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5 years old Owen Smith was lying in his bed, crying because he was terrifed of thunderstorms. He looks over to see his 9 years old big brother Michael Smith in the other bed, sound asleep. "Mikey?" Owen asked.

Michael stirred a little and went back to sleep, and Owen just held his teddy bear close, feeling scared.

"Please go away." Owen mutters quietly as he whimpers.

Then Michael woke up feeling concerns, so he looks over to see his baby brother crying in his bed.

"Omie?" Michael asked quietly.

Just then another clap of thunder clashed, making Owen jumped out of his bed, running over to Michael's and threw himself at his brother.

"Make it go away!" Owen begged.

Michael held Owen in his arms.

"Shhh, it's ok baby bro." Michael comforted him. "Mikey's got you."

Owen sniffs.

"I hate thunderstorms." Owen cried.

"I know kiddo." Michael replies.

"Can you make it go away?" Owen asked.

Michael chuckled slightly.

"I wish I could little brother." Michael said.

"But I'm scared." Owen said clunching onto his brother.

Michael held him tightly.

"Shhh, it's ok baby bro." Michael soothe him.

Owen started to get sleepy.

"You getting tired?" Michael smiled.

"No." Owen quickly replied.

Michael laughed quietly.

"Come on little brother, try going to sleep." Michael said.

"Ok." Owen said.

Michael laid back on his bed, holding Owen in his arms.

"It's ok Omie, Mikey's here to protect ya." Michael whispers.

Owen started to fall asleep, feeling a lot more safer in his big brother's arms.