chapter 4

Buzz was thinking about somethings he was mostly thinking about Warpnia. He had feelings for her but didn't know if he should tell her about his feelings. It was just a normal day. It was almost time for another mission. Warpnia and Buzz were on Trade world. "Okay let's check what is going on," Buzz said.

"Let's see there must be something here," Warpnia said. "Looks like there is a black market going on." she said.

"Let's do this," Buzz said.

Warpnia nodded and they jumped in and the people started running. They arrested two of the vendors from the black market shops.

"There another successful mission," Warpnia said.

"Buzz and Warpnia do you copy?" Commander Nebula asked.

"We copy," Buzz said.

"What is it sir?" Warpnia asked.

"I need you two to go to Virn, apparently we have a missing child there who needs to be found," Nebula said.

"On it sir," Warpnia said.

"Will do sir," Buzz said.

Warpnia and Buzz took off and made it to planet Virn. "Okay now lets start to look for that missing child." Buzz said.

"I wonder where this child could be," Warpnia said. "We better talk to the parents," she said.

They came to the house. They knocked on the door. "Yes?" a man said.

"Are you the father of the missing child?" Buzz asked.

"Yes," the man said. "Please find Tommy," he said.

"Where did you last see Tommy?" Warpnia asked.

"He was playing outside with his dog and then we heard his dog Marty barking and saw Tommy was gone," the man said.

"Don't worry we will find Tommy," Buzz said.

"Okay Tommy has got to be some where near here." Warpnia asked.

They asked around the neighborhood and continued to search. One neighbor said Tommy liked to play in the nearby forest. Warpnia and Buzz started to search for Tommy in the forest and then a thunderstorm broke out. "Ah great!" Warpnia said.

They ran inside a cave. "This is going to make the search for Tommy a little harder." Buzz said.

It was raining for some time. Warpnia and Buzz were sitting together and Buzz was nervous. "Uh Warpnia?" He said.

"Yes Buzz?" she answered.

"This kind of thing is kind of hard to tell someone mostly because of butterflies," Buzz said.

"What is it?" Warpnia asked.

"I really like you, a lot," Buzz said.

"Are you saying?" Warpnia asked.

"I am saying I love you," Buzz said and then he turned red with embarrassment.

"Oh Buzz I love you too," Warpnia said hugging him.

Then the two of them heard crying and saw a little boy hiding in the cave. "Is your name Tommy?" Buzz asked.

"Yes," Tommy said.

"Come with the space rangers we will take you home," Warpnia said. "Can you tell us what happened?" she asked.

"A stranger grabbed me and I kicked freed and ran into this cave to hide." Tommy said.

"Well you will be going home now," Buzz said.

Tommy was back home with his father who was grateful.

It was successful mission. "So Warpnia sometime would you like to go on a date?" Buzz asked.

"Sure, Friday at 7:30?" Warpnia said.

"Sounds good to me," Buzz said.

"Great then it's a date." Warpnia said.