Chapter 30

I don't own DxD; I just use its characters and techniques. All credit goes to its creator. Same applies for anything that I use from other anime

(Unknown Location)

When you think of devils in a traditional sense, Rias Gremory was not the first image that came to mind. Typically, you expected red skin and horns with long black wings and a small pitchfork but that wasn't Rias Gremory as the few people who had the pleasure of seeing her naked could attest. As the sun shone into Rias Gremory's room the devil princess woke up and prepared herself for the day. Most people weren't aware of this but Rias Gremory slept completely naked and as she slid off the covers of her twin bed a body that truly embodied sin was revealed. Massive breasts with large pink nipples that would drive most men wild and drive most women crazy with jealously. A shapely rear that wasn't too big but wasn't small by any stretch that led to a pair of gorgeous legs. The only red on her body was the bit of shaven fuzz covering her pussy and her hair which she let flow perfectly around her breasts, "Here we go again. Back to school" Rias grumbled as she focused herself and got ready for the day or at least that was her plan until she sensed a familiar presence in her room. Spinning her around her desk, she found Issei Hyoudou sitting on her chair in a white shirt and black shorts.

"Good morning Rias." Issei smiled with a nonchalant expression on his face.

Most people in this situation would scream out loud in terror because of the unexpected ambush, but Rias Gremory was not most people. Instead, Rias got up and walked away from her bed so Issei could see her in all her glory since his view was blocked by her covers. Rias was many things but modest was not one of them, "So is this payback for all the times I've done this to you Issei?" Rias smiled. She had ambushed him a few times so turnabout was fair play.

"Something like that. I didn't think you actually slept naked though." Issei chuckled.

"I find most clothes to be uncomfortable, but since we're on the subject of nakedness. Will I need to stay naked for whatever brings you to my room or should I get dressed?" Rias said with a hand on her hip.

"Am I that transparent?" Issei replied with faked shock.

"You are anything but transparent, but we've played this game a few times. The fact you're here means that either you're planning to violate the rules or there's something I'm missing." Rias replied.

"The latter actually. The rules only apply once you're on the website. Since you're not. I can do as I please." Issei smiled knowing he used the rules as an excuse last time.

Rias was a nice mix of surprised and annoyed. Annoyed that she went through all the headache she did during her last visit to see Issei and surprised because that meant it was possible, he'd actually do something to her this time, "Why now?" Rias asked curiously. Issei was hard to predict but there was a reason for everything. The question was, what reason did he have for being here?

"I felt bad for leaving you and the others hanging during my temper tantrum over vacation. I've got clones giving Akeno and Xenovia their apology already which leaves you with the real me." Issei smiled. Issei made Xenovia breakfast in bed which consisted of waffles, scrambled eggs and Issei's sausage making sure to dump a load in her himself before leaving a clone to finish things off. Issei woke Akeno up by sneaking into her room and fucking her in the ass, as she pretended to be asleep. Akeno probably heard him and sensed him but she went along with it since it was pretty kinky. He made sure to leave her two clones as a reward.

"Which means." Rias replied with a mix of eagerness and nervousness.

Issei got up from the chair and walked over to Rias stopping inches from her body, "That it's time to bury the hatchet literally and figuratively" Issei smiled as he wrapped his arms around Rias and pulled her in for a kiss.


Feeling Issei's lips hit hers gave Rias a spark that she never knew she needed until now. Normally Issei was cold and vicious, but as they kissed Rias felt none of that at all. When Issei slipped his tongue against her lips hoping to gain access to her mouth, Rias gladly allowed it and his tongue explored her mouth probing every inch of it until it landed on her tongue; teasing her in a way she never thought possible for an actual person. After a minute, she was forced to pull away and her body was already flush with excitement. "That was… incredible." Rias panted already struggling to keep up with Issei's simple actions.

"That's nothing." Issei smiled as his arms left her waist and reached for her rear. Rias couldn't help but yelp as Issei gave her rear a small slap with his right hand before fondling it.

"Anh!" Rias moaned cutely.

"You truly do have a wonderful body. I doubt there's a single male in our entire school who hasn't imagined doing what I'm doing to you right now?" Issei smiled as he explored Rias's body. His right hand fondled her rear while his left trailed up and down her sides enjoying the small area between her breasts and her rear.

"What… what about you?" Rias blushed. She was being driven crazy by his simple touch because he never quite made it to her breasts but fully never teased her rear an inch either way and she'd have what she wanted, but Issei never gave it to her.

"Oh, I've done it also. I considered going after you a few times despite my lack of interest in the supernatural and the various girls I was already enjoying. You were simply that amazing" Issei smiled switching hands allowing his left hand to enjoy her rear as his right side explored her body.

"So… what… stopped you." Rias mumbled as Issei's teasing continued. What was it that stopped Issei from pursuing her before now? He was already with Momo despite her being a devil and he did sleep with Reya and Tsubasa long before the incident with Raynare. What was it that prevented her from being another one of his women? The question lingered in Rias's mind even as he teased her body.

"Ironically enough. It's because you were too perfect." Issei smiled as he finally decided to fondle her rear with both hands eliciting a loud moan from Rias, "Everyone has a flaw no matter who they are, but when I saw you, I saw perfection. I saw somebody so perfect that it shouldn't be possible. One would think that would be the ultimate test, but I thought differently. I wanted to enjoy your perfection like everybody else." Issei chuckled.

"I… see" Rias replied appreciating the irony. She was so perfect that Issei didn't want to corrupt it, which he would've easily done.

"But that was back then." Issei smiled as he grabbed Rias by her rear and with an impressive show of strength, dropped her onto the bed causing her breasts to bounce. Before she could say something Issei claimed her lips again and slid his tongue in without any resistance at all. Unlike their first kiss which was tender in nature, Issei overwhelmed Rias and all she could do was to grab onto his body as his tongue practically took over her mouth.

'This is unreal' Rias thought to herself. She was being overwhelmed easily and she knew that this was just the beginning. When he finally pulled away, Rias was panting with exhaustion.

"This is just the beginning Rias. I'm going to truly enjoy this" Issei smiled as he was ready for round 2. His left hand fondled her breast while Issei leaned down and began planting kisses down her right side.

"Issei!" Rias moaned at the ministrations.

'This. Body. Is. Wonderful." Issei smiled between kisses as Rias squirmed at the touch.

"Issei… I… I feel so good. You make me feel so good!" Rias moaned with pleasure.

"We're just getting started Rias." Issei smiled as his hand left her breasts and followed his lips down her frame until they arrived at her pussy.

"Issei… wait." Rias stopped. She was in trouble already and if Issei went down there she was in deep trouble.

"What's wrong. I thought you wanted this." Issei smiled as his hands and face hovered over her pussy ready to do to it what he did to the rest of her body.

She wanted him to go further and badly, but her pride wouldn't allow her to play defense the whole time, "I… I want to make you feel good too." Rias replied weakly hoping Issei would play along.

Issei knew what Rias was after, but he wasn't going to play her game, "You will. But before that I need enjoy you even more" Issei smiled as he took his right hand and slid two fingers inside her pussy.

"Issei!" Rias cried out.

"This body of yours will belong to me, Rias. Just like Sona just like Akeno just like Xenovia. Like every girl who has come to me, you will be crying my name for all to hear." Issei said with sadistic glee.

"Nghh. Nghh. Ahh. Keep going." Rias moaned as her body squirmed underneath Issei's touch. This was far better than any masturbation session she'd ever had.

"Oh, I'm far from done. In fact, let's make you really scream." Issei smiled as he leaned up his eyes on Rias's massive breasts.

Rias knew what he wanted and the thought terrified and aroused her at the same time, "Issei wait a- AHHHHHHH" Rias screamed as his lips clamped down on Rias's left nipple leading to a sudden release that sprayed her juices all over Issei's clothes.

"Well then" Issei said with a bit of a frown as he left the bed.

Rias panicked afraid Issei was going to leave, "Don't go Issei. I'm sorry for getting your clothes dirty." Rias said nervously. She saw Issei glance at her clock before smiling.

"I'm not mad that you got my clothes dirty. I just wanted to see how much time we had." Issei smiled.

"Huh!?" Rias said in confusion.

"Look at the clock Rias." Issei instructed and Rias looked towards the clock on the other side of the room. Her eyes widened to see that it was about 7:30.

"We have first period in an hour and we still haven't had sex yet." Rias exclaimed. There was no way he could properly fuck her, get home and get to school in time.

"Then we'd better get moving." Issei smiled as he slid off his shirt and shorts revealing his rod for the first time.

Rias's eyes widened at the sight of his rod but quickly focused on the task at hand. Adjusting her body so she was facing Issei, Rias spread her legs revealing her pink pussy, "This is my first time Issei please be gentle." Rias said bashfully.

Issei crawled back onto the bed in between Rias's spread legs and lined himself up with her entrance, "Here we go Rias." Issei smiled as he slid into her slowly. He was pleasantly surprised to see her folds accepted him so easily. Issei looked down on Rias with a bit of confusion since this wasn't what he expected.

"I… I asked Akeno to help me get a dildo that was as close to your cock as possible. I… I've been using it all summer hoping that you would take me when you came to visit." Rias blushed.

Issei smiled wolfishly at that, "Then I'd better not disappoint." Issei replied as he quickly began moving inside Rias.

"Ah! Ah! This… this is incredible!" Rias screamed as Issei hammered her. The dildo Akeno bought replicated his hardness rather well, but it couldn't replicate his speed or power.

Issei smiled as he grabbed Rias's legs and put them over his shoulder so he could get deeper, "You're far from the first person to get a dildo to imitate me Rias. They've all learned that NOTHING can, replace me." Issei roared as he hammered her even more.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Rias shouted happily. She's wanted this all summer and even though school was starting soon it didn't matter. She was aware that once she took this plunge, she'd be restricted by Momo and depending on how vindictive Momo felt over what happened, her master Sona. That didn't matter right now. The upcoming battle with Sona didn't matter. School didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was getting fucked into the bedroom by Hottie Magnet Hyoudou.

"Do you like it Rias. Do you like the feeling of my cock inside you?" Issei roared his pace continuing.

"Yes Issei! Fuck me harder!" Rias cried out. There was no pain thanks to her queen's help, but the pleasure was still overwhelming. Rias understood why so many girls went through the hoops they did to even have one date with him. He was just that good.

"Let's really make you scream Rias." Issei smiled as he pulled out for a second to Rias's disappointment at least until Issei flipped her onto her knees.

"Issei! Fuck me!" Rias said with a lustful tone spreading her lips for him again. Rias was hooked and it was a shame she'd be late to class.

"Of course." Issei smiled as he slammed into her using the new position to drive deeper inside her and finally pierced her womb.

"AHHHHHH!" Rias screamed the force leading to another orgasm.

"We've only got a little time left so I'm gonna make it count." Issei roared as he pounded her from behind.

"YES! YES! YES! Grab my breasts Issei! I want you to grab my big beautiful breasts!" Rias cried out. She knew they were out of time and she wanted to at least make Issei cum inside her before he left.

"Alright" Issei said happily as he leaned down and grabbed her breasts before pulling her into his chest as he began slamming inside her.

"Issei. I want more! Give me more!" Rias screamed as she adjusted her head, so she was face to face with Issei.

Issei knew what Rias wanted and he was going to give it to her, "Get ready Rias" Issei smiled as he slammed her lips against hers and they engaged in a fierce makeout session. Between the slapping of his hips and the feeling of his hands against her breasts Rias was barely able to handle their makeout session but using every ounce of strength she had she kept going. To her credit she lasted forty-five seconds before she had to pull away because her limit was arriving.

"Issei. I'm about to cum. Please cum inside me." Rias pleaded wanting this for herself. After all this she wanted to at least get Issei to cum inside her.

After all their exertions Issei had no problem giving the Gremory princess what she wanted and in truth he was eager to blast a load inside her, "Alright Rias here we go" Issei smiled happily as he picked up speed for one last burst.

"CUMMING!" Rias roared as her release arrived again.

"CUMMING!" Issei roared as well sending a torrent of seed into her pussy. It was no surprise that Rias's pussy couldn't contain his load and Issei's seed flowed onto her bed even with his dick plugging her up.

"That… was amazing" Rias smiled as she collapsed onto the bed. She might end up missing a few periods at this rate just to recover from the amazing time.

"Yes, it was." Issei replied as he pulled out of Rias, his rod soaked with their combined juices.

"Can I… clean off your cock." Rias said with a cute voice.

"Sure" Issei smiled as he presented his soaked cock to Rias who lovingly licked it off.


With their tryst done it was time to focus on somehow getting to class, "Hopefully you won't be too late Issei" Rias said bashfully as she watched Issei get dressed

"We have plenty of time." Issei smiled causing Rias to look at him in disbelief.

Rias looked over at the clock and noticed it was 8:00, "But the clock. There's no way you can go home and get showered without being late" Rias gasped.

"Take a look at your cell phone Rias." Issei said with a vicious smile before vanishing via a magic circle.

Rias was confused but looked to the desk and her mobile phone. After turning it on, her eyes widened when she noticed that it was actually 7:00, "ISSEI!" Rias screamed in frustration aware she had been pranked. Somehow Issei altered her clock so it was an hour ahead. She would make it to class with time to spare.

(Scene Skip)

Issei walked through the town of Kuoh by himself with a smile on his face after the fun he had this morning. 'I hope you're happy Momo.' Issei thought to himself. Momo's caveat for him sleeping with Rias was to prank her in some way and record it for him. A hidden clone recorded their tryst along with Rias's reaction and Momo should've been satisfied with that. He expected much worse truthfully, but petty revenge seemed much better. The knowledge that Momo had control over how much access Rias had was much better revenge in truth and Momo would surely make sure that Rias had to work for her Issei time.

"You've had quite the morning, but you've got a long day head of you." Ddraig spoke up.

'Right' Issei smiled as he walked into his homeroom ready for his first day of class. Everyone noticed him and he wasn't surprised to see Kiryuu walk up first.

"Welcome back Issei. I assume you had a fun summer." Kiryuu said with a smile.

"That's right" Issei smiled before kissing her on the cheek.

"Aww, that's all I get." Kiryuu frowned.

"That's all for now. I've gotta greet all my second-year girls before class starts. I figured I'd start with my homeroom first." Issei smiled.

"But Xenovia and Irina are late." Murayama pointed out.

Issei smiled, "I already gave Xenovia her greeting this morning and Irina is on punishment for something that happened over the summer.

"Serves her right!" Misao said happily. It was a look of amusement shared by a few girls in the class at seeing Irina punished by Issei. It didn't really matter what happened either.

"You're next Misao." Issei smiled. Misao walked up and wrapped her arms around Issei gleefully.

"I missed you all summer Issei. I can't wait for our next date." Misao smiled.

"I know Misao" Issei smiled as he kissed her on the cheek.

"My turn" Murayama said eagerly as she walked up and got her kiss.

"Next is me." Katase said happily before taking her turn.

"Now it's my turn." Raynare smiled before walking over to get her kiss. Considering she had sex with him quite a bit over the summer it was silly, but she enjoyed it anyway. The rest of the girls in the class got their kisses as Issei basked in the jealously of the guys. Just as the final girl started kissing Issei, Xenovia and Irina walked in.

"Hey everyone" Xenovia said happily ignoring Issei's makeout session.

"Looks like you're having fun." Irina pouted.

Issei pulled away from the last girl and turned towards Irina, "Yes I am, and you know why you won't be joining in." Issei said rather harshly as the last girl walked back to her desk.

"I do." Irina sighed.

"I'd love to chat more but the other second years await." Issei smiled as he left his homeroom to deal with his other second year lovers. Hottie Magnet Hyoudou's work was never done.

(Scene Skip)

With his greetings done, Issei arrived at Class 2-A and found Le Fay waiting outside. "How do I look." Le Fay smiled showing off her appearance in the Kuoh uniform without the cape.

"You look lovely, but I have to save any fun for later since I'm sure Zaz is waiting for me to get back before introducing you."

"Fine" Le Fay pouted as Issei walked into the room closing the door behind him. Thanks to the angle nobody could see Le Fay's face which meant things were about to get fun.

"So Hyoudou is the new student a new conquest or new enemy." Yamato smiled.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Issei smiled as he sat at his desk. Yamato's jealousy was always funny as long as he didn't do anything stupid.

"Sensei was about to introduce a new student and you saw them. So, are they a new girl for you to claim or a new guy who's gonna be pissed at how popular you are?" Yamato replied.

"Instead of asking him. How about they just come in." Azazel smiled as he opened the door allowing Le Fay to walk in.

"It's nice to meet you guys. I'm Le Fay Pendragon and I just moved here from England." Le Fay said politely before taking a bow.

"Of course it is." Yamato complained.

"Uhh what's going on." Le Fay said in confusion.

Murayama quickly stood up before Yamato could say anything else, "Don't worry about it. I'm Murayama and I'm your homeroom representative. Welcome to our school and Japan Ms Pendragon."

"Ms Pendragon, why don't you sit in the corner over there." Azazel smiled pointing to a seat far away from Issei and next to Misao.

"Why thank you" Le Fay smiled before moving to her desk.

Class continued without any more headache but when break arrived the class turned towards Issei who was twiddling his thumbs.

"Umm, what's going on?" Le Fay asked Misao.

Misao was caught off guard also, "It's nothing." Misao replied quickly.

"Is that so" Le Fay frowned aware she was lying. When it became clear to the class that Issei wasn't going to do anything, she was quickly swarmed by her classmates who couldn't help but ask questions.

"How was England?" one boy asked.

"Is it nice?" a girl asked curiously.

"How can you speak such good Japanese?" another guy asked.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" a final guy asked and that was the last straw.

"ENOUGH!" Murayama shouted after the last question and everyone looked towards her surprised to see her speak up instead of Issei. "It's her first day and you guys are going crazy. Give the girl a break" Murayama said in frustration.

"You know exactly why we're doing this Murayama." Yamato reminded her.

"Yes but."

"But nothing." Yamato retorted.

Issei simply smiled and watched the proceedings as the supernatural girls approached him wondering what to do. "Umm shouldn't we help her." Asia wondered.

"Nope. This is kinda how things are. The new student gets swarmed by people and asked tons of stupid questions. It's a rite of passage."

"I didn't get swarmed on my first day." Asia reminded them.

"Because I was there and anybody who saw you could tell that you were way too shy to talk." Raynare reminded her.

"I didn't get that either." Xenovia countered.

"I focused my energy on Yamato out of annoyance that day." Issei reminded her.

"What about me?" Irina spoke up.

Issei looked at Irina flatly, "Misao's freak out, combined with the reactions of the other girls in the class did enough in your case. Nobody was going to speak to you out of fear of annoying me." Issei smiled. Misao may have freaked out, but she was far from the only person with a look of disbelief and horror on her face to see Irina appear. The guys picked up on that and realized that talking to Irina was a fool's errand.

"I do think you should step in because Le Fay looks like she's about to do something reckless." Raynare frowned.

Issei could see Le Fay was about to snap and decided to step in finally getting up from his chair which caused everyone to stop in their tracks, "Everyone I'm aware of how excited you are to have a new friend, but I'm sure she's quite overwhelmed with everyone." Issei replied as he walked over to Le Fay's desk as the students gave him space.

"And you are?" Le Fay said dryly.

"I am Issei Hyoudou. Consider me the vice representative of our little class. For the answers to most of your questions Murayama is sufficient. If she's not around, you may come to me." Issei said calmly.

"I see." Le Fay said with a smile.

Issei focused back on the group and everyone focused on him, "Le Fay is in a new country and although she clearly knows her Japanese. She's not used to our way of doing things. Give her time and don't overwhelm her and she can become a friend to all of us." Issei said politely.

"Sounds good to us" Katase smiled as most of the girls nodded their approval with the guys soon joining since it was clear that Issei wasn't going to make a move on her.

"Excellent." Issei replied as he walked back to his desk.

'Thanks, Issei.' Le Fay said into his mind.

'No problem.' Issei replied and focused on what was sure to be a hectic day.

(Rias P.O.V)

As I slumped into my chair at the ORC, I couldn't hide how exhausted I was. The exhilaration I felt from Issei finally taking me, faded after I realized he moved time forward by an hour. That meant instead of rushing to class since it was so late, I had time to think about what happened and it left me even more flustered. Arriving at school, I was met by the cheerful greetings of my classmates wondering what I did over the summer. The only people who didn't seem to greet me were my best friend Sona and Valerie Lucifer who was an acquaintance of sorts, but her feelings for me weren't positive. "Ufufu, you've had a long day huh Rias?" Akeno smiled walking behind me with some tea in hand.

"It started off well, but it's weird being back at Kuoh after the summer I've had." I admitted. Being around my family again was nice but the ending was bittersweet.

"You should've had a pretty nice morning all things considered." Valerie said with a smirk.

"So you knew huh?" I replied.

"Yup." Valerie replied. I was about to ask how when the door opened and Koneko and Gasper walked in with Gasper dressed in the male uniform.

"Yo" Koneko said with her usual nonchalance.

Gasper just sat down with a plop exhaustion on his face, "It's days like this I almost miss my box." Gasper groaned. Gasper transferred in after the three faction's meeting and he made his opinion on his classmates very clear. Well at least to Rias.

"Sorry Gasper but you need to go to class." I lectured.

"Do I though. I gain nothing from dealing with these people." Gasper deadpanned. Gasper didn't like people and honestly at times I couldn't blame him.

"People are dumb but sitting in your room all day won't do you any good." Valerie lectured. Valerie may not like her, but she bonded with Gasper over their family situations. It didn't hurt that Bikou was her gaming buddy.

"Yes I know but-" Gasper stopped as the door opened again. This time it was Kiba.

"Hello everyone." Kiba said with his typical fake smile.

"Hello Kiba, how was class."

"It was fine." Kiba replied as he sat down. No sooner had he sat down then the door opened again. This time it was Raynare followed by Irina Xenovia Asia along with a person I didn't expect to see.

"Le Fay!" I exclaimed.

"Hey there Rias." Le Fay smiled.

"When did you start class here?" I asked in confusion.

"I started today. I thought Sona or Valerie told you about that." Le Fay replied.

I sent Valerie a dirty glare but there was nothing I could do at this point, "Welcome to Kuoh. I hope you like it."

"I'll like it a lot more Issei starts talking to me. Damn these rules suck." Le Fay pouted.

"Give it time Le Fay." Valerie assured her.

"Where is Issei?" I wondered.

"He left with Murayama and Katase after class was done." Xenovia explained.

"Which means by now he's balls deep inside them and the rest of the kendo club." Raynare said bluntly.

"I see" I sighed reminded once again of Issei's popularity amongst the girls of Kuoh.

"Can we focus on club activities." Irina huffed.

"Sounds good to me." I replied hoping to stop thinking about Issei even for a little bit.

"So what do-?" Akeno started to say before a magic circle appeared catching me off guard. To my surprise Grayfia appeared with Seekvaira Agares of all people. She was dressed in a simple blue top with matching skirt and her typical thigh high boots, but I had no idea why she was in the human world much less Kuoh.

"Sorry for the interruption Lady Rias, but Lady Agares contacted us hoping we could get in contact with the Red Dragon Emperor." Grayfia explained to my annoyance.

"You'll have to give me a moment. He's rather difficult to reach" I replied before reaching for my phone. Today was about to get very complicated.

(Normal P.O.V)

Issei Hyoudou was in an incredibly good mood as he left the kendo club locker room. With school back that meant club visits and Issei had two more clubs to enjoy before his day was done, "It's good to be me." Issei smiled as he prepared to go to his second club of the day at least he would have if he didn't spot Momo waiting for him.

"I hate to interrupt but supernatural business awaits." Momo scowled.

"What kind of supernatural business?" Issei wondered. For Momo to interrupt him was a rare sight indeed.

"Seekvaira Agares is waiting for you at the ORC clubroom." Momo explained.

"You're joking?"

"I wish I was. She contacted Grayfia who brought her to ORC figuring you were in that club. Since you weren't there, Rias told Sona who had me come find you." Momo explained.

Rotten timing but there was nothing he could do. "Alright. I'll go visit the ORC while you let the swim club and the art club know I won't be able to make it today." Issei said calmly.

"Do you think it'll take that long?" Momo questioned.

"She came all this way. I doubt I can easily settle this." Issei replied.

"Fine" Momo sighed aware that her day just got far more interesting than she cared for.

(Scene Skip)

'This is going to be annoying.' Issei grimaced as he walked up to the clubroom ready to deal with his guest. Opening the door, he quickly focused on Rias and Seekvaira. The former who was not happy.

"Sorry for the unexpected summons Issei, but Lady Agares stopped by." Rias said calmly.

"I hope I haven't interrupted you" Seekvaira said politely.

Issei paused for a moment since he had to say this delicately, "It's fine, I tend to visit multiple clubs to help them out after school. I was in between clubs so it wasn't too bad." Issei said calmly. Hopefully she didn't ask what his help consisted of and he could play the fool.

"I see. I'm surprised you're not a member of the ORC, considering you're a member of the supernatural." Seekvaira admitted.

"I found that restricting myself to one club wasn't a good idea." Issei replied. Another true statement, but one that hid the truth of the matter.

"When Lady Rias was looking for you, she asked Sona to contact Ms Hanakai to find you. Is there a reason for that?" Grayfia asked causing Issei to focus on her.

'She knows something's up.' Issei thought to himself. "Since Lady Sitri has so many duties in managing the student council dealing with my club hopping is left to Ms Hanakai."

"Alright" Grayfia replied but she was still wary.

With Grayfia's interrogation over, the focus turned back to Seekvaira, "So Lady Agares, what brings you to the human world." Issei said calmly.

Seekvaira did blush this time something everyone noticed, "I… I was hoping you'd be my guest at my upcoming match with Diodora Astaroth." Seekvaira admitted.

Issei was pleasantly surprised since he wanted to get a good look at the Astaroth heir after what he found out, "When is the match?" Issei wondered.

"It's going to be the 20th of September." Grayfia revealed causing Issei to scowl.

'Of course it is.' Issei cursed. The orgy day with his leaders was the 20th and that was something he simply couldn't cancel. "I'm afraid I have something that day that I can't reschedule." Issei said politely.

"I see" Seekvaira frowned.

"Then how about you send a clone to the battle. That way you can attend your other business and still see the fight." Valerie interjected.

Issei's eyes widened at that suggestion, 'Valerie I could kiss you, but it would be stupid to do that right now.' Issei thought to himself. "Is that alright with you Lady Agares?" Issei asked calmly.

"That's fine." Lady Agares said with a smile.

"Thank you Lady Agares. I'm sorry I can't attend as my real self, but you'll have to make do with a clone." Issei said politely.

If you're truly sorry. Make it up to me by finishing what you started the other day." Seekvaira said boldly to the surprise of everyone watching including Grayfia.

"Very well." Issei smiled as walked over to her. With everyone watching, he wrapped his arms around her waist just as he did at the Youth Devils Meeting.

"Will we be interrupted this time." Seekvaira wondered.

"No" Issei smiled as he leaned in so he could kiss Seekvaira on the lips with Seekvaira following suit. Their lips touched briefly and everyone watching could see Seekvaira melt into the kiss.

'This guy is ridiculous.' Irina thought to herself as Issei pulled Seekvaira into his body and held the kiss for around thirty seconds before pulling away.

"That will have to do for now." Issei replied with a smile.

"Alright" Seekvaira smiled.

"I assume that your business is over." Grayfia scowled.

"Yes. Thank you for helping me Lady Grayfia." Seekvaira blushed before the pair left via a magic circle. With Grayfia and Seekvaira gone the focus was back on Issei.

"So. Care to tell us how the hell this just happened." Irina complained.

"Actually, you're the only one who doesn't know the story." Issei smiled.

"Then tell me." Irina growled.

"Short version is when I went to see Rias and Sona, I saw Seekvaira being hit on by another one of the young devils and decided to step in. Eventually I ended up flirting with her and well she was charmed." Issei said calmly.

"You're unbelievable." Irina groaned in annoyance.

"Actually, it's pretty believable, but was surprising was how smooth he was. He all but admitted he was no better than Zephyrdor but still charmed a fourth devil heiress." Rias chuckled

"Fourth?" Irina questioned.

"Technically I'm one also, but I don't feel like revealing that to the idiotic masses." Valerie shrugged.

"Makes sense." Issei shrugged. Valerie revealing herself would be troublesome to say the least.

"Anyway! What was going on that you couldn't go to her match yourself." Irina questioned.

"We'll I've got an Orgy Sunday with the six leaders of my harem." Issei shrugged.

"Forget I asked." Irina groaned.

"Hey Issei, are you coming to see our match against Sona." Xenovia wondered. If he was watching that one, it stood to reason he would see Rias's against Sona.

"That wasn't my plan, but I already know who's going to win." Issei replied.

"Is that so? Care to tell us who wins" Rias said with a glare.

"Nope. I'm going to stay chaotic neutral like always." Issei smiled.

"You definitely are chaotic." Valerie chuckled.

"Yup. Sadly, I've got to go because I've got a very interesting night ahead." Issei smiled as he walked to the door to leave.

"Who's the lucky girl tonight." Irina deadpanned.

"No girl actually. I'm helping Matsuda get some clothes for his first date." Issei said nonchalantly.

(Scene Skip)

"Thanks so much for the help master." Matsuda smiled as Issei and Matsuda made their way back from a local store. Matsuda actually picked an outfit from the men's version of the Red Dragon Line, something that debuted at the fashion show that Chisa attended in New York and the one she wanted to bring him too.

"Of course. You're going on a date and I'd be a jerk to not get you some duds." Issei smiled. His apprentices were idiots, but the fact Matsuda got a girl on his own was a pleasant surprise. If he wanted to make it work, Issei was going to help however he could.

"Yeah it was… shit." Matsuda started to say when two thugs appeared in front of them.

"Well look who it is." The first guy chuckled. He had black hair tied in a mohawk with fair skin cold brown eyes and piercings on his ears wearing a black tank top with matching black pants.

"And he's got a friend with him." The second guy smiled. Like his buddy he had piercings on his ears. He had brown hair cut short and black eyes with slightly tanned skin. His outfit was a blue top with black pants as well.

"Let me guess. You are the guys who my buddy here ran into that were talking to a lovely young lady."

"That's right. What are you going to do about it brat?" the first guy grunted.

"Master let's get out of here." Matsuda said nervously.

"No Matsu we'll be fine." Issei smiled.

"That so" the second guy scowled.

"Yeah" Issei replied confidently.

"Then take this" the first guy shouted as he charged Issei with a punch aiming for his face.

'Amateur' Issei replied as he dodged the punch and nailed the thug in the stomach knocking him unconscious with one blow.

"Kaido" the second guy gasped.

"Now if you don't want to face the same fate get lost." Issei deadpanned.

"DIE!" the second guy gasped and charged Issei with the same tactic as his buddies.

"Idiot" Issei deadpanned before flooring the second thug with a single punch also. He never understood why thugs loved to do that, but it made his job much easier.

"That was awesome master."

"Thanks. You should probably get out of here" Issei shrugged.

"What about you." Matsuda groaned.

"I'm gonna make sure these guys never bother you or Hase again." Issei said firmly.

"Right." Matsuda replied leaving Issei alone.

With Matsuda gone, Issei went towards the first thug and rummaged through his clothing quickly finding his phone. It didn't take long to find his bosses contact and it was a number he was very familiar with, 'Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me.' Issei cursed.

'Partner what's wrong.' Ddraig wondered.

'I'm familiar with their leader' Issei replied as he dialed the number. He waited for the phone to ring and knew his night was getting interesting.

"Kaido. This better be good?" a smooth silky and female voice called.

"Sorry Kurokami but I'm afraid Kaido is unconscious at the moment. Can I take a message?" Issei said sarcastically.

"It's been a while Issei. I'm curious why you're calling me from one of my boy's phones." Kurokami replied. The leader of the thugs was Kurokami Ichizuri, Shizuka's twin sister and the current leader of the crime family despite being the younger sister.

(AN: As many of you probably suspect Kurokami's appearance is the same as Kurome from Akame Ga Kill)

"They ran into me when I was with one of my apprentices. Apparently, he ran into them over the summer and stopped them from talking to a cute girl. My guess is they saw us and wanted some payback" Issei shrugged.

"To think Hottie Magnet Hyoudou actually took an apprentice. Does he have a girlfriend?"

"He does but even If he didn't, I wouldn't send him your way Kurokami. The only person who could handle you is me." Issei deadpanned. Kurokami was one of his lovers also although much like Shizuka he rarely saw her before Shizuka's breakup.

"Speaking of handling Shizuka told me you guys got back together. You know what that means Issei." Kurokami said in a lustful voice.

"I'm sure she'll schedule a date for us soon enough Kurokami. Your sister loves you despite everything that's happened." Issei smiled.

"Can I convince you to come visit me tonight."

"Depends. Has Shizuka added you back to the website yet." Issei chuckled.

"She has actually which means that's a no huh."

"Yep. If you weren't back on, I'd consider doing it." Issei teased.

"For another day then. By the way, do you happen to know if there was another guy with Kaido?"

Issei smiled before going over grabbing the second guys wallet, "His name is Daisuke."

"Well I'll make sure Daisuke and Kaido are punished for what happened over the summer. You've done plenty for today's events if you're able to call me without them interfering" Kurokami said in a teasing voice.

"I wasn't with Shizuka during the summer. That means our agreement was null and void." Issei reminded her. Issei had an agreement with Shizuka and Kurokami to keep the thugs from the crime family away from Kuoh and restricted to only their territory. That agreement was nullified when he broke up with Shizuka at least as far as he knew.

"My sister made me promise to keep the deal even after you guys broke up. That means they went against me and that is unacceptable." Kurokami growled.

Issei pitied those two when he got back but that was another matter for another day, "Well good to know. I'm going to hang up now." Issei smiled.

"Goodbye Issei. Don't be a stranger." Kurokami replied with a teasing voice before hanging up.

"What a drag." Issei groaned as he tossed the phone back to the thug. Luckily for them no cops were involved so he could leave picking them up to Kurokami. It was an odd end to a complicated day, and he was sure there would be more to come.