Chapter 31

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(Issei's home)

After the wild week that he had, spending Friday night playing video games was a beautiful thing for Issei, "What a week." Issei groaned as he played co-op with Azazel and Bikou. Gasper was resting since the match between Rias and Sona was the next day. It explained why Sona didn't take part in the club welcome back earlier in the day. She wanted everyone ready and at full strength.

"Le Fay joining does make things very interesting for you." Azazel said happily through his microphone. Despite his words the first day, Le Fay was still getting hounded by everybody and it was taking all of her self-control not to snap.

"Oh yeah. She's pretty pissed that you won't do anything to her for and Valerie's getting tired of explaining why." Bikou chuckled.

"I figured as much. That means when her break is over, she's going to be insatiable." Issei said with a half-smile.

"As much fun as discussing Issei's love life is, I want to get Issei's take on another subject." Azazel spoke up.

"Let me guess. Rias and Sona's rating game tomorrow." Issei deadpanned.

"Yup. I remember you saying that you knew the answer to who would win. Care to fill me in." Azazel asked eagerly.

"Fine but wait until this game is over. You guys are going to want to pay attention." Issei groaned. Azazel was way too curious for his own good sometimes.

"Deal" Azazel replied, and they finished the game.

Once it was over Issei was ready to talk, "To start with, Sona has the advantage in numbers and Sona is far smarter than Rias."

"So, you're saying Sona will win." Azazel assumed.

"Ironically no. The winner of this match will actually be Rias and it's because she has the advantage in the most important area, raw power."

"You'll have to explain that one." Bikou questioned.

"Let's look at matchups piece by piece Rias is stronger than Sona and Akeno is way stronger then Tsubaki which are advantage Rias. When it comes to bishops, the current Gasper has the advantage over Momo and Reya. When it comes to knights Rias has the advantage with Xenovia and Kiba although Karlamine is pretty strong. Rook admittedly I don't know because I don't know how Koneko's training is going"

"Funny story actually. I've been the one training with Koneko since Kuro doesn't really want to get involved in training. She still feels guilty about what happened and despite my best efforts I've been unable to get her to get involved."

Issei groaned in annoyance, "So that advantage is Sona's. Xuelan is even with Koneko which leaves Tsubasa as the only winner."

"You talked about all the matchups but here's the thing you're forgetting. Sona knows she's weaker and therefore she'll have tactics to counter the power difference." Azazel reminded him.

"I didn't forget at all. She might win a few battles here and there if she does it right, but Rias will eventually overwhelm her." Issei smiled.

"I see" Azazel said with approval.

"So what if Sona manages to win?" Bikou wondered.

"Then Rias will be humiliated on a major scale." Issei said nonchalantly

"How cruel." Bikou chuckled.

"But true." Issei shrugged.

"Well that was fun. Let's start another game." Azazel suggested.

"Sounds good." Issei smiled. Game night with the boys was a beautiful thing.

(Scene Skip)

(Hotel Aurorus)

"Hey Issei. Is something going on between you and Jeanne?" Cecelia asked as she snuggled into Issei's body after their orgy was over. Orgy Saturdays were up and running again and since SUN-Day was a thing. The girls decided that new coordinators should take care of Orgy Saturday's. It was Aya's idea and Issei was okay with that since she would naturally choose Kaya. Once she got enough people to get involved in the Saturday's, Shizuka would likely choose Kurokami. Kairi was a mystery but one he would worry about later. Miyuki chose her friend Michiru a girl with wavy black hair and amber eyes with a nice body, but a particularly nice ass (Michiru is based on Blake belladonna without the cat ears if you want an image). The choice for Nochizuri ended up being Cecelia to his surprise. Kuoh didn't have orgy Satu

"Why do you ask?" Issei replied curiously,

"Well. I hate to admit it but when Momiji told me that she wanted to ask me to be coordinator I should've been happy. Instead, I was curious as to why Jeanne wasn't asked first. Apparently, she asked her first, but was turned down." Cecelia said bashfully. Admitting that hurt her pride far more than she cared to admit.

Issei smiled before kissing her on the cheek, "Don't worry too much about it. Just enjoy your time with me." Issei smiled. Clearly Jeanne wanted them to interact as little as possible as the Khaos Brigade became more active. Conflict of interest in an amusing way.

"That's the thing Issei. I feel like you're hiding something from me, and it makes it hard to enjoy our time together." Cecelia frowned.

"Like what?" Issei wondered.

"Like how in the world you have so much stamina? During our vacation you were able to enjoy everyone without any issues at all. That shouldn't be possible for a normal person." Cecelia insisted.

Issei was caught off guard by that, "Don't worry too much about it." Issei insisted.

"I know I shouldn't but… I guess I'm curious." Cecelia admitted.

Issei could see this was clearly bothering her and came up with an excuse, "I've been Hottie Magnet Hyoudou now for close to 4 years and I've built up an insane amount of stamina as a result." Issei answered.

"True. You did eat a lot of food during dinner. I'm pretty sure you ate enough for 5 or 6 of us yourself" Cecelia smiled glad that she could explain it.

"Yeah. It's just insane stamina and it comes with an insane need for food."

"If you ever do settle down, I pity the person who has to deal with your appetite and libido." Cecelia teased.

"If I ever settle down, I pity everyone whose hearts I'll have to break." Issei deadpanned.

"That's true too." Cecelia smiled. The other two girls that joined Cecelia in the orgy picked that time to appear from the shower dressed and ready which meant it was time for Cecelia to shower leaving Issei alone.

'Well, that was close. Never suspected Cecelia would question it.' Issei thought to himself. Admittedly very few people had ever questioned how he was able to satisfy all the girls he did.

"It was only a matter of time. Admittedly I thought somebody would start to wonder sooner"

'I agree. Hopefully Cecelia will be the last person who gets curious.' Issei mused as he thought to himself. His double life was an interesting one, but he made it work.

(Scene Skip)

During his time as Hottie Magnet Hyoudou, Issei has been involved in many different types of dates, but he could safely say that this would be one of his more unique ones. Here he was, sitting in the back of a limousine as he made his way to the northeastern part of Kuoh which was the territory of the Ichizuri clan. He was there because he had a date tonight with Kurokami Ichizuri, Shizuka's younger sister and current head of the clan. 'Shizuka really is pulling out all the stops.' Issei smiled as he thought about the night. Usually his dates were at places that Issei were connected to and it helped with things. Kurokami insisted on bringing her to a place in her territory and Issei was okay with that. Instead of his usual casual outfit, Issei wore an all-black dress ensemble without a blazer which was his way of showing respect to Kurokami. "So where are we going?" Issei spoke up asking the driver what the plan was.

"If you must know, you're being taken to the Lunar Eclipse. I assume you know what that is." The driver said from behind him with a gruff voice.

Issei's eyes widened, "Yes I do. It seems Kurokami is really pulling out all the stops for me." Issei smiled. The Lunar Eclipse was the best restaurant in the territory and pretty expensive.

"That's Lady Ichizuri to you." the man growled.

"Right." Issei smiled nonchalantly. A part of him wondered if the man knew why he was here. Then again it didn't really matter.

Eventually the limo stopped, and the driver opened the door to reveal a truly impressive sight. The Lunar Eclipse was the pride and joy of the Ichizuri clan. The red brick restaurant was 25 feet high with a shed style roof with silver and black tiles. Large plants surrounded the restaurant along with bits of black tile creating a truly exotic look but that was just the beginning.

Delinquents were lined up ten feet front of the restaurant creating a guard of honor for Issei to walk through. Each was wearing a silver long sleeved dress jacket with a black moon on the back above a white collared shirt and black pants with black shoes. Their outfit just so happened to be the male uniform of Black Moon Academy and the Black Moon was the symbol of the Ichizuri clan. As he walked towards the restaurant the delinquent all said at once, "Welcome Master Hyoudou" to Issei's surprise.

'Kurokami really went all out' Issei smiled as he walked through the row of delinquents towards the entrance of the building. Waiting for him wasn't Kurokami but a young woman Issei had never seen before. She had long, flowing black hair that reaches to a little bit past her waist with bangs that cut off at her forehead and her cheekbones with large blue eyes. (AN: She's basically Shirayuki from Hidan no Aria. Yes, I'm stealing girls from other series so I don't have to write OCs. If you've seen my other stories, it's a specialty of mine) Her outfit was the female version of Black Moon Academy a silver dress shirt that couldn't hold back a high C cup bust with a black skirt that went down to her knees silver stockings and white dress shoes. The actual uniform came with a silver jacket also but hers wasn't on, not that Issei was complaining.

As he approached the young woman, she met his gaze with a warm smile, "Greetings Master Hyoudou. My name is Himiko and I am Lady Kurokami's right hand woman." The now named Himiko said before bowing.

"Greetings Ms Himiko. Am I to assume that Kurokami is waiting for me inside?" Issei smiled

"Yes. Please come this way." Himiko replied and she walked with Issei into the Lunar Eclipse.

The inside of the Lunar Eclipse was just as impressive as the outside. The low glow of the lights and the black and silver all around continued the moon like theme and the silver chairs and tables were truly a sight. He ignored all of that since he was surely headed for one of the VIP rooms where Kurokami was waiting. Eventually he and Himiko arrived at a large silver door which Himiko opened before saying, Lady Kurokami is waiting" and motioned for him to go inside.

"Thank you Himiko." Issei smiled before he walked into the room which was mostly dark outside of a small light shining on top of him.

"Welcome to the Lunar Eclipse." Kurokami said in a smooth voice before Issei heard a small clap. Issei watched on with amusement as the lights slowly moved through the room revealing dark blue walls with the image of stars all around. As it moved back further it revealed a circular table with a chair that Issei assumed was for him. Continuing to the back of the room he finally got a good look at Kurokami who was standing in front of a small door which Issei assumed led to the kitchen. Much like her sister Kurokami had black eyes and black hair but unlike Shizuka, Kurokami's hair was short and in a twin tail style. Her current outfit was a long silver Kimono with small stars all over it and a blue obi with black socks and silver open toed sandals.

"It's been a long time Kurokami." Issei smiled as he gazed at the young woman. You wouldn't know by her appearance that she was a gang leader, but instead you would think she was some sort of priestess.

Kurokami smiled before walking towards Issei elegantly, "It certainly has Issei. I've missed you quite a bit" Kurokami replied as she stopped right in front of him.

"I imagine most people in this position would've probably kissed your hand but I'm going to do something different." Issei smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his body.

Kurokami looked up at him with a smile on her face, "You aren't most people, and you know it." Kurokami answered before getting on her toes.

"I know" Issei smiled as he moved to meet Kurokami's lips in a kiss. They held the kiss for about ten seconds before Kurokami pulled away.

"That will do for now. I hope you don't mind if we talk for a bit before we have dinner" Kurokami smiled.

Issei nodded and the two moved back to their chairs, "So, what did you want to discuss?" Issei wondered curiously.

Kurokami took a deep breath since this was going to be difficult for her. As leader of the Ichizuri she had done many things that were difficult, but this was going to be one of the hardest, "I wanted to apologize to you Issei. There is a lot about what happened between you and Shizuka that you aren't aware of."

"Like what?" Issei replied curiously.

"Like the reason you two actually broke up." Kurokami admitted shamelessly.

Issei was a bit surprised by that, "Shizuka told me that she left because she was tired of waiting around for me." Issei replied.

"That was a lie. The reason Shizuka broke up with you, was because I ordered her to." Kurokami revealed.

Issei was stunned by that admission because of the weight it actually carried. Despite being the younger of the twins it was decided that Kurokami would lead the clan which gave her power over her sister. It was power that Kurokami rarely if ever used as far as he knew, "Why?" Issei asked unsure of what else he could say.

Kurokami frowned before getting up from her seat and standing off to the side so Issei could see her full body, "Instead of telling you. Perhaps I should show you." Kurokami replied as she closed her eyes briefly. As she did Issei felt magical energy in the room and it wasn't coming from him.

"It can't be" Issei gasped.

"Come Zangetsu" Kurokami shouted. The area around her distorted and a small black hole appeared just in front of her. With practiced ease, Kurokami reached into the hole with her left hand and pulled out a black and red handle that had an S grip revealing a black blade that was just above 2 feet long.

"You… you have a sacred gear." Issei gasped. Well, this was a twist he certainly didn't expect.

"Yes I do, but we have that in common don't we Issei." Kurokami smiled before focusing her magic again and causing Zangetsu to vanish.

"We do" Issei smiled before getting up and activating his boosted gear.

Kurokami bowed her head since this was a bit shameful for her, "When I became the head of the clan, I learned about the supernatural world along with your identity as the Red Dragon Emperor and what that meant for you. I feared that if she continued your relationship, people would target her in order to get to you."

"How ironic." Issei chuckled before deactivating the boosted gear.

"What's ironic." Kurokami frowned not liking Issei's amusement with the situation.

"You remember Irina Shidou, right?" Issei smiled.

"Yes. She was the one who took away our sun." Kurokami scowled. She and Shizuka both hated Irina for what happened and there were more than a few times they wanted to use family resources to get rid of her as kids, but their mother refused to do so. In hindsight, that was a good thing since Irina's father was a powerful exorcist and not somebody the clan wanted to anger.

Issei was pleased to see that anger was there but stayed focused on the task at hand, "As I'm sure you're now aware, Irina's father is an exorcist and the man who taught me about the supernatural. He convinced me that it was dangerous for me to be around others besides Irina because of the risks it held to them."

"That means!?" Kurokami gasped.

"Yes, that means that you are doing the very same thing that, as you so eloquently put it, caused 'your sun' to be taken away from you."

Kurokami was stunned because that wasn't what she suspected at all, "Shizuka must hate me?" Kurokami said solemnly.

"She very clearly doesn't." Issei assured her.

"How can you say that. I ordered her to leave a man she cared deeply about without thinking about how she would feel. I wanted to protect her but instead I hurt her." Kurokami shouted as tears began to well up.

"Shizuka isn't stupid Kurokami. She knew that you cared about her. If she was truly angry with you, I doubt she'd have approved our date tonight." Issei said with a smile.

Kurokami blushed at the response, "About that. I'm… doing something a bit unconventional for dinner." Kurokami replied before her hands once again. This time, the back door opened to reveal Himiko still dressed in her outfit from before but this time rolling out a large silver plate with a cover over its contents.

"I'm surprised Himiko here is the one bringing it to us." Issei said with a lustful smile. His instincts were telling him that he was in for a real treat.

"Himiko is my best friend and when I took over the clan, she was there for me." Kurokami said confidently.

"Does she have a sacred gear also?"

"I actually do. The legendary blade Salamandra, but I believe there's something that you'll be much more interested in seeing Master Hyoudou." Himiko said with a smile before pulling up the cover and revealing the tray's contents. Various different pieces of sushi and a few bottles of soy sauce to go with it.

"This is a lovely dish but there's just one problem. We don't have any plates." Issei commented.

"Actually, Master Hyoudou you do." Himiko smiled as she backed away from the tray so Issei had a full view of Himiko's body.

'You've gotta be kidding me. Are they actually going to do…' Issei thought in disbelief but his thoughts were interrupted when Himiko began to strip for him sliding off her stockings to reveal a lacy pair of black panties before sliding off her stockings to reveal her luscious legs.

"As you're no doubt aware, Black Moon Academy was practically created for the Ichizuri family. A large portion of the student body are either members of the family or people that were sold to the family. One could say that Black Moon is a way for most of the family to gain an education" Himiko explained calmly despite having just taken off her shirt revealing her breasts held in a matching bra.

"I am aware of that" Issei said hungrily. He was about to experience one of the harem world's treasures, body sushi.

"One of the reasons you couldn't get many dates from Black Moon outside of us was that technically my mother would've had to approve. She was okay with us doing it, but she wasn't as willing to allow others to get involved with you." Kurokami spoke up causing Issei to look back at her just to see that her kimono was gone, and she was in a lacy silver bra with stars on it with matching panties. It was truly a sight to behold.

"So does Shizuka know about your plan for tonight?"

Kurokami blushed, "She was the one who suggested body sushi. I was nervous but Himiko agreed to help me since I didn't know what you'd think? After all you're with many women and I'm not exactly the most appealing" Kurokami admitted as she finished stripping herself revealing a medium B cup bust and a very appealing body.

"So, who will you enjoy first Master Hyoudou?" A now naked Himiko said with a surprising amount of eagerness in her voice. Her body was dynamite and Issei was looking forward to enjoying it.

"Well since this dinner was originally for me and Kurokami how about Kurokami goes first." Issei smiled.

"As you wish" Kurokami said bashfully before getting onto the table with help from Himiko. Her body was on full display and all that was left was for Issei to decorate her.

"Let's eat" Issei smiled. This was going to be a special night indeed and hopefully the first of many with the girls from Black Moon.

(Scene Skip)

Issei couldn't be happier as he arrived at homeroom Monday morning. Body sushi with Kurokami and Himiko had to be one of his favorite dates ever and the knowledge that Kurokami would allow Shizuka to set him up with girls from Black Moon this time around was the cherry on top. He didn't have to worry about any reprisal from the Ichizuri clan either which made life incredibly easy for him. As he sat down at his eat, Matsuda came over to greet him with a smile on his face.

"Master I had my first date with Hase on Saturday." Matsuda beamed.

"How was it?" Issei asked with genuine curiosity.

"It was awesome. She's a great girl." Matsuda said happily.

"Does that mean that you're not a virgin anymore Matsuda?" Kiryuu snickered.

"Actually, I still am?" Matsuda revealed.

"What!" Kiryuu gasped and the rest of the class was equally shocked.

"I want to make this work so I'm gonna wait for her to be ready." Matsuda admitted to the approval of Issei and a few of the girls in the class.

"Big mistake Matsu. If you wait too long your girlfriend will be drawn to your master like everyone else." Yamato sneered.

"Yamato!" Katase yelled with disapproval.

"I mean it's the truth isn't it. His master is sleeping with so many girls in Kuoh that Matsuda probably needed to make sure that his Master wasn't sleeping with Hase before asking her out." Yamato snickered.

"So what! I respect Master enough that I wouldn't take anybody from him." Matsuda admitted.

"That's not a no." Yamato smiled.

"You truly are stupid aren't you Yamato." Issei said coldly not liking the boy's comment.

"And why's that?" Yamato chuckled.

"Because Matsuda is showing that he wants to change his ways. He's not nearly as perverted as he was before, and he genuinely wants to make this work. Besides Issei has a very well-known policy of avoiding girls who are in relationships." Kiryuu spoke up instead of Issei.

"Really. So, does that mean if I ask out somebody Issei is involved with and she says yes, he'll back off."

Kiryuu was surprised by that and really didn't like where this was going, "If you managed to pull that off, I suppose so." Kiryuu replied as Issei stayed silent wondering what would happen next.

A large grin became plastered on Yamato's face, "In that case I know exactly who I want to ask out?" Yamato smiled as he walked towards the desk of Irina Shidou and stood in front of her.

"Yes" Irina Shidou said with a scowl on her face.

"How about it, Irina. I noticed that he didn't greet you like everyone else last week which means you two are on the fritz. So how about you go out with me, since he clearly doesn't have time for you anymore." Yamato suggested.

Most of the class was stunned silent. "You really are an idiot Yamato." Misao scowled with disgust.

"You… you're joking right?" Irina said in disbelief. Yamato and Issei had butt heads on many occasions but this, this was insane.

"Not at all. I mean think about how many girls he has at his beck and call. Surely a lovely young lady like you wants a guy who's exclusive to her." Yamato smiled.

Irina was shocked that he would do it and took a glance towards Issei wondering what was going through his mind. A single glance told her that he was not pleased at all, "Yamato I'm going to have to turn you down. I'm sorry." Irina said politely hoping that Irina taking it easy would be enough to stop Issei from acting.

"Oh well." Yamato smiled as he walked back to his desk. "You're lucky she's so devoted to you Hyoudou." Yamato taunted.

Issei was absolutely furious at Yamato for even daring to ask out Irina. He wasn't serious at all and It was done out of spite and malice, "Partner keep it together. This is not the time or place." Ddraig warned.

'I know' Issei replied but he was still fuming. A part of him wanted to kill Yamato right there and then for even considering trying to ask out Irina. Luckily, Issei was a master of mental gymnastics and he managed to calm himself down before Azazel walked into the room.

(Sona P.O.V)

After an odd weekend that included a tough loss to my best friend Rias in a rating game, I was hoping to have a nice relaxing week. Thankfully, the first day back had gone without major incident and I could focus on my paperwork. At least that was my plan until Momo burst into the room, "What's wrong Momo?" I said calmly.

Momo gathered herself quickly but kept the serious expression on her face, "This is going to sound strange, but I need your help arranging magical protection for a student named Yamato Norikawa in class 2-A."

That statement caught me off guard for a few reasons. The first was that Momo was saying magical protection which meant the threat was a mystical one, "Why would I offer a regular student magical protection? Especially since Azazel among others are in Issei's class?" I asked calmly.

"Because most of the people involved don't realize what a huge mistake Yamato made today." Momo replied.

"What did Yamato do? Is it a cursed object of some kind?" Sona wondered. Something very strange was happening.

"If only he could be so lucky. Yamato did something today that really pissed Issei off and I'm afraid he's going to kill him for it." Momo said nervously.

What was an odd story got even stranger, "What could he have possibly done to make Issei of all people kill him?"

"Yamato asked Irina to be his girlfriend in front of Issei." Momo replied.

"Repeat that" I said in disbelief.

"You heard exactly what I said Sona. He asked Irina out in front of Issei." Momo continued.

"And you think he's going to kill him for it." I deadpanned. There were stretches and then there were things like this.

"Yes! As much as most of us hate to admit it, Issei is fiercely protective of Irina. After all, he was willing to fight against Kokabiel alone to keep her safe. For him to ask Irina out is begging for trouble." Momo replied.

I found it hard to believe that Issei would actually endanger a regular student over something like that, "Where is Issei now?" I asked curiously.

"He's taking care of the club visit the swim club and after that is the art club." Momo said calmly. Thanks to Seekvaira's visit Momo had to reschedule the art club and swim club and today was the day she picked.

"Then have your familiar follow him once he leaves. He's been in school the whole day which means he wouldn't chance using any magic since people will be paying attention to him." I answered.

"Fine" Momo huffed. She clearly didn't like it, but since this was merely suspicion there was nothing I could do.

(Scene Skip)

(Normal P.O.V)

Ironically enough, Issei's date for that night was actually Xenovia and she surprised Issei by suggesting they stay in and order pizza. After calling the local store, the two of them simply sat on Issei's couch and watched TV. "Is everything alright Xenovia?" Issei said calmly.

"Of course. Why wouldn't it be." Xenovia replied quickly.

"Because instead of going out on a date, we're sitting here waiting for pizza." Issei countered. He didn't mind per say but it was odd.

"I guess after the craziness of today, I wanted us to just relax." Xenovia answered.

"Irina put you up to this didn't she?" Issei said with a raised eyebrow.

"She did. After what happened in homeroom, she was worried and wanted to make sure you were close enough that she could sense what you were doing." Xenovia admitted.

Issei chuckled at this, "And you agreed."

"Irina knows you better than anybody. If she was worried, she clearly had a reason." Xenovia replied.

"Very well." Issei nodded deciding not to do anything.

"Does she… does she have a reason to be concerned?" Xenovia wondered.

"No. Yamato is an idiot who likes to push my buttons. I messed up a few weeks ago when I used a bit of my power, but that's as close as I'm going to come." Issei said smoothly.

"I see" Xenovia smiled glad that Issei wasn't going nuclear.

"You seem relieved by that." Issei chuckled.

"Well I am. The idea that you would actually harm somebody for a petty reason like that was insane to me. I'm just glad that she was wrong." Xenovia smiled as she leaned in and relaxed her head on his shoulder. The rest of the date went off without a hitch.

(Scene Skip)

As wild as the day before was, today was much different. Azazel arrived in class early and he watched over everyone until it was time for homeroom, "Class, I'm afraid we have some tragic news. Yamato Norikawa was killed yesterday when a fire raged through his home. Although his family was able to escape, he wasn't so lucky and was burnt alive. I only found out an hour ago" Azazel explained as the class looked on in shock.

"You… you're kidding?" Kiryuu gasped.

"I heard about that house fire on the news last night. To think it was Yamato's house" Matsuda gasped.

"He was an ass, but even he didn't deserve this." Motohama said with tears in his eyes.

"I understand how you all must feel, and grief counselors will be by later today if you want to talk. Honestly, if any of you wanted to go home and be with your family the school would understand."

"Thank you sensei. This truly is a sad day for Class 2-A." Issei spoke up in a calm manner.

"You say that, but I'm sure you're glad he's gone Issei" a guy said with spite in his voice. He had dark black hair and cobalt eyes with fair skin.

"Shiro!" Murayama gasped.

"It's fine Murayama. I can understand how Shiro feels. It's no secret that Yamato and I didn't get along, but I'll still mourn his death." Issei said calmly.

"Oh, please that's a lie. Are we supposed to believe that it's a coincidence that he asked out your princess, and a day later he's dead? Reminds me of what happened to Kai back in the day. You remember that right Issei?" the now named Shiro spoke up with malice in his voice.

"Shiro watch it!" Misao growled.

"Oh come on Misao. You remember that day just like I do. Third grade a week after Christmas break. Irina was showing off that new pendant that her dad got for her for Christmas. Kai snuck away during gym and stole Irina's pendant before hiding it somewhere. Irina was in tears up until lunch. Issei confronted Kai since he saw him sneak away during gym, and you remember what happened next don't you Misao." Shiro explained as the rest of the class listened.

"As I recall, I broke 10 of his ribs, his collarbone and his right shoulder." Issei said with a vicious smile.

"Whoa" Raynare gasped.

"That's right. Kai missed the rest of the year recovering from the beatdown and he moved away soon after. You did all of that and you were only suspended for a few weeks." Shiro scowled.

"I guess I got lucky." Issei smiled viciously.

"You could've killed him!" Shiro yelled.

"And I didn't. I stopped the moment he told me where Irina's pendant was." Issei countered. He was lucky the teachers took their sweet time that day because it allowed him to inflict more pain on Kai.

"That incident is why he hated you so much because Kai was his best friend." Shiro frowned.

"Yamato doesn't hate Issei because of what happened to Kai. He hates Issei because of me." Misao spoke up.

"What!" Shiro gasped and the whole class turned to look at Misao.

"Yamato's been trying to get me to go out with him for a long time. I've told him each time that I want to be part of Issei's harem and yet he kept trying. His last attempt was during a festival at the end of summer." Misao admitted.

"I see" Shiro frowned not liking that news.

"Either way, I couldn't have killed Yamato." Issei smiled.

"And why's that" Shiro scowled.

"He had a date with me last night. We stayed at his house and ate pizza the whole time. I never left his side outside of small bathroom breaks." Xenovia revealed.

"He could've snuck away." Shiro protested.

"No he couldn't Shiro. Yamato's house is on the other side of town. There's no way he could sneak away to kill Yamato." Misao reminded him.

"But" Shiro protested.

"But nothing Shiro. Yamato is gone and that sucks, but Issei clearly couldn't have killed him." Misao frowned.

"As intriguing as this story is. I'd say we should try and focus on class." Azazel said calmly.

"Alright sensei." Shiro frowned and homeroom finally began.

(Scene Skip)

A smiling Issei relaxed in his room after the school gave their class a half day. Although his plans for the day were ruined, he couldn't be happier under the circumstances, "It's a shame what happened to Yamato huh Ddraig." Issei chuckled.

"You say that as though you didn't kill him underneath everyone's noses." Ddraig chuckled.

'True. I was lucky we had soccer yesterday because it gave me the perfect chance.' Issei smiled at a job well done. Shiro was right and Issei did kill Yamato, but he did it in a way that ensured he would be practically free of suspicion. A knock on his door broke him from his musing and after flaring his senses he discovered it was Irina.

"Issei can I come in. I know I'm still on punishment but."

"Come on in Irina. After a day like this I'm willing to make an exception." Issei smiled warmly.

Irina opened the door and walked in wearing her sleep clothes, "I'm sorry for interrupting you but"

"What are you apologizing for. Today was a tough day since we lost a classmate." Issei smiled as he opened his right arm so she could cuddle with him.

Irina frowned before getting onto the bed and snuggling into Issei. The irony that he was using his Hottie Magnet arm wasn't lost on her, "Is it true what Shiro suggested Issei? Did you really kill Yamato for asking me out?" Irina wondered. Even with the measures taken against him, Issei could've easily found a way to kill Yamato. He was that talented and Irina knew it.

"I actually managed to calm myself down after that." Issei smiled as Irina breathed a sigh of relief, "I killed Yamato because he was planning to drug Misao and do who knows what else to her." Issei revealed causing Irina's eyes to widen in shock.

"What!?" Irina gasped both at Issei's admittance of his crime and the reason for it.

Issei was aware of how dangerous this was but, Irina would keep his secret, "Remember how I got up and left the room just before homeroom came to an end."

"Yeah. I assumed it was because you were still mad about what Yamato did."

"I was mad but not because of that. I was mad because of a message I received from Kurokami." Issei smiled as he pulled away from Irina and reached for his phone. He quickly found the message in question and showed it to Irina who read the contents.

"No. This can't be real." Irina squirmed. There was a message and a picture of Yamato up top.

'This guy came to one of our stores during our date and purchased an aphrodisiac with cash. Apparently, he wanted to use it to spice things up with his girlfriend. Since things like that could come back to us if he's lying, I did a little background check on him and discovered he went to your school. Any information on him would be appreciated.' Kurokami.

"No way!" Irina gasped.

"Yep. I left to call Kurokami myself and told her that Yamato didn't have a girlfriend as far as I knew. Kurokami was furious because she assumed it was to do harm to somebody. Knowing about his odd relationship with Misao, I agreed and told her I'd deal with it myself." Issei answered. Kurokami could've done it herself but this was easier for all parties involved.

"But we were watching you the whole day. How did you manage to kill him?"

"During soccer, I managed to put a special time delayed fire spell on his body that I set to activate after eight hours. Since it was around 12:30 at the time the spell would activate during my date with Xenovia." Issei answered.

"I see" Irina said unsure of what to think. On one hand Issei had brutally murdered a classmate in brilliant fashion. On the other hand, there was no telling what he'd do to Misao if he was able to use the aphrodisiac on her.

"If it makes you feel better, the spell was designed to quickly weaken so his family could survive but Yamato had to go." Issei said firmly.

"So what happens now?" Irina wondered.

"Now I relax and move on. The only people who will know the truth are me,you, Kurokami, and possibly Momo."

"Momo!" Irina gasped.

"She was worried that I'd kill Yamato for asking you out and had her familiar watch me during my date with Xenovia." Issei chuckled at the irony.

"We've already established you actually killed him earlier, so how would she figure anything out?" Irina asked in confusion.

"I had to use the sex classroom to call Kurokami since it was the only place I could go to ensure that nobody heard us talking. Ironically, it's also the only place I could go if I wanted to kill Yamato in secret and keep up a normal alibi. By now, Momo will have checked the footage and heard me talking with Kurokami and realize that I killed Yamato in secret somehow." Issei answered.

"Since she knows you killed him, what will she do next" Irina wondered. Could Momo really go against him?

"Nothing. Momo will understand why I did what I did to Yamato and move on. The truth will be buried and perhaps the only other person that will learn the truth is Misao if we choose to tell her." Issei shrugged.

"How can you be so nonchalant about this. You killed a man in cold blood." Irina exclaimed.

"I killed a rapist and a scumbag. One that would've not only harmed Misao, but Kurokami in the process." Issei replied. There was no paper trail thanks to the way that shop did business but if he killed Yamato a normal way, somebody would've searched his room and found the aphrodisiac. The Ichizuri are left alone since they don't actively target people outside of their territory, but the police would suspect something the minute they found an aphrodisiac connected to him.

"I… alright." Irina replied giving in. Issei was right and honestly for everyone involved it was the right move to kill Yamato this way. It still didn't sit right with her but there was nothing she could do.

"You're upset." Issei frowned.

"I'm conflicted." Irina admitted.

"Then how about we just cuddle for a bit." Issei smiled.

"Fine" Irina frowned since nothing was going to change at this point. Issei showed what he would do to protect people he cared about and that was all that mattered.

AN: Normally I don't do anything at the end of the chapter but there are some things I want to explain.

The harem works on a tiered system. The top girls in Issei's harem are the six leaders Momo Shizuka Kairi Miyuki Momiji and Aya. These leaders control the harems within the six schools and work together to make Issei's date schedule.

The leaders also created the rules by which the harem operates which you saw when Issei had Rias 'apply' to be a part of the harem back in chapter 24. Those rules are followed very strictly by the girls and Issei goes along with them for the most part.

The reason why Issei is staying away from Le Fay despite how much they've already done is because as far as the school knows, Le Fay and Issei don't know each other.

The reason Issei killed Yamato using the time delayed fire spell is because he needed to get rid of the aphrodisiac, which he assumed was in Yamato's room. If he used any other method, he risks the police finding out about the aphrodisiac and tracing it back to the crime family which would cause Kurokami a headache since they only handle business within their territory.

Kurokami took over the Ichizuri clan at the start of Issei's second year of high school which is when Kurokami found out about the supernatural and insisted Shizuka break up with Issei. Before that the, clan was run by Shizuka and Kurokami's mother who allowed them to be involved in the harem because she knew about her daughter's feelings for Issei. However, she wouldn't approve anybody else from Black Moon being with him. That will obviously change.

Despite the fact that Kurokami runs the clan and is technically above Shizuka, Shizuka is still the leader of the Black Moon Academy harem. It's a similar power dynamic to Momo and Sona.