A.N. I've been seeing too many stories recently where evil versions of James Potter and Albus Dumbledore use and abuse Lily and I just want something where she isnt the helpless victim - so here I go.

"Text" - Speech
~Text~ - Lilys Thoughts

Lily arrived the entrance to the Headmasters office, slightly annoyed to be there, as she had been in the middle of playing around with some interesting effects with some metal samples and would much rather be testing out her latest rune cluster experiments. Making sure that her latest toy was securely in her pockets she spoke to the guardian of the office.

"Cockroach Clusters."

The gargoyle, as if sensing her impatience, jumped aside and a set of stairs rose smoothly towards the office door. As Lily rode the stairs to the top and went to knock on the door a voice came through it. "Please enter Lily." Twitching slightly at the overly familiar address, Lily did so. Mentally groaning to herself she looked over the office, seeing Dumbledore smiling at her while dressed in yet another set of eye-wateringly garish robes, and the feckless stalker - otherwise known as James Potter - staring at her with a hint of hungry smugness.

"I'm glad you could make it my dear girl." Dumbledore beamed at her. "I have good news for you."

"Good new headmaster?" Lily replied cautiously.

"Yes." he replied in an upbeat voice, "You see my dear girl I've arranged for your marriage to James here."

"What." Lily's voice cut through the room. It was flat and sharper than a blade.

"Oh yes my dear girl. You see James has been telling me about how much you mean to him, and I'm sure with your intelligence and power the Potter Family will raise to new great heights." With this statement Dumbledore looked at her over his glasses with a twinkle in his eye, as if his pronouncement was all that was needed.

Lily stood there for a moment, stunned at the audacity of the old man. ~Calm Lily~ She thought to herself. ~Take deep breaths~ Lily took a moment to center herself before replying, knowing she had to be diplomatic thanks to his power. "I'm afraid headmaster that I don't have time for time for marriage right now. You see I've been scouted for a mastership-"

At this James cut her off. "Eh? Well you'll have to give that up them. I'm going to need you at home to take care of your wifely duties if you know what I mean." With this he leered at her, making it obvious he was exploring every inch of her with his eyes.

"Potter" Lily started to hiss out, furious at the audacity of the arrogant little shite.

"Oh that's unfortunate my dear girl," Dumbledore broke in, "But I'm sure that whoever scouted you will understand that you cant go against the words of your new husband."

"Headmaster," Lily ground out, nostrils flaring in suppressed anger, "I'm not marrying Potter. I have a mastery lined up and I'm going to do it. Is. That. Understood."

"My dear girl" Dumbledore blinked in surprise at her resistance to his idea, "I've already signed your betrothel contract for you, acting in loco parentis. I'm sure that if you think on it for a moment you'll see that this will bring you great happiness in the future. It is for the greater good after all." he informed Lily in he best grandfatherly voice.

"In loco parentis?" Lily asked in a soft voice.

"Yes my dear girl. As your headmaster I, of course, am you magical guardian and I can agree to any contract you need in your name." Dumbledore paused for a moment. "Now why don't you and James go off and get to know each other better." he suggested.

"Yeah Lily, lets get to know each other better." James leered at her. "Just you and me, and maybe Sirius, oh and Peter and Remus if I'm feeling generous." He smugly grinned at the red-head.

She blinked. "I understand." Lily stated. "Well I guess it just has to be this way then." She said with a soft sigh. "Oh headmaster? Before I go leave I have something I want to show to you."

Happy that she was going along with his plans Dumbledore peered at Lily before replying. "Oh, really my dear?"

"Yes." And with that Lily took her toy out of her pocket and smiled at Dumbledore. "Its one of the things I've been investigating for my possible mastery, using a fluidic metal medium." With that explanation out of the way she pulsed magic into the runic scripts on her metallic ball, causing it to send out metal spikes that were far larger than could have possibly of fit into it. "I call it my magic vacuum. You see it gobbles down all magic in an area, except for my own of course, and readies it for my purposes. It even has a built in cleaning function to get rid of any mess after it's finished!" Lily described her devices function to the occupants of the room with a positively chirpy voice.

"Confringo." Dumbledore weekly gasped out, aiming his wand at Lily. But despite his best efforts there was no magic to spare for his wand, all of it being forcefully drawn down the runed spike going through his belly.

"I'm sorry headmaster, but I'm afraid that wont work any more. But I really do need to discus something with my Finance." Turning away from the dying old man Lily faced her stalker. "Oh and don't you worry James, I'll make sure your friends and parents won't have a chance to miss you. I'll even make sure that their worldly possessions go to a better cause."

"No" he weakly gasped out, light slowly fading from his eyes. But there was nothing he could do and so he died with the knowledge that he'd cause the deaths of the only people he cared about - Himself, Sirius and the Potter family power.

With his immense magical power, Dumbledore was able to hold out for a brief period longer and attempted to call out for his phoenix Fawkes, but unfortunately for him the drain had shattered the bonds he'd used to keep the bird in bondage. Due to the pain caused by the spike and the forceful draining and the mental shock he felt at Fawkes not obeying his commands Dumbledore was unable to muster up enough coherent that to escape his situation, and with his arrogance he never even considered trying to ask the Hogwarts elves for help. And so, with a whimper, the Headmaster of Hogwarts expired.

With the death of Dumbledore Lily relaxed a fraction and a pleased look upon her face she took out her wand so she could monitor her toys progress. Seeing that everything was going exactly the way her small scale tests had shown Lily settled in to to wait out the conclusion of her experimental device.

~Mmm Mmm~ She nodded to herself. Looking graphs and displays visible only to herself Lily took mental notes while her device steadily filled up with multi-hued magic. ~Looks like the extractor is working well, but all that magic is jumbled up in the container. I guess I'll have to make some kind of filter before I can repurpose it for myself.~ As the device continued to fill the various magic objects in the room, including the portraits, Dumbledore and James, slowly turned to ash, before disintegrating entirely. ~And the clean up function works well too. Good, now let's see... Capacity is less than a third full? More that enough for the rest of the -~ At this, even in her thoughts, Lily paused to mentally spit in disgust, ~- Marauders.~

As the last trace of magic disappeared from the room Lily opened the door and spoke, as if addressing someone in the room, "Well I think this was a productive meeting Headmaster. But now I think I need to go and get to know the rest of my fiances friends better." And with a smile on her face and a song in her heart Lily left the office oh her way to a meeting with destiny.