I write WoW again! I was in the mood for writing something about my Draenei Marzaan, mainly how I would develop his character and such. I also wanted to explore a concept I've had with him for some time, hence this fic!

There is some language and a rape mention, so do be warned.

The first thing Marzaan woke up to was the feeling of cold brick below him. Slowly opening his eyes, he noticed that there were more bricks, all lined and covered with years of grime. Sitting up, he realized he was wearing pants, and that there were bars in front of his face. Somehow, the massive Draenei had been locked up.

By the Naaru not again. He thought, looking down at his hands. They were barely scratched, yet his nails were stained red. Upon closer examination, he paled. He murdered someone, and based on where he was, he was detained because of it. At the corner of his eye, he glanced to see a few low-level humans inching forward.

"You seem like a confused goat." One of the humans sneered, curling his hand into a fist. "Stray far from the Exodar? Surely there'll be a few people who might be interested in breaking someone like ya. Ya sent a few of our friends to the gallows, or placed 'em six feet under." Spitting at Marzaan's tail, he trudged forward. "It's 'bout time we have payback."

Marzaan felt the human place a grimy hand on his shoulder, and he tensed up. Without warning, the Draenei elbowed the human in the groin before swinging his somewhat short tail at the human's ankle. The human could only recoil in pain before falling to the ground, landing head first on the bricks. Getting up, Marzaan looked at the others while placing a hoof close to the man's head.

The clittering of keys caught his attention, and the human scurried off, clearly bleeding. Marzaan turned around to see a few guards, all armed with swords and shields. Nestled among the guards, he spotted a pair wearing dark clothing and armed to the teeth with knives and poisons. One was a human, based on his short stature and increasingly paling skin. The other was an elf, one whose maroon hair contrasted her pale blue skin. Clearly, this was a Void Elf.

"Now don't make someone your bitch Marzaan." The Void Elf started, tapping her foot against the bricks. "At least not yet. There are more important matters we should be attending to." Motioning to a guard, she added, "It's best that you comply with this."

Marzaan let out an irritated sigh, not amused in the slightest. Who was this elf and how did she know his name. The guard unlocked the gate, and the Draenei inched forward with some hesitation. "I'm- I'm not being hanged, am I?" He asked, a small hint of nervousness in his voice.

"No no." The elf shook her head and replied. Turning her back towards the Draenei, she started walking out to the main hall of the Stockade. "It's something about the man you murdered, Samuel Hagan."

The name struck a chord, and Marzaan trotted out of the cell. "I met him, I killed him. What do you wish to know?" He asked, becoming incredibly irritated. He was inches away from the Void Elf now, his tail swinging as if he had prey in his sights.

"You'll see Marzaan." The Void Elf said, heading out to the main halls of the prison. "You'll be very surprised what you did to help the Alliance."

Marzaan was now in a small room, where it was just him and the pair. While it was more comfortable than the prison cell, he was still stressed. What if these two were sent to kill him? He exchanged glances with the human, who was clearly uncomfortable with being here. The Void Elf pulled out a folder, properly labelled with the name 'Samuel Hagan' on the front.

"We've been investigating Samuel Hagan for several years." The Void Elf started, opening the folder. Glancing at the large Draenei on the other side of the table, she could tell he was frustrated being here. "He headed a local patrol here in Stormwind, but his methods of maintaining control were supposedly maniacal. Soldiers who noticed he was withholding their wages were blackmailed if not chased out. Rumor had it he was stealing money from the King himself."

'Would bragging about his balding head and quick blowjob sessions count as maniacal?' Marzaan thought, shaking his head in disappointment. First the humans, now this Void Elf. He just wanted to head home! "He silenced the ones who had real commitments and accomplishments." He said, albeit very quickly. "All he wanted to focus on was himself."

Without skipping a beat, the Void Elf opened up one particular page of the folder. "You sound like you worked with him at some point." She remarked, not looking up at him. "Well, did you?"

"I did… once." Marzaan answered, his tail wrapping at the base of his chair. "I worked with that unit for a few weeks before being burned out and moving to Ironforge. Something about Hagan did not feel right."

"He embezzled, bedded, and cheated his way to the top, and I see that bothered you immensely." The Void Elf replied, taking back a somewhat larger folder with Marzaan's name on it. A nod from the Draenei confirmed her suspicions, and she opened it to a record of the murder. "I do find it amusing, ironic even, that one former soldier from the unit took his life. After it was made known on the public forums about his… private life."

"You sound like you're justifying me ripping out his throat then." Marzaan muttered, leaning forward on his seat. He placed his hands on the table, as if to show he had no shame in committing the crime. While his hands were clean, his fingernails still reeked of blood. "The law might not appreciate it, but you two certainly do."

The Void Elf was undisturbed, and wrote a small note on Marzaan's folder. "Though I do have a question about how you did it." She inquired, running a pale blue hand along his. "You didn't have any weapons on yourself-"

Marzaan was unphased, and shut his eyes. In the matter of seconds, his appearance changed to that of a beast. While the top half of him screamed worgen with his blue mane and layer of white fur, his head plates, horns, and tendrils indicated that yes, he was still a Draenei. "Fucker tried to rape the girl when he saw my face." He snarled, his snout inches away from the Void Elf's. "He laughed, and threw his limp-wristed fists at me. I drowned him in his blood."

The Void Elf inched back on her seat, her calm expression being replaced with that of surprise. The human was ready to throw a tranquilizer dart at Marzaan, but she stopped him with a glare. "Impossible…" She gasped, one hand fidgeting with a dagger in case the Draenei attacked. "I thought the curse only afflicted humans and Kaldorei."

Marzaan lifted his left tendril, revealing a massive bite scar on his shoulder. "Got bit in Duskwood." He answered, gripping the edge of the table with his massive paws. "The bites were supposed to be temporary, but clearly, they were not." The creature reclined and shifted back to a more familiar Draenei form, leaving behind deep scratches on the table. "The moment Hagan saw me he sealed his fate."

The Void Elf quickly took the folder and wrote a few small notes on Marzaan's profile. Closing both folders, she said, "Well Marzaan, we at SI:7 have paid the cost of your bond and cleared your record of the attack."

"I appreciate your generosity." Marzaan said, standing up as well. Bowing curtly, he headed for the door. "Would I be free to go now?"

The Void Elf nodded, watching as the Draenei stood up from his chair. "Marzaan," The Void Elf started, fidgeting with a stray tendril, "We at SI:7 would be interested to have you in the ranks, provided you don't bite anyone. We watched you fight, and would think you would be better for stealth missions as opposed to warfronts."

Marzaan chuckled, his tail wagging happily. "I'll think about it. Might be a change of scenery." He hummed, unlocking the door and opening it. "'Fraid you can't put a muzzle and collar on me if I did. I'd enjoy it a little too much to be of use." Watching the Void Elf's cheeks flush purple, he smirked before heading outside.