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Oliver pushed the double doors of the Watchtower with his shoulder, carrying two bags of take out. Sitting at her desk, Chloe turned her head from the screen to greet him, a large smile on her face.

« Hi, Hero ! Need help ? »

Smiling, Oliver made his way toward her and quickly settled the bags on her desk. In one motion, he put his hands on her shoulders, then slided them over her arms and lifted her up from her chair. With his hand against her hips, he pressed her body against his and kissed her, his tongue stocking hers fervently.

Chloe didn't have time to register what was happening that she was already melting in his arms. A soft moan escaped her mouth and Oliver's lips curled against hers. He pull away slightly to look at her.

« So, I was thinking Thaï food and hot sex. »

He felt Chloe tense slightly in his arms. She smiled at him but he could tell it was a little forced.

« Actually... it's a bad time, she said. I was on my way home.

-Oh ! Okay, he answered. »

With that, she slided from his arms and started to gather her things.

He couldn't help by feeling disappointed. All day, he was looking forward to spend his evening with Chloe. If he was being honest with himself, all he could do since they started this thing between them two weeks ago, was think about her. Each time the meetings with his shareholders became too boring, he thought about her, about her warm smile when he entered a room, the sparkles in her eyes when she talked to him, her soft skin under his fingers... And he couldn't wait the end of the day when he could see her again. When he was outside at night, fighting bad guys, he enjoyed her voice in his ear, knowing her attention was on him and on him only and they let themself flirt through the coms before he came back to her.

He watched her a full minute as she was flying through the room, and the more he watched, the more he became suspicious. She seemed really tense like she couldn't get away from him fast enough. Maybe she was having second thought about the new developpement of their relationship. His chest grow tight but he didn't want to think about what it meant right now.

« Erm... Are you okay ?

-Yeah, she assured him. I'm just really tired and I can't wait to relax a little and go to bed. »

Oliver narrowed his eyes. Something was wrong. Chloe was a workaholic, she never complained about being tired. Not when she was working at the planet at day and helping the team at night. Nor when she was working at Isis, helping Clark dealing with alien crisis, helping the team and hiding a serial killer, all in the same day. Never. Something was very wrong and she wasn't telling him the truth.

Once her things gathered, she paused in front of the desk to save the datas and shut the computers. He managed his way towards her and started massaging her shoulders and her neck. She let her head fall back with a sight then, though better and slided from his hands again. Oliver couldn't understand the mix signals and decided to confront her. He stopped her in her track and put his hand on her arms to force her to look at him.

« Chloe, what's wrong ?

-Nothing, she answered, forcing a smile. Nothing's wrong. It's just a bad time.

-Chloe, talk to me. Why do you keep telling it's a bad time ?»

She blushed slightly and looked anywhere but at him.

« It's the bad time... of the month. »

He frowned so she went on.

« The bad... period of the month...

-The bad period... repeated Oliver, perplex before he was stuck with realisation. Oh period ! Right !

-It's so embarrassing, Chloe said, her face bright red.

-No, it's not, it's natural. Look, I'm sorry I didn't get it fast enough.

-It's really weird to talk to you about a such intimate thing !

-It shouldn't be. If I recall correctly, we were pretty intimate last night.

-Yeah, sure, she giggles.

-So, not hot sex.

-Not hot sex, she confirmed smiling.»

But the following second, she was flying from his arms again and started shutting the computers. Oliver frowned. She was leaving.

« Not hot sex, I get it. But where's the fire ? I brought Tai food, we could eat and watch a movie ?

-Ollie, I don't know if it's a good idea...

-Why not, he challenged her ?

-We agreed this thing between us was just for fun. And spend the night together, eating and watching movies, it seems a little too coupley for us. Don't you think ?

-It seems fun to me, he shrugged.


-We used to hang out before, right ? Eating and talking. That's what friends do. Why make a big deal out of it ? »

He could see the hesitation in her eyes, so he went on before she thought about another reason to leave.

« Go grab the plates, I start pulling the food out !

-Okay, she finally said shrugging. »

Oliver brought the bags of take out over the table and started pulling the food out. Chloe brought the plates, then glasses and set up the computer for them to watch a movie while Oliver was sharing the food between them. They sat in the couch and started eating while debating about what film to watch. They agreed on the last action movie and eat in companionable silence. When they were done, Chloe sat herself comfortably on the couch, letting an amount of place between them on the couch. Oliver sighted, then rolled his arm around her shoulders and dragged her against his side. He felt her tense in his arm.

« It's okay, he said in her ear. It's just a movie night. Relax. »

She turned her head up to look up at him and he could see the doubt in he look and something else : a hint of fear. He smiled at her reassuringly and she smiled too. A real one. Then she settled her eyes on the screen and settled her head on his chest. Oliver dropt a kiss on her head and grinned. He knew he won this one.

So, English isn't my firt language and I'm sure I might have let slipped some grammar or spelling mistakes (please, let me know ! ) but I hope you liked it anyway :)