle-aged man with a grey suit and a black fedora.

"Yes I am, but since she was such a lovely girlfriend I figured I'd give her a second chance. I hope you don't mind." Issei smiled.

"Hmph, suit yourself. Your no threat to me anyway." The man said arrogantly before opening the pew and walking down no doubt to alert Raynare to his presence.

"Should we prepare to fight."

"No because I have a feeling my darling Yuuma or rather Raynare is more interested in something else." Issei smiled viciously.

"Partner don't mess around. She'll be on her guard this time." Ddraig remind her.

"Fine." Issei shrugged activating his boosted gear. Fortunately, or unfortunately for him, Raynare appeared from the pew seconds later. Raynare was in the same outfit she was in at the end of their date though her wings weren't out.

"You know you might be the clingiest guy I've ever dated Issei." Raynare smiled viciously.

"Says the girl who seemed disappointed I didn't spend our date with my hand on your ass. Did you get so used to my touch on our walks that it bothered you when I did nothing during our date." Issei retorted.

"Like the touch from a pathetic human like you would ever do anything to me!" Raynare said angrily failing to hide the blush on her face.

"Care to make a wager then." Issei smiled realizing that he could make this more fun for him after all.

"What kind of wager." Raynare growled.

Issei's grin couldn't get wider since he had her right where he wanted her, "I get to touch you however I want using just my hands. If I lose, you get to stab me with your spear and this time there's no clone to interfere. If I win, I get to return the favor if you know what I mean." Issei smiled lustfully.

"Raynare looked at Issei like he was crazy, "How do I know that you're not some after image or clone like the one from the end on our date." Raynare countered

"Well you don't but it wouldn't matter. You can't kill me" Issei smiled.

"Oh really" Raynare replied haughtily.

"That's right my dear Yuuma" Issei smiled before focusing his killing intent on the fallen. Raynare's confident expression faded instantly and she realized how screwed she was. The young man in front of her could kill her in an instant and there was no stopping him which explained why he teased her so much. The worst part was that, she was aroused by power and her boyfriend had it in spades.

"You don't need to bother trying to make me orgasm Issei. I'm yours." Raynare admitted with a bit of a blush as she lowered her hands in defeat.

"Then come over here Yuuma and I can show you what my hands can really do." Issei smiled happily knowing he had her.

Yuuma merely nodded and walked over to Issei before stopping in front of him. A smiling Issei simply put his hand on Raynare's cheek before leaning in to kiss her once again. It didn't take long for her lips to part and a smiling Issei snaked his tongue in quickly dominating the kiss.

'He really is a great kisser.' Raynare thought to herself before deciding to take things up a notch using her own experience since she didn't have to act like an innocent schoolgirl anymore. Raynare's arms flew up and wrapped around Issei's head pulling him into the kiss before she attempted to slide her tongue into his mouth.

'Looks like somebody's getting into this' Issei thought to himself as Raynare and he clashed tongues in a heated exchange that lasted close to two minutes before Raynare pulled away.

"Not bad for a human." Raynare smiled letting her hands drop to around issei's stomach. A part of her deep down knew she might be able to snap his neck if she tried, but at this point she just wanted to see if all his antics were perversion or skill.

"Thank you but we're just getting started." Issei smiled as he grabbed Raynare and spun her body so he was behind her, something Raynare was helpless to stop.

"What are you. AHH" Raynare cried as Issei's hands instantly went for her massive orbs grabbing the flesh above the two straps that hid her nipples from the world.

"You have such lovely breasts and I wanted to enjoy them for a bit. Especially since this outfit shows them off so beautifully" Issei smiled sliding the fabric off her nipples exposing them before he began fondling her breasts and planting kisses on her neck.

"Issei! Keep going" Raynare cried out not expecting this level of skill.

"Oh I will. I'm just getting started with this wonderful body of yours" Issei smiled as he right hand slowly slid down her body quickly sliding underneath the flimsy leather holding it and into Raynare's snatch.

"AHH" Raynare moaned as Issei's relentless assault continued causing her to feel an arousal that she didn't know was possible. Fallen were creatures of lust and it was exceptionally difficult to get one off but Issei was doing it perfectly. True his power had lowered her guard but not enough for him to dominate her as easily as he had.

"How does it feel Raynare. To know that a lowly human is driving you insane." Issei smiled. Even though he could use Ddraig's power anytime, he figured making Raynare scream on his own was enough. Then again if she did try something, he could make her pay.

"It feels so good. Issei you're driving me crazy!" Raynare moaned. A part of her was nervous that the others would hear her but considering their personalities it would just make things more interesting.

"Then how about I really drive you nuts" Issei smiled. 'Hey Ddraig, give me about five boosts and send them to my fingers' Issei said mentally. Since his boosted gear was active, he had plenty of use and Raynare wouldn't know what hit her when he used them.


"What do you AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Raynare screamed as Issei pinched her left nipple and her clit at the same time causing an intense orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced. Raynare simply fell to her knees with her juices flowing from her pussy/

Issei smiled viciously at the state of his ex and he was about to undo his pants when the underground pew opened. 'I guess I had a little too much fun' Issei mentally cursed but that changed when he saw who walked out. The first person was a tall and buxom woman with brown eyes and long, navy blue hair that obscured her right eye. She was wearing a maroon, trenchcoat-like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes. The trenchcoat top was open at her chest, giving view to her breasts and cleavage. She also wore a gold necklace around her neck. The second women appeared to be about his age with blonde hair that was tied into twintails and blue eyes. She wore a black gothic lolita dress with white frills and a black bow in the front with a green jewel on the collar. He couldn't really tell because of the dress but he imagined she was around a mid B Cup.

As the two girls looked at the scene in front of them, they were stunned by what they saw. "I can't believe a human did that to Raynare?" the Blue haired one said in disbelief. The fact he was here was another matter entirely but seeing the state of their comrade was a bit more interesting.

"I'm just that good. I could give you girls the same treatment if you want." Issei smiled. He had enough boosts to give each of them an instant orgasm and have a little left over.

"Hmph he's bluffing." The blonde cursed.

As humiliating as this was, Raynare smiled since she knew what Issei was capable of, "Why don't you give Mittelt and Kalawarner a taste of what you can do Issei? Trust me they'd love it" Raynare smiled.

"Alright but whose first." Issei smiled wolfishly enjoying the prospect.

"Hmph I'll go since there's no way he can do it. I'm Mittelt by the way." The blonde said confidently stopping five feet in front of Raynare so she had room to enjoy his supposed skill.

"Very well" Issei smiled making his way towards the blonde moving behind her as he had Raynare.

"Show me what you've…KYAAAA!" Mittelt roared as Issei quickly reached around and found her nipples pinching them hard and leading to an instant orgasm that brought her to her knees.

"Damn" Issei said in disbelief at the ease with which he was able to make the girl orgasm and the actual volume of her breasts. What he thought were mid B-Cup breasts were actually High C's also. The fact he got her to cum so easily was another matter.

"Who are you?" Mittelt moaned the juices flowing down her legs hidden by her dress but unlike Raynare she managed to stay upright.

"Issei Hyoudou."

"Well Issei Hyoudou, I guess it's my turn" Kalawarner smiled walking towards her stopping right next to Mittelt.

A grinning Issei followed the same pattern from before reaching behind Kalawarner and pinching her nipples. Just as before he got the same effect.

"Oh YESSS!" Kalawarner moaned her orgasm arriving as easily as the others. As the three Fallen lied in front of him with pleased expressions on their faces, Issei could barely hold back a smile since he was just getting started.

"So girls, there's one of me and three of you. How do you want to do this" Issei smiled allowing his aura to flow around the church causing the arousal of the three fallen to grow even more.

The three fallen looked at each other before nodding and getting to their feet. In a flash all three of them were naked and they knew exactly what they wanted, "We're going to treat you really good Issei" Raynare smiled.

"Yeah but first we've gotta do something about those pesky clothes of yours" Mittelt added walking behind Issei and pulling off jacket tossing it to the side with his shirt not far behind revealing his upper body and his necklace.

"Wait a minute what's with this necklace." Raynare said in disbelief never having seen it before.

Issei smiled before focusing on the necklace as it revealed its true form.

"You've gotta be kidding me. He's the Red Dragon Emperor" Mittelt said in disbelief.

"Yep but enough talking let's get to fucking." Issei smiled dispelling his gauntlet completely so he could really have some fun with the three fallen.

"You don't have to tell me twice" Raynare smiled pulling his pants and boxers down with ease and revealing his massive member.

"Strong and a big dick." You sure know how to pick em Raynare" Mittelt smiled pulling Issei into a heated kiss which Issei gladly reciprocated.

"Back off Mittelt he's mine" Raynare frowned wrapping her lips around his member with ease in order to get the brunette focused on him again.

"That's fine but you are going to let us enjoy him right" Kalawarner smiled.

"Yes, but just this once" Raynare replied before wrapping her massive breasts around Issei's prick. As the fallen girls continued to pleasure him Issei couldn't believe how well things turned out.

"Damn that's good" Issei smiled enjoying the moment but he had to admit he was more focused on Kalawarner's lips on his body then Yuuma's breasts on his member.

"How about I help" Kalawarner said in a sultry voice before moving to the right side of Issei's dick.

"Mind if get in on that" Mittelt protested and now it was on.

'This must be what heaven feels like' Issei smiled happily to himself as the massive breasts of the three Fallen surrounded his prick. The combination of their breasts and tongues surpassed anything he had ever enjoyed which was saying something and if they chose this time to ambush him, he would die with a smile on his face.

"I'd say he likes it" Mittelt smiled.

"Of course. He might be the Red Dragon Emperor but he's still a human." Kalawarner protested.

"You know I'm right here" Issei smiled.

"And you know that you should be grateful that we haven't chopped your dick off or worse." Kalawarner smiled.

'Touché' Issei chuckled and the girls continued their movements for another few minutes before Issei reached his limit.

"You're about to cum huh Issei" Raynare smiled feeling the throbbing of his dick.

"Oh yeah" Issei smiled happily.

"Then cum. Spray us with your seed." Mittelt said warmly.

"With pleasure" Issei smiled as his limit arrived spraying his goo all over the breasts of the fallen somehow avoiding their hair

"That was incredible" Kalawarner said in disbelief at the massive release.

"Yeah and he's still rock hard" Mittelt gasped seeing Issei going strong.

"And that big dick is all for me." Raynare smiled before spinning into the doggystyle position and spreading her lower lips for Issei.

"Looks like Raynare's first" Issei smiled lining up his member with her soaked entrance.

"What about us" Mittelt complained.

"Why don't you two compete with each other for the right to be fucked by me next. A sixty-nine competition will do" Issei smiled.

"Issei, you should be focusing on ME!" Raynare screamed as Issei slid into her at last.

"Damn that's tight" Issei smiled as he began moving inside his former girlfriend.

"Oh yes! This is so good!" Raynare screamed with pleasure as Issei moved inside her.

The two fallen angels looked at each other and nodded before Mittelt sat on the cold ground and Kalawarner got on top of her.

"That's what I'm talking about" Issei smiled as he watched the scene while continuing to move inside of Raynare.

"Pervert" Raynare pouted aware that Issei got even bigger inside of her due to the sight of her friends.

"We're all perverts Raynare. It's being a fallen 101" Mittelt smiled.

"Less talking more licking unless you wanna lose out." Kalwarner taunted.

"Right" Mittelt smiled as she began licking the snatch of her fellow fallen.

As much as Issei was enjoying the display there was a part of him who did want to wrap things up, "Actually girls I've got a better idea for everyone since it's getting late." Issei smiled. It was only a matter of time till Rias or another devil came looking for him and he did want to wrap things up beforehand.

"What did you have in mind." Mittelt wondered clearly eager for a chance at him if she could help it.

Issei smiled before focusing his magic and the three fallen looked in shock as two more Issei's appeared naked and ready to go. "How's this" Issei smiled.

"Works for us" Mittelt and Kalawarner moaned happily before getting off each other and onto their own Issei. The sounds of sex filled the hall and what started as a conflict and become yet another orgy for the Red Dragon Emperor.

(Scene Skip)

A smiling Issei made his way home at last with the orgy complete. Two hours of fucking left the fallen a pile of orgasmic goo with his seed in the pussies and ass of each of them. In truth he went overboard.

"Another successful Saturday for you huh partner. Though this time it was three fallen who I'm sure will be eager for another visit from you sooner or later" Ddraig chuckled as Issei.

"Yeah but my walk lasted a little too long." Issei groaned.

"You'll be fine. If anything, I'm curious what you'll do about-" Ddraig started to say before they arrived a block away.

"Please tell me your pause doesn't mean what I think it means" Issei groaned as he approached his home.

"Sorry to say but it does partner. A certain devil is waiting for you" Ddraig groaned.

'Got it' Issei frowned as he opened the door and called out to his parents. "Mom Dad, I'm home."

"There's a young woman waiting for you in your room. Luckily for you it's only been an hour" Issei's mom announced.

"Thanks" Issei deadpanned. Opening his door, his eyes quickly moved to his bed and the young woman standing in front of it. Rias Gremory, the leader of the ORC and one of Kuoh's great ladies. She was a truly beautiful young lady with white skin, long red hair, and blue eyes that shone in the night. The purple t-shirt that barely held her breasts together was a sight to behold and the pair of black shorts further emphasized her incredible body. Normally Issei would've loved to see the sight in front of him because it would mean those clothes would be coming off and he would be sleeping with her.

"Hello there Issei. I believe you and I need to have a chat." Rias said calmly.

"Well I don't" Issei said calmly before vanishing in a flash so quick that Rias couldn't even react before he slammed her in the gut with a powerful right hook.

'Looks like Sona was right' Rias thought to herself as she fell back onto his bed her consciousness fading after a single punch.


"You what!" Sona exclaimed with a look of disbelief on her face.

"You heard me Sona. I gave Issei a contract circle right before his date with the Fallen Angel. I figured she would kill him and then I could make him my servant."

"Oh, I heard what you said but I can't believe you were so stupid Rias."

"I don't see the problem." Rias replied innocently.

"The problem, is that Issei is the Red Dragon Emperor and he's had his power for some time." Sona revealed

"How do you know that?" Rias asked skeptically.

"Momo found out a when they were having sex recently." Sona admitted with a blush.

"Wait what!" Rias said in disbelief.

"The last time they had sex, Momo learned that Issei's legendary sex necklace was just him using the boosted gear to boost the pleasure of the girls he was with. Not only that, Momo recalled seeing the same necklace in middle school"

"When were you going to tell me that your bishop was sleeping with Issei."

"Focus Rias!" Sona chided. "That means that Issei's had his powers for at least 3 years if not longer and that means he's probably too powerful for you to reincarnate. It also means he knows what you planned to have happen to him.

"Then I need to talk to him." Rias insisted.

"That's a very bad idea Rias." Sona warned.

"It'll be fine." Rias replied calmly before leaving to go to Issei's house.

(Flashback End)

As Rias lied on his bed unconscious Issei grabbed his phone and sent a text to Momo figuring that she could deal with Rias for him. A few minutes later a magic circle appeared in his room, but it wasn't Momo who appeared, it was Sona Sitri herself. She quickly saw the state of her friend and it didn't take much to figure out what happened.

"I warned you Rias." Sona frowned.

"I believe I called Momo to come pick Rias up." Issei deadpanned.

"You did but after Rias left to see you, I told Momo Reya or Tsubaki to contact me if you got a hold of them. I figured it would be easier for all parties if I spoke to you" Sona revealed.

"Then talk" Issei said with a hint of annoyance.

"As you're aware Momo Reya Tsubaki are my servants and if Rias's plan had come to fruition you would've become one of hers."

"Yes, but it didn't and now Rias is unconscious on my bed and you're clearly here to do damage control."

Sona had the nerve to look away since it was the truth, "I want to make it clear that none of my group or me was aware of what Rias was planning. Looking back, I should've been more careful especially when Momo mentioned that you had a second stalker. I just wanted to apologize for letting it come to this"

"Well consider yourselves forgiven. Now get her out of my sight." Issei said coldly.

"I'm surprised you're so forgiving." Sona said skeptically.

"I spent the last few hours enjoying a foursome with my lovely ex and two other gorgeous fallen that were at the church. Since it was thanks to Rias's screw up that I was able to enjoy it, I was in a forgiving mood." Issei smiled.

"I see" Sona blushed not expecting that to happen.

"Now get her out of here. I need to get to sleep and I can't do that with Rias draped over my bed." Issei deadpanned.

"Alright" Sona replied before grabbing her friend and heaving her over her shoulder.

"Impressive. I wouldn't have guessed you were strong enough to do that?" Issei teased. Sona didn't respond but simply vanished via her magic circle bringing the night to an awkward end.