Chapter 35

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(Kuoh Academy Track)

It was halfway through gym class when Issei finally made his way out to join the rest of Class 2-A. "So where's Irina." Misao said with a wry smile as she stood with two of her friends from the class.

"She's resting right now. You can understand why." Issei smiled.

"Yeah" Misao blushed. Any girl who had ever slept with Issei alone knew how intense that was.

"That was a good hour of makeup sex. Is she gonna be able to make it to class today?" Aika chuckled.

"Who knows" Issei shrugged. With Irina back in the fold he could focus his efforts on Asia once again. It didn't take long for him to find the blonde nun who was undoing the band that tied her and Le Fay together with Xenovia's help. His destination acquired he walked over to see the girls and it was no surprise that Le Fay noticed him first.

"Hello Issei" Le Fay said happily before walking over and embracing Issei happily.

"Hey Le Fay. Are you guys doing well."

"Yes. Me and Asia make a great team." Le Fay smiled before leaning up and whispering. 'Both out here and in the bedroom.'

"Down the road perhaps." Issei answered.

"Okay" Le Fay smiled before planting a kiss on Issei's cheek.

"Really Le Fay" Xenovia pouted.

"Consider yourself lucky I'm only doing that." Le Fay smiled.

"There's an order to this Le Fay." Xenovia frowned.

"Yeah, but that order is stupid. If I like Issei I should be able to show it." Le Fay frowned.

"That's enough Le Fay." Issei chided.

"But" Le Fay pouted.

"If everyone had your mindset, I wouldn't be able to learn anything because I'd be making out with people all the time."

"What's wrong with that. You're Hottie Magnet Hyoudou. You don't need to learn a thing and you're set for life with all the girls around you." Le Fay shouted causing the whole class to focus on their group.

"That may be true, but I still like coming to school and attending class with everyone." Issei admitted.

"Dude you just skipped class to have sex with Irina. Are you sure you actually like class?" Shiro spoke up.

"You act like I don't keep my activities to after school and lunch with the occasional gym romp when I'm given cleanup duty. I never do anything during class, and I haven't since this started" Issei deadpanned.

"Good point" Shiro admitted.

"That's what makes master so great. He doesn't lord his status over everyone and allows us to do what we wish" Matsuda replied.

"He doesn't need to lord his status over anybody Matsuda. You and Motohama did that for him." Misao chuckled.

"What do you mean by that Misao." Le Fay asked curiously.

"Issei was planning to keep his identity a secret and only indulge in the girls from the old days. Then you idiots exposed him." Misao explained.

"Oh yeah I remember that. Issei tried to deny them but they kept following him. I figured I'd throw Issei a bone and shut them up but then Murayama was reckless and wanted me to use it on him." Aika smiled.

"And the rest is history. He slept with Murayama and Katase a week later and from there the floodgates opened." Misao chuckled.

"Enough about the old days. I'd rather talk about the sports festival." Issei chastised deciding not to discuss the very kinky start to his time as Hottie Magnet Hyoudou.

"Speaking of the festival, why did you choose Le Fay and Asia for the three-legged race." Aika wondered.

"Good point. Neither of them are athletic at all. They're cute but that's it" Motohama continued.

"I chose Asia and Le Fay because the athletic festival isn't about who wins or loses it's about letting the class show off. Everyone knows about our kendo duo or the fact we have the captain of the soccer club in Ichika." Issei smiled.

"Speaking of the soccer club, are we setup for a club visit since we're back in session" Ichika replied hopefully. Ichika was medium height with dark red hair that was currently in ponytail with brown eyes. She had a very sporty frame and a pair of mid B-cups breasts.

"You should be on the list." Issei replied. He hadn't kept track.

"Awesome" Ichika said happily.

"Anyway. I wanted to show off all our class could offer, and I chose them," Issei finished bringing the focus back on the festival.

"I gotcha" Aika smiled.

"But what if we lose." Asia said bashfully.

Issei walked over to Asia and stood in front of her with a classic smile, "Win or lose it's all about having fun and that's what I want you to focus on Asia." Issei smiled before kissing her on the forehead. As various girls cooed at the cute display.

"Okay" Asia blushed.

"Since we're done with our vice representatives' motivational speech, let's get going people." Murayama spoke up deciding that they had enough fun for one class.

"Yeah" the class shouted, and gym class finished without any other issues.

(Scene Skip)

With his school day and club visits over, Issei relaxed in his room playing Smash brothers his go to game. To his amusement Azazel and Bikou soon entered the chat room Issei set up for his gaming group but Gasper was nowhere to be found, "I heard that speech you gave the class during gym. It was truly impressive especially considering how badly you lied to them." Azazel smiled.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Issei replied.

"You chose Asia and Le Fay because you wanted our little witch to be invested in that and act as another buffer from whatever Diodora was planning." Bikou chuckled.

"And if I did." Issei chuckled. It wasn't like he was going to deny it.

"That was well played. Diodora hasn't made any moves since his failed attempt to trade with Rias and their Rating game is Sunday." Azazel smiled.

"Good to know" Issei deadpanned. He was positive they scheduled it that way because his Orgy Saturdays would get in the way otherwise and they needed him available.

"So how long do we have until you have to get ready for your date." Bikou smiled.

"We've got an hour or so. My date for tonight is with a girl from White Rose named Kongou Mitsuko. She actually modeled some of the stuff for the Red Dragon Line before." Issei revealed.

"Does she know about you being behind the line." Azazel smirked.

"I'm not sure. The only reason it's an open secret among Kuoh girls is because they know about it through Katase. I generally stay away from the fashion shows, but let's get back to Diodora. How much does Rias actually know about his intentions?" Issei wondered.

"She knows Diodora is interested in Asia, but that's it." Azazel explained.

"I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing." Issei sighed.

"It's a good thing. Covert ops are a lot easier when both parties are fooled." Bikou reminded him.

"Yup and it doesn't get more covert than ambushing an ambush." Azazel smiled.

"You would know considering the ambush you pulled on me the other day." Issei chided.

"I told you Issei. I had no idea that club was connected to you. Odin just wanted to go to strip clubs and that was where the best ones were." Azazel replied trying to stay calm.

Bikou knew this conversation wouldn't end well and decided to change the subject, "Speaking of Odin. I heard he has a smoking hot valkyrie by his side. Is that true?" Bikou asked almost eagerly.

"She's very attractive but her confidence is in the toilet. It's kinda scary really. Though I doubt Kuroka would like to hear you talk about somebody else like that Bikou." Issei teased.

"It's fine, I can talk about others all I want. She knows that nobody will ever be able to replace her." Bikou said confidently.

"Well enjoy that. Having an exclusive relationship is a beautiful thing." Issei said warmly.

"Says the guy who has sex with different girls every day and orgies on Saturday." Azazel deadpanned.

"True but that was set up for me." Issei shrugged. Hottie Magnet Hyoudou was an empire that was created without him even doing anything. Sure he enjoyed it, but it was truly chaotic especially with Shizuka and Kairi back in the fold.

"What I can't believe is that you haven't popped a kid or two yet." Bikou chuckled.

"Ddraig sterilized me years ago. Otherwise I'd be swimming in kids." Issei revealed.

"Regardless. It's amazing that you've managed to keep things going the way you have. It won't last forever but you've made it work." Azazel warned.

"It'll last as long as the girls allow it to." Issei shrugged.

"True enough." Azazel admitted.

"By the way I win." Issei smiled as he finished off their latest round of Smash brothers. It never ceased to amaze Issei how they could have these serious conversations without breaking stride in the video games, but it was just another crazy part of his life.

(Scene Skip)

The next morning it was time for another run with Saten. He actually ran into her during his date with Kongou and discovered that much like Misaki, she didn't get along with Kairi and her friends. It wasn't quite as antagonistic but in order to prevent a major fight he agreed to a jogging date as Saten put it. As he made his way into the park where Saten would join him, Issei sensed something off. 'This isn't good' Issei frowned as he reached for his phone and sent Saten a text so she would stay away. When he arrived at the fountain in the middle of the park his expression soured even more when he noticed that a figure in a black cloak was waiting for him, "I'm sorry Red Dragon Emperor but Diodora-sama has ordered me to kill you." the person said in a very female voice. The figure was female which was interesting.

"I see" Issei replied before vanishing in a burst of speed.

"What the" the girl exclaimed, but it was too late as Issei was in front of her and primed to attack.

"This won't be much of a fight." Issei smirked before cocking his right fist and nailing her in the stomach with a vicious strike.

"UGH" the girl grunted in pain before she was knocked out.

"That was annoying." Issei frowned as he walked over to the girl and cast a spell to keep her unconscious for a bit longer. With the girl secured, Issei reached into his pocket for his phone again dialing a number.

"Issei what's wrong." Rias wondered.

"I need to speak with you immediately." Issei replied.

"I'm at the clubroom."

"Got it" Issei replied before hanging up. Walking over to the unconscious girl, Issei her up with a fireman's carry and then left via a magic circle.

Issei appeared in the middle of the clubroom with the girl on her shoulders. Rias saw the pair and her expression soured.

"Who's she?" Rias questioned.

"She's one of Diodora's servants, and she was apparently sent to kill me." Issei said nonchalantly.

"What!?" Rias exclaimed angrily.

"Yeah, but let's worry about that later. I have a bad feeling about this." Issei scowled. Using a small bit of magic, Issei destroyed the cloak revealing the girl underneath. The girl who attacked him had fair skin with long blue hair that flowed down her slim frame.

"Issei that girl is" Rias started to say before she went silent as Issei's expression darkened.

"Call Irina now" Issei said sternly.

"Right" Rias said quickly noticing how angry Issei was and for good reason. The girl in question was wearing the same church outfit that Irina wore during her first visit.

"You don't think?" Ddraig whispered to Issei.

'Oh yea, I'm positive this is Ako?' Issei scowled as they waited for Irina to arrive. Luckily for them it only took about five minutes for his theory to be proven through as Irina walked into the door with Xenovia not far behind.

"Rias what's…. AKO!" Irina screamed out as she noticed the guest lying on the couch.

"It can't be." Xenovia gasped looking on in shock.

Irina simply buried her head into Xenovia's neck, "It's her Xenovia. It's Ako?" Irina said trying to hold back her tears but struggling to do so.

"It's okay Irina let it out." Xenovia replied before wrapping her arms around her partner.

"What the hell is going on?" Le Fay wondered having been with Irina when she got Issei's call but confused by what was going on.

"Diodora is a scumbag." Issei said trying to hold it together he was angry as hell because he had a feeling, he knew what the man was planning.

"Issei, I'm going to call Grayfia." Rias insisted trying to control the scene.

"Makes sense." Issei said calmly trying to keep it together. He had a nasty feeling that he knew what Diodora was up to, but he didn't want to speculate.

(Scene Skip)

Grayfia Lucifer appeared in the ORC clubroom and seeing an unfamiliar girl on the couch frowned, "What's going on Rias." Grayfia said quickly. She couldn't help but notice the church's liaison on the couch across from her and from the looks of things she had cried a fair bit.

"I'll let Issei explain since he didn't want to explain twice" Rias said calmly.

Issei looked towards Grayfia with a smile, "The young woman on the couch is a servant of Diodora Astaroth's and she was sent to attack me on his orders. I had a bad feeling about her so instead of simply killing her I knocked her out and brought her to Rias" Issei said calmly to the shock of Rias and the other two.

"You're joking!" Rias gasped.


"Do you have proof of that?" Grayfia frowned.

"She told me herself and if you can scan her memories you can confirm it." Issei said calmly.

"I see" Grayfia frowned not liking the situation at all.

"I could do it" Rias suggested.

Issei was about to say something but Grayfia beat her to it, "No it would be better if I do. You can't be trusted as a reliable witness." Grayfia countered.

'More like you might find out things that would be extraordinarily unpleasant.' Issei thought to himself.

"Alright" Rias frowned. Rias watched as Grayfia looked through the still asleep Ako's memories and given the expression on her face she was seeing some unpleasant things. As she finished, she stared at Rias.

"What did you find out." Rias wondered.

"That this young woman was indeed sent to assassinate the Red Dragon Emperor by Mr. Astaroth."

"That bastard!" Irina scowled.

"Yes. I'll have to discuss his punishment with Sirzechs and the other Maou."

"What about Ako. What are you going to do with her?" Irina wondered.

"I'm going to take her back to the Gremory Estate for her protection." Grayfia said quickly. Diodora has already come to the ORC a few times which means she isn't safe there.

"Okay" Rias replied. At least for now she would be safe, and they would worry about the rest later.

"I suggest you kids get to class. You are students after all." Grayfia said calmly.

"Right?" Rias nodded and everyone left to go to class. It was an odd situation but one that they couldn't do anything about.

(Scene Skip)

The rest of the day went by without too much trouble. The only real surprise was during his club visit to the comic book club. One of the members, a 2nd year named Risa Momioka told him that she was removing herself from the website. When Issei asked why it was because she intended to ask out Motohama to the shock of the others and Kiryuu. Issei gave a glowing approval and although he lost a girl, he wasn't too upset. Right now he was walking up to Azazel's door ready for an interesting night. His date for tonight was with Mittelt and Azazel wanted to get his thoughts on what they were planning. He knocked on the door but instead of Azazel or one of the various people who lived in the house. He was met by Rossweisse. She was wearing her suit but there was nothing he could do, "Glad you could make it." Rossweisse smiled warmly.

"No problem." Issei replied as he walked in.

"I hope you don't mind but they're in the gaming room." Rossweisse said calmly.

"That's fine. I like his gaming room." Issei smiled as they walked over to the room.

"Glad you could make it Issei." Azazel smiled as he sat in his large chair which was in front of the TV's and facing the door with Odin sitting on one couch off to Azazel's left with Valerie and Le Fay sitting on the other to his right Bikou sat on one of the two beanbag chairs which was next to the couch. Raynare was on the other chair situated near the door. She was far away enough that she could hear the conversation, but she wasn't an active participant.

"Likewise. I assume Arthur and Kuroka are off doing other things." Issei replied as he walked towards the couch with Valerie and Le Fay which had enough room for one more, which he assumed was supposed to be him.

"Yup." Valerie smiled.

Issei made his way over to the couch and took his place on the couch between Le Fay and Valerie the latter of whom was closer to the door, "So let's get started." Issei smiled.

"Aww tired of us already Issei." Le Fay smiled before bending down so she could lie on Issei's lap.

"No he just has a date with Mittelt tonight and I think he's eager for that. He hasn't spent time with her since the summer." Valerie smiled deciding to just rest her head on his shoulder.

"Pretty much" Issei shrugged not bothered by the actions of both girls.

Azazel rolled his eyes, "Well let's get to the nitty gritty. Diodora's plan is to send Rias to an alternate area which is already connected to the Khaos Brigade. Once he does, he'll use Rias's shock to take Asia and bring her somewhere."

"Do you have any idea what that somewhere is?" Valerie wondered.

"You're asking the wrong question Valerie." Issei said with a smile.

"Then what question should we be asking?" Valerie retorted.

"Diodora is planning to use the Khaos Brigade as a distraction to kidnap Asia, but what happens after that? He'll be hunted like a dog and he knows it" Issei answered.

"Good point." Azazel frowned.

"He would need to find a way to deal with everyone attacking him at once. He's not strong enough to do it on his own which means he'd need help." Valerie surmised.

"No he wouldn't" Le Fay said with a dark expression on her face as she got off of Issei and looked at everyone with a serious expression.

"Le Fay what are you thinking." Valerie scowled not liking the look on her friend's face.

"Reverse magic." Le Fay said quickly.

"That wouldn't do any good. Reverse magic can only reverse a spell sent towards you." Rossweisse replied.

"Yes, but what if he doesn't use it to reverse a spell." Le Fay continued.

Azazel's eyes widened having figured out what Le Fay was suggesting, "That would do it" Azazel frowned.

"Care to fill us in Azazel." Odin scowled. He had a good idea also, but he wanted to confirm it.

Azazel frowned, "Over the years, I've done tons of sacred gear research so I could better understand them. One of the things I discovered was how to remove them. Another thing I learned how to do was weaponize them."

"Weaponize sacred gears?" Valerie frowned not liking it at all.

"That's right. Twiilight Healing is the ultimate healing sacred gear able to heal any injury no matter what and that power has been shown to work on supernatural beings as well as humans?"

Now Valerie's eyes widened, "If Diodora used reverse on Asia's sacred gear, he could then use the power to kill anybody and if he's able to amplify it, he can kill everyone that travels to the dimension where he's holding the rating game."

"Exactly" Issei smiled.

"That's a lot to think about." Azazel sighed.

"Well I'd love to stay and chat more, but I have a date to enjoy." Issei smiled.

"I'll let Mittelt know you guys are done" Raynare said from the side.

"Thanks and I'll see you two lovely ladies later." Issei smiled at Valerie and Le Fay.

"Don't have too much fun. You have class tomorrow." Valerie teased.

"I'm sure my homeroom teacher wouldn't care too much if I was a little late." Issei said cheekily.

"No he wouldn't. As long as you don't cause too much trouble." Azazel smirked.

"That's rarely up to me." Issei deadpanned as he left.

(Scene Skip)

The next morning Issei was ready to leave and as he opened the door, he was surprised to find Irina waiting for him, "Morning Issei." Irina said with a smile.

"What happened to walking with Asia." Issei smirked with a raised eyebrow.

"There are plenty of people walking with her. I figured you and I need to have a little chat." Irina replied calmly.

"Alright" Issei shrugged.

As they walked together it was surprisingly silent given their bond with each other. Irina finally decided to break the silence, "You do realize that it's been about a week since you said you'd make a move on Asia and you haven't done anything yet besides that little kiss."

"I know" Issei replied.

"People are wondering what's going on Issei."

"And?" Issei said with a raised eyebrow.

"And what happens if people start to ask questions."

"They won't" Issei replied quickly.

"What makes you so sure." Irina replied.

"Because the rules I set up give me a perfect out." Issei smiled before reaching into his pants pocket and revealing a small red index card with black lines on the front and a photo of a red dragon on the back.

"Is that a date card?" Irina wondered. Typically when a girl had a date scheduled for Issei he had them set up the details. They could choose the restaurant they went to and even his outfit for said date. How Though the restaurant did differ, the girls seemed to all choose the same combo with the color being the only difference. He didn't mind but he wouldn't have said no to a little variety. The fact his dates ended in sex were a constant, but if they just wanted a date they could say as much.

"Yup. Typically I don't need these, but since Asia isn't technically on the website yet I have to set things up this way." Issei said calmly.

"You really plan out everything." Irina said in shock.

"No I don't. Momo and the girls do. I simply go along with it and let them help me."

"Hence why you're so confident that this lifestyle won't end." Irina deadpanned. Issei's desire to stay Hottie Magnet Hyoudou was one of two constant annoyances among the girls of the ORC. The other being the lack of interest on Sona's end to stop it.

"Pretty much. I've managed to make it work beautifully." Issei smiled.

"You certainly have" Irina frowned.

Issei simply shrugged before kissing her on the cheek, "Relax Irina. You'll always be my childhood friend."

Irina simply blushed but it was hard to ignore her disappointment, "You're an idiot Issei." Irina sighed and they finished their walk.

(Scene Skip)

It was time for Issei's date with Asia at last and after the chaos from this morning it was certainly going to be fun. "Here we go" Issei said calmly as he took one last look in the mirror at his outfit for the night. To his admitted surprise Asia wanted him to wear white and blue instead of his usual outfit. Luckily for him, he had something commissioned recently that would work perfectly. Therefore Issei wore a long white jacket with blue on the inside with a high collar and an IH for Issei Hyoudou just underneath the right collar.

(AN: If you want an image to explain the jacket imagine that it's Kaiba's jacket from Yugioh but with sleeves and without the studs and shoulder pads)

Finishing his outfit was a light blue long sleeved shirt and blue jeans along with black sneakers.

"You know this doesn't look too bad." Ddraig admitted. It was awkward seeing his host wear white and blue, but he got over that as he saw how it made him look.

"Thanks I guess" Issei deadpanned before walking out. Asia was over at Irina's getting ready and that did make things much easier. Making the quick trip next door, Issei knocked once figuring that Irina was expecting him.

After a minute the door opened to reveal Irina who was caught off guard by the outfit, "Wow!" Irina said simply unsure of what else worked.

"Glad you like it, but the question is, does Asia?" Issei smiled. After all, he was wearing this for the young nun.

"Come on in. She's almost done getting ready." Irina smiled.

"Cool" Issei smiled as he sat on the couch and relaxed. He was curious what Asia was wearing since Murayama Katase and Aika decided to help Asia get ready for her date. Irina was a bit annoyed but accepted it and at least offered to have Asia come over to her house, so she didn't have to walk halfway across the city alone. Luckily for him he didn't have to wait more than a minute until Asia appeared.

"H-How do I look." Asia said bashfully. She was wearing a short sleeved blue blouse with a long-sleeved crème jacket and a white skirt with white knee socks and some small white shoes.

Issei smiled as he walked up to Asia and cupped her cheek, "You look adorable Asia." Issei smiled before pecking her on the cheek.

"Thank you!" Asia blushed.

"Don't have too much fun you two." Irina teased.

"We'll see." Issei smiled and the two moved to leave. It was time at last for his date with Asia and he was more than ready.

(Scene Skip)

The walk into the city was a simple one for Issei and he and Asia talked about her experience since she's arrived at Kuoh. He was glad that the girls had embraced her and helped her deal with the naivety that came from her upbringing. As they approached the bridge, Issei paused because he felt somebody cast a barrier which was odd, "Is everything okay" Asia said nervously.

"We have company." Issei groaned in annoyance. All he wanted was a simple date and now he was being interrupted. Once again, a cloaked figure approached him and Issei couldn't be less pleased if he tried or so he thought.

'It can't be' Ddraig gasped catching Issei off guard.

'Care to fill me in Ddraig.' Issei scowled.

'Let's just say the person whose interrupting you this time is somebody you won't be too thrilled to see.' Ddraig replied.

Issei was a bit confused at least until the figure spoke, "I'd say I'm sorry that I'm interrupting your date, but that's a complete lie Issei." The figure spoke.

'You've got to be kidding me.' Issei groaned in annoyance recognizing the voice.

"Umm Issei is it just me or is that voice very familiar." Asia said timidly.

"It's not just you Asia. I'm afraid we have a zombie in our midst isn't that right Yamato." Issei deadpanned.

The cloaked figure removed the hood to reveal Yamato as fresh as ever, "Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." Yamato sneered.

"Reports of your demise were quite accurate. Why you're standing in front of us right now is a question I'd very much like an answer to." Issei deadpanned.

"Why I'm alive doesn't matter Issei and that's a question saved for my benefactor. What matters that I'm here and I can cause you quite a bit of trouble." Yamato smirked.

Issei was not pleased since he was right. Yamato revealing himself would cause a ton of headaches, "So tell me Yamato, what does Diodora want from little old me." Issei smirked. It was obvious that he was behind it as a last gasp.

"Diodora!" Asia gasped.

"Yep. Rias's wonderful opponent decided to revive Yamato and now he clearly wants to use his revival as a means of blackmail." Issei said calmly.

Yamato's face went into a twisted grin, "That's right. I'll remain a secret as long as you stay out of the way. I don't need to tell you what that means."

Issei gritted his teeth since it confirmed what he already knew, "No you don't." Issei growled.

"Good. Now why don't you two enjoy your date." Yamato smiled before vanishing via a magic circle. With him gone the barrier surrounding them also vanished and things returned to normal.

"Issei what's going on." Asia said nervously having stayed silent the whole time.

Issei did a huge amount of mental gymnastics and focused on Asia, "Nothing you need to worry about. Let's finish our date." Issei smiled.

"O-Okay" Asia said nervously. That was clearly a lie but if he didn't want to discuss it, she wasn't going to push him.

(Scene Skip)

Their date was at Sona's restaurant so when Issei arrived he was quickly met by Asuna who took a moment to enjoy Issei's new outfit before focusing on the task at hand, "Good evening Master Hyoudou. Is everything okay." Asuna said calmly dressed in her waitress outfit.

"Yes. Please take us to our seat." Issei replied.

"Of course" Asuna replied, and they were led to the VIP Room where Asuna seated them before leaving.

"Why didn't you tell her about what happened." Asia wondered.

"Because Sona has plenty of other things on her plate. Plus tonight belongs to you and me." Issei replied.

"Okay but."

"But nothing Asia. Yamato's revival is an annoyance, but that's it." Issei said firmly.

"O-Okay" Asia replied.

The awkward silence that followed was difficult to discuss. Naturally, Asuna picked that time to come back and check on him

"Is everything alright you two." Asuna said calmly.

"Yes, it's fine." Issei replied quickly. This wasn't Sona's business, and he was going to keep it that way.

"No it's not" Asia replied contradicting Issei.

"Asia!" Issei growled.

Asuna stared at Issei knowing he was hiding something and decided to help Asia, "Issei I can tell just by looking at you that something is on your mind. Now if you tell me what's going on maybe I can help you or get Sona to help you." Asuna suggested.

Issei understood that she was just trying to help but honestly now wasn't the time, "I'll be fine Asuna. Just get us our menus."

"Issei!" Asuna said firmly knowing that something was wrong.

"Please" Issei said again.

Asuna could see that Issei was bothered but now wasn't the time to test him, "Very well. What would you like?" Asuna said calmly focusing on business.

The rest of the date was silent as the pair ate a marvelous spread, but Asia could see that something was very wrong. It was a disappointing ending, but he had no choice.

(Scene Skip)

Issei opened his eyes Saturday morning and was pleasantly surprised to find Asia sitting on the edge of his bed in an almost nervous fashion. She was in a long aquamarine nightgown, but she was nervous as though she didn't know what to do, "To what do I owe this pleasure Asia?" Issei wondered as he stared at the nun.

"Umm… I was under the impression that you had sex after your dates. After we were done you took me back and I was wondering if something was wrong" Asia said with a blush.

Issei blinked for a moment at the response since it would suggest the nun came over to finish their date. Seeing as how nobody can teleport into his room, she would've had to come over directly, "I do under most circumstances but yesterday was a bit exceptional." Issei said calmly.

"Because of seeing Yamato." Asia replied.

"That… and our date was a bit unconventional." Issei replied.

"I see" Asia said with an odd expression on her face.

Issei felt guilty at seeing her expression, "Asia do you want to have sex with me." Issei said firmly.

"I… I don't know. I just know that you've kept me at a distance since I arrived, and I don't know why." Asia admitted. It wasn't lost on Asia that he could have anyone he wanted and practically did, but he never moved on her. The ORC might have some of the blame but only some.

Issei frowned because this was awkward, "I've kept you at a distance because you're a reminder of what I was like before I learned about the supernatural. A genuinely good person who attracts people around them just by being yourself. The type of person that really doesn't belong in the supernatural world."

Asia blushed since that was a surprising description, "So… you don't hate me." Asia wondered.

"Not at all. You're a wonderful girl Asia and purity like yours should stay pure for as long as possible." Issei admitted.

"I see" Asia replied.

"Now get out of here Asia and go tell that boneheaded childhood friend of mine to come into my room. We're going to have a little chat." Issei deadpanned.

"Okay" Asia blushed as she left. A few moments later Irina walked in with a frown. To his admitted surprise she was already dressed for school.

"You pick really surprising times to have principles." Irina said with a frown. Issei did whatever he wanted all of the time, but he picks amusing times to stay silent.

"Oh please. My date with Asia was always lip service since I wanted to tell you guys, I would help deal with Diodora and it was by far the easiest way." Issei deadpanned.

"That's not fair to Asia." Irina countered.

"Since when has the supernatural ever cared about what's fair Irina. The ORC is a case study in how the supernatural can screw people over. Three members of Rias's peerage should be focused on killing devils, another is a vampire, and the final member is a Nekomata who from what I've heard is an innocent bystander in an absolute hot mess."

Irina froze since he had a point, but she hated this conversation, "I don't want to revisit how much you hate the supernatural Issei."

"Then what do you want Irina?"

Irina sighed, "I don't know. Ever since I was kicked out of the church and brought back in this liaison role, I've been questioning everything" Irina admitted. She had a liaison role but that didn't require much with things stagnant as they were. The fact that Issei was so distant didn't help. She was his childhood friend, but she had to force interactions with him. Hell she was trying to help him, and she ended up getting punished for it.

"Well I haven't. I know what I want and how I'm going to get it. The only problem I seem to have is that people have decided to get me to solve their problems."

"That's because you're powerful Issei. You may be Hottie Magnet Hyoudou, but your power is unquestioned as the Red Dragon Emperor." Irina said firmly.

"Yes, but there are others around you who are equally as powerful. Valerie is just as powerful as I am. You have Valerie's group also." Issei reminded her.

Irina paused because that was true. Valerie had become a confidant to the group in a way Issei wasn't, "But"

"But nothing Irina. The only person I owe anything to among all of you is Momo and the other leaders of my harem. When I was at my lowest, they saved me and made me who I am. They cared about the person behind the dragon. You guys care about the dragon behind the person." Issei said coldly.

"If you truly believe that. I have nothing to say to you." Irina replied before leaving the room.

"Whatever" Issei rolled his eyes.

(Scene Skip)

Later that night Issei was relaxing in his room after the fun day. His harem Saturday this week was Karasu Academy, and Michiru came up with a unique idea. Since Miyuki's soccer club had their first game and Michiru was the vice-captain of the club she told the girls that anyone who was part of Issei's harem that scored a goal would get in on the harem day along with her. The club won 4-1 and the four girls were each scored by girls in Issei's harem. Which meant that his harem Saturday was essentially a club visit. "So Ddraig what should I do tomorrow." Issei wondered. If he interfered with Diodora, Yamato would find a way to reveal himself and since his benefactor was a devil, he would make sure Rias couldn't erase memories.

"I honestly don't know partner. He's made things rather irritating for you." Ddraig reminded him

"Yep. Yamato was always an annoyance but never a danger. At least until he tried to drug Misao." Issei groaned.

"Perhaps but… uh oh." Ddraig said nervously catching Issei off guard.

"What happened Ddraig." Issei replied.

"A certain friend of ours just appeared in the area"

"Yamato won't do a thing to me. That barrier is powerful enough to block anybody from getting in." Issei mused. The only person who could come see him directly was Azazel.

"What if he doesn't go after you." Ddraig suggested.

Issei's expression turned cold, "That's a bit different." Issei said calmly. Moving quickly he went and found Yamato walking out of Irina's home with a smile on his face.

"You're too late Issei. I've already planted my trap. Funny story actually, my benefactor showed me the very spell you used to kill me and trained me so I could use it. I figured that I'd use it to kill your precious Irina and watch you suffer helplessly. It activates in… well about five minutes. Have fun." Yamato smiled before leaving.

Issei's expression filled with rage as he sped into the home and up to Irina's room. There he found Irina wide awake and panicking." What do I do Issei? I don't know where the spell is, and we've got four minutes to go." Irina said nervously.

Issei looked at Irina quickly trying to find the source of magic. He found the spell on her right shoulder which was also where he put Yamato's spell when he killed him, "Found it." Issei replied.

"Now what!" Irina said nervously.

"Now I stop the spell." Issei replied before putting his hand on Irina's shoulder and pressing hard activating the counter spell.

"AHHHHH!" Irina screamed as a magic circle appeared on her shoulder before breaking and leaving her a panting mess.

"All done" Issei smiled and not a moment to spare.

"What the hell happened. Why is Yamato alive, and why did he just try to kill me?" Irina panicked.

"I don't know how he did it, but Diodora managed to revive Yamato." Issei scowled.

"What! Issei we need to tell-" Irina started to say before she saw the look of fury on her childhood friend's face.

"I told you Irina. After tomorrow Diodora and Yamato are both dead men and I'll make sure of that personally." Issei said icily. Yamato made the wrong choice tonight and now he was going to suffer the consequences.