-David Drives A Tank-

Camp Campbell was normally a nice place.

That was a total lie by the way.

Nearly every other day, something was either on fire, the wood scouts were invading, or Campbell was caught smuggling drugs again.

This Monday was no different, David had discovered something under a tarp in Campbell's abandoned junkyard. He somehow knew how to drive the massive beast of a machine, and ran over Gwen's station wagon in the process.

When Gwen ran out to yell at him, he swung down from the rumbling machine with a smile.


Gwen hit hm with a slap that could be heard in China.

The shock wave from that pride-obliterating bitch slap flattened several miles of pristine forest.

It was like an F5 tornado had touched down on the exact spot David was standing.

David was OK of course.

Why wouldn't he be?