Chapter 36

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(Shidou Home)

Yamato's actions required supernatural attention and that meant calling the Sitri peerage. He would've called Rias normally but with her rating game later today, she didn't need the distraction. Unfortunately for Issei, Sona brought company. "Are you absolutely insane Issei!?" Momo screamed after she and Sona arrived and got the situation from Irina.

"I didn't think it was a big deal at the time Momo. My bad." Issei shrugged.

Momo twitched heavily, "You didn't think it was a big deal that Diodora revived YAMATO of all people. Come on Issei you can't be that stupid!" Momo exclaimed. It might've been the most emotion Momo had ever shown in their long relationship.

Issei was about to respond but Sona intervened to avoid any escalation, "Momo is right Issei. You killed Yamato yourself and also you did so in a way that should've destroyed his body. The fact he was revived despite that fact is something you tell us about as soon as possible. You were fortunate that Yamato was more focused on revenge or he could've done something truly dangerous." Sona reminded him.

Issei had to admit Sona was right about that, "Your right that I messed up Sona. I should've told you guys about that, but I suspected he'd only come after me and then I'd kill him again" Issei shrugged.

"Let's put Yamato to the side for a second, Diodora has no reason to concern himself with you at all. As far as he knows you're an outside party in all of this." Sona said with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm the Red Dragon Emperor and Rias is without a pawn. He probably wanted to ensure I don't join her for the Rating Game." Issei said smoothly.

Sona accepted the explanation and decided to focus on any other fallout, "You said that he snuck in and put a hidden spell on you. Is there any chance he did so to Xenovia?" Sona wondered.

"I don't know. Issei was so focused on saving me and afterwards I wanted him by my side." Irina answered honestly.

"I'll go check her and make sure. Meanwhile I need you to contact Azazel since he'll want to know about this." Sona said calmly.

"Sorry but my phone is at home" Issei replied since he rushed out.

"Then go home. Come back once you're done." Sona instructed.

"Alright" Issei replied before walking out. As he left, he didn't see the scowl on Momo's face.

(Hyoudou home)

Now back in his room Issei decided it was time to call Azazel and bring him in on it. It took a ring, but the Fallen leader picked up, "Considering your calling me directly I take it something happened." Azazel said calmly.

"Yep. Diodora revived my dear classmate Yamato and taught him magic, magic he used to attack Irina." Azazel replied. He was certain the fallen angel leader would be angry, but he was surprised by the calm response.

"I'm assuming he escaped, and Irina is okay." Azazel said calmly.

"Yup. It changes things slightly for today, but only slightly. I'm going to personally pummel the hell out of Diodora since whatever he used to revive Yamato would go away."

"That's a risky move. You have no idea what Yamato will do" Azazel said nervously.

"Perhaps but I think there's a good chance Yamato participates in this rating game. Diodora probably gave him license to have fun but not go crazy." Issei surmised.

"Maybe but there's a chance he could attack others." Azazel said nervously.

"We'll see." Issei replied.

"For now get ready for the rating game. Worst case you may need to call in backup." Azazel frowned.

"Yep." Issei shrugged before hanging up. Issei was hoping to relax but a knock on the door interrupted him.

"Issei open up right now." Momo said calmly.

'Figures' Issei groaned, and he opened up the door.

Momo walked in and she wasn't happy, "We can argue another day about what you should and shouldn't have done with Yamato but he's a major threat. Yamato knows about the supernatural and he can expose us."

"I'm aware." Issei deadpanned. There was no can as far as Issei was concerned. Yamato was planning something, and the question was what.

"Whatever you may or may not be up to with Azazel doesn't matter. If Yamato goes to the regular girls and exposes us, we have a huge problem on our hands."

"Duh?" Issei replied as though it was obvious.

"So why are you sitting on your ass Issei. You need to find Yamato and now."

"How am I going to do that Momo. The world believes Yamato is dead. The only move we've got is to wait until he inevitably pulls something. Trust me if I didn't have to rush to save Irina, I'd have killed him on the spot." Issei complained.

Momo was visibly angry but Issei was right, "Looks like we have no choice. Call Kurokami and Momiji."

Issei raised an eyebrow at that, "I get Kurokami but why Momiji?" Issei asked curiously. He had a feeling he would hate the answer.

Momo smiled, "Because Momiji is the person who can contact Jeanne discreetly without her getting in trouble with the Khaos Brigade." Momo explained.

Issei scowled, "So when did you figure it out.".

"About Jeanne having supernatural powers or her being a part of the Khaos Brigade."

"Both" Issei deadpanned.

"While you took a break from being Hottie Magnet Hyoudou, I decided to officially join Sona's peerage and start focusing on my supernatural powers."


"Yeah. My mother and dad both work for different companies under the Sitri umbrella and I met her back in sixth grade. I was always going to be a member of her peerage when she finally came to Kuoh and of course I became her bishop officially during that summer after we graduated."

"So you knew I had powers."

"Actually no. I didn't start training until you took your break" Momo admitted with a blush. "As for Jeanne, I was watching a kendo match against Nochizuri when I sensed her powers."

"I see. So what about the whole Khaos Brigade thing."

"Before you arrived in the Underworld, Rias would visit Sona to vent about various topics and the Excalibur mess was one of them. It never sat right with Rias that somebody simply handed you the blades. Then Sona brought up something else that told me what I needed to know."

"And that was?"

"Somebody left the blades specifically for you. They weren't connected to the three factions or they'd have done it through more official channels. That meant that they were one of two things."

"Two?" Issei said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yep. The first is a member of the Ichizuri. Sona and Rias have an agreement with them to basically stay out of each other's way for the most part. They handle their territory, and we handle the rest of Kuoh and otherwise we don't interact. Believe me when I say that the Ichizuri has a talented group of people around them."

Issei agree with that but decided to focus on the topic, "And the second is."

"A member of the Khaos Brigade who was spying for you. Sona never brought it up to Rias, but she did to me and the rest was obvious. I mean Momiji made Cecelia the person in charge and Jeanne was the obvious choice. The rest… well I don't need to tell you that"

Issei had to give it to Momo, that was an excellent use of logic, "I'll contact both and see what-" Issei started to say before his phone rang.

"Don't worry. I'll wait" Momo said calmly.

Issei reached for his phone and his expression went from annoyance to complete fury, "It looks like we don't need to worry about finding Yamato anymore." Issei scowled.

Momo paled, "What did he do!?"

Issei simply handed Momo the phone, "See for yourself"

Momo took the phone and after reading it for a moment felt her expression sink, "Oh no" Momo gasped as she nearly dropped the phone.

'Hello Issei, it's me your good buddy Yamato. I decided to go visit my childhood friend Misao and see how she's doing. I haven't done anything to her yet but that depends on you. I'll be waiting for you at our old elementary school, and I do hope you'll come to see me. By the way, her family is okay also since I did like them and the only person I went after is Misao.'


Issei got up with a smile on his face, "Well isn't this convenient. I was trying to figure out how I'd kill Yamato and now I have my answer."

"What about Misao!"

"Kill Yamato first. Save Misao later. Yamato wants me and he's going to get me."

"Issei I'm coming with you!"

"No. I actually learned a few barrier techniques myself and that's all I'll need." Issei replied.


"I killed Yamato once and I'll do it again. He has no idea what I really am and he's going to find out the hard way." Issei said with a savage grin.

Momo realized there was no stopping him, "Just be careful." Momo said nervously.

"I will." Issei replied as he prepared himself. Yamato wanted him and now he was going to get him.

(Scene Skip)

A smiling Issei got dressed in an all-black ensemble with his famous sex necklace attached and made his way over to the elementary school. This was his fight. and he would embrace it. "I'm actually surprised Yamato chose to meet here. I figured he'd go with Kuoh." Issei snickered.

"Perhaps but this is better. We can settle this without too much trouble."

'We'll see. Yamato is stupid but he's not so stupid that he won't have a plan." Issei said calmly. making his way to the blacktop he found Yamato smiling as he wore his old Kuoh outfit with Misao tied to the play area and her mouth bound. She was wearing casual clothes and unharmed.

"Glad you could make it Issei. You and I have plenty to discuss." Yamato smiled happily.

Issei walked over and tried to keep it together, "We do but a few things if you don't mind."

"Let me guess. You want me to free Misao so she can escape." Yamato smiled.

"That would be nice." Issei replied.

"I agree but Misao has to do something for me and before you ask it's not anything sexual. My new master has plenty of lovely girls for me to enjoy." Yamato smiled deviously.

Misao scowled while Issei simply looked uninterested, "So what do you want her to do?" Issei wondered.

"I want Misao to tape our little conversation and post it to the website. Once I see that she's done that she can leave unharmed." Yamato smiled.

"That's it. Your big plan is to have me confess the truth." Issei said in disbelief.

"Yes. With your powers revealed to the world Hottie Magnet Hyoudou's reputation will go down the toilet."

"That's fine with me." Issei said nonchalantly.

"Then you can free Misao." Yamato smiled.

Issei cautiously walked over and freed Misao who was panicking, "Issei what the hell is going on? Yamato is alive and-"

"That's enough Misao. Yamato and I are about to have a chat. Record it and post it to the website."


"But nothing. I want you alive right now and I'll worry about the rest later." Issei smiled.

"You sure" Misao said nervously.

"Yes" Issei said firmly.

"Fine" Misao replied not liking it. She took out her phone and focused it on the two.

"So Issei it's your turn." Yamato smiled as Misao turned on the phone facing Issei.

"Hello girls it's me Issei Hyoudou. As some of you are aware recently a young man named Yamato Norikawa was killed in a horrible accident where he was burned to death. I'm afraid his death is on my hands" Issei explained calmly.

"So tell us Issei, how did you kill Yamato." He spoke from outside the frame.

"The answer is very simple. Magic is real and I'm a user of magic." Issei replied as he pulled out his necklace. As many of you are aware this is my fabled sex necklace that I use to give girls incredible orgasms. What you're not aware of is that it's actually a magical item and that's how I do."

"What does that have to do with Yamato?" Yamato spoke from outside.

"Very simple. We were playing soccer together that day and in the heat of the moment I tried to use a spell on him to slow him down. I accidentally used a different spell and that spell led to his death."

"What!" he shouted.

"What happened to Yamato is horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Please forgive me." Issei said with a somber tone.

"And save" Misao smiled.

"YOU BASTARD!" Yamato yelled.

"I confessed to what happened to you Yamato. Isn't that what you wanted." Issei said with a grin on his face.

Yamato was furious, "You'll pay for that Hyoudou" Yamato growled before snapping his finger.

"Ahhh!" Misao screamed as her shoulder caught on fire.

"Take that Hyoudou. Misao will be dead in mere minutes."

"Or not" Issei smiled. In a flash a second version of Issei appeared.

"What the" Yamato scowled.

"Help me!" Misao screamed as the flames slowly started to spread just for the clone Issei to put his hand over the flames before they could spread too far.

"This'll hurt, but it's better than you dying." The clone said softly before using the counter spell.

"KYAAA!" Misao screamed as the flames vanished and the spell formula broke.

"NO!" Yamato yelled.

"If you think that's bad this'll really steam you." the clone smiled before pulling Misao into a steamy kiss. Her body lit up with energy as Yamato fumed in front of him.

"YOU BASTARD!" Yamato screamed as the clone pulled away.

"There. Now Misao will be unaffected by any magic for 24 hrs. Now to get her away from you." the clone smiled before grabbing Misao and vanishing.

"You! YOU!" Yamato growled.

"That was a nice plan, but you always seemed to forget how clever I am." Issei smiled enjoying the look of fury on Yamato's face.

"I'll deal with Misao later, but first I'll kill you!" Yamato growled.

"Before you do that how about a little story Yamato. It involves your old friend Kai." Issei smiled.

"Watch it Hyoudou." Yamato seethed.

Issei smiled before snapping his fingers and a barrier appeared around them. It was invisible to the outside world but to them it was obvious, "Oh but you'll like this. What Kai wasn't aware of when he stole that pendant was that it wasn't given to Irina by her father. It was actually a gift from me." Issei smiled.

"What!?" Yamato gasped.

"Irina and I were walking back from the arcade when she saw the pendant in a shop window and frowned because of how expensive it was. I decided to save up for a little while to buy her the pendant with my own money and when I had enough, I secretly bought it and had her father give it to her on my behalf. A harmless secret amongst friends that I'd eventually confess to but that's another story." Issei smiled as his power slowly began to rise.

"What's your point." Yamato scowled.

"My point is that for stealing Irina's present from me I beat the crap out of Kai to the point that he never returned to our deal school. What happened to Kai that day pales in comparison to what I'm going to do to you."

"Doesn't matter what happens. You still have to worry about Misao" Yamato scowled.

"You'd think that but not really. As we speak Misao is being brought to our old friend Momo. She'll take good care of her. The video will never see the light of day and your revival will be a lost memory." Issei taunted.

Yamato was furious but quickly gathered himself, "No matter. I'll simply find Momo and kill her myself." Yamato smiled.

"Just one problem with that." Issei smiled.

"And that is" Yamato smirked just to have a fist buried in his gut.

"You'll have to get by me first, and that isn't happening." Issei smiled as Yamato fell to the floor.

"What the hell." Yamato gasped struggling with the ferocity of the punch.

"Now before I beat the hell out of you. I have a few questions. First, how did Diodora manage to revive you. The spell should've burnt your body to a crisp." Issei asked as he stood over him.

Yamato got up weakly and smiled, "I was injected with DNA from some clan called the Phenex or some bullcrap. It fixed me up nice and good and even gave me some nice fire magic."

"Is that so" Issei said with a raised eyebrow.

Yamato smiled as he activated a magic circle, "That's right Issei. DIE!" Yamato roared as he created a small fireball.

"Boring" Issei yawned before batting the attack away.

"No way!" Yamato exclaimed.

Issei simply put his hand up, "Let me show you a real fireball." Issei smiled as he activated a magic circle of his own.

"You shouldn't have done that" Yamato smirked using the opportunity to launch another fireball.

"We'll see" Issei yawned before firing his attack. Unsurprisingly. Issei's larger fireball engulfed Yamato's and added to the attack heading straight for Yamato. The fireball hit a stunned Yamato who couldn't believe his latest attack failed.

"AHHH!" Yamato roared in pain from the combined attack.

"It's over" Issei smiled as he watched Yamato get burnt to a crisp.

Unfortunately for Issei, the flames were dispelled with a burst of energy and Yamato was relatively unharmed, "See what I mean Hyoudou. You can't kill me." Yamato said happily and his smile grew

"Actually I can and it's because you don't realize something about your new powers." Issei smiled ready to really cause some damage.

"And what's that." Yamato scoffed.

"You're not truly immortal. While it's true the Phenex clan can regenerate, it's only as much as their stamina allows. Once I drain you of that. You're done." Issei said happily. He was going to make Yamato suffer very soon.

"Bold claim" Yamato taunted.

"I'm curious how much Diodora told you about me?" Issei smiled viciously.

"All I know is that you managed to kill me with some insane fire spell. He offered me revenge and that was enough for me." Yamato replied.

'This poor fool' Ddraig chuckled.

'Yeah' Issei smiled before turning to Yamato. "Remember how I mentioned in that video that my necklace is a magical item." Issei smiled.

"So what? You can't beat me with it." Yamato smiled.

"Actually I can." Issei smiled as he prepared to power up.

"It can't be. That feeling from before." Yamato gasped recalling when Issei smothered him with killer intent.

"Yes. That odd pressure is called killing intent. This time, my killing intent is directed specifically at you Yamato." Issei smiled as his power rose.

"What the fuck are you!" Yamato gasped.

"Oh I'm still human. I just have a really powerful sacred gear. One that I'm about to use on you." Issei smiled as the necklace glowed and turned into Gauntlet form.

Yamato paled seeing the gauntlet. He may not know much about the supernatural, but he knew enough to know that thing was trouble, "Fuck that. I'm out of here." Yamato gasped before attempting to leave with a magic circle just for it to dispel. "FUCK!" Yamato cursed.

Issei had a savage grin on his face, "Poor Yamato I put up a special barrier that will stop you from escaping. Now I'm going to kill you, BALANCE BREAKER." Issei shouted. As Issei glowed brightly Yamato looked at him in shock.

"What the hell is that?" Yamato gasped as Issei's crimson armor revealed itself.

The helmet came off just for Issei to smile at him, "This my friend is the Welsh Dragon's Balance Breaker. I'm going to use it to tear you apart." Issei said happily.

"Fuck that. All I have to do is escape your barrier manually." Yamato smirked as he used a surprising amount of speed to move behind Issei. Unfortunately for him Issei was much faster.

"Did you honestly think I was going to let you leave." Issei smiled as he nailed Yamato in the stomach.

"Damn you!" Yamato cursed.

Issei wanted to enjoy Yamato's misery but he had better things to do, "Well I've had enough fun and it's time to wrap this up." Issei smiled as he put out his hand as a vortex of flames appeared.

"FUCK THIS!" Yamato growled focusing his fire magic as high as it could go and creating a powerful fireball.

"This looks familiar. I faced an actual Phenex before and he tried the same thing against me. He failed of course but that's another story." Issei smiled as his attack was complete.

"DIE!" Yamato roared before firing a massive fireball at a nonchalant Issei. The attack was at least 2 feet in diameter so it would do some damage if it hit.

"Enough of this. DRAGONIC INFERNO" Issei roared. Just as Issei expected, dragonic inferno pierced Yamato's attack and to Yamato's horror him flush creating a pillar of flames.

"NO!" Yamato roared in pain as the flames burnt his body to a crisp. Yamato's regeneration did its job, but the flames never faded which meant that Yamato was forced into a cycle of his body being charred before it was healed. Eventually he could no longer regenerate, and his of pain screams stopped as Yamato was burnt alive.

"This time stay dead" Issei said with twisted glee. He spared Yamato once but not again.

"That was fun as a warmup." Ddraig chuckled.

Issei dispelled his balance breaker and smiled, "Yup. Now for Diodora" Issei said as he reached for his phone. Luckily for him he had plenty of time until the rating game. He really should speak to Misao, but he figured Momo could handle that. His focus was on Azazel.

(Scene Skip)

Issei was completely calm as he walked over to Azazel's having taken the walk to calm himself after killing Yamato again. When he knocked on the door Raynare opened up, "I heard you had quite the morning." Raynare smiled.

"I did. So where's your pops." Issei smiled.

"He's in the video game room."

"Thanks. I'll go myself." Issei smiled. Making his way over to the room he knocked on the door figuring the man was training.

"Come on in Issei. I'm just working with those new characters on smash" Azazel said calmly.

Issei walked in and found Azazel sitting on his chair facing the TV with Bikou on one couch and Odin on the other with Rossweisse standing behind him; a second chair was next to Azazel and Issei assumed that was for him. "So how do the new characters look." Issei smiled.

"Not bad but we have something else to discuss." Azazel said calmly never losing concentration.

"I'm assuming you mean my Yamato problem and that's been dealt with." Issei replied sitting on the chair.

"You should've checked his mind to make sure he didn't do anything else." Azazel frowned.

"I'm not worried about that. If he did tell anybody else, I can settle that later." Issei shrugged. It was his issue but Misao's insight meant that he'd be fine.

"How did they end up reviving that guy. I thought you burnt him to a crisp?" Bikou wondered.

"The spell I used on him was designed to fade once he was killed so his body was burnt but not completely obliterated. As for how Diodora revived him, he apparently injected his body with Phenex clan cells. They revived him and gave him the traits of the clan, but he was still a novice. He basically learned a few spells and spent his time fucking Diodora's peerage instead of training."

"I see" Bikou sweatdropped.

"Did you use up a lot of energy beating him down?" Azazel wondered.

"Nope. Demolished him and burnt the body with very little effort. He ain't coming back." Issei shrugged.

"I heard from the Sitri he kidnapped some girl you guys know."

"Yep. He wanted Misao to record a video where I admit to having supernatural powers and then upload it to the website. I played along, but basically said I lost control of a spell. The dumbass was off screen so as far as the world knows he's still dead. Then again Momo would've spotted the upload and stopped it long before anybody ever saw it." Issei chuckled.

"Clever" Odin approved.

"Thank you." Issei smiled.

"You realize that Sona will be pissed that you left everything to her." Azazel smiled.

"Yup but Sona knows me well enough to know I was going to do that anyway." Issei shrugged.

"That's cruel." Bikou chuckled.

"It is but knowing Sona I have some serious payback on the way." Issei shrugged again.

"And you'll deserve every bit of it." Bikou smiled.

"Yup" Issei chuckled noticing that Azazel was seemingly finished with a round of training.

"Since business is out of the way. Time for pleasure." Azazel smiled tossing him the controller.

"Awesome." Issei smiled as he went to select the new character. He always did like Sephiroth and seeing him in smash meant he'd have a new character to learn.

An hour later, Valerie popped into the room via magic circle wearing her leather jacket and pants. "Hey nerds it's time to go. Rias just left which means we'll have the coordinates for wherever Diodora is hosting the rating game in seconds." Valerie smiled.

"It's about time. I was getting bored watching these three play video games." Odin groaned.

"Well you won't be bored in a moment." Issei shrugged as he moved to get up just to have Valerie walk over and pull him into an embrace.

"So Issei. Want to give me a kiss for good luck." Valerie smiled as she approached him.

"Why not" Issei chuckled as he and Valerie made out for a bit while Azazel contacted Sirzechs.

"Alright you two time to go." Azazel said with a wry smile.

The two pulled away each smiling, "Let's do it" they both smiled.

"I'll sit this one out. You guys have plenty of fighters." Bikou smiled.

"Your loss Bikou" Azazel smiled as he activated the magic circle that would take them to the battlefield.

The group arrived at the battlefield far away from Rias but close enough that they could see what was happening. Diodora was dropping into a castle with Asia in tow and the Khaos Brigade soldiers were slowly starting to arrive, "Looks like it played out like we thought." Valerie frowned.

"Yes, but now here's the real question. How many of us are going to fight? Surely not all of us" Odin wondered.

"Well I've got business with Diodora so I'm going to go after him. You guys can deal with the soldiers." Issei said calmly.

"Fine but you'd better stop him. If your theory is right, he's a danger to all of us." Valerie lectured.

"Right" Issei smiled as he flew towards Diodora activating a silencing spell.

"Shall we" Odin smiled as the group flew towards the battlefield.

"We shall" Valerie smirked as she activated her Balance Breaker and flew towards Rias and the soldiers.

(Scene Skip)

Issei flew into the castle and managed to somehow sneak into an open window. Using his senses he quickly found Asia. He could sense two groups of women in a separate area and from the look of things Diodora was headed towards one of them, "Looks like Diodora is having business before pleasure." Issei smiled. It provided him a perfect chance to mess things up and he was going to take it. Using his actual speed Issei quickly moved through the castle and into the room where Asia was being held. He found the nun held in the air by her limbs by a large gray device behind a gaudy chair.

As he came closer, Asia's eyes opened and saw him standing there, "Issei! You're here!" Asia said in shock.

"Yes I am. It looks like you're a bit tied up. You really need to stop getting kidnapped." Issei teased.

"Please you have to help me. Diodora-" Asia started to say before a screen appeared in front of them. On the screen was Rias and her peerage but they were below wherever the screen was showing

"Looks like the fun is about to begin." Issei smiled.

"Rias seeing as how we're supposed to have a Rating game, I've arranged this little game for us. On the left is my Queen and a bishop. On the right are my pawns and rooks. Pick whichever path you'd like." Diodora said cockily but they couldn't hear him. He was probably projecting his voice from somewhere, not that he cared.

"Well he's at least smart enough to stall." Issei mused as Asia looked in disbelief.

"How could you just say that. Aren't they your friends?" Asia gasped.

"They are but I trust them." Issei smirked.

"I have to help them!" Asia said desperately.

"Unless you can fight, you're not going to do much good. You're better off sitting here" Issei shrugged.

"You could help." Asia suggested.

"I could but this is Rias's battle." Issei smiled.

"But" Asia complained.

"Hold on Asia, he's coming back. I think I'll wait here and see how he reacts to my presence." Issei smiled walking up to the throne and sitting down. Sure he could've saved Asia and finished this in moments, but he was bored. Yamato was anti-climactic, and hopefully the final boss would provide more amusement. Making his way over to the chair he sat down and waited for Diodora to come back. Luckily for him it didn't take long.

"So Asia are you… YOU!" Diodora started to say before he stopped upon noticing Issei.

"This is an ugly ass chair." Issei smiled.

Diodora fumed for a few seconds before breathing calmly, "Considering you're here, I assume you took care of Yamato." Diodora said nonchalantly.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're pleased." Issei said with a raised eyebrow.

"I am. My two knights are currently unavailable because that bastard decided to fuck them this morning while I was out making the final preparations for today's events. I'm down 3 peerage members thanks to him."

Issei raised an eyebrow at that, "I have it on good authority that Yamato is absolute garbage in bed. If he managed to fuck three of your peerage well enough that you can't use them it means that you've broken them completely or that you are absolute garbage in bed."

"It's the former actually. You see-" Diodora paused because of a massive explosion behind him. Issei fired a Dragon Shot that intentionally missed him.

"Stop right there Diodora because I already know your whole villain shtick and I don't give a crap. You're just like most two-bit villains."

"How dare you! I am."

"Blah Blah Blah. I don't care." Issei interrupted.

Diodora scowled at Issei's interruption, "Then perhaps I should teach you how to respect your betters." Diodora scowled.

Issei smiled as he got off the chair and walked down, "I don't see any betters. All I see is a whiny little brat." Issei smirked.

Diodora merely smiled before casting a magic circle, "Then look CLOSER." Diodora roared as he activated a magic circle and sent a blast of energy at Issei.

"Boring" Issei smirked as he deflected the attack with his open palm.

"What!" Diodora gasped not expecting his attack to be blocked so easily.

Issei chuckled, "You don't remember do you Diodora. I completely trashed Zephyrdor during the conference. Did you miss that?"

"Zephyrdor is nothing compared to me. That fool couldn't even shine my shoes." Diodora boasted but he was clearly nervous.

Issei merely smiled as his power roared to life, "Then let's see how you handle this, BALANCE BREAKER." As Issei's crimson armor appeared, Diodora's confidence quickly turned.

"You can still use your balance breaker." Diodora gasped.

Issei merely smiled underneath the helmet, "Yes and now I see why you revived that idiot. You wanted to weaken me on the off chance that I came after you." Issei snickered.

Diodora scowled at his plan being revealed., "That's right. I sent him to deal with you hoping you'd stay out of my way. Rias is strong but you, you're a real monster."

"Why thank you. So tell me Diodora, what's your plan to deal with this monster." Issei bowed.

"I call it plan O" Diodora smiled as he activated a magic circle and a familiar crest appeared.

"That's!" Ddraig gasped.

"You're done for now Red Dragon. Nothing can surpass the infinite dragon's power." Diodora smiled as he ate the snake and felt his power rise.

Issei wasn't fazed at all, "You're right Diodora, nothing can surpass the infinite dragons power."

"That's right so- UGHHH." Diodora grunted as Issei caved in his stomach with a powerful right fist.

"Luckily for me, you're not the infinite dragon." Issei smiled as he launched Diodora into the wall.

"Damn you!" Diodora grunted.

"You were saying." Issei smirked.

Diodora was not happy but as he got to his feet he smiled, "You would do well to watch yourself Red Dragon. Kill me and the device behind me will activate. It'll take Asia's incredible power and reverse it. My death will lead to the deaths of everyone in this dimension." Diodora cackled.

"You're right so how about I do something about that?" Issei said calmly as he spun around and walked back towards the device.

"There's nothing you can do. This is made with the help of the powerful sacred gear Dimension Lost. Your sacred gear isn't strong enough to stop it."

Issei merely smiled, "You have no idea what I'm capable of do you? BOOST x 10"

"That won't do a thing you bastard" Diodora taunted.

"Issei. I'm sorry." Asia sighed.

"You've done nothing wrong. Just stay calm for a moment." Issei said calmly.

"What could you possibly do." Diodora taunted.

Issei merely smiled before putting out his hand, "Sorry ahead of time Asia because this one is going to hurt. DRAGON SHOT." Issei shouted as he fired a burst of dragonic energy at the base of the device. To Diodora's horror the blast of energy shot up engulfing the device and the trapped Asia in a pilar of dragonic energy.

"AHHH!" Asia screamed out in pain as the energy ripped through her body destroying her clothes along with the device. The good news for Asia was that the machine took most of the damage and as she fell to the ground, she was quickly caught by an apologetic Issei. There were signs of damage all over her body but nothing that couldn't be easily dealt with.

"I never was good at playing the hero." Issei chuckled. Asia took more damage than he expected from the attack but given that she was safe now it was okay.

"It's okay. I'm just going to need some rest." Asia said timidly before dropping unconscious.

"What have you done!" Diodora shouted with rage.

Issei quickly made a clone who he handed the weakened Asia, "I won." Issei smiled before focusing back on a fuming Diodora.

"You bastard! All of my planning and scheming and for WHAT. To have it all be ruined by a beast."

"That's about right." Issei smiled before walking over to the shaking heir and delivering a fierce kick to the gut that caused him to double over in pain, "Now it's time for you to die and I find the simplest method is often times the best." Issei said with an evil grin as he stood over Diodora his arm out and his hand facing the downed heir. "DRAGON SHOT.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO" Diodora screamed as the close-range blast vaporized him completely bringing an end to his life. Diodora Astaroth was gone, and Asia was safe albeit a bit injured. Naturally, Rias picked that time to run into the room.

"DIODORA!" Rias screamed before noticing the scene in front of her and stopping in her tracks. "What's going on?" Rias wondered.

Issei simply rolled his eyes, "Diodora is dead and in order to free Asia I had to use an attack that knocked her unconscious." Now if you don't mind, I need to go home and rest. It's been a long day." Issei chuckled before using a magic circle to leave. He did his part and now it was time to rest.

"Ufufufu that was interesting." Akeno smiled.

"Yes it was." Rias replied with a scowl. Something about this whole situation stunk and she wanted answers. Unfortunately, they'd have to wait until later. Right now she just wanted to go home.