Chapter 24

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(Class 2-A)

A smiling Issei sat in homeroom ready to start yet another chaotic day of class. It's been two weeks since Irina's return to Kuoh and luckily for him, things finally seemed to calm down in the supernatural world. Summer break was only a week away and for Issei it meant that his schedule was going to open up significantly something that his classmates were well aware of, "Hey Issei, what's going to happen to your schedule now that we don't have school." Murayama wondered.

"She's got a point. You lose your lunch dates, PLUS you can't visit a club like usual. How is Hottie Magnet Hyoudou going to spend his day?" Misao smiled.

"As I've said before, that's Momo's job to figure out. I leave the details to her and let her tell me once she's decided what to do. What I will say, is that It opens plenty of things up for me." Issei answered.

"Speaking of Momo, what the hell happened between you two. Momo was fired on a Saturday and by the middle of the very next week she had the job back. What in the world happened between you two?" Misao questioned.

Issei groaned because he didn't really want to discuss this, "That's between Momo and me."

"I think it has something to do with Rias Gremory." Kiryuu smiled.

"Why do you say that Kiryuu?" Murayama asked curiously.

"Because even though he has a ton of their members as a part of his website, the ORC is not one of the clubs that are eligible for 'Issei club fun'." Kiryuu smiled causing Issei to twitch. 'Issei club fun' was his visits to each of the clubs with girls in his harem, which was most of the clubs in the school admittedly.

"Which ones" Motohama continued curious about that.

Issei wanted to stop her but it was too late, "Our dear classmates Raynare, Xenovia, Irina, that first year Ravel Phenex, Akeno Himejima and the Hinotori sisters." Kiryuu smiled.

(AN: Ravel Karlamine and Xuelan are listed as members of the ORC in the registration since they can't be a part of the Council without elections. They go there obviously but for the purposes of registration they are ORC members)

"Aren't you're forgetting somebody Kiryuu. You didn't mention their leader Rias Gremory" Yamato chuckled.

"Funny story actually. Issei ISN'T sleeping with Rias Gremory and that's what leads me to believe that the issue has something to do with her."

"Let me guess. He tried to get Momo to get him a date with Rias and the Gremory princess turned him down, hence why she got fired." Yamato smirked.

"If anything, it's the opposite really. Rias is very interested in Issei, but the person who isn't allowing anything is our boy here" Raynare spoke up causing everyone to stare at her in disbelief.

"I'm confused. If Rias is interested in him there's no reason for him not to be sleeping with her." Katase spoke up.

"Don't look at me. All I know is Red is into our boy here but he's not biting." Raynare smiled as everyone stared at Issei.

'Why you little.' Issei groaned knowing how this would look. "We can discuss my love life another day. In the end, my reasons for firing Momo are between us and it's staying that way. As for me and Rias, she's been very insistent on me joining the ORC and I've turned her down on a few occasions because if I did, 'Issei club fun' would vanish." Issei explained.

"Got it" Katase replied appreciating that little tidbit. There was a bit of an unwritten agreement amongst the girls not to invite Issei to join a club due to that very fact.

"I still don't get it. I'm sure if you work that magic of yours, you can join the club and still have those days without too much effort. I know that I certainly would if I was you" Yamato suggests

"You know that might've been the smartest thing I ever heard you say Yamato." Issei chuckled at the response. It wasn't happening, but it was an impressive thought.

"Whatever" Yamato chuckled. Azazel picked that moment to walk in tabling the discussion for another day.

(Scene Skip)

Issei left the Art club with a smile on his face after another successful club visit but as he made his way to the entrance to the school he found Rias waiting for him, "Can we talk for a bit" Rias said bashfully. Her usual arrogance was gone and that was good enough for him to at least consider it.

"Sure, but let's do it right here." Issei smiled.

"Okay" Rias said happily. She was glad he was giving her a chance considering everything that happened.

"I've heard that you and Sona are taking your peerages to the Underworld for summer vacation." Issei said calmly. Irina mentioned that she'd be going with Rias's family as a guest which suited him fine.

"That's right our families will want to meet up and see how things are going. Plus, it gives us a perfect chance to gather the other young devils to talk about what's happened."

"Other young devils." Issei frowned not liking that idea one bit.

Rias didn't like that frown, "Is there something you're not telling me Issei." Rias wondered.

"There are many things I'm not telling you, but in this particular case I'm thinking about what happened with Asia." Issei frowned.

"Huh?" Rias spoke up.

"Nevermind" Issei frowned not liking this at all. If Rias didn't know, he wasn't going to tell her about his suspicions.

Rias didn't like that something was being hidden from her, but Issei wasn't going to tell her if he didn't want to, "Back to the topic at hand. We'll need you to make an appearance at that meeting."

"That's fine. I'll be at the meeting but probably won't spend time with others outside of that." Issei replied.

"I see" Rias sighed. It was as good as she was going to get.

"If that's all, I need to get going." Issei replied calmly.

"Of course" Rias nodded and Issei made his way home. It was the most peaceful conversation they had for some time, but Rias still didn't like how things played out.

(Scene Skip)

After another pleasant date, Issei opened the door to his home and walked in to find Rias sitting in his living room and she wasn't happy, 'Oh boy' Issei groaned.

"So, when were you going to tell me about Asia?" Rias scowled.

'Don't tell me she just now found out?' Issei thought to himself. "What are you talking about Rias?" Issei said innocently.

"About how the person who had Asia kicked out was a young devil, potentially one who I'll be seeing this summer." Rias spoke up.

Issei cursed internally since he never discussed THAT aspect with anybody. He didn't care about the supernatural and because of that he let things take care of itself in most cases. Clearly, he had some explaining to do, "Thanks to Mittelt, I knew that her group was an intermediary for a devil, and I mentioned as much to Sona. Your brother and Zaz confirmed that a devil was involved, but that's as far as I got."

"And yet nobody thought to tell me about it?" Rias complained.

"Yes, because there wasn't enough information. Raynare and her team didn't know who it was otherwise the person would've been dealt with. You couldn't do anything about it, so there was no point in telling you." Issei replied.

Rias held back a curse since he was right, "So what should I do? I could be bringing Asia towards the person who ruined her life." Rias asked hoping for an answer.

"You shouldn't think about it for right now. The person who did that to Asia isn't aware of how much you guys actually know about him. Because of that we have an advantage." Issei replied.


"You can't act on information you don't have, that's information 101. Considering that devil worked with fallen angels and exorcists before we made peace, he would've been dealt with." Issei replied.

Rias sighed because she didn't like this at all, "I don't like it but okay."

Issei could tell Rias was angry and under the circumstances he couldn't blame her. Remembering Karlamine's advice, Issei decided it was time to bury the hatchet, "Come with me Rias" Issei smiled as he got up and started walking towards the stairs.

"Where are we going?" Rias said in confusion.

"Well, we're going to my room." Issei replied.

"HUH!?" Rias replied in confusion. She couldn't believe that he was actually bringing her to his room. She sat in the living room because she never expected him to actually do anything to her.

"You coming, or not?" Issei replied again.

"YES!" Rias shouted and walked behind him. As they approached his room many thoughts were swirling through Rias's mind and even as they walked into his room, Rias still wasn't sure what to think.

"If you don't mind Rias, please sit on my bed for the moment." Issei said calmly as he sat down at his chair.

"So are we…" Rias asked wondering if Issei was going to finally sleep with her.

"That depends on you." Issei replied.

"What do you mean by that?" Rias wondered.

"How much do you know about my system as Hottie Magnet Hyoudou?" Issei explained.

"Not very much I'm afraid." Rias admitted shamefully.

"I see" Issei frowned before taking a deep breath and focusing on his computer.

"What are you doing?" Rias wondered as Issei logged onto the internet and quickly got onto the website that the girls created for him.

"Come over here. You can stand behind me" Issei instructed and despite her comment being ignored, Rias got behind Issei.

"Any girl who shows interest in me, no matter what school they go to, is sent to this website in order to create an account. After the account is created, the girls go through a vetting system. If everything checks out, the manager for their school then figures out when they get some time with me." Issei explained.

"You actually vet the girls." Rias said in disbelief.

"I don't do it myself, but the managers have assigned certain criteria for the girls and if they don't match, they don't get in." Issei explained.

"What are the criteria." Rias wondered.

"See for yourself. I've pulled up an application" Issei smiled before motioning to the screen.

Rias looked at the screen and frowned, "I assume you want me to fill it out."

"Yes." Issei replied before getting up from his seat so Rias could sit down.

Rias sat down carefully and looked over the application. The first page was simply name school and classroom along with a few questions about likes and dislikes. Rias filled it out for herself and then moved on. The second page was questions and they were focused on the person's relationship status, but one question stood out, "Why do you have a question asking if the girl has a male childhood friend" Rias wondered.

"Irina" Issei replied simply.

"How? As far as they knew, Irina was never coming back." Rias questioned.

"The girls who were behind the website always feared Irina, and they wanted to eliminate any chance of me being reminded of her. Back in middle school there was a lot of pillow talk and the girls feared that someone who didn't know my history, would vent about their frustrations with a male childhood friend. That would naturally remind me of Irina and was something that could derail everything" Issei explained. It wasn't lost on Issei that these questions existed before he resumed being Hottie Magnet Hyoudou in Kuoh which meant it was before the Hiatus.

"I see" Rias replied shuddering at the idea that one girl could derail everything. Answering those questions, she got to what appeared to be an agreement of sorts. It was a basic contract saying that as long as they followed three rules they would be accepted. First rule was that any intimacy between you two would be done under the conditions set forth by the managers. The second rule was that you were forbidden from asking Issei to be your girlfriend. The final rule was that you couldn't tell any relatives about your relationship with Issei or about Hottie Magnet Hyoudou.

"Impressive isn't it" Issei chuckled recalling the first time he saw the words.

"So that's why you rejected me?" Rias sighed. She always wondered why Issei was so antagonistic towards her and it was staring her in the face. Issei was a man of the people and although most girls wanted to monopolize him, none of them did. The contract practically banned anybody from monopolizing him and she suspected most girls agreed since that was the best way to get what they want. It was actually impressive that he got so many girls to agree to the rules in the first place.

"Sort of. I knew a little about devil politics and because of that I knew that sleeping with you or Sona was a bad idea hence why I never pursued you girls despite how attractive I think you are"

"Yet had sex with Sona who's in the same position as I am." Rias countered ignoring the fact he at least admitted she was attractive.

"Sona knew about Hottie Magnet Hyoudou and allowed it to happen even though she was in the best position of anybody to nip it in the bud as student council president."

"Even though she probably did what she did to make it easier for you to become her servant down the road" Rias protested.

"I'm not so sure about that."

"What makes you say that" Rias huffed.

"If she wanted to, she could've easily used Momo and the website as a hostage to get me to join her peerage. She would get a massive source of contracts that she could exploit along with a powerful servant, but she never tried. Instead, she allowed me and Momo to continue our relationship and used her influence as council president to make sure I could be Hottie Magnet Hyoudou without any issues that would derail it" Issei shrugged.

"Good point" Rias admitted.

"So, are you going to finishing filling it out." Issei smiled.

"Afraid not" Rias said bitterly before exiting the website and getting up to face Issei who was pleasantly surprised.

"Am I missing something." Issei smiled.

"Momo would've never approved my application" Rias said bitterly before leaving via a teleportation circle. Issei was a bit caught off guard but there was nothing he could do about it now.

(Scene Skip)

The last day of school before summer break had arrived and the last few days had been a thrill to say the least. With school out for the summer the clubs, would lose their Issei time, but the girls wanted one last piece of Issei before they left. Instead of a schoolwide orgy, which would've been practically impossible to manage without revealing the supernatural. Momo arranged an event sponsored by the Photography club that would do the job. Each of the club that were involved with Issei, would gather their girls for a special photo shoot with Issei where each member could take any type of photo that they wanted, along with a group photo to act as material for the girls to hold themselves over during the summer. It was held it over 3 days with Issei going to each of the clubrooms and taking the photos. It also served as an apology of sorts to Kiryuu who was the head of the Photography club and the one caught up in Issei's drama with the student council. Issei was currently in the sex clubroom doing his final photo shoot, the student council and friends. "You guys ready?" Kiryuu smiled as she set up the final group photo. Issei was in the middle of a large brown couch with the naked members of the student council posed around him. Sona sat on Issei's lap with Reya and Momo sprawled on her left and right legs respectively. Tsubaki was above Issei with her bare breasts on Issei's head and on the floor were Ravel Karlamine and Xuelan with Ravel sitting at Sona's feet in a seiza with Karlamine and Xuelan lying on her left and right legs respectfully with Ravel's hand on their heads petting them. Saji Ruruko and Tsubasa took care of council duties in the meantime. A part of Kiryuu wanted to ask why Ravel Karlamine and Xuelan were there since they were members of the ORC, but she also knew that asking was more trouble than it was worth.

"Yeah" Issei smiled his dick currently nestled between Sona's ass cheeks.

"Then let's do it" Kiryuu smiled taking the photo.

"Thank you Kiryuu. Now if you don't mind, we'd like one final moment with Issei." Sona smiled.

"And by we, she means her since she has his dick against her ass." Momo chuckled.

"Whatever." Sona huffed the blush on her face hard to ignore.

"I know when I'm no longer needed." Kiryuu smiled before leaving to prepare the newest photos.

With Kiryuu gone the girls got off Issei aside from Sona, "So Issei, got a few more loads in you?" Sona smiled.

"I've got a few shots left but I want to ask Momo a question before we do." Issei said calmly. It was his first meeting with the council since his talk with Rias and something she mentioned surprised him.

"What's up" Momo said calmly.

"If Rias applied to be a member of the website, would you accept her."

"Absolutely not!" Momo said quickly and with venom in her voice.

'There's a surprise.' Issei thought to himself. Momo was never this angry. "Care to explain why?"

It was Sona who spoke up, "Did you know that Momo has only made two requests of me since she became a devil."

"I'm assuming one was to allow her to continue her duties as my manager."

"Correct. The second one was that you weren't added to my peerage or Rias's." Sona revealed causing Issei's eyes to narrow.

"Hold on. I was under the impression that I was supposed to originally join your peerage while Saji joined Rias. It was only because Riser made his move sooner that she made a move for me." Issei said in confusion.

"Not quite" Sona frowned.

"Explain" Issei insisted.

"Originally that was the plan, but Momo made that request of me and I agreed since Momo was my most loyal servant next to Tsubaki."

"And yet you added Saji" Issei said in confusion.

"A few days before the student council elections, Saji somehow summoned me to his room and I was forced to explain the supernatural to him. As furious as I was, I was obligated to fulfill the contract and he asked that in addition to joining the council he become my servant. I naturally agreed and since I 'took' Rias's servant she was free to go after you. A few days later, I asked Saji how he got the circle and discovered that Rias's familiar gave it to him." Sona scowled recalling the memory.

"In other words, Rias tricked Sona into taking Saji in order to go after the much stronger Issei" Ravel frowned. It was a ruthless tactic for sure.

"Yes, but that's enough talking about the past. I want to feel Issei inside of me right now" Sona insisted ending the conversation. It wasn't lost on Sona that Issei stayed hard the whole time despite the brutal conversation and she was eager to put that hard-on to good use.

"I can agree with that" Issei smiled as he grabbed Sona by the hips and pulled her up freeing his member to slide inside of her.

"Poor Rias. She'll never get to really enjoy this big dick of yours Issei" Momo smiled as she walked up to the coupling pair and slid in between her legs.

"Or enjoy his skilled tongue." Tsubaki smiled moving behind Issei and allowing him to tease her nipples with said tongue.

"Or his skilled hands" Karlamine and Xuelan said as they took their places to the side of Issei so he could fondle them with Xuelan sticking her ass out for Issei to his left side while Karlamine took his right and put his hands onto her boobs.

"Something like that" Issei chuckled. Apparently, the girls didn't know about what he did to Rias back when she wanted his trust after the Riser situation was resolved. Given what he learned, he doubted they'd have stopped him and probably given him more brutal ideas.

"We should take a photo for Rias" Ravel smiled getting a nasty idea.

"Sounds… good" Sona moaned. Ravel went over to her clothes and grabbed her phone before walking back over to the group of fornicating teens.

"Say Issei everybody" Ravel smiled taking a private photo to tease the other heiress.

"Issei!" the girl smiled as another flash arrived. They would spend another hour taking photos to taunt Rias and it was a perfect way to remind Rias what her actions cost her. Sona also sent a few to her sister as payback for nearly ruining everything and she was certain that as angry as she'd be, her sister would be equally turned on. All's well that ends well as far as she was concerned.

(Scene Skip)

Issei's summer began with him at the London mansion of his Nochizuri lover Cecelia. In her latest attempt to try and take the role of harem manager from Momiji Cecelia scheduled a trip for her, Issei and thirty of his Nochizuri lovers to England and a stay in her private mansion. Issei was currently in a pair of red trunks lying on a chair in the indoor pool area of Cecelia's mansion which featured two Olympic size pools one for swimming and one for laps along with a hot tub. "So Issei dear, how do you like my mansion" Cecelia smiled as she walked by him wearing an ice blue bikini that suited her slim frame wonderfully.

"It's amazing Cecelia, but right now I'm trying to relax."

"Of course. You need your energy for your next session." Cecelia smiled.

"Yes, I do. Remind me to thank Momiji later for this lovely experience." Issei chuckled.

"Why should you thank her. I'm the one whose providing everything." Cecelia huffed.

"Because the girls only went along with it because I gave them permission." Momiji smiled walking over in a black racing suit.

"What's that supposed to mean." Cecelia huffed.

"Have you forgotten that any intimacy between the harem members has to go through me first Cecelia. That's why it took everyone a few days to agree to your little scheme." Momiji chuckled.

"Why you!" Cecelia frowned.

"That's enough you two. Work out any issues you have with one another later because if I remember correctly, I have 4 more girls to please soon and I want to relax for a little bit." Issei chastised. His schedule was filled with time for him to enjoy each of the girls but since they only had a week his stamina would be pushed to the limit.

"Fine. We'll settle our differences later." Cecelia huffed before leaving Issei to relax.

"She's something isn't she" Momiji smiled.

"Yes she is, but like I said I'm trying to relax." Issei replied.

"That's fine but only after you take care of the person waiting for you in your bedroom. FYI, I scheduled this one myself and Cecelia has no idea about it" Momiji smiled.

Issei raised his eyebrow since Momiji instructed the girls on the trip to follow whatever plan Cecelia came up with. The fact this was a private appointment was an interesting situation, "Very well" Issei replied as he got up to deal with whatever Momiji had planned for him.

'So much for relaxation' Ddraig chuckled.

'Shut it' issei deadpanned.

(Scene Skip)

It was a pretty long walk through the mansion to the private room that was prepped for Issei and he had to shoo away a few girls who wanted to have some fun outside of their allotted time, but he finally arrived at his door. His room was just what you'd expect for a grand room with a king-sized bed so he had more than enough space for multiple girls a large TV which he probably wouldn't use that much and a dresser for his clothes. Opening the door, he was met by a face he certainly didn't expect to see, "Well this is a surprise. I figured the next time we meet in person would be as enemies Jeanne." Issei smiled as he stared at the blonde swordswoman dressed in the Nochizuri uniform instead of a bikini like everyone else

"I wanted it that way, but Momiji had other ideas. I should've dropped out like Cao Cao said, but I felt guilty." Jeanne scowled.

"So, your groups leader is named Cao Cao huh?" Issei smiled causing Jeanne's eyes to widen.

"Damn it, this is why I didn't want to do this." Jeanne pouted. Issei made her lose focus in the worst way and now she had revealed something she really shouldn't have.

Issei was aware of Jeanne's concern but she and him shared a similar fate, "So tell me, what made you join this group of yours in the first place." Issei wondered. They never really discussed that before and now was as good a time as any.

"My mother was killed by a Fallen Angel when I was 10 and that same monster would've killed me if my sacred gear hadn't awoken. My father was a retired member of my organization and after my mother's death we moved to Japan to get away from everything. While I was in middle school, he helped me learn to use my sacred gear and taught me everything I know about swordsmanship and kendo"

"Where's your father now." Issei wondered.

"Probably relaxing at home. I admittedly don't talk to him much outside of giving him updates on school."

"Does dear old dad know about me." Issei said cheekily.

"No but he did contact me recently saying that it was time for our group to start moving."

"I see" Issei frowned.

"In other words, we really will be enemies soon." Jeanne said solemnly.

"Not necessarily. I've distanced myself from the supernatural side of things."

Jeanne frowned at Issei's nonchalance, "You say that like you're not aware of how the supernatural works."

"I'm well aware of how the world works Jeanne. Thanks to my lovers and you acting as my spy, I'm in great shape."

"What happens if I become a threat to those lovers. What will you do then?"

"I'll cross that bridge when I get there." Issei frowned. He knew he was playing a dangerous game with Jeanne, but he kept playing it since he rarely lost.

"I think that's enough supernatural talk. Momiji knew something was going on and gave us some time to talk and that time is up" Jeanne frowned.

"Shame. I would've liked one more romp with you."

"Considering all the girls here you'll be fine. Besides, sleeping with the enemy isn't very smart." Jeanne said cheekily.

"Didn't stop you before." Issei countered.

"Whatever" Jeanne blushed back and the two left the room with their conversation over. As much as he hated to admit it, Jeanne was right and sooner or later he would have to fight her. It was their fate and when that happened, he would do what needed to be done.

(Scene Skip)

With the trip to England over, Issei returned to Kuoh ready to relax. "I wonder what's next for me." Issei wondered. The trip to England would've had to be approved by the managers and there was no chance that the other schools wouldn't like a trip of their own. His musing was broken when his phone rang and Katase's aunt Chisa was on the other line. Issei answered wondering what was going on.

"Hey hun. What are you up to?" Chisa said in her usual haughty tone.

"Relaxing Chisa. So, what's the occasion." Issei wondered.

"Well our newest line is being featured in a fashion show in New York City and I thought it would be a fun vacation trip for you and your lady friends. I'm sure you could work something out." Chisa smiled.

"I suppose something can be arranged, but the question is when is it going to be." Issei frowned. Momo would be able to set it up in a heartbeat but protocols meant it would have to be scheduled and that was a pain.

"Well the show is the 8thth of August, so I was thinking I bring you guys down the 3rdth and we make a week of it." Chisa suggested.

(AN: According to what I was able to research summer break is from July 20th to August 31st for the purpose of scheduling and I used the 2015 schedule to make it easier to explain.)

"So, you're giving me a week to plan" Issei deadpanned. Today was the 27th so he essentially had a week to get all the arrangements done.

"Considering your connections that shouldn't be a problem. I'll pay for everything else, but you need to get me the information." Chisa smiled

"I'll see what I can do?" Issei frowned before hanging up. 'Hey Ddraig does the underworld have cell service.' Issei wondered since he needed to get a hold of Momo and fast

"Might as well try."

"Yeah" Issei groaned as he called Momo.

"Hello Issei. What's going on" Momo replied.

"I need a favor" Issei said quickly.

"What do you need?" Momo replied quickly.

"You know how I just spent a week with thirty girls from Nochizuri."

"Yes I do."

"I've been invited to a fashion show that will feature the Red Dragon line by Chisa and I need you to choose thirty girls from Kuoh to join me for that, well twenty-nine technically, because one of them has to be Katase." Issei requested.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Issei." Momo said apologetically.

"Why not" Issei frowned.

"The girls and I agreed that each school would get a week to spend with Issei and I've already used up Kuoh's slot so you could attend the Youth Devil meeting on the 22nd."

"I see" Issei groaned. In other words, she wanted him to spend a week in the Underworld before the meeting.

"Admittedly I don't know what Aya and Miyuki are planning but I do know that Aya's slot is the week after the Youth Devil Meetings and Miyuki's is the week before."

"So, what's happening the week of the third since I'm pretty sure that's free based on what you're telling me." Issei frowned.

"It's still to be determined. Managing your harem has always been a task and summertime is a headache."

"Understood. I'll wait to hear from you about the details for my trip to the Underworld." Issei replied.

"You're surprisingly calm about this considering I'm basically forcing you to go to the Underworld."

"I've always allowed you girls to manage things for me and this is no different."

"I see." Momo replied glad that this was taken as well as it was.

"Well I've gotta go" Issei replied before hanging up. He didn't like the fact that he was forced to go to the Underworld but there was nothing he could do. Luckily for him, he had plenty of supernatural lovers to occupy him.

(AN: Since some people are no doubt confused here's how the schedule plays out. The trip with Cecelia started on the 20th of July, and Issei went home on the 26th. The Youth Devil Meeting is the 22nd of August which means that his trip to the Underworld starts on the 17th, and he comes back on the 23rd the day after the meeting. His trip with Miyuki would start on the 10th, with him returning on the 16th. His trip with Aya would therefore be the 24th, with him coming back on the 30th.

(Momo P.O.V)

As I hung up from my conversation with Issei, I had to admit I was surprised at how calm he was. "You can breathe now Momo. Issei isn't furious at you which means you're in the clear." Reya joked sitting next to me. We were relaxing in our shared room in Sona's mansion since we just finished showering after training when Issei called.

"I'm not so sure." I replied. Even though I understood why Issei fired me, the way he did it so easily bothered me more then I cared to admit.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Reya asked noticing my discomfort.

"I guess I'm still a little bothered by the whole blackmail thing. I mean I know Issei was blackmailed but."

"But he didn't hesitate to fire you and get rid of us in order to keep Hottie Magnet going." Reya finished.

"That's not all. Of all the girls he could've chosen to replace me, he chose Kiryuu. I like the girl, but I know that she's far more bark than bite. It's almost as though."

"He chose her as a sacrificial lamb of sorts. Somebody who could hold onto his harem until we resolved the blackmail and were able to take over again." Reya finished yet again.

"Yeah" I said solemnly.

"You're overthinking things Momo. Issei is ruthless and we've seen that but it's obvious he cares about us."

"Maybe." I said nervously. A trip to New York would've been amazing but the fact he had to turn it down for a trip to the Underworld, a place he really didn't want to go, would've made him very angry with her.

"Momo, if you think too much about it, you'll drive yourself crazy. When you see Issei during the trip you'll be able to talk it out with him and that's all that matters"

"Maybe" I replied nervously. There was an odd tension between Sona and her family, and her peerage noticed as much. Issei coming, would surely complicate things even more.

"Ladies it's time for lunch" one of Sona's maids said calmly.

"Thank you" I replied and with that I turned my focus towards lunch. I'll deal with Issei once he arrives.

(Normal P.O.V)

(Scene Skip)

As he stood in front of the train station, Issei reflected on the trip he returned from just a single day ago. Apparently, Miyuki has a cousin that owned a hot springs hotel in Hokkaido, and she convinced said cousin to lend her the hotel for a full week for her and thirty of the girls. It was a week of mixed bathing and beautiful girls which Issei took full advantage of. Sadly. his fun was short lived, and now it was time for his trip the Underworld. The good news was he'll be based in the capital with a hotel arranged for him by Azazel. The bad news was that he had to spend two days each in the Sitri and Gremory territories. "Here we go" Issei groaned as he waited for Azazel to meet up with him. Apparently, he had to take a train to the Underworld the first time around since his battle with Riser was an exception to the rule.

"It won't be all bad partner. You'll be in the capital which means you don't have to worry about the girls until your home visits."

"Yes, but those home visits will be uncomfortable." Issei groaned. Rias's home would be interesting considering how they used him to get rid of Riser and Rias would certainly try something. Luckily for him, he only had 1 full day there since the Youth Devil Meeting was during his second day. The Sitri home visit was certainly going to be awkward due to the fallout from Serafall's blackmail. As far as he knew Ravel was at home, which meant he likely wouldn't see her until the meeting. It was a shame but there was nothing he could do about that.

"Yes, but we'll worry about that later. Your escort is behind you." Ddraig suggested.

Issei turned around and he saw Valerie wearing a silver crop top and a pair of blue booty shorts "Yo Issei. I volunteered to escort you to the Underworld. I hope you don't mind" Valerie smiled.

"Sounds good. Though this a new outfit." Issei smiled back.

"You like" Valerie teased.

"Very much" Issei said happily as he walked over to Valerie and wrapped his arms around her waist. He was about to kiss her, but Valerie put a finger on his lips stopping him in his tracks.

"Save that for our hotel room Issei." Valerie said in a sultry voice.

"Our hotel room?" Issei said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yep. I convinced Zaz to let us stay in a room together once we get to the hotel in Lilith since we both know you really don't want to be in the Underworld." Valerie smiled.

"Works for me. Let's get going" Issei replied happily. If he was staying with Valerie, maybe his trip to the Underworld wouldn't be so bad after all.