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Dez Wade was in his bedroom, depressed because his teacher called him stupid making everyone laugh at him. Just then there was a knock on the door. "Dez?" It was his younger best friend and brother Austin Moon. "Buddy, you ok?" Austin asked him, as he walks in and shuts the door.

"No." Dez replied.

"C'mon man, tell me what's wrong?" Austin begged, worrying about him. "We're worried about you."

Dez looks at him.

"Even Trish." Austin added.

Dez let out a sigh.

"It's because I'm stupid." Dez told him as he sits up.

"What? Stupid, Dez how could you say that?" Austin asked.

He sat down next to him.

"Because I am!" Dez snapped.

Dez stood up.

"Dez, why are you so stupid? Dez, you are so stupid. You're very stupid Dez!" Dez listed as Austin looks down feeling bad.

Dez lets out a sigh.

"All my life, I've been known as stupid Dez." Dez added.

Austin stood up.

"You're not stupid Dez." Austin tells him.

Dez looks down.

"I think you're great," Austin added. "I don't have any big brothers, but I have one." Dez looks back at him. "You."

Dez bite his lower lip.

"You really think of me as your brother?" He asked.

"Yes Dez, you're my best, best friend and you are not stupid." Austin protested.

"What about Ally and Trish?" Dez asked.

"Them too! Dez, we all look up to you." Austin said. "You gotta believe me.

Dez had tears in his eyes.

"But…it's hard to…" Dez stated.

Austin puts his hand on his shoulder.

"We're right here for you." He adds. "We all love you."

"Even Trish?" Dez asked.

Austin chuckled at him.

"Yes, all three of us love you like a brother Dez." He tells him.

Dez smiled a little.

"T-thanks Austin." Dez spoke.

Austin smiled warmly.

"Anytime buddy." Austin responded. "Come here big bro."

Dez smiled.

"Ok little bro." Dez smiled.

They both hugged, Dez was REALLY glad he has best friends like Austin, Ally and Trish. He tries to act like a big brother to them as well, even when he's childish aswell. But they knew he means well. He's spiecal to them.