-Deal With the Devil-

Cameron Campbell was a very rich man with a lot of problems, problems such as one of his employees getting bitten by an escaped Werewolf. Campbell stared down at the man strapped to the table in the Quartermaster store.

"Davey you idiot."

Campbell sighed, palming his face for the fiftieth time that day, luckily the other counselor Gertrude had brained the Werewolf with a solid silver bedpan. This had not killed it outright, but they'd locked it up in the underground bunker.

"Nothing can be done here; I can't help him." Quartermaster stated, looking over a battered book covered in silver runes. "He'll transform by the next full moon, no doubt." Q.M managed to frown, he did not think that David would survive the change.

"What's going on in here?" Gwen/Gertrude stormed through the supposedly-locked door, standing at Campbell's shoulder to look down at David. "It got him bad huh?" She regretted not responding to his panicked screaming earlier.

"There is something that can be done, but it's dangerous." Q.M spit phlegm to one side, flipping a page in the book. "A blood transfusion...with a Demon." A cold wind howled through the cabin at that, the lights flickering ominously.

"Won't that kill him?"

Campbell knew very little about the supernatural but he did know that Demons were super bad news to anything. He glanced to the door, where children had started to gather. "Gertrude, go help the kids, we can't have them calling their parents."